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This site (Markswatson.com, also known as Watson's Web) is a private and personal site. It currently does not charge for its content or access to content or for any digital or tangible product or thing.

The site strives to be accurate in its reporting and research. This service is provided 'as is' and is provided for informational and research purposes only. This site bares no responsibility for articles by third parties or links to written, audio or video material that appear in third party links or are written by others. In addition, this site bares no responsibility for inadvertent errors that may appear on this site.

This site, markswatson.com makes no, and expressly disclaims any, representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the Website, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Markswatson.com also makes no, and expressly disclaims any warranties, express or implied, regarding the correctness, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, accessibility, readability and reliability of the text, graphics, charts, images, audio or video files, third party reports or articles, links to other sites and any other items, accessed from or via this Website or the Internet, or that the services will be uninterrupted, error-free or free of viruses, malware, other harmful software, scripts or components. Under no circumstances shall markswatson.com, its owner, or any of their respective partners, agents, associates or representatives be liable for any damages, whether punitive, direct, indirect, special, consequential or any other damages arsing from any cause including negligence, for lost revenues, lost profits, personal or any other kind of financial loss, legal costs or otherwise, arising from or in connection with this Website, the materials contained herein, or the Internet generally.

Furthermore, markswatson.com cannot edit, control, review for truth or accuracy, or screen for defamation or obscenity any content provided to the Website by a third party through postings, uploaded files, hyperlinks or any other form of communication, nor can markswatson.com ensure prompt removal of defamatory, obscene, inappropriate or unlawful content after transmission. Any such third party postings, files or other communications do not necessarily represent the opinions, beliefs, or positions of the markswatson.com, its owner, partners or agents. However, this site will make every effort to remove such material, within a reasonable time frame, once it has been brought to the owners attention and provided the owner is able to do so. Sites do get hacked and it could happen here. This site bears absolutely no responsibly for anything that appears on this site during such an event.

In summary and in layman's terms, this site's policy on liability comes down to the following sentence in bold. 

Read and use this site at your OWN RISK.

Those who do not like and/or do not accept these terms should leave this site immediately.

Age Requirement:

This site is not recommended for readers who are not at least 18 years old. It is geared for and directed at adults and more mature Christians. Some content may not be suitable for younger readers, such as graphic descriptions of Christian persecution and references to some sexual activity. If you are not at least 18 years old, you should not use this site.

Readers must be at least 18 to gain access to private commentary. In the unlikely event that any parent believes that a child who is under the age of 13 has somehow managed to gain entry to the site and or provide any personally identifiable information to this site, an email can be sent to the owner and all relevant information will be deleted. 


Markswatson.com original material is copyright. Should anyone wish to repost material that is authored by this site, a request for such reposting can be made by emailing me and requesting it. Requests are generally looked upon favorably, depending on the use of the material. This site does not allow material to be posted on sites that promote racial or religious hate, violence, terrorism or encourage criminal activity.

The assertion of copyright on this site is primarily to keep this material from appearing on the aforementioned and other objectionable sites as the material on the site is happily provided free of charge.

However, the site strongly encourages just hyperlinking to those pages or the home page instead.
It is just easier on everyone.

Material located on the private pages has a separate policy clearly outlined on the Private pages.

Data Retention And Privacy

This site respects the right to privacy and wants to protect yours as well and will do it's best to do so.

This site does not store personally identifying information on its server, on your browser or locally on its users except when this information is voluntarily given for access to private content or when a donation is made.

Cookies: Because of the growing complexity of recent laws, they have become more trouble than they are worth for a small site like this and are therefore, not used, except as laid down regarding PayPal in the following paragraph. DOM storage (aka local storage) as well - this site sets no such data on your computer, nor does it or would it track users using it. It also does not use JavaScript. However, to avoid confusion on the part of visitors, some modern web browsers give the impression that a cookie file was set on your computer when visiting this site. Such data is not set by this site and as far as can be ascertained, contain no data. As this is a small and personal site, there is no need or desire to track anyone here or gather personal information, except when voluntarily given as outlined in these terms.

This site uses PayPal and PayPal may store a cookie to visitors of this site, but this site does not track visitors using these cookies. Users must refer to PayPal's privacy policies to understand how PayPal uses this information. PayPal's cookie policy can be found here. Those wishing to block cookies may do so using their browser settings or using an extension or addon which provides this functionality. In the event these cookies are set, they may only appear on pages with a PayPal Donate button. But usually no cookies are set on this site, even on pages with a PayPal Donate Button.

This site does record the names and email addresses that are provided to this site via PayPal or when a username or password is given upon request by a new member of private content. This information is merely used to grant you access to the site and to communicate with you. If you provide a different email address upon being granted a password than you provided with any donation made here with PayPal, both emails addresses will often be kept, but only in order to contact you should an issue arise with a donation, site access or other technical or legal issues or should a reader here wish to chat with me informally or has a prayer request.

Additionally, this site does keep some archival emails to record how we have communicated and to record how any issues have been resolved in the past. 

This site does not sell, rent, lease, share or give away user information including names, emails or any personal identifying information on its users to anyone, except where legally required or there is a serious threat of personal safety to someone (ie, terrorist threat).

