Kim's Dreams and Visions

The following are dreams and visions Kim Weir had and forwarded to me some time in November, I believe.  They support what many prophets have and are saying.


This is long but you asked for it!  

Forgive the errors in this.  I am typing really fast because I don't have much time.  The kids are in 'quiet time' which is about up.  :)


I don't know where to begin.  So much has been shown to me regarding the state of America.  God began showing me much of this about a year and a half ago.  The Lord began showing me many things about a difficult time coming in our country.  He has shown me that there is an agenda that man is not able to see (nor most of the church for the church is not being very discerning for the most part but judge rather by sight) in the Bush administration.  I have no doubt about it.  I have prayed through dreams and visions for too long.

The Lord gave me visions about the assassination of George W. Bush in 2003.  I had a dream about a sister killing a sister.  They were twins.  But most people did not know there were two sisters.  They only saw the one.  Her murder was brutal and vicious by her twin.  When I awoke that morning I felt really strange about the dream.  Throughout the day, the dream weighed on me.  I began to really pray about the dream  As I prayed, the Lord began to take me into the spiritual realm.  I saw the edge of heaven (as I often do) and saw the angels standing there watching over the earth.  Then there were a great sigh in heaven and on the earth a great gasp.  I asked the Lord, 'What is this?  What's happening?'  The Lord said, 'Your dream is about something that will happen that will bring great shock to all the earth.  And on this day something very terrible will happen and a darkness will cover the earth as never before.'  I felt a heaviness like never before.  I began to pray.  I prayed for several days and then weeks about the dream.  A  friend who is knowledgeable of the Bible prophecies tried to help me.  But that didn't help much.  I prayed longer and I had a vision.  I saw President Bush with a fatal wound laying. He was not breathing and there was no doubt he was dead.  I felt so faint after the vision.  I couldn't speak of what I was seeing.  I was horrified.  I prayed and wept and prayed, 'Lord, don't let it be.'   I don't like the man but I love all people and long nothing bad for anyone.  I had the vision a few more times over a period of several weeks.  I was weak and trembling as though my energy had been taken from me as i had these experiences.  I prayed and the Lord showed me, 'The world will be told that the killer is someone other than the killer.  The killer is one of Bush's own.  Bush will become a liability at some point.  He will no longer be needed to further the agenda.  He knows only in part what the plan of the enemy is.  Evil will begin to truly reign on the earth.  America will fall.  Antichrist will reign.'   I asked, 'Can this be stopped.'  And i began to pray for Bush.  The Lord said something I had never heard him say before.  'No.  It will happen.  Nothing can stop it.'  And I felt a barrier against my prayer.  I had never experienced that before. I stopped praying for Bush to live but began to pray for his heart to be fully right with God before this happens because the Lord shows me over and over that Bush is programmed and controlled by the occult and that Bush's heart is far from the Lord.  

I had several visions about Cheney being seated in the famous painting by Da Vinci, 'The Last Supper'.  I laughed at the vision but then realized the Lord was showing me this.  I didn't understand it.  Then later, I had a dream about Cheney deceiving Christians.  I revealed the truth and he threatened me.  He told me in detail how he had killed Christians before and how he would viciously and horribly do it again.  I also had visions about Cheney with Hitler's bones which symbolized a lot of things.  I had a vision of him desiring that the poor and minorities be destroyed in this nation for 'They are holding the elite back.'  Of course, the Illuminati are all about the 'elite, pure-blood whites.'

I couldn't bring myself to talk about this for a while.  I didn't even want to think of it  I avoided the news.  In fact, I came to a point that I didn't want to experience anymore visions or dreams.  I couldn't emotionally take anymore and for a while things did quieten.  The Lord knew what I needed.

The Lord has shown me a number of things that are to come.  There will be Christian persecution.  I have seen some ugly stuff.  The use of technology, computers,  satellites and things like medications and tasers will be used against the people of God.  I had a dream that I was in New York City and was watching Bush make a speech on TV.  I felt a great vibration and looked outside and saw a huge cloud of smoke rising.  I looked back to the TV and Bush was silent as if he were seeing it in Washington also.  I believe it was a nuclear explosion.  I also have had several dreams of different colored airplanes running into buildings.  The different colors represent different nations, I believe that will attack the US.  I have had dreams and visions of myself being persecuted.  The Lord showed me that Randy will be arrested at some point and me and the kids will end up leaving the state because of this.  I have seen people helping me.  I don't know who they are but have seen them in visions.  The Lord has shown me that the Muslim people are a part of the persecution but they are not what we are really fighting against.  We are fighting against much more.  There are many powerful demon forces and America has one of the biggest (if not the biggest).  We must realize the battle is spiritual, stop looking at things in the physical and start walking in the Spirit and by the Spirit.  It will be our only chance for all the nations will be under the enemy's power.  But we can take comfort for the Lord prepares his people.  The Lord is with his people and will care for them!

