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N O I L W A R !

It's All About Blood Money

P R I O R   K N O W L E D G E !
     Afghanistan War Planned Months Before Suicide Air Attacks 
     Motive is Oil Profits for Multinational War Partners
     May be tied to OKC blast and Operation Northwoods.
     NEW! CIA meets with Osama bin Laden weeks before 911

F O L L O W   T H E   M O N E Y !
     Bush Gets bin Laden Money
     bin Laden Invests in Biomedicine - or Biowarfare?
     Bush Gives Taliban Money While Negotiating War
     Same Investors, Oil Companies Merge
     NEW! Yet More War Profits in Biowarfare?

9 1 1   A   F A M I L Y   A F F A I R !
     NEW! Two CIA Directors have cozy 'relations' with Taliban
     NEW! Osama bin Laden's Father Killed in Texas

D. O. D.   T R A I N E D   A R A B S ?
     One-Fourth of the terrorists trained by the military?

M Y S T E R Y   P A S S E N G E R S ?
     NEW! Why no Arab names on the official passenger lists?
     NEW! The answer is critical to 'who dunnit?'

A B O U T   N O I L W A R !
     A simple belief stands against deceit
     NEW! CAUTION - Possible Disinfo via Carlyle Group
     NEW! References and Quotes you MUST Review


'Only those powerful men who know the truth will profit, and every American will have paid for it with their souls, some with their blood...'

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Foreign Press Reveals Collin Powel Negotiated Afghanistan War
Months Before Suicide Air Attacks:  Motive is Oil Profits for Multinational War Partners

The BBC and an Indian news agency in seperate stories, one months before and one shortly after the suicide air attack on America, have presented the most horrendous picture to date regarding the true nature of the terror in NYC and elsewhere:

Prior knowledge. Links to these stories are contained herein.

Those backing President Bushís request for a coalition had better make certain they are getting their fair share of the spoils of war, a war arranged months before the suicide air attacks against the US. A pact for war against the Taliban was made between the United States, CIS (Russia), Pakistan, and India to facilitate a Middle-East to S.E. Asia Oil Pipeline, which cannot take place with growing political and religious upheaval in the region at the hands of the Taliban. Iran is thought to be a covert member to the pact. The combat was initially slated for mid October. America is a Republic, and as a Republic, cannot go to war without probable cause and without the support of Congress and the people. Yet Powell scheduled a war months in advance, indicating PRIOR KNOWLEDGE that there would be probable cause by that time.

Open sources readily show to anyone who cares to look that this war is about oil, but media and government do not mention these facts as it would be inconvenient to the military industrial intelligence media complex. (The major neworks and print organs are largely owned my military contractors and/or the intelligence community.) The problem is that the ONLY logical pipeline routes to serve SE Asia and China all run through Afghanistan or along its borders, largely so close as to be visible from the border. A US-Soviet backed pipeline is considered critical, competing with a proposed Chinese backed oil pipeline project serving the same oil fields in the Caspian Sea region, which includes Iran and several former Soviet provinces. The Chinese began negotiating that project in 1997, causing a great deal of consternation for the Clinton administration and major US oil companies who stood to gain little in the project.

However, the Taliban are fomenting both religious and political instability in the region between Iranian and Pakistani Shiites and Taliban Sunni Islamic sects, with notable success. This unrest makes impractical the financial investment and international cooperation required to construct the pipeline. There is a documented history of oil company and government efforts to deal with this problem, as well as events and other ties which put the Bush family and almost every member of both Bush Cabinets in the middle of partnerships with Middle East oil players, investors, and even the financial involvement and participation by CIA and Arabian intelligence. Worse, when following the money from the illegal insider trades profiting from the air attacks of 9/11, we find the money goes through established CIA money laundering channels which again lead to the Bush dynasty cabinets.

The solution was apparantly to be death warrants for both the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, and capitalistic terrorist Osama bin Laden, who had apparantly grown too profitable and too strong for his former CIA masters and American business partners to control. Destruction of the Taliban was imperative, but political needs would not permit a simple solution.

For Pakistan and India, long bitter rivals, to partner would require only sufficient profits to make peace between them more palatable. However, Pakistan required a significant motive beyond profits to risk internal conflict due to its nationís divided religious and political landscape, all intertwined with allegiances to the Taliban. There needed to be an extremely irresistible reason for the nationís leadership to back/support military action against what their own citizens considered a virtual spiritual ally.

In like manner, Iran required an irresistible reason to publicly support with vocal blessings American interests in any such action, and at the same time, needed a way to salve bitter wounds between the two countries which would allow future joint financial ventures once the pipelines were ready to be constructed. In similar manner, the United States needed a very powerful and irresistible reason to mobilize America into supporting such a war, a war which would be extremely difficult to prosecute, as the Soviet Union could testify of first hand, having found the Soviet-Afghanistan war to be their ëVietnam.í Red China also has a role to play, and has secretly installed thousands of Islamic Chinese troops into Afghanistan according to normally reliable sources. Yet no one admits this publicly, probably because the Chinese have yet to decide who to back, looking for the best 'cut' of oil profits and oil supply they can manage through high-level negotiations. This is a very dangerous game because the US and CIS have quietly agreed to deploy nuclear weapons in the theater, and because China, Pakistan, and India are also nuclear powers. Literally no two of the countries with nuclear arms have a history of being friendly with each other, making for very uneasy and fragile alliances.

The logical solution which would indeed provide irresistible reasons for all concerned to cooperate, would now seem to be the horrific terror campaign against the NYC and Washington DC by former CIA strong man, Osama bin Laden, who perhaps is still on the payroll after all. The family ties between former CIA Director Richard Helms and the Taliban, chief protectors of bin Laden, and the business deals between George Bush and Osama bin Laden's brother and other bin Laden relatives, as well as financial partnerships involving the bin Ladens and CIA proprietaries, gives ample reason to suspect CIA and Osama bin Laden still work together. The question is, if the war was being secretely planned by the administration... a war which could not be sold to Americans without such a catastrophic event... then who really planned the 911 event?

The attack comes in the wake of revelations by author James Bamford in his book Body of Evidence of a secret plan for US military intelligence operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American targets... blow up buildings, shoot down civilian airliners, blow up American war ships, and assassinate American citizens... for political gain.  Operation Northwoods was signed off by all five Joint Chiefs of Staff under the Kennedy administration as a way to foment public support for a war against Cuba, who would be blamed for the terrorist acts. Rejected sternly by President Kennedy, which may have contributed to reasons behind his assassination, this Reichtag fire approach to political gain may have been the model for September 11, shifting the blame this time to the Taliban homeland. What would make a more irresistible excuse for war? (Learn more here.)

In light of these revelations, American media needs to decide if it will continue to ignore truth and the principles of journalism for its preferred role as Fourth Estate PR spokesperson of government. Will they tell America these facts or hide what the rest of the world already knows through news agencies which have no such loyalties?

Will American politicians find themselves being asked by their constituents if they knew in advance of this death pact, and have the blood of innocents on their hands as coconspirators, or will they demand a full accounting of the facts before signing off on the blood lust boiling over as result of this war plot?

For more information, please review the following news sources:

The first is a BBC story of a former Pakistani diplomat coming forward to tell of his countryís knowledge of the planned war, concerned perhaps that the air attacks were not as advertised. Find it at:
The above article confirms the second, by an Indian news agency months before the attack and is much more detailed:

H. Michael Sweeney, spokesperson for NOILWAR!, is a published author in the area of personal privacy and safety, and an expert on disinformation and an investigative writer specializing in crimes of the intelligence community. Mr. Sweeney is one of many persons seeking to educate America of the existence of these facts. For more information about Mr. Sweeney, his books, or newsletter, please visit his Web site <>

'America will undoubtedly have its unstoppable war thanks to the Fourth Estate, but at what price?' asks Mr. Sweeney. 'Only those powerful men who know the truth will profit, and every American will have paid for it with their souls, others with their blood.'  He adds that ìIt is extremely ironic that this plan comes so close on the heels of the release of the James Bond film, The World is Not Enough, which parallels many of the key elements of the underlying story.'

