Who am I?

I am no one really. I make no claims to being anyone important. But for those of you who want a little information on my background here it is. I was born and raised in Southern California. Went to Azusa Pacific College (now a University). I joined the Air Force in 1985 and served honorably in the intelligence disciple in various analytical capacities. I spent almost my entire time in the Air Force in Europe and miss the European way of life very much. I served in Desert Strom and was deployed in support of our military operation in the Balkans as well as other locations. I left the Air Force in 1996. The reason being is that I was rather disgusted with what I saw happening to the Air Force and the US military in general. Things in my opinion have become much worse.

After leaving the Air Force, I worked for one of the worlds largest and most prestigious Accounting/Consulting firms from 1996 to 1999. I left just before all the scandals hit the fan. Sadly, the unethical behavior of the leadership and a very few of my coworkers led me to conclude it was time to go before I got caught up in a vortex of recriminations and possible legal repercussions. Thus, I thought it best to leave. I am glad I did as many of my fears turned into reality as Federal indictments have been handed down and hefty fines have been paid by my former employer for fraud.

I live in Maryland on the outskirts of the greater Washington DC area. And have been a Christian since 1977, though I have not always walked in a way that I should. I am not a pastor, nor a teacher nor am I affiliated with any of America's religious corporations which call themselves churches.

I know that there are more than a few grammatical and spelling errors throughout the site. I research, write, edit, design, publish and maintain the site myself. I get no assistance from anyone in these areas. So if spelling and grammatical errors creep in from time to time, I beg your understanding and forbearance.

I usually do not post my e-mail address because of the enormous amount of spam and hate mail I receive. Sadly this will remain my policy for the foreseeable future.

Why do I do this site?

This site was created to help people, all people to understand the times we are living in. These are extremely dangerous times and sadly, only a few really understand it. That is the only reason I made this site is to awaken anyone who will take a little time to read and listen. There is no ulterior motive other that I hope and pray that as many people as possible would remember the God who has blessed America so very, very much and allowed us to have so many fine things, peace within out borders and so many other wonderful blessings. The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to whom our founders and leaders prayed openly and in public not so long ago, is the blesser of America and she has forgotten this. If the nation will not turn to him then perhaps some individuals will.

This is my wish, to awaken and exhort those who stop by Watson's Web.

Many of you have written in the past and chided me for speaking as a Christian. I am a Christian and I will not apologize for my views. Many of you get quite upset with the fact that I believe in Jesus Christ. Many of you have written to my with some rather scathing criticism for my beliefs yet have claimed to be so open minded and liberal. These same liberal and open minded peoples' e-mails are quite openly bigoted against Christians. To make matters clear I will no more change my faith in Christ than I will change the color of my skin or my stature. I am what I am and choose to believe as I believe. So please if you are not a Christian and write, spare me your 'enlightened' anti-Christian bigotry. Its existence and general social acceptance is a testament not only to the correctness of Christs Prophecy of our times but to our woe filled planet which is full of corruption, evil and hate, especially for those who seek to walk with Christ and do what is good and just. I am more than willing to converse intelligently with anyone except bigots, racists and those who use profanity. So if you write and want a response, take heed.

Know this as well, I do not want to be any kind of 'authority' on the web and be 'important' and be a guest on all the 'hate radio', 'conspiracy radio' 'scare radio' or 'nut radio' on the web. I blog and for the foreseeable, that is all I plan on doing.

Finally, I know at times my words are rather fiery. I do this in order to enliven and awaken, not to offend. This site does not deal in hate of any kind. I am a committed Christian but will not countenance hatred of those who do not ascribe to my particular religion. Christ told us to love, not hate others thus I can say that I have nothing but love for Gays, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, Democrats, Republicans, Chinese, Latino's, Caucasians, Native Americans... in short, I really do love everyone. I reject hate. Hatred of another person is just not part of my 'DNA', let alone in my religion.

But that does not mean I will not touch on things happening today that are controversial or hit some issues that may get some folks a little riled up. Often identifying problems means we have to deal honestly with them and not everyone is ready to do that.

However it is the responsibility of Christians to support those who minister from Peter in the book of acts onwards, giving to ministry and to those in need is part of our Christian duty. So if you have been edified here I, as anyone who works in cyberspace will tell you, deeply appreciate your donations.

Thank you for stopping my Watson's Web and blessings to all who come by here.

Mark Watson