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An Open Letter To Black Lives Matter:
How to avoid being ensnared in the ongoing Federal operation 'Ni&&er Cather' and 'Black Snare', run out of the US intelligence community and certain sections of Law Enforcement. These operations do exist, though naturally not with those pejorative titles. They are not legal, nor are they officially recognized but key people in high positions run these operations that specifically target Black Americans and certain White Americans who seek justice, truth and use their rights to bring these things back to our once great nation. The impetus comes from the US Intelligence community - LE does the footwork. This is what they did to so many civil rights leaders back in the 60's and 70's. They have honed their skills for the technology of the 21st century.

The Harvest

An Open Letter To Senator Mikulski And The Senate Select Committee On Intelligence

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Where is our economy heading and why can't the US and global economy find its footing nearly six years after the of economic crisis of 2008? These are some of the questions we will attempt to ask ourselves in this report. The problems in the developed world today stem from deep troubles in

pdfWill America Go To War With China?
This is a look at the possibility of this happening and some of the drivers that could tip these nations into war.  Those key drivers may not be what many analysts think.
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Government shutdowns? Inflation? Deflation? QE? Joblessness? Obamacare?

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Eyes On Russia: Watson's Economic And Political Report

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This issue is mostly about American oil and leadership. It is a 30 page overview of America's oil situation.

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Ezekiel and the Spirit of Stubbornness/The Sardis Syndrome

Christ, Family and Persecution

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The Future, Black Madness and the Prophetic imperative.

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Recent trends in the nation, including Obamacare are indicative of something much deeper that is wrong with America

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A look at how the criminally insane 'pay' their bills.

Times And Seasons (09-13)
 Faith and patriotism in the last days... and what kind of fruit is  Christ going to find on your tree?

7 Churches Of  Revelation
Light for seeing, ears for hearing. Most commentaries on these chapters miss this most important point.

The Devil, Catholics And Internet Protestants
Catholic bashing is a foundational stone of so much of todays internet Christians faith. Is this really a pastime God approves of, especially when the Catholics are doing their best to reform?

Unwise Faith
- It is most unwise to place your faith in the wrong things.
Obidiah: Divine Geopolitics
- Is the Lord concerned about geopolitics?

The Assyrian
- Damascus and the Assyrian in Bible Prophecy

End Time Personal Notes
- Just some notes to true believers as to things to watch for on a personal level and consider in these times.

 - What I See...

A quick look (15 pages) at some trends I see and don't see. Trends in the economy, trends in 'people control' and spiritual matters

 - Collision Course

Each and every passing day, we who know Christ can see our nation is on a collision course with God. On a number of fronts the nation has just decided to set its face against the God who blessed us and move its spiritual foundations towards the spiritual foes of both God and man.

      - Prison Labor Industry

      Slave labor cleverly


 - Special Report: Watson's Economic Crisis Report 


This issue of my new series of paid reports deals with the ongoing global economic crisis. Its about 40 pages and deals with a wide range of issues that face the western world. This touches on America's decline, Obama's new Treasury pick, the ongoing debt crisis, the Fed and Treasuries debt monetization operations, currency wars, scenario's for major troubles in China, Europe's ongoing crisis and ...

 - 3 Short Commentaries


Entitled Not Afraid, Tough Decisions and Job's Sufferings. God will take care of his people. Just make sure brothers when its our time to pass over our own spiritual 'river Jordan', that we make our deaths count for something, that being Christ. If we are to die as Christians for the gospel and the word of our testimony (Rev 19:10, 12:17, 12:11), let us rejoice because we have a long and honorable heritage of those who went before us.

 -  Lamentations Are Coming 


I think we as Christians need to keep in mind and prepare our souls for what is really coming. Mr. Leal has done a good job of laying out that a time of great sorrow will sweep America.

 -  The Curse 


When a nation decides to put the stamp of approval on those things God hates, it invites a curse. And be certain of this, without some real soul searching repentance, a curse is what is going to hit us. America has enjoyed prosperity like no other nation on earth. Military power like no other nation on earth. Good will and diplomatic strength like no other nation on earth. Why? We as a nation respected ...

 -  I Have A Dream Vs. I Have A Drone 


I think it should be noted that while some people will say they find something 'highly offensive' when they do not really mean it, I want to make clear that I really do mean it, it is personally highly offensive to compare Dr. King and President Obama. If a person wants to worship Obama and idolize him, that is their business, not mine. But before anyone attempts to cast dispersions on Dr. King by ...

 -  Mali: Africa Must Take The Lead 


This crisis in Mali... first off, this is not just 'another war'. This is a very serious and potent threat to African continental security.

  Watson's Economic And Political Review (WEPR) #2 


This issue is mostly about American oil and leadership. It is a 30 page overview of America's oil situation and new claims that America will one day surpass the Saudi's in Oil production and become energy independent. The question is an extremely important one and could really alter the whole geopolitical landscape... if true. Are these claims real and credible? Are there any problems with them? This ...

 - Watson's Economic And Political Review (WEPR) #1 


This is going to be bad news for many of my readers, but a small portion of my secular writings are going to have to go pay. I have done a pretty good job with this update (if I do say so myself!) dealing with issues that I know many care about. Namely Iran and what a war or 'regime change' is likely to bring about, the EU crisis and how the ongoing economic crisis could deeply effect the US. Keep ...

 -  The Holiday Season 


Christmas has been a matter of some controversy for a number of reasons. First off, one of the few things we can be certain of about Christmas is that Christ was not born on December 25th, or anywhere near it. When was Christ Born? We do not know, though some scholars have said that it was more likely an event that occurred in the Fall, though the evidence for this is rather scant. What we do know ...

 -  There Is A Generation... 


What does it mean to live in our times, having been touched by God's spirit and understanding what God requires of us? It means that we are going to have a hard time fitting in with the current generation. This is the way it should be, since we are of a very different heritage. The scriptures talk about times like ours and what kinds of people will inhabit the earth just before Christ returns. We ...

  The Way Back 


For many of my readers, the way back to God is the road you are on. Many of you have fallen away and for whatever reason, personal tragedy, hard times or just a dissatisfaction with worldly 'satanic' living that did not make you nearly as happy as you thought it would. I find it interesting that so many people here in America have just about everything and yet are totally miserable. I am struck by ...

 - What's Expected Of Son's And Heir's 


What should we as Christians should be doing in these times? As these days grow darker and increasingly rejects Christ and genuine Christianity, we who wish to get into the kingdom must know what God wants us to do. What does God expect of us, we who are determined no matter what comes, to get into God's kingdom and avoid his holy wrath, which I bear witness, is coming to this world and will usher ...

 - In The Kingdom Of The Blind 


Today, it is extremely important that we know what is happening in our world, particularly from a prophetic standpoint. Why? The return of Christ is our blessed hope. God spoke clearly and insistently that we are to be watching and ready for our Lords return. Yet as I speak to Christians, I just don't see any level of spiritual discernment in their lives or minds Mind you there are always some exceptions ...

 - We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Broadcast To Bring You... 


But when it comes to the times and seasons and understanding them, Christians I know as well are floundering. They are often confused and unsure about what to believe. They listen to their pastors, read the news, but more and more are seriously questioning both. This is a good thing at least as a first step, but often leads to confusion, depression and can lead to apostasy. Why? Because such Christians ...

 - Culling The World's Population 


Yes, there is a plan afoot to reduce the human population. Most of the plan is hidden in plain sight.

 -  Political, Economic And Spiritual Review (Summer 2012) 


Fifty-three pages that looks at several issues facing our world today. From the economic crisis to food and eugenics to Syria as well a look at what a Mitt Romney Presidency may look like.

 -  Judge Not! 


...Lest ye be judged.

 - The Blessings Of Obedience 


Has the devil fooled you into thinking you can be saved and not obey the Lord?

  From Another World 


Christians, real ones that is, must conduct themselves as though they are from another world. A real Christian, is not of this world but of the Kingdom of God and his Christ.


-  From The North 


A prophetic look at the Arctic. The Arctic you ask? Yes the Actic and how it may relate to Babylon's fall.

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3 May

CRS Issues Annual China Report Update

(Congressional Research Service) China’s military is formally called the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The PLA shares many features in common with militaries around the world, but its organization has many unique features. The PLA is divided into four services (for ground, naval, air, and missile forces) and the Strategic Support Force, which appears to be responsible for logistics, space and cyber capabilities, and development of information technology  Two-thirds of the PLA currently is composed of ground forces, and generals from the ground forces have historically dominated top PLA leadership. China’s plan to cut 300,000 troops in the near future may shift force structure and leadership ratios in favor of the naval and air forces. Although an earlier incarnation of the PLA fought against Imperial Japan (1937-1945) and won its signature victory in the Chinese Civil War (1945-1949) against the Nationalist (Kuomintang) forces of Chiang Kai- shek, it has no recent combat experience. The short war with Vietnam in 1979 was China’s last major conflict, and the PLA has not been involved in sustained combat since the Korean War (1950-1953) and the brief border war with India (1962). China does not have military allies, effectively....

...China’s military modernization efforts have emphasized quality over quantity, in both equipment and personnel. Total numbers of platforms (e.g., surface vessels, tanks, fighter aircraft) have declined from their 1990s levels in many categories, but the PLA’s overall capabilities have increased. Many of the PLA’s older major weapons systems are legacy platforms from the Cold War era, a time when Chinese defense technology lagged far behind, but the ratio of modern to older platforms is steadily increasing. For example, China’s inventory of fighter aircraft has declined sharply since the mid-1990s to about 1,500 aircraft, but the percentage of that inventory that is composed of modern, fourth-generation-and-above fighters has grown to nearly 50% (see Figure 4). In personnel terms, the PLA has shrunk significantly from its estimated size of 3.03 million active personnel in 1992.11 However, in the past decade the PLA has reportedly made progress in recruiting more educated and qualified personnel and in raising the quality of its professional military education.

...peaked your interest? More can be found here.

Off The Radar

Today, we are going to look at a few items that are not necessarily on the radar, but are very important, if not now will be later. First let's talk about Xi. There are those who think Xi may be beginning to lose his grip on power. Recently he gained a new military title and was seen rallying the troops in a new uniform. Yet some see trouble up ahead for Xi, citing many issues that are just below the radar. First is that Xi has made much about his fight against corruption, yet at the same time has not been able or willing to deal with some of it close to home. The Panama papers are clear example of this and while Xi has not been directly linked in the papers, his brother in law has been. China has been mum about the papers. This goes against the very guidance he gave party elders not so long ago about corruption and 'Tigers and Flies'.

Xi' has risen fast but he has gained a lot of enemies and has taken China on a course that could indeed lead it to a conflict with multiple nations in the China sea, running counter to China's stated desire to have a peaceful rise.

The question is being asked, is Xi's leadership being questioned among some in the Politburo?  Key leaders have openly criticized him, mostly for not listening to the views of others. The old saying, 'A thousand yes men do not add up to one honest adviser', comes to mind. Some accuse him of creating a cult of personality in order to avoid the criticism they think he needs.

 The South Asia Analysis Group has a great piece on Xi and this subject here. It lists 11 things that indicate that all is not well with China under Xi's leadership. None of these things will prove fatal to his leadership in and of themselves, rather they show a deeper discontent in the minds of many within China's ruling party and key segments of its society. The China File has a good piece here as well.

My view is that Xi is trying to do too much too fast and is taking China into dangerous waters. China would do better to take a more go-slow approach and show itself to be a more responsible player in the China sea, rather than play the bully as many nations feel she has. Secondly, all leaders need good advisers and a good leader will listen to his critics and enemies even more than his friends. Bobble heads will never tell you what they know you don't want to hear. As an outsider, it is difficult for me to get a good read as to how deep this discontent goes and if there are other key party leaders who are 'on the fence' about Xi's leadership style and direction. But my guesstimate is that the discontent is real in power circles and will get worse as China's economic problems bring in more discontent across the nation.

In other China news not covered much is that China is fighting a major drug war. One major drug Lord who was known for his meth operation has been sentenced to death. His name is Cai Dongjia and he was a Party Leader. He has  been likened to the TV show 'Breaking Bad'. There have been numerous victories on the drug front for China. The Jamestown' China Brief gives us some details.

One of China’s biggest anti-narcotics victories was the recent capture of Sai Naw Kham, formerly a thug whose loyalty belonged to the Shan warlord and opium trader Khun Sa, but who later became head of the drug trafficking organization, Hawngleuk Militia, and as a result, arguably Burma’s most powerful druglord. After initially denying the charges, Kham pled guilty to killing 13 Chinese sailors and was executed in Kunming, the capital of China’s Yunnan province, in 2013 (CCTV, September 20, 2012; Xinhua, September 21, 2012; People’s Daily, March 1, 2013). According to Ai Zhen, a foreign affairs official for Yunnan’s Xishuangbanna, which borders Burma, Naw Kham’s group was the “most powerful” in the entire Mekong region (China Daily, September 20, 2012).

Other recent victories include a number of major busts. Last year, Beijing Customs officials caught two Tanzanians smuggling 155 heroin capsules in their bodies, 2015’s largest bust (China Daily, March 4). Last month, Nanning officials seized 40 kilograms of drugs including ecstasy, ketamine and nimetazepam (China Daily, February 22). Last week, Bao’an police seized 2.1 kilograms of methamphetamine (Yangcheng Evening News, March 8). As police improve at catching culprits, the culprits learn to evade police. However, now there is an online drug trade through Chinese websites such as Qinjiayuan, which mimic the Silk Road website, which served as the first modern internet marketplace for drugs (Global Times, July 7, 2015). - By David Volodzko; China’s Fourth Evil: Drug Trafficking in the PRC Publication: China Brief  Volume: 16 Issue: Issue 6

But it is unwise to look at this as just a Chinese problem. They key here is that international drug trafficking is a major problem and it is one that is global. All nations are effected by it to greater or lesser degree's. China's solutions to the problem may be brutal and seem so to we who live in the west, but those who say so are not looking at China's history and significant problems it had with it back in the 1800's.

America's problems? Real enough as this map from Stratfor makes plain. Where are the world's most dangerous cities, keeping in mind that drugs and violence to correlate? You can find out here. Rather than give you a lot of anecdotal evidence on why this is so, the CRS did a very recent report on El Salvador, the nation with the highest murder rate in the world. Let's start here.

During 2015, El Salvador posted the world's highest homicide rate, 104 homicides per 100,000 people. Homicides, many gang-related, have trended further upward in 2016, with more than 2,000 killings recorded through March, including massacres, killings of police and their families, and extrajudicial killings of suspected gang members. El Salvador has the highest concentration of gang members in Central America. Many analysts assert that the government's tough anti-gang policies are worsening the violence; others maintain that the government has few policy options available. Escalating violence and political polarization in the country have inhibited U.S. and Salvadoran efforts to improve security and bolster growth.

 Gangs in El Salvador

The largest gangs in El Salvador have origins in and ties to the United States. The 18th Street Gang was formed in Los Angeles in the 1950s as a Mexican gang; it later embraced other Latinos. The MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha-13) was created during the 1980s by Salvadorans in Los Angeles who had fled the country's civil conflict. Both gangs expanded their operations to Central America after many of their leaders were deported in the 1990s. Some gang cliques (clicas) in El Salvador have maintained ties with U.S. gangs.

El Salvador has struggled with gang-related violence for years, but homicides have escalated since the demise of a 2012-2013 truce between the country's largest gangs. Post-truce, the gangs are more fragmented and violent and the state appears incapable of restoring order. Gangs have become involved in extortion; kidnapping; and drug, auto, and weapons smuggling. They have extorted millions of dollars from residents, bus drivers, and businesses. Failure to pay often results in violence. In July 2015, gang threats prompted a three-day shutdown of San Salvador's bus system. Gang-related crimes continue to drive internal displacement and illegal emigration.
Government Efforts: A Return to Mano Dura (Firm Hand) Policies?

From 2003 to 2009, El Salvador pursued aggressive anti-gang policies referred to as mano dura. Those policies involved incarcerating large numbers of youth for illicit association and increasing sentences for gang membership. Delays in the judicial process and massive arrests led to severe prison overcrowding, and the government's lack of internal control allowed prisons to become like "finishing schools" for gangs. Most youth arrested under mano dura provisions were released for lack of evidence. At the same time, gangs and gang tactics became more sophisticated to avoid detection.
The Mauricio Funes Administration (2009-2014) initially adopted an approach for dealing with gangs that involved prevention and rehabilitation but failed to substantially reduce crime rates. President Funes appointed his defense minister as head of public security in 2011. With the minister's approval, top gang leaders were transferred from maximum security prisons to less secure facilities in March 2012 to "facilitate" a truce between the gangs. Between the time the prison transfers took place and May 2013, homicide rates declined dramatically. Some praised the truce, but many expressed skepticism. During the truce, disappearances increased and extortions continued, while gangs gained media attention. Gangs continued to conduct illicit activities using cell phones in the prisons. By 2014, the Funes government had disavowed the truce and murders had begun to increase.

In June 2014, President Salvador Sánchez Cerén, a former guerrilla commander of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), took office. He inherited a security crisis with few resources and without a legislative majority. The government formed a National Council for Citizen Security that designed an integrated "El Salvador Seguro (Secure)" plan, which was announced in January 2015 and praised by international donors. After significant wrangling, El Salvador's legislature approved a new tax and $100 million in loans to support the plan in late 2015. Implementation of the Seguro plan has been slow and will likely require additional resources.

In the meantime, President Sánchez Cerén has taken a tough anti-gang approach. His government has refused to negotiate with gangs, returned gang leaders involved in the truce to maximum security prisons, and mobilized three military battalions to support police anti-gang operations. In August 2015, El Salvador's Supreme Court declared that gangs that had used grenades against government installations could be charged with terrorism. Since March 2016, the government has sent nearly 300 mid-level gang leaders to more secure facilities, blocked phone signals near jails, deployed 1,000 military reservists, and secured legislative approval of another $100 million loan for public security. Human rights groups and the Secretary General of the Organization of American States have warned the Salvadoran government that some of these policies could exacerbate the situation and prompt human rights abuses by security forces. - CRS Insight
The efforts to root out the gangs has been significant and ongoing. Those cables released by Wikileaks give a deep insight as to the things done back in the first decade of the millennium on this front. Keying up on words like 'gangs' 'El Salvador,' 'MS-13', and 'narcotics' will yield a lot of info. But as you can see, when organized crime (which is what gangs are) get into a nation and get significant numbers, a major internal security problem then comes into being. We have seen the same thing in Mexico.

Today, America is being hit with a major Heroin epidemic. This is really just the same story that is now getting some traction in White Communities and now there is significant media attention on it. But the problem of US heroin trafficking to the US is nothing new. Most of it has historically come from Mexico. Again, a search on 'Heroin Mexico' at Wikileaks will yield a lot of info, much of it rather dated, but still very interesting and telling. CRS did a recent paper here of note.

Yes, this epidemic is a real one and I have posted some links here about it. But I also mentioned that the US the US military has been protecting Poppy fields in Afghanistan. There are sites with a whole host of pictures of it. It was supposed to be a secret but clearly, it is no longer. Questions need to be asked. Why are US military personell working for Drug Lords? This is no wild eyed conspiracy theory. This is typical of some rather nutso things we are doing over there. But the worst part of it is this -  Mexican drug cartels have now subcontracted (if I can use that word) part of their opium/heroin supply chain to Afghanistan and Turkey. Now again, I want to be fair and not just rant.

The situation in Afghanistan is complicated. Farmers grow dope because it pays more than other crops and no matter how you look at it, the average Afghan is living at just above sustenance level, being one of the poorest nations on earth. What the US does not want to do is allow the poppy fields to fall into the hands of the Islamists, who will use the revenue to buy arms, recruit and make life in Afghanistan even harder. Burn the fields to stop opium production and guess what... you just took away the farmer's livelihood and chances are fair that he or one of his family members will hate you till the day you die. Some will join the Taliban. So the strategic thinking here may be a little more complex. There are very significant risks however. First of all officials in the US military and the CIA have been known in the past to  deal drugs. Some of these are lone wolf operations and others have 'command level' assistance. The CIA's history in drugs is something that has been talked about a lot over the years, it's no secret that the they are involved in the dope business for various reasons, both National Security and personal profit. without getting into details, I know what I am talking about. Drug running was done  back in the Vietnam War and still is today. It's not just drugs.

But now we have these Mexican cartels working with these South Asian drug Cartels.

Edgardo Buscaglia, an organized crime expert who has taught at the ITAM University in Mexico, said in an interview with El Universal that his fieldwork in Afghanistan indicates that the Sinaloa Cartel does regular business with Asian criminal groups...

..."The Mexican groups come to Turkey with established contacts, principally through businesses or companies where they may hold minor positions, or which they themselves establish as providers of illicit goods or services," he told El Universal.  - 'Mexican Cartels Buying Drugs in Afghanistan'

This is big business, make no mistake about it.

The Bigger Picture

There are many issues here. Most are not going to be talked about on the web except by a few souls with guts and knowledge, coupled with a little wisdom to know not to name names or get to close to naming certain people. I will try and be that person for you today.

America's Afghan policy in allowing the increase in Opium production at the onset of the Afghan War in 2001 had many reasons. The Taliban had all but eliminated Opium production.

Let's just say that there were those who did not like that and wanted a policy reversal, and leave it there. US policy was never really about stopping the drug trade, it was about managing it and making sure that the profits were kept in American hands. Secondly, the US wanted to use the Drugs to target their geopolitical enemies, most notably Russia. Russia, as a result of the US invasion, saw a steady increase in drug addiction primarily Heroin from Afghanistan. The Russians took note. They are not fools. This is the Weaponization of the Drug Trade 101. The Brits were the ones who started this back during the opium wars. Nations have been doing it greater or lesser degree's ever since. Now the US is being targeted. By whom is not clear to this author. It could be some greedy organized crime rackets who have deep ties into the US Military and Intelligence community. It could be foreign nations like Russia and China helping to forge these ties between drug cartels to create a major drug problem in America or it could be just plain 'business', with no high level US involvement or geopolitical ramifications. But for reasons I cannot get into, I am fairly certain that the US is involved and is using some darker forces inside the National Security Establishment to facilitate it as US policy - secret but official US policy. Why?

This is deep statecraft here and many of you are not going to like what I say here. The US has a major problem and that problem is debt and deficits. This was one of the main reasons Wall Street so long was allowed to run amok with their money laundering operations, it was a source of revenue for the banks. Everyone knew what was going on. The Fed, Treasury, DOJ... they all knew.  But today the US is facing a debt crisis, one far worse than you are hearing about and it is one that everyone knew was coming. So if you need cash and are not too particular where you get it and don't want to raise taxes, where would you go to get it?

I think you can figure it out.

Why do you think Karzai has been supported so long by the US - whose brother was the key person dealing with the drug cartels? Not hard to figure. Again, some one is getting billions in revenue annually... and US troop are all over those poppy fields, guarding them.

Follow the money

These are not things people like to talk about, but they are the reality and a reality that few want to talk about for obvious reasons. But you readers here now have a better understanding about the real backstory as to why the Americans heroin addiction can be stopped if the US really wanted to. But there is no will for reasons I just described.

The bigger question is one that I will leave hanging and that is this - how much as the illegal drug trade corrupted the US military? If they are guarding opium fields in Afghanistan what else are they doing?

That's as far as I feel led to talk about that issue for obvious reasons...

...Mark S. Watson

2 May

Hosea Part X

Note: I hope you are getting something out of these little commentaries on these old Prophets. I know I have gotten something out of writing them. It has been some time before I really studied the minor prophets. 

You know, when I was a new believer. I used to sit in my room and study for hours and hours on end. I would sit up late and night with my Bible and really read and study it. I had many commentaries and my old faithful Harper's Study Bible. I learned so much  back then. God would often speak to me so clearly.... almost like a direct voice in my ear. He would  give me dreams and visions and as I stated once before, once took me to heaven for a very short period of time. He also once gave me a kind of mini-preview of my life (I had barely turned 20) and in his way warned me that I would one day take a dangerous path that would almost lead me to apostasy.

God spoke so clearly to me in my youth and was gracious and kind to me and granted be extreme favor by bringing be back into the fold, though I think the prayers of my Mother and my Aunt had a great deal to do with it. But brothers, I was teetering on the edge of being taken out of this world into whatever the fruit of my life had borne up until that time... and that brothers was a FRIGHTFUL prospect!

God be praised he did call me back and not only that has used me in this most unique but important ministry.

These studies have caused me to think back on those days and the long, long hours I spent in Bible study.

Well, enough of my personal ruminations... on to Chapter 7!

When I would have healed Israel, then the iniquity of Ephraim was discovered,
and the wickedness of Samaria: for they commit falsehood;
and the thief cometh in, and the troop of robbers spoileth without.
And they consider not in their hearts that I remember all their wickedness:
now their own doings have beset them about; they are before my face.
They make the king glad with their wickedness, and the princes with their lies.
They are all adulterers, as an oven heated by the baker,
who ceaseth from raising after he hath kneaded the dough, until it be leavened.

(Hos 7:1-4)

God is the great healer. He wants to heal our broken lives and bodies. He wants to have mercy on us. What is the biggest hindrance to receiving it? Unrepentance. This is a theme we saw in the New Testament with the life of Christ. Here is one incident that is instructive.

Then asked they him, What man is that which said unto thee,
Take up thy bed, and walk? And he that was healed wist not who it was:
for Jesus had conveyed himself away, a multitude being in that place.
Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him,
thou art made whole: sin no more,
lest a worse thing come unto thee.

The man departed, and told the Jews that it was Jesus,
which had made him whole.

(Joh 5:12-15)

Wow! You know simple statements like that give us all a very good look at the reason for and the limits of God's mercy. Mercy is to drive us to repentance and a genuine change of heart and spiritual direction, not to make us feel good about ourselves while committing acts that God hates. Note the warning that Christ gives to this man whom he had just healed- he tells him to stop sinning or worse things are in store for him.

The Northern Kingdom was in a horrible state. In Ephraim and Samaria, falsehood and thievery are the problems and it is the theme of verse one. The sense here is that with the theft;  it is committed by both those inside Samaria as well as without. Others have an ever so slightly different take on it -  here is how Adam Clarke puts it.

When I would have healed Israel - As soon as one wound was healed, another was discovered. Scarcely was one sin blotted out till another was committed.
The thief cometh in - Their own princes spoil them.
The troop of robbers spoileth without - The Assyrians, under different leaders, waste and plunder the country
. - Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

God was sore displeased with the Northern Kingdom and their sinfulness. But you know what? At the root of most sin, if not all is some kind of falsehood. We find that all the way back to Adam and also in the book of revelation for it states clearly that all the world will be deceived (Rev 12:9 and 13:14) and that all liars are heading into the Lake of Fire (Rev 21:8 and 21:27). This passage shows is that in Hosea's time, things were hardly different than from the days of Adam to our own times. Falsehood was at the root of their doings. The word falsehood is this one.
From H8266; an untruth; by implication a sham (often adverbially): - without a cause, deceit (-ful), false (-hood, -ly), feignedly, liar, + lie, lying, vain (thing), wrongfully.
The implication was that falsehood was a practice of the people, not so much that they were the victims of it - but that lying, scams, and rackets were the way of things among the people. Brothers - this is why God gets so angry in the last days. Deceit and wickedness rise to a devilish crescendo. We can take a strong hint from Hosea just what this means to us in our times.

Verse two makes it plain that they are not even thinking about all the evil they are doing. They clearly think nothing is wrong - no thunderbolts from heaven killing anyone, no earthquakes swallowing up the ground - so they continue on with their individual and collective wickedness. They did not bother to consider that God see's these things. Nothing escapes God's attention. They are not getting away with anything and the only person they are fooling, is themselves. In fact, Barnes goes a step further in this respect. His comments bear repeating.

I remember all their wickedness - This was the root of “all their wickedness,” want of thought. They would not stop to say to themselves, that God not only saw, but “remembered their wickedness,” and not only this, but that He remembered it all. Many will acknowledge that God sees them. He sees all things, and so them also. This is a part of His natural attribute of omniscience. It costs them nothing to own it. But what God “remembers, that” He will repay. This belongs to God’s attributes, as the moral Governor of the world; and this, man would gladly forget. But in vain. God does “remember,” and remembers in order to punish.  - Albert Barnes Notes On The Bible
In short their evil had its root in the  fact that they forgot God and forgot he was watching all they did and would remember it - weather it be good, or evil. As time passes, their sins had basically surround them. The phrase 'have beset them about' is one that bears note.

A primitive root; to revolve, surround or border; used in various applications, literally and figuratively: - bring, cast, fetch, lead, make, walk, X whirl, X round about, be about on every side, apply, avoid, beset (about), besiege, bring again, carry (about), change, cause to come about, X circuit, (fetch a) compass (about, round), drive, environ, X on every side, beset (close, come, compass, go, stand) round about, remove, return, set, sit down, turn (self) (about, aside, away, back).

Their sins had compassed them about, surrounded them and were around them on every side. The phrase is pretty clear that these people's sins were at the point where God had to act. They were all there for God to see.

Verse three shows how the the moral corruption infected the king and his court. The king was happy at the wickedness and his face lit up with joy with the lies he was told. This shows a deep moral degeneracy in the leadership of the people. When a nation and people get to that point, there is little hope of change.

I see this kind of thing as being so common in our own halls of power, as the powers that be do what they can to control 'the narrative', both inside and outside of the beltway - highly paid and bald faced liars get into positions of influence and tell leaders, bureaucrats and even Presidents just what they want to hear, true or not... and almost always not. While it is true that this passage in Hosea's time was probably, at least in part, a reference to the King's Baal prophet advisers and those others who listen to him, the theme is basically the same. Lies and liars get into a place of influence when a nation falls into a state of such great moral decrepitude.

In verse four we see that Hosea returns to the main theme of his ministry, spiritual adultery. The departure from God and cleaving to the gods of the nations around them. But this adultery appears to take on not just a spiritual dimension buy also an actual one as well. The reference to an oven heated by a baker is probably a reference to the burning lust felt by them.

In the day of our king the princes have made him sick with bottles of wine; he stretched out his hand with scorners. For they have made ready their heart like an oven, whiles they lie in wait: their baker sleepeth all the night; in the morning it burneth as a flaming fire. They are all hot as an oven, and have devoured their judges; all their kings are fallen: there is none among them that calleth unto me.
(Hos 7:5-7)
What is referenced here appears to be holiday's and festivals where the prices of the Kingdom got so drunk they got sick and started to hang out with base men. Wine when taken to excess can be a mocker and takes away natural self restraint in a person. These passages clearly reference a moral degeneracy. The prophet likens their heart to an oven and as such was burning with wicked desires and not just sexual in nature. The Judges were also infected. Clearly these were like thieves and robbers for they 'lie in wait' stealthily seeking some new evil to engage in.  Here, John Gill's comments I think are meet.

their baker sleepeth all the night; in the morning it burneth as a flaming fire; as a baker having put wood into his oven, and kindled it, leaves it, and sleeps all night, and in the morning it is all burning, and in a flame, and his oven is thoroughly heated, and fit for his purpose; so the evil concupiscence in these men's hearts, made hot like an oven, rests all night, devising mischief on their beds, either against the chastity of their neighbours' wives, or against the lives of others, they bear an ill will to, particularly against their judges and their kings, as Hos_7:7; seems to intimate; and in the morning this lust of uncleanness or revenge is all in a flame, and ready to execute the wicked designs contrived; see Mic 2:1. - John Gill
In short these were party animals that while partying and drinking were engaged in all manner of wickedness and evil. Do we see this today? Well, you know while I do not subscribe to this authors anti-Jewish rant, the other observations in it are very, very relevant to this topic. I post this only to show you just how far the west and America have fallen. Again - I do not subscribe necessarily to this particular 'conspiracy theory' and post this ONLY for informational purposes but the information is quite good and I am sure many of you will not be too shocked at the pictures.

Dear readers, I point this out because our western world, built upon Christianity is now falling apart on the doctrines of secularism and satanism and like those of the Northern Kingdom, "...they consider not in their hearts that I remember all their wickedness."

We will continue with Hosea as time and God permits!

29 Apr

Unless The Lord Builds The House...

(this was written last November)

<A Song of degrees for Solomon.>
Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it:
except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows:
for so he giveth his beloved sleep. Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man;
so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them:
they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.
(Psa 127:1-5)

For those of you who were wondering what a song of degree's is, it is really a song of ascent and these were Psalms that were sung by Jews who went to Jerusalem for the Festivals (Psalms 119-134).

This Psalm is one that I know from my youth. Unless you dedicate your home, and paths to the Lord whatever you try and accomplish will ultimately end in failure - particularly spiritual failure.

When you build a home with your spouse or even, if the Lord wills it alone, you must be willing to do as God commands you and dedicate that dwelling place to the Lord. A home that stands with God, and is founded by God can weather any storm. This does not mean that storms won't come, they will - it just means that a home that God has Lordship over and the people therein who are dedicated to him will be watched over by the most high.

Let my own life be a testimony to that. God has kept and watched over me through thick and and thin, and while I will never claim any kind of spiritual perfection I will say that because I have dedicated my home and my life to the work God has given me to do, he has looked out for me and watched over me in ways that only a few would even comprehend, let alone believe. I am here to bear witness that if you really dedicate your life to God and do the things he commands, despite cold shoulders, the sneering remarks, the people who withdraw from you because of  your walk with God I tell you of a truth that he will look out for you. I am not telling you will always be in the lap of luxury but that God will be with you as long as you keep your home and lives dedicated to him and his purposes.

As I watch our nation falter and fall for some pretty dark spirits, I am often reminded of this verse, that "... except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.". I think of all the money America spends of defense and intelligence, looking at threats to our nation and more often than not, conjuring up threats that aren't threats but rather are ways to make money for our Federal contractors and I say to myself that our military and security watchman more and more are watching in vain. They are not looking at the deeper threat to America. That threat is a spiritual one. As our nation continues it's slide away from God, what good is all of this misnomered 'defense' money when the nation has departed from the living God? The men on three standing rotating watches in command and intelligence bunkers - they are watching in vain. The men and women who spend months on submarine duty for our nuclear deterrent? Their work is in vain. Why? Because the work of this house (America) more and more is dedicated to the gods of secular humanism and at times, out and out satanism rather than the living God who sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins so that men might be made free from the laws of sin and death.

The devil, using his religious systems like Secular Humanism, wants to keep man ensnared in sin. He knows that any nation so encumbered is doomed, no matter how many cruise missiles it possesses, no matter how may Nuclear Subs it has at sea, no matter how many stealth fighters it can get in the air.

The God of battles knows the strengths and weaknesses of every military on this planet. He laughs at their 'show of strength' commonly done by the world's nations. God is sovereign and when a nation continues to defy his ways and do evil, trod down the poor man and deny justice to the weak, God will look down and determine that that nation and its system must be done away with. God will protect nations who protect his people, love justice, remember the poor and the defenseless and look to the Lord for their strength and deliverance. The Psalmist here (Solomon) is making plain that God alone is the key to security. God will protect that which he claims as his own. Let us serve God in spirit and in truth, know that we belong to him and remember this passage as Paul laid it out in the  book of 1st Corinthians.

Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men.
(1Co 7:23)

That is right - we are as that song by Bob Dylan says,  the property of Jesus. That's why the devil hates us so, God has called us out of satan's control.

The Psalmists goes on to tell us that we are wasting our time burning the midnight oil to get ahead. This is what the mammonites do -  the work, sweat, toil and burning the midnight oil to get more money, a bigger house, a newer car, a more fashionable vacation, a sexier spouse. They are servants of Mammon and mammon is their God. Why is this - I think the answer is a simple one. The man of God has learned the secret of contentment. He's got clothes, food, a roof, work that gives him dignity and a living and he has learned the secret of contentment. The man of the world is full of worry and work; plotting and sweating in order to get ahead in this world. But what did Christ say?

Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life,
what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink;
nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat,
and the body than raiment? Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not,
neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them.
Are ye not much better than they?
Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?
And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory
was not arrayed like one of these. Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field,
which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you,
 O ye of little faith? Therefore take no thought, saying,
What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
(For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:)
for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.

Take therefore no thought for the morrow:
for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.
Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

(Mat 6:25-34)

Is Christ calling us to worldly ambition and a life of drudgery for a new Audi or a townhome in the suburbs? No, he is not. Rather he is giving us a key secret to living on earth as a saint. Worry is not good and that God will provide those things that are needful to his people.

Our problem is the west is that we are too materialistic. We focus on things and getting this and having that.  As an aside, I worry about Christian refugee's who will come here from Syria and Iraq on that front. So many Christians find the ways of mammon, the fast cars, good looking women and the pleasures that America and the west has to offer to be too much for their faith... and they fall away.

We as Christians must learn to truly be content for this is what I think is one of the foundations to a victorious mindset, especially in the materialistic western world.