End Press Release

Osama, In American Hospital, Meets With CIA Just Prior to 911

NEW! 10/31/2001 The Indiareacts article demonstrates the war against the Taliban was being planned approximately 4 months or more before the 911 attack. Our source is India, Pakistan, and the British via BBC. Now from France comes yet another acknowledgement of prior knowledge and, this time, more directly implies actual complicity in the attack itself by the United States government. We might well ask why these multiple news stories, all carried in the media of our allies in ëAmericaís New Warí, are not picked up by our ëfreedom loving peopleí who work in the American press, a press owned by our ëfreedom loving peopleí we otherwise know as major military contractors.

Three different French media outlets, one being Radio France International, one the print media, Le Figero, which is a much longer and more detailed story (I offer a word of caution), and the third a simplified English text version by the Agence France-Presse (Paris) article of Oct. 31, Bin Laden treated for kidney disorder in Dubai. All tell essentially the same basic story, one which proves concretely that bin Laden and CIA were still incestuously doing favors for each other just weeks before the 911 attack, and further demonstrates prior knowledge, if not outright planning of 911 by the US Government. Consider, if the US was planning the war in expectation of 911-like events caused by bin Laden months before the attack, why would the US be talking nicely with bin Laden in an American hospital roughly two months later - unless fully complicit in the attacks? The importance of the story is outlined, here, the extra details from the longer Le Figero piece...

1) Osama bin Laden left from Quetta in Pakistan and flew covertly by private Saudi jet with no registered flight plans to Abu Dubai, Saudi Arabia on or about July 4, accompanied by his lieutenant Ayman Al-Zawahari, and Egyptian, and four bodyguards, an Egyptian Doctor and male Algerian nurse.

This tells us that both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have lied about their legal and political stance on Osama bin Laden, and remain cordial to him despite claimed revocation of his Saudi citizenship and deportation by the Saudi Royal Family. This is NOT contrary to US policy as it might seem, as we will shortly see.  Rather, it is WITH US BLESSINGS.

Luxurious American Hospital of Dubai is Favorite of the Sudi Aristocracy

2) There he checked into the American Hospital of Dubai for a ten-day treatment of renal infection by 'very famous' American Doctor, Terry Calloway. It turns out that Osama has kidney failure and requires the use of a portable dialysis machine (ironically, invented by my Father in Law.) Acute renal failure can occur when such machines are not properly used and for other reasons, often requiring immediate hospitalization. Doctor Calloway has refused all calls by media.

This tells us we have been lied to once more - that Osama bin Laden is NOT likely to be hiding in caves unless they happen to have access to dependable, stable 110/220v power, and access to filtered water and chemicals required to operate a dialysis machine. A person on dialysis is extremely ëfixedí in place, and cannot simply get up and run in an air raid or other attack.

3) While in the hospital, Osama bin Laden was visited in private for a period by a known CIA agent who subsequently spoke openly (they use the word ëbraggedí) of the meeting, and as result was immediately recalled to Washington, D.C.

This tells us several things: a) Despite being declared by the United States as a wanted terrorist for the 1998 bombings of US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, Osama bin Laden is still very much likely to be on the payroll of CIA - perhaps a double agent;  b) as a double agent, the Saudi and Pakistani cooperative stance towards Osama would make more sense; c) someone in Washington, D.C. was well aware of the situation and extending additional protections and sanctions to Osama bin Laden by recalling the talkative Agent; d) if the recall was indeed to Washington, D.C., instead of Langley, Va. (CIA headquarters), then it must be presumed that the military (DOD/Pentagon) or White House is the source of these sanctions and protections; e) that if Osama did blow up the American Embassies, it was with the blessing of the US Government for unclear reasons - (see note.); f) if giving blessings to blowing up American Embassies, which fits the Operation Northwoods profile, such a government is likely to condone similar, larger-scale attacks on American cities.

Note: One reason might be to establish Osama as villain early in the game, that when the time came, it would be easier to pin the blame of 911 on him. This would imply the 911 attack was being planned by the U.S. Government for years, most likely as early as the first Bush administration and the first attack on the WTC by CIA trained and FBI hand-held terrorists also tied to bin Laden.

4)  The longer French article describes the conversation between Osama and the CIA agent as likely discussing the future attacks, and further concludes that oil interests were likely behind the attacks.

This tells us that even the French now believe that the US had prior knowledge, and are complicit in at the planning of 911, and that ëAmericaís New Warí is about oil, not terrorism. So who should the FBI be arresting, now?  I ask the key question, once more:

If the US was planning the war in expectation of 911-like events caused by Osama bin Laden months before the attack, why would the CIA be talking nicely with the him in an American hospital roughly two months later - unless fully complicit in the terrorism?

Should this be FBI's Most Wanted?

Image from the popular Web site of

Always Follow the Money -NO MATTER WHERE IT LEADS

Updated 10/24

In the aftermath of the horror of what many are simply calling 911 we find government investigators following the money. Now that strong evidence exists that the true reason for the war is oil, and in the certain knowledge such a war could not be sold the American people without some catastrophic catalyst event, perhaps it is wise to ask if they are following ALL the money.

Indeed, proof of prior knowledge... especially the actual plotting to create the so-called war on terrorism which we are now offered as our only savior... this demands we ask. But both media and government would seem inept at the task, known to have short memories - perhaps because of who the President of the United States is at this time. I do not have a short memory in such things. I seem to recall there was once another President Bush. Iíd like to compare the two histories with respect to the money.

Media has made no secret of the fact that G.W. Bush, like his father, was involved heavily in the Oil industry. Less vocal, perhaps, that the 'family-owned' oil firms which often seemed intertwined heavily in CIA interests, a picture perhaps first presented in Mark Lane's remarkable book, Plausible Denial, which links former President George H.W. Bush to the Bay of Pigs operation and through it, to the subsequent assassination of President J.F.K. by CIA (see CIA sworn courtroom 'confession'.) Ironic to me, BTW, is that a certain recent comedic film about the BOP invasion featured JAKE and Bush (one in the same). Film scripts often have notes penned in the margins, and there is often more than one copy made. These make for very interesting reading, and often, protect their holder.

And barely a mention has been given to the fact that Dick Cheney, who has enjoyed a role in both Bush administrations, also has an oil industry background as head of Halliburton (a huge oil industry service company), or that there are also ties between Cheney and the Bush family to the drug business. This will lead us to even more cozy ties to vast media power and, through these, more ties to CIA.  So when we follow the money, we might want to follow all of these trails.

George Bush Gets bin Laden Funds

The Houston Chronicle ran a series of articles starting in June 4, 1992 which attempted to follow the Bush oil investment trail, only to discover what are now seen as financial ties to capitalistic terrorist, Osama bin Laden. According to the Chronicle, entrepreneur James R. Bath, a man involved in CIA proprietaries, guided money to Bush oil firms from Saudi investors in hopes of influencing U.S. policy under President Reagan and Vice President Bush. He brought more than the bin Laden Brothers, to include players from CIA money laundering conduites via the BCCI scandal.

The Bush family, of course, claims no knowledge of where Bath got his money, assuming it his own. Personally, I find this incredulous given the many ties to CIA any examination will reveal, in light of the expertise the elder Bush has in setting up and funding CIA proprietaries. So, of course, we must presume there was no foreknowledge to the significance of this investment relative to our war on terrorism. At least we are told we must. But we might be smarter to consider the entire collective of facts which strongly suggest other than claimed by the Bush family. Here are a few excerpted quotes (italics added.)