This site does use server logs. These logs are only used for basic metrics on visitors and site security. These logs are part of the server package with my hosting company. These logs collect basic data such as IP's, access times and useragents. This 'raw data' is rarely analyzed by the site, but usually only to discover robots that may be behaving badly or bad actors who may be looking for vulnerabilities on the site. Those logs are not shared with anyone. But should a problem arise or a court order be obtained they will be handed over to those legally (ie, Law Enforcement) or technically (such as my hosting company) required to have them. In short, This site is not interested in any personal or semi-personal data found in those logs and frankly would rather not have even your IP.  But bad actors make such logs a necessity and such logging cannot be turned off.
However, in late 2019, the web hosting provider for this site has anonymized the IP's of visitors to this site (last three digits of IP's zeroed) in the raw logs. If this policy changes, visitors to the site will be made aware as soon as the operator of this site is, in this TOS. 

If any user of this site desires to have their data removed and forgotten, an email address to the site as provided on the site or here can be sent with the request and all data will be erased. This personal will data typically include your name, email address and physical address if it was provided and will be removed in a timely fashion.

However, it is not impossible that unbeknownst to the site owner, a future script from another site begins to place cookies here without informing the owner in a timely and clear fashion. If anyone finds a cookie or other method of tracking, please make the owner aware. It will be expeditiously investigated and removed. In any event, such tracking will not be used by this site or knowingly shared with anyone.

This site is not interested in tracking its users nor in using personal data for anything, other than to grant you access to the site and to communicate with readers should they wish to or a need arises.

This site cannot and will not guarantee that personal data shared with this site will not be stolen by bad actors, hackers and/or criminals. Many of them are exceptionally sophisticated. This site takes reasonable precautions and has taken some considerable time and effort to protect your data (ie, keeping personal data stored locally on encrypted disks, SSL encryption on the site, anonymizing all usernames, keeping as much personal data off the server as technically possible, etc.) but cannot and will not guarantee that personal data cannot be stolen or hacked by bad actors or criminals or lost due to inadvertent disclosure of any kind including with third parties such as network operators, content delivery networks, hosting companies or payment providers or other services used in conjunction with this site. This site will not be held liable for any damages, monetary, legal or otherwise for any damages due to data loss or data compromise arising from use of this site.


Due to the complex nature of the GDPR, the small nature of this site and its meager resources, this site unfortunately cannot accept members for private content if they live within or are citizens of any European country, (EU/EEA - including the UK).  While this site has made every reasonable effort to be GDPR compliant, parts of that regulation are not clear and the meaning of certain parts of it are open to many legal interpretations and thus cannot be certain of such compliance. Consequently, it has elected not to collect such data on EU citizens.

Financial Transactions

This site presently does not charge for any of its work; either private content or public nor does it have any future plans to do so. Nothing currently posted on this site is sold and all is freely given.

This site does take donations from those who enjoy the work and wish to to support the writer in it. Under no circumstances shall it be construed that a donation is 'payment' for anything, digital or tangible, on or from this site.

Records of donations are kept for tax, accounting, resolution and legal purposes. Certain information dealing with Financial transactions may be kept with and by third parties, such as Banks, Credit Unions, PayPal, etc., as they process these transactions and in most instances, are required by law to retain certain information. 

Your donations to this site are not tax deductible.

Access And Private Access

Access to this site including all content, private and public can be withdrawn at anytime, unilaterally and without notice on the site owners sole discretion. In other words, the site can 'go dark' at anytime for any reason and without notice, temporarily or permanently. The site will not be held in any way liable for any outage, temporary, arbitrary or permanent.

Access to private content is granted by the sole discretion of the site owner. Access to such content can be withdrawn for cause or no cause at the sites sole discretion.

From time to time readers may get an email asking if the reader is still 'with us' (i.e. accessing content). If there is no response, the reader is likely to, given sufficient passage of time, have their access withdrawn. This will make room for a new reader.

The site will try and make the withdrawal of access decisions in a non-arbitrary manner, but reserves the right to unilaterally and without notice withdraw access to any reader at anytime, for cause or without cause.


This site takes great pains to check, double check and even triple check the status of copyrighted works to ensure that they do not appear here without authorization. If you find a work here that is copyrighted, you may write me
and it will be removed in a timely fashion.

Other Considerations:

This site occasionally does do economic commentary. Such commentary are personal views and is not investment advice nor should ever be construed as investment or financial advice. This site is not qualified to offer any kind of financial, legal, medical, investment or any other kind of advice. Please consult a professional advisor before making any important decision.

PayPal Refunds:
In the rare case a donor wants a donation returned he or she has 5 business days to make a request after the donation is made. The donation will usually be refunded depending on the circumstances (ie, a donation made in error or an incorrect amount). However, in some cases, the refund may take up to 30 calendar days to happen, but usually is done much sooner if the amount is small. However, any PayPal fees incurred as a result of the original transaction are not refundable, as per PayPal's new policy (Oct 11, 2019). Any exceptions to this policy will be made at the sole discretion of the site's owner. This site will do its very best to accommodate unusual situations.

Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of this policy.


Last Updated 23 July 2020 (added special GDPR note).