Alternate Realty And War.




The war is going badly.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Indeed anyone with a bare modicum of intellectual capability can see for themselves that America is losing the war in Iraq. The entire Government spin machine is doing the best it can to hide this fact from the American people. They are doing their best to portray the American forces occupying Iraq as an army of peace rather than as international aggressors, who invaded a sovereign nation that never attacked or even threatened America. This act of aggression is a clear violation of International law. The American media is doing its best to support this latest American misadventure with stories of individual heroism, showing heavily censored photos of how ‘peaceful’ Baghdad really is. It is doing its level best to portray the Iraqi liberation movement as being only a group of Saddam’s thugs or just a few isolated extremists. These extremists, we are told, do not have much sympathy in the population. Or at least this is what we are told by our mainstream pundits and the multi-billion dollar corporations that pay them. These are the same pundits who supported this misadventure, if not by direct affirmation, then by silence and silencing the voices of dissent or by demonizing those same voices.

Now, eight months of war later, Baghdad is not peaceful and America is not in control. It is not a place where ordinary people can go to the market freely and without the real threat of bodily harm. It is a place where evil reigns and it is a place where the incompetence of Rumsfled, Bremer and Co. have made the horrible situation that existed under Saddam even worse. This does not mean that Iraqi's are not happy to be rid of Saddam. They are, truly. It does not mean that all or even most Iraqi’s hate America or Americans. They don’t. They just hate Bush and what he has done to their country.


The entire military operation in Iraq was poorly planned, managed and executed. The occupation is even worse. Over and over again Rumsfled was warned about the real dangers of a quagmire. Over and over again Bush was warned of another Vietnam style conflict. Those who warned were demoted, fired, or sent to a ‘bureaucratic Siberiafor not being a ‘team player’.


Americans should consider that Iraqi’s must wake up every morning and try to survive every single day in the world we have created for them in Iraq. They cannot turn it on and off like Americans do with their televisions. They must go to the markets and get food and hope they are not shot and killed by roaming bands of thieves. There is no law and order in Iraq and the American military is obsessed with what is euphemistically called ‘force protection’, which amounts to little more than saving their own skins.


No, a peaceful Iraq is not the reality. The biggest obstacle to any future in Iraq that is going to keep America from being humiliated in Iraq and the Iraqis from years of continued suffering, is the world of ‘alternate reality’ that the Pentagon is currently living in. I say alternate reality because Donald Rumsfeld has and continues to cut out any voice; any view, any analyst, and report from the Pentagon that does not fit into his singular view and predetermined opinions. In short, you have a man at the Pentagon who refuses to listen to any one who speaks of the world as it really is.


Rumsfeld has cut off the CIA from the Pentagon. That is correct. The Pentagon under Rumsfeld does not allow the CIA or its employees inside the Pentagon unless they have 3 forms of ID and they have a DOD approved appointment. The animosity between the Rumsfeld-Pentagon and the CIA is an untold story to the American people. This is the story of an administration run amok and a President that only listens to and acts on the worst possible advice. Bush has shown such a never-before-seen lack of judgment, that it is amazing to me that impeachment proceeding against his administration have not begun.


Here is a man who has lied America into a conflict that, in just over 8 months has already claimed more lives that the first three years of Vietnam. Indeed it is a conflict whose entire original purpose is in serious doubt. American servicemen and women are dying and being maimed in a conflict that, from this authors perspective, has no purpose. They are dying in a vile attempt to lend validity to a lie told by this administration with such ferocity and repetition that it cannot, now, step back.


The Pentagon is a madhouse. Orders are issued and are not carried out, there are orders issued that are never transmitted to the field. Field Commanders pretend that they don’t get orders that they do in fact receive. Field and intelligence reports go missing, are lost or destroyed if they do not coincide with Rumsfeld’s alternate reality. Thus, the military is in shambles, beaten and being picked off, at first in one-sies and two-sies and now 10-20 at time. The latest military operation to rid Iraq of its liberation movement is a futile effort to bomb abandoned buildings and raid long abandoned hideaways in a foolish, unproductive, but headline grabbing use of force. The pentagon, or pentagram as it is referred to in some State Department and CIA circles is living in a dream world. Money gets allocated to Iraq and disappears. No one knows where it goes. Troops get conflicting orders or no orders at all. This a picture of chaos and incompetence that has not been seen in the American Military before. Yet for some strange reason the person who heads the Pentagon, where this bumbling is occurring is still one of the Presidents closest and most important advisers.


This President, when presented by consistent statements and reports and evidence by those who had actually been to Iraq and actually inspected hundred of Iraqi facilities that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, dutifully ignored this information. The administration used a smear campaign against those individuals that had the courage to speak the truth and instead, took into its closest confidence those that supported the administrations malicious falsehoods.


Now we have a war in which many of our nations finest, its military personnel are harshly critical of this President and are being persecuted and prosecuted by Bush for the crime of speaking the truth. Unfortunately, in 21st Century America it is fast becoming a serious crime to speak the truth.



Many American Christians love Bush. They love and support his lies and love the falsehoods that emanate from his mouth. They cannot wait to go to the polls to put this man, George Bush, member of the Germanic Secret Society that funded Hitler, back into the White House. This man who claims to be a Christian and who has launched two wars, lied to Congress and the American people, has not repented or even fessed up to his lies, is still American Christendom's darling. Yes, Bush is still the darling idol of the mammon-driven apostate Christendom and across America, in pulpit after pulpit and in Christian seminaries and television, the money will flow once again into the coffers of Bush.


The people who populate these institutions by and large have no clue as to what they are choosing. But no genuine Christian can long continue in such rank deception and remain a Christian from Christ's perspective, for very long. Many in American Christendom will say you can, but Christ says you can’t.


For without [are] dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie. (Rev 22:15)

 Rather let us

Abstain from all appearance of evil.  (1Th 5:22)

That would include this.

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