...documents indicate that the Saudis were using Bath and their huge financial resources to influence U.S. policy. Such representation by Bath would require that he be registered as a foreign agent with the U.S. Department of Justice (he was not so registered.)
...An Annapolis graduate and former Navy fighter pilot, (Bill) White, 46, claims that Bath and the judicial system, under the veil of national security (where did that come from in a simple oil company start up?  it could only have been imposed by CIA to protect illegal proprietary funding and/or operational activities), have blackballed him professionally and financially because he has refused to keep quiet about what he regards as a conspiracy to secretly funnel Saudi dollars to the United States. (Investment dollars - profit dollars would soon enough flow back to the bin Laden family.)
In sworn depositions, Bath said he represented four prominent Saudis as a trustee (the bin Laden Brothers, including Osaman) and that he would use his name on their investments (ever heard of illegal silent partners?). In return, he said, he would receive a 5 percent interest in their deals. Tax documents and personal financial records show that Bath personally had a 5 percent interest in Arbusto '79 Ltd., and Arbusto '80 Ltd., limited partnerships controlled by George W. Bush, President Bush's eldest son. Arbusto means bush in Spanish...
George W. Bush's company, Bush Exploration Co., general partner in the limited partnerships, went through several mergers, eventually evolving into Harken Energy Corp., a suburban Dallas-based company. Bush, known informally as George Jr., is a shareholder and director of Harken, which has been granted lucrative offshore drilling rights off the coast of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf...

Note: these donít come with Cracker Jacks - you have to have the favor of someone in the Royal family, which might be easier if they are worried about regional invasion from Iraq and want assurances of American protections - a thought which makes more sense knowing these rights were obtained just a weeks before Iraq steam-rolled into Kuwait and threatened Saudi interests as well.

According to a 1976 trust agreement, drawn shortly after Bush was appointed director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Saudi Sheik Salem M. bin Laden appointed Bath as his business representative in Houston. (in other words, Bath, who had CIA ties, first entered into the bin Laden relationship while the elder Bush was still likley doing CIA work and headed for Directorship of CIA) Bin laden, along with his brothers (specifically to include Osama bin Laden), owns bin Laden Brothers Construction, one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East.
According to White, Bath told him that he had assisted the CIA in a liaison role with Saudi Arabia since 1976 (we call such a person an operative, or an in-place asset.) Bath has previously denied having worked for the CIA (which he would be required to do if working for CIA.) In a sworn deposition, Bath said he was the sole director of Skyway Aircraft Leasing Ltd., a company that a court document shows is owned by Khaled bin Mahfouz. Bin Mahfouz had been a major shareholder in the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), a banking empire that has been accused of money laundering and of using Mideast oil money to seek ties to political leaders in several countries.

End excerpts. The infamous and ill fated BCCI scandal was CIAís Oliver-North-Iran-Contra money laundering channel operated by Mahfouz and which thus served arms dealers Adnan Koshoggi and Manucher Ghorbanifar, and of course, through funding of the Afghani war efforts by CIA, if not somewhat indirectly, Osama bin Laden. We further learn In False Profits, a telling book by Peter Truell and Larry Gurwin, that Bath and bin Mahfouz put Skyway together with CIA aircraft and operated the airline as an extension of Air America, which pretty much makes Bath CIA, plain and simple - despite his dutiful denials. Also in the book, by the way, is this:

'When Bush (the Father) ran for President a decade later, several people connected with BCCI offered to help. One intriguing example is Mohammed Rahim Motaghi Irvani, an Iranian immigrant with multiple ties to BCCI, as noted in Chapter 6. In 1987, Irvani wrote to James A. Baker, III, Bushís campaign manager, saying he would like to help in the race (another middle east attempt at influence on the White House?) The letter was forwarded to Baker by former CIA director Richard Helms (a long-time CIA fellow and friend to George Bush who was also associated with the Bay of Pigs operation), with a note describing Irvani as 'a man of substance and decency.''

From something called the Intelligence Newsletter, we have these excrpted insights into the Harkin funding process, one which reveals further Middle East ties - again to include Ossama bin Laden, BCCI, and an important name for us to consider further on in the dialog, The Carlyle Group:

Indeed, among the figures Bush dealt with indirectly when he ran oil companies was Saudi banker Khaled Bin Mahfouz who, Intelligence Newsletter has learned, is currently under house arrest in a hospital in Taef at the behest of the American author-ities. The latter are looking into contribut-ions Mahfouz is said to have made to welfare associations close to terrorist Osama Bin Laden.
...In 1987 Mahfouz's representative in the U.S., Abdullah Taha Bakhsh, acquired an 11.5% stake in a company in which the Bush was a shareholder, director and adviser, Harken Energy...
...An American banker named Jackson Stephens who was to also be deeply involved in the BCCI affair moved in 1987 to invest $25 million in Harken. The transaction took place in Geneva with the money was paid through a joint venture set up between the Union des Banques Suisses and the Geneva branch of the BCCI; the financial accord was signed by both Stephens and Bakksh. Other links between Bush and Mahfouz can be found through investments in the Carlyle Group, an American investment firm managed by a board on which former president George Bush himself sat. The younger Bush personally held shares in one of the components of the Carlyle group, the Caterair company, between 1990-94. And Carlyle today ranks as a leading contributor to Bush's electoral campaign. On Carlyle's advisory board figures the name of Sami Baarma, director of the Pakistani financial establishment Prime Commercial Bank that is based in Lahore and owned by Mafouz."

We might wonder exactly how Harken could capture the lucrative and prized contract for the Bahrain oil explorations. If it did not involve the intelligence community or Presidential favors, and was not related to the looming regional threat of invasion by Iraq, then what? The powerful Amoco oil company had been negotiating for the rights to this prize since 1987. All bets were that they would win hands down, but instead, Harken, a small upstart with no useful capital reserves or assets and no operational history winds out. What happened?  We might get some insights from this December 6, 1991 Wall Street Journal excerpt (italics added) from an article by Thomas Petzinger Jr., Peter Truell, and Jill Abramson - found at <> (scroll down to find document):

Harken officials, in extensive interviews, maintain that Bahrain wanted a small company (which contradicts what Bahrain officials were indicating prior to the decision) that would devote full attention to the project, a point Bahraini Oil Minister Shirawi confirms. To find one, he turned to a longtime friend, Michael Ameen, a Houston oil consultant who had worked in the Mideast for Mobil Corp. and Arabian American Oil Co. (Aramco).
Mr. Ameen represents yet another BCCI notation in the Harken story. As the head of government relations for Aramco, he says he had close-up dealings for years with the Saudi royal family and its advisers, including Mr. Adham, the BCCI principal, who is also a former Saudi intelligence chief (You don't suppose, that as former intelligence chief for the Saudi's, that he might not have known and established an excellent working relationship with the former intelligence chief for the United States, George Bush?) Mr. Ameen was close enough to the Pharaon family that he recalls meeting a young Ghaith on his graduation from college.
Mr. Ameen had been a friend for 25 years of Mr. Bakhsh, the large Harken shareholder (yet another Middle East investor.) But he says that when faced with having to recommend to Bahrain one small oil company out of the hundreds to choose from, he chose Harken out of pure serendipity. Within 10 minutes of discussing the matter by phone with Bahrain's oil minister, Mr. Ameen says, he got a call from one of Harken's investment bankers at Stephens in Little Rock.
Before long, Mr. Ameen was leading Harken delegations to London and Bahrain, where, according to the company, Harken officials displayed keen knowledge of the region's geology and disarmed the Bahrainis with their open negotiating style.
In the midst of Harken's talks with Bahrain, Mr. Ameen -- simultaneously working as a State Department consultant -- briefed the incoming U.S. ambassador to Bahrain, Charles Hostler. Mr. Ameen ultimately received a fee of about $100,000 from Harken.

bin Laden Investments in Biological Research - or Biowarfare?

Now comes The Boston Herald (Bin Ladens Own Stake in Mass. Biomedical Firm, Jonathan Wells/Jack Meyers, Sep 25, 2001) which breaks a story about a very strange biomedical firm and its very unusual investors. Turns out, with further investigation on my part, to go much deeper than the simple but provocative headline would indicate.  Not only is the bin Laden family and the same Mafouz from Harken and BCCI money laundering adventures investing in this firm, but also a certain Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia, who has since been found to also be more recently investing in Harken. In fact, there are more than a dozen Middle-Eastern investors, and at least one mystery investor whos' identity is withheld even on SEC filings - $50M worth of hidden investing.

