Because of the enormous amount of spam and hate mail I get I simply cannot pass along my e-mail, as much as I would like to. I ask that you try and understand this and not be angry with me. I know many people who run sites and blogs do post their e-mail addresses but most of them have a staff or do not have a lot of traffic. I have no staff and a fair amount of traffic.

I find after nearly 20 years of this, I get crazy mail in spurts and then many months of sane mail.  Right now (mid Apr 2019) the crazy 'fruitloop' mail is getting rather rank, sexually explicit, anti-Semitic and yes fraudulent and for the time being, I am not accepting new members.

Thank you for understanding.

I have made my email address something that an actual human must read and calculate to make it harder for spammers and scammers, not to make it hard to contact me for regular and normal email.

Its a bit of a pain but here is how to contact me  - follow closely. You will need to use the phonetic alphabet (military) and basic math.

- The First letter is 'Whiskey'

- the second letter is 'Whiskey'

 - then add 3 and two for the next digit

- subtract six minus three minus three for the following digit

- add one and four

- then add a dash 

- then 'Mike'
- 'Alpha'
- 'India'
- 'Lima'

The final email address should have 10 letters and numbers before the 'at' sign and the actual numbers should add up to 10.
I do this to make sure that 1) you are really a human and 2) you want to talk to be bad enough to take a couple of minutes to get the email address (spam and hate mail reduction).

Additionally, while I will likely read your email, I may choose not to respond.  Please do not be offended. 

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS in your correspondence. Emails with attachments will be deleted without being read.

Finally as the site right now is kind of under a reconstruction, many old pages are gone. I will restore some of them them when I get some time and reorganize things.

Please do not request old missing pages in your emails. I will get to restoring them when I get some time and figure out exactly how to organize them, what to put up and what to take down permanently.


Mark Watson