This Weeks Notes

Oil was once again in the headline's as its price reached $54 a barrel. Explosions and fires in Mexico and Nigeria respectively received only scant attention across the globes newsrooms. The story as reported is only that tight supplies are expected for the winter without delving into the real issues behind it. Nigeria is in a general strike and with its oil pipelines on fire, oil production here is problematic at best. Northern California also had a major refinery fire in Martinez at the Tesoro refinery, which again received little national attention. There was also another smaller fire in Saraland Alaska which was quickly extinguished. Oil approached 55 dollars a barrel and the Dow headed below 10,000 on Thursday, largely on news of NY AG Elliot Spitzer's charges against the Insurance industry, which netted the arrests of two American Insurance Group (AIG) executives, according to Bloomberg. Elliot is one of the very few prosecutors in the nation that is taking on the real corruption on Wall Street. Some of the activities of this industry epitomize the word nefarious and I keep him in my fervent prayers for his personal safety.

The FDA approved new chips for human implantation and any real Christian should take notice that the Mark of the Beast cannot be far off. This is all happening as big brother s influence expands across the globe. Indy Media's websites and servers were pulled by the Global Oligarchy. Indy Media is one of the very few media organizations really exposing corporate corruption and organizing people and groups to action. They have been extremely effective. This seizure is the true face of evil. A global police state network did not even provide a reason for taking the servers, they just took them. Is this not the same kind of thing that happened in Nazi Germany? Bush and his charlatan 'Christian' administration is energized by a corrupt network of corporate titans who never liked Indy Media because they organized protests against these global trade agreements. You know, the ones that allow and encourage corporations to ship your job to China and India... yes, those corporations. This theft takes place just a few days before the November 2004 elections and is another example of the 'in your face evil' of the Global police state now insinuating its way into very aspect of daily life. One can see the proposals for National ID card, new surveillance laws, silencing dissent in the West and openly killing dissenters in portions of the Arab world. Welcome to the New World Order.

NATO has agreed to send some 'observers' to Iraq to help train Iraqi's. It seems that there is some softening in Europe to the Empire of Bush and now NATO is going to slowly join the fray of the bloodbath that is now Iraq. However, German and France have rejected calls to formally integrate the International Stability Assistance Force with the US led so-called 'hunt for Bin Laden' (who is probably dead) and the ex Taliban 'rebels' (that the US originally helped into power in the first place) in Afghanistan. The Transatlantic rift is still very much with us thanks to the current administration.

We still do not have a real, workable BALANCED Federal budget for FY 2005 a fact hat is carefully omitted from any mainstream media source. No one is talking about it in terms that makes any real sense, you know the fact that we had to borrow nearly half a trillion dollars last year just to keep the US afloat. Last year it took several months and we were almost half way through the fiscal year before we got a real budget. It looks as though the same thing is going to happen again. Idiocy in action. Congress was very to quick pass a huge corporate Tax 'relief' bill this week, but can't get us a budget. Everything from ceiling fans to corporate tax breaks for Lear jets was included in the pork barrel bill. It seems clear that the state of our nation and its economic health play second fiddle to the corporate paymasters of our corrupt House and Senate. The American people in their wicked ignorance will vote them into office again.

Germany has lost over 15,000 Jobs in a single day adding to its unemployment woes. Both GM and KarstadtQuelle announced massive layoffs. This signals a significant slowdown for the entire EU. The EU is in as bad economic shape as America as far as the employment picture is concerned. The elite on both sides of the Atlantic are moving to relocate production into cheaper labor markets where such annoyances as overtime pay, health care and pensions do not undermine profits. Before long the entire globe will be one giant seat shop.

US Forces are having an extremely difficult time in Iraq. They have come under heavy fire from the Iraqi resistance and have largely been forced to withdraw from several areas early in the week. The withdrawals were accompanies by bomb blasts in the green zone in the middle of the week, killing at least two Americans. Our supply lines are in bad shape and gas trucks that supply fuel to our troops are have been hampered by rebel activity. Even the US headquarters has reportedly come under fire. This administration has created a disaster and our troops and the Iraqi people are paying the price for this Presidents stubborn refusal to come to grips with reality.

IAEA is very concerned that Iraq's Nuclear program materials were removed by experts who were very familiar with facilities. This adds to the fear some of these materials may have fallen into the hands of radical states or groups.