This firm is particularly strange because it has lost $240M, never making a profit in more than 6 years. These losses were racked up in 'research' which has been essentially unproductive, its only commercially available produc involving research and licenses on the work of others, and for which it has only three clients - clients chiefly given them by one of the license holders. Despite this clear failure to become a sucessfull company, it is  paying the top two corporate officers obscene 6 figure (nearly 7) salaries. There is even a $190K loan to the top officer which has risen to a quarter million dollar debt because there have been no payments whatsoever for years. This for a company with only 50 employes, which according to the math from official SEC filings, earn an average well below $20K per year. What kind of high-tech biomedical specialists can you hire for that?

More interesting is that other investors include DOD and military contractors, and key managers come from both Eli Lilly, where they worked under George Herbert Walker Bush, and/or from appointments and/or positions with the National Academy of Science/Institute of Medicine or National Institute of Health under the first Bush Administration. There are a lot of very interesting financial transactions and business decisions to explore, including a bank loan adjusted over and over again, real estate and other transactions where money goes one way, then comes back, and a curious move from one facility to another, and then back again in a matter of months.  More interesting than this, is a $1M bank account in a German Bank which has been FROZEN by the German Government in August of 1997. Very interesting, because the firm reports  no business in Germany. These curiosities and others make a half-dozen 'indicators' that a firm is a front operation, and so far, the closer I look, the more such indicators I find. The question is, a front for whom, and for what?

Bush Sends Money to Taliban While Planning War

But there are still more oil ties to follow. If it helps media to remember, the US under Bush as President would funnel millions of dollars, arms, and covert intelligence and other assistance through CIA to help the Afghani Mujahadene fight Soviet forces in what would prove to be Russiaís Vietnam. While a ëvictoryí, a chief benefactor of all the training, weapons, and money would prove to be Osama bin Laden, essentially a CIA backed operative. The establishment of the Taliban was thus assured, thanks to bin Laden, CIA, and George H.W. Bush.

And just in time to turn, and bite the hand of the son of the man who fed them? What it is, and what it seems, are often two different things. Since the war, money continued to flow to the Taliban from the current Bush administrations - right up until the air attacks of 911.  Even while Colin Powell was arranging for war with the Taliban, we were sending them money. Here are excerpts from TASHKENT, Aug 08, 2001 (Itar-Tass via COMTEX)

The George W. Bush administration is to provide additional financial assistance to the people of Afghanistan... The total volume of U.S. financial help to Afghanistan will amount to over 132 million dollars this year. Thus, the USA will become the world's biggest financial source for Afghanistan.

These investments stopped only after the air attacks of 911?  We now know that as recent as May, Secretary Colin Powell was announcing money for Afghanistan. $43M in additional assistance, in fact - but within that same time frame he was secretly making plans for war against Afghanistan? These two facts fly in the face of logic, unless, of course, there is a broad covert conspiracy outside of official US government - a shadow government of profiteers and criminals. Someone is double crossing someone, and getting paid well for it. The question is how they will get paid.

The trillion dollar gas and oil fields (an arbitrary dollar estimate, perhaps) in Iran and the Caspian Sea region to its north... and the pipeline to serve these fields may be financial incentive enough for such a double cross, but there is an icing to the cake. Everybody makes money in a war - if they are a part of the military industrial intelligence media complex (MIIM - a term I first coined in 1996 in my unpublished book, Fatal Rebirth). But some people want more than their fair share. Just in time for a looming oil shortage caused by the conflict, which always spells profits in the oil industry, certain CIA entwined oil industry players are shifting into high gear...

The Bush-bin Laden investments in Harken Energy didnít really seem to go anywhere, the company certainly not immediately taking advantage of its Middle-East oil leases except to attract investors. After all, it was a land drilling operation when founded, and had no experience, expertise, or floating drill rigs. But  a ënewí focus was established for Harken Energy once it was put the hands of a ëblind trustí as required when entering public office. This new direction was to enter into offshore exploration, regardless of any inherent abilities or resources to do so. But it happens you can subcontract such things. One such company you can subcontract with is Global Marine.

Same Investors, Oil Companies Merge, Poised for War Profits

Who is Global Marine?  A company which coincidentally was formed within months of the formation of CIA, and which was essentially a Union Oil holding by the time it got rolling. In 1973 it undertook a contract for CIA to design, have built, and operate the Glomar Explorer (virtually all Global Marine vessels are named Glomar something or other.) Construction was contracted to be undertaken at Howard Hughes Shipyards.

Glomar Explorer & Howard Hughes' HK-1 (Spruce Goose)

Howard was, along with his immense corporate wealth, by now himself largely at the disposal of CIA interests, best seen perhaps by diversion of part of his TWA Airline Holdings to CIA proprietorship in the form of what would eventually become Evergreen Corporation. Evergreen even wound up with Howardís most prized possession, the Spruce Goose flying boat, now in a museum an hours drive from where I type this. Another example is the Hughes Medical Center in Florida which retained the name, but became the favorite haunt of mysterious guests, many of whom checked in never to be seen again in their original persona or state of being.  Take that any way you like, and it would be correct (for more on Hughes and CIA, see Jim Hougan, Spooks.)

1973 was a magical year, for it marked not only CIA ties to the Global Marine, but a long 18 year period where the company did not make a profit, according to the Corporate web site. One might ask how a major corporation could survive 18 years of red ink, and still continually add new ships to its inventory, which it dispatched to points around the world. The answer might have to do with bottomless CIA funding (why the name Evergreen was selected for CIAís Airline, Iím told ), and the need to have cover operations near hot spots where agents might need to be inserted, listening posts and supply lines established, and emergency extraction made easy.

This can certainly be argued over by those disposed to protest the notion as mere speculation - but one stark fact fuels this speculation. CIA lost the right to have and endlessly fund proprietaries in 1984 - and so, a few years later, Glomar Marine filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. This effectively neutralized debt while keeping the firm and its ships afloat, and when considered with the prior 18 year financial red ink magic, certainly gives one pause to consider.

Miraculously, the company instantly took off once more, almost as if there had never been any downturn in its business. Something about a Bush-CIA-driven Gulf War and oil crises at the time seems to have played a role - a war which was, by the way, on the heels of record low prices for crude (which seemed to have no useful impact on the high prices at the pump, which would skyrocket anyway with the war.) Remember that formula: Low Crude Price = War = High Crude Price = Profits.

Of course, CIA also directly helped Global Marineís finances even in the tough times and beyond, in that it continued to pay them handsomely for the Glomar Explorerís operation through 1995 - but this also insured CIA ties remained within the corporate umbrella. Of course, this begs the question - did CIA walk away from a good thing just because the contract expired? Perhaps that question can be answered by the reader once seeing where history is taking us.

Especially with respect to the first Gulf War. Looking back, how might Kuwait adequately thank the US - specifically to thank CIA for manipulating American public opinion and other favors, the Bush family, and friends? Well it may have actually started right after the war, and if so, it would seem to continue to this day - but the answer will need to be unfolded slowly... by jumping ahead to the aftermath of 911.

As with the period just prior to the Gulf War, the price of crude has now dropped dramatically. An article in the Sept. 26 US Today says about oil prices based on OPECs decision not to cut production (and thus drive prices even lower):

Suspicion they would do that sent prices to new lows Tuesday, as investors tried to get ahead of the news, says Cameron Hanover Daily Energy Hedger newsletter. That was after a huge sell-off Monday, which resulted in the biggest 1-day drop in crude-oil prices since the Gulf War in January 1991

Well, at last - here is ONE media source that has a memory, but they donít quite draw the full conclusion: The price of crude dropped BECAUSE of the 911 attack, which has chopped both aviation and ground fuel consumption dramatically. Remember the formula?  Low Crude Price = War = High Crude Price = Profits! Perhaps it is time for another war to drive the price of crude back up?

