You shall by no means escape

To the American people, you shall by no means escape the snare I have set for you. As a man who tries to flee before he is hanged so shall it be with you. Though you struggle against the hangman's rope, you shall by no means escape.

I have sent you prophets and seers, newsmen, government officials and foreigners to warn you. I have sent both rich men and poor men to warn you of your wicked ways and of the evil that is planned for you. They have spoken, written, made video's, cassettes tapes, made Internet websites and still you will not listen to the warnings of evil that shall come to pass upon you and your children. You have fornicated with abandon, you have lied and cheated the poor man of his wealth, you have lied for your god called money, you have mocked my prophets, you have spoken perversely against the household of the LORD. You have committed murder and supported, elected and given money to your already filthy rich leaders that commit mass murder, and yet you say, 'we are not evil'. You have done all manner of wickedness and slaughtered million of young innocents, and done it shamelessly and with impudence.

Therefore hear this, as I have cried unto you and you would not hear says the LORD, so you shall cry to me and I will not hear. When the evil comes upon you suddenly and violently you shall be in utter confusion. You will see the apple of your eyes slaughtered before your eyes by those who have no regard for you, your lifestyle and your ways. They will hold you in utter contempt. You shall be a proverb to the world, a mockery. Songs of derision shall be made about you and your ignorance and your impudence at remaining so. Let you idols save you, your porn stars, for professional wrestlers, your football players and your movie icons. Cry unto them and see the mighty salvation they bring! Yeah, they shall lie in the pit of torment beside you on the day of your visitation, says the LORD.

Turn now and repent of your evil, your sorcery, your murders, your fornication's, your adulteries your great wickedness in looting from the poor. I am full of mercy and love for the repentant heart, I will heal those that diligently seek me. It may be that I will turn away some of the evils I have prepared for you. If you do not, be assured that you shall be in peril for your lives and eternal souls. I will set you in a place of unspeakable torment, where sorrow and utter hopelessness shall be your eternal companions.

Serve Jesus Christ and Live. Obey his Commandments and You shall have life and rest for your souls.

Given by Mark S.Watson