Brothers, I know just how easy it is to get caught up in materialism. But I have watched those with money and I can tell you that they are trapped. Many of them are not happy, some are so miserable, they are popping anti-depressants - making 7 figure salaries!!. They work so hard and are so afraid of 'falling' and losing all that they they work mostly to save face and save their brittle ego's, which is protected by the million dollar toys they buy.

Brothers, there is great reward trusting in God. He knows best. Nothing on this earth is beyond his reach or grasp. Let us place our lives in the hands of a faithful creator who loved us so much he gave his son for us on the cross.

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all,
how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?
(Rom 8:31-32)

As for our nation, let us pray that our leaders remember that honoring the most high God is the best 'National Security' policy that America can ever hope to implement.  All the covert ops, black ops, secret spying programs nor stealth bombers or secret space weapons cannot protect a nation who has forsaken the Living God and given itself over to evil.

America would do well to remember this.

Trump Hits Support Milestone

50% support nationally in an NBC poll. Pretty significant. What does this mean. It means that all the tricks and dirt the GOP establishment and the Democrats have thrown at this guy have not worked. I want to talk about Trump economics here because I think this is the key issue that is resonating with a lot of Americans.

The US economy is not looking so good. The oil industry particularly is having serious issues, Exxon just lost it's AAA rating. Freeport, a shale oil firm has slashed jobs and posted a loss. Schlumburger has cut 2500 jobs as well, on earnings problems. The price of oil is not just hurting Russia, Venezuela and the Saudi's it's hurting the oil industry in the US as well. An industry not coincidentally traditionally linked with the GOP. Without getting into specifics, the fall in the price of oil has been targeted at specific parts of the global economy and the price of oil is very, very important on a number of levels. Keep this in mind, these are real jobs and hundreds of thousands of them have gone away since the price collapse a couple of years ago.

Jobs are an issue, and no matter how many questionable statistics that the BLS and the establishment put out there. Those stat's don't pay the bills of those who have lost good paying jobs.  This is the fundamental problem that I see the Establishment is having with Trump - they can't lie and misdirect the people to get themselves four more years of political and economic mismanagement with the 'usual suspects' of candidates. People are not wow'd by the propaganda and the pundits like they used to be. They are more and more seeing past all of that and wanting to know who is going to get them back to work.

I am not saying that a Trump Presidency will be able to bring back the dead (jobs that are gone forever), I just don't think it will. But many American are angry at a system that is now raping the retired. There is a pension crisis now in this country, it's not brewing, it's here.

Those of you who want a site that tracks events, big ones and little ones in the are of pensions can head on over to http://www.pensiontsunami.com/ and get the latest. The zero interest rate environment we have now is only exacerbating an already grim situation.

My point here is more of a broad medium and long term trend analysis than one of immediate concern. Populist leaders are likely to rise to power based upon the dreadful mismanagement of the current establishment and their policies. We saw this in Austria last weekend, where the right wing won. The discontent there was less about pensions that it was about the flood of refugees. In the US it's jobs, free trade and soon, very soon pensions.

More and more right wing and populist leaders are going to rise to power on the dung heap of unwise trade policies, unchecked immigration, the legal swindling of pension funds and an unbalanced lust for expensive military conflict. While establishment papers like the WaPo will try and explain these trends, I don't think their analysis is quite spot on. Yes, they hit some very important issues, but again, some of the deeper issues I think are often just not dealt with honestly. A word search for the word 'trade' is oddly missing from the analysis in the previous link.

People are the ones who are paying the price for these misdeeds and this is why a guy like Trump is increasingly popular. Now I have long been suspicious of him and I will not lie to you, I am not at all certain that many in the GOP establishment who have been so vocal against him are not knowingly aiding his rise with their anti-Trump statements. I don't know this to be the case, but the more the GOP leaders lambaste him, the more popular he becomes. They have to know and see that. Besides... someone long ago made a comment to me even before Trump rose and even officially ran to watch for just what we are seeing now, that the anti-Trump contortions from the GOP and NeoCons would be mostly theater designed to put him into the White House.

Is Trump the secret darling of those who are the most publicly against him?

I don't know, but the thought had occurred to me, long ago.

What will give Populist leaders even more fuel? Passing these Free Trade agreements in the dead of night during a lame duck session of Congress, which right now is the plan for the TPP. The establishment for years have governed in spite of the people and their wishes... and jobs. Donalt Trump, love him or hate him, is making the price for that kind of governance considerably higher.

But the fact that the GOP may be getting ready to 'Obama' its populist wing, like the Democrats were done in 2008 seems more and more likely.

Rapper Snoop Dog Sings About Having Jesus Better Than Silver And Gold

Snoop may have really had change in heart, changing his message from one of hate, to one of love and speaking against Gun violence, something that has devastated so many communities in America.

I hope Snoop's faith sticks, we need more men who come out of that world to give people hope and love... people who have known the other side so well and left it.

Right Wing Hate Watch

Germany Hits Freital Group
A group of very ordinary Germans were about to carry out a wave of terror attacks across Germany
Hackers Hit The KKK
Mass Murderer Brevick Wins Case About His Human Rights
Hate Rally In Georgia Last Weekend
Austria: Far Right Hails Major Election Victory
The Untold Story Of The Texaco Tycoon Who Loved Fascism
A very interesting look at the Koch Brothers. This is very, very interesting. Interestingly, the Koch Brothers may endorse Clinton over  Trump. The dynamics behind Trump for and against are very interesting.

Fulani Herders Move South, Attack Christians

4/26/16 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) - International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Fulani herders have murdered at least 45 people from communities in Enugu State, southeast Nigeria, destroying homes and burning property.

Sources close to the attack told ICC that Fulani militias assembled 500 attackers in the area 24 hours before striking at least seven predominantly Christian villages in the Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area (LGA), Nigeria’s equivalent of counties.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing fighters armed with AK-47 assault rifles and machetes, carving a path of destruction through sleepy villages shortly after 7:00 a.m., slaughtering civilians, burning property, and targeting homes and churches.

"I was coming out from the house when I heard the community bell ringing. I was going with a friend to know what the bell was all about, only to see about 40 Fulani herdsmen armed with sophisticated guns and machetes,” survivor Kingsley Ezugwu told the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard. “They pursued us, killed my friend and shot at me several times but missed. They caught up with me and used machetes on me until I lost consciousness," he said.

“It’s a serious massacre by a people who revere cows more than human lives,” an Enugu resident told ICC. “About 45 persons were killed, over 100 injured and thousands of those who survived and fled are now refugees in Nsuka town,” the source said.

Vanguard said attackers burned Christ Holy Church International. A source close to the situation also told ICC that the attackers kidnapped one Catholic priest, but his whereabouts and fate remain unknown. Enugu communities are still counting their dead.

"Most of those who were killed died in the early hours of the morning. We are still counting our losses. We have not started going into the farms and bushes to look for our dead brothers and sisters,” Nimbo community leader Ikwe John Akor said.

Enugu State borders Benue State to the southwest, part of a region no longer inside the “Middle-Belt” central region of Nigeria where most Fulani attacks predominate. ICC reported horrific Fulani attacks in Agatu, Benue State in February, when militias murdered more than 500 people from Christian communities in less than one week.

Fulani Attacks Expanding Southward

Enugu state is part of Nigeria’s southeastern region, south of the states where Fulani herder attacks usually happen. Historically, Islamist Fulani attackers have mostly ravaged Plateau, Adamawa, Nassarawa, Taraba, Benue, and parts of southern Kaduna and southern Borno states, decimating Christian farming communities with mass murder, church destructions, and village burnings.

However, Monday’s attack highlights a disturbing trend that signals the militias are penetrating into southern Nigeria. Enugu State is the second in Southeast Nigeria to suffer Fulani herder attacks in the past month. During the first week of April, ICC learned that Fulani militias overran Ohafia in Abia State, declaring the Christian community part of a “Fulani Republic.”

Throughout the history of brutal Fulani attacks in Nigeria, locals say their goal remains to displace Christians and then occupy territory.

“They launch attacks and they run back [to Nassarawa],” a spokesman for the Movement Against the Fulani Militia, Steven Enada, told ICC. “[Next,] they come in to occupy the community. This is the same track they are using to attack the southeast,” he said.

Nigerian Christians fear that the expanding assaults represent a larger scheme to conquer the country.

“They will conquer the Middle-Belt, Southeast, South-South, and the Southwest will be the last to be conquered,” Enada said.

While Boko Haram continues to grab most of the headlines in Nigeria, the ongoing Fulani herder crisis mounts, increasing body counts and leaving Christian farming communities grieving and displaced, with their homes and livelihoods destroyed.

“Time has far passed for the Nigerian government to step up and address the ongoing Fulani herder attacks on Christian communities in the Middle-Belt and into Southeast Nigeria. How long must we watch and count village after village erased from the map while little is done to promote security for peoples’ lives and property? The Fulani devastation has sadly become a predictable pattern and ICC urges leaders to fulfill their obligation of service to the Nigerian people and take steps to protect suffering citizens,” ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Troy Augustine, said.

For interviews Please Contact Troy Augustine, Regional Manager for Africa: rm-africa@persecution.org

You are free to disseminate this news story. We request that you reference ICC (International Christian Concern) and include our web address, www.persecution.org. ICC is a Washington DC-based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC provides Awareness, Advocacy, and Assistance to the worldwide persecuted Church.  For additional information or for an interview, contact ICC at 800-422-5441.

Prince Was A Conservative Christian Who Opposed Gay Marriage

Yes, it was a complex faith, but I think like so many in that business, their private genuine beliefs are not for public consumption. Like Bono, or Johnny Cash, they all were Christians and have taken considerable guff in their respective industries for making their faith known to others. I am not going to attest to the lifestyle of any of these men, whom often make it plain that they are not perfect. Moreover the temptations that they often face pale in comparison to those the ordinary person does. So I ask all of you to not judge Prince. We don't know where he was at before he died. Those at the Kingdom Hall where he worshiped knew him as Brother Nelson.

Many of you will ask me about the Jehovah's Witnesses. I will make this brief as I have covered this before. The JW's I see a a very close proximity to the genuine faith passed down the the Apostles, but has some very glaring and very significant doctrinal problems, which are often glossed over when they present their message to the unsuspecting. They deny the divinity of Christ, they believe that Christ came back in the early 20th century and have many other beliefs that run contrary to sound (Biblically sound) doctrine. They even had their own translation (The New World Translation) that changed key versus and words to support their claims.

In short, as close is it may be, the Jesus Christ of the Jehovah's Witnesses and that of the Christ and faith passed down to us from the apostolic fathers, are not the same.

I am not here to tell others what they must believe (as in passing laws to forbid freedom of belief) or to try and force the Bible's clear teaching on them.  Nor will I denigrate or try and take away any man's right to believe and worship whatever God he wants to in peace, in this present evil age. We don't need state sponsored religion and that, believe it or not is the only religious prohibition in the Constitution, it's the establishment clause. There is no 'Separation of Church and State clause' in the US constitution, no matter how man liars say there is. It's not in there, except in the vivid imagination of secularist journalists, non-lawyers, 'atheist fundamentalists' and 'creative writers' on the web. The difference between the two concepts may be subtle, but there are very important differences.

No, rather I am here to tell you, what Jesus Christ and his Apostles taught. The last thing we need is any religion seeking to establish a legal framework to force their beliefs on others. That is what they have in Saudi Arabia, and the heads fall off regularly into little baskets.

Am I concerned about the souls of Jehovah's Witnesses? Yes, very much. I studied with them back in my late teens and early twenties. I became quite close to one of their elders but he confessed to me something odd before we parted ways decades ago in Southern California. He said that he too believed that the JW's were not teaching the truth, or words to that effect, and that he remained with them because of the strong organization, the morality of its parishioners and the friends he made. He looked at it more like a Social Club than a religion. I was shocked! But he liked me and I think he wanted to give me a real big hint because I was young and still somewhat impressionable.

He knew something was wrong but was not about to leave them.

I cannot help but remember who started them and (Rutherford And Russell).

I also find it rather interesting, though probably not significant that both very wealthy and now dead artists, Prince and Michael Jackson were associated with the JW's.

I thought I would pass that on to those who were curious. There are lots of books and links on the net discussing the JW's and their doctrines. Google or Searx.me will give you a veritable encyclopedia.

Prince? It just goes to show that all that money, fame and gorgeous women he had did not fill him up spiritually. He clearly was looking for something to fill that void in his soul.

Perhaps many of you think I should be a little harsher on a man whose work  typifies the Hollywood mindset. I can't do that know that, as this is the age of Grace and God wants to save souls, not damn them and wants men, yes even rock stars to worship and honor him. Some of Prince's lyrics, you would be surprised...

That is why I often pray for artists who have touched me over the years with their music. Some of my favorite artists have converted to Christ, some long ago, some I am still praying for like Pat Metheny, Sting and a host of others.  I always remember that there is a real person behind the glitter and glitz and sometimes it takes a person getting to the 'top' to realize there is nothing there but illusion and some pretty cold and greedy people.

Prince really did have a very unique genius both in songwriting and marketing, two key ingredients for success in the music business today. I was sad,  I cannot lie, I have always liked his music, even if some of it was sexually explicit. But a lot of it was not. Some of his music was pretty insightful about our times. I saw him on the Purple Rain tour in London way back when I had a full head of hair (!)

He wrote a lot of music for a lot of artists under pseudonym's - the Bangles, Kenny Rodgers, Sheena Easton.

Many of his subsequent health problems (he had double hip replacement surgery) may have been related to the fact that he would not take blood transfusions because of his faith. as you know, rumors are rife that he had a drug overdose and a Narcan Shot may have caused his death. An autopsy will be performed.

I was asked by a reader do I think Prince was murdered. I don't know. Black men in the entertainment industry with a lot of money... well, let history  be your guide. They are indeed targeted. If they can find a personal weakness (Cosby,  Snipes), it's easier. If not, other methods are used. Remember that Michal Jackson was all but called a child molester before his death

It's much too early to say that Prince's death was anything but what it appears to be, at least to me, the death of a man who may have become addicted to opiates as a result of considerable physical pain. Prince always had a reputation for clean living which is why I was really shocked to hear 'drug overdose' associated with this passing.

Prince was known to frequent a local Walgreens store for his drugs. I will tell you that if someone wanted to kill him and wanted it to look like a drug overdose and no foul play, they would get to the Pharmacy (or doctor)  find out what he needed and make sure he got something 'special'. I am not for an instant saying this is what happened, but I know how these people operate, they get to the doctor, the pharmacist or to the medicine chest they will take it from. Then you have a homicide that looks like an OD or some medical condition.

I think if he was murdered there were other issues involved that may not have been directly related to him.

I am sorry and sad to see him go. I won't be too harsh on the man's music and marketing, because much of  it was completely ungodly. But his music changed significantly after his conversion all the sexual innuendo was gone.

But I cannot judge him as a man, only God can and will do that. He did try and use his music to do some good and spent a lot of time and money on charity towards the end of his life. He tried to help young Blacks get a start as well. Friends say works of charity really consumed him the last years of his life.

The rest us up to the judge who will weigh us all in his balances.

Yes, that includes you and yours truly...

...Mark S. Watson

And as it is appointed unto men once to die,
but after this the judgment:

(Heb 9:27)

Christians In Kenya

A new site with Christian ministers and other share their experiences in Kenya. I think you will find this site full of interesting insights and experiences of people who serve the Lord in this African nation.

19 Apr

I don't like to spend too much time on an area that I have little real expertise, but I have been carefully watching earth related events from many different perspectives for years. I had an Earth Changes Blog for quite some time and it was extremely popular on Watson's Web, in fact it was the single most visited page outside of the front one. I had to shut it down for various reasons. So know as I speak here I am not an expert, and have NO expertise in this realm. I am just a careful observer of these things.

There have been two major quakes in the past few days, one was a major quake in Japan and the other in Ecuador. This was a 7.8 quake that took place on the 16th of April and did considerable damage, flattening buildings, destroying infrastructure and killing many people. According to news reports when this was written (17 Apr), the toll stood at 235, but is certainly likely to rise. The other major quake in the past few days is the one out of Japan, which had a 7.3 quake hit the city of Kuamoto.  This one has killed (as of the 16th) 41 people with 11 still missing.

Last 7 days quakes (from 17 Apr) - Source: USGS

Ring of fire
This is a very unstable part of the world known as the ring of fire and it is where a great deal of the world's quakes take place. The Japanese quake was preceded by strong, but not the megaquake we saw. These quakes took place during the period of extreme 'lunar declination', almost to the day. There are sites out there that track this,  but they are almost all 'new age' astrological ones so I hesitate to link to them. But for you who want to see the Lat-Long progression of the moon this year, you can click here - warning - that is an astrology site! The idea of this is hardly anything new or startling, there are scientific papers that deal with this declination and its effect on the ties and weather.

What does this mean? Well, it's not overly significant, but I think we should all bear in mind some things. But before I begin let me make this clear. Many secularists and New Agers are looking at these things very carefully.  I am going to throw some links to you here and I caution you I DO NOT subscribe to the spiritual cues and theories of these sites. Many of the site owners are again ardent New Agers. Nevertheless, many of them are in contact with very powerful people who feed them info and a few of them are also very dedicated students/scientists.  So on that note, go to some of these links WITH CAUTION. But if you go to them, I think you may get a different picture of some of the things now transpiring on the Earth Changes' and even 'New Age' front.

The earth is indeed changing and many of you may not know this but did you know that the earth's axis 'wobbles'? Yes, it's true, not by much, but it does wobble. The phenomenon is called 'Chandlers Wobble'. But there are those who are saying that the change is a little more significant over the past few years, but it slowly getting back to normal. I don't want to get too far off the beaten track here, but you all may find this little site of interest. It seems that some up in native people's in Alaska have contacted NASA about some climate change they have seen. Not only that, but they say that the sun does not rise in the same place it used to as they witness melting glaciers and thinning ice, sick and dying animals and other phenomenon.

The elders maintain the Sun doesn't rise were it used too, they have longer day light to hunt and the Sun is higher than it used to be and warms up quicker than before.

The elders who were interviewed across the north all said the same thing, their sky has changed.
The stars the Sun and the Moon have all changed affecting the temperature, even affecting the way the wind... The Big Wobble
So are the earths poles about to shift? I cannot answer that question but will listen to those who are looking at the issue. Also before I post to this link I want to stress this again, when new agers say 'guides' they can mean spirits (fallen angels) or they more often than not mean elitists who want to remain nameless. I post this link with some hesitation, but still I think if you look at it, you will see that the elite are almost certainly planning for earth changes that are coming and may even be working on ways to manage it. Here is the link.

No one alive today can say that something significant isn't happening to the earth and we don't know how much of this is due to man made activity and how much of it is being 'engineered' by the elite in secret programs (more here and here this pdf may also  be of use as well). We all know that they have the power to change the weather and create earthquakes. We don't know what NASA is doing in space and their capabilities up there. Perhaps not much more than observing. But again, we don't know and anyone who knew and tried to tell you the whole truth would be buried before he spoke.

But the earth is changing in other ways that often do not make the headlines. Did you know that in Nigeria, trees that have economic and medicinal value been lost due to desertification? They have measured the process at being about .6 KM every year. In Nigeria, over 40% of the land mass is threatened by desertification. This is a trend that effects much of the planet. The good news is that in some places they are really working to combat the problem, like in Nigeria and Sudan. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) also is working on the issue throughout the world.

One aspect of this that I think is often missed but is picked up by the FAO is the linkage between food security and conflict.

The lasting effect of conflicts is manifested through its impact on nutrition, especially undernutrition during early childhood with many of those affected suffering from lifelong physical and/or mental handicaps. - FAO: Peace, Conflict and Food Security: What do We Know about the Linkages?

Those of you who want more info can go to the UN's site (their commission to combat desertification), and get more info.

Image source/ USDA Wikipedia

The FAO has in interesting video on the subject and their efforts here that you may find of interest. I know many of you really like video's and find them more effective than the written word.

Now step back for a moment and ask yourself this question. If and I do mean if, because I don't know, but IF the earth's axis is shifting in ways described above, would it not mean changes in climate in many parts of the world in some cases significant? I am not saying this is the case, but one would almost certainly follow the other.

Then there are other problems in our environment. One is just clean drinking water. We have heard about the problems in places like Flint, Michigan, but how many of you are aware that because of landslides, about 3 million people in Chile are without drinking water?

Then there is Fukishima, an issue I have talked about a lot. Japan has passed laws criminalizing telling the people just how bad it is, but it is pretty bad with babies being born deformed. More here and here.

The gag while not official, has silenced the vast majority of scientists here in the US and Canada as well. They have not reported many anomalies related to Fukishima here in the US, like all the dead fish along the West coast of North America and their cause.

But that gag also runs through our officials, the intelligence community and the way so many scientists and research institutes are financed, influenced and yes threatened -  a long and intricate story I will not get into today.

Enough about the earth today. It's changing and the cause of much if it is not global warming, but other factors that our some of leaders have no intention of addressing responsibly.

The good news is that there are still a lot of good people who are trying to fix things and make them better, as in the above video.

The bad news is that those with the most power are often the biggest cause of creating so many of the situations to begin with and see selfish benefit in continuing on with their programs.
Pole Shift - By Mark S. Watson
Earth Changes And Polar Shifts - By Mark S. Watson

The Devil Watches Pastors In Sudan

(Image and Story Credit World Watch Monitor) Sudanese authorities have, apparently against their own law, continued to keep two church leaders incommunicado since mid-December, with no official charges yet filed against them; recently Sudan has also increased the number of church leaders who must report every day to its security services. 

Telahoon Nogosi Kassa Rata, a leader of Khartoum North (Bahri) Evangelical Church, and Rev. Hassan Abduraheem Kodi Taour of the Sudan Church of Christ (SCC) continue to be detained, even though Sudanese law says that 45 days after arrest a detained individual should either be presented before court or released. It is now 120 days since Rata’s arrest on 14 December, and 115 days since Taour’s arrest.

Initially Rata’s detention was suggested to be “on religious charges”, but sources close to the case have hinted the Christian activist is now being investigated for espionage, a charge Sudan has eventually resorted to before, after prolonged detentions of Christians....

...Further south, the Nuba Mountains, an area adjacent to the now-independent South Sudan, have in March come under renewed bombardment.

The government air force has been pounding the impoverished areas in an effort to tighten control on the far-flung corners of the country. The bombings have had a devastating impact on the communities, some with significant Christian presence, forcing civilians to hide in the bush.-  Continues

The Devil Watches Pastors In China

Gu Yuese, pastor of the largest government sanctioned Chinese church was released from detention after over two months. He was originally placed in detention for his vocal opposition towards the government's policy on church crosses. Even though he was released, he remains under heavy surveillance by authorities who have placed very restrictive rules in place for both outside communication and travel. While it is a step in the right direction upon his release, the lack of freedom continues to show little in the way of progress for religious freedom in China. - ICC

15 Apr

Putin Shows Obama Some Respect

Mr. Putin, whom the NeoCons have gone out of their way to demonize says some very positive things about the President. The two have had some serious differences, but without getting into details, many of them may have been the fault of the US, but not the President per se. Many policies we have seen from him are, without getting into details, not fully his policies.

I thank the Russian leader for showing some respect for our President and taking the high ground in public statements about him rather than taking the low one as the American NeoConservatives hoped he would.

I ask all of my readers here to remember that Russia has suffered enormously since the fall of the Soviet Union and it is thanks to the adept, if at times somewhat brutal leadership of Putin that Russia can now again stand on her own two feet and play an important role on the world stage. It is because of him that Russia now has a vibrant democracy and internal stability, something that she did not have under Yeltsin.

Russia and America should not be enemies, the world has too many problems and too many other issues that need Russia, the US and yes, China working together to try and solve.

I ask all of you to not take the anti-Russian bait and propaganda that is being pushed in certain defense related circles against Russia. Russia has her problems, make no mistake about it, but America has got them too.

Let we Americans take the beam out of our own eye so that we can see clearly enough to take the spec of dust out of Russia's.

Thank you Mr Putin for showing the President some respect.

Trump On Trump

Donald Trump writes a very interesting piece for the WSJ on his campaign and the evil forces inside the GOP who are working to destroy the democratic process to keep him from the nomination. Weather you like Trump or not, this piece is very, very good and once you read it, you will better understand why he has such a host of big money lobbyists and elitists from both parties who have been selling us out and who have done all they can to destroy his candidacy lining up against him.

Mind you, I don't like Trump's stance on a host of issues and no, I certainly won't vote for him. But I like the other guys stances even less and I believe in democratic processes and in fair play, yes even and especially for those I may not like or agree with.

If the only way a guy like Cruz can win is by stealing the nomination, then Mr. Trump would be correct to take is candidacy to a third party. Who wants to be the nominee of a party like that? I would be ashamed, rather than proud of such a nomination.

A man is defined by the enemies he makes and the enemies Trump has are the enemies of every single working American who has to work with the sweat of his brow to make an ever dwindling income in a nation full of leaders who go in the backroom and secretly negotiate trade deals to take what little you still have away from you.

I may not be wild about Trump, but I have nothing but contempt and loathing for the political and economic establishment that  Trump is fighting and at the same time, makes a Trump possible.

The Heart And Mind At Arms

Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh,
 arm yourselves likewise with the same mind:
for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin;
That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men,
but to the will of God.

(1Pe 4:1-2)

Grace and peace to all of my readers and may God's shine his light of love, peace praise and blessings upon all of you here - rich or poor, black or white, new in the faith or old, man or woman - May God richly bless each of you in these must difficult, yet interesting times!

Today, we are going to talk for a moment about one of the key targets of the devil. There are two really  and they are closely linked. Your mind and your faith. Today we are going to talk about about steeling your mind in the faith of Jesus Christ  for the trials and ordeals that lay ahead for the real Church in the west. A tough road lies ahead for us. It is important that we steel our minds accordingly and have it firmly grounded in God's word and allow our footsteps to be guided  by the Holy Spirit.

Brothers, the target of the devil being our minds, means that this is where we will have to do the most battle, making sure we are not being misled, deceived, seduced, or otherwise misguided  by the spirit of this age. This includes being fooled by pastors, prophets, priests and other pseudo Christian leaders who are in the pay of and service of the devil.

When Pope Francis stood before the world at the UN, his energy was, once again, spent on defending the environment. In his nearly 50-minute speech, only once did Francis make reference to persecuted Christians -- and their sufferings were merged in the same sentence with the supposedly equal sufferings of "members of the majority religion," that is, Sunni Muslims. Sunnis are not being slaughtered, beheaded, and raped for their faith; are not having their mosques bombed and burned; are not being jailed or killed for apostasy, blasphemy, or proselytization. - Gatestone Institute

Our minds are key and the deceiver knows how to seduce well meaning Christians in to his service. What we think and believe and how we walk in Christ are key. Many will say they walk with Christ, they will make long speeches, wear the robes of Churchly office, but are they really part of God's spiritual family - born again into the Kingdom of Heaven? Their fruit will tell us all we need to know.

Where can we go to look for some passages that deal with the mind and mindset? Well, one place is the book of Philippians. Here are the places in that one book the word 'mind' appears.

Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ:
that whether I come and see you, or else be absent,
I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit,
with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel;

(Phi 1:27)

Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love,
being of one accord, of one mind.

(Phi 2:2)

Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory;
but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

(Phi 2:3)

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:
(Phi 2:5)

Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule,
 let us mind the same thing.

(Phi 3:16)

Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame,
who mind earthly things.)

(Phi 3:19)

I beseech Euodias, and beseech Syntyche,
that they be of the same mind in the Lord.

(Phi 4:2)

For a short book, the theme on the mind seems to be a prominent one, particularly for spiritual harmony in the Church. We must all frame our lives according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ - not some made-up feel good doctrines that the devil thrusts in our faces, but the whole counsel of God. This is the only way we can as a Church please the Lord. Paul was laying out to the Philippians just what true religion meant in Christ.

Albert Barnes lays this out here.

If people live as “becometh the gospel,” they live well. Their lives are honest and honorable; they are people of truth and uprightness; they will have no sources of regret when they die, and they will not give occasion to their friends to hang their heads with shame in the remembrance of them. No man on a dying bed ever yet regretted that he had framed his life by the rules of the gospel, or felt that his conduct had been conformed too much to it. - Barnes

We as Christians have a hard walk. It was hard in the times of Paul and Peter, it is in many ways much harder now. Why? Because satan has honed his skills and infiltrating the Church and undermining its key foundations, namely the simplicity of the Gospel message. He has had two thousand years of practice and he knows the weak spots, he knows how to get in and what levers to pull to get a Church and its leaders to move to error. Need evidence of his skill? Look at Western Christendom!

Be assured that satan has a detailed 'assessment' of you and your personal psychological makeup. He knows your weaknesses and your strengths, he knows how to get you down and where to work to get you to fall. All of this work takes place primarily in the mind. Temptations, regrets, voices from the past, lust, romance, hangups... the devil has a massive toolbox and he has had practice with every single one of them. You and I do not. We must learn to fight the devil and his wiles in our own personal lives, or as Paul so adeptly put it, also in the same epistle to the Philippians, to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Yes, this is essential in order to become victorious Christians in our times.

Also as we note in the passages above that Paul wanted to see the Church come to the same mind. I think it meet to make plain that this unity must never come at the expense of key doctrines of the faith. We are to come to a unity of mind in THE faith, not 'a faith' or just some vague notion of any faith.

I wanted to post this short piece on our minds that we may guard them from the many assaults that are now and shall be upon them. These assaults may not always be evil, but they are real just the same and modern Media (TV/Cable/Movies) are key inroads that the world uses to mold what I will call here 'New Satanic Thinking' (NST).

This kind of thinking sounds so rational and reasonable but at its root are Anti-Christianity. A mature and spirit filled Christian can see these things - usually just after a few moments of watching a modern TV show. This assault on your mind is most effective when you do not think it is happening. When your conscious mind kind of goes into a semi-slumber as the images and ideas on the screen and sounds coming out of the speakers are paraded before you as you laugh, cry and otherwise react emotionally to the moving images.

The world's morality is not the morality of Christ. We as Christians are to have a different mindset, one that is divorced from this present evil age.

As an aside, many of you may still have cable TV. But you know what? I was surprised to see that one Newspaper that is essentially Hollywood's mouthpiece begin to tout the virtues of cord cutting. This story is also quite interesting. While these links may seem off spiritual topic, I don't think they are. American Christians are feeding tens of billions of dollars a year into an industry that is demonstrably anti-Christ and morally degenerate. Now is the time for those of you who have cable and are paying a lot of money for it to consider consider alternatives. I cut the cord  back in February of 2010. I never looked back (well, I do miss TCM!). Truth be told the Lord was speaking to me about it some time before. I would channel surf and see too much evil from channel to channel and popping that check every month just did not seem right when I saw how much others were in need.

My point is this -  the TV is a window into your mind and as long as you let the devil into it with these medium, you are vulnerable. Beware brothers, I am of the honest opinion that modern TV and Media pose one the greatest unspoken dangers to the Church. No one wants to deal honestly with the power of the Media over our culture from the Pulpit because those in the Pulpit are far too often 'Cable addicts' too.

I would exhort all of you to get before God about that cable bill. Seek out alternatives and use the money and bounty God has given you to more constructive ends than funding the Homosexual agenda.

Keep your mind and hearts brothers

Keep thy heart with all diligence;
for out of it are the issues of life.

(Pro 4:23)

This keeping according to the wise man was to  be with all diligence - one needs to keep ones full attention on this. Why? Because it can be deceitful and even treacherous. Here is how the Prophet Jeremiah put this theme.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked:
who can know it?
I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins,

even to give every man according to his ways,
and according to the fruit of his doings.
(Jer 17:9-10)

Brothers, we have seen the homosexual assault, the Health Care assault (now Christians must subsidize abortion), soon we will see a far more dangerous assault -  the Islamic assault and the assault on our ability buy and sell. These assaults are coming and for many who are not rooted and grounded in the word of God, they will slip, stumble and fall away. Brothers, many, many MANY are going to do this. This is why I give all of you here fair warning so that you may steel your souls and minds against an assault that will claim many of your Church going friends, family members, kids and even some Pastors.

Our job is to keep our own souls and keep our minds and hearts focused on Jesus Christ and the gospel of salvation that is in him and him alone.

Spiritual Minefields

These times when we really need to think like a soldier on a battlefield. We should look at how a soldier survives in battle, how an sergeant or an officer leads his men in a dangerous situation and begin operate more and more along those lines, in these times.I use these terms and similitude only as a way to analogize the mindset for true Christians in these times, for Christ has called us to peace, not to commit acts of violence of any kind. We must fight a good fight of faith and than can only be done when one has a mindset that knows that in war our enemies are determined neutralize our power and then to kill us. But this mindset, especially in these times is essential for victory. You must survey the spiritual territory, remove enemy troops (bad, ungodly relationships) from your vicinity - deny the enemy critical intelligence on your activities, (closed mouth, open ears and in our times jealously guard your privacy) for the enemy today gathers his intelligence with no effort at all on slumbering Christians.

For the slumbering Church, this is not possible - for to wake them up would be a major task in and of itself. But for we who are awake and can see the bright flash of cannon in the distance in the night sky and can hear the distant rumble of artillery fire get closer and closer, we know that we must be ready for serious spiritual battle in the years ahead. While many are focusing on the rise of Islam in the US, the degradation of our school system, the poor choices we have for President and the other hot topics of the day - what I see as a major threat to Christians is something wholly different and something you will not hear much about.

How is it that ye do not understand that I spake it not to you concerning bread,
that ye should beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees?
Then understood they how that he bade them not beware of the leaven of bread,
but of the doctrine of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.

(Mat 16:11-12)

Christ here was warning his disciples of a key danger in his time. It was the religious establishment that had the blessing of the state. Not the Jewish state per se, but the Pagan, Roman state, which ruled Jerusalem and Palestine at the time. This establishment had become spiritually corrupt. What Christ was warning them about was the falsehoods and spiritual poison that they were teaching. Leaven in those days was used as a word to describe corruption. Their doctrines were corrupt and as such were incapable of saving souls, but were capable of keeping them, the religious establishment in a privileged place within the Roman province of Palestine.

Christ had little good to say about religion, especially as it was practiced in his own time. I don't think he would be at all pleased about what is going on today. When Christ first began his holy diatribe against the religious order of his time (Matt 23:13ff) the first thing he notes is that not only are they hypocrites  but that by their very teachings they shut up the way to the Kingdom of God to those who would seek it.

But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men:
 for ye neither go in yourselves,
neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.

(Mat 23:13)

Religion is often more of a stumbling block to entry into God's kingdom that it is a pathway into it. It can very often  be like a road sign that says, 'To life, turn right' when in reality the destination is death. It is a road sign that 'enemy troops' placed in our path in order to deceive us into a spiritual ambush. Using this analogy we must learn to look at a great many Churches in the west as being of those false road sign variety. Paul laid out the mentality of these kinds of Churchmen who would permeate the world especially in the last days.

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters,
proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent,
fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded,
lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:
from such turn away.

(2Ti 3:1-5)

What better description of our world today and the large sections of the Church, particularly in the west being very much included. I do not say this to denigrate the many hard working pastors who have really tried to bring solid teaching to their flocks and have not departed from the basic tenets of the Christian faith. No, these men are in a thankless job and are often reviled and attacked by the modern day Pharisees (wealthy politically connected religious establishment) of our time. Many look upon the the Pharisees of Christ's time as being just ordinary religious rabble rouses. But what is often misunderstood in popular misconceptions is that the the scribes and Pharisee's were the Pope's, Cardinals, Televangelists of Jesus' time. They were the established religion. Christ's work and preaching exposed them for what they were - strutting, greedy hypocrites who had never known God, but had found a comfortable vocation that gave them a position in society and made many rich. They were in short, not serving God, but were in the very lucrative 'religion business'. They were busy making people feel good while sending them to Hell. That is all any false religion and religious system can do for you. It can make you feel wonderful on your way to damnation. This is what Christ was saying in the verse above. Not only would these false ministers not get into the Kingdom, they are blocking up the way to others who would want to. They are like demonic barricades of deception, leading people into a place they think will bring them to God but instead will fill them with spiritual poison.

I do not use the word demonic lightly. Again, Christ called them children of hell.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made,
ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

(Mat 23:15)

This is why we as Christians need to be especially careful about any religious establishment that has official sanction of the state.  We are to be set apart from this world and this is, I think what history has taught us. That the only way to keep the doctrines of the faith pure and unspotted from a lost world is to maintain a very great divide of separation from the world -  its political and economic systems, its greed, and its lies. Not in some kind of arrogance or thinking we possess some kind of  spiritual superiority, but to keep ourselves from being polluted and seduced by this world and its prince.