Well, if it is, then it might be time to do something really interesting if you are an oil industry player - like for Global Marine to merge with Sate Fe Industries, an American company which happens to have been a sole proprietorship of the Kuwaiti Petroleum Corporation. You guessed it - an interesting little investment in the American oil industry by Kuwait, one which might be seen as a thank you in the context of our earlier question.

Who is Santa Fe?  Well, coincidentally, it is another company which grew from a Union Oil beginning and which was founded in, coincidentally, in 1946 within months of the founding of CIA. Unlike Global Marine, Santa Fe specialized in land drilling rigs - until about the time that it became a wholly owned subsidiary of, coincidentally, Kuwaiti Petroleum Corporation in 1981. Like Global, it enjoyed dramatic success, even in the time frame that Global was sinking into the sea of Chapter 11.

Now one unusual feature of this particular Kuwaiti firm doing business in America, is that it is neither incorporated and operated out of America or out of Kuwait.  Instead it is operated out of CIAís preferred place to run its own wholly owned operations, the Cayman Islands. Now if CIA was somehow involved, that would be a good thing, because it could then fund a lot of black project stuff without having to trouble Congress one whit about oversight, legality, etc.  I sleep better at night...

Perhaps we should next ask about Union Oil, but then we would just get into the Rockefeller Familyís vast holdings in ALL oil companies, and of course, their money and influence goes just about anywhere and everywhere one might look. That would include the (Senator) Rockefeller Commission on Assassinations which elected not to tell us about Marita Lorenze, who testified before it on JFK. It would also include the principle force behind the NWO movement in the United States, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the international Cabal of the Bilderbergers.

Perhaps we should ask if Penzoil and or Harken Energy have been, are, or will be investing in or doing business with the new Global Marine/Santa Fe Entity, Global Sante Fe. It will also be interesting to see if perhaps the new entity will move offshore to the Cayman Islands, which was where Sante Feís corporate registry was maintained. You canít tell these things by the name, apparently.

So there we have the oil industry/CIA/Bush/Middle-East/bin Laden relationships x 2, once for George Herbert walker and once for George Walker, each with the help of Bath, Powell, Cheney, and Baker. I consider it a fragmentary bomb shell packed with little exploding bomblets of coincidence and convenience.  But it does not end there.

Yet More War Profits with White House Ties

T V Parasuram (PTI - a Hindu Television Network, India) reports from Washington, September 28, that in the war on terrorism, defense spending will benefit the Carlyle Group, a Washington D.C. bank specializing in buyouts of defense and aerospace companies.  A major investor in the Carlyle Group is the bin Laden Brothers. Parasuram cites as their source Wall Street Journal intelligence dispatches (like a wire service.)

In recent years, former president George H W Bush, ex-secretary of state James Baker and ex-secretary of defense Frank Carlucci have made the pilgrimage to the bin Laden family's headquarters in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). Ex-president Bush makes speeches on behalf of Carlyle Group and is senior adviser to its Asian Partners Fund, while Baker is its senior counselor and Carlucci is the group's chairman.

So here we are. Poised to unleash our military might in a war for oil profits which was planned months before the 911 terror.  You and I would never have supported a war on the Taliban before the air attacks. But someone knew that. Someone calculated that in order to get you and me to sign off in the name of American pride and loyalty, and perhaps in the name of revenge and blood lust - would require an extremely catastrophic and horrific event. Someone calculated that to get Pakistan to risk civil war would require some super compelling event which would justify their aid to the US. Someone figured out that to get Iran to remain soft on US actions in their backyard would requires such an event, as well.

What I fear, is that someone figured out what such an event might should best be. They next figured out how to engineer it, to fund it, and to execute it - in a way that made profits. Did Osama bin Laden act alone? Was he the architect? Follow the money.  Look who benefits. Look at whoís fingerprints are on the war plans. These are the people who have much to answer for... before I will sign off on this war. Unless someone can answer some tough questions about all this, Iíd rather sign off on the arrest warrant of the entire White House Staff.

Family Ties: Taliban and Former CIA Director Richard Helms

NEW! 10/2001 From the Village Voice, an article entitled Mondo Washington: The Accidental Operative, by Camelia Fard & James Ridgeway, Additional reporting: Ariston-Lizabeth Anderson and Rouven Gueissaz. This piece documents how closely the CIA and the Taliban, and perhaps, Osama bin Laden really are, and hints at the value of Afghanistan to CIA as a tactical opportunity to capture a new drug supply. It turns out that the niece of former CIA Director Richard Helms is the defacto ambassador to the Taliban, and thus, the principle political buffer between the US and Osama bin Laden. Moreover, it highlights how badly the administration and intelligence community does NOT want Osama bin Laden captured and brought to justice. Please consider these startling excerpts, italics added:

June 6, 2001. On this muggy afternoon, a group of neatly attired men and a handful of women gather in a conference room at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (often looked on as a CIA think tank and recruiting ground.) The guest list includes officials from the furthest corners of the world?Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Turkey?and reps from the World Bank, the Uzbekistan chamber of commerce, the oil industry, and the Russian news agency Tass, along with various individuals identified only as 'U.S. Government,' which in times past was code for spook.
At hand is a low-profile briefing on international narcotics by a top State Department official, who has recently returned from a United Nations trip to inspect the poppy fields of Afghanistan, source of 80 percent of the world's opium and target of a recent eradication campaign by the fundamentalist Taliban. The lecture begins as every other in Washington: The speaker politely informs the crowd he has nothing to do with policymaking. And, by the way, it's all off the record.
Lecture over, the chairman asks for questions. One man after another rises to describe his own observations while in the foreign service. The moderator pauses, looks to the back of the room, and says in a scarcely audible voice: 'Laili Helms.' The room goes silent.

Note: Richard Helms and George Bush were key CIA managers involved in the Bay of Pigs matter according to Mark Lane in his book, Plausible Denial, and thus, both tied to the assassination of JFK as mentioned earlier.  Both would eventually become directors of CIA.  In CIA, there are axioms seldom left unapplied: Once CIA, always CIA.  The son of CIA becomes CIA.  The wife of CIA is from CIA.  Considering these axioms, it is most curious that the son of former CIA Director George Bush does business with the Brother of Osama bin Laden in the setting up of businesses which seems very tied to CIA - while at the same time, a woman with CIA ties and who is married into the family of former CIA Director Richard Helms represents the Taliban, protector of Osama bin Laden, who has CIA ties.  This coziness among the CIA and bin Laden families all suggests to me that perhaps Osama bin Laden may still very much be a CIA protected operative, and makes me very nervous about who really orchestrated the 911 attacks.

Laili Helms, his niece by marriage, is an operative, too - but of a different kind...
In 1999, Helms says, she got a message from the Taliban leadership that they were willing to turn over all of bin Laden's communications equipment, which they had seized, to the U.S. When she called the State Department with this offer, officials were at first interested, but later said, 'No. We want him.'

Note: Convenient answer.  Rather than take away the capability of bin Laden to direct his people abroad (and perhaps, to communicate with his CIA overseers), a line is drawn in the sand demanding that which was not possible. Why not take the gear and still seek the man, having weakened his ability to avoid capture and engage in terrorism in the process?  Perhaps because getting the man is NOT the actual goal. Perhaps he is more useful where he is, doing what he does?

In the same year, Prince Turki, head of Saudi intelligence, reputedly came up with a scheme to capture bin Laden on his own; after consulting with the Taliban he flew his private plane to Kabul and drove out to see Mullah Omar at his HQ. The two men sat down, as Helms recounts the story, and the Saudi said, 'There's just one little thing. Will you kill bin Laden before you put him on the plane?' Mullah Omar called for a bucket of cold water. As the Saudi delegation fidgeted, he took off his turban, splashed water on his head, and then washed his hands before sitting back down. 'You know why I asked for the cold water?' he asked Turki. 'What you just said made my blood boil.'
Bin Laden was a guest of the Afghanis and there was no way they were going to kill him, though they might turn him over for a trial. At that the deal collapsed, and Turki flew home empty-handed.