One of the things the Lord is showing me is that Russia seeks vengeance on the US.  There is a hatred of America in Russia that is being hidden.  Many prophets from around the world have prophesied that Russia will attack America at some point.  When I had read them at first, I kind of laughed that off yet was interested in the fact that these people had the same visions/dreams/prophetic words despite miles and years in distance.  But being skeptical I said,   'Yeah, right.  The cold war is over.'  But then the Lord showed me some things in visions in the last few weeks.  Now, I have a friend who lives about 50 miles out of Moscow and he tells me that things are really crazy there right now.  Putin may revert to communism or a way similar to that.  Even as I write this I feel the tension there.  In my spirit.  Something is coming from Russia.

Some of the strangest (and most wonderful) things I have seen have been about angels.  The Lord has allowed me to see angels a lot and understand their presence on the earth.  They are so  numerous!  And they are so involved in the details of things going on in our world.  There are different types of angels in heaven and earth.  He has shown me even how they worship the Lord which is nearly indescribable in our words.  It was so beautiful though and amazing.  I have seen angels that are assigned to people who have important work to do in the times to come.   The Lord has shown me this because his people will need to know this in days that are very difficult.  We must know of the army of angels the Lord has put on the earth for our behalf!  Our lives will depend on that in so many ways.

More specific things I saw regarding areas in the US are:  Detroit, Michigan being flooded due to catastrophe.  I had a dream about Detroit and it was after many bad things had happened.  The skies were blue which to me in the dream seemed really odd.  I had the same vision 10 times about the southern US being burned to ash.  From Oklahoma down through Fla, blackened and burned.  Some places weren't burned but people could no longer live there.  An area of highway was torn up.  IT seemed like it might have been from an earthquake (a rather small one).  The sky in Memphis is black and green and the area is void of people.  Even my home is gone and the area around it is black.  I saw an explosion in the Smokey Mountains in another vision.

I had a dream of going to war with North Korea that I opposed.  The first attack was from North Korea and it came because America was doing things she shouldn't do regarding them. I saw blood, battle and death.  Horrible.

Since the beginning of October I started sensing a danger in America.  I couldn't explain it.  I prayed, 'Lord it is because of the activity of the occult, right?'  The Lord said, 'They are active but there is more.'  I prayed and the heaviness was so heavy.  I had a vision of a great plan to attack in many places in the US by Islamic militants.  I sensed it strongly and prayed it be thwarted.  But then I began to have visions of a dark cloud rolling in.  I prayed, 'Lord what is this?'  He said, 'It is of me.'  I went up into the cloud.  I saw within it a great and powerful energy.  The Lord said, 'This is my judgment for America.  It is here.  It must come to pass so that the lost can be saved.'  Then I looked for the end of it and there was no end to the cloud.  The sky became completely covered.  And the Lord said, 'Never again.  This country will not be the same ever again.'  I saw this vision several times.  The cloud is here.  It hasn't left and we will see things happening soon.  At one point I saw a greater number of demons operating in the US and they were laughing arrogantly, 'We are powerful!  Look at us here doing evil!'  I then saw God looking over the edge of Heaven and heard him say, 'Only for a time will you have power.  Only to bring my will to pass.  It is all given of me.'  My mother had visions on Oct. 27th with the same messages in them.  Her visions were very interesting.  I may send them to you in another email.  

One morning I awoke and heard two angels over me discussing the end times.  I knew they had been talking for a long time but had no memory of their conversation except 'Let America take her hands off of Israel so that the kings will fall.' or something very close to that.  IT seemed almost like they were speaking things into my subconscious mind, if that makes sense.

I had a dream of people holding up a sign in bold colors of red and white.  I hear said over and over, 'This is the symbol of the antichrist.'  I would awaken at this time every time in the dream.  I wouldn't remember the sign.  Then I dreamed it a third time and I saw the sign.  It was  a bright red W on a white banner.  

I had a vision about the man who made the video and threatened an attack.  The Lord showed me that man was very serious and the attack was real despite that they said on the news.  Then the Lord showed me that he didn't have a lot of power behind his attack though.  IT is different than the attack I saw planned by a wealthy group who are great in number.