Brothers, I am genuinely concerned about the staying power of younger Christians in the western world. I am not blaming the young people, many of whom are not completely pleased with the world as it is and some have decided that the materialism and narcissism of their parents generation, is not for them. So they reject it and begin looking for spiritual and existential meaning.  But what are they getting when they come to a large mega-church today? Are they getting the whole counsel of God? Is the Church preparing them for a life of discipleship, or merely promising them a 'miracle'; a spiritual Genie to the gates of American materialism?

I shudder to think about what is happening in many of the West's Churches. But the good news is that in places where materialism and lust do not hold total sway over the people, there is real hunger for God and Churches that are so vibrant, the devil has to send in his Islamic armies to kill them. Think Boko Haram, ISIS and Al Shabbab.

We as Christians must learn a lesson from the saints of old. God is looking for people he can use and if you are willing, and will yield to him, will truly count the cost and walk with courage and faith in the word and spirit of God you will be victorious.  This is the only way to avoid the spiritual minefields of our time.  In times of persecution, we have real protection but at times, God calls us to suffer for his names sake. We must endure and know that the hatred that this world and its people increasingly have for Christians is exactly how Christ  said it would be. We should not be shocked nor surprised.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake:
but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.
(Mat 10:22)

Know this brothers, in this battle, the end has already been declared. We win IF and only if we endure to the end. I am not intimidated by the Islamic State, the New World Order, the CIA's assassins, the DOD's illegal domestic programs, the elites' clandestine illegal negro and christian elimination programs. I am not intimidated by the TPP, NAFTA, Agenda 21 or China's anti-Christian crusade or the secret plans Hillary has for Christians and Blacks or Donald Trumps plan for Blacks and Muslims. I know my God and in whom I have believed and know the end of those who have lined up with the devil against the Lord of hosts. I am not afraid. Here are five truths to remember in these times about the Kingdom of God.

Brothers we are entering into a period of intense spiritual (and ideological) battle. I see a time when anyone who holds to the fundamental truths of the faith of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible will be persecuted and I speak mostly about the western world as these things are already happening in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. I think the recent diatribe by one of the 'captured' religious leaders of our day make plain that our elite view the FUNDAMENTAL truths of Jesus Christ as a threat to be dealt with. Their solution appears to be men like Pope Francis and probably another Pope and other Protestant religious leader they can force on the Church using Blackmail and murder on the Cardinals who vote for him. Again, this is another high explosive mine in the field of the world. It can not just explode and kill the guy who stepped on it, but kill a great many in a wide perimeter around it.  Religious leaders who take orders from organizations whose hands are drenched in the blood of the very poor man they claim to love so much is a very serious problem today. Such men are deceivers.

No brothers, the devil is very busy doing what he did in the days of the Pharisees. That being creating a network of false religious systems to sow confusion and doubt in the minds of those who would come to the truth. This is why these are such spiritually perilous times - the way and the road to the truth and salvation are constantly being blocked up by satan's ministers who appear as angels of light but whose souls are as dark as the inner recesses of hades.

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers,
transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed
as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.
(2Co 11:13-15)

 - Brother Mark
12 Apr

Hosea IX

For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God
more than burnt offerings.
But they like men have transgressed the covenant:
there have they dealt treacherously against me.

(Hos 6:6-7)

This passage has a clear similarity with the utterance of Samuel to King Saul (1Sam 15:22). While the Lord did institute burnt offerings into the religious life of his people, they were not an end to itself. No, rather as we in the Church age recognize, they were a shadow of things to come. It was done with the understanding that sin had to be paid for. There is no free spiritual lunch in God's kingdom. God is not interested in just getting sacrifices while the people kept sinning. No. What he wanted was the people to stop sinning. He wanted people to know him and walk in his ways, not sin on Saturday and sacrifice on Sunday. This is the end of what the Law was supposed to do - create a people who loved God, knew him and would recoil at evil and would treat their brother with love and mercy. True knowledge of God is an experiential thing. It is not just in your head, but in your heart as well and sooner or later it manifests itself with consistent godly action. The word used for mercy is an interesting one and may not give the full connotation for its meaning in the Hebrew. The word is.

From H2616; kindness; by implication (towards God) piety; rarely (by opprobrium) reproof, or (subjectively) beauty: - favour, good deed (-liness, -ness), kindly, (loving-) kindness, merciful (kindness), mercy, pity, reproach, wicked thing.

K&D I think gives a good rendition of what this passage means.

Chesed is love to one's neighbor, manifesting itself in righteousness, love which has its roots in the knowledge of God, and therefore is connected with “the knowledge of God” here as in Hos_4:1. For the thought itself, compare the remarks on the similar declaration made by the prophet Samuel in 1Sa_15:22; and for parallels as to the fact, see Isa 1:11-17; Mic 6:8; Psa 40:7-9, and Psa 50:8., in all which passages it is not sacrifices in themselves, but simply the heartless sacrifices with which the wicked fancied they could cover their sins, that are here rejected as displeasing to God, and as abominations in His eyes. - K&D Commentary
So we see what God is really after. Men who walk in the way God created him to walk. In love, mercy with a genuine Knowledge of God. Not contrary to him as was evident in Israel of Hosea's time.

God makes himself known to those who love him and do his will. The following verse (7) says that like men they transgressed the covenant. This passage may seem a bit obscure as all men do that to greater or lesser degrees. But I think if we look at the word that was translated 'men' we get a better understanding as to what the Lord is saying.

From H119; ruddy, that is, a human being (an individual or the species, mankind, etc.): - X another, + hypocrite, + common sort, X low, man (mean, of low degree), person.

Now if we translate it, "like Adam they have transgressed the covenant..." I think we get a better sense as to what God is referring to. Keep in mind that Adam's sin was not committed under some kind of social or physical pressure and it deeply offended God. The phrase 'there have they dealt treacherously' seems to indicate a place rather than a situation and may be referring to the places of baal worship mentioned in the previous passages. Like Adam who was cast out of Eden, so would Israel be cast out of the land God gave them. The idea seems to be that mankind had not changed since Adam and sin and rebellion were still etched like stone on their hearts.

Gilead is a city of them that work iniquity, and is polluted with blood.
And as troops of robbers wait for a man, so the company of priests murder
 in the way by consent: for they commit lewdness.
(Hos 6:8-9)

Map of Ancient Israel (Gilead In Red Area)
This  divine accusation against a particular city in the Northern Kingdom, Gilead was a place allotted to the tribe of Manasseh but was also inhabited by Gad and Ruben. It was a city that God through is prophet makes particular accusation against here calling it a city of blood and of them that work iniquity. This had become a wicked place. While the map to the right gives us a basic idea of where Gilead was when the 12 tribes were given their land (red box), the reality is that this may have been more directly aimed at one city Ramoth-Gilead. It is also called Ramah.

This verse may also be a reference to the crimes of Pekah
(2Kings 15:25). We cannot be sure that Ramoth-Gilead is meant as it may be a reference to the whole region.
This city was originally a city of refuge (Deut 4:43-43) and as such was inhabited by priests who were to instruct the wayward in the law. Instead they were well practiced in the ways of sin and evil including the shedding of blood. Note that the whole company of priests consent and conspire to murder. The Lord clearly was most angry and we as Christians need to remember Church history and how so often in history, Churchmen were deeply involved in many a conspiracy to commit murder often for the 'crime' of possessing or printing a Bible. From the ancient Byzantium to Rome even to our modern Protestant religion murder, theft and religion have had a close relationship. When the Priests become corrupted, and turn aside they become even more reprobate that the world. This is the case I think with much of organized Christianity today. When men who do not know God or worse, once knew him and apostatize you have a very sad and irretrievable situation. Here is how Jesus described this kind of apostasy

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places,
seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house
whence I came out. And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.
Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself;
and they enter in, and dwell there: and
the last state of that man is worse than the first.

(Luk 11:24-26)

Keep in mind that it was from this part of the world that Christ much later preached and the moral degeneracy of the people particularly the religious establishment was hardly any better. Rather it just appears that the devil had an even stronger hold over the people. Why? As I mentioned in Monday's post on Minefields, the simple fact is the Priesthood were nothing more than children of hell. When the Messiah came, they were so reprobate as to God's nature embodied in Jesus they called him demon possessed and his power over the Kingdom of hell was attributed to Beelzebub (Luke 11:24).

My point here is that the priests were, in both situations, so reprobate, they couldn't guide anyone anywhere except the hottest places in hell. The last phrase that they commit lewdness should not be taken in the modern sense of licentious or perverted sexual activity. The word has a different connotation. Here is How Eatons and then Strong's describe the word.

Lewdness  - (Act_18:14), villainy or wickedness, not lewdness in the modern sense of the word. The word “lewd” is from the Saxon, and means properly “ignorant,” “unlearned,” and hence low, vicious (Act_17:5).
זמּה    זמּה
zimmâh  zammâh
zim-maw', zam-maw'
From H2161; a plan, especially a bad one: - heinous crime, lewd (-ly, -ness), mischief, purpose, thought, wicked (device, mind, -ness).

From this verse I get the sense that the priests had become nothing more than a band of robbers, gangsters and mafiosi to use modern terminology.

  I have seen an horrible thing in the house of Israel:
there is the whoredom of Ephraim, Israel is defiled.
Also, O Judah, he hath set an harvest for thee,
when I returned the captivity of my people.
(Hos 6:10-11)

Verse 10 is pretty self explanatory. God had seen a horrible thing and this among those who were supposed to be God's people. Hosea comes right back 180 degrees back to the unfaithful wife who was 'on her back' with every passerby as a sign of and to Israel of her unfaithfulness to God.

The last verse talks about Israel reaping what she sowed, the harvest that God has prepared for those whom he has appointed to wrath. Here is how John Gill puts this.

That is, God hath set and appointed a time of wrath and vengeance for thee, which is sometimes signified by a harvest, (Rev 14:15) because thou hast been guilty of idolatry also, as well as Ephraim or the ten tribes: or rather it may be rendered, "but, O Judah" (h), he, that is, God, hath set an harvest for thee; appointed a time of joy and gladness, as a time of harvest is: - Gill

Yet this passage may also be indicative of the good harvest as well for God wanted to bring back the people from the exile and punishment that the prophets had predicted. So in this I see both. There is a harvest for their whoredoms  but also God gives them a ray of hope in the future when they as we talked about in the first part of Chapter six, they repent collectively and being to diligently seek the Lord. just before the Messiah Jesus Christ returns.

We will start Chapter 7 next week, God willing!

11 Apr

Messianic Jewishness

Grace and peace to all of you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! May God bless all each of you do in him and stand with you through thick and thin, your ups and downs and may you all be presented before Christ in robes of white on the great day of our salvation!

I get a lot of mails from readers and today, I am going to answer some of them for all. As usual, unless the writer specifically requests it, I don't use names so there will be none here, not even pseudonyms.

One dear reader of mine wrote that one of her biggest problems is the lack of fellowship. She is a Messianic Jewish believer (who is however a gentile by birth). For those of you who don't know, these believers are those who tend to keep many of the old Jewish holy-days and the 10 commandments. I know this is a problem for some of these kinds of  believers because Messianic fellowships tend to be mostly Jewish and they tend to have their own cultural identity and often don't warm up to 'gentiles' too readily. I have been to Messianic services, but was received very coldly. This has been my experience with most of the Churches I visit, not just Messianic ones. Truth be told, I just don't think many Churches like to see unattached Black men arrive at their premises and give you all the non-verbal cues you need to make sure you feel most unwelcome. I know one Church I went to that was run by Jewish pastor (not Messianic) basically told me not to come back and made a point of being rather rude about it. I think there are often a lot of cultural impediments if you are not Jewish and attend these kinds of services.

What is my take on Messianic Jewishness? I believe the Messianic Community to be true believers in Christ if they accept Christ as the Messiah and the only path to God by virtue of his atoning work on the cross, paying for our sins with his death and resurrection and that keeping the old Jewish holidays is not necessary to obtain salvation. Keep them to honor God? Yes - as an essential path to salvation? No. When people begin to make keeping this holiday or that one a key ingredient to salvation, they step onto a dangerous path to heretical teachings. I have many Messianic believers here. I also have non-Messianic believers. Some keep the feast of trumpets, some do not, some keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread, some do not. Both are brethren in Christ.

Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday,
 or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: Which are a shadow of things to come;
 but the body is of Christ. Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind,
(Col 2:16-18)

Remember that Paul and Peter had a sharp disagreement concerning the keeping of certain Jewish customs. Paul eventually won out and the Church has always followed after his guidance, which was very simple in its directness as laid out in the book of Acts.

For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things; That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well.
(Act 15:28-29)

This was in response to the very question of keeping the law (Acts 15:5) Brothers, I think that we as Christians need to to focus in on the efficacy of the Power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit whose persons and works makes salvation possible. This is Paul's point in the book of Acts and his letters. That Christ and his sacrifice were the fulfillment of the Law. The law was only a shadow that pointed us to Christ, the redeemer.

Yet we cannot ignore that throughout the book of Revelation and in the books of the Prophets as they talk about the last days and the reign of Christ, that many of these feasts appear to be again re-instituted (see Hosea 12:9, Zechariah 14:16). So while it is true that the Gentile Church age, these feasts are not needed for us to be saved, it appears that when Christ sets up his kingdom, we will indeed have at least some of these feasts and holy days to observe. The only thing I would ask is that Messianic believers don't put on an air of superiority over others who do not observe the Holy Days.

I know few of my readers have gently asked questions or made comments in order to get my views on Messianic Judaism. Well, these are them. As long as they are not making observance of the old Jewish law, rituals and holy-days a pre-requsite for salvation, then I think that their observance is not a problem - in fact for Jewish believers, it may help reinforce their religious-cultural identity. In my view this is good because today, a great many Jews have become quite secular.

However one word of caution. Israel's intelligence services are very much involved in the US religious organizations. Their agents and money are there to influence religious elements to keep a strong support for the State of Israel on the front burners of American religious thought. I am not so much criticizing this (Israel has to look out for her National Security) as I am making an important observation. Portions of this movement are not always being directed from above - let the reader beware.

Fellowship? I know that is a tough one. It's hard to find good believers in the Lord who have been that second mile with Jesus. I know I have many of the same troubles. I wish I could give you an easy answer to your dilemma, but I confess, I cannot.

Many of these new Churches? I don't want to sound negative and condescending, but they just don't do much for me. There is a whole different spirit in so many of them.

Forever Scarred

04/05/2016 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) - “I do not remember the exact date, but it was almost [the] middle of June, the hottest month of 2015, when my misery started,” Komal*, a Christin teenager in Pakistan, told International Christian Concern (ICC) with tears in her eyes. Last year, Komal became one of the hundreds of Christian girls in Pakistan that are abducted, raped, and forcibly converted to Islam.

According to many Christian leaders, forced conversion to Islam is second only to false blasphemy accusations in issues affecting Pakistan’s vulnerable Christian community. According to a study by the Movement for Solidary and Peace in Pakistan published in 2014, as many as 700 Christian women and girls, often between the ages of 12 and 25, are victimized this way each year.

Unfortunately, Komal was among the Christian victims affected by this issue last year. Similar to reports from other Christian victims, Komal was abducted by a group of Muslim men, beaten, raped numerous times throughout her six months of captivity, forcibly married to one of her rapists, forcibly converted to Islam, and forced into prostitution by her Muslim “husband.”

Recently, through a daring escape, Komal was able to return home to her parents and share her testimony about the persecution she faced.

I am 15-years-old [and] the youngest daughter of my elderly parents who work at a brick-kiln factory,” Komal told ICC. They did not have enough of [an] income for my education, therefore I have never been to school, although I wished.

I was sleeping along with my mother on a single bed during a power-cut time in my house yard,” Komal said, remembering the day she was abducted. [At] around midnight, five armed men with masks climbed over the boundary wall and entered into [our] house....”  Story Continues At the ICC

4 Apr


Today we are going to take a look at Kenya. Many of you read the story I posted last week on the recent attacks and how Christians, according to the article, felt betrayed by the courts decision.

Well one of my readers who is from Kenya wrote me a very interesting note. For personal reasons (probably safety), he does not want to be identified. But he passed on a very long and detailed piece to me and has graciously allowed me to post it. I pass this on to help you all understand that often we Christians tend to look upon all of this persecution only in the context of religious persecution. This is not always the case. Often there are many complex social, political and economic reasons that spawn religiously motivated violence. This is true in Nigeria with the Shepherd attacks as well. Yes religion plays an important part in the violence, but it does not explain all of it.  In Kenya, ethnicity as well as history are playing a key role in much of the turmoil there.

This reader passed on many fine links to me
Kenya still vulnerable to attacks despite changes
Kenya Will Commit Suicide If It Creates Ethnic States
Kenya's Rising Insecurity
Insult To Injury: HRW On Lamu Violence

Then he did some thing so wonderful, he actually wrote a very informed piece on many of Kenya's issues. This is a rather detailed piece and this man clearly knows Kenya quite well. So if you don't have time to read this today, download it and read it when you do. I think Kenya and Al Shabab as well as other issues will continue to be in our news and this background piece will help us to understand the tribulations of Kenya's Christians.

Here is the piece he wrote for the readers here at Watsons Web.

Mpeketoni town in Lamu County was attacked on June 14-15, 2014 and its infrastructure was burnt down. Banks, offices, government buildings suffered from this attack. Many people lost their lives and the Kenyan State prosecution service [Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions or ODPP] has yet to successfully prosecute any one for those crimes. Why is that? I try to answer that question and come up with a hypothesis that brings together several strands of thought, data and argument. We may never know the truth, just like the JFK Dallas killings but the least we can do is try to make sense of the event. We need to do this to honour the memory of the dead and also, to educate ourselves about the real method of governance that is being applied in parts of Kenya today. Christians living in Mpeketoni have complained of betrayal by the Central government. However, this analysis seeks to promote a deeper understanding of the issues in an effort to promote a realistic assessment of possible solutions.

Historical context

My approach begins before Kenya became an independent state. In 1962, the cream of Kenya’s political leadership of all races was brought to London, England. The purpose was to handcraft a new constitution for Kenya, which would be employed by the new State upon attainment of independence. They met in Lancaster House, London that was headquarters of the commonwealth offices of the British government at the time....

Continues here.  (and this is really quite good so please take a gander at it!)

The Democratic Road To Black Ruin

Glen Ford gives us a deeper look into the Black Political malaise that keeps Black Americans heading to the back of the political bus.  I could not agree more with Mr. Ford's analysis.

Members of the Black Misleadership Class – who are virtually all Democrats, and whose allegiances are to the party structure that enriches them personally, not their Black constituents – insist that Blacks are engaged in “strategic voting.” Nothing could be further from the truth. In behaving as the national bulwark of the worst elements of the Democratic Party, Black voters ensure their perpetual marginalization and powerlessness. Such a “strategy” serves only to lock Black people in a quadrennial vortex of fear, in which only two outcomes are possible: either the triumph of the White Man’s Party/Republicans or electoral victory for Black people’s worst enemies among the Democrats. It wins nothing for Blacks, and amounts to a kind of self-mutilation that strips African Americans of their own politics and makes them electoral fodder for Wall Street and accomplices in U.S. Empire.

“This self-serving class has never produced a ‘Black Agenda’ worthy of the name.”

Black self-determination – Black people’s independent ability to shape their own collective destiny – fits nowhere in the Black Misleadership Class’s political designs. All they seek is “representation” in the Democratic Party and its sponsoring corporations – meaning, appointments and contracts for themselves. Since questions of policy – that is, the future of Black folks, and of the world – are irrelevant to their personal “strategic” positioning within the corridors of power, these misleaders reduce Black politics to a discussion of how African Americans can maximize their usefulness to the Democratic Party, through their votes. It really goes no further than that, which is why this self-serving class has never produced a “Black Agenda” worthy of the name. Their only concern is to be part of whatever policies are formulated by the real rulers: the Lords of Capital. - Black Agenda Report

Do you want to know why cops feel it's OK to gun our Black men down in the streets and Gran Jury's always acquit the cops... all under America's first African American President who is Black? Because the party mechanisms don't care about Black folks. Why should they? No matter what they do to you, how many jobs they steal, cops shoot you down while you are unarmed and economic warfare is waged on your cities (through things like gentrification) they know Black America does not have the political sense to stop 'reflex voting' Democrat. We keep making the same political mistakes with the same disastrous results and wonder why things don't get better for us, especially for young Black men.

I understand that Black Americans feel the need to stop the GOP from getting into the White House. They feel that the Republican party is full of racists. Well, it certainly has more than it's fair share, but my experience with the white GOP male has been this. They don't hate Black Americans. They don't understand many of the dynamics and can often be too easily influenced by skewed reporting on us on channels like Fox news and CBN. But for the most part, a very large plurality wants to help fix what is broken in Black America, but often don't know how to address the issues honestly without being labeled a 'racist' for trying to discuss the issues intelligently and fairly. Too many Black Americans go into 'hypersensitivity mode' when these issues come up around Whites, particularly conservative Whites and then start name calling.

My view (I am an independent) is that the Democratic party has too long played on Black Americans fear of the GOP to garner the lions share of Black votes. The truth be told, for Black America, things were better for us under Bush than Obama, on every key measurable (and honest) economic statistic. I am not blaming Obama per se, but rather, the fact that the party knew that they could politically bury Black America in poverty and want, fill their young men with bullets while the party and the 'Black Misleadership Class'  fill their purses with Federal contracting dollars - this is something that Mr Ford lays out with stunning clarity.

So long as the President had a high melanin content in his skin, the Democrats knew that Black America would conjure up some of the silliest and nonsensical rationalizations to not put the blame for the abysmal condition of so many of our people where it belongs. On the party Black America will break their necks in November to get to the polls to vote back into office.

This I know, the Democrats are going to do what has successfully kept Black folks voting for them in years past. What is that?

Next to nothing.

But the problems in our economy go far beyond just Black America. The most  excellent MyBudget 360 always has a 'peoplenomics' view of the data and they have this most excellent post here.

If you really want to understand why a candidate like Trump can be so popular today and Sanders is not doing too badly, you are not going to understand it by listening to Trump's comments on abortion, race or even foreign policy. It's the everyday man and woman's pocketbook that is causing a lot of ordinarily moderate income working class Whites to be drawn to Mr. Trump.

Persecution Review, 30 March 2016

Persecution Magazine

The ICC looks at a part of India where Christianity is banned. It looks at several testimonies of believers.


This is always worthy of your time and I hope that you get a chance to read it and or download it.

Kenyan Christians Feel Betrayed After Court Rules to Release Persecution Attack Suspects

3/30/16 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) - Kenyan Christians are demanding justice after a Mombasa court acquitted two suspects who had been charged in the 2014 Mpeketoni massacre that killed 60 people in eastern Kenya, and two men linked to the murder of twelve Christians in Hindi, Kenya, just weeks later.

Dyna Salim Suleiman and Mahadi Swaleh Mahadi are free after High Court Judge Martin Muya found insufficient evidence to convict the two men accused of perpetrating the mass killings. Meanwhile, Shebe Auni and Joseph Shege are now free after being exonerated from connection to the murders in Malamande village outside Hindi.

“The acquittal was never expected by the local people and the two men should be jailed,” one local pastor in Mpeketoni told International Christian Concern (ICC).

The Office of Keriako Tobiko, the Director of Public Prosecution has filed an appeal of the decision.

“The DPP said he intends to appeal against the whole judgment and to have the acquittal substituted with conviction of murder that can lead to a death sentence. In his notice of appeal filed [March 23], the DPP requested for the proceedings of the case within 14 days so that he may challenge the acquittal,” the office posted to Twitter.

The attacks occurred on June 15 through 17 in Mpeketoni before a second attack ravaged Hindi, Kenya weeks later. The assaults targeted police stations, churches, populated villages, and market centers.

Ruthless Attacks

In the Mpeketoni case, Suleiman was accused of ferrying the attackers from Mombasa to Lamu County using two buses, vehicles that he claimed were hijacked by al-Shabaab to carry out the attack. Mahadi faced charges related to the planning and execution of the attack.

During the raid, approximately 50 armed militants assaulted Mpeketoniat at 9:00 p.m., opening fire on hotels and banks, firing indiscriminately, as well as burning vehicles. . Christians make up the majority of Mpeketoni’s population, a busy market town with more than ten churches.

On June 17, the assailants set fire to houses in the villages of Majembeni and Poromoko, in the outskirts of the town, killing 15 people.

Al-Shabaab has consistently targeted Christians for their faith. During the infamous Garissa University attack on April 2, 2015, gunmen separated Christians and Muslims, murdering believers and letting Muslims go free.

Al-Shabaab exists to kick Kenyan troops out of Somalia and to “purge Christians” from lands in eastern Kenya, which they consider to belong to Islam.

Al-Shabaab attackers similarly targeted Christians in Malamande. The militants fired rifles and used machetes to behead the villagers. Throughout the course of the assault, assailants murdered men and boys, setting the village ablaze, leaving a handful of women widows and dozens of children fatherless.

Christians Still Living in Fear

Joseph Muchemi survived the attack, having escaped view of the gunmen. . He was left homeless and needy after his house and shop were torched.

“The acquittal is not what we expected. Everybody in Hindi and Mpeketoni town is shocked by the ruling and scared about the release of the four murderers. The evidence of [Auni] coordinating the Hindi attack and Chege supplying food to the attackers in the bush prior to the attack was given,” Muchemi told ICC.

He also said that the court’s decision leaves Christians skeptical about whether the government is prepared to protect them.

He described the Mombasa court as “lacking in making sound judgment that protects the innocent and that serves justice.”

Hindi has not yet received any security reinforcement, even after the Deputy President promised to set up a police station in Malamande. The people are still living in fear and poverty because they are still coming to terms with the attack.

“If [the suspects] are out, we have no option but to leave Hindi and migrate to another safer place. They will be out for revenge. The government has disowned us and we would rather leave this place and live in the streets,” Muchemi said.

While the court decision leaves Christians feeling like the government has betrayed them, church leaders continue to encourage congregants to trust in God.

“Although we are not allowed to address the issue from the pulpit, we are praying that the justice of God will one day prevail,” a Mpeketoni-area pastor told ICC.

For interviews Please Contact Troy Augustine, Regional Manager for Africa: rm-africa@persecution.org

You are free to disseminate this news story. We request that you reference ICC (International Christian Concern) and include our web address, www.persecution.org. ICC is a Washington DC-based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC provides Awareness, Advocacy, and Assistance to the worldwide persecuted Church.  For additional information or for an interview, contact ICC at 800-422-5441.

Sudan: Christian Ministers Obliged To Report To Intelligence Ministry

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has learned that two senior clergymen and a lay member of the Sudan Church of Christ (SCC) have been obliged to report daily to the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) since being detained, questioned and released by NISS agents earlier this month. - CSW

Oaxaca: Christian Beaten By Mob While Returning Home

03/29/2016 Washington D.C., (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned of yet another violent attack against minority Christians in Oaxaca, Mexico, in which a man who was previously expelled from the village was brutally beaten and imprisoned upon his return to visit family.   This is the latest instance of persecution among many that ICC has documented throughout Mexico.

Lauro Nunez, from Chachalacas, a village of Camotlan Villa Alta, in Oaxaca, Mexico, was attacked on March 28 at 6:00 p.m. local time.  He had been previously displaced from the community last year for professing his evangelical faith.  Upon entering the village to visit his mother, he was brutally beaten by a mob of villagers and then incarcerated.  Two other individuals who protested against the treatment of Mr. Nunez were also imprisoned with him. After his incarceration, the mob ransacked his mother’s home, destroying her belongings.

ICC has learned that the legal department of the National Council of Religious Tolerance, an organization who provides pro bono legal services for victims of persecution, is working to free these prisoners.

ICC has previously documented numerous cases of persecution in Oaxaca, and now believes there to be a conservative estimate of a minimum of 150 current cases of persecution throughout Mexico, involving a handful to 150 victims each.  While the state governments have been made well aware of these cases, they continue to do nothing to protect religious minorities in their states.

Nate Lance, ICC’s Advocacy Manager, stated, “ICC is very troubled to hear of yet another instance of violence perpetrated against minority Christians in Mexico, simply for professing faith in Jesus Christ.  We are equally appalled that the state government continues to let this persecution fester, allowing more Christians to be displaced, imprisoned, and beaten.  If the government does not intervene to protect religious minorities, I see no reason why the trend of increased persecution will not continue.  We ask in the strongest of terms that those in power in Mexico will utilize their authority to put an end to this persecution and restore freedom of worship.”

For interviews, please contact Olivia Miller, Press Manager at press@persecution.org

You are free to disseminate this news story. We request that you reference ICC (International Christian Concern) and include our web address, www.persecution.org. ICC is a Washington D.C.-based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC provides Awareness, Advocacy, and Assistance to the worldwide persecuted Church.  For additional information or for an interview, contact ICC at 800-422-5441.

Middle East: Bible Translators Killed By Islamic Militants

The translators worked for Wycliffe Associates.

India's Persecution Continues Despite Congressional Letter To Modi

Congressman Expresses Disappointment in India’s Evasive Behavior

3/29/2016 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) –India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, continues to remain silent on the issue of rising religious intolerance in India despite receiving an open letter signed by 34 members of the US Congress last month requesting him to specifically condemn attacks on India’s religious minority communities. Since that open letter was sent on February 26, 2016, International Christian Concern (ICC) has documented 27 religiously motivated instances of violence against India’s Christian community, affecting over 1,400 Christians.

India has seen a dramatic rise in Christian persecution as members of radical Hindu nationalist groups continue to go unpunished for attacks on Christians and their places of worship. According to the Catholic Secular Forum, Christians in India were attacked 365 times last year, making 2015 the worst year for Christians in India’s independent history. It also marked a 20% rise in the number of attacks on Christians from 2014.

“I continue to be very disappointed by India’s response to the religious persecution taking place across the country,” Congressman Joe Pitts, one of the leads on the open letter to India, told ICC. “In the one month since myself and 33 of my colleagues in the House and Senate called on Prime Minister Modi to publically condemn the ban on non-Hindu faiths in the Bastar District and other violent assaults on religious minorities, there has been little but evasion and obstruction by Mr. Modi’s government.”

“Meanwhile, reports have come in of Christian churches being burned or vandalized, pastors physically attacked or arrested, and of at least two Muslims, one just 15-years-old, beaten and hung by a mob for allegedly selling beef, all in the last four weeks,” Congressman Pitts continued. “These incidents are not an ‘aberration;’ they are part of a long-running pattern of religious intolerance that must be acknowledged and addressed.”

While India’s government continues to deny the facts on the ground, non-Hindus in India continue to be in the crosshairs for Hindu radical groups. Modi’s silence is deafening for those who face violence and threats for exercising a freedom that is meant to be protected by India’s constitution.  As has been reported by the Indian media, radical Hindu groups see the government’s lack of enforcement of the law as tacit approval for their actions, leading ICC to believe that the situation will only worsen for India’s Christians and other religious minority communities if Modi continues to do nothing.

ICC’s Regional Manager for South Asia, William Stark, said, “It has been over a month since Prime Minister Modi and his government received an open letter from 34 members of the US Congress calling on him to specifically speak out against the intolerance faced by India’s religious minorities, yet little has changed. In fact, Prime Minister Modi and his government have not only failed to condemn attacks faced by India’s religious minorities, they have belittled the suffering for millions by calling reports of persecution in India 'aberrations.' While Prime Minister Modi has remained silent, we have recorded 27 separate attacks on Christians in India, affecting over 1,400 Christians. These attacks are not aberrations; they are the result of a trend in which millions of Indian citizens from minority faiths are being denied their constitutional right to religious freedom. India’s government must at least acknowledge this trend if they are to guarantee the rights promised to all Indian citizens in their constitution and maintain their reputation as a pluralistic democracy.” - ICC

You are free to disseminate this news story. We request that you reference International Christian Concern (ICC) and include our web address, www.persecution.org. ICC is a Washington D.C.-based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC provides Awareness, Advocacy, and Assistance to the worldwide persecuted Church. - ICC

I just Trusted The Lord

Over two episodes of VOM Radio earlier this month, we heard Australian John Short tell the story of his detention in North Korea after leaving gospel tracts outside a Buddhist temple.
29 July 2016

28 Mar

Crazy US Policy: DOD Terrorists Fighting CIA Terrorists

This needs no comment. Our foreign policy could hardly be less coherent if it were formulated in the rubber room of the state psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.

'Crazy' is defined by its actions.

Follow on... there is a deep disconnect in DC on its terror policy and we will be talking about it here over the next several weeks.

Note: The following couple of posts are from July of last year. I will be posting some of my older posts here more often, from time to time. This post is about some of the State Department and terrorism as well as Xkeyscore. I will be posting some of my other commentaries on the other minor prophets, though unlike Hosea, I will do so in no particular order.

The Department Of State Sponsored Terror

(Posted circa 6 July 2015) The above link is quite good and I hope you get a chance to read it. It explains a great many things in America's war on terror, which as the article points out, is really America's armed support to terrorism. This is not about left-right Democrat Vs. GOP - both sides of the deep state are in on this one, right up to their necks.

Brothers, the real terrorists in our world today reside in Washington DC. They sit in wood paneled offices, sign a document and then suddenly Islamic crazies all over get billions of dollars in US arms so they can blow stuff up, our leaders can cry about not having enough arms to fight terrorists and they need new laws to gut rights to fight terrorists.

“We are not asking the west for military intervention to defend Christians and all others. We are asking them to stop arming and supporting terrorist groups that are destroying our countries and massacring our people."Patriarch Aphrem

This is why all those claims made before Congress about the NSA wanting to catch terrorists are for the most part specious. If you want to catch terrorists you would have to arrest a large part of the US National Security Establishment and they are never going to do that, they would sooner unleash those terrorists right here on US soil before they allowed that to happen - stir up chaos and consolidate their  power during the trouble.

Consider carefully. (posted/linked to later)

Today (last July) the Intercept released a whole bunch of files and a good article on XKeyscore. In it are quotes about how they use it to 'catch terrorists'. But instead what we read are actual cases where the program was spying on world leaders and other "blackmail-ible" people in authority, including journalists, even the UN Secretary General! If they are going to spy on folks like that, how long do you think they are going to hesitate to spy on someone from the Ghetto, or the Barrio or some activists who is angry about some corporation dumping sludge into her drinking water? NSA has lied and lied again about the scope of their domestic activities and this President has rewarded their perjury with a high post 'investigating' the very issue they lied about!!

I noted yesterday (this was last July) that my usually solid internet connection dropped out about 3 times yesterday, each for about 10 minutes. The exact same thing happened when the NSA reform bill was about to be passed and the NSA said they had to 'remove hardware' so that they could comply with the law. Well, looks like the FISA court has reinstated the program that Congress expressly forbade.

You can read the order here.

Looks like it took them about four days to reinstall that equipment on networks.

Don't worry, they'll get to you as well. The good news is that they are telling us that they are going to eventually wind these programs down. That is not very comforting, given this administration's long pattern of shall we say, less than honest pledges.

The whole establishment in DC has just gone off the rails and the world today, especially in the Middle East is wading in pools of blood, tears, refugee's and severed heads as a direct result of the demonic stronghold that has enveloped Washington, its President and its foreign policy establishment while they feed us this line about needing these powers to 'stop' the terrorists they are secretly arming, funding, directing and aiding!!

Well, there are ways to protect yourself from some of this spying but as I stated before, you have to fundamentally and totally alter your habits and tech purchasing patterns. All of your big companies; they are totally in bed with the surveillance state, if they try and got out, they have ways to stop that as well.

There is no other way around it, they have the tech you buy off the shelf pretty well locked down.

Totally, locked down. They are not supposed to be spying on Americans and yet they have your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, Winbook and any other piece of hardware you buy off the shelf in the US totally locked down for NSA surveillance and other intel agencies.

As you can see from reading the Intercept piece, they are very liberal, elastic and nonchalant about following any laws passed and now the President and the courts now decide that those laws do not need to be followed.

We are truly in a Constitutional no mans land on many fronts these days.

More here (posted later).

In closing this out, I did want to write a more spiritual piece this week, mostly just a word of encouragement as there has been so much bad news these days. I know many of you want more of that and less news. I do apologize for not giving a little more Spiritual Meat this week, there was just so much happening especially with Greece, I thought the background I provided was important as we go forward. Big things are a foot, really big so pay attention all of you.  A major strategic alignment is underway, power is shifting from the West and towards the East.

I cannot ignore current events dear readers and I find it far, far better to get a good understanding of just what is really happening (rather than just the false narratives in the news) before I make any spiritual/Biblical comment.

You come here for informed Biblically based information, commentary and perspective, not ill informed opinion. So I ask that you at times give me a little time to digest events in light of Prophecy; then and only then will I make comment.

This terror thing... pay attention... the devil is trying to build something in Mesopotamia.

