Organized Crime: The Real Threat To Financial Markets

Japan's powerful yakuza organised crime syndicates are mounting a widespread and 'infectious' assault on the country's financial markets that may have left hundreds of listed companies riddled with mob connections.

In a surprisingly stark admission of the crisis, the National Police Agency (NPA) says it is locked in a battle for the economic soul' and international reputation of Japan.
(end excerpt from Times Online)

Here is a far greater threat than terrorism, as it is called. Organized Crime controlling our financial markets and governments. I am firmly convinced that this is where the real threat to National Governments lies. If you think this is not an issue that effects America you are mistaken. I see this as a real threat, but from a slightly different angle. Today, I see what is happening in Japan happening here but I see America's major corporations as being the criminals of America. I see the trend of immunizing them from crime (both in law and via effective non-enforecement of law) as being part of the trend of the future independent of which party gets into power. So Crime that springs from the underworld is the trend in many nations, but the Criminalization of the 'Overworld' of Legitimate well connected businesses is the trend we will see here in the US and to a lesser degree in Europe.

What I see in our soon to be future may be a little dark but all the signs point to it. Primarily, I see a kind of Corporate 'anarchy' coupled with plebian slavery as the road we are on. Around the globe those who control vast amounts of capital are increasingly becoming immune to any kinds of prosecution, and prisons are set up to house large amounts of racially or politically inconvenient peoples, on trumped up charges, frames or what can only be called 'crimes of political convenience' to ensnare those groups that the powers (the controllers of the Overworld) want to use in their sweat shops, which
America's prisons are very quickly turning into.

There is a better way to put it. The Bible calls it Lawlessness. Indeed the coming man of sin has also been called, correctly
the lawless one. All of the commandments that God says we should not do, (kill steal, commit adultery, torture, lie...) will be OK with this man and his powerbase, for the prince of darkness will usher in a new era of sin and evil unlike the world has ever known. Any who serve God and do right will be criminals, those who worship the devil and the image he sets up (know and understand the COMING Abomination of Desolation and the mark and image of the Beast).

The trend of lawlessness and evil are already in place, you can see it if you really want to.

I feel strongly let to say this to each and every one of you, especially those who claim to serve God. There is coming a time of chastisement upon America and many of her lukewarm and rebellious Christians. The coming pain will not be so much out of anger (towards Christians) but to get Christians on the right path and doing those things that God has been telling you to do for years. Many of you are so far gone that you wouldn't know God's voice if he were using speakers normally used at a hard rock concert, at full volume screaming in your ears. You have become
deadend to God's pleadings. God is going to give you one last chance to get right and it going to mean a great deal of pain to a great many Christians who have been deluding themselves about their spiritual state but in your patience preceded by genuine repentance, you will possess your souls.

So when God sends trouble like you have never seen before to your house, job, families finances or bodies, it is meant as a tool to get you on the right track and to get you to stop chasing after the things of this world; the riches, 'security' and pleasures of this world.

I say this to all, get ready for a crescendo of crime and evil as the days pass. No one with any real power has the willingness to take a real stand against the powers of darkness that are enveloping the world and are linking themselves in lucrative and evil associations that are profitable to themselves but detrimental to mankind and the earth we all must share. Our leaders are building political, economic and spiritual bridges to the underworld, of crime and demonic spirits. It is evidencing itself in ways that make it clear that occult and dark spiritual forces are working overtime to bring about a world where right becomes wrong and anyone who values life, liberty, Christ, truth or justice will be turned into criminals. This is the world we are headed towards and one that no one on earth is going to stop. We are headed into very, very dangerous times. I sense an urgency about it that we need to prepare ourselves in whatever way God directs us to, because no matter who gets into office, they will not be able to solve the problems America or our wold faces even if they wanted to, and neither one wants to. Our candidates each seem to have some serious mental and psycological baggage and both are getting money from both the underworld and overworld of (legalized) 'criminal' finance.

For those of you who think you are going to get Change in the false messiah, Obama's self worship are kidding themselves. His
O-versized ego is so apparent that many of his key donors from the legitimate world and the underworld are beginning to hedge their bets and are moving over to McCains side. The talk about Obama's psychological state is not just campaign bluster from his enemies. There are numerous supporters and former supporters who are saying time and time again that this guy has got the power bug... bad and his ego is way too big for his meager achievements. Here is just one small example with photos from Mt. O-lympus. From a spiritual perspective I see a man who was never really a Christian (in the American sense yes, in the Biblical sense, no). He makes all the right sounds about it for a US election but the reality is that he isn't one, never was. Any man who says supports abortion as though he is doing people a favor for allowing women to bring their babies to term is not a child of God.

abortion by race"The party's platform supports the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that made abortion legal and adds a twist, saying the party ``strongly'' backs a woman's decision to carry a pregnancy to term. The compromise language is the result of behind-the-scenes negotiations with abortion-rights groups and religious leaders on both sides of the issue.

