Kato's Series Of Dreams

The Following is a letter I received from a Brother in Christ and will pass it on to each of you. It deals specifically with the end times and what will Happen In America. I will not expound on this series of visions and Kato's comments other than to say this. There has been some uneasiness I have felt for the past few days. Not fear, but an anticipation of something big, dreadful and global coming our way.


Greetings Mark,

I have you always in my prayers especially for this past two month; a
lot of activity has been going on spiritually. I have been compelled
by The Lord to share with you some of the dreams I have been having
for the past month until now and also a word for your encouragement
with regards to the warnings The Lord has led you to issue out.

I have been getting a number of dreams and visions related to some
world events and keeping them in prayer, but today I was overwhelmed
with a strong sense of loaming Judgments soon to come. So all along as
I went to work, I could not keep this feeling off me. The Lord then
was bringing back these dreams and visions to me.

I was mourning and groaning inside of me silently all day at work,
because of the deceit that Satan has fed many Americans especially
Christians that everything will be okay and fine yet spiritually they
are not. Well the dreams are as follows, I don't have any
interpretations about some of them but I will share with you anyway…

May 2004

Persecution and Martyrdom in America...
I had a dream in which there was a very intense persecution of
Christians here in America. In this dream I saw Christians here in
Kansas City arrested with all their families and taken to underground
locations here in Kansas City. The locations served as a very huge
jail and execution house.

However, I saw a revival of prayer and repentance in these jail house,
the prison guards dressed in black uniforms allowed us to pray and
have these meetings and even share the word but while in chains and
awaiting execution. The men were separated from women and children.
They executed both children and parents.

Everyday there were people executed and I knew my turn was soon. Many
of people I knew were executed. However, I was amazed at the guards
asking some of the Christians what method they preferred to be
executed, lethal injection or beheading. People were given choices.

During this time an evil President had made a decree that all
Christians in America be arrested and executed. However, in the dream
I was anticipating meeting Christ Jesus. I woke up and after shared
with some of my fellow church people and of course they dismissed this

However, Kansas City, Missouri has some of the largest storage
underground facilities being used now by companies to store Data
Servers and Data Storage Centers and also by the Post Office. Across
the State Line in Kansas, especially in Salina it is known for its
underground cities, not mentioning Nebraska where we had the President
hide during 911. This Mid-west area has some large underground
facilities, as I was surprised to find.  The Lord spoke to me when I
was about 16 years and I was to prepare my self to suffer for Him even
to death, so I am not afraid to tell Christians about what is coming.

February 22, 2005

Kissing Serpents...
I had a dream in which I was shown two former Presidents, Clinton and
Bush Senior going on the Tsunami tour of Asia. However instead of
going to Asia, the plane diverted and went to a tropical forest some
place here in the USA. However in the dream everyone saw them on TV go
to Asia but I was disturbed in the dream when the plane diverted and
went to this secret tropical forest in the USA.

I grew up in Africa so I know very well how tropical forests look
like. I was amazed that such a tropical forest existed in the USA with
all the huge big tall trees and thickets.  The forest was well
guarded, manned and no one was allowed entrance except secret members.

The plane landed in this forest and these two former presidents went
on to meet their counterparts from China, Japan and Russia. In this
forest they had some of the best exclusive houses, I had seen. Huge
Tropical snakes mainly Cobras and Black Mambas were raised in this
private forest. I was so disturbed again with what I was seeing. The
snakes did no harm to the members but could strike any intruder. I
also saw flying snakes that would jump from tree to tree but did no
harm to the visitors.

I was following these men and they could not see me nor did the snakes
get any sight of me. The Presidents then sat down with their
counterparts from these nations and begun performing rituals, one was
smoking cigars. After which I saw them perform a second ritual that
was very disgusting, gross, and nauseating…

They all gathered and sat down in the living room around an exclusive
and expensive coffee table. In the middle of this coffee table one of
the Cobra snakes would pop up its head from an outlet in the coffee
table and then each of these men and their counterparts from China,
Japan and Russia would kiss the head of this serpent.

The ritual went on and on and I was so disgusted mainly because on TV
they showed pictures of these men visiting Tsunami victims but I was
seeing them kissing heads of very poisonous and deadly serpents. I was
so sickened at the hypocrisy. These men were signing pacts with
serpents while TV showed them in Asia helping Tsunami victims. I woke
up from the dream shaken with my heart beating so fast at 3.00am in
the morning and I prayed about this dream.

I have not got any clear meaning of that dream but I certainly know
there is a scheme that is very true going on for the rich men of the
earth to rule with power from the Chief Serpent—Satan.

February 26 2005

Economic Disaster and Fever Epidemic in Asia...
I had another dream about the Economic disasters coming to the world
soon. In this dream I was taken to Asia and in the dream I visited
Vietnam. Again the Asian economy has collapsed and caused great havoc
all over but the most hit country in this dream was Vietnam and India.

There was hunger in Asia with scarcity of food due to a drought that
came with the economic catastrophe. I saw many Asians this time die
from malnutrition and lack of food.  Disturbing of all, was the
outbreak of a type of fever not known before. This was caused by a
large swam of big mosquitoes twice the size of a normal mosquito that
spread across Vietnam and other parts of Asia especially India. Many
people died because the cure was not readily available.

In the dream I was taken to India and shown bodies on the street of
people that had died due to this fever spread by mosquitoes and
hunger. In the dream I begun to pray for missionaries who were working
in these areas that God would protect them and the communities they
worked in from this deadly fever.

I also saw many Asian University Students some of whom I went to
school with here in the USA preaching the gospel from village to
village at this time in Asia. I was amazed that they had finally met
Jesus Christ.