Brothers, I hate to sound so negative,  but this nation.... we can do better than this and we aren't and no one in power even appears to want to do better. Instead we get so many of the same faces proposing the same stupid things that make matters worse. We cannot allow these dark forces who work in our nation and government to get the upper hand.

The good news is that now, (this was written today - 29 Mar 2016) there is a peace process in place and there does appear to be a sincere desire on the Russian and American side to fix this ungodly mess in Mesopotamia.

Let's pray they succeed!!

We get to the last Chapter of Micah next week, unless the Lord forbids it!!

Micah Chapter 7

Filthy, Rotten People - Then and Now

Woe is me! for I am as when they have gathered the summer fruits, as the grapegleanings of the vintage: there is no cluster to eat: my soul desired the firstripe fruit. The good man is perished out of the earth: and there is none upright among men: they all lie in wait for blood; they hunt every man his brother with a net. That they may do evil with both hands earnestly, the prince asketh, and the judge asketh for a reward; and the great man, he uttereth his mischievous desire: so they wrap it up.

(Mic 7:1-3)

How many Christians really know what time it is? It is a hard time.

Those were hard times, the spiritual condition of the nation was not just some kind of prophetic mumblings, it was seen and felt in the everyday living of those who walked with God. The Judges were taking bribes in Micah's time. It was no aberration, this was the way thing were done back them and this much I know, that Gay marriage ruling we had a few days ago was worked out long ago. The political wheels were greased, the right case was heard by the court and now you have all of this Sodomy. Obmacare? The same thing. One Justice took a bribe to make sure it passed and ensure any challenge to it was duly put down.

The US Supreme Court is probably the most corrupt court in the world. Bribery rules in the American legal system, just like it did in Ancient Israel. The people of the day worked earnestly, very hard to do evil. They were evil times. Times very much like today in so many parts of the world. The West in the past used to not be quite as corrupt as she has become in the past 20 years or so, but it has gone off the rails these days. Even a former Senator has railed against the corruption in Washington Brothers, it is far worse that anyone on the web can tell you. Micah is relaying the same spiritual rot that he sees in his times. Then he goes on to tell Godly folks how they should operate in those days. Brothers, last days America is 70% there already and rapidly moving in the wrong direction. In many ways, the American nation is worse, but its worse crimes and bloody abominations are hidden behind the wall of government classifications.

Look at the kinds of news we have seen, police shooting people down unarmed people in cold blood, lying in wait for the Black man to gun him down. The good men were very few and far between, Micah was living in a generation of vipers. We also in America more and more are living amongst a generation of vipers. Many of them in uniform or in high office. 

The prophet is just relaying to his hearers what it is like to live in times when sin rules and what God's people should and should not be doing. The first thing is to not be a trusting soul who opens his mind and heart to even his closest companions. Micah goes on to observe and then exhort,

The best of them is as a brier: the most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge: the day of thy watchmen and thy visitation cometh; now shall be their perplexity. Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom. For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man's enemies are the men of his own house. (Mic 7:4-6)

Men were thoroughly treacherous. Even those who were righteous in the eyes of other wicked men were worthless. This passage is very reminiscent of the times that Christ warned about in the last days. Here is what our Lord had to say about them. Look carefully at the passage for in it are many clues and I think give light to the times that are coming for us.

But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues; And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles. But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you. And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. (Mat 10:17-22)

Christ is not telling us to be some happy-go-lucky, all trusting half-wit in dangerous times. He is warning us of future treachery in the world's most treasured and trusted personal relationships. He says BEWARE OF MEN. Micah's warning indeed was for those of his time, but they can be safely applied in a more general sense to our times as well. I know this much - Over the past few years I have just noticed a different spirit in Americans. People I know, they just seem to have no love for right anymore, they are far more interested in their political, financial and sexual agenda's. Morality has become obsolete to so many people, or their morality is 180 degrees opposite to God's... the God who raised up and blessed this nation above all others. The God of all things the nation has now forsaken. Now granted I have a somewhat limited scope of people I see regularly, but do you know what I rarely see on the face of Americans in their day to day living? I'll tell you. A smile. Its a rare thing these days. People just don't smile, they don't take kindness kindly (except those of lower economic estate, they often appreciate simple kindness). Brothers our nation has just entered the outer rim of the devil spiritual no-mans land. Micah is giving us a strong and important exhortation if we are to be victorious in such a time and place. Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom. I used to keep this saying in my heart for years and these days I have pulled it out and keep in in the front of my mind these days. “Trust is the occupation of fools, and its wages are disappointment and a stream of your own blood dripping down your back” Yes, it is overboard in its generalization and a bit cynical but still, in times like these when someone asks me to trust them, especially (sadly) other Christians, I just have to keep that saying in mind, go into my closet and get that steel plate to put under the back of my T-shirt(!).

I want to relay this to you as an aside – I think it important. Before I started this last chapter of Micah, I bowed my head and the Lord just said to me - those relationships had to go, it was needful for the times we are in. Then he told me to tell all of you just what he told me. They were both bad news and a danger to me personally and this humble ministry in particular. But I have to tell you that long before it happened the Lord warned me that it was going to happen and told me why. I was stubborn, not rebellions, just stubborn... I did not believe that these people would do me wrong. Do you know what they were? They were toxic relationships... spiritually toxic.

They did though I don't think out of any maliciousness, just souls that are lost, thinking they are God's work and doing the devils. One I know and the other I think just stopped believing in the God of the Bible, that Christ is really the only and true way into the Kingdom. One just apostatized, the other I think has gone down a path of spiritual compromise in the devil's agency, never to return, deceiving and being deceived.

But I am not putting the whole fault on them. The problem was not all their fault. What I did that was wrong was that I trusted both to begin with, and did not heed the Spirit of God when it was no more whispering but as much as God's Holy Spirit can, was shouting in my soul... Danger!!! This guy is poison! Judas alert! Not in those exact words, but the effect on my spirit man was the same. The problem is I don't think these kinds of Christians and so many nominal Christians really know God. One of these men (who claimed Christ) told me one of the last times we spoke that 'We All Worship the same God'. I told him that what ever God the nut jobs in ISIS is worshiping, I am not, nor do I think their victims would claim such demon spirits as deities. He could not say anything, and I am almost certain he indirectly aided their rise to satanic power, even if peripherally, knowing what he was doing. “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”, so saith the scripture and when he said that to me and tried to argue it, I knew that I had to start listening to what the Spirit of God had been saying to me or trouble was on the Horizon.

Trusting these men; that was my failing. Truly a failing in these treacherous times that I think Micah in the first part of this chapter lays out for his time. He is pointing out just what is wrong with the people of his time and that anyone who puts their trust in such people is behaving most foolishly.

Brothers and sisters, I know that it is hard to let go of some relationships, it is hard to break with a well worn and comfortable routine. What Micah in the first verse is telling his hearers is that he lives in place where the people are rotten... rotten to the core. It is like Micah is looking for some good wholesome fellowship, an honest, good companion and cannot find it. The number of good people are few and far between. He is looking for someone to trust, and cannot find it. It's like he is looking for a rose and can only find poison ivy. He's looking for water and can only find vinegar; he's looking for a friend, and can only find the Old Testament version of Judas.

Yet having said that brothers we do need to understand that being an overly suspicious person can lead to bitterness and a terrible Christian witness and even make you into the kind of people the scriptures tell us to be wary of. If I had to sum it up, I would say that intelligent and consistent caution should be exercised in all of your relationships from here on. BEWARE OF MEN – means exactly what it says. Don't try and reinterpret it to no effect and don't turn your back towards or put too much faith in folks who have not shown a consistent, long and deeply Christian walk.

This fake western GOP-esque or liberal left-wing Christianity does not count as a Christian walk. I am talking about people who have walked the walk, made deep scarifies for the kingdom and are fully and completely Christ's...even to the death! If you do trust people too much in these times you are likely to be betrayed and at the worst possible moment.

Yes, this is a hard saying. It goes contrary to the 'happy happy' gospel that is preached in western Churches - pray up a Cadillac and roll into the kingdom in a Rolls Royce. Let the wiser souls (most of your here) in the Lord digest what Micah and Christ are telling us in dangerous times.... and apply them.

Micah makes reference to the day of thy watchmen and of the visitation. Micah is telling the people that all the prophecies that were told about those days were going to come to pass. Big trouble would be on the horizon, even as God revealed to his prophets. God was going to move and all those who mocked God's watchmen and holy prophets would regret it and wish they had listened. People rarely do and that is why so many souls are lost. God sends his watchmen and prophets and no one listens. He warns them and they mock and laugh and go right on sinning, often worse than before... often in defiance and mockery.

Therefore I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me. Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me. I will bear the indignation of the LORD, because I have sinned against him, until he plead my cause, and execute judgment for me: he will bring me forth to the light, and I shall behold his righteousness.
(Mic 7:7-9)

Micah then tells how he will behave in times like these. He is not going to be like the lost souls, he is going to look to the Lord and he is going to wait for the God of his salvation. This is the mind we have to have in these times. Brothers, the world is going to turn against us. We must not put our trust in men, not mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters or brothers. We must put our trust fully and completely in the Lord. Brother, we have no better friend that Christ.

Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you
(Joh 15:14)

Be like Abraham, who though faith obeyed and became the very friend of God.
(Jam 2:23)

Try and understand what I am saying to you. Each of you who know Christ are very, very precious in his eyes. He loves you deeply and sincerely. Much too much to let a snake in the grass mess up your walk with him. The snakes in the grass are going to multiply like rabbits in the years ahead. When God and the Holy Spirit senses danger, listen to what God has to say. Don't do like I did and wait until it was almost too late. Listen and heed, rather than ignore and bleed!

Micah's utters his deep unyielding faith in God that he would hear him in the day of trouble. Micah would look to the God of his salvation in faith! What is interesting is that Micah's prayer makes no request for immunity from the troubles of life or from Divine Chastisement. No, his faith knows that these things do come but he looks to God for his help and salvation. Every prophet and minister has to endure trails and tribulations to complete their ministry. Micah and all the prophets knew that. At times their work seems vain and utterly hopeless. Even the Apostles of the NT had the same problem. Look at Paul's life. Look at the book of Hebrews, where the saints were thinking about forsaking the gospel. Paul could have gotten discouraged all those years in jail. But you know what he did? He wrote most of the NT. There is a saying I have always liked and it says that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Don't mope about with a poor pitiful me attitude, sometimes hard things come into our lives, often to redirect us. Take your redirection humbly. God knows what he is doing. It may not seem like it in the natural realm but as time passes, if you are faithful to him, he will show you how important what your redirection was. Faith is the key, faith and obedience.

There is no easy road into the kingdom brothers and sisters and if you are having a hard time of it and have maintained your faith and have not walked away, be assured, you are not alone and that your experiences are par for the course! Don't let your circumstances depress you brothers, God knows what you are going through and what is to come!

The prophet then gives an exhortation to Israel's enemies, that they should not rejoice over her fall when it comes to pass. This is because while her punishment is severe, it is only temporary. God will still be a light to his people, even in their darkest hour. God was still with them, even though he had to severely chastise them. The prophet uses his prose in the first person and describes the sins of the people which he probably is also identifying at least partially with himself. Prophets are not perfect and the problem with so many of the devils accusers is that when one slips and falls, all of the satanic accusations from hell and demonic pointing fingers are there to point out the Man of God's human failings. Here is how John Gill's Commentary puts this passage, I think it fitting for us in these times, I will cut and paste it here.

...the Chaldeans or Edomites, or both, who rejoiced at the destruction of Jerusalem, and the calamities the people of the Jews were brought into at it; see Psa_137:7; spiritually, Satan the great enemy of mankind, and especially of the church and people of God, to whom it is a pleasure to draw them into any sin or snare, and to do them any hurt and mischief; and also the Inert of the world, who hate and persecute the saints; and watch for their haltings, and rejoice at their falls into sin, and at any calamity and affliction that may attend them, though there is no just reason for it; since this will not always be the case of the saints, they will be in a better situation, and in more comfortable circumstances; and it will be the turn of their enemies to be afflicted, punished, and tormented: - John Gill's Exposition Of The Entire Bible

Brothers, how I know what Mr. Gill is talking about. How many people in power want to set me up and tried and almost succeeded. The only thing I can say to each of you is this. God knows our failings. I know mine and so does God. If God has to chastise you, as he almost did with me then sit quietly and put your trust him God, he knows your affliction and knows how long it will last, he will not let your enemies rejoice over you forever. He's got something very 'special' prepared for the enemies of his people.

When God is finished with Chastisement, he will indeed bring you out of the darkness and back into the light of his love and salvation, often with a blessing. I always remember the trials of Job. Job at the end of his horrendous trail (how many people could survive that one brothers!) was greatly blessed. How did God bless Job?

And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before. Then came there unto him all his brethren, and all his sisters, and all they that had been of his acquaintance before, and did eat bread with him in his house: and they bemoaned him, and comforted him over all the evil that the LORD had brought upon him: every man also gave him a piece of money, and every one an earring of gold. So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning: for he had fourteen thousand sheep, and six thousand camels, and a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she asses. He had also seven sons and three daughters. And he called the name of the first, Jemima; and the name of the second, Kezia; and the name of the third, Kerenhappuch. And in all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job: and their father gave them inheritance among their brethren. After this lived Job an hundred and forty years, and saw his sons, and his sons' sons, even four generations. So Job died, being old and full of days. (Job 42:10-17)

Yes, the Lord will afflict and allow affliction to come into our lives. But he is always constant to those who are constant with him and often bless his people at the end of that affliction, if they are faithful to him throughout it. What gives us this constancy? Faith brothers, faith!

Then she that is mine enemy shall see it, and shame shall cover her which said unto me, Where is the LORD thy God? mine eyes shall behold her: now shall she be trodden down as the mire of the streets. In the day that thy walls are to be built, in that day shall the decree be far removed. (Mic 7:10-11)

Then there are the God mockers. Yes, there were many of them in Micah's day. They dwelt in the lands where Israel's enemies dwelt.

The 'she' referred to is probably Ancient Babylon. She was at the height of her power and arrogance. The rejoiced over Israel's fall and mocked their faith in Jehovah. Have we not heard this kind of mockery in our society today? I can remember some one making a comment about California's Gay Marriage Amendment. I cannot remember who it was but his comment went like, 'well, the ground has not opened up because of this!' This mocking spirit is very much with us today. It is of the devil. It is most prevalent in major empires who enjoy prosperity and pleasures and consistently use violence to get the goods that they want, not at all unlike end times Babylon (America). We have heard the God mockers and can see them in a great many websites and postings. This is no longer the fringe of American society, but more and more it is becoming mainstream. This is why Gay Marriage is now the law of the land, there is increasingly outright scorn and mockery for God in our Nation.

Mockers will always mock when things are at their worst for us Christians. The demon spirits enter into them (yes, the do) and begin to mock and rail and spit their hate at the God in heaven who has pronounced his eternal judgment on these fallen beings; eternally consigning these spirits into everlasting darkness. This is why they hate the Lord so much and seek to destroy man as well. Even Christ had to deal with these demonic utterances when on the Cross (Matt 27:43). We are not immune to it brothers, let them mock. God is giving mankind a full and complete opportunity to show whose side it is on, God's or the devils. So when they mock remember this, God see's it and shall forever remember it.

And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.
 (Isa 66:24

Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.
(Mar 9:44)

Micah then makes clear that just as the chastisement of Israel was foretold and came to pass, so shall the destruction of this arrogant Babylon come to pass. Brothers, as the scriptures say, God is not mocked.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
 (Gal 6:7)

The devil may drive men to mock God, but the devils know that God is, and are very, very afraid of him.

Thou believest that there is one God;
thou doest well:
 the devils also believe,
and tremble.
(Jam 2:19)

Yes, if the devil is getting people to believe there is no God, it is only consistent with the devil and his character; to lie, misdirect, be evasive and be false. His main goal, to get you to act based upon a lie.

In the day that thy walls are to be built, in that day shall the decree be far removed. In that day also he shall come even to thee from Assyria, and from the fortified cities, and from the fortress even to the river, and from sea to sea, and from mountain to mountain. Notwithstanding the land shall be desolate because of them that dwell therein, for the fruit of their doings.

(Mic 7:11-13)

This prophecy is clearly for Israel when God brings them back from where they were captive. The day that the Walls are rebuilt is almost certainly a reference to Nehemiah (Neh 2:17). The decree that is to be removed is probably the unrighteous decree's of Babylon when she falls.

However some think the passage is too broad and all encompassing to refer just to that time and see perhaps some kind of end time fulfillment. The people (probably Israelites, but it is not 100% clear from the passage) come from


The fortified cities

From the fortress even to the river

From sea to sea

From mountain to mountain

Yet Barnes says this and I think it most enlightening.

The destruction, captivity, restoration, were parts of one and the same decree of God, of which the restoration was the last accomplished in time. The restoration was not the removal, but the complete fulfillment, of the decree. He means then probably, that the decree of the enemy, whereby he held her captive, was to remove and be far off, not by any agency of her’s . The people were to stream to her of themselves. One by one, shall all thy banished, captive, scattered, children be brought quite home unto thee from all parts of the earth, whither they have been driven, “from Assyria, and from strong-land”. - Albert Barnes

This is what leads others (and myself) to think this passage has a dual meaning, both to encourage the Jews of Micah's and later Nehemiah's time, but also for a larger more grand fulfillment just before the time of Christ's return. But verse 13 reminds them that there is going to be time of desolation for the land because of the sins of the people. Ultimately the prophet is reminding the people that Babylon and Edom are footnotes and asterisks in Israel's fate. They are merely the tools that God used to chastise Israel for her wickedness and as a result of those sins, the land would remain desolate for an appointed time. This is why the following verse changes track from one of hope back to one of severe chastisement.

Feed thy people with thy rod, the flock of thine heritage, which dwell solitarily in the wood, in the midst of Carmel: let them feed in Bashan and Gilead, as in the days of old. According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt will I shew unto him marvellous things. The nations shall see and be confounded at all their might: they shall lay their hand upon their mouth, their ears shall be deaf.

(Mic 7:14-16)

The day of this deliverance (from Micah's time) is a ways off. Micah is telling them basically, 'don't rejoice yet, you have not paid the piper for your evils and pay him you shall'. Micah's prayer/utterance goes on to remind the hearer how God took Israel of old out of Egypt and how Israel was to dwell alone (separate – in the world but of it) . The reference to Bashan and Gilead is also a reference to Israel in its early days and where she dwelt.

When these things happen, all of the people come flowing into the holy land, God restores his people and they dwell in a land of plenty, The nations (gentiles/lost peoples) will see it and be shocked and confounded. They would be put to shame. When God moves in his powerful ways, no man can stop it. Those who worked against God, mocked him and spat at God's people shall be ashamed. Nothing or no one can hinder God's purposes.

Yea, since the day was I am he; and there is none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work, and who can hinder it? Thus saith Jehovah, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: For your sake I have sent to Babylon, and I will bring down all of them as fugitives, even the Chaldeans, in the ships of their rejoicing.
(Isa 43:13-14)

No one can deliver out of God's hands and his purposes shall be established.

They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of thee.
(Mic 7:17)

The reference to the snake is probably meant both as a reference to their humiliation and their spiritless pedigree. The passage is an interesting one and another one that makes this author believe that these passages are referring to the end times. Note that reference to the holes, where creeping things dwell. Could this be an oblique reference to the end times when...

And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?
(Rev 6:15-17)

These kings and rich men of the last days are sore afraid of the God of heaven and his Messiah. Why? Because of their evil deed and the way that they treated God's holy people (Jew and saved gentile– all Israel (Rom 11:25-26). These passages need little comment. The living God shall surely return and give full and complete recompense to the evil men who have mistreated, imprisoned and even killed God's Holy people.

Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the transgression of the remnant of his heritage? he retaineth not his anger for ever, because he delighteth in mercy. He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea. Thou wilt perform the truth to Jacob, and the mercy to Abraham, which thou hast sworn unto our fathers from the days of old.
(Mic 7:18-20)

The final doxology of Micah is one of uplifting promise of God's forgiveness, constancy towards his people and his love for them. God delights in mercy. God is indeed going to return good things to his people. Their sins will indeed be forgiven and their iniquities forgiven and forgotten.

God is always true to his word. He made many promises about the redemption of mankind, from Adam, to Noah, to Abraham to Moses – God was indeed going to send in a messiah who would purge the iniquity from God's people. The people of God have this most wonderful promise, that if we are faithful to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our iniquities.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.
 (1Jo 1:9-10)

The major themes of the Old Testament prophets can be clearly found in those of the New.

Micah is another one of this Old Testament Jewels. In our world where men more and more mock God and turn on his people, we who know God can take comfort that many men of God in the past faced similar situations, were able to minister and do God's work even in evil times. Micah preached to a nation steeped in idolatry during the days of that wicked King Ahaz, who was instrumental in leading his nation away from God. Here is what Eaton's dictionary says about Ahaz.

He gave himself up to a life of wickedness and idolatry. Notwithstanding the remonstrances and warnings of Isaiah, Hosea, and Micah, he appealed for help against Rezin, king of Damascus, and Pekah, king of Israel, who threatened Jerusalem, to Tiglath-pileser, the king of Assyria, to the great injury of his kingdom and his own humiliating subjection to the Assyrians (2Ki_16:7, 2Ki_16:9; 2Ki_15:29). He also introduced among his people many heathen and idolatrous customs (Isa_8:19; Isa_38:8; 2Ki_23:12).

Let those of us who can see the growing rank apostasy of our nation (America) and the kinds of leaders we now have in positions power pause and consider this. It is nothing new. This has happened before. If we have nation-wide acceptance of Homosexuality it is because we have leaders who have forsaken God and gone aside to follow after other religions, mainly Freemasonry and increasingly, Islam and even devil worship. So let those of us who know our God be wise as serpents, the days of evil and are going to get much more so as the crescendo of sin reaches its climax before the return of our Savior and Messiah Jesus Christ.

Even so, Come Lord Jesus!!

Pakistan Terror Attack Targeted Christians

So far, 70 killed and over 300 wounded in an attack that an offshoot Taliban group claimed responsibility  for.

Easter is always a time when Christians are targeted, usually by Islamic fanatics.

24 Mar 2016

Repost: An Open Letter To Senator Mikulski And The Senate Select Committee On Intelligence

Nothing new here, just a stand alone page with the letter I sent to my Senator.

Spiritual Things

I know the 'eight souls' last week post was somewhat speculative and I did not want to cause anyone to stumble but I think it most important that we keep those things in mind especially today when mankind is now able to clone and genetically modify both man and beast and the world's military's are now working on ways to build a new race of men who will have superhuman skills to go and fight wars. I strongly feel that in light of the strange things happening a closer examination of what was happening in the days of Noah is clearly in order. I exhort all of you to not laugh and mock at the strange things recorded in the book of Enoch, or the strange creatures that plague the earth in the last days recorded by the Apostle John the revelator. Why? because the little that has been revealed to the world on the internet is just the tip of the iceberg of things they are doing in secret with regards to genetics and the creation of hybrid creatures.

Let the reader be forewarned.

But let's leave that aside and get to more rock solid biblical teachings!

(posted for insiders on 17 Feb 2016) After the long post on Syria (for insiders)  I thought it time to deal in a less structured fashion with some spiritual issues. I wanted to spend a little time on the prophetic side of the issues in Mesopotamia, but it was getting a little long and frankly, I did not see much new prophetically going on. Just a lot of new and important activity on the ground. To you newer Christians in the faith, I really hesitated to bring you into the private site because what you really need is basic Christian doctrine. I am not a teacher and frankly that is what new Christians need.

But today, the spiritual things we are going to talk about have much less to do about Bible prophecy and deal with more practical spiritual matters. Today, we are going to talk about hindrances.

Laying Aside

Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies,
and envies, and all evil speakings, As newborn babes,
desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

(1Pe 2:1-2)
There are things that we Christians must lay aside if we are to enter into the kingdom. It's not just sin, it's other things that often we don't see as sin. In the above passage Peter mentions several things that are not in keeping with the faith. Let's look at these particular things as they have a slightly different connotation that the translators gave it for Englishmen who lived in the 17th century.

From G2556; badness, that is, (subjectively) depravity, or (actively) malignity, or (passively) trouble: - evil, malice (-iousness), naughtiness, wickedness.

From δέλλω dellō (an obsolete primary probably meaning to decoy; compare G1185); a trick (bait), that is, (figuratively) wile: - craft, deceit, guile, subtilty.

From G5271; acting under a feigned part; that is, (figuratively) deceit (“hypocrisy”): - condemnation, dissimulation, hypocrisy.

Probably akin to the base of G5351; ill will (as detraction), that is, jealousy (spite): - envy.

Evil Speakings
From G2637; defamation: - backbiting, evil speaking.

These are things that are found in the 'old man'. They are part of the sin nature that we are all born with as a result of our Adamic parentage.  As Christians, we must work against this part of our nature and let God's Holy Spirit give way to manifest itself in our actions and personalities. God wants children that reflect his character and the above are not traits in keeping with that, so these are things we need to lay aside.

Those traits are all things we would recognize as negative personality traits. I work hard to make sure those traits never show up in me and you know what? I never will allow myself to spend too much time around people who show these traits consistently if I know they are not making any attempt to change them. Such people can be rather unpleasant to be around if they consistently display these things in their daily lives.

But for we who are destined to be Sons of God and be redeemed into a new Kingdom, God finds these traits to be also quite abhorrent, so much so that we must lay them aside and repent of these things if we are to gain entry into the Kingdom. These are traits that defile a man and nothing that defiles will enter into heaven. In that final phase of redemption, even after the great Gog and Magog war, after the thousand year reign, nothing that defiles will enter therein.

And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it:
and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it. And the gates of it
shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there. And they shall
bring the glory and honour of the nations into it. And there shall in no wise
enter into it any thing that defileth
, neither whatsoever worketh abomination,
or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life.

(Rev 21:24-27)

Did not Christ himself touch on these things in the Gospels? When the religious leaders of his time talked to him about defilement with unwashed hands. Christ set them straight, much to their consternation. Here is what Jesus said,

And Jesus said, Are ye also yet without understanding?
Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth
goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught? But those things
which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.
For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries,
fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which
defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man.
(Mat 15:16-20)

So these are the real issues that deal with spiritual defilement and we as Christians must be on our guard with respect to them. It is the darkness that lies within us, our very sin nature and defiled souls that are what defiles us... all. But we as Christians who have been born into the Kingdom of heaven, we have a new life, a new spirit indwelling us and that gives us the power to become Sons of God.

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God,
even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood,
nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.
(Joh 1:12-13)

When we are born into the Kingdom of heaven and are given the Holy Spirit, know this - God put's his very nature within us so that we may be like him.

But sonship means that we must not become defiled and must lay aside those things that do. We must lay aside those things that we know God hates. People are watching, not just other Christians down here. Here is what the Author if Hebrews says about this.

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses,
let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us,
and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus
the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him
endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of t
he throne of God. For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners
against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.
Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.

(Heb 12:1-4)

Here the issue is just a  bit different. The teacher here is making something plain. In Hebrews Chapter 11 he lays out many of the men of faith who went before us. Hebrews Chapter 11 is what I like to call 'Faith's Hall of Fame'. These witnesses went before us. Many more have gone the same way in our times. Christians today, especially in the Middle East, large parts of Africa and Asia, know the cost of their faith. They pay for it in their daily living. We in the west, our persecutions are for the most part merely a trifle by comparison. Note how the author of Hebrews talks about striving against sin on verse four, the resisting unto blood. Those in many places of the world understand this. Americans for the most part, don't.

But you know what? That passage in Hebrews is rather interesting because it says something that I think most people miss. What is that? Read the highlighted portion. There are two categories of things that the Apostle is warning us about, weights and sin. Not all weights are necessarily sinful, but they are things that drag us down and away from our walk with Christ. These are things we must lay aside. When a man is going to climb Mt. Everest, he does not bring is Big screen TV and microwave with him. He takes with him only the things he needs because after awhile whatever he carries is going to be a burden to him -  the higher up that mountain he goes the heavier it will become. This is the sense, I think the Apostle is giving us. There is nothing sinful in microwaves, but lugging it up to the top of the mountain is going to be a problem.

There are things that we need to lay aside as we reach maturity in Christ. There are things that may not be sinful in and of themselves but they will hinder us as we walk with Christ. They may be old habits, TV shows, old friends, apostate family members, the inordinate amount of time we spend  on golf courses, the money we spend in things we don't even need and won't use. These may not necessarily be sinful, but they detract from our walk with Christ. As we get older in the Lord, they need to be set aside. I mentioned some of the things here for a reason. As satan's ways take hold on our world more and more and vice, evil and immorality become the norm for much of human behavior, we must take heed to ourselves. I say this from experience. Sooner or later the devil will work their way into those close to us in order to do us harm. Lost souls don't believe in the devil nor are they aware of his wiles. We are, or at least should be and we must understand that weather they know it or not, lost souls have a different spiritual father, and sooner or later, evidence of this spiritual 'DNA' will show up. I think this is particularly true of those who once knew God and then turned from him - the problem of apostates. Let us take what Christ said to heart. When Jesus was casting out devils, he laid out some very important truths about men who were made clean by the power of God and what often happens to them later. Here is what he said.

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places,
seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house
whence I came out. And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.
Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself;
and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.
(Luk 11:24-26)

Peter says the same basic thing.

For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through
the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again
entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than
the beginning. For it had been better for them not to have known the
way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the
 holy commandment delivered unto them. But it is happened unto them
according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again;
and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.

(2Pe 2:20-22)

Brethren, these are times that have tried many a Christian soul and know that satan is very, very busy these days. But Satan's greatest trick is to fool folks into believing he does not exist or is not interested in them personally. This is how he hooks so many in the west - lost and those soon to be apostate.

I do not think we Americans will be completely exempt from the kinds of fiery trials that have been faced by our brethren in places like Nigeria, Syria, Sudan and most importantly North Korea. I ask all of you to consider these important admonitions by these early men of God who led the Church successfully through the major persecutions of their time, during the days of the pagan Roman emperors. Rome fell, the Church survived, but it did so by doing the will of God and keeping their faith, putting Christ before their own lives and by making their lives a living testimony to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

That is how victory in these times will be won.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;
and they loved not their lives unto the death.
(Rev 12:11)

Brother Mark

17 Feb 2016

18 Mar

Eight Souls 

(Note: This was originally posted for insiders last July and it is just a little different and is meant for mature believers who really know their Bibles and a bit about Church History. It is not in any way meant to cause anyone to stumble or bring in confusion, rather it is for wiser souls to perhaps get a better understanding as to why only eight souls were saved in the days of Noah and what we saints of the last days can and should expect in the days ahead - MSW)

There were only eight of them. No more, no less. There was a reason for it and that reason is told to us in the scriptures.

For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water. The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ: Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him.
(1Pe 3:18-22)

And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights. In the selfsame day entered Noah, and Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and Noah's wife, and the three wives of his sons with them, into the ark;
(Gen 7:12-13)
This is in many respects, one of the more amazing and yes, frightening passages of scripture. I say this because in Noahic times and before the flood, men lived to be around 900 years old. Dear readers there must have been a very serious and massive population explosion after Adam and Eve had their first child. Could you imagine our world today if Henry VIII was still around in the prime of life, or Richard the Lion Heart was just now moving into old age; George Washington was still living in Virginia and James Madison is thinking about Running For President in 2018? So I think we need to get it out of our minds that there were just a few people around in those days, there may have been about as many people living in those days as there are today... and probably were with those kinds of lifespans (900 years).

And yet the Lord only saved eight souls. Just eight. Consider that brothers. Consider just how few the Lord actually saved in those days. There were not many, just a very, very small number of people.... less than ten. This is one of those times, these times, these very last days when we need to heed the exhortation of our Savior
Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
(Mat 7:13-14)

And again we come to that pivotal verse that Christ used about the days before his return.

And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.
(Luk 17:26-27)

Late last week, I posted a story about Gay Marriage and how the Jewish Talmud looked upon what was going on in the days of Noah. They believed that Gay Marriage was indeed part of the social and marital backdrop of those days. I cannot vouch for the veracity of that view, but frankly it would certainly follow. I think there were a great many evils transpiring in those days, some so unspeakable that they did not make it into Holy Writ.

The key here in this passage in Genesis that I think Christ is alluding to is this, when God's grace is done, when that period of God's forbearance for mankind's sin and waywardness is complete, there is no delay. Those who know God and have believed him will continue to do what he commands them and he Commanded them to build the ark and at the end of the Grace Period, they were commanded to get into the Ark.

Now Noah was probably looked upon as some crazy, far out old wacko because he was preaching to the people of his day, probably a long time about water falling from the sky (something that had not happened before) and flooding them out. We do not know how long he preached, many think it was 120 years. The Scriptures are not 100% clear, but it was probably quite a while. Noah knew his God and had faith. We know this because of what the book of Hebrews tells us.

By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.
(Heb 11:7)

Noah warned and prepared for what he knew God was going to do. God gave him some specific instructions and Noah followed them. Only his family believed him.

Was Noah a failure as prophet? No, he found grace in God's eyes and God made a special covenant with him. One of the big problems today with Christians is that they think that a successful preacher is one that has a big Church or big following. That is simply not the real measure of success, not to God. It is this, 'Did you do what God commanded you to do?" By the world's standards all of the Old Testament Prophets were failures as they did not save their nation in sinful times. But in reality their ministry was a success in God's eyes because they did what he commanded them to do. As Christians we must learn to look at things through God's rather than man's eyes.

Noah was not a failure, even though the only people who were saved was his family. Everyone one else died and this is the other key lesson. God is very patient and forbearing towards sinners in the hopes that they repent. But once the door and time-span of grace is gone, things (judgment) happen with great rapidity. God does not mess around once grace is over. Like the ancient world, in the last days, destruction comes suddenly, after years and years of warnings.

For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
(1Th 5:2-3)

This brothers is how our age shall end. Men will not repent, though the prophets will preach only a few souls will be saved.

Brothers, I know how hard it is to walk in these times. There are days I read the news and see some of the things going on and I wonder if some new form of mass insanity has struck the globe. Well, it is mass insanity, the insanity of sin and the madness of evil. In times such as these those of us who know our God know that it is not always easy to walk in the light. There are more and more pressures upon us to walk in the darkness and put our trust in people and institutions that are wholly untrustworthy. Redefining those things that God created (Marriage) and abominating it with Supreme Court decisions and now fining Christian's for not putting the stamp of approval on this wicked madness. But these are the times we live in. They are full of wicked men who do wicked things and have no intention of repenting of that wickedness. The worst offenders? Often, it is other nominal Christians! I note that it was the Catholic jurist Kennedy who cast the vote in favor of Gay Marriage. Brothers, your worst enemies are going to come from nominal Christians in the days ahead. You will find as time passes that they don't have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them, but are dead in trespasses and sins and one that revels in evil as they seek to redefine Christianity in satan's image. This is the real enemy that we as Christians need to be aware of, it is that nominal Christian who thinks he's talking to Jesus when he's following after the devil. Brothers, how did Christ put it.

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
(Mat 24:4-5)

They claim to be Christ's disciples but they are not. They shall (not might) deceive many. We are seeing that today and this sin of homosexuality (but brothers, we must never hate or mistreat anyone, not gays, not even those who persecute us!) has exposed many of the west's false shepherds and denominations for what they are, servants of the world, not Christ. Men and women who crept in unawares for the specific purpose of spreading these doctrines of devils on the Church. Again, Christ is giving us all a major heads up, he is telling us to 'take heed', or as I like to say, Listen Up, this is important!

Now brothers and sisters, I relay these things to you and pray you understand just what these times are going to be like. Deceit is going to be the rule, rather than the exception, the devil has tremendous power to deceive and he is doing it now, with extreme skill. But brothers, the sad thing is that only a precious few can see it. Most just can't or are incapable of it and as time passes I more and more understand that the light to see the truth in these times comes from God. In times like these only he can break past the thick darkness of deceits, misdirections, propaganda, and false narratives that now permeates the minds and hearts of the citizens of this world.

So as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the Son of man. We have the witness of scripture as to what was going on in a very general sense but I think wiser Christians should take some time out and get a feel for what the early Church and others around Christ's time and before thought of those days. I refer to one of the most fascinating books that is not included in the Cannon. The Book of Enoch. Here is what one translator said about it.

The introduction goes on to talk about just how Ancient Jewish scholars viewed this work. It's importance, while not scriptural is quite significant and I think we do ourselves a grave injustice if we ignore it. Why? Christ is telling us something most significant but then does not spend much time elaborating. He is telling us that when he comes, it will be like the days of Noah. Now it is pretty clear and most scholars agree that Christ was well acquainted with the book of Enoch as any Jewish Rabbi was. Also you may wish to keep this part of the same introduction in mind as we go forward with this.