Regarding the election, I had a vision of the arrogant demons again.  They shout, 'America doesn't choose.  We do!  We have the power.  They don't!'.  They are working in the US as the election approaches.  Again the Lord says, 'Only because I allow it.'  The Lord is powerful and will fully reign!

Here are the most interesting visions I had during this time.  The one of the winged creature, I had the night of the election.

Vision, OCTOBER 19, 2004

I pray at this time and have a vision: I see Bush walking with what he thinks is Christ but it is not Christ. He is deceived. I see men whispering words in his ears and they have wicked smiles. Then I sense a presence that chills me. I turn around (in the spirit) and see this creature. It almost looks metal and robotic at first. Its eyes roll around looking every way. I notice it is very slender. Its arms are outstretched very far. I see its legs are like a grasshopper. It has long straight hair that is all the same length and rests just below its shoulders. There is some kind of design on its torso but it is not intricate. Its arms stretch out like tree branches and there are branches on them that extend out. I see a branch in nearly every nation on the earth. It has some kind of power or connection to all nations. It has a long thick tail much like a dragon or some reptiles. My attention is drawn away to its teeth. They are vicious and sharp and numerous. I hear a voice behind me say, 'They can crush iron to powder.' I see the powerful jaws begin to move almost mechanically and viciously and dreadfully. I hear the voice again, 'It will crush the Christians' bones to powder.' I see another vision of the creature coming out of a pit. It looks much more fleshy here. I discern that it is a demon coming out of the pit. I am chilled and grieved as I watch this thing. I am weak.

I look around to the angel who has been speaking to me.'Who is this?' I ask.

'It will have rule over the men of the world. It will harm mankind,' the angel says.

'Who does it work through?' I ask.

'Cheney's demons prepare its way,' the angel says, 'This is his task. He is very controlled.'

'Will the church still be here?' I ask.

'There will be believers on the earth. Many will suffer death at the creature's hands.' it says.

'Cheney prepares the way,' the angel says.

'And no other leader?' I ask almost perplexed. I see Putin's face suddenly. I say to the angel, 'But I see Putin!' Then I saw Putin's eyes grow very dark and sinister and he snaps with a vicious mouth one time like a wolf. I sense great rage.

'What has this to do with the creature?' I ask.

'His rage makes the walls of America fall. She will no longer stand. Although Russia will have a rule it will not be a rule that is of the creature.' the angel says.

I cry, 'God help us!'

I turn my head to see heaven. I see a band of saints walking and Jesus emerges out from among them. He is shimmering and sparkling. It is hard to describe. He smiles at me full of love. I feel his love and goodness. 'Oh, Lord. I love you so much!' His love is rich and permeates me through and through.

'Kim, you will endure. You will be fine. Just remember my words.' he says.

Posted: Wed Nov 03, 2004 3:05 am    Post subject: Vision of a Winged Creature     
The Lord showed me a few days ago a demonic power rising in the mid US somewhere around Iowa. I began to pray on election night for Iowa is not going to be able to bring out its numbers until tomorrow sometime. This may have meaning. As I prayed, I saw many things but this is the thing that stands out the most.

I see a demon that looks much like a sting ray hovering over and flying to and fro over USA. It is looking for a place to land. I move closer to it. It has the face of an angel. It looks like many angels I have seen. Identical. Then it looks over to me and its face is suddenly changed into a very distorted and demonic face. It's skin is darker and it has gnashing teeth. It screeches horribly. I have never heard this kind of sound before.
Then its face turns back to a handsome, angelic face again. I ask the Lord, 'What is this?' Then I hear a voice say, 'It is the face of a new nation.' I visualize it landing. When I see it land, it turns into a statue. I sense that people adore it and revere it as they do the Statue of Liberty or the American flag. It seems to be a patriotic symbol that is somewhat 'worshipped'.

I see the face again and the creature spreads out its long dark wings. I ask, 'What are you going to do?' It says, 'Rule'. I say, 'Where?' It says, 'America.' I ask, 'Only America?' because I am wondering where it comes from. Then it spreads its wings and I see it fly over Europe and all the way to the end of Asia. As it stops on Japan, I see myself looking down on Japan and I feel a stab in my spirit. I nearly lose my breath. Either there is something important here about Japan or simply that this creature will rule the entire Northern Hemisphere.

I see the creature looking at me. It looks Greek or Roman to me now. Then I see colors of pale blue in its wings a light color blue keeps flashing before me and a bleak gray color as well.

'What is your name?' I ask.
'I am all nations.' it says.

Given by and reprinted with the permission of,

Kim Weir

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