Leaving Babylon

This is a snitppet of an e-mail that i sent to someone who asked me 'how do we as Christians leave Babylon?

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

(Rev 18:4)

Thank you (name withheld),

Well I can say that you have asked an excellent

How do we, as real Christians, leave Babylon?
First and foremost, I believe that Babylon, the entity
that Christians are to leave at a specific point in
time, is a City (Rev 17:18). It is, as the article
that you are reading says, the city of New York. All
of the parameters are met for NY being the great City
that reigns over the kings of the earth. I do not
believe that call has gone out to all Christians yet,
though many have already been commanded to leave and
have done so.

However there are many aspects to Babylon. There is
the city, the nation, the religious system, the
economic system and the political system. They are all
connected but not exactly the same. One cannot escape
all of her clutches on this earth unless he or she is
homeless and without any money, for all nations have
been infected with her vileness. 

I do not dispute that the Catholic Church and the vast
majority of Protestant denominations are infected with
the spirit of Babylon. I put the Babylon article on my
site to show how America is fulfilling the Economic
and Political aspects of Babylon. There will be a
time I believe, that we as Christians are told to
leave Babylon-America that time is not yet upon us. I
have begged God for many years now to allow me to
leave America. He has not allowed it yet. I am to stay
where I am until the appointed time. 

I will be obedient. 

We must operate on earth and to some degree that means
making use of Mammon. There is no way around it at
this time. But soon I think that will change.

And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the
mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they
may receive you into everlasting habitations. (Luke

There are many interpretations of this verse but I
take it to mean that we as Christians must operate
with the system of Mammon at least to some degree,
therefore we are to operate within the system so that
when it (mammon fails) we can save some souls. Notice
that most ancient manuscripts actually say ‘when it
fails’ rather than ‘when ye fail’. 

We are in the world and not of it. There are things
that we must do while there is still light. God has
put some in Corporate America, others are still in
Government, though I think that number is very, small.
Others are doing many different things in the system.
We are not to condemn others because we do not know
what or why God has those people where they are. 
Here is the key. Can YOU, if asked tomorrow, leave
whatever it is that you do for money, your homes and even earthly loves, and follow wherever
God leads without hesitation?

If so, you have already left mammon (Babylon) in a
very important sense. Interestingly Mammon is a
Chaldee (Babylonian) word that means riches. It is
very interesting that God used this Babylonian word to describe
worldly economics.

Go where God’s spirit leads you, if you do that you
are out of Mammon, but the call will go forth one day,
I believe, to get out of New York and quite possibly
out of America. I think that a horrible persecution is
coming to America in the near future. The current
detention centers used for ‘terrorists’ today will be
used on Christians soon. The legal precedent is set.
They only need to associate Christians with Terrorism
and you will see the saints in concentration camps.

But let us be certain that we are really living for
Christ and not for Mammon. Many have successfully
fooled themselves into believing that they are out of
the system when they are really serving mammon and
have put Christ in the closet, hung up next to that
old pair of trouser that have not been worn in years. 
I wish I could give you a list of do’s and don’t s or
tell you to flee to the mountains and live off the
land, some have and have been blessed because of it. I
can only say that the less we depend on the system for
our needs the better off we are.

There are many who believe that we should burn birth
certificates and not use SSN’s. I do not think it
necessary, though it is certainly no sin if you do.
Everyone must draw their ‘line in the sand’ and know
how far they will go in using mammon and not allowing
themselves to be ensnared by it. Every time we touch a
dollar bill, we touch an unclean thing, what with that
satanic pyramid and occult symbology on it. However, should we live in
poverty and want?

No. Even in Christ’s time they used the money with the
Deified Emperor engraved on it, and Christ even had
Peter pay taxes to the emperor. So this is mammon and
as long as we are fully aware of what we are dealing
with and are wise as serpents and as harmless as doves
and really obey the Holy Spirit within us we will be
fine. God is not going to trick his sheep, he will
make his commands very clear for us to understand if
we really want to know, and I suspect that you really
do. I Praise God for that.

Here I will exhort you as the Lord exhorted me just
last night.

Cease from worry. (Phill 4:6)
Put no faith in man. (Isiah 2:22)
Have confidence (faith) in God. (Mark 11:2)
Stand back and watch what the LORD does (Exodus
32:9-11) as he is angry about many things going on in the world.

Mark Watson