From The Book Of Enoch, By Rev George Schodde, Phd

Dear readers, I write on this subject today because as it was in the says of Noah, many very strange things were happening that had never happened before; the  very fabric of life (genetics) was being threatened,  sin was enthroned, men were preaching, fallen angels were very busy, the Lord was patient with man's sins but in the end, men would not repent. Can we learn from Enoch anything? Here is how the book begins.

     C HAP. 1.—The words of the blessing of Enoch where-with he blessed the chosen and just,who will exist on the day of tribulation when all the wicked and impious shall be removed.
2. And then answered and spoke Enoch, a just man, whose eyes were opened by God so that he saw a holy vision in the heavens, which the angels showed to me, and from them I heard everything, and I knew what I saw, but not for this generation, but for the far-off generations which are to come.
3. Concerning the chosen I spoke and conversed concerning them with
the Holy and Great One, who will come from his abode, the God of the world.
4. And from there he will step on to Mount Sinai, and appear with his hosts, and appear in the strength of his power from heaven.
5. And all will fear, and the watchers will tremble, and great fear and terror will seize them to the ends of the earth.
6. And the exalted mountains will be shaken, and the high hills will be lowered, and will melt like wax before the flame.
7. And the earth will be submerged, and everything that is on the earth will be destroyed, and there will be a judgment upon every thing, and upon all the just.
8. But to the just he will give peace, and will protect the chosen, and mercy will abide over them, and they will all be God’s, and will be prosperous and blessed, and the light of God will shine for them.
9. And behold, he comes with myriads of the holy to pass judgment upon them, and will destroy the impious, and will call to account all flesh for everything the sinners and the impious have done and committed against him.

If the book of Enoch is a false work, then why did so many Church fathers look favorably upon it and why did Jude refer to it? But if it is of value, then it would have particular value to we who live in these very last days. Understand this - I am not for an instant saying this book should be included in the cannon, nor should it be used as any kind of basis for Spiritual doctrine. Rather, I think it relays with great care and with extreme skill  and with a fascinating and direct style, just what was going on in those days and why the Lord got so very,  very angry. Something was going on with the very fabric of life itself. If nothing else, we get a feel for just why God destroyed what probably was probably well over one billion souls. I don't think it wise to ignore this book, even if you read it for the purposes of refuting its value and I don't think a spirit filled believer will do that, at least not with all of it.

However having said that that does not mean that there are not some who have pointed out textual problems with the work. Indeed I think this work is a spiritual-historical narrative of those times rather than holy writ, but as the ages passed some of the book was re-arranged and other parts were lost. Also, I think Jude's reference to the book was a kind of hint that there is more in that book that the wise student of scripture will look into, albeit with care. I think the same holds true for the Book of Jubilee's, which also was viewed most favorably by the early Church fathers and is considered part of the Cannon in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

And while all this wickedness was happening, God was still very patient and forbearing, hoping to save some souls. But men will count too much on God's forbearance and will begin to mock and revile God and his prophets as the Lord seeks to delay that which he has no real desire to do.

Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?
(Eze 33:11)

The Lord did not want to destroy the ancient world, but he did it just the same. God does not want to destroy the people who live in the world today, but he will do it just the same. Of this you can be sure, God does not and will not change his standards. False preachers and prophets will change try and change them for you, but God's standards are eternal. One of the easiest ways I have found to discover a false prophet, preacher, teacher or religious work is to discover carefully how the person views the key points of morality that the Bible outlines. Do they soft peddle sin? Do they allow for things the scripture disallows, or forbid that which God views is good or spiritually 'neutral'? And in our times most importantly what do they think of Christ. For me, the key question for this is also does this person speak truth or can we find carefully hidden lies and or misdirections? Does he tell lies.... even small ones? People who lie consistently are simply not of God. Enoch gives witness to God's holiness, his justice and his ultimate triumph of the Lord over the kingdom of evil.

Brothers, I think it also wise for me to say this as well. Don't get depressed with things go from bad to worse. Don't get down because evil men had taken over the world's governments and banks and are now destroying the world to build up this new system of satanic-mammon. We should not be shocked our President wants to hide the TPP and TISA from us all and that it destroys our nations legal foundations. We should not be shocked that the the Greek PM is going to allow his nation to be sold from under him, or that markets are crashing in Asia and corruption is now enthroned in DC. These things must needs be. Things are going to go from bad to worse to unbearable. Then when things get to a point, the final 42 month system of evil will arise and we Christians will be hunted for not taking the Mark of The Beast. Great tribulations are foretold to the degree that only a few men are left.

For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be. And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.
(Mar 13:19-20)

The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.
(Isa 24:5-6)

For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible. I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir. Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger.
(Isa 13:10-13)

Again, the idea is not that there are teeming billions of people whom God is going to forgive on the last day, but that when Judgment is finished, very few men will even be left alive. What we are talking about is what is commonly referred to as an extinction level event.

You see, God has been doing all he can to separate sin from mankind. But mankind loves his sins and will not part with them, so just like the Ancient world, God has enough of seeing wickedness so totally and thoroughly displayed in mankind and does away with every soul that does evil.
But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath, Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil, of the Jew first, and also of the Gentile;
(Rom 2:8-9)

Brothers, eight souls. That is all God saved in those days. That is a pitiful testament to Mankind's love for righteousness.

Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them, Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able. When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are: Then shall ye begin to say, We have eaten and drunk in thy presence, and thou hast taught in our streets. But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.
(Luk 13:23-27)

On that day a whole lot of nominal Christians are going to be beating on the door to get in and the Lord will not let them in and tell them that he never knew them.

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?
 and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
(Mat 7:22-23)

US Kills ISIS Leader It Trained And Assisted

Yes, 'Red Beard' the head chopping ISIS terrorist we saw in so many video's appears to be clinically dead. This ZH piece gives some background as to who he and how the US supported him.

What do you call giving arms and support to ISIS?

Material support to terrorism.

The scarey part is that many Americans are drawn to Islamic terror groups. More here.

No one wants to wrap their heads around these issues. America has really been supporting groups like ISIS along with other regional players. These things were done folks and I am not making this up.

The result? We now can spend bookoo bucks on fighting the terrorists... we create. Not getting enough money in your counter terrorism budget?

Go and create more terrorists, scare Congress (who has no clue what you are doing in secret) and get a budget increase!

Sound over the top? Brothers, Washington is as clueless and incompetent as it is evil and corrupt. The evil and corrupt know how to play the clueless and incompetent into a budget increase.

Who Is Voting For Trump?

 A very interesting read on the kinds of people who are voting for Trump and why.

 I see them as being a large silent and ignored group of people. White Americans who have lost jobs and seen nothing but grief in their lives as a result of policies their party (the GOP) supported proposed and other wise bargained for. I see pretty much the same dynamics in the Black Communities. A large group of Americans whom the party establishment has long ignored and now the anger is simmering.

You see, while many pundits will cynically use the race baiting issue to dry and drive a wedge between these two groups, the reality is that they are fighting the same beast who have victimized their jobs and communities in different ways and for different reasons.  It's the establishment (both parties) who have gotten rich selling Americans down the river.

 The problem with many of them (according to the chart in the NYT's piece) is that many of them well, appear really to be racist. I mentioned that fact some time ago, that he is attracting a lot of racists to his banner. Do I think he is a racist? I don't know. I think like Hillary did in 1994 (the super-predator speeches) and back in 2008 (when she said she was for 'working white Americans'), he will do what it takes to attract the racist vote. But Hillary... I can tell you this, she does not like Jews or Black folks, no matter how much she smiles in your face, Black America, she has no love for you. Sure she will make a speech, take your money and do a photo op, but in her heart.... she does not like Black folks - this from those who have been forced to be around her for long periods of time.
What is the theme in this election as far as I can see? It's anger at the Establishment. Donald Trumps politics matter most because he has shown the GOP establishment that their refusal to address key issues in its constituency is bringing about a real revolution in the party. I listened to Lindsey Graham talk about Trump you know what I said to myself? This...

In my view, it's guys like Graham, McCain and a whole host of GOP establishment politicians that are the cause for a candidate like Trump's success. It's the Clinton's, Bush's, McCain's Graham and to a slightly lesser degree, Obama's of the world who have created this growing anger at Washington. This is not a little thing and I think guys like Mr. Graham are deliberately missing the point. The anger out there is directed at them, but in each district where these guys reside, they create these political machines that make it nearly impossible to unseat them. They stay on forever and keep their donors rich and with Mr. Graham, those donors can be found on this link (non-partisan).

In short, Mr. Graham and a whole host of GOP and Democratic leaders are completely out of touch. They think they can go their home districts and have a few meetings with some hand picked constituents and that they know how voters feel. These things don't cut it. These political leaders and Rep's go to their 'offsite' meetings and you know what they do? I am going to tell you what they don't want you to know. They go and have a big bash. I mean we are literally talking sex, drugs (of the illegal sort) and rock and roll. Party leaders are asked before hand if for their entertainment they want a male or a female (yes, even same sex for many of your more conservative 'religious right' reps) for 'comfort'. The police are paid off to look the other way, and those who ask too many questions find themselves threatened, scandalized or dead. These guys for the most part, live in another world - a world of backroom deals, political payoff's, high class hookers and the likes. I know these things because our security officials warn party leaders about doing these things. They go out of their way to get their people in in order to get compromising photo's and other data on them while they are high, drunk and screwing. They do this ostensibly to show them how easy it is for their enemies or worse, foreign governments, spies and criminals to get compromising data on them.

They don't listen.

What these leaders tell you on TV is designed only for public consumption. They find out what they think their constituents want to hear, say it and go right back to their back room dealing. This has been the way Washington has worked for decades. The problem today however, is what no one in DC really wants to acknowledge. For millions of voting Americans, this system is no longer working for them. This is the big disconnect that the Washington Establishment does not get. Sadly, in that number I have to include the President. He issued a statement about the undesirability of a Trump Presidency. To a large degree, I cannot help but agree with him. But on another, I say, Mr. President, you are missing the point. People are sick of the way you, your Democratic and Republican cohorts have caused this nation to bleed real jobs, neglected our inner cities, given our hundreds of billions on corporate welfare to political cronies, left the Treasury worse than empty (heavily indebted) and the reputation of our nation to many people who live in other places in our world, a thing of derision and contempt.

The past seven years have not seen job creation but job hemorrhaging in many many places in America. The jobs that are being created? Mostly bartenders and waitresses. You can edit out millions of Americans out of the employment pool to give a lying 5% unemployment number, but you can't edit them out of the election and that has what has gotten the establishment in an uproar and terror.  Trump is giving real political focus to people who the GOP establishment would rather just 'disappear'. Why are there no jobs? Because we as a nation no longer make things. We shipped our blue collar jobs to China and Bangladesh; to Mexico and India. Now they are trying to import foreign workers (via the Visa programs) to take away White collar jobs. Now we have this gaping hole in our employment statistics that they try and hide by not counting tens of millions of Americans as being unemployed. I am not going to put up graphs and stats today on this. Those Americans who 'have' -  still have a nice home and job won't believe them and will repeat a political reflex to explain it away, like a well fed parakeet.  That is, until they are in the unemployment line wondering how long they can stay in their apartment or homes before they are evicted and why their good job just got shipped overseas. Those who have already been through the mill - had those $80k a year jobs and now have to hustle two low wage part time jobs just to keep bread and milk in the fridge... they get it. I will tell you who else gets it. The young minorities who live in long economically depressed parts of the nation. Those people everyone wants to characterize is 'predators' and 'criminals' because no one cares about them. Not the political establishment and certainly not these sock puppet minority leaders who reads from a cue card put in front of them on TV by racist in a White Sheet. Their job is to placate the 'natives' with fine sounding words, keep them calm while the rape of their communities continues. They are the guy who holds the girl down still while his friends 'take turns' on her.

And again, forget about the lying statistics coming out of the BLS. They are not counting millions of Black, Latino and White Americans who can't find work after 6 months. For those of you who may have heard Mr. Sanders talk about 51% Black Youth unemployment rate and wanted to fact check it. Go here, it's pretty fair minded. As I stated very recently, this is about semantics. I prefer the term 'not working' for those who are not working, because the term 'unemployed' is now a political word used specifically to downplay the scope of the problem. What this has done is create a powder-keg of discontent in many cities with Large black populations. They are not reading the BLS numbers. We saw the result in Ferguson (riots) Baltimore (riots) and are likely to see many more such events as our political establishment refuses to deal forcefully with many of the underlying problems in our inner cities but would rather paper them over with lying statistics.

But I am not going to put all the blame on the political establishment here. For years Black Americans have 'reflex voted' Democrat. That is what they have done and the result after their deep infatuation with Bill Clinton? He gave us a new Black 'Housing Plan'. It can be found here in this link. Look, I know Bill apologized for it... after the damage was done and he did not have to pay a political price for it and conveniently only when is wife was running for President and needs the Black vote to get elected. Then he put on his crocodile tear face and apologized. His wife when she ran in 2008 made it plain she was for working White Americans. What did Black South Carolinans do? They were crucial to her win recently. Perhaps they are looking for some more Clintonesque housing plans for their communities. She's has made it plain that she is after those 'Black predators'.

Listen, let he hip to something only a few people out there are going to get, but it needs to be said. I am not picking on the Clinton's. They are merely the symptoms of a much larger problem that confronts the US and its government and its secret establishment. Stay with me here because this is something that no one is going to talk about much. If you want to get to the real reason why so many Black folks sat in jail mostly on drug charges and who was behind bringing in the drugs, who helped them and who signed the law putting so many Black men in jail. You are going to have to dig. and dig and dig and dig. I don't bring this up to air out old dirty laundry but to make this most important point that no one out here is going to make for you.

The President (Hillary, Trump, Sanders, Cruz?) can classify pretty much anything he or she wants to. She can do all manner of evil behind the veil of classifications, even if those actions and activities are blatantly illegal and will cause tremendous harm to the nation... or to a particular group of people (like maybe shipping crack into your community and then singing a bill to put Black folks in jail longer than whites in new sentencing guidelines). No one on the Senate or Congressional oversight committed will even hear about what they are doing until long after the damage has already been done and by then the intelligence community will scream (behind the classification doors) that it would be too 'damaging' to the National Security to tell the people what happened and then guess what? The bad guys who commuted the crimes will get promoted, the good guys will wind up floating in the Potomac and Washington will continue on as usual. The White House spokesman will talk of 'transparency' and 'investigations' while the sound of shovels digging holes can be heard in the background for those who don't 'play ball' with the coverup. And you will be totally oblivious to who is really behind it all because those who try and tell you will die.

I point this out not to slam the Clinton's. But they have a track record of 8 years in the White House that can be easily discovered by a person with a brain, some curiosity and an internet connection. No, they are just a symptom of a much deeper problem in the Crimocracy that has become the American establishment. I have not forgotten that Bush I was both a President and CIA director, so this is not a partisan or even a personal attack on the Clinton's. This is a a look at the kinds of power a sitting President has and their ability to cover up crimes and even 'disappear' people who warn the people about dope money laundering, our most prized secrets heading out the door to China, drug Cartels getting access to Law Enforcement informant files, millions of dollars being printed (physically on paper) up at the governments (literal) printing presses and being given to political donors...you name it. They can (and do) make sure any investigation, local, state of Federal goes away, and witnesses are flown out over the middle of the ocean with cement shoes on their feet to 'assist' their swim back to a future courtroom to testify. Call it the Establishment's 'witness protection program'.

This is why I tell all of you here. I know many of you are angry about what is happening to this nation. I am beyond anger. I know the situation is hopeless. Nothing is going to eject the political aristocracy out of DC  save those things I will never advocate nor be involved in.  Even if the nation elected a true outsider to the White House, the establishment would resort to what I will call 'the Scalia solution' to keep him either in check or in a pine box. I can say little about that one other than this - Scalia's death was planned well over a year ago and I knew it was coming  back then.

The American voter needs to put on their grown up pants. Many think they have but no, they have not. They have just awoken from a long slumber. Those pants are still slung across the back of the chair on the other side of the room. Their eyes are open, but they are still in that early morning fog that hits us all right after a long, good sleep. They still have to get up walk across that cold room and slip on those adult trousers and face the world like an adult, knowing the lay of the land, the dangers and knowing their responsibilities. This has not happened yet collectively and only now have the eyelids begun to flutter in recognition to their long hidden but increasingly dire surroundings as they see something bad has happened to the house they live in since they fell asleep.


I see Trump as a person who I just don't think has the make up for that job. Forget about his political stances for a moment;  his bluster, his straight talking and I as a Black man have to forget about the fact that he is attracting a lot of racists to his banner. I am going to forget about all that for just a moment and consider that this is a man who has threatened his critics, wants to steal oil and has really caused the nation to be a laughing stock in Europe and many other parts of the word.  I could go on and on about so many of the things he has called for, but I am not going to do that. What I will say is that he has no political track record. Anyone can talk to a microphone and whip up the masses, but that is not leadership, its rabble rousing.  Try and understand, I am not anti-Trump, at least as not as much as many think I should be. Why not?

Trump is tapping into a lot of anger out there in suburban White America. No it's not my anger, I am not White. But if I were and saw my job heading overseas, the nation increasingly divided along racial and even sexual lines, wars we keep on losing while our defense budgets stay sky high, all the money in those bank bailouts while I got a pink slip, I too would be mad. Again, this is not said in defense of many of Trumps stated policies, rather it's to demonstrate just how far the GOP establishment is away from the middle America that usually votes GOP. It's not just Black America that is feeling the jobs heat. Many parts of the nation where these GOPers live are hard hit as well.

I think one of the things that troubles me about a Trump Presidency is I see race relations getting considerably worse under him, as he tries to respond to his base and their pitiful misconceptions about Black America and the sad fact that a few them see Black folk as nothing but criminals. He will be forced on some level to give in to these misconceptions and thus light a match to an already swollen powderkeg in hard hits part of Black America. His plan to create more police to deal with rising Black anger over shootings will only make matters much worse and in my view is akin to the 'Housing Solution' that Clinton had for Black Americans in the 1990's. My view of Trump is mostly a negative one, but I freely admit it's based solely on the headlines and reporting done by establishment media organizations who have never liked political outsiders and made it plain they hate Trump. I am not going to allow his enemies to define him - that is not how I judge any candidate. It's what the enemies of all working Americans would like to do to any candidate who lobbies for them - define them as negatively as possible just before people vote.

Trump, with all his faults has a powerful message that his enemies want to distort (that is a very good post!).

But you know what I would like to see? I may be dreaming a bit here, but I would like to see the Next President sit down and talk to community leaders (not the typical Black sock-puppet leaders) and regular Black Americans and find out what they can do that will really help their communities. I think for some in the GOP, not all or most, but some, they have forgotten that Black Americans are citizens too, we pay taxes, fight our our wars, serve in key positions, we too Are Americans and the GOP needs to reach out to Black America and find real solutions to the deep problems that are in many traditional Black cities -the Ferguson's, the Detroit's and Milwaukee's of the nation. I can tell you what would relieve a lot of the problems, its the thing that I think this President has failed miserably at  - creating an environment that that makes decent wage jobs. If a GOP President could see past race and realize these things, admit that perhaps he may be a bit ignorant about what is going on in Black Communities around America and reach out and talk, listen engage and then put some policies and investment in many of these places to fix the underlying problems, that would be a big plus.

You see, as much of Black America has identified as Democrat, I have to take the Janet Jackson approach to the party, "what have you done for me lately"? I will tell you, robbed us of our jobs, let our cities explode into riots as the police use unarmed Black men for target practice... and always got off.. all under America's first African American President who is a Democrat.

I am not going to slam the President here, the problems he has had to deal with are so enormous and so scary, I just cannot post them here. The deep antipathy he has had to deal with with regards to his race and election from members of the other side of the aisle and even in his own cabinet (and party) have been extreme. So, while I have been hard on this man, I know a lot about the things he has been facing that I cannot talk about.

I cannot stress this enough, that is one tough, tough job, especially if you are determined to help the American people, rather than just the lobbyists, and insiders who are robbing us all blind.

I think our nation needs a healer and someone who will let foreign policy take care of itself for the next 4 years and focus in on a great divide in this nation and get it back to it its foundation.

As a Christian I say this - I think what is really happening to our nation is nothing more than eating the fruit of our own doings for decades. We as a nation have pretty much left God out of things, left our Bibles in our closets and our morality in a sex shop. So many of us have become calloused to the sufferings of others and only care about what is in it for me. Like the Romans who were addicted to Bread and Circuses, we are addicted to Movies and the NFL. No one wants to deal in reality or face the truth. It has taken years of serious employment problems and cop shootings to finally wake up large swaths of the nation as to what they are up against. They preferred lies and delusion to truth and facts. They were comfortable to hear just before the game came on the TV. American Christians in many ways are the worst offenders.

No nation can stand with that kind of moral outlook. We see the same things took place in ancient empires of the past.

When the moral foundation of the nation crumbles, the State falls with it
10 Mar

Hosea Part VIII

We left off last time in the last few versus in Hosea Chapter five. The Lord had threatened to rend them like a lion and after rending his wayward people, he would wait  for them to consider their ways and repent. Chapter six begins with the prophetic exhortation for repentance.

Come, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us;
he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. After two days will he revive us:
in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.
Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD:
his going forth is prepared as the morning;
and he shall come unto us as the rain,
as the latter and former rain
unto the earth.

(Hos 6:1-3)

This passage is God asking his people to return to him. Yes, the Lord who was the Lion in the last chapter may have torn them up with his proverbial claws, but he is more than able and willing to heal those wounds. Albert Barnes here makes the observation that the Lord is also like a physician who sometimes has to cut in order to heal. God's healing is available and here, the call is not so much for individual repentance, but a spiritual change in a more collective fashion. This is what God really wants - his people to do right, honor him and love righteousness - do good and hate the evil.

The next verse is one of prophetic importance but was whose complete meaning was withheld from the prophets of old until the New Testament period was upon the world. This is the only place in the NT that we get the sense that Christ was to be raised on the third day. Paul makes reference to it in the book of 1st Corinthians.
For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received,
how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day
according to the scriptures:

(1Co 15:3-4)

God's ultimate plan salvation is envisioned here. Not just the transitory repentance of the days after Ahab or even after the Babylonian exile. No, something much broader is envisioned here and a repentance that has not, in my view has fully come to pass. There will come a time when ALL Israel shall be saved.

For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery,
lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel,
until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall be saved:
as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer,
and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: For this is my covenant unto them,
when I shall take away their sins. As concerning the gospel,
they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election,
they are beloved for the fathers' sakes.
For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

(Rom 11:25-29)

While Christ did come and was crucified, died and was resurrected on the third day, the collective repentance of all Israel (of both the flesh and the Gentile Church) has not yet come to pass. Most Jews have rejected Christ and are still dead in sins, many are religiously agnostic. So verse one has not been fulfilled. More importantly, I always have viewed verse two has having a far deeper and more apocalyptic (end times) in its meaning.

In the last part of Hosea - we note that the Lord returns to his place. Why? He is waiting on Israel to acknowledge her sins. Here is the passage.

I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence,
and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early.

(Hos 5:15)

So the Lord returns to his place and awaits their repentance. Is this not what Christ did after his resurrection and what we are waiting on in the last days, for Israel to come to Christ and repent?

Christ went back into heaven and now awaits the repentance of Israel after the flesh and the salvation of ALL Israel (Christian and Messianic Jew). It is not until Israel is in deep trouble that they will acknowledge their sins and begin to cry out to the Lord. When that happens and only when that happens will the Lord begin the final state of the restoration of Israel and of all things. Keep in mind what Peter says about the last days - That one day was as a thousand years.

But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, t
hat one day is with the Lord as a thousand years,
and a thousand years as one day. -

 - (1Pet 3:8)

For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past,
and as a watch in the night. - (Psa 90:4)

Many Christian commentators have opined on this, some setting dates and others being more careful. My view is simple. Two days is indeed two thousand years or thereabouts (depending on the if you use the Lunar or Solar year and when you mark the beginning of the period). At the end of those two days, tribulations will befall Israel to drive her to repentance and she eventually will. That two days, in my humble view began on the day the Lord ascended to heaven for the last time (Acts 1:9). Then the countdown began (around AD 33-34). But it may also have  begun at the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70.

"And now, when the multitude were gotten together to an assembly, and every one was in indignation at these men's seizing upon the sanctuary, at their rapine and murders but had not yet begun their attacks upon them Agnus stood in the midst of them, and casting his eyes frequently at the temple, and having a flood of tears in his eyes he said, 'Certainly, it had been good for me to die before I had seen the house of God full of so many abominations, or these sacred places that ought not to be trodden upon at random, filled with the feet of these bloodshedding villains'" (Josephus  - The Wars Of The Jews, 4:3:10).

Rather than reinvent the wheel here. I will cut and paste a person who has looked at the dates and calendars and comes up with some interesting and biblically supportable views. Note -  these are his views and not mine (I do not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture) but I would not re-post these other views if I did not see significant value in them (and he did not encourage its use!). I hope you read this and just don't skim over it and consider it carefully.


After Two Days

What did Hosea's prophecy say would occur after
"two days" (Hosea 6:2)? "He will heal us... and He will bind us up" (Hosea 6:1). The future Conversion and Restoration of Israel would occur "after two days" (Hosea 6:2). Therefore, Israel could be restored for the Millennial Reign of the Messiah soon after November 17th 2041 AD (Gregorian). "In the third day [the thousand year Millennium] He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight" (6:2). But, since the Restoration of Israel occurs at the Second Coming of Christ, which follows the end of the Seventieth Week of Daniel, then about seven years prior, the Pre-Tribulational Rapture would take place. "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man" (Luke 21:36). This additional calculation would mean that the Tribulation would begin on December 25th 2034 AD (Gregorian), which is 2,520 days or seven prophetic years before the end of the Tribulation Week.

Does this mean that December 25th 2034 AD (Gregorian) is the date of the Pre-Tribulational Rapture? We hope not, because it would be much more agreeable to be raptured now, instead of 34 years hence!
"For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better" (Philippians 1:23). But, the Saviour's rejection by the Jews, which culminated in His crucifixion in 32 AD, caused the Messiah to lament: "37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! 38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. 39 For I say unto you, Ye shall not see Me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the Name of the LORD" (Matthew 23:37-39).

Could this not be the time of the tearing of Israel, i.e.,
"He hath torn" (Hosea 6:1)? Could it not be the rejection of the Messiah in 32 AD with the departure of the presence of the LORD from the Temple that truly signified the beginning of the tearing of Israel? "And, behold, the veil of the Temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the Earth did quake, and the rocks rent" (Matthew 27:51). This could then indicate the actual time that Israel was given over by Jehovah for her subsequent 70 AD punishment by the Romans. "I have forsaken Mine house, I have left Mine heritage; I have given the dearly beloved of My soul into the hand of her enemies" (Jeremiah 12:7). Imperial Rome's execution of judgment upon Jerusalem and the Temple would then only represent the outward fulfillment of what had already begun 38 years earlier. "But if ye will not hear these words, I swear by Myself, saith the LORD, that this house shall become a desolation" (22:5).

John Zachary demonstrated in his work, "Scientific Evidence for the Second Coming of Christ", that the LORD Jesus Christ made His lament about Jerusalem
(Matthew 23:34-39) on Monday, April 7th 32 AD (Julian), which was the day after the Triumphal Entry of the LORD Jesus into Jerusalem on April 6th 32 AD (Julian), as documented by Sir Robert Anderson in "The Coming Prince". The Doomed Generation, addressed by the LORD Jesus, took in the 14,000 days from April 7th 32 AD (Julian) to August 5th 70 AD (Julian). " Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: 35 That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the Earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar. 36 Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation" (Matthew 23:34-36).

One More Calculation

So then, on April 7th 32 AD (Julian), 14,000 days prior to the destruction of Jerusalem (70 AD), could be the beginning of Hosea's
"two days" (Hosea 6:2), when the LORD "hath torn" (6:1) Israel , where the LORD had "forsaken" and "left" His "House" and "heritage" (Jeremiah 12:7). Adding 720,000 days to April 7th 32 AD (Julian), brings us to July 21st 2003 AD (modern calendar, Gregorian) as the timing of the Second Coming of Christ and the Re-birth and Restoration of Israel. And, 2,520 days earlier would be the beginning of the Tribulation Week on August 27th 1996 AD (Gregorian)? This means that a Pre-Tribulational Rapture would have already occurred? How could this be? But, this is obviously not the case, because 1,260 days after the Beginning of the Tribulation Week, will occur the Abomination of Desolation in the rebuilt Jewish Temple, i.e., "in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate" (Daniel 9:27). The Abomination of Desolation would have occurred on February 7th 2000 AD (Gregorian), which it did not. "9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. 10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand" (12:9-10).

A "Prophecy-Time Continuum": The Shoe Can Drop At Any Time

If you have attempted to follow this narrative, you are to be congratulated.
"The trying of your faith worketh patience" (James 1:3). The following is a proposal of a "prophecy-time continuum", that allows the Judge of All the Earth (Genesis 18:25) to drop the shoe of judgment at any time, especially since, the Tribulation could have theoretically started on August 27th 1996 AD (Gregorian), but did not. "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of All Flesh: is there any thing too hard for Me?" (Jeremiah 32:27). Remember the Old Testament story of Joshua's Long Day? We are told that the Almighty caused the "space-time continuum" to stand still for about 24 hours, i.e., the LORD God caused the Earth to stop spinning for a day. "12 Then spake Joshua to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon. 13 And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. 14 And there was no day like that before it or after it, that the LORD hearkened unto the voice of a man: for the LORD fought for Israel" (Joshua 10:12-14).

Likewise, Hezekiah asked for and received a sign from the LORD that he would recover from his illness. The Creator caused the "space-time continuum" to go back in time, i.e., God reversed the rotation of the Earth temporarily.
"9 And Isaiah said, This sign shalt thou have of the LORD, that the LORD will do the thing that He hath spoken: shall the shadow go forward ten degrees, or go back ten degrees? 10 And Hezekiah answered, It is a light thing for the shadow to go down ten degrees: nay, but let the shadow return backward ten degrees. 11 And Isaiah the prophet cried unto the LORD: and He brought the shadow ten degrees backward, by which it had gone down in the dial of Ahaz" (2Kings 20:9-11). The ability of the Alpha and Omega to touch the "space-time continuum" is under appreciated. "With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible" (Mark 10:27). He is able to affect the timing of prophetic events, such that, what things man calculated as impossible, God will bring to pass, for the honor of His prophetic Word. "So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it" (Isaiah 55:11). [Both "Joshua's Long Day" and "Hezekiah's Sundial" are discussed, along with "The 4th Trumpet Judgment", in our article, "For the Elect's Sake: Or, That a Merciful God Will Shorten the Tribulation Week" ---  as examples of how the LORD has and will bend time, for the fulfillment of prophecy.]
- From What Saith The Scripture

I post that only to show you that there are many views on this and many of them are pretty sound. But my own view is simple. Two days after the Lord departs from his people he will revive them but only after they repent and collectively call upon his name and then on the third day ALL Israel ...shall live in his sight (the millennium reign).

So to the hearers of Hosea's time, this may have just seemed like poetic license on the part of the prophet,  but in reality God was giving his people a look at the future.

When God speaks we are most wise to listen for nothing idle comes out of the mouth of the Lord. He speaks wisdom and his words to his people are meant to teach, exhort, encourage, rebuke and guide them especially in these troubling times.

I would also note, before we go to the next passage in Hosea that before the Lord can return, there must be a massive and notable falling away from the faith - an Apostasy that is remarkable by its breadth and depth. I think we have been seeing it this past century but it has been more and more apparent in the past 20 years or so. Many of the old warrior saints who stuck to strict Bible teachings and would not yield to the fad's of the day have passed on. Thankfully for many of the better ones,  their teachings remain with the advent of radio and now, the internet. One dear reader of mine had asked me about teaching and I had to remind her in love that that is not my task in the Lord - though he has from time to time used me in that function. I instead pointed her to Dr. McGee's site and the wonderful 'Old Time Gospel' that is preached there. Those of you looking for good solid biblical teachings can click on over to his site and know and remember that my unction from God is not specifically as a teacher, it is as a watchman. Please don't try and put a mantle on me that for which God has not prepared!

Back to Hosea!

Verse three is again a parable regarding the coming and work of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This work is an exhortation to
Follow the Lord
Know the Lord
God wants them to know that his going forth is prepared.  Here the prophet uses agricultural imagery because everyone understood the importance of it in their times. Here is how Barnes summarizes it from a ancient Jewish perspective. It relates a bit to the recent piece I did on the Harvest.

Palestine was especially dependent upon rain, on account of the cultivation of the sides of the hills in terraces, which were parched and dry, when the rains were withheld. The “former,” or autumnal “rain,” fell in October, at the seed-time; the “latter” or spring “rain,” in March and April, and filled the ears before harvest. Both together stand as the beginning and the end. If either were withheld, the harvest failed. Wonderful likeness of Him who is the Beginning and the End of our spiritual life; from whom we receive it, by whom it is preserved unto the end; through whom the soul, enriched by Him, hath abundance of all spiritual blessings, graces, and consolations, and yieldeth all manner of fruit, each after its kind, to the praise of Him who hath given it life and fruitfulness. - Barnes

The knowledge of God is like rain and produces fruit in the lives of those who know and love him. When they begin to move their hearts towards God, he will bless them.

O Ephraim, what shall I do unto thee? O Judah, what shall I do unto thee?
 for your goodness is as a morning cloud, and as the early dew it goeth away.
Therefore have I hewed them by the prophets;
I have slain them by the words of my mouth:
and thy judgments are as the light that goeth forth.
For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice;
and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

(Hos 6:4-6)

The Lord laments his conundrum. He has not harmed Israel here symbolized by the most powerful tribe Ephraim. He also asks a more pertinent question, what is he going to do with this wayward people? Unlike the rains described in the previous verse, God likens the righteousness of his people like the morning cloud (fog). It is short lived and then vanishes and leaves no water for the fruit. So the Lord sent them prophets who hewed (cut) them and 'killed' them. I think the sense here is that God was clearly using his prophets to give the people a a most serious tongue lashing. The idea of a prophet killing another is of course not a literal kind. No prophet has such a task, but once a prophet's words did bring about the death of many false prophets. Consider what happened with Elijah and the prophets of Baal. God will send fiery men to warn the nation of their sins and crimes and this is the sense I get here. That these would be no nonsense men who proclaimed Israels sins repeatedly and with great force of word and deed and the more people wanted them to stop, the more they cried out.  But like those of Elijah's time, the Lord had little patience or love for those who were false prophets. Jeremiah deals with this issue along with the power of God's word.

Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD;
and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?
Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD,
that steal my words every one from his neighbour.

(Jer 23:29-30)

So the word of God out of the mouth of his prophets are like a hammer, like an axe (which hews), It's like a sword that cuts.

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword,
piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit,
and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts
and intents of the heart. - (Heb 4:12)

The phrase and thy judgments are as the light that goeth forth is a bit obscure in meaning. The sense here seems to be that they knew what they were to do with regards to God's justice and his demands are clear for all to see.  But others see it just a bit differently. Here is how the Contemporary English Version translates it.

That's why I slaughtered you with the words of my prophets.
That's why my judgments blazed like the dawning sun.
(Hos 6:5)

God's commandments and what he would do to them were clearly known. God sent them numerous prophets to warn them. They will have no excuse with God's hammer descends on them for their sins.

Verse six is rather self explanatory. God is not interested in rituals and sacrifices if they are not accompanied by repentance and a change of heart and mercy was one of the things that was lacking in those days for the poor man was a prey to the rich and powerful. Mercy is very important to God and he wants us to display it to others as he displays it to all of us.

We will continue this look at the prophet Hosea hopefully next week!

Political Common Sense 101

Today, we are are not going to talk about candidates so much as we will about a process. A process that should help all of you begin to deal with political candidates and movements in a better and more effective way than Americans have over the past 25 years. Take these words of wisdom for what they are. A way to keep you from being swept off your feet by a crook who will smile in your face before the November elections and stab you in the back afterwards and then lie about what he did the next time around. This guide is designed to help the increasing number of Americans who see something is wrong with our system and want to use their votes to fix what is broken rather than being used to break that which still functions.

Politics is highly emotional. There is fanfare, attacks, fights, propaganda, set ups, scandal, backroom deals and then there are the votes. American presidential elections show is the best and the worst of Western Democracy. The fanfare, the glitter, the media attention are all designed to do one thing - influence your vote one way or the other. Methods have changed and have become significantly more sophisticated. Political analysts, money men and those who deal in psychology all make a mint during this time of year, advising and assisting political campaigns. This is where a great deal of those campaign dollars go, to pay these people who are very adept at herding select groups of people towards one candidate and away from another

How can you keep yourself from being led, baited, and otherwise hoodwinked to vote for candidates that have no intention of changing the nation for the better, help the American people and other wise change Washington to a government that is responsive to the people. How can you keep yourself from voting for another political liar, who tells you exactly what you want to hear before election day and then turns right around and does everything 180 degrees the opposite?

