Short Update


I wanted to cover a couple of things that I thought were important to those who come to this site and particularly to the Prophets Corner.  As you may know I have not really written anything here for a few months. This was by the LORD’s direction. Why? I am not privy to the mind of the LORD and I will not rebel.


I have written two articles for the Prophets Corner that have not been posted yet. One of these may never be. It is just too hot and if I posted it, I would probably be picked up by the Homeland Security Folks and never be seen from or heard from again.


The other will go up maybe by the weekend and hopefully will be edifying to all who read it. There are other more secular articles that I did write during this time one was on the war in Iraq and the others were several updates to my long running article on the Coming Economic Depression. Each has a link to it on my Home page.


Finally I wanted to pass this along to you and give you a heads up. It was posted at a non-Christian site but contains some things that are very curious. You the reader must decide for yourself its value. However it seems to confirm what I sense in the spirit that something big is up.

The link is here

I thank each and everyone of you who have visited my site and hope that the materials are edifying. While I know most of it is rather depressing, please be encouraged in the LORD. Look to him for guidance, strength, and wisdom in these evil days.

In Christ Jesus,

Mark Watson