The volcano at Mt. Saint Helen's is emitting an eerie glow as lava begins to pour out of the top. No telling when it will go, but scientists say that it shouldn't be as bad as the 1980 eruption, but these high priests of the new religion of 'secularism' are far from infallible and we will have to see what actually happens. Earthquake activity in and around Alaska has picked up and there appears to be a lot of geologic activity in the pacific rim in general.

Some 40,000 Iraqi Christians have been forced to flee their homes according to Christian Freedom International. Bombings of Churches has become a macabre sport for the Islamic terrorists who seek to turn Iraqi into another backwards looking poverty stricken Islamic Caliphate in the image of its neighbor Iran, looking back to the 'glorious' days of Jihad and Crusades of the 12th Century. Too bad we cannot construct a chronological travel deceive and transport these loonies on both sides of this war back to those times where such ignorance and violence belong. Christians who run small business are also the victims of these brutal attacks and many have fled to the relative safety of Jordan and Syria.

Vote Fraud allegations continue to be observed unabated. From California to Colorado to Washington State many instances of culling registered voters from the rolls and destroying registration cards is taking place. Activists are having crooked cops show up at their door to threaten and harass those who are trying to get out the vote. Most of these reports are incidents that would greatly benefit the GOP in key districts in swing states. This is truly and evil and satanic administration. Many false Christians think that Christ is a thief and a liar and a murderer so they think it is OK to do these things. They do not know that these are the traits of the devil and those who serve in his kingdom.

Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour thy father and mother.

(Mar 10:19)

Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother.

(Luk 18:20)

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly.

(Joh 10:10)

For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if [there be] any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

(Rom 13:9)

So, while Christians are out there whining about the government not posting the 10 commandments on government buildings; the leaders that they vote for, give money to and put their faith in, break these commandments with joy and perversity. The house of the American Christian will be made desolate for their hypocrisy, folly and worship of evil deeds. There is a great wickedness that is part and parcel of American Christianity and it shows itself in the way American Christians make their money, the politics they involve themselves in and the constant refrain of hatred of others that permeates it. Weather it is hatred of Blacks, Arabs, Africans, Catholics, or Whites, it is primarily identified, not by love but by what it hates. The only thing a genuine Christian is allowed to hate is evil. Earthquakes, floods, storms tornado's and fire will wash away the false gods of the American Christian (homes, cars, boats, big screen TV's, silver and gold) and many will be left standing in refugee shelters because they refused to purify themselves and abstain from all manner of evil; rather, they supported it, loved and nurtured all manner of thefts, murders, lies and perversions. The fruit of their evil is ripe and the grapes will be gathered for the great day. A curse will fall on every false prophet who refused to speak out and warn about the wickedness of our leaders and nation; or worse, supported them and counseled other to do so. These liars are everywhere weaving their web of deceit in the churches, prayer groups and on the web. Yet real, miraculous and divine protection will be granted to those who obey the LORD and remain constant in their faith.

Finally in the weeks ahead look for suspicious plane crashes to kill Democratic Senators just before the elections. This is happened in the past two senatorial elections (Wellstone, Carnahan) and may happen once again. The devils 'black hand' network will in all likelihood reach out and touch some one again because control of the Senate is the second most important issue in this election (remember they approve Supreme Court nominations). Granted the plane crash tact may be wearing a little thin as many people are becoming more than a little suspicious of these exceptionally well timed tragedies that always benefit the same group of politicians and corporations. Does anyone remember John Tower, the guy who investigated the Iran Contra Affair and made a ton of enemies in the process for his no-nonsense no holds barred report? He too died in a mysterious plane crash. Or Dorothy Hunt who was about to blow the whole lid on Nixon's illegal slush fund and had over $10,000 on her person at her death? She too died in a suspicious plane crash. Or JFK Jr., who died in a mysterious plane crash after meeting with some potential campaign donors. He was contemplating a run for the US presidency and would have been a difficult man for a certain political party to beat. A list of these kinds of suspicious deaths is a mile long and almost always the person who dies is a Democrat, high profile and or has really angered certain elements in the other party.

On the lighter side...

Eric 'Slow Hand' Clapton has a 'lead foot' as he lost his license while speeding at 134 mph in France.


The Chechen's are thinking about building a Disneyland.