For years Americans really did not understand how these things work. The real way Presidents get elected. How do I know? The intense dissatisfaction that is now out there in Middle America, the way so many Americans got upset with Obama who promised a change that Washington would never let him deliver on. Many Americans thought the President could really bring in change. He could not and some of the reasons for that will be discussed in this brief paper.

But first, I ask all of you to consider some mental tricks that will help you in the months ahead. They will help you not to make a mistake and make a wise choice. It may not necessarily be the right choice, but it will  be based on wisdom and facts rather than propaganda and emotion.

First of all one of the most important things any voting American needs to do is to turn off, as much as humanly possible, their emotions. I know for many that is hard, some of us have our emotions hard-wired into our thinking processes. This is not a slam, it's just the way some of us are made. Thankfully, I am not made that way. Somewhere deep in my head, I really do have an emotional 'off switch' and I can turn off my emotions when I am analyzing, thinking and considering. It has proven to be an enormous asset to me personally over the years.

Emotions are almost always the enemy of logic and rational thought. Once one begins to emote and get angry or be full of fear and emotionally react to what those (name your opposing party/candidate) did, you begin to shut off critical parts of your mind that govern rational thought. You slowly cease to be a rational thinking voter and turn into just what political hacks want you to be, a easily manipulated party automaton who will only listen to the 'party approved' columnists, media organizations, celebrities and politicians to affirm the narratives and delusions that will elect their candidate.

This is why it is essential that a person who really wants to get behind the right candidate and understand what is really possible in DC and determine what is mere political theater to deceive a person into voting for a particular candidate, he or she must as much as possible eject, reject and dismiss your emotions during a Presidential campaign. I say, take the Mr. Spock approach, he learned to govern his emotions and when the chips were down Captain Kirk would always rely on the stoic Spock to lay out all the options for him, without the slightest bit of emotional coloring. His were fact based (logical) views.

We live in a highly technical and media driven society. Our media really is more and more the only thing that connects up the nation on a cultural and political level. Voters must be ever mindful of some key facts. To get your name on TV, to have your speeches repeated on the nightly news, to have your views articulated in the press this costs money. Lots and lots of money. Those opinion columns and positive interviews? That is result of the various Washingtonian political machines at work. They network with the money men, media organizations, public relations firms and others to present a case that those with the money want the people to 'buy'. The case they present will neither be true, nor will it reflect the candidates effectiveness in office. It will reflect a 'what they want to hear' point of view. It's like buying a box of cereal or detergent. You see the box, but you don't know what's inside until you open it up. In the grocery store, there are laws about putting dung in cereal boxes. There are no such laws in politics. The voters hear this paid for message, like it and vote for it. This is why our nation is in trouble today. It's a political naivete that has been the bedrock of the American mainstream voting population time and time again. This is one reason I don't fault our establishment as much as others do for the loss of jobs, the cities in flames and the mountain of debt that people think they are not going to have to pay back. The political elites are responding to the ignorance of the voting public and learned that it''s better to manipulate, win and betray than it is to keep your promises and be crucified or killed by the establishment when in office.

American voters need to develop a political sophistication that the last 30 years of voting have clearly shown they lack. How do I know? For years people were warning Americans about these free trade deals, that millions of jobs would be lost and America would turn into a low wage economy with growing social problems. That is what has happened. But no one ever voted for the candidates that fought those deals. They always voted for the ones who supported them. It's only now when nearly 100 millions of Americans are not working that the light has gone on in the heads of many of them that 'this is not working for me and my family'. It has taken the cold wind of the night air in a homeless camp or shelter to wake them up to what is going on and why and when we see Congress doing it's thing by allowing foreigners into the nation to take jobs away from Americans, people finally began to wake up.

A Failure to Comprehend

But this has been a consistent problem in America. It's a failure to comprehend the long term effects of electing party hacks and establishment cronies as political leaders. It has taken the 'billy club' of long term unemployment and the 'nightstick' of the loss of health care, cracked on their skull these past several years that has finally awoken the people and increased their comprehension abilities. I don't want to sound unkind or condescending here. But simply put, there are some people who are like that. You can't explain things to them. Words, facts and evidence don't signify with them. The only thing they respond to is a kick in the rear or a nightstick laid over their heads. Talk to a frustrated cop, he will tell you. There are just some people who seem incapable of thinking beyond their immediate needs and gratifications. They are incapable of thinking of the long term effects of their actions have on either themselves or others. It's like something is missing in their psychological or mental make up. No, all Americans are not like that, in fact few really are, but when it comes to the political needs of the nation, the long term needs of the nation, they too often behave very much in such a fashion. They want 'theirs' now and the only way to get it was to  borrow for it leaving someone else to foot the bill or as we will soon see, their own retirements, safety nets and savings accounts.

Note: This graph stops at the end of last year - the flatline at the end of it was when we were at the debt limit for many months and could not borrow. We have since passed 19 Trilion dollars a few weeks ago. - Graph is hotlinked.

They stop thinking about 10 years from now, the next generation and what our long term polices will do to the nation. They just want 'theirs' now and would prefer that it be taken from the guys on the other side of the aisle. I see too many of my countrymen want a free ride on someone else's dime.  I saw it in the Obamacare fiasco. No one wanted to deal in the realities of the costs. They wanted to be whipped up into a political lather into the for and against camps, while the big medical corporations, big Pharma and other 'stakeholders' saw a way to bilk billions of dollars from both the government AND working Americans.  Now millions of working Americans are getting a lot less care for more money to be raised each and every year until they join their ancestors...hopefully, in the eyes of the financial stakeholders,  just after a long and expensive stay in Hospital.

Again, I am not trying to be unfair to the President, nor to the hard working and very caring medical professionals in our nation. The President really tried to do something everyone wanted to do -  fix Americans broken system. But the result is that in many respects and to many who have to pay those premiums, it's even more broken than before.

The point here is this. People got whipped up into the usual left-right political shouting match and we all pretty much got screwed and the lobbyists got rich. The DC machine did yet another number on the people and still, most have failed to comprehend it. They got played and want to blame everyone else but themselves for what happened.

A New Willingness To Learn

The good news is that these past few years are indeed waking up millions of Americans to what is at stake, weather it is the young men and women of Black Lives matter, or even the Trumpites, people are slowly waking up to the fact that they themselves must take more control of their political system or be steamrolled over by it. For many Americans, even those who don't realize it yet, this is a life or death struggle for the country. Powerful forces who hate America and it's citizens are gaining more and more influence in the halls of power in DC. They don't care about us as a people, our traditions or our freedoms. They see a big fat cow on the Potomac and they plan on milking it for all its worth.

I think once people understand that what we have in DC has to be tamed and redirected and that can only happen with a whole slew of new faces in Washington, things can improve. Right now they are still pretty politically naive. They still don't understand that a President just does not have the kinds of power people think he has and that he must have a powerful group of helpers in both Congress and the Senate before anything meaningful can be accomplished. This is how I view the Trump phenomenon.  How can others, both Democrats and Republican, Black and White learn a lesson from? Love them or hate them, the Tea Party understood this and ran their own candidates all over the nation. Now they have a powerful lobby and power in both houses  of Congress a powerful political machine and the most important thing in DC politics, money.

I am not a supporter of many of the policies of the Tea Party, but my point is this - look at how they did it, not what they did. Look at how they were able to get political success. It was by at first, clearly bucking the establishment, keep close tabs on their grass roots organizations, keep a good focus on key issues, getting people into Congress and the Senate and not letting up. This is how you get a real voice in DC. Long faces, protests and moping about in an eternal whine-a-thon don't change things. Riots don't bring in change, they bring in troops. If you want a governor who cares about your situation, you have to put him into office and then make him politically responsive to your concerns. That is the only way. If you want a Senate who cares about jobs, you have to run your own candidates and make them fully indebted to you and the political agenda of your group. Don't expect a guy who owes his seat to defense contractors to stop the wars, or a man who is taking money from Asian Business groups so he can help relax visa restrictions to look out for your job. He's not going to do it, no mater how many times he lies and says he is. Now he may vote for key bills to 'save America's jobs' but only AFTER he has made a backroom deal with this colleagues to make sure the bill fails even with his vote. I am sorry to break it to you, but this is how Washington works, always has been. It's why people get fooled in election after election after election. They don't understand how the insiders and lobbyists rig the game against us.

Follow The Money: It's Not Cliche - It's Essential

This is where so many Americans miss the boat. They are too lazy to find out who owns the candidates who they vote for, or to brainwashed to connect up the polices they implement with the money they get. Brainwashed may sound like a harsh word, but in essence that is what it is. Their is Left Brainwashing and Right Brainwashing. Those who are victims of this kind of mental conditioning only see the faults of the other guy and make excuses for the very same things their candidate engages in. If you want to know where a candidate will take the nation, there is  no better way to do it that to follow the money. But that requires work and effort because no political pundit will touch that issue, nor will it be talked about in any debate. Why? Because if you saw who paid your candidates, where they got their money from, you would know that nothing is going to change when they are voted into office, it will be the same old same old, with a different face and things will actually get just a little bit worse.

What the American people don't understand is that what has been ongoing is in reality a war on the people. It's a war on you and me. It's a war to control, corral and otherwise manipulate us into an agenda that if we understood, we would fight. The trends are clear, very clear and it's little articles like this that really spells out the issues the people of this once great land faces. The author of that piece also has a great little interview here you may enjoy.

The first place to look to figure out where the money is flowing is Opensecrets.org, They have excellent tools like this one, the Megadonors list. A Blog and tools to look at which industry is giving how much to whom. No conspiracy stuff here. They just go through all the filings that all candidates, donors and PAC's are legally required to make, put the data in a usable form for anyone who has a few moments to click on a few hotlinks to read. Such sites are a terror to the brainwashed.

These are facts and let me tell you something that may sound condescending, but it isn't. The fastest way to find out how brainwashed a person is is to see how they deal with facts - not speeches, not debates, not a 'gotcha' in a PR created controversy, but hard, cold no-nonsense facts. People who cannot deal in facts are people who are or will soon be brainwashed. Facts (truth) is the best defense against brainwashing. To be able stand back look at how our system really works and to be able to discover that money is what really determines the who the next President will be, or more accurately, what policies he is going to implement. Once you really understand that, nothing in Washington will surprise you and you will understand why we are going backwards, and why will continue to do so as long as the American voter prefers rhetoric to facts, political flatulence to straight talk and comprehends the need to completely remake Washington from each Congressional district to each Senate Seat. Once that happens, and only then can Americans hope to see their lot improve. Until then, if you think things are bad for millions of Americans, wait four more years, many, many more (you?) will join them.

How people deal with facts is the best way to discover the level of their brainwashing. Hostility to facts and hard information is the evidence of the type of mental conditioning they have fallen victim to. Watch how people politically spin hard facts to support their candidate, even when politics are not at issue. Watch how they pull twists and turns intellectually to deny the reality staring them in the face. I think of the Clinton's and how they put so many Black men in Jail. I mean we are not talking about a small increase in the number of prisoners, but a mass incarceration program that he signed into law. I don't need to cite Rush Limbaugh on this, the data is right out of the Clinton Administration's own Bureau of Prisons. On how so many Black men wound up in jail. I know Bill apologized... only AFTER his wife was getting to run for President and they needed the Black vote and he need not pay any political price for his crocodile tears. These are facts and the brainwashed are threatened by them, rather than enlightened thereby. The Brainwashed go and make repeat the same mistake (the previous link went dead about three days after I linked to it - it was a very good piece written by Cedric Mohammad at BlackElectorate.com), the enlightened learn from them. But the Nation has a good piece here, though not as good as the other. This too is pretty good. Who is getting rich?  This may help. Why should you follow the money? This too may help

This is not a diatribe against Hillary Clinton. None of these candidates are going to do a thing for ordinary Black or White Americans. But if they can whip you into a major racially motivated rage against the other group to slide into the White House on the sewage of race baiting, that is exactly what they will do. Hate turns off the thinking processes and puts one into a mental state where they can be highly manipulated by demagogues, spin and fear.

When I was in the Military in the heart of Europe during the cold war, I spent several months working disaster preparedness. This dealt with things like how to survive a Nuclear Biological or Chemical Attack. One of the things I learned was how radiation sickness effects a person. How much radiation a person can absorb before they have had that lethal dose. One of the things I learned was this. A person exposed to a lethal dose...they may walk around for a while, and towards the end there is a period when the victim appears to be getting better. The feel better and look better. Then they slide into the final and terminal phase. That is how I look at the propaganda and brainwashing today, and its why I often sound a little downbeat on America's prospects. I see brainwashing and propaganda much like I view radiation. All of us are subjected to a little of it every day, we are able to withstand quite a bit of it, some more than others. But at the end of the day, a lethal dose is a lethal dose and the only thing that can be done for such a person is pray for them and ask then where they want to be buried.

Americans, especially those who are addicted to channels like Fox or MSNBC have for the most part been lethally exposed and other than a few exceptions, little can be done for them.

Change You Can't Believe In

Bernie Sanders isn't going to do it. Donald Trump isn't going to do it, Hillary Clinton Certainly isn't going to do it, neither is Cruz, or any of the other 'also rans'. Not one of these candidates is going to do anything for ordinary Americans. Not even Sanders, who out of all of the candidates has the longest and best track record of looking out for working people of all races. His care for the people is not at issue, the way he would bring about that care is. Taxing everyone more and creating an even bigger Washington in a socialist paradise is not the answer.  Trump, Clinton, Cruz and the rest? These are in my opinion, the 'sucker magnets'. The attract the same old suckers to the political banner to vote the same old crooks (and wannabe crooks) into office. 

Change will never come from the political establishment in DC. You cannot reform a rattlesnake, and a birds of a feather (in this case vultures) really do flock together. The vast swath of voting Americans have not figured these things out. Why? They won't follow the money, they would rather be brainwashed than enlightened and they have only just now, in small but recognizable pockets of the nation, begun to show an aptitude to learn.


My own view that I have talked about a few times in many papers is this - the era of Democracy is coming to an end. More and more, elected leaders are handing over more power to international and regional institutions. This is clear in the EU. Where all the real power rests with unelected bureaucrats. What I see is simply this. Democracy isn't working because powerful forces are going to make sure it does not work. They have never liked it and have gone out of their way to undermine it at every turn. I think of the Citizens United ruling as just one of a long list of laws, rulings and other acts that have been specifically designed to deafen the elite to the cries of its respective peoples'. It's not just America, it's in Europe and in parts of Latin America, where if there is a real democratic revolution, America's intelligence people will go in and do economic, political and covert warfare against it. Think Venezuela. No, not all of their troubles can be laid at the feet of US covert operators but some of them can. This has been a regional attempt to thwart the regions own democratic aspirations and replace it with the aspirations of the US State Department. Does anyone want to hear this? No, but the hard money in the world's so called 'democratic nations' is going toward trade agreements and supra-national regionalism that bypasses the people (and direct elections) in favor of the Global Corporations and banks. This can only be accomplished as long as people are drawn to the sucker magnets at election time, cease to stop and think, continue to be governed by their emotions rather facts, and put their faith in 'hope' rather than the considerable leverage they all posses as voters.  The propaganda of each party is to ensure that you never use that leverage to your advantage...

...  but rather, to theirs.

Disclosure: I do not support any of two party system candidates and am registered and vote as an independent.

By, Mark S. Watson

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Christians in Benue Nigeria Suffering Spike in Brutal Fulani Attacks While Government Opens Investigation

02/29/2016 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) - Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered an investigation into a recent upsurge in radical Fulani attacks on Christian communities in Benue State, Nigeria, according to the BBC. The announcement comes after a week of brutal assaults tallied reports of hundreds of deaths, including 145 killed throughout 25 villages in Agatu Local Government Area (LGA), alone.
Nigerian newspapers report that the violence displaced nearly 7,000 villagers.
Agrarian Christians across Nigeria's "Middle-Belt" region face what some observers are calling genocide after enduring 15 years of brutal Islamist Fulani raids with countless people being slaughtered on a near weekly basis. Benue, Plateau, Nassarawa, Taraba, Adamawa, and parts of Kaduna, Borno, Yobe, and Gombe states make up the region most heavily under attack from these Islamist Fulani gangs.
"We will conduct an investigation to know exactly what happened; the only way to bring an end to the violence once and for all is to look beyond one incident and ascertain exactly what factors are behind the conflicts," Buhari said.
Buhari expressed shock about the recent attacks. He also urged Nigerians to put aside their differences and live in peace.
"We are all one nation and one people. There should not be any reason why Nigerians of any group or tongue cannot now reside with one another wherever they find themselves after decades of living together," he said.
"Once the investigations are concluded, we will act immediately to address the root of the problem," he added.
Buhari's comments come in a long pattern where Nigerian officials have failed to truly evaluate the root issues. They continue to constitute these ongoing horrific attacks only as historical tensions over land rights for cattle grazing versus farming.
On January 25, the BBC reported attacks in Adamawa State that killed 29 people as "revenge attacks," for cattle theft, claims no witnesses ever substantiated.
"It is the longstanding issue over grazing rights and cattle rustling between Egba and Fulani people," police spokesman Ezeala Austin said after an attack in March 2015 that killed more than 80 Christians in Plateau State.
Peace will never take root as long as these voices continue to assign part of the blame for these atrocities to the Christian farmers who are clearly victims, continually.
Even if unconfirmed reports of cattle theft were proven true as catalysts for vengeance, the scope and scale of human suffering the Fulani have waged across Nigeria's Middle-Belt represents such a vastly disproportional response. Therefore, the explanation lacks reasonable credibility.
Ongoing Persecution in Benue
The recent spike in Benue is nothing new to the state. Ground sources in Nigeria tell International Christian Concern (ICC) that in a three year span from 2012 to 2014, Fulani herders attacked more than 300 villages in Benue alone.
The past week's attacks are sadly just another increase in a long line of violence Christians face in Benue.
ICC has learned that Fulani herders murdered nine people and injured 12 in assaults on Mbaya and Mbaapen villages in Bukuru LGA in early January. The violence reportedly also displaced more than 1,000 people and resulted in immeasurable property loss through burned homes.
"I narrowly escaped being killed by the attackers," a local government official in Bukuru told ICC.
While Boko Haram continues its terrible attacks on communities in northeastern Nigeria, the Fulani herder onslaught in the Middle Belt continues unabated, claiming nearly as many lives and causing a similar toll of destruction on churches and Christian homes.
"The level of brutality that Fulani herders continue to barbarously wage towards Nigerian Middle-Belt Christian communities cannot be understated. ICC condemns this systematic, ongoing depopulation of the region within the highest order of human tragedy and atrocity. Fearing Christians face constant threat of fire, machete, and gunshots as each of these attacks tells the same tragic story. We must not allow the frequency and heightened brutality Christians continue to endure in this region to desensitize us to the real human loss and suffering they experience. Nigerian officials should follow their first mandate in protecting all Nigerians against violent threats to life and property, whatever the source, instead of allowing these crimes to continue unpunished and conveniently explained away through the lens of resource wars and historical tribal tensions," ICC's Regional Manager for Africa, Troy Augustine, said.
For interviews with Troy Augustine, Regional Manager for Africa, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: press@persecution.org


# # #

You are free to disseminate this news story. We request that you reference International Christian Concern (ICC) and include our web address, www.persecution.org. ICC is a Washington D.C.-based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC provides Awareness, Advocacy, and Assistance to the worldwide persecuted Church.

Stumbling Blocks

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me,
it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck,
and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offences!
 for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

(Mat 18:6-7)

Today, before we get to the news, we are going to look at the issue of stumbling blocks. As Christ made plain in the above passage, those who offend his people, it would have been better they were drowned at sea with a giant millstone around his neck. Christ is adamant about those who bring trouble to his sheep. What is the word that the KJV translates offenses?

To “scandalize”; from G4625; to entrap, that is, trip up (figuratively stumble [transitively] or entice to sin, apostasy or displeasure): - (make to) offend.

The word has a deeper connotation that just perhaps an insult or harsh words. We are talking about something a little more serious here. The word translated offenses actually has the connotation of to scandalize - it's of the same root word. But if we look at the above we see it can also mean a stumbling block or to entice a person to apostasy or to renounce their faith. Christ is giving us warning here, those to do such things to his 'little ones', their fate is one of great distress.

A true Christian is a humble person and is almost always of a lowly estate. We Christians hail usually from the lower classes of society or from groups who have known trouble and hatred. In Rome, slaves were drawn to the message. In slavery times in America, Black Americans were drawn to the gospel. In the world's eyes, we true Christians are kind of a defenseless and politically expendable lot of people and this often makes us easy targets for the rich and powerful. Because of this, powerful people can and often do like to target Christians and do so in such a way as to cause us to stumble, or they like to scandalize a pastor who may be struggling with a personal issue. Or they try and attack them in various ways, or in my situation, they try and entrap you.

Christ was plain, if you are one of his 'little ones' then these things are going to happen to you. Sooner or later to lesser or greater degrees, these things cannot be avoided. But God is going to repay those who harass, scandalize, and try and trip of God's people with a horrible recompense.

As I pointed out before in an earlier post, this is the same punishment that is given to Babylon the Great in the last days.

And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone,
and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city
Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.
(Rev 18:21)

We also find that the blood of the saints are found in the Harlot (Rev 18:24).

Brothers and sisters -  Christ is our rock, and our salvation and the devil will do all in his power to separate us from our God and to get us to doubt his salvation and power and to move us off the rock of our salvation. One of those ways is by offenses that cause us to stumble.

But another kind of stumbling block I see today is in Church leadership. Leadership that leads people off the path of truth by virtue of bad or false teachings. Let's take a look at the OT for a moment.

For the priest's lips should keep knowledge,
and they should seek the law at his mouth: for he is the messenger of the LORD of hosts.
 But ye are departed out of the way; ye have caused many to stumble at the law;
 ye have corrupted the covenant of Levi, saith the LORD of hosts.
Therefore have I also made you contemptible and base before all the people,
according as ye have not kept my ways, but have been partial in the law.
(Mal 2:7-9)

The religious leaders were supposed to be upholding and exhorting others to uphold the Law. But instead, their teachings led others to stumble at it. God's word against them was harsh, they would be contemptible -  something that is despised.  They were acting contrary to what God commanded and this was something that God was going to show up for all to see.

Wicked religious leaders are a bane on any nation. We can see this in the Old Testament, but as Adam Clarke (1715-1832) points out, he saw it in a set of circumstances that took place in his time, namely the French Revolution. Here are his comments along those lines as he comments on the above passage in Malachi.

See what happened to the truly abominable priesthood of France and Rome 1796-8. They were the sole cause of that infidelity that brought about the revolution. They are now partially restored; and are endeavouring to supply by grimace, paltry superstition, and jesuitical cunning, what they want in purity of morals, soundness of doctrine, and unction from God. - Adam Clarke

Now I don't want to oversimplify the reasons why the Revolution in France wanted to do away with the Clergy, but the reality was that the Church and the monarchy were the elite -  the power in France and each was largely dependent on the other. The Church was behind or at least benefited from a great deal of the corruption and cruelty that brought in so much popular dissatisfaction with the established order.

The result of the revolution however in France was not a return to God, but a secularization of the state, under largely masonic influence or direction. In short, after years of rule that was typified by oppression of the poor, the Priests became 'contemptible'. Thus the French revolution did not bring in any kind of religious reform, rather it brought in a secular order, something secret societies had been working on and are still working on today.

Christian leaders have a responsibility to preach and teach sound doctrine. If they don't, they become a stumbling block to the faithful and to those who would want to be faithful.

Christ was clear. Stumbling blocks are to be expected. They will take many forms and there is no way for us not to encounter them...

...but woe to him from whom they come!!

War On The Saints

While I have been talking quite a bit about events in the world like the next economic crisis and its prophetic implications (the soon to be coming and just about here in some places - cashless society) , I think one of the most important stories for our times for believers in Christ is the ongoing war against Christians. All over the world the saints are coming under tremendous assault. In Cuba, an unregistered Apostolic Church was demolished by the authorities. They used the police, the military and state security to arrest a group of unarmed worshipers of Jesus Christ. Before the destroyed the Church, they detained the pastors wife. This is, according to CSW part of a pattern of demolitions against the Apostolic Church. More here. This was a place that the government had originally allowed to be refurbished. Cuba, it seems still hates the gospel, despite the slow warming of relations between the US and Cuba. CSW also has a report on this that can be found here. Then of course there are the events in China, which have been covered quite a bit by other Christians. There are all the crosses removed from Churches in China, part of Xi's new 'cultural revolution' he is trying to implement in China.

Since taking power three years ago, President and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Xi has begun a campaign to “revive Chinese culture.” Inherent in Xi’s best-known mantra—the “Chinese dream”—is the concept of “the great renaissance of the Chinese people.” The cultural revival plays a big role in this super-nationalistic goal of a spectacular rebirth of Chinese values and worldviews (People’s Daily, September 25, 2014). - From Xi’s Obsession with “Cultural Renaissance” Raises Fears of Another Cultural Revolution- Publication: China Brief Volume: 16 Issue: 3 By: Willy Lam

Anything foreign, like Christianity, is looked upon with a jaundiced eye by the CCP. I do not tend to think this is about 'Christianity' itself as much as it is about two factors as they relate to China: First, the Churches are not subject to the direct administrative control of the CCP. This is a sore point to the communists whose political philosophy does not allow anything to exist outside of party control. The second issue is that Christianity is 'foreign'. A cross on a Church does not portray the proper Chinese cultural characteristics. As silly as that may sound to use westerners, one must keep this in mind  - the word 'culture' in the ongoing cultural renaissance/revolution. I have for some time shown all of you here how this works in China in multiple posts and what Xi is trying to do and why.

But his crackdown on Christians and human rights lawyers is by any stretch of the imagination, UNPRECEDENTED. The WSJ has a very, very interesting and insightful piece here that is reposted at ChinaAid that I think all of you will learn from and hopefully take some time out and really pray for our Chinese brethren in Christ. I think I posted this one not long ago on the Chinese pastor who opposed these cross removals and then was accused of fraud.

In fairness, the news is not all bad. What is bad is the reaction that some of the west's top Christian leaders are having to it all.

But while we are Christians and must be deeply concerned for our brethren in China, we need to consider how others also are being treated and then you understand that what Xi is doing is part of something much broader than just attacking Christians. I certainly am not excusing it,  but I do want all of us to better understand it.

Woman's Right Crackdown Exposes Deepening Crisis In Chinese Society

In the above, the veteran woman's rights activist was afraid to tell others just exactly what happened, saying that it was not 'convenient' to do so. One of the real issues, I see that has not been articulated in any of the think-tank and policy group documents that I have read is that I think that China is in reality just putting a tighter stranglehold on CCP control on society and making sure that western influences, including those directed by foreign intelligence services are neutralized.  This may be one key reason the Chinese politburo has ordered retired party officials to shun all religious activity. You can read more about the official who ordered this here. The reasons for this move are clearly stated in the article, religion in China, not just Christianity but religion must be more compatible with Socialism.

China wants to do things 'The Chinese Way'. But this poses many problems, not just for Christians, Human Rights activists and other sects, but for China as well. For some background, I highly suggest readers spend some time on the Human Rights In China site. They have a host of excellent stories that deal with these issues.

These kinds of cultural attacks, however in my estimation do not lend themselves to the kind of harmonious China that its leaders say they are trying to build. Rather, the create considerable resentment towards China's central authorities in broad swaths of Chinese society.; women, religious groups, certain ethnic minorities (i.e., Uighur's). This kind of brewing resentment can be amplified in times of serious national crisis, like an economic one, where hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs. The fact is, with China's rising economic instability will come considerable social instability. I am hardly the one saying this and the evidence is pretty clear. One piece written a few months ago over at CATO lays much of this out for you, at least the mechanics of the economic problems China faces. But when these kinds of problems appear in the macro economy, suffering comes to the people and come it shall.

My view is that China's desire to keep and strengthen its cultural roots are commendable. What is not commendable is using brute force to compel this cultural 'Sino-ization' on the nation with a rather flagrant disregard to many of the problems that are developing in the nation. China does not seem to have learned that you cannot defeat criticism and an honest difference of opinion with state security raids and 'tiger chairs'. Such methods only drive many to express their discontent in other ways, like with strikes, mass protests or even terrorism - domestic driven or foreign encouraged, armed and directed - using disaffected  Chinese citizens, which Xi's policies will create millions of, as tools in 21st century statecraft.

Does China need that right now? I don't think so. I think Xi, who grew up from peasanthood and knows poverty and hard work has been too long with the elite of China and needs to get out more and talk to the people and find out what he's missing in the political dialogue.

Clearly this new leader has considerable political abilities and it would be nice if he could remember that the strait jacket of communism may fit and benefit him and his political cronies well, but for many in the nation, they want a taste of the freedoms that are enjoyed in many parts of the world. Yes, freedom perhaps with a Chinese flair, but freedom nonetheless.

But back to Chinese Christians, I would say this in closing. Clearly there is something much deeper, that many Chinese are seeking spiritually that all of the materialism and party rhetoric cannot douse. Many of these Christians are very much in love with our Lord and have no intention of giving him up.

The Chinese leaders would do well to remember that and remember that history has shown time and again, the fastest and surest way to make Christianity grow and flourish, is to persecute the Church.

But the war on the saints is not really as intense in China as it is in other parts of the world, particularly the Islamic world. FYI, ICC has a great little map here that shows some of the latest incidents of persecution around the world.  In Pakistan, a Christian man was tortured by his Muslim co-workers who were attempting to convert him to Islam. Also in Pakistan, we have a story of a girl who was killed by Muslim Men. In India, attacks are testing the faith of a Young Pastor

In Africa's Burkino Faso, the good news is that AQ has freed a kidnapped Missionary, but her husband remains held.  In the Congo, the war on Christians continues as World Watch Monitor makes plain.

While the brutality of the so-called Islamic State has concentrated world attention on Iraq and Syria, lesser-noticed movements inspired by IS are taking root far from the Middle East.

In central Africa, a brutal militant Islamic group has embedded itself in the eastern extremes of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Muslim Defense International (MDI) – formerly known as the Alliance of Democratic Forces – has become embedded in the region and is attempting to rid the area of its Christians to create a foothold of Islam in the wider Lakes region.

The MDI has been repeatedly attacking the mostly Christian population in these parts of DRC for years. Kidnapping and murder are common. Although their successes ebb and flow, they continue to display surprising strength and have found a firm foothold where they can prepare for jihad into the Lakes Region, the heart of Africa. - World Watch Monitor

Need I tell you more about the horrors other Islamic fighters are committing on Africans? In Northwest Nigeria, kids were burned to death in their huts in a brutal attack on a small village. Yes, Africa has a 'Muslim Belt' but it's hue is not the typical African Black And Green, its increasingly being stained with red. The WSJ has this excellent piece on some of the background of what is going on in Africa, Jihad and the future.

Time would fail me to talk about the genocidal atrocities of the other Muslim Terror organization, known as ISIS. So today, I will only give you some good news. The EU is unanimous in calling what they are doing in the Middle East Genocide. Yet the US is set to only call attacks on Yazidi's 'Genocide'? Why is that? Well as I have told you many times, ISIS is the creation of the US and its middle east allies who trained, armed and organized them many years before we even heard of them and helped them along long thereafter. Moreover, there is a strong and virulent anti-Chirist streak that runs through both political parties in DC. They will smile in a Christians face during election time, but when the classification door closes and men are sworn to secrecy - the real face of these men show themselves.

Now, they must try and mitigate and do damage-control regarding the outrage against the horrible acts their polices set in motion. If there are a thousand severed heads stuck on poles in Mesopotamia, you can thank the the Sunni governments in the region who were assisted by the US.

I think that after the destabilization attacks the EU has suffered recently at the hands of American surrogates, Europe and the US are likely to have a serious falling out before long. Because I am here to tell you weather you want to believe it or not, a great deal of the terrorism we have in the world today is a direct result of careful planning (to keep blame from falling on the US and the American people from finding out) to use these groups to destabilize parts of the world (like Africa) so that the US would be called in for 'anti-terror' operations and new military bases would be built and the US would be able to gain a stronger foothold in places resource rich like Africa. But the only way to do that was to create crisis after crisis  - think Benghazi. Now, before any of you think I am off my nut, go, sit down and read and re-read this one.

Let me tell you this much - the Benghazi scandal was all hushed up because of the things they were doing - many of them were not legal and the results have been seen in the policy of ensuring that arms 'mistakenly' ('gosh, we don't know how that happened?!')  went to groups like Boko Haram and this is why the US was so very, very slow in identifying them as a 'terrorist group'. It's illegal to ship arms to terrorists, if they are on the list. Answer? Keep them off of it.

On her forehead a mysterious name was written:
AND FILTHY THING ON EARTH. I could tell that the woman was drunk on the
blood of God's people who had given their lives for Jesus.
This surprising sight amazed me,
(Rev 17:5-6 - CEV)

Brothers and sisters, I say these things, not to turn you against this once great nation, but to show you what you (go and look in the mirror) have allowed to take it over while you slumbered, entertained yourself and refused to do as our Lord commanded - Watch. The only thing I see far too many Christians doing is watching the NFL, movies and porn. What did Jesus say?

And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged
with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so
that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on
all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye therefore,
and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape
all these things that shall come to pass,
and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luk 21:34-36)

Our nation is doing some despicable things in secret and they have a considerable disinformation network worldwide to keep you from finding out what we are doing - so that when you vote, these real issues never get talked about and our candidates can debate about trifles and foolishness that none of them are going to do when they get into office anyway. What are abominations? The Bible tells us.

These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

(Pro 6:16-19)

Draping an American flag over an abomination does not make the abomination any less abominable.

Yet God calls the nation and its people to repent of these things - change our ways lets get back to the basics that made America one of the most envied and beloved nations in the world, not these new ways that are now making it the horror and slayer of the earth. We as a nation can do better, we as a people can do better. The question is, will we?

No - I get a lot of crap when I talk like this but brothers and sisters, we Christians have a duty to make sure we are not fooled by the spirit of this age and to bear witness to our Lord. To do it wisely, but to do it nonetheless.

Is this not the key identifying characteristic of those who are saved in the book of Revelation - the word of their testimony? Is this not why so many are being killed today, the word of their testimony, the gospel of Jesus Christ? Am I making this up?

Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.
(Rev 1:2)

I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.
(Rev 1:9)

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar
the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

(Rev 6:9)

And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.
(Rev 11:7)

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
(Rev 12:11)

And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
(Rev 12:17)

And after that I looked, and, behold, the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened:
(Rev 15:5)

And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
(Rev 19:10)

1700 Year Old Church Caught In Middle Of War Zone
Egypt: Christian Students To Stand Trail For 'Insulting Islam'
Sudan Releases One Of Two Pastors Detained Last Dec.
Syria: IS Releases 22 Assyrian Hostages
India: Mob Attacks Catholics In Coimbatore
ISIS Sex Slaves Reveal Traumatic Virginity Tests
Pakistan: Police Torture Christian, Hanging, Beating Him To Death
Global Persecution Of Christians Worsening
China: Five Christian Prisoners Denied Legal Aid
China: Outspoken Pastor Faces Trumped Up Charges
Burma: Military Accused Of Covering Up Rape-Murder Of Two Christian Women

As you can see, I am not making it up. Those of you who know our God can get before him in your prayer closet and ask him if these things be so.

In the meantime, may God richly bless each and everyone of you who walk with him and serve him in spirit and in truth and may he grant you light to see in the hour of darkness, wisdom to make the right choices, peace in the midst of the storm and salvation at the end of your days!!


Brother Mark

The Apple Controversy

This is a major issue. I know Mr. Trump has chimed in and we have had the FBI director make his pitch and there are hundreds of blog posts both for and against Apple's stance.

Before I begin let me make this perfectly crystal clear. I am fully and have always been fully in favor of ensuring that Law enforcement has all the tools they need to forestall terrorist attacks, catch perpetrators after an attack and prosecute/punish them when being tried. I am not in favor of tying the hands of law enforcement in protecting the nation from those who use violence to make political or hate-related 'statements' written in the blood of the innocent.

But we must all ensure that those tools protect us all and are not going to be used against innocent people from harassment, persecution, theft and other criminal acts that can and do take place often by US law enforcement and more importantly others. Yes, others.

I find it a rather low point that now the FBI wants to ride the corpses  of these victims of the recent terror attack into new tools that could make us all very much less safe.

Before any of you think this is an overstatement. I humbly ask you to click on over and watch the video in this page.
You may think the title is an overstatement, but once you finish listening to it, you will probably come to a very different conclusion.

This is much, very much bigger than you think.

Know this as well. Every enemy of this nation and the American people would love to see the FBI get is way. They are hoping they do. The Chinese, North Koreans, Organized crime, Triads, Mafiosi and a host of other devils who hate us. Why?

