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And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. (Hab 2:2)

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That He May Run That Readeth It
By Mark S. Watson
This book is also available for free download on the Prophets Corner, has been for years!! So you accusers beware whom you accuse.

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  31 Aug 2011
News will continue to be intermittently updated.
- Mark

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Some of you have begged me to do this, so here it is. It should work in most phones, but if you have a problem send me an email (341 - at - markswatson - dot - com) and  I will see what I can do. But please... never, ever do this!

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.
(Ecc 12:13-14)


Hyperlinking To Become A Crime In Canada
Clearly the Reich whose methods and goals are unknown to just about every person in the west is moving with lightning speed to destroy the  greates threat to its rise, the internet. We have seen attack after attack on the 'crime' of hyperlinking (putting a link to a site, the beauty and power of the internet). In the UK a kid was arrested for hyperlinking to material purported to be copyrighted, In the US the DHS is taking down sites that hyper link to sites that Hollywood's legal bribes pay them take down. In Canada, they are going for the jugular, in the US, they have to dance around the issue and for now limit their efforts to IP.

This clearly is part of a multi-year, multifaceted plan to drive out any alternative voices that do not pay homage to current trends on political correctness and make the Internet the sole domain of the large mega-corporations who already own and operate almost all of the infrastructure. This plan is real and they are even now working on ways to drive out free speech and alternative views. We are not there yet, first a legal framework must exist to takedown sites and make it too expensive  for ordinary folks to fight (current IP enforcement), then they go after the little guy and work their way up. Those that cannot be bought off or bought out will be driven out.

This is not going to happen overnight, but it is going to happen. Sooner rather than later if our economic crisis gets as bad as I think it will in order to prevent the kinds of radical change the people will demand and are demanding now in the Arab world.

FDIC: Banking Systems 'Backstop' Is Broken

Role Reversal in Global Finance

Human Rights In China - CRS
Another great report from the CRS who while under enormous political pressure at times, still manages to put out some good reports on today's major issues.

Cholea Crisis On Lake Chad
Cholera has killed at least 1,200 people this year in the countries surrounding Lake Chad - Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria; the illness, linked primarily to poor sanitation and lack of potable water, has struck some 38,800 people in the region this year and continues to spread.

Cameroon: As of 22 August, 14,730 cases; 554 deaths. Lethality rate 3.76 percent.
Chad: As of 22 August, 10,314 cases; 314 deaths. Lethality rate 3.1 percent.
Niger: As of 8 August, 976 cases; 25 deaths. Lethality rate 2.5 percent.
Nigeria: As of 1 August, 12,840 cases; 318 deaths. Lethality rate 2.5 percent.

What does this all mean? The better question is, who is really behind this. The answer, our 'friends' (Most Favored Nation) from the East. Yes they did it, no doubt about it. Their bio-weapons capabilities are exceptionally good and furthermore, they get the US taxpayer to fund a great deal of it. Yes, the US taxpayer. You see many of the 'Chinese' scientists who work in US facilities, Educational institutions and within the US government are shall we say, not what they appear to be. The FBI estimates that about one third have some kind of connection with Chinese Intelligence. Let me tell you, these guys are very good at what they do and now are doing genetic work now to obfuscate genetic signatures in order to make DNA forensics impossible.

I don't need to tell you these are not 'nice people' and what I am relaying to you is not from some 'bozo' on the net. Trust me, this is a very scary scenario that will one day play out here in multiple cities here in the US... at a time and place of our enemies choosing once they finish their 'live' involuntary human experimentation.

Why Was 'Benny B' Dead Silent At Jackson Hole?
I will tell you. The US financial situation so much worse than you are being told that if he spoke and told any semblance of the truth, you would wake up to the sound of US tanks and APC's rolling down every major US city because martial law would certainly have to be decleared. Usually the Fed chief