Note: What does Osama bin Laden know that makes him more valuable dead than alive?  In the world of CIA (or Saudi Intelligence) operations, you don't generally double cross one of your own agents and set them up for a patsy to some crime unless you insure they are not captured alive.  It might prove embarrassing if they were given the opportunity to tell their side of the story - especially if a double or triple agent

Early this year, the Taliban's ambassador at large, Hashami, a young man speaking perfect English, met with CIA operations people and State Department reps, Helms says. At this final meeting, she says, Hashami proposed that the Taliban hold bin Laden in one location long enough for the U.S. to locate and destroy him. The U.S. refused, says Helms, who claims she was the go-between in this deal between the supreme leader and the feds...

Again, we see the government refusing to take an opportunity to stop Osama bin Laden cold.  Why?  Because there would be no body produced.  They want him 'brought to justice', but only it would seem they only want him brought out as a corpse - if the clues assembled herein are taken at face value.

Perhaps we should ask why we are really going to war, and who really ordered the 911 attacks.  As my friend and author Alex Constantine has said in his own newsletters on topic...

The entire case against Osama Bin Laden rested on the claim that the identities of the hijackers were known. That claim fell apart when even the US admitted that the hijackers had used phony identifications with the stolen identities of mideastern arabs on them. Moreover, the hijackers had made a conspicuous display of themselves in various locales to make sure that the stolen identities would be remembered. The forged IDs wreck any chain of evidence that leads from the hijackers to those who controlled them.
So, where are we? Well, it looks like we're about to invade Afghanistan. We don't know for sure that Osama actually had anything to do with the attacks on the World Trade Towers but we are still going to invade Afghanistan. We don't even know that Osama is still inside Afghanistan but we are still going to invade Afghanistan. It is rapidly becoming clear that Osama was just the excuse; the real goal all along was to invade Afghanistan, which is, of course, what the US was telling other countries it intended to do last summer...While American media gave us all Condit all the time.
bin Laden's Father Dies in Visit to Bush

While the Bush family has continually tried to claim no knowledge of the bin Laden investments, one event makes clearer the notion of close working relationships, including a bin Laden visit to Texas. Mohammad had come to the mountain, but he would not leave it alive. What was discussed was unknown, nor is it known if the results of the discussion were positive or negative. But it is known the plane carrying Shiek Salem bin Laden crashed in Texas, KILLING OSAMA BIN LADEN'S FATHER.

This was in 1988, just as the elder Bush was heading to the White House and just months away from the first Gulf War. The death may have helped secure a scandal-free ride for Elder Bush... may have represented a solution to a rift between the bin Laden Brothers and the Bush Oligarchy... may have marked or even caused the turning of Osama against the US for reasons of revenge... or may have been completely accidental as NTSB would tell us.  But NTSB has no credibility, having repeatedly been shown to falsify or cook official NTSB investigations when politically expedient. The following excerpts from PBS Frontline (found in REVEALING articles from the Progressive Review) will not only confirm these facts, but will likely teach you more about the bin Laden family in 60 seconds than all of media has told you in the many weeks after 9-11.  I wonder what they don't want you to know, and why...

...Like his father in 1968, Salem died in a 1988 air Texas. He was flying a BAC 1-11 which had been bought in July 1977 by Prince Mohammed Ben Fahd. The plane's flight plans had long been at the center of a number of investigations. According to one of the plane's American pilots, it had been used in October 1980 during secret Paris meetings between US and Iranian emissaries. Nothing was ever proven, but Salem bin Laden's accidental death revived some speculation that he might have been "eliminated" as an embarrassing witness. In fact, an inquiry was held to determine the exact circumstances of the accident. The conclusions were never divulged... There was also a political aspect to Salem bin Laden's financial activities...
On his death in 1968, Sheik Mohammed left behind not only an industrial and financial estate but also a progeny made up of no less than 54 sons and daughters, the fruit of a number of marriages ...Upon Sheik Salem's death, the leadership of the group passed to his eldest son, Bakr, along with thirteen other brothers who make up the board of the bin Laden group. The most important of these are Hassan,Yeslam and Yehia. Most of these brothers have different mothers and different nationalities as well. Each has his own set of affinities, thus contributing to the group's international scope. Bakr and Yehia are seen as representatives of the "Syrian group"; Yeslam, of the "Lebanese group". There is also a "Jordanian group." Abdul Aziz, one of the youngest brothers, represents the "Egyptian group" and is also manager of the bin Laden group's Egyptian branch, which employs over 40,000 people. Osama bin Laden is, incidentally, the only brother with a Saudi mother.

So we see a consistent pattern involving Bush Presidencies, Middle-East investments linked to and through CIA resources, typically to include the criminally corrupt BCCI bank, said investments both within and without the oil industry, and political 'investments' of similar construct. And as with the current war on Afghanistan, it should be pointed out in addition to these coincidental consistencies, that the same old gang at work now was present and played key roles in the Gulf War: Bush, of course, albeit the heir; Colin Powell; Dick Cheney; and James Baker.

Of course, we donít know Harken was (or is) used by CIA, only that CIA seems to be involved peripherally in every aspect, just as seen for his Fatherís companies. But we do know this from excerpts From a HOUSTON, March 15 PRNewswire - Harken Energy Corporation announced...

security issues surrounding its (Harken) Colombian Operations have increased significantly in the recent past... In addition to these security issues, the Company has also become the subject of media focus in Colombia that may further complicate its security position in the country... The Company is also currently analyzing and upgrading its security procedures and will initiate immediate action to expand security measures for both personnel and field operations... Mikel D. Faulkner, Harken's Chairman and CEO stated, 'Although we expect to continue our efforts in Colombia, presently, the Company must focus more management time and financial resources on the recently increased security issues confronting our personnel and operations.'

Columbia is a hot bed of drug king pins known to cause political unrest and conduct terrorism against US companies (largely in the belief they are CIA fronts aiding in the ëdrug warí - and in recognition of the fact that one of their largest competitors in the illicit drug trade is CIA).  So the above may be seen as a ënormalí response to a tough situation perhaps faced by many American firms in Columbia - or - as worded, it also paints a picture which is quite suitable to insertion of additional CIA agents and operatives into the area under cover of ëimproving security.í

As I explore the oil profit motive, know that others have explored the drug profit motive. Afghanistan has only one cash crop, and it is poppy fields which are used only to make heroin. Once again, it is the same players: Bush, Cheney, Baker, and CIA - but a whole different set of corporate players, though they, too, are from the oil industry, and they, too, are very involved in both the Gulf War and our war on terrorism.  For more information on this angle, please visit <>

U.S. Military May Have Trained 5 of Terrorists Named by FBI

From Newsweek we learn that the ehe Pentagon has turned over military records of five men to the FBI. In an article Alleged Hijackers May Have Trained at U.S. Bases,  by George Wehrfritz, Catharine Skipp and John Barry <>, we learn...

THREE OF THE alleged hijackers listed their address on drivers licenses and car registrations as the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla.óknown as the ìCradle of U.S. Navy Aviation,î according to a high-ranking U.S. Navy source. Another of the alleged hijackers may have been trained in strategy and tactics at the Air War College in Montgomery, Ala., said another high-ranking Pentagon official. The fifth man may have received language instruction at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tex. Both were former Saudi Air Force pilots who had come to the United States, according to the Pentagon source.

Airline Passenger Lists May Offer Suggestive Clues to Deciet

NEW! 10/31/2001 The following letter to the FBI regarding a very simple, logicl, and OBVIOUS question NO ONE IN MEDIA has DARED to ask. Almost immediately after the attack, the government was citing Islamic terrorists, soon enough producing names and telling us what flight they were believed to be on.  Of course, there was the issue of falsified passports and other documents which led to some general embarassments, but the investigation rolled on - seeming to ignore a couple of fairly basic facts.  For instance, the official lists of passengers released by the airlines included NO ARABIC NAMES. FBI, in turn, lists a number of alias' for the terrorists, but NO NON ARABIC NAMES.  Here begines the simple basis for challenging the very notion of who actually was involved, and how the aircraft were actually hijacked.