Watch the video and find out.

F-35's Terrifying Bug List

The plane that is the most expensive piece of military hardware. While advertised to be the wonder weapon of the world, pilots who have test flow it say that the F-16 is  better. The above link better than your usual article about the plane, a couple of key documents direct from DOD shows you the real concerns.

My view is that we don't need it. We don't need a plane this advanced until the DOD and their fair haired contractors can root out their corrupt (that is the right word for it) network of contractors, generals and key political hacks who push programs like this on the nation at costs we really cannot afford.

It's why the Chinese can field a 5th Generation fighter and we cannot. BTW, most of the technology in their plane? They stole from us, often via hacking Federal systems. Our system is just too corrupt these days. It's the revolving door of Generals and contractors, conflicts of interest, investigators who look the other way... that's why we can't build planes that fly right or ships that sail right. No one wants to fix this because all the folks who matter are getting their palms greased and are making too much money keeping the system broken.

It's not my contention to say that the F-35's mission is really to dogfight, or that what it was designed for is not necessary to America's defense needs. Rather it's to make a simple point.

For what it does, it costs far, far too much money and takes critical dollars away from other important defense needs that will suffer because of this giant money pit known as the F-35.

This is not said to slam the men in women in uniform and the many fine officers who see this kind of corruption and wince at it when they come across it. Rather, it's said so that next time we fight a war, those men and women who serve have a chance and coming home alive. It is my hope that this kind of corruption does not make the nation the laughing stock of the world on a future battlefield when our equipment performs poorly or does not perform at all. America does not need a trillion dollar flying trash can that uses stacks of thousand dollar bills in place of jet fuel in order to keep it in the air.

Given the kinds of conflicts we will probably be fighting over the next few decades, this is the kind of platform we need to keep. It's ugly it's little more than a flying tank but it does the job.

I am not the only one saying it - the F-35 and the budgetary shenanigans (overruns)  that have gone on with it, and the massive amounts of money it's sucking up are more akin to a National Security threat, that an enhancement. Think of the money spent on this thing as tanks we can't build, ships we can't refurbish, radars we can't field, missiles we cannot deploy because all the money is going over to the F-35 and keeping the contractors in their McMansions and BMW's.

We need smart people along side wise people who understand the threats and who DO NOT HAVE TIES TO DEFENSE CONTRACTORS, analyzing the threats the nation faces so that when we do have fight, we have the right equipment for that fight and we don't have to hide the bodies of our troops when they come home so that they can protect the 'Top Secret' national security secret that our leaders are more concerned about their defense contracts, than our soldiers or even winning any wars we have to fight.

Whenever we lose, they just claim we don't spend enough money on defense to get more money.

However cynical this may sound, we must deal with the very serious problems who now have over at DOD and to a lesser degree, CIA. Do our leaders have the real courage for that kind of fight?

I don't think so.

19 Feb

Hosea Part VII

We left off last time when the Lord had threatened the sword against Gibeah, Ramah, Behaven, Benjamin and Ephraim.  The Lord had pronounced rebuke upon them.

The princes of Judah were like them that remove the bound: therefore I will pour out my wrath upon them like water. Ephraim is oppressed and broken in judgment, because he willingly walked after the commandment. Therefore will I be unto Ephraim as a moth, and to the house of Judah as rottenness.
(Hos 5:10-12)

What the prophet is describing is a people who are breaking all the rules, all the traditions and all the laws.They were as those who removed the ancient landmark or stole the poor man's inheritance. There was a curse placed upon those who did such things.  The world 'bound' is this one in Strongs.

גּבל    גּבוּל
gebûl  gebûl
gheb-ool', gheb-ool'
From H1379; properly a cord (as twisted), that is, (by implication) a boundary; by extension the territory inclosed: - border, bound, coast, X great, landmark, limit, quarter, space.

This was a heinous crime back in those days. To move landmarks in order to steal someones land and this is part of the connotation here. But the other, far more relevant one is the lack of moral and spiritual boundaries this passage alludes to. No wickedness, no perversion, no evil was forbidden to the leaders and people of the time. They were completely without moral restraint. It was for this reason that God was going to pour out his anger 'like water' or an overflowing flood. This is an  excellent parable for our times, when the sexual, moral and ethical restraints are being challenged more and more and those who have no respect for Christ Jesus or this country's Christian heritage fill up its key institutions. Moral boundaries while they have not all been broken today, more and more are being challenged.

Then follows a specific word about Ephraim, the most powerful of  the northern kingdom. In short the world 'calamity' comes to mind to what God has in store for this wayward people. The problem here is one of false worship and devotion to false gods and devils rather than God. The phrase 'willingly walked after the commandment' must be understood with regards to whose commandments the Northern Kingdom were following. Clearly based upon all we have read so far in Hosea it was not that of Jehovah. No, it was the commandment of Baal that the Prophet is speaking against. It was the 'adjurations of abomination' and  the 'commandments of contamination' that is referred to here. Usually I try and keep these pieces on the prophets focused solely on the times they spoke on. But I will forgo that this time so that we can talk a little about this and what is happening today in our word, particularly in the west.

I think what we should understand here as it related to our world today is this - many paths don't lead to God and that to some degree, we Christians who are in this world but not of it, must learn to tolerate others who worship other Gods, but we must never allow ourselves, our Churches, our doctrines or our faith to be contaminated with the gods, idols, demons, spirits, doctrines and other religious teachings of other religions. Other religious systems can often be rather fascinating, to a mind who does not know God. Their doctrines can entice and seduce a soul who may sincerely be looking for God. Today, more and more religions are doing what they know will draw men in. They reject strict morality and push variations of the satanic commandment as preached by the last century's leading satanist who famously said, 'do as thou wilt' . This is a seductive commandment because it allows for the sexual revolution to continue, the drug revolution to continue, the greed revolution to continue because the commandment is not as Christ said, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but 'do as thou wilt' or perhaps more relevantly in many cases today , 'do unto others before they do unto you'. So instead of the worship of Christianity, we have a new pantheon of gods and goddesses, religions and spirits who now are in fashion in the western world.

Because Ephraim hath made many altars to sin,
altars shall be unto him to sin.

(Hos 8:11)

This is the sense I get from this passage. They just did care about morality anymore. They were stealing land, gangbanging at baal's sex altar, allowing their wives and daughters to give into this activity and the Lord had had enough. Today, we see the same things in the west in many respects as devil worship and occultism have become fashionable. The false worship of the Northern Kingdom is a potent reminder of what God thinks about it all and what he does to those who consistently engage in it. At the root of this spirit though I think are two things - the devil and self will. The devil uses man's self will to drive him a way from God. It is nothing more that the highly successful tact he took in the Garden of Eden, '...ye shall be as gods...' (Gen 3:5). People want to be like god - they don't want to follow commandments, they want to give them! So they seek out a religion that feeds these desires. One of the key facets of what Jeroboam was trying to do is key to I think what is happening in Christianity today.

Jeroboam did not want to do away with the Jewish Religion. No, he wanted to modify it and move the center of political power away from Jerusalem and subvert it to appease his personal power base. But he set the North on a path that led to its destruction. This is in many ways, is what I see in Christendom, particularly Catholicism today. They want to move the center of gravity away from the Bible and God's immutable standards and find something more palatable to a world that has no intention of repenting. So what do you have? Protestant Churches who perform gay weddings and a Catholic Church that places the stamp of approval on adultery. Even if that adultery has the sanction of the state it does not have it of Christ.

So they use talk of mercy and love while they commit sins against the God they claim to serve and love with evils they know he hates. So today, as then it's not just the erection of new temples and new gods and the new-age religious system that is arising. No, the issue then as now is also and more importantly the subtle subversion of Christianity by men and women who are not anointed by God, but are given infernal unction by the devil to destroy the simplicity of the Gospel and the pervert to pathways to Christ.

Forgive this little digression, but I think it meet that we talk a bit about how these prophecies really are quiet relevant for our times, though they may not often seem like it.

Verse 12 goes on to show that God is going to behave like a slow acting destructive force on Ephraim that will slowly eat it away.

When Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah saw his wound,
then went Ephraim to the Assyrian, and sent to king Jareb:
yet could he not heal you, nor cure you of your wound.
For I will be unto Ephraim as a lion, and as a young lion to the house of Judah:
 I, even I, will tear and go away; I will take away, and none shall rescue him.

(Hos 5:13-14)

In this we see that Ephraim realized he was sick and even the Southern Kingdom could see that he was ill. Yet at first he does not go to God for help. No! He goes to Assyria and tries to get help there. Their religion was Ashurism. So what he was doing was doing was going to one of the false gods of his time to solve his 'Jehovah problem'.  But there is no escape from the living God among the idols of wood, stone and clay of Hosea's time or in the ouija boards, tarot cards, astrological charts or pentagrams of our times. There was no cure for Ephraim's wound except from the living God and he was having none that, at least not yet. The reference to King Jareb is obscure. It is probably not a literal name for there is no historical reference to such a king in Assyria. However some think it may have either been an earlier name for Sargon or perhaps the name of some early usurper. The Hebrew word is

From H7378; he will contend; Jareb, a symbolical name for Assyria: - Jareb. Compare H3402.

What is not obscure is that this king could not help the Northern  tribes. Why? Because God was going to rip them to shreds, just like a lion. Verse 14 shows the Lord to be as a lion. K&D makes the observation...
The first clause of Hos_5:15 is still to be interpreted from the figure of the lion. As the lion withdraws into its cave, so will the Lord withdraw into His own place, viz., heaven, and deprive the Israelites of His gracious, helpful presence, until they repent, i.e., not only feel themselves guilty, but feel the guilt by bearing the punishment. Suffering punishment awakens the need of mercy, and impels them to seek the face of the Lord.  - Keil And Delitzsch
This interpretation seems to be a good one for in the final verse we see this.

I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence,
and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early.

(Hos 5:15)

So the Lord goes away, he's not to be found by the victims of the lions claws. By way of analogy - They lay on the ground bleeding and infected, with large gashes on them and lions claw scratches all over their bodies and it is only in this condition that they begin to seek out the Lord. The Lord will wait on them to acknowledge their sins and then seek his face.

In so many cases of backsliders, it is only in the furnace of affliction can those who go so far from God ever hope to return.

I hope to have the next section of Hosea up next week, the good Lord willing!!

Corrupt America: Beauty Queen Says She Will Not Commit Suicide

There has been a long pattern of 'Akancides' of the couple of decades.

Corrupt America: Whistleblower Stabbed, Burned Alive In Home

Looks like the police are the prime suspect in this arson-homocide. This is 'in your face' corruption.

As you all know I have had all manner of problems not so long ago and to tell you the truth, I just think some of it may still be going on but 'off the books' and not within the law. Why did they go after me. Most of it is because I am Black and a Christian and have a very, very influential group of people who follow what the 'Religious Lunatic from Maryland' has to say. But the trigger? I went 'off narrative' on them on the Ukraine Crisis. They wanted Nazi's in power to start slaughtering Russians (i.e., create, promulgate and sustain a race war)  and I spoke out about them. That is when I was targeted. They thought they could co-opt or control me. They still might kill me and I do not jest. In a round about way, what I did was 'whistleblowing'. Now think about it. What would we think if on a major Russian Network a Russian General says that they need to 'start killing Americans'? You and I would be understandably outraged.

There really is a deeply ingrained network of hard core racists that operate at the very top (Executive level)  inside these intel agencies. I know many in the agency want to 'take me out'  and have for a long, long time. But God has not allowed that. Go back to the 80's and MENA Arkansas scandal and the CIA's crack cocaine operation, that targeted Black neighborhoods and put thousands of Black men in jail. These are not rumors, these things happened and the perpetrators, as usual, did not go to jail and over the years, some rose very high in the US government. And just so you know, not all of them are White-men. When they can find a Black person who hates Black folks more than they do, such people can be exceptionally useful to their racist ends. They are used to deflect charges of racism. This is one reason I put that open letter up to the folks at Black Lives Matter. They really don't know what they are up against. Perhaps some one somewhere has broken the law and went against their orders and hipped some of them as to the 'real deal' so they don't wind up making little rocks out of big rocks in some set-up for the 'crime' of trying to help our people. I rather think this may have happened. I sure hope so. They are still walking around and out of jail and that is a very good sign.

But know this. Congress' longest serving Congressman (who happens to be Black) put a stop to these evil works. He was deeply concerned that all that training and arms we were giving these Nazi's bands would wind up over here in the US and giving homegrown Nazi's and racists a shot in the arm, so to speak, using the DOD and US taxpayer dollars in an indirect fashion. Great news, isn't it? Well, don't party yet. They just gutted the provision he put in there. I know many of you thought I was talking out of my posterior when I pointed these things out a couple of years ago because all of the 'conspiracy sites' that you trusted to tell you didn't. Why didn't they?

There is a 'false prophet' network out there on the internet. Think of them as 'controlled opposition' they are used to get you to trust them most of the time, so that when key moments come, they can deceive and misdirect you at those very important and critical moments. These guys I am here to tell you are EVERYWHERE on the net. Beware.

So many of these guys out there claiming to be saved are working for either voluntarily or involuntarily for a US or foreign intelligence service. If they are out there for any length of time and have any kind of a following, they will get a visit and those who do come a knocking, will seemingly be a really nice person who 'wants to help'.

He wants to help you one way or another into their network of disinformation and they will try and set you up to get you in it. That 'nice guy'? He's sizing you up, looking for the softest point in your back to place a knife in when you turn it on him. But he may maneuver you over to the hole he dug for you first,  to spare himself the trouble of burying you when he's done.

Hence my troubles.

Dear readers, I will never do that. I will never EVER get that close to the devil's workmen again. I blocked the phone numbers to those who used to want to 'help' from my phone well over a year ago and as soon as one of these guys come within visual range, I will go the other direction.

So fret not that I will ever be co-opted by these dark workmen.

But beware, many, many have.

Christians out there who have a blog or site, run churches or other ministries that inform people? I ask you to be on your guard. I exhort you in the name of Jesus Christ to remember your responsibility to other Christians, to those who listen to you and that you take the greatest care in trusting anyone who seems to have a special inside scoop on things or who comes out of nowhere and says they want to help. Don't be overly suspicious, but keep a healthy degree of cautious distance until you get a better read on who you are dealing with. Why?

Because the devil would love to devour you and your ministry.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil,
as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions
are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world. But the God of all grace,
who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that
ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.
To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever.
(1Pe 5:8-11)

I request a prayer for myself as well. Mostly for personal safety. As you probably read my letter (scroll down a ways on this page) to my Senator, who sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, there are some issues that need to be resolved. While many think it unwise to deal with the CIA and DOD in this manner, I would agree, in the natural realm. But you know what? Other Christian bloggers have been done the same way - some shut their blogs down, others wind up being 'co-opted' (I won't link to that one) and others are jailed or have 'accidents'.

I am going to shine a light on this crap while the Oversight Committee's in the House And Senate are finally finding their legs. But will do so without compromising ongoing ops or covert personnel. As strongly as I feel about some of these guys and the dirt they are doing, there are still a lot of good people who really put their lives on the line for the nation. I will never jeopardize their lives or legally sanctioned (key phrase here) operations. But if they start running Heroin into places like Ferguson and I will scream to high heaven. I am not accusing anyone of this horrible epidemic here at this time. But I cannot help but wonder...

So I need prayer along those lines, when they find someone they don't like they dig and dig and dig and do whatever they can to find some dirt on them and if they can't find it, they resort to 'other methods'.

The person I was dealing with was supposed to be protecting me from that kind of stuff, it was part of his job. Their job is to PROTECT Americans, not target and harass them. If I told you my life was in danger, I would not be exaggerating. The good news is I have just enough light on me to make them think twice. Some powerful folks keep their eye on what the 'Religious Lunatic From Maryland' has to say. If I vanish, questions WILL BE ASKED.

So if somehow you find that I have been arrested for a operating meth lab, or molesting kids, or building nuclear bomb in my kitchen sink, or they found 'secret' evidence I was behind the JFK assassination (LOL!) , take what you hear with a grain of salt. They do those kinds of things to destroy a person's credibility.   They have been through my house and computers already at least once and I am pretty sure multiple times. So if they 'find' something new or manufacture some 'evidence' be aware of where it's coming from. The devil's slime factory.

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper;
and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
(Isa 54:17)

I don't think I have much to worry about... until we get a new President. Then I think I could run into trouble. Clinton does not like me much (at all - she blocked my site from any access at the State Department when she ran it) and Trump does not appear to like Black folks much. In fact, it was Hillary Clinton who first called me 'that Religious Lunatic from Maryland!!'
Again, keep me in your prayers!

God bless all of you as you serve our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Corrupt America: Who Is Really The Most Corrupt On Earth

We hear about how bad others are. But when you stop and look at what is going on here and what no one is doing anything about, you simply cannot say that this nation is not among the most corrupt in the world.

Corrupt America: Corruption Endemic To American Way Of Life

A very good post. I say all of these things not to lambaste this once great land, but to make this point - This land will not stay great much longer if we let these kinds of criminal acts continue. Capitol Hill will not fix any of these things - read that link, your reps, for the most part are part of an endemic system of bribery, payola and corruption that no one has the courage and the wherewithal to fix. It's not endemic to one party or one group of politicians, they are all involved to greater or lesser degree's, if only by their silent acquiesce to long standing known criminal acts of their colleagues and respective political parties.

It's everywhere -  in our courts, Law Enforcement, City Halls and it's systemic. But the people are given steady doses of entertainment and pleasures and they don't mark it. But as more and more people fall out of the work force, benefits are cut (as they are now more here) they won't have any other choice but to mark it, because the pain of it will be felt in their daily lives.

 Yes, I know many of you don't understand all that economic stuff I have been posting for years. But now the reality is coming into view. Social Security as we know it, is heading into some very serious fiscal headwinds. All that money that they stole out of it (yes they did) and used it to fight these wars? Now the chickens are coming home to roost. They want to save the program and can't. There is just not enough money.

You know what? Let me tell you something. We just passed 19 Trillion dollars in debt, and the President just proposed another record breaking spending bill. Washington is still smoking economic crack.

I don't want to give the impression that it's the end of the world, but as far as the way we as a nation have been putting off hard choices, those days are over. Somebody has to pay for all of these programs and no one wants to. But the butcher is at the door and he wants his money.

He just happened to bring his meat cleaver with him as he not-so-politely requests payment for his prior services.

Cop Sentenced For Obstructing DOJ Gang Probe

Cop Charged For Stealing Dope, Toys

Justice Reform: Is It Dead?

(Marshall Project) Among advocates campaigning to reduce the country’s bloated prison population and invest in rehabilitation, there is a growing sense that a) Congress is unlikely to pass anything this year worthy of being called reform, and b) it might be better to start over in 2017.

Even the decidedly modest reforms that had some momentum a few months ago – measures that would mainly reduce mandatory minimum sentences for some drug offenders – have run into fierce opposition from law-and-order hawks such as Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark, who credits mandatory minimums for the 25-year decline in violent crime.

Major reform still has a formidable array of advocates. President Obama yearns to make justice reform part of his legacy and has lobbied for it in public and in private. House Speaker Paul Ryan has also professed support, as a way of slowing the community-destroying cycle of poverty, crime and punishment, not to mention a way of demonstrating that the GOP is not indifferent to the blacks and Latinos who are disproportionately ground up in the current system. Reform is backed by a strange-bedfellows alliance of conservative and progressive interest groups and by many big-city law enforcement officials. And a new poll released Thursday by the Pew Charitable Trusts finds strong public support for reducing or even eliminating mandatory minimum sentences and letting prisoners earn time off their sentences by participating in programs like job training and drug counseling. - The Marshall Project

Native American Lives Matter

The police are killing Native Americans at almost the same rate they killed African-Americans. Yet these deaths are rarely covered beyond local news stories. That may be beginning to change, but editors still are struggling to find new ways to tell stories about the underlying causes of problems within Native communities.

Carmel Alert: News From Israel From A Messianic Jewish Perspective

...Then there are the increasing number of universities, businesses, organisations, and even churches that are boycotting Israeli goods and services because of the way they perceive that Israel is dealing with the so called Palestinians. In most case these claims are unfounded but Israel is becoming more condemned and isolated as the weeks by. - Carmel Alert

Always a very informative newsletter, it's  free from the usual anti-Semitic slant we get here in the west. This Jewish couple gives us a fresh and informed view of events in Israel.

Donate To Watson's Web

NH: Trump And Sanders Trounce Opposition

Two political outsiders have done very well in NH and unlike the caucuses we had last week, these do not appear to have been rigged up by each party's respective dirty tricks division. Corrupt politicians resort to corrupt methods to win elections. I think what NH showed us is that many Americans are tired of the corruption. They are looking for basic honesty. Politicians like Hillary, lack those qualities according to polls.

What do I think? I think for once, the pundits are right - both of these candidates are tapping in to an enormous amount of rage that is out there at the political establishment. There are two qualities that both of the winners have that the others don't, weather you like them nor not. Both are seen to  be telling voters the truth about what they want to do when they get in. Trump has tapped into an incredible amount of 'Angry White Male' rage, the GOP suburban anger that has its own issues with what is wrong with the nation. Sanders is the same, he is tapping into a lot of rage from young people and working men and women who voted for Obama, and got screwed in the process. They want someone with a track record of looking out for the little guy, not some automaton who tells them they are looking out for them and them goes in the backroom and negotiates yet another job killing Free Trade deal. Did you know that the number of working age people not working has hit a record high 94 million. Notice I did not say 'unemployed' I said 'not working'. Here is the real result of Obamanomics.

Federal Reserve/ BLS
Now before any of you hot-headed political automaton's get your undies tied up in a knot, and fire off a 'nasty-gram' to me, know this - I did not 'cherry pick' this data. I did not create it. The GOP did not create it. In fact, the people who gave us these numbers are the exact same ones who are lying to the people saying we have a 5% unemployment rate. That agency (the BLS) is controlled by a Democrat. His name is Barak Obama. So the real number of people not working is not 5% it's 37.3%. To be fair, that number includes special categories of people people like those who are disabled. But also keep in mind that even among those people who are working many are part timers, temps, bartenders and floors sweepers. More here.

Yet, the real issues here is one of semantics and propaganda. Dear readers, it works - the wealthy and powerful pay for propaganda because it works so very, very well. They way they get that low number (5%) is...well to not put too fine a point on it, is by lying. They just pull people out of the 'employment' pool once they cannot find a job after 6 months. They use a different words for those people. They call them 'discouraged workers'. It does not matter if you were beating the bushes for 10 hours a day 6 days a week looking for work and cannot find a job. The key here is that the government cannot count such people in order to maintain the 5% narrative, so they have a new category for people who are not working. Again. This is all about propaganda and semantics it's about a narrative. They must give the illusion of a full labor force to give impetus to the implementation of these new job killing Free Trade Agreements, of which the TPP is only one. The lie is imperative and people must believe the lie or at least not get too mad about being lied to.

How deeply ingrained is all of this propaganda in the American political system? I mean really? Sit down take a moment are read this one. I think you will find it most enlightening and from it you will see why it costs so much to get to the White House. These guys and others like them want money alot of money for their 'services'.

(Voltaire.net) Just as today, there exist mercenary armies like Blackwater-Academi, DynCorp or CACI, there also exist private companies specialised in psychological operations, like the British company SCL (Strategic Communications Laboratories) and its US subsidiary Cambridge Analytica. In the strictest secret, they have helped the CIA to organise the « colour revolutions » and are now branching out into the manipulation of the electoral public. Since 2005, they have been participating in the British Defense Systems & Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition, and sell their services to the highest bidder [3]. Concerning Syria, SCL worked in early 2011 in Lebanon, where it studied the the possibilities of manipulating the population community by communuity.

In modern societies, the political authorities are chosen by election. That may range from a simple choice between pre-selected candidates – according to their personal qualities – to the designation of personalities who are offering a specific political project. In any case, the candidates have to rely on their militants or their employees in order to wage their campaign. We know that the winner is always the person who is able to gather the greatest number of militants. It is therefore necessary not only to fabricate a candidate, but also a party or a movement to support them. However, today’s electors hesitate to subscribe to an organisation, and employees are expensive. SCL came up with the idea of using behavioural techniques in order to fabricate a political party which would sweep its client to power. Its psychologists define the profile-type of the sincere and manipulable militant, then collect the data from the target population, determine who best corresponds to their profile, and design the most efficient messages to convince them to support their client.

For the first time, this stratagem has just been implemented on a huge scale – in the United States, with Ted Cruz.

Financing the operation

Robert Mercer, one of the principle donors to US public life, has indirectly paid more than 15 million dollars to SCL-Cambridge Analytica for them to handle Ted Cruz’s campaign [4].

Inventor of a vocal recognition software product, Mercer is today the boss of Renaissance, one of the top investment companies in the world. Between 1989 and 2006, his famous Medaillon fund made an average of 35 % profit per year, at the same time as designing a tax-evasion system for his clients [5].

Robert Mercer has never made any comment about his political opinions, and the US commentators don’t really know how to classify this « Republican ». No-one knows, for example, his position on social problems such as the right to abortion or gay marriage. At best, we know that he does not believe that climate change is caused by human activity, that he clearly opposes Hillary Clinton and his friend Donald Trump, and is close to John Bolton -
 - Ted Cruz PsyOp/Voltaire.net

Propaganda, I am telling you that this stuff is in almost every single MSM article, TV news and political pundit show you read and see.  The good news though is that people on the left are not buying the Obamalony or the Clinton 'cigars' anymore. Americans, thankfully are just a bit, not much, but just a bit more sophisticated these days. Three to six months in the unemployment line tends to do that to people. Nor are they swallowing up the same old refrain from the liars on the political right either. There are millions of Americans who are truly fed up with Washington as usual. I have long been one of them. I have never voted for the two party system because I see both of them as being the number one problem in America. The way to solve that problem is to send both parties home packing, with a few taking a long detour via federal prison.

America is not ready for that yet. They are still listening to the two party system as though it will change things. I can tell you that no matter how sincere either Trump or Sanders are, they will be tools of their respective parties and simply will not be able to do much when they get into office. They may honestly want to do many of the things they say and in each case to their credit, I think they do. The problem is Washington - the cesspool of lobbyists, bankers, elitists, intelligence officials, PAC's and yes, traitors who infest the halls of power. They are there to make absolutely certain that nothing the people want ever gets put into law, and even it it does, it's never actually put into practice or is enforced.

Dear readers, I know I have hit some sacred cows here. People don't like to deal in  reality and that is why we are in the mess we are in today. No one wants to hear these things because no one wants to fix these things - not really. Anger is not enough, it's time the people got angry, yes -  but that is not enough. Getting a whole new swath of leaders in the White House, Congress and the Senate that reflect the will of the people rather than lobbyists and the ultra-wealthy is.

Yes, there is anger out there and unlike our President who says you should not vote your anger, I say, yes - by all means vote your anger - that is exactly where your anger should be channeled. Not in violent revolution or hate, not in these (paid for) political attacks on TV or on the internet,  but at the ballot box.

But the dangers I see coming are considerable. I think the threat here is far beyond what people think it is. When I read portions of the TPP and the power they give the corporations and how the rights of people are gutted, I say to myself, America does not know that once these agreements pass, our courts will no longer be guided by the Constitution. The treaty (which supersedes the Constitution) sets up a new court that is higher than our constitution and Supreme Court. We will see our jobs go away. Right now all the major corporations who were there negotiating this agreement IN SECRET are going to spend millions on a PR campaign to tell you that it's not true, but I ask you to go and look at that chart above and know this - these corporations think that anyone who has a living wage, is making too much money. They don't like living wages, they like wages that increase their bottom line. That's why so many go to places like Bangladesh to hire workers. They don't have to pay them much and often, they are not paid at all - they are defrauded after they work in those sweat shops with no one to complain to.

But the danger I see here in this nation is a little different. As these agreements are brought online and people realize that there is nothing they can do at the ballot box to change them. There is going to be a very different kind of anger. I mean there is going to be some real anger because Obama and his corporate henchman are working very hard to do and end run around democracy. They want to make sure that in the future, you can be as mad as you want to be and there won't a darn thing you can do about it. Your votes will be nothing more than 'suggestions' to international trade bodies whose sole aim will be to reduce wages, gut worker rights and increase corporate profits as they dictate US law.

Right now, the people don't get this and once this agreement passes (probably right around Christmas when the President and Congress are both Lame Ducks and need not face any voter anger for the passage), America over the next decade will change in remarkable and horrible ways. In short, if you are part of the 99%, buy some Vaseline, because once they bend you over the corporate rail with your drawers wrapped around your ankle,  you are going to need it.

I know folks don't like when I get so raw, but simply put, there is no 'nice', PC or pretty way to describe what these guys have in store for working Americans. How do I know the American people don't know? Because if they knew, really knew,  there would be strikes, work stoppages, mass protests and other acts that made their desire plain to the powers that be. Instead, their answer is to watch the Super Bowl. 

However, if you are part of the 1%, then the TPP is for you.

The threat as I see it coming, not right away, but once these portions of these agreements get phased in is this. Sooner or later the State governments are going to look for a way to get out of America - yes, I mean succession.  It will be the only way to get out of these agreements with hell. Believe it or not, this has already been a problem that has run right into several governors chairs. They have kept it very, very quiet, but yes, talk and just a little more than talk have been noted in some States at the political/elected official level.

There are a range of issues that DC has rammed down the States throats and many in the State Houses realize that Washington, or rather, the forces that have captured Washington are the problem.

People, local and State governments sooner or later are going to look at succession as being the answer. I don't think it is or will solve anything really - but they won't be asking me. I will tell you this - our leaders both far and wide are warning of major problems with social stability coming. They know it's coming and so do I. It's just a question of when and just how bad it gets. Things like the employment disaster that will follow the TPP passage over the next decade will only exacerbate problems considerably. I also know this. If you take a way a persons right to democratic input, they will find another form of 'input' and that is not a scenario I or any sane person desires.

What Americans failed to understand with Obama is that his candidacy was never about 'Black' or people power or anything like that. That was what he paid is propagandists to get folks to believe. He was always about handing over more power to the major corporations and limiting the choices of Americans. He has been exceptionally adept at the use of media and propaganda to deceive Americans as to who he really was and represented. Only now, 7 years later has the first layer of self-blinding scales fallen off the eyes of the American voter.

There are still several more layers that must fall off before they can really see.

Our nation just does not have that much time.

For your information and for full disclosure sake: I do not support either of the two parties and will not vote for their candidates.

Hosea Part VI

The last chapter of Hosea we left off with the Prophet chiding Israel for her whoredom and being joined to idols. His description was of a people totally depraved; sexually and spiritually. Chapter five begins with a pronouncement against the Religious establishment (priests) and the King.

Hear ye this, O priests; and hearken, ye house of Israel; and give ye ear,
O house of the king; for judgment is toward you, because ye have been a snare on Mizpah,
and a net spread upon Tabor. And the revolters are profound to make slaughter,
though I have been a rebuker of them all. I know Ephraim, and Israel is not hid from me:
 for now, O Ephraim, thou committest whoredom, and Israel is defiled.

(Hos 5:1-3)

The Lord begins by pronouncing judgment on both classes of rulers - the secular and religious establishment. Both had led Israel astray into the hands of sexual and spiritual depravity. The anger of the Lord is clear to this class of people. They were a snare on Mizhah and Tabor. These two words are the names of places but also have connotations of being high places. 
Feminine of H4708; Mitspah, the name of two places in Palestine. (This seems rather to be only an orthographical variation of H4708 when ‘in pause’.): - Mitspah. [This seems rather to be only an orthographical variationof H4708 when “in pause”.]

here is what Eaton's Bible Dictionary says about it.

Mizpah; Mizpeh
miz´pa, miz´pe: This name is pointed both ways in the Hebrew, and is found usually with the article. The meaning seems to be “outlook” or “watchtower.” It is natural, therefore, to look for the places so named in high positions commanding wide prospects. - Eaton's Bible Dictionary

From a root corresponding to H8406; broken region; Tabor, a mountain in Palestine, also a city adjacent: - Tabor.

Eaton's Says this about it

A height.
(1.) Now Jebel et-Tur, a cone-like prominent mountain, 11 miles west of the Sea of Galilee. It is about 1,843 feet high. The view from the summit of it is said to be singularly extensive and grand. This is alluded to in Psa_89:12; Jer_46:18. It was here that Barak encamped before the battle with Sisera (q.v.) Jdg_4:6-14. There is an old tradition, which, however, is unfounded, that it was the scene of the transfiguration of our Lord. (See HERMON.) “The prominence and isolation of Tabor, standing, as it does, on the border-land between the northern and southern tribes, between the mountains and the central plain, made it a place of note in all ages, and evidently led the psalmist to associate it with Hermon, the one emblematic of the south, the other of the north.” There are some who still hold that this was the scene of the transfiguration (q.v.).
Both of these words denote a high place. The high places were known as places where idolatrous worship and sex orgies took place and these places had become a snare to the people, under the leadership of the reprobate priesthood and king.

Verse two continues on with the same theme noting that they lived to make slaughter. The word profound according to the JFB is noting just how far the leadership of Israel had sunk in their depravity as he quotes from Calvin. But he goes on to note that he thinks that they were profoundly cunning in their idolatry and devised new ways of idolatrous worship noting the Golden Calf set up in Bethe-el. Other commentators think that this is a reference to cunning ways they trapped animals in those days and perhaps was referring to the way they trapped men into that kind of worship in those days.

Others think it was a reference to the killing of those who refused to bow down to these idols. The passage is not clear and it is quite possible that the prophet to some degree had all three categories in mind, Israel had sunk just that low. The Lord then tells them he was going to rebuke them all. No order or level of society would escape divine reproof and judgement. The translators make this a past tense and this may also be a reference to the prophets that the Lord had sent to the people before Judgement fell.

Despite their attempt at hiding their intentions and actions from other men, the Lord sees all. They could put on any kind front or pose they wanted to, God knew their hearts and he lays it bare  Ephraim committed Whoredom and Israel is defiled and the Lord was going to recompense them.

They will not frame their doings to turn unto their God: for the spirit of whoredoms is in the midst of them, and they have not known the LORD. And the pride of Israel doth testify to his face: therefore shall Israel and Ephraim fall in their iniquity; Judah also shall fall with them. They shall go with their flocks and with their herds to seek the LORD; but they shall not find him; he hath withdrawn himself from them.
(Hos 5:4-6)

Again we find this powerful spirit of whoredoms mentioned. So before we continue on with Hosea, let's talk just a bit about this spirit.

When one things of a whore one thinks of a woman who sells her sex for money. She is nasty, though she may be beautiful. These days, she is probably diseased, though telling her customers this may not be in her interest, so she will hide it. But a successful whore is indeed a good looking woman and is well paid. She is a head turner and gets rich sleeping with men for money. It is this image that God is evoking in his words against Israel in those days. She as supposed to be married to the Lord and was out cavorting with idols in outrageous acts of worship that deeply offended and angered the Lord. This spirit was deeply ingrained in ancient Israel. This however we must remember is a spiritual stronghold. It has deep demonic underpinnings and like all demons seek to keep man from fulfilling God's purpose for them. The spirit of whoredom is not just known in ancient Israel. It is a spirit that exists today in the United States of America, where our political and religious class can be and are often bought by forces who hate the God of the Bible and Jesus Christ.

The purpose of these spirits are the same as it was back in Hosea's day, to lead the nation away from God and into the arms of the devil. This was the problem back then and it is certainly happening now in Babylon the Great. Yes, it is America, though man will tell you otherwise. The last days personification of this spirit comes in the center of the economic and political world of the last days, a nation that sells her soul for money. Both the system then and now are marked by false religion and worship. While it is true that Christians have made up the majority of people in this nation since its inception, the real religious spirit since the foundation of America lies not in Christianity, but in Freemasonry.

Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries,
wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit,
if so be thou mayest prevail.

(Isa 47:12)

The word of the Lord to the Spirit of Babylon.

Freemasons have considerable power over all branches of government and it is by their secret meetings, incantations and oaths, that this nation is run mostly in secret. The people and those who are not privy to the Masonic secrets are given false information and narratives to explain why this or that policy is now the law of the Land. I can remember talking with in 32 degree Mason years ago who had left. He explaied how they tell masons the meanings of this or that rite or symbol at one level and then when they get higher, they realize they were not told the truth about it at the lower level.

The masons are very powerful and their membership reaches into corporate board rooms, the Judge's bench, the White House, Congress, Their roots go deep and into almost all of the world's current governments. Not just western, but also Islamic and Jewish as well. While apologists the world over will make excuses for it, the real spiritual foundation of the current Global order is predicated on the foundation of Masonic Occultism. (keep in mind that Baphomet, as far as I can determine from years of looking into Freemasonry is not an official Masonic God and the connection between the two seems to stem from the use of this god by a group of Templar's long ago). Though frankly I have my doubts. Recent events make one think that there is more to Baphomet than meets the eye... or ear!

