The Coming Crash - Dream vision

By Thomas Gibson (dates given in text)


2000 05 03.1

As I was waking up this morning -- still partly asleep, and with my eyes still closed -- I

could see myself sitting in my little red car and driving down a road. I seemed to be

distracted to my left and looking off into a field as I was driving. In front of me there

was an average sized black car driving the same speed as me.

All of a sudden, and without any warning this car in front of me stops. It just stops

dead, right in the driving lane! I realize that I cannot stop in time and will hit him if I

dont do something quickly. Without thinking I do not even touch the brakes, but

swerve to the right side and continue driving on the edge of the road. There is just

enough room for my small car to make it.

At this point I open my eyes and the vision stops. Then God speaks this word to me: In

the coming economic crash there'll be just enough room for those very economically

minded people to make it through. They can survive this time of economic crash. No

one else can really survive for any length of time.

I thought that this was the end, but as I closed my eyes again it continued. I continued

to drive down the shoulder of the road. In the driving lane to my left there is now a

long line-up of average sized black cars. They are stopped dead and bumper to

bumper. So close are they to one another that I think they may be touching each other,

but I am not sure if they were or not.

I notice that there are other cars like me driving down the shoulder. Both my car and

the other cars are marked paid. I had the impression in my spirit that we are alright,

we can just make it.

I then see in the ditch to the right of us, people who have been driving large black cars.

These people could not stop in time to keep from hitting those who stopped in front of

them, and like me they swerved onto the right shoulder. But they did not have enough

room there, and were forced into the ditch.

I notice that there are very few like me, who are driving small cars on the side of the

road -- very few, not many at all!

As I come up to a railway crossing I, and the few others, hit the brakes. Just over this

small hill with the railway crossing on top is a blockade. This blockade was across the

shoulder of the road where I was driving. There is still a line-up of cars in the driving

lane as far as I could see. There is no more going down this road, the side is blocked


As I look down the road, I am now above my car and the road and can see the side of

the road caving in ahead of us. The bank of the road is just caving in more and more,

and eroding without any noticeable reason. The bank erodes in an angle in the direction

we were travelling toward the cars stopped in the driving lane. It gets close to them and

then stops in a straight line out to the normal edge of the road. The road seem better

for a while and then this pattern of erosion is repeated. Also, the first erosion toward

the line of cars stops just into a gravel road going off to the right. Most of this road is

unaffected by the erosion as far as I can see. But I can only see a few feet of the

beginning of it.

I sense that something else of importance is ahead but I cant see what it is yet. At this

point I open my eyes again and the vision stops. When I close them, it continues.

As I move above the road, looking ahead to see what is important, I come to a real

problem. Now I can see what I could sense before. There is a ditch across the road like it

was eroded or deliberately dug. It goes all the way across. There is no going any

further. This is where the black cars in the driving lane have first stopped. The road

does continue further, but there is no way to cross, and no cars after this ditch. I look

ahead as far as I can see, but I cannot see where the road goesit is somehow blocked

from view. But I can tell there was once a road in use there.

Then this word from the Lord:

Now thus says the Lord. This is the economic road. Those driving large vehicles will get

stopped first. The large economic path that they think is so clear and so easy and so

blessed and so full of money -- they have put themselves into debt.

The cars represent the blackness of the love of money. And they are the black cars.

Those people who are driving the largest and spent the most debt to get where they

are -- they will be in the ditch first, they will be in the ditch very soon from the economic


Those people driving medium cars will try to stay where they are, stopped dead in the

road, and continue no farther. But they themselves are in danger of economic crash.

Only those people who have been very careful to pay things off can continue down this

economic road for a short time. Once they get to this ditch across the road -- there is no

going farther!

At this point the economy of the United States, America, Canada, and much of the rest

of the world, much of the rest of the world, will collapse. At this time it will collapse

because of not an economic problems, but of an invasion of the United States of


Later in the day the Lord gave me some more information about the meaning of the

vision. The car I am driving is red. The car ahead of me on the side of the road was

white. This represents the Blood of Jesus which washes white.

Also the suddenness of the stop is important

The evening after this vision God gave me some more interpretation. The road was flat

except for the hill where the railway crossing was. He said that this hill was put there by

Him so that people could not see the blockade ahead. The railway crossing is to make

the hill appear natural on an otherwise flat road.

The gravel road represents economic rebellion against paying of debt and taxes to

governments. I cannot see how people could get to this road from the side where I was

driving and did not see anyone attempting to get on it.

The Lord also revealed that although the vision stopped without any erosion touching

those black cars in the driving lane, it would do so later to some of them. The erosion

would aim at individuals and groups. Then they would fall into the ditch like the other

larger black cars.

2000 05 07.1

For the day is coming when soon you shall realize youre standing at the door of the

great crash.

Some fear it; very few look forward to it. But there are those who are anchored in the

Spirit - not in love with the things of this earth. To them, to them it is a challenge to

seek the Lord and to flow with the Spirit of God in every aspect of life.

For their God is greater than any problems they can face! And they know that I, saith

the Lord, will go with them even unto the ends of the earth!

2000 05 12.1

So says the Lord God of all. Stand fast and know that the times ahead are fulfilment of

the sins of the nation.

For the United States shall first fall economically - first by economics, second by

war - for I shall bring it to its knees.

Listen and heed the word of the Lord. I will deliver all the righteous and protect them

from this time of wrath. But the nation shall be judged according to My word.

2000 05 12.2

As I was in prayer this evening I closed my eyes and for about 3 or 4 seconds seen the

following. There was a man sitting in the corner of what appeared to be a cell with

concrete walls. I could only see the corner where the man was. Then briefly the words

this is coming to America flashed in my spirit. And then across the man the word


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