Oct. 31, 2001

Unit Chief of The Press Office
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

In the matter of the 9/11 attack on America, there is a problem which seems to impact significantly on FBIís investigation and which makes little sense to this investigative writer. As your office is no doubt aware, I am a harsh critic of flawed FBI investigations, especially relating to air crashes such as Flight 800. Once again, FBI would seem to have left itself open to criticism by failing to publicly address fine points which critically undermine credibility when examined by simple deductive critique. Given the tremendous implications of this particualar case, I hope FBI can for once provide answers which do not inspire further challenges, and which instead restore faith in Agency.

FBI public press release statements of 9/14 and 9/17 of this year list 19 Arabic terrorists named exclusively with Arabic names and alias'. The airlines provide passenger lists listing ONLY non Arabic names. The airlines claim their public lists, each short of manifest counts by at least six names per aircraft, are incomplete due to ëfamily wishes.í This implies that all remaining names on their lists do NOT contain the names of terrorists, but are legitimate passengers. It is presumed that FBI would have by now dutifully verified the identity and legitimacy of each and every passenger against possible hijackers. Why have not the airlines updated their public lists now that FBI has released the terroristís names, and why do they still maintain that it is a matter of family wishes, failing update their lists despite public statements that such updates are policy?

It is conceivable that some of the missing names were of Arabic hijackers, but pending FBI findings, it may have been considered unwise to mention Arabic sounding passengers publicly who might later prove innocent in the final analysis. If this is so, why not simply so state? Has FBI requested the airlines NOT to so state Arabic names for such a reason? If so, why has this fact, and updated passenger lists including hijacker's names not been made public now that hijackers have been identified?

If the above is not true, the conclusion is that perhaps the remaining names were not Arabic, or at least not in sufficient quantity to match the number of claimed terrorists. Can the FBI state categorically that the terrorists boarded under non-Arabic surnames, and if so, which names on the passenger lists, published or withheld? If so, why has this information not been made public in the form of updated passenger lists, as it would help the public to contribute useful information on hijackers and their helpers per FBI requests?

If nothing thus far is true, the hijackers were not on the passenger list at all. This would mean they had to have covertly entered the aircraft and remained concealed until time of hijacking. There is only ONE possible way to achieve this I am aware of, being familiar with this class of aircraft via the Flight 800 investigation - that they boarded secretly and evaded flight crews until the time of their attack by means of boarding through the process of meal delivery, or possibly cargo delivery. Did the hijackers in fact sneak on board, and if so? If so, by what means, and by what evidence is this known? Why has FBI failed to report this publicly? Surely any security policy changes required to prevent future abuses of the sort have by now been implemented, or have they? If not, why not?

Further, such access would preclude the need for limiting weapons to ëknivesí and would allow firearms and other tools of the trade. Such weapons would make sense only if the hijackers were passengers. If FBI is to admit that covert entry was applied, how does FBI explain the limited weaponry applied?

Please clarify the above problems, because in the absence of any explanation, FBI would seem caught in a catch 22 situation. FBIís whole argument that Arabs hijacked these planes would seem to have no basis in fact, despite any supportive evidence uncovered elsewhere. Either they were on the plane, or they were not. If they were, then you must have evidence of it in the passenger lists. If you do not, then you must state how they might have been able to covertly gain entry and hide, and why they did not have better weapons. If you cannot do either, then from whence came the notion of Arabic terrorists in the first place - since all other evidence came after public statements to that effect?

H. Michael Sweeney,
Investigative Writer
Spokesperson, NOILWAR!


NOILWAR! is a non-profit group of Americans and other citizens around the world seeking... 'To inform and educate the American Public about the existence of prior knowledge of the war by government, and the oil profit motive which lies behind it, in an effort to force media and government to acknowledge and answer these charges before spilling blood, and to insure that the true cause and source of the air attacks of 911 are known before targeting any group or nation. We do so in the belief that government in a Republic must be challenged at all times to insure that it is subject to the will of the people for the good of the people.  It is not the other way around, nor is it to be a government working for the good of corporate or foreign interests.'

H. Michael Sweeney, spokesperson for NOILWAR! (No OIL WAR), is a published author in the area of personal privacy and safety, and an expert on disinformation and an investigative writer specializing in crimes of the intelligence community. Mr. Sweeney publishes The Professional Paranoid Newsletter, which contains even more information and timely revelations on America's New War - FREE samples available. 'America will undoubtedly have its unstoppable oil war thanks to the largely silent Fourth Estate, but at what price?' asks Mr. Sweeney. 'Only those powerful men who know the truth will profit, and every American will have paid for it with their souls, some with their blood, all with blood and oil on their hands.' He adds that ìIt is extremely ironic that this plan comes so close on the heels of the release of the James Bond film, The World is Not Enough, which parallels many of the key elements of the underlying story.'

NOILWAR! membership is open to anyone wiling to spread the word. There are no requirements or duties beyond seeking and sharing the truth. NOILWAR! is looking for contributions to fund a hack-proof Web site and advertising, but there are no membership fees. A mailing list is maintained to update information on an infrequent basis. To request more information, be put on the joint NOILWAR! and Professional Paranoid mailing list, and to recieve both a text file copy of the NOILWAR! Press Release for your personal distribution AND a FREE sample of The Professional Paranoid Newsletter, use the link below. You may have your name removed from the list at any time.

For more documentable information, please contact H. Michael Sweeney, spokesperson for NOILWAR!:
<mailto:%20noilwar!"NOILWAR question">

CAUTION - Possible Disinformation Through Carlyle Group

NEW! 11/02/2001 This author (H. Michael Sweeney) is considered by many to be an expert on disinformation as applied by the intelligence community. It therefore behooves us, on behalf of NOILWAR!, to consider the role of disinformation carefully in this matter - not just in the stories fed us by media, but also the possibility that the very evidential resources presented on this page might themselves be part of some clever disinformation ploy. Always judge the merits of any argument for or against a controversial topic by the quality of the source cited, the content thereof, and the relevance to known facts, and with logic.

It is for example, consider the articles from Indiareacts and the BBC which started interest in and belief in the oil war concept, and which caused strong questions to be raised about so many of governmentís more dubious claims regarding the terrorism. It is conceivable that some foreign power or other interested party might have planted these stories for some ulterior motive not yet apparent. I have tried to analyze for such a possibility by asking who would gain? Finding no obvious takers, I tried to force fit players such as subversive elements within Indiaís own political nightmares, Pakistan and its own internal contenders for power, and so forth. Still not reasonable fit.

The fact is, that the entire matter can certainly be other than the stories present. Just because I can find no such reason does not mean it might not exist.  Frankly, I would hope that one does exist - that indeed, terrorism alone is responsible for 911 and all that followed. I would happily accept the charge of being fool if it guaranteed my world was as media and government tells me. That would mean no traitors in government and profiteers from war - at least not deliberate profiteers. But there is one very logical way to find out. Demand answers.

That is the whole purpose of NOILWAR!

Our government and media must be forced to acknowledge these charges of apparent crimes of conspiracy and defend themselves against them.  Let them prove there is disinformation and the cause. If they cannot, and the stories are legitimate, they stand condemned as charged. But unless a criminal conspiracy is charged, they cannot and need not put on a defense, and continue to get away with the crime. But as it happens, upon hearing that such charges might be levied, a good conspiracy can find yet one more way to avoid getting caught in their crimes.  It is found in the element present in every government fostered conspiracy, the element called DISINFORMATION.

So perhaps the charges implied due by the BBC and Indiareacts and the rest are true, but by clever use of disinformation, the conspirators will be able to wriggle out of being charged at all. There are a number of rules and traits of disinformation which can be used, but there is one which seems to work perhaps best of all, and it is called ëthe strawman.í That is where you create or find a weakness in the truth-seekerís argument or case, and destroy it utterly, making them seem foolish in their effort. You then apply another rule which is ëassociation with old charges.í Should they find or bring up any new evidence, you attack them and their message by bringing up how foolish they were in the first attempt. In such a manner, even a smoking gun can be ridiculed and ignored by media and an unwary public. That is why understanding disinformation and knowing what to do about it is so important.