The idea is to frame abortion as less of an either-or issue by discussing both the need
to keep abortion legal and the desire to provide programs for expectant and new mothers. It may help Democrats woo evangelical Christians, a core Republican constituency that backed President George W. Bush by a margin of 77 percent in 2004." - Bloomberg

In other words they want to deceive Christians (and blacks) with lies about their stance which is in reality, 'abortion on demand' at any point of a pregnancy, for any reason for big profits for hospitals and those who sell baby parts.

Nothing has changed but the lies they tell except perhaps the level of gullibility of the American voting public, which grows like the national debt..

No, there is a lot of money being made in dead baby parts and those interests too being heard on this issue.

Sadly Criminal elements, coupled with demons of every stripe run America and increasingly our world. But their main gathering place is in America in the great city where the world's commerce is conducted.

And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. (Rev 18:1-3)

Having said all of this, I do think Obama will bring in change if elected. But it will be the kind of change that will have many a Republican and Liberal Democrat so full of loathing, that they would actually look upon the Bush years as being not so bad and days they would gladly return to and I say that knowing and loathing the wars, torture, spying, theft corruption, lies.... that this administration has engaged in. I do not think any of these things will change but will probably get worse (I hope I am wrong, but I do not think so). Sure they may close down Guantanamo, but keep the other facilities open (and there are a lot of them, still classified) and keep prisoners on ships (as they do now, in secret.). Change yes, for the worse. McCain? Well he is honest enough to admit that is what he will do, that is the
only real difference I see between the two.

"Do you think it's a valid argument ... that a John McCain administration would be a four-year extension of the Bush administration?" "Sure, but I think that's what's going to happen with Obama, too," Paul replied. "There's no difference." "Their foreign policies are identical," Paul explained. "They want more troops in Afghanistan. They want to send more support to Georgia to protect the oil line there. Neither one says bring home the troops from Iraq from the bases -- you know the bases are going to stay there, the embassy as big as the Vatican, that's going to remain. So their foreign policies are exactly the same. They're both very, very aggressive with Iran. So I would say there's no difference." - Ron Paul

The American people (voters) are like a man who walks into a prison, closes the door behind himself, locks it, puts shackles on himself, locks the shackles into place onto his own arms and legs and then throws the keys outside of the cell and cries Help! I am in prison, save me!

Why bother to help him? He will only act a fool and put himself in prison again. A fool will only return to his folly.

That is how I view those who vote for the two party system, They will cry for help when the chickens of their own political evils (parties) come home to roost. At that time, no one will help
them. The handwriting is already on the wall. When the Chairmen of the FDIC uses the word Dismal to describe the conditions of our banks, you had better take notice. Will you?

Or perhaps a better way to put the real question that confronts the American people and her voters is this: What trick will the devil use to get YOU to vote for his candidates? Will you Fall for it? Do you really think you will escape the consequences of your bad judgement?.

I suppose the thing that bothers me the most about O-bamaites is how quickly they forget about the things they dislike about George Bush. The wars, torture, domestic spying, Bankrupt reform bills, impeachment. They forgot about these things and have rallied around someone who isn't going to change any of that. One has to wonder if these things are really issues that are important to them? It is one thing to complain about these things and quite another to really vote it out of office no matter which party it hails from.

Many Blacks see a black face and now don't see anything else. Hard line democrats see a democrat and do not want to be confused by the issues. Older democrats are more concerned about Social Security and Medicare than anything else, and are more than willing to kill a few 'rag heads' if it means keeping the checks coming. Many Women of America don't care about torture as long as they can crush their baby's skull while he or she is in the process of being born. So, I see Obama/McCain as
not being the real problem, nor Bush, Clinton Biden, Pelosi, Rove, Cheney or any of them. I more and more am seeing these men as being divinely appointed by God, to chastise the American people for their very, very great wickedness. I refuse to blame our leaders, at least not to the extent as many do. I blame the people who put such men into power, be they Democrats or be they Republicans.

That is where the blame lies and that is where the curse will fall.


Mark S. Watson