We have seen the same theme in other prophets. I note specifically the secret rituals that Ezekiel observed in his day.

He said furthermore unto me, Son of man, seest thou what they do? even the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here, that I should go far off from my sanctuary? but turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations. And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall. Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here. So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, pourtrayed upon the wall round about. And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel, and in the midst of them stood Jaazaniah the son of Shaphan, with every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up. Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? for they say, The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth. He said also unto me, Turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations that they do.
(Eze 8:6-13)

But keep these things in mind if you choose to research this topic of Masorny and secret occult religion. The devil will do his level best to downplay and deny some of the truths and connections I have just stated. He works overtime to differentiate between Satanism/Occultism and modern Freemasonry. While administratively there may be some notable differences, spiritually they are from the same spiritual cesspool and consequently, they must be avoided by any true Christian who wants to avoid the same kinds of spiritual pollutions that Hosea warned Israel about in his day. The devil is a master at the art of confusion and I will tell you, many of these sites have put this or that myth about Freemasonry up there just so that it can be debunked (by them) and Christians wind up looking like fools. Be warned - the spirit of Freemasonry is all over the US and its information and intelligence agencies. They love to play the 'insert a lie and then debunk it' game often doing it just to make people look like fools for believing them.

Don't believe them  - get the facts all the facts not the carefully inserted lies that is designed to make you look like a fool and get people to stop listening to you.

But the spirit of whoredom as described in the last days by the Holy Apostles lays it all out that any honest and sincere Christian  can see where it is centered today and why it is doing what it is doing today. There is a spirit that goes with it. Like the perversions of ancient Israel, the spirit of whoredom always is accompanied by abominations.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.
(Rev 17:4-5)
If we go to the next verse, just like in Hosea the spirit of slaughter is noted.

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus:
and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

(Rev 17:6)

This beautiful whore (who caused John to Marvel) was killing God's people with, as Hosea would put it, profound slaughter. So what Hosea is describing in reality has very real and deep ramifications for us in our times. For as our world especially in the west shuffles off its Christian moorings and moves towards what I will call New Age/Freemasonic Occultism, we are going to be more and more of an anachronism. Even the Catholic Church and many of your protestant denominations have given way to these Babylonian/Satanic Spirits.   They are rising all over the world, even in Israel. But to those of us who know our God and our Bibles, one day, for many of us, our blood will be poured out by entities who are under the control of these demonic spirits who will take over the minds and souls of the world's governments, even as it did in Ancient Israel.

But by contrast we Christians are not to be like the world and go after every adulterous spirit decked in finery. We are to be unlike Israel in ancient times and rather, be faithful. This is one of the three characteristics of those who have the honor of coming with Christ at is second coming.

These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen,
and faithful

(Rev 17:14)

But as we move back to Hosea we find something interesting here. Before, Judah had not been mentioned as sharing the Judgement of Israel, but in verse five, we see that Ephraim and Israel fall together. Verse six warns of a spiritual place where the men of Israel after having strayed so far will one day seek the Lord - but will not find him. They will probably be seeking God in the day of calamity, when the foreign armies arrive at their borders and then suddenly they will recognize what they all knew deep inside, that the Lord, he is God and those sex god's can't even save them from the venereal diseases they and their lovers contract! But God will not be interested in this phony penance in those days. They are not sorry for their sins, they are only sorry they have to pay for them. The Lord "...he hath withdrawn himself from them."

They have dealt treacherously against the LORD: for they have begotten strange children:
now shall a month devour them with their portions. Blow ye the cornet in Gibeah,
and the trumpet in Ramah: cry aloud at Bethaven, after thee, O Benjamin.
Ephraim shall be desolate in the day of rebuke:
among the tribes of Israel have I made known that which shall surely be.

(Hos 5:7-9)

Just like the faithless wife deals treacherously with her husband and begets a brood of illegitimate kids, so has Israel been with God. The phrase a month shall devour their portions is a bit obscure and could  mean a literal month, the month. But the actual word means the New Moon.

From H2318; the new moon; by implication a month: - month (-ly), new moon.
What the connotation here means eludes me. But it may just be a reference to the sacrifices that took place then would be of no avail.  (Hos_6:6; Isa_1:11.; Jer_7:21.; Psa_50:7, Psa_50:8.).

The next section mentions three cities, Gibeah, Ramah and Behaven. These cities were known as places that were to signal when an invasion took place and to warn of danger. God was giving them a sure word of prophecy and the sense here seems be that they should go ahead and blow the Trumpet of warning now, even though they see no enemy because this thing is coming with certainty.

We will continue with Hosea very soon.

Sweden And Refugee: A Law Enforcement Person's View

As promised, this is a view of the migrant crisis in Sweden from someone who is working the issue from a law enforcement perspective in Sweden. Know this, this reader is a very open-minded and most definitely a person who has no racist tendencies. He loves people of all races but see's a serious problem in the way the situation in his country is being handled.  Again remember, he is working with the police on a daily basis and see's things even the Swedish people are not being told. Keep in mind that he has to live this every day, he has a wife and small kids as well and for good reason, he is deeply concerned about recent events. His english is very good and I have cleaned up a few grammatical errors (with his permission) but nevertheless, let the letter flow pretty much as he wrote it.


For those of you who want the shorter version read this abstract, more details and information follows.

What is happening over in Sweden? (A kind of abstract)

The last week there has been an outcry about the Police hiding information and avoiding arresting people that have raped, robbed and sexually harassed young women in public places especially at a big music festival in the capitol Stockholm. And the reason for this is that the Police didn't want the growing party The Sweden Democrats to get more wind in their sails, according to a highranking Police Officers. The Sweden Democrats are the only out of eight parties in the Parliament that opposes the current immigration policies.

While the incidents in Cologne (Germany) and Helsinki (Finland) were slowly being reported by Swedish dailies and TV news it also showed that there had been similar things happening during New Year's Eve in many Swedish cities. And then came the big shocker that an even bigger scandal had happened during a music festival the Summer 2015, and this turned out to be an increase of problems from year before (2014). But it was only now it was made public. So now many Politically Correct politicians, journalists, celebrities and police officials are in a panic and are in damage control mode: we get to hear and read things in media like "this shows that this can happen in Sweden too not only in the Middle East" and that "this is really a problem of men's violence and oppression of women in general that all men, even white native Swedes, should be ashamed of".

The Problem?

It turned out to be mainly two categories of young men committing these crimes:
- young Muslim men from Afghanistan and Iran
- young Muslim men from Morocco that are living in Sweden illegally and hiding from the authorities living on crime

One good thing is that it wasn't mostly (real) refugees from Syria doing this, but the problem is that the immigration wave's biggest single group of people is, you've guessed it, young men from Afghanistan, Iran and Northern Africa. No not all of them have been involved in these KNOWN incidents but shockingly many of them have been.

And by exposing this fact people start to wonder if the politicians behind the current policies are neither ignorant, cowards or traitors.

Background And Detail

For months now there have been rumors and heated discussion in alternative media and around the kitchentables in ordinary Swedish homes about all the problems and fears surrounding the last year's increase in immigrants/refugees/illegal aliens. BEFORE the big wave of people there were approx 60.000, perhaps 100.000 illegal aliens in Sweden. And the politician made laws that forced hospitals and dentists and schools to give illegal aliens the same service as Swedish citizens. Of course helping someone who is in an emergency is the right thing to do, but to fix your tooth decay and teaching your kids to read (and giving them meals everyday) while you are breaking the law and not paying any taxes? And add to this the increased problems with roman (Romany/Gypsy) beggars and growing shanty towns – a complete new and imported phenomenon in Sweden. And all this while politicians and MSM either covering up or supporting the increased tensions and growing problems, setting new records in apathy...and pointing fingers at media and politicians that try to dress these problems. Of course there are right wings populists that try to use the situation, but it all becomes totally absurd when a very well-known politician with heavy ties to The Bilderberg Group and Big Oil, call political opponents ”racists”, and this while he still is suspected of instigation of genocide in Africa to get to the oil wells. This is all about obeying your true masters, that more and more show that they want chaos...before ”order”?

So have there been a cover-up or is this just ”conspiracy theory”? I am here to tell you from the lion's den that this is now an IMPLEMENTED CONSPIRACY PRACTICE!

Yes it is a cover-up conspiracy and it's labelled with Crime code 291

Last year there was a secret decision made by the National Police Commissioner and his staff to classify, giving secrecy to ALL REPORTS INVOLVING immigration, illegal aliens and refugees – giving these reports the crime code ”291”. So when an alternative blog or more independent politician talked about  a gang rape of a Swedish woman by asylum seekers, the Police did not report it to media at all or was very slow to do this and mostly in a censored form. And it is now legal for the Police to do so.

This also affects the way the Police give a description for suspected criminals, being very vague. And often this information gets another censoring filter in the daily newspapers giving almost useless information to the public while asking them to help solving the crime.

So there is either an anxiousness or a wish to not let the facts get out in the open.

Add to this a lack of Policemen out in the street and the situation becomes worse and worse.

Lack of Police forces

At the same time the National Police Commissioner (the top dog) says that we need to increase the number of policemen with at least 10% due to the refugee situation. Now this National Police Commissioner is not a policeman himself but a politically appointed official, appointed by the Social Democrats who is the biggest party in the current left government, and he has a recorded history of personal hate towards the leader of the Sweden Democrats (the growing conservative populist party) so I don't think he (the National Police Commissioner) is thinking clearly right now.

There has also been a gigantic re-organization of the whole Police force, that has nothing to do with the other events, that has caused anger and disturbance in the Police force. So right now there is a kind of ad hoc - damage control - keep calm at any cost - panicking management of the Swedish Police.


So who is coming to Sweden?

Looking at the current situation with the influx the last years of hundreds of thousands of people we can divide them into different categories:

  1. legal, traditional immigration with Muslims as one of the biggest groups

  2. illegal ”traditional” immigration, often from the same countries as the above category but without any legal reason stay (such as political persecution or being from the same family). These are in 99% of the cases hidden by people from the same originating country and often they are being used as cheap, illegal labor. But there are also many of them involved in crime.

  3. Unaccompanied children that claim they are under 18 years old. Most of them are 20-30 years old and all authorities know this but the law says that if the ”child” says he (it is 90% male ”children”) a minor then he should legally be treated as one. Mostly from Afghanistan and Iran.

  4. Last years wave

    a) asylum seekers (approx 40% of them)

    b) people that avoid the authorities and simply disappear in the country (approx 60%)

  5. Gypsies (Romany), many thousands of them (from Bulgaria and Romania)

  6. North African street kids, mainly from Morocco and Algeria,

Morocco is taking no responsibility for these kids/youngsters and is even using them as a diplomatic tool – if Sweden refrains from acknowledging West Sahara then maybe Morocco will talk about bringing THEIR OWN CITIZENS back home from Sweden.

Organized mass gropings or simply a cultural thing?

Concerning recent ”mass gropings” during the New Year's Eve it was young men from North Africa and Afghanistan who were the perpetrators. Was it organized? This is a very delicate question. If it was organized it raises alot of uncomfortable questions like who did it and why? So many journalists and politicians quickly said that it was not organized and that is was MEN who did it, not a special ethnic background that did it- The problem with too quickly saying that it was not organized is that then the answer to the question ”why?” has to be that it happened spontaneous, and would that be any better? If there is a critical mass of people from North Africa/Afghanistan and Swedish/white women then this phenomenon appears by itself? Well then it really seems like it has to do with ethnicity both of the perpetrators and the victims.

And saying that it above all were men who did it pretending that it could just as well be Swedish men in a group harassing foreign or Swedish women, well then you have a big big burden of proof. There are of course many Swedish men that have done criminal acts with female victims, but not on this level attacking total strangers just because you can.

And some kind of organization has to be behind, but if it is ”locally organized” then we probably have a much bigger problem as it then seems to involve, that's right, culture and ethnicity. And it will change today's public squares to dangerous places especially during bigger occasions.

Disinformation revealed

But there is a big scandal out now as I mentioned in the beginning. During a Summer music festival ”We Are Stockholm” the same thing happened, and it was an increase from last year's (2014) festival when young girls were attacked. The Police, just as the case with Cologne, Germany, lied or mislead the public and called it a calm and safe festival. Even a few big dailies referred from reporting what they now admit they knew back then. They suppressed the truth for political reasons.


And as Mark Watson linked about the central station in Stockholm (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3415477/Swedish-police-warn-Stockholm-s-main-police-station-overrun-migrant-teen-gangs-stealing-groping-girls.html) I can only tell you that I pass there everyday and have spent extra hours there every week for many months now. While it is not a crime scene 24/7 there are incidents everyday that involves young men (not kids) from Afghanistan, Iran and North Africa and they have no respect for the authorities or the Police as they know they are de-facto immune from the strong arm of the law because of legislation and ”political cowardness/correctness”. A big problem is proving that they are 18 years or older even if it is obvious. https://translate.google.se/translate?hl=sv&sl=sv&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dn.se%2Fnyheter%2Fsverige%2Fsvart-att-lagfora-unga-nar-aldern-ar-okand%2F

Many of these foreign men disappear after a while and the Police suspect that they are used as cheap, borderline slavery, labor in Europe. Some are forced to stealing. Probably to pay back the money it cost to get them to Sweden by trafficking/smuggling.

There are also very big problems at public bath with recent rapes of underage Swedish girls by gangs of Afghan and Moroccan men.


One other gang rape in central Stockholm got actually reported, probably as it happened in the area where many left leaning journalists live:


The problems are big even in other cities than Stockholm:


Problems at refugee centers

Also at refugees centers the violence is escalating with two recent incidents, one 22 year old Christian woman that worked there was killed by a 15 year old asylum seeking Somali Muslim boy.:



And the Swedish National Police Commissioner is making people upset by this statement (I think I can understand what he means but the timing is sooo bad):


And at another center ten Policemen had to escape not to get beaten up or killed, if they didn't have a Police dog with them one of the Policemen said that he don't think they would make it out alive.


The paper even states at the bottom of the article that from the beginning the Police told them that nothing had happened at the accommodation but later the truth came out. Crime code 291 anyone?

The backstory here is that a 10-year old boy had been repeatedly raped and the Police tried to catch the bad guy(s):


Well that was a brief look at the situation from a fly on the wall at the Police Headquarters

- Name Withheld.

Somebody's Gotta Go: Depopulation And Climate Change's Agenda

You know what is so strange? Many of these elitists aren't hiding their aims. Many of them have come right out and said a great many things in public and for the record! But most people.... you give them facts rather than just 'opinion' and million dollar PR firm manufactured headlines and you know what you get? The thousand yard stare and an automaton that reaches for the remote to get ready to watch the game! Reality does not compute with them, it's 'uncool'.

Understand now, where I am coming from. I think we need desperately to fix a wide range of environmental problems. But the problems that need to be fixed are toxic waste hitting our water supplies (think Flint), Radioactive waste being dumped at sea (think DOD's nuclear waste programs), Fukushima, the California Natural Gas leak and the emerging crisis of GMO linked agricultural problems and the hidden environmental problems that they are hiding with regards to fracking.  These are not issues the elite want to talk about. They have another narrative they are using for an agenda they have not revealed to you just yet, unless you take the time to listen to what they have said and are planning.

This teaser pdf is quite good and I hope some of you will take some time and read it it. EIR's stuff is top notch, despite what so many have said in the past about it and them. They run counter-narrative to so much of the elites agenda and that is why they are often diss'ed by the powers that be.

You can ignore this agenda if you want to. But know this, the elite for the most part have already made up their minds...

...somebody's gotta go.

A Silent Takeover.

As this past year was coming to an end and a new one was beginning, I have been struck by the copious amounts of money that foreign countries and even companies are pouring into America. Not just her real estate and businesses, but her political leaders and key parts of American infrastructure. Specifically the personal data and private communications of American citizens. I use the world private but I should say social media communications. I find the lesser known, stories buried in rather obscure blogs and sites often are more telling that the headlines we read in the MSM. Did you know that the Saudi's are paying a San Francisco 'Big Data' company $40,000 a month for strategic advice and real time monitoring of Social Media? The name of  the company is Zignal Labs.

Listen folks, this surveillance stuff is really big business. They monitor who reads what, where,  how many times and who they share it with in real time. I often hear apologists out there talking about NSA spying as though it's about protecting the people. These high tech firms are making a killing spying on us, not for the NSA, not for American security, but for terrorist supporting governments like the Saudi's who now, with all of these new provisions in CISA, will have access to the private data of 320 million Americans, despite what Congress tell us about 'protections'. So CISA wasn't about the NSA and spying. Rather, it was about the continued material  support to terrorism, that our leaders have been engaged in secretly far away from the MSM. 

These are top lobbying firms who engage in spin management and damage control for the world's top terrorist supporting nation in the world. More here and any good search engine will give you more data on this than you can read in a lifetime.

Foreign Agent Registration Act Form (5/4/15) (copy here)

There are many of these companies and groups who do the Saudi's bidding for a fat fee. There is the above Qorvis, there is Hogan Lovells, Squire Patton Boggs, and Pillsbury Winthrop, Shaw and Pittman not to mention all of those defense firms who sell billions of dollars of high tech military equipment to the Saudi's. They have worked hard to get their people into the top positions into the US intelligence Community as well. The problem is that these days, foreign governments are calling the shots on who gets to sit at key places in Washington. The American people don't have a say anymore. They  don't know and have placed their blind and child like trust in a system that more and more is being purchased by their enemies. Their media is being strongly influenced by the very people who were instrumental in bringing down the Twin Towers.

But it's not just the Saudi's. How many of you have been watching the standoff in Oregon? I have not covered it here yet because I was working on my Ukraine and Repentance pieces. But the topic goes right to the question at hand. These ranchers who are using armed force against the Government (something I cannot and will not support)  are protesting something that they feel strongly about. That being the fact that the Federal  Government is continually encroaching on wildlands and endangering ranchers and farmers. These guys mostly live on Federal lands. and there are numerous and very serious issues they are dealing with. In California, the Government owns 45.8% of all land. In Nevada, where the Bundy Standoff occurred, they own 84.9% of all land, according to Congress

Water rights, environmental issues, the issues run the gamut. Ranchers, as you know in the Bundy stand off, were being forced to move to make way for a Chinese owned wind farm. What I can tell you about that is what you already know, that Reid and one of his henchman over at BLM (see blue in map a above) to make way for the Farm.

Reid and China... what can I say? These are issues that have long been talked about. But what you may not be aware of is another part of the story that our leaders have been quietly talking about. What is that, you might ask? Well, its buried deep in the CRS report I linked to above.

 Here is what is in there.

Federal Land Ownership: Overview and Data

For those of you looking for the above referenced 2013 report, you can find it here. But it's large so I will give you the reference spread sheet on page 491 of that document.


Now perhaps you understand why this standoff, the Bundy standoff and the others that will follow is a little more than about some 'angry white guys' with guns. There are deeper issues here that even the Ranchers may not know about. America needs money and right now, she is getting some of it, though the Financial machinery in DC has been very mum about its source. The Daily Treasury statement was 'all better now' once the House passed its omnibus Budget in December.

So we now have money to pay for the day to day operations of our government.

No dear readers, our long term problems are even more severe than ever as the outlays for new military equipment make plain.

  - CRS

FYI, DOD Is to buy Fewer F-35's

You can scan the web and see the same pattern. Fewer number of big budget items. The simple fact is, as I explained to all to all of you last fall is that America is rapidly reaching 'peak debt' and with each successive year is just going to have to learn to live within its means. We dear readers, despite whatever lies they tell you on TV, have only just begun to feel the pinch. (I have been talking about these issues - but that is for insiders only!)

Will America sell off federal lands to pay for her debts? I know that this is what the Chinese have been wanting, and one of the reasons why that particular US Senator had his agents in the BLS and at least one of the reasons he got a bruising 'visit' (and was hospitalized after it) not so long ago. The President is not predisposed to sell, at least not this one at this time. But I would venture to guess that they are lining the pockets of political candidates right now, hoping to change that decision in order to gain direct access to US land in the not too distant future.

But on the Economic front, there are some very big things happening. China is working on their Gold backed Currency. In fact, she just announced that foreign banks are to participate in the new Yuan Denominated Gold Benchmark or they will face curbs. This has the potential of shifting the Gold pricing power away from London and moving it to Shanghai. This is one to watch because China clearly is determined to unhook her economy from US/Western dominance and wants to back her currency with Gold. This has the potential to be a real a game changer if they can pull it off and if you want my guess, this is why China's markets are going haywire. Someone is 'explaining' to China that they don't like the idea in the language of 21st century geopolitics. This is the economic brand of 'unrestricted warfare'.

But the damage could not be worse for China, as ZH points out in this piece. But it's having a horrible effect in Latin America, The US, and Europe.

What do these things mean for us?

Again brothers, I do not want to spread fear, but my thinking goes like this.

Our national political and economic leadership are in the process of being completely captured by foreign interests. I know this and others in Congress know this. I think I mentioned this before, but I remember listening to one of our Congressman on CSPAN who alluded to this very thing, that the American people just did 'not have fighting chance', was the phrase he used as he was referring to the inflows of foreign money into our political system. Even the new speaker in his acceptance speech alluded to the fact that Congress was broken. DC is rapidly becoming Treason, Inc.

The White house is just as broken. The Supreme Court is probably in the worst shape of all three branches of government, where a hefty 'speakers fee' or crooked book deal or mulit-million dollar piece of  overseas real estate placed carefully in a trust controlled by a Justice has bought 'influenced' many a ruling before it. You cannot keep your nation secure with leaders like this. It's impossible. This is why you are seeing things like this.

Our nation has got a ton of troubles. But brothers, I don't want any of you to be in fear.

We as Christians must accept that America has made her choice and that we as Christians must be ready to deal with the spiritual headwinds that will surely come as these new nations begin more and more to set and dictate policy in DC. I wish I could tell you that a letter to Congress or changing political parties in DC will bring change. It won't. The rot is too deep, even the 'watchers' who should be marking and dealing with corruption inside of the American establishment appear more and more to have gone over either to slumber, impotence, collusion/treason or corruption.

So let us pray for the saints everywhere, those who are facing firey trials and those like us whose trials lie yet ahead.  I will quote the man who started the Southwest Radio Church brothers, for your encouragement today.

"God is still on His throne and prayer changes things..."
- Noah Hutchings

Eugenics News

Eugenics Is Back
Dyslexic Turned Away From Sperm Bank
Eugenics House Of Horrors Went Uninspected For Decades
Concentration Camp Inmates Had To Rebuild A Nazi Refinery The Koch Brothers' Dad Helped Construct
The Time That The US Sterilized 60.000 Of It's Citizens
The Great White Way
What Rules Should We Have For 'Editing' Humans
The Genetic Breakthrough That Could Change Humanity Explained
How To Create A Designer Baby
Designer Babies Coming To UK In Weeks
From Homo Sapiens To Homo Superior
Are We Ready For Genetically Modified Animals
The Horrifying American Roots Of Nazi Eugenics
Zika Virus Is Spreading Throughout Latin America

These are all interesting links. This is the future, make no mistake about that one folks. This stuff is much, much further along that these news articles are letting on. As our world's population increases, you are going to see something our elite have been planning since the days of Adolph Hitler. The creation of a super race of men. Hitler had the Lebensborn program. But at the same time they were making this new race of men, they had to get rid of those individuals who are deemed Racially inferior. How are they going to do it... and get away with it. FYI, Hitlers 'final solution' was not generally known to Germans. It was one of the highest state secrets. Those of you who can, should take some time out and watch the movie 'Conspiracy', with Kenneth Branaugh. It was merely a well acted, historically accurate depiction of how the Nazi's did it and why. This movie was merely a re-enactment of the planning meeting. It will send cold shivers down your spine far better than any horror movie Hollywood can come up with.

Let the Ebola virus in Africa be your guide. The answer will be in vaccines. This was how they  got it to spread there. It was a drug trial contracted out of the DOD, all legal so no matter how many people died, they could not be tried for a crime. The next trend being pushed by your major Big Pharma firms is for mandatory vaccines here in the US. It's already the law in California. Guardasil? What this vaccine is showing itself more and more to be is a way to interfere with a woman's reproductive system.

Now for this exercise, I ask you to take off your own personal morality hat and start to think like a racist elitist who hates anything non-Ayran. How would you go about getting rid of the 'racially inferior' in such a way that they never figure out that they were targeted for genocide? Use your head now not your heart, turn off your morality switch for this mental exercise and think like a guy who thinks satanism is what the world needs right now and every Christmas tree should have a swastika on top of it around the winter solstice.

Let me tell you which way the wind is blowing. I see mandatory vaccines coming to most if not all states. There is a purely economic, rather than eugenic reason for it, you can read in insider spill the beans on this here. It gives the vaccine makers a permanent revenue stream taken right out of the State Treasury.  By promoting fear, the vaccine makers can make a 'killing'. Look, many of you don't know that the Supreme Court has immunized these companies from any liability. Spin it anyway you want to - Genocide via vaccines is now 'legal'. Where did most of America's major drug makers come from? Do some research on your own. The answer is there for any thinking person to see. Many of today's top drug firms are merely 'offspring' of Hitler's massive Drug-Chemical combine, IG Farben.

Bayer: A History

Again, put on your 'evil' hat. You don't like the 'racially inferior' and you want to get rid of them. In an age where they can splice and even target genes and DNA, how long do you think it will be before they develop a vaccine that is harmless to one group and is either deadly to another or causes very expensive and debilitating illnesses. Or perhaps they hit the bulls eye and finds one that just significantly reduces lifespans in such a way that people never are able to connect up the vaccine with the shrinking lifespan of Blacks, or Jews or Native Americans. I have already shown you links on the long and perverse history of American medical experimentation on Blacks and Native Americans.

Again, getting away with it is imperative so it must be done in a way that causes little or no outcry that can be quickly doused with million dollar PR campaign. The money has probably already been set aside for it. Look, many of you think I am talking out of my backside. Well how many of you are aware if what happened just a couple of days ago in Ukraine at a US lab there? Note that this virus is immune to ALL medicinces. What kind of demonic work is this nation engaged in?

I give you this exercise not to scare you, but to show you how these things work. These guys plan three, four steps down the road, they know what they are planning and know exactly how you will react. They have that all  factored in and work to mitigate and neutralize your ability to react, legally, politically and other ways. They plan decades in advance. They have the money and can afford to. They know most people are too busy, too distracted or just plain too dumb to figure this out until they get sick, really sick and want to know why the doctor just gave them the 'six-months-to-a-year left to live' speech and why that speech is being read almost exclusively to Blacks, Jews and Native Americans while they lay in a hospital bleeding from every orifice in their bodies.

Brothers, no one is going to or is physiologically capable of seeing this coming with their head firmly planted in the part of the body meant for sitting on.

But for you out there who know your God and obey his word - did he not tell you to watch? Go and re-read what Christ said about the last days about diseases and new kinds of warfare and that ethnic group (translated nations in the KJV) would rise against ethnic group and how he told is the absolute necessity of watching in these times. He did not mean the NFL.

So keep your eyes on this one. One way or another they are going to do all in their power to create their supermen and get rid of the 'racially inferior'.

Dear readers, I don't expect too many people to really understand what this really means to them - particularly those who it will effect most. Most have been too brainwashed and taught that thinking for oneself and that any significant cerebral activity is not in keeping with being 'cool' and part of ones racial group.

But for those of you who want to understand what you are up against and to survive it, you are going to have to begin to think like a grown, thinking man and not like a sheep. Men who think and act like men may have a fighting chance and surviving this. Men who think like sheep won't.

Sheep get sheered, just before they get slaughtered.

Did you know that a new Gene splicing technology has taken the world by storm?

New Gene Splicing Technique Has Take World By Storm

The new gene-editing technique CRISPR (see Box) [1] has taken the world by storm. It enables geneticists to disable or change the sequence of specific genes in the genome of practically all animals including humans faster, more efficiently than ever before... - Institute For Science And Technology

I hope you get a chance to look this one over. It talks about the first genetically modified human 'created' using this technology.

All of this hearkens back to the past and the dream of Hitler.

This is the future brothers and I would be remiss to tell you that this is the exactly same thing the Nazi's tried back in their day. They wanted to create a Superman. So they crated the Lebensborn program.

This is the same basic concept you need to understand as we move forward. Now keep this fact in mind, they will try and find an issue a 'good fact' reason to sell this to the public, that is how they release these things, they have to make up and fabricate a 'good' reason why they are doing these things, and hide the real one. Right now, one of the main reasons is to create supermen for military purposes.

This new idea is also, if you read the original entry, part of the Chinese mindset. Simply put, China has very much bought into much of the Nazi ideology. From its security services to its form of government (hawk right militant repressive-ism), centralized control of all things, etc., that is why you see them doing many of the things that the US cannot do, at least officially. But know this - there are many private labs across the nation that are not under any kind of oversight. Private money is doing private things that no one knows about but those who pay the bills.

Those of you who want a large pdf file on this, I created one from Wikipedia on the program and many of the key people. It's always a good idea to do that from time to time. Why? When the political winds blow in one direction, the forces who really run Wikipedia will remove important things from articles like this.

For those of you who never read it, I talk a bit about this in this update I did a few years ago.

All of this new science, its crucial to understand, not what they say they are going to do with it, but who is behind the research, because they will be the ones who determine who and how this new technology will be used.

So, when you see guys like Dr. Horowitz who has a name and the expertise telling you about the evil that they are doing out there, listen to him. He has got a chance to talk to and interface with some of the power brokers in this realm

I have a video here I have had on my HD for years, It's really big so it will take some time to download. Take some time out, and watch it. (video is for insiders, but a talk on the same subject can be found along the left hand column of this page).

Brothers, these things that the lost world is not going to see coming. It is for the most part, not been given for them to see.

No one wants to see this because this ramifications are just too dark. But let me let you in on a secret.

Supreme Court Justices' Scalia's recent Affirmative Action Comments? He is merely acting as a cipher for another Justice, who owes his seat to a key power- player in the New Reich. I told you years ago they were going to gut it, and unless people talk to Scalia, they are going to do just that. Scalia's comments were not only about ending the program, he all but insinuated that Black folks were subhuman with his comments. Well, that was less about Scalia's views as it was about another Justice's views.

Race, genetics and who gets to live and who has to go are going to be issues that are discussed in power centers as we move more and more through the first century of the Third Millenium AD.

This is a heads up to all of you. Keep your eyes on these issues. There is a power behind this that transcends even men and their wicked plans. There is a deep spiritual dimension to this.

Remember what the Prophet Daniel said. I always think on it when I wonder why it's so hard for so many people to see what is happening when it comes to the times we are in and what it means to the people of God, the true house of Israel, each and every one who has been born into the kingdom of God.

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried;
but the wicked shall do wickedly:
and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.
(Dan 12:10)

May God grant that readers here understand.

Flint Michigan Water Poisoned With Led

This should not be surprising to anyone, that this is a mostly Black city.
The problem is led poisoning and it has apparently been happening since 2014.

What does it look like? Here is Wikipedia's entry on it.

It interferes with the development of the nervous system and is therefore particularly toxic to children, causing potentially permanent learning and behavior disorders. Symptoms include abdominal pain, confusion, headache, anemia, irritability, and in severe cases seizures, coma, and death.

 - Wikipedia

This is not some isolated thing. The poisoning of Black America is a long tradition. Go here, and to get the demographics go here. Go and look for a place where there is a large Black Population and if you dig, you will find the same pattern of toxic towns - primarily Black and low income people. Go and look at what we see above as symptoms.

This is also known as Environmental racism.

It's not just genetics and this is not a coincidence. Someone want's the Black man gone.

Hosea Part V

When we left off last, God was giving Israel wonderful promises about her future once she had learned the basics of faithfulness. Hosea's wife and the living parable that his marriage became, was ultimately about the issue of faithfulness. Gomer, Hosea's wife was unfaithful to Hosea, just like Israel was to God.

Then said the LORD unto me, Go yet, love a woman beloved of her friend, yet an adulteress, according to the love of the LORD toward the children of Israel, who look to other gods, and love flagons of wine. So I bought her to me for fifteen pieces of silver, and for an homer of barley, and an half homer of barley: And I said unto her, Thou shalt abide for me many days; thou shalt not play the harlot, and thou shalt not be for another man: so will I also be for thee.
(Hos 3:1-3)

This passage continues on with the same basic theme of marital unfaithfulness, but this time the Prophet is given a new command. One of the problems though with the book of Hosea, I think it fair to say is that it's condition (from a translation standpoint) is very poor and there are some places that according to some authors the translators had to to a degree 'make do' with certain portions that were not clear. It is indeed the oldest of the books of the Minor prophets. So there are places at least according to some of the commentaries I have read, that the translators had to some problems. So there are times and passages that are not always as clear as in the books of the later minor prophets. I ask that you keep that in mind as we go through the book.

Hosea was told to go and love a woman who was making love with her friend, that is, another person who was not her husband. It was customary in those days for whores to have a 'favorite' who took care of them in a special way. This may be the sense that Hosea is trying to convey. This woman had a favorite lover and and by prophetic analogy, Hosea is referring to the idols that Israel worshiped; this other god she adored and showed great love towards. Again, God's relationship to Israel was played out in the prophets marriage.

So the prophet went and bought his wife and the price of it was mentioned. The amount is a matter of some speculation. It is important only insofar as what the price represents. K&D thinks the amount is indicative of purchasing a slave as it was possible to buy one in both money and grain. Here is what they say.

The price generally, for which the prophet obtained the wife, was probably intended to indicate the servile condition out of which Jehovah purchased Israel to be His people; and the circumstance that the prophet gave no more for the wife than the amount at which a slave could be obtained, according to Ecc. 21:32 and Zec_11:12, and that this amount was not even paid in money, but half of it in barley - a kind of food so generally despised throughout antiquity (vile hordeum; see at Num_5:15) - was intended to depict still more strikingly the deeply depressed condition of the woman. The price paid, moreover, is not to be regarded as purchase money, for which the wife was obtained from her parents; for it cannot be shown that the custom of purchasing a bride from her parents had any existence among the Israelites (see my Bibl. Archäologie, ii. §109, 1). It was rather the marriage present (mōhar), which a bridegroom gave, not to the parents, but to the bride herself, as soon as her consent had been obtained. If, therefore, the woman was satisfied with fifteen shekels and fifteen ephahs of barley, she must have been in a state of very deep distress.
K&D commentary

You know, I have often heard people don't like to read Bible commentaries. I agree that many of the modern ones leave very much to be desired. But many of the older ones are very good and bring passages that one would ordinarily skip over into much better focus. Hosea after making this transaction that results in retrieving this woman. He then told her not to play the harlot any longer. Stay with her husband and do right. Hosea was essentially making an agreement, a 'covenant' with this woman and wanted her to remain faithful to him. Just as the Lord wanted to do with his people.

For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince,
and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod,
and without teraphim: Afterward shall the children of Israel return,
and seek the LORD their God, and David their king;
and shall fear the LORD and his goodness in the latter days.

(Hos 3:4-5)

This passage is clearly designed to show that Israel was going to be scattered. They would not have any Civil authority or any rulers not even any of their idols. The reference to the Ephod was a reference to the religion of the Lord and it was part of the dress of the priests. The Teraphim was, according to Strong's, a family idol (H8655). According to K&D, this was the family idol that was supposed to bring world prosperity.

 The teraphim were Penates, which were worshipped as the givers of earthly prosperity, and also as oracular deities who revealed future events. K&D

They were essentially the family god's or god's of the storeroom. This later became part of the cult of Vesta (where the Romans got 'Vestal Virgins'). This was originally a personal cult that later, in Roman times developed into the state religion. Those of you who want more on this can find it here.

What exactly is the prophet trying to convey? Well most commentators see this as being a reference to the long exile of Israel from their land. They cite the fact that this was the case for 1900 years. Here we must remember to separate Israel from Judah and not make the mistake that Hosea's message was meant for the Southern Kingdom. For the most part, it was not.

Israel would also not have a sacrifice. This is probably due to the fact that the Priests would not offer them in a strange land while they were in exile. All of these are symbols of nationhood unique to Israel and God was going to take them away. It is as though he wanted to let them know that their existence as a people, nation and race were due to him and he was taking away that identity at least for the time being -  'many days'.

It was only after this exilic ordeal that Israel would return and then seek the Lord and their Messiah. This passage needs to be understood in its total eschatological sense and we must not try and impute a meaning that is not clear in the passage. This clearly is one that takes place in the 'latter days' and it is one when Israel is not only in their land, but also seeks and acknowledges their Messiah. In that day they will fear, revere and respect the Lord. Barnes notes that this seeking is intense and means a diligent search. Here is the Hebrew world for 'seek'.