In the matter of prior knowledge, I have discovered what appears to be a possible attempt at disinformation. Find it here in the story of Osama bin Laden in the hospital being visited by a talkative CIA agent. When I first read the story, I had a couple of gut-level reactions which suggested it might be disinformation. But the story came from multiple mainstream media outlets with extremely good credentials, so I decided the wise thing was to report its existence and ramifications. YOU, the reader, deserve to form your own opinions by having both sides of the story.

Examining the story in question, there are several points that, as I had indicated, represent warning bells of possible disinformation. These are:

1) Too many details. Liars tend to embellish with lots of details as if the added realism will convince all the better.  Most stories of this type stick to minimal basic facts and focus on the main points. This one gives names of peripheral persons, methods of travel, and so forth, all unnecessary EXCEPT that they paint a picture that would be appreciated by anyone looking for a conspiracy;
2) A CIA Agent who brags. This is almost an impossibility. It is like talking about an Army General who is a life-long pacifist.  It could happen, but is highly unlikely.
3) Questionable person. The article describes a doctor who is described as ëvery famous.í  In point of fact, I could find absolutely no mention of him at either the hospitalís Web site or on the Internet. This does not prove he is not famous - it only proves I could have missed something at either the Web site or the Web, or that he is famous in circles and places outside of those resources.
4) Unrevealed revelations. The story revealed matters contrary to self-evident facts but DID NOT POINT THEM OUT in the article. The article tells us Osama flew covertly on Saudi private planes, and mentions his loss of citizenship and criminality, but does not point out that this raises serious questions about the true Saudi - bin Laden relationships. Again, this leaves it to ëconspiracy buffsí to ëdiscover and reportí the truth.

So we did - I and many others. I donít mind being called a ëconspiracy buffí, because labeling is one of the tactics of disinformation.  I accept it as an honor of being seen as an opponent worthy of targeting, that I should so be attacked with labels. It is interesting that before the assassination of JFK, there were only investigative writers.  Since that time, there have been investigative writers and ëconspiracy buffs.í  If you wrote critical of governmentís claims, you were a conspiracy buff, and if you wrote to ridicule or ëdebunkí the writing of those critical of government - then and only then were you called investigative writer. That is how labels work in a controlled media.

And, as stated, new information has come up. It was pointed out to me that Oliver Burkeman and Julian Borger wrote a piece for the well-known UK media giant, The Guardian, a piece called The Presidentís Club. This article fits well with other revelations here about the financial rewards due those pressing the war, in that it focuses on The Carlyle Group - the epitome of the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address. By coincidence, also written on October 31, 2001, the piece happens to mention a very interesting fact. Le Figero, one of the French sources for the story on Osama in the hospital is controlled by The Carlyle Group. I suspect the others may be, as well.


This illustrates yet again how the military industrial complex is deliberately acquiring media. It implies that we cannot trust the French articles at all. It may be that the entire story is bogus, intended to get us ëconspiracy buffsí all worked up. We all accept as fact and repeat the stories. The next logical step would then be for media to suddenly ëdiscoverí our claims (which they have been aware of since shortly after September 19 when NOILWAR! press releases were first sent out) and report them - followed most likely by a sudden additional discovery that elements some or all of the most crucial story element s, showing they were false.

Bingo - the straw man is destroyed, and all other evidence becomes moot, associated with old charges. Iím sorry, but that wonít work, if that is the game. We do not rest our case on Osamaís hospital stay. We rest it on a larger body of cumulative and mutually supportive facts of the matter.  Disinformationalists may be able to destroy one element, but as long as we demand full explanations and ourselves warn of possible disinformation, they can only win by successfully defending against the full charges - not by simply destroying their own straw man created for the purpose.

But before we throw out the Osama hospital story entirely, understand that the other possibility is that the basic story is true, but that this ëextra-paddedí version of it was released to use the strawman tactic to destroy its value. Perhaps Osama was in the hospital. Perhaps he did meet with CIA. Perhaps the story was about to come to light and they could not stop it. But perhaps someone wants us to think it did not happen, so they released the story themselves before anyone else could, adding details (too many details) which could later be found untrue by on-the-spot investigating reporters (working for controlled media, of course.) Or, perhaps the whole story is true. Time will tell - but only if we demand it happen. Do not fear disinformation - deal with it!

All in all, it is very interesting to see all the twists and turns the other side is willing to go through to sell us ëAmericaís New War.í  Iím rushing out to buy the super economy size right now.  How about you, my fellow ëfreedom loving people?í

Other Valuable References and quotes

How important is the oil and gas in the Region?
A list of Globalist institutions (think tanks) studying for years how to best access and exploit the Caspian resources...
From 'State of the Field Report: Energy and Politics in Central Asia and the Caucases', The National Bureau of Asian research,
Laurent Ruseckas - found in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Library Papers - CFR is the American contingent of the NWO cabal.
They are the heart of the America's Secret Government policy, virtually dictating it with every paper.

        Center for Strategic and International Studies
        the Heritage Foundation
        the Nixon Center for Peace and Freedom
        the Central Asia Institute of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
        the U.S.-Azerbaijan Council (Washington, D.C.)
        the Royal Institute for International Affairs
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        Institute for East-West Studies
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        The National Bureau of Asian research

US Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson...
'The Caspian region will hopefully save us from total dependence on Middle East oil'.
From 'Getting Crude in Baku', (New York Times Magazine, 4 October 1994, p. 53, Jeffrey Goldberg)
Discovered as refernce in CFR Library Papers cited below.

Tad Sauk (writing about Caspian resources)...
'Much of the future of the world's economy ... may hinge on who gains access to this wealth'.
From 'Could This Happen to US Again?' (Parade Magazine, 19 July 1998, pp. 6-8, Tad Sauk)
Discovered in CFR Library Papers, referring to the statement as 'neo-Club of Rome' sentiment.
Club of Rome is a NWO cabal splinter assigned to establishing a unified European goverenment (mission accomplished.)

Amy Myers Jaffe and Robert A. Manning wrote about the region...
'The West's greatest interests in the Caspian Basin are open access to the region's resources, ensuring its stability and helping the newly independent states in the arduous task of nation-building.'
From 'The Myth of the Caspian 'Great Game: The Real Geopolitics of Energy' (Survival)
Discovered in CFR Library Papers, ironically downplaying the strategic value of the resources.

'Hydrocarbons alone, as an end in themselves, have brought oil and gas companies to the Caspian-but they cannot account for the importance accorded to the region in the foreign ministries and intelligence agencies of much of the world. There is another dynamic at work here.
Oil is an important piece of a larger picture: the balance of power in Eurasia.'
From 'State of the Field Report: Energy and Politics in Central Asia and the Caucases', The National Bureau of Asian research,
Laurent Ruseckas - found in CFR Papers

The following excerpted quotes are the most interesting and revealing, since they are from a James A. Baker Public Policy Paper written sometime in 2000 for him and copyrighted by the CFR.
'Meanwhile, the Unocal consortium, intent on building a pipeline through Afghanistan, will have difficulty attracting the necessary financing until Afghanistan's civil war is wound down and a government acceptable to the country's many ethnic groups is established... routes through Afghanistan will not become commercially financeable until a coalition government is put in place that is acceptable to all of Afghanistan's diverse ethnic groups.

The China Pipeline as threat to American Interests... from 1997 - Radio Free Europe/Radio Libert (CIA operations.)

The London Telegraph: Control of Central Asia's Oil Is The Real Goal, by Ben Aris in Moscow and Ahmed Rashid in Lahore

Author Jim Marrs detailed reveiw of the pipeline Follows The Money...

As I have explored the Oil Motive, others have explored the Drug Profit motive...

Watch this space - I've a lot more to add but simply ran out of time...