I was then taken to Africa and I saw large numbers of Africans who
lived in Europe and America leave the USA and Europe and they headed
back to Africa. I saw many expatriates of African origin who came to
study here in the USA go back to Africa after this worldwide economic

There were no more jobs in the USA, so many people returned back to
Africa, these included doctors, engineers, teachers, professors and
many people. In the dream I know an event had occurred that changed
the world forever. I again was woken up at 3.00am as usual after such
dreams and I prayed about those events.

February 28, 2005

Military Draft in USA...
I had this dream in which I saw a huge military draft in the USA. I
saw families separated, husbands leaving their wives and then when
they learned they were not to comeback, many refused to go. So there
was a huge chaos all over. America was at a looming war with a nation
I did not get clearly. However, the draft caused huge internal chaos
because people refused to go and fight.

Troubling in the dream was that the guy heading and pushing this draft
was a Rebel leader with characteristics of many African ruthless
rebels and militiamen. In the dream I was disturbed that such a rebel
junta leader was allowed to lead the United States forces.

In the dream I was praying against this draft because it was time to go
preach the gospel all around America and the world. In the dream I
could see many men refuse to go because they were going to preach the
gospel and not fight.

March 8 2005

The Two Towers...
Tower I...
I had a frightening dream in which I was praying with other Christians
here in America. I then saw the Eiffel Tower of Paris grow so tall
into the sky and became the tallest Tower in the world. At the top of
the Tower was a five-pointed star.

The Eiffel Tower then had some kind of life in it that it could see
all around the world by simply bending its head, which was this
five-pointed star. The Eiffel Tower then faced west and begun to walk
and come towards Christians who were praying in the USA.

I could see that the Eiffel Tower was so furious at the praying
Christians. When the Tower came to me, it stood and begun to attack
and kick the praying Christians. However, there was more fervent
prayer, many Christians where repenting and getting deep in prayer.

As the Eiffel Tower tried to attack and kick the Christians, it was
held back surprisingly and unexpectedly by very mighty Angles sent by
The Lord. The Eiffel Tower was so stubborn that it tried to fight
against the Angles to no avail and was thrown down and could not stand
again. The fall was great and it never rose up again. I woke up shaken
and frightened and I prayed about the events in the dream.

Tower II Atlanta Georgia...
After I had dozed off again, I got another vision, this time I was in
Atlanta, Georgia. The vision was so frightening more than the first
one. I saw a Tower this time being constructed and it was being built
in the likes of the Tower of Babel. The construction workers included
engineers and many construction companies.

Disturbing was that among the construction workers were very evil
creatures and demons from hell. I hated these creatures on seeing
them; they were very evil, dirty, and filthy and had hate for anyone
who did not help in construction of this tower in the Center of

The construction workers did not care but continued building this
Tower that went up all the way to the heavens. I hated the sight, it
was so evil but the people in Atlanta did not seem to care.

The dream got so disturbing; these evil creatures among the
construction workers would go and feed on the hearts of people. They
would go and kill people, takeout the hearts of people along the
streets in Atlanta and eat the hearts; their food was human hearts.
However, the only people I saw protected were Christians who were
fighting with swords and cutting these evil creatures to pieces. These
creatures dreaded anyone with a sword but never the less tried
stubbornly to see if they would eat a Christian's heart, only to be
cut in pieces by a sword. I woke up again and just got into prayer
about the events in the vision, that God would have mercy on the City
of Atlanta.

March 11 2005

Last Card and Housing Burst
I had a dream in which I was in a classroom with other students. The
teacher was a guy well versed in End Times events, he told us that the
current President was just playing his cards and that there was a
final card, he was to play that would set a domino effect.

In the dream I could see the President playing his cards with some
other folks, I saw his cards and he had one last card he was about to
play that would set events in motion and everyone in the room seemed
to know it. For some reason in this dream this teacher also showed us
how this president loved to sing songs taught to him by German
teachers while he was young.

After this teacher took us on a tour of very exclusive American
suburbs. However, I begun to see the houses in these area turn very
ugly. The Houses seemed to have life in them and these houses hated
the people living in them. The houses changed shape from their former
beautiful and exclusive state and I could tell they became over weight
houses and extremely ugly. The houses were so ugly that people who
passed by did not want to look at them.

I was then given Psalms 82 to Psalms 86 and told to share this with
Mark. I woke up and prayed. I don't know if the ugly houses have to do
with the coming burst in the Housing Market but I felt that it had to
do with that after this dream.

I was compelled to tell you that Psalms 82 and 86 would be a
confirmation to you and God would surely give you a sign by confirming
some of the things He has been telling you. However, the sign means a
catastrophic event coming on the earth that would be judgment on the
wicked but joy for those who love Christ.

Psalms 82:5…all the foundations of the earth are shaken. Psalms
86:17...Show me a sign… that word 'sign' in Greek is 'ot' meaning a
visible illustration (forgive my small knowledge of Greek but I am
learning), also means a portent, ensign, signpost, a miracle, a mighty
deed or event. This word appears 78 times in the Old Testament and
used to describe the ten judgments on Egypt…Exodus 10:2.

I believe that when these events begin to happen at greater levels,
this will be a confirmation to God's peoples that God would not
release His judgments without first warning His people and showing His
servants the prophets. I would like to encourage you that whatever The
Lord has been showing you is about to come to pass, and that a sign
will soon come of a catastrophic event that will be a confirmation
about these events perhaps to awake the church further.

Well that is what I had to share with you. I pray that God will
continue to bless your ministry and also God's protection over you. I
need your prayers too. I appreciate every bit of them. I have had lots
of warfare go on especially with the building of my site.

Your Brother in Christ Jesus

Kato Mivule

(Kato's site is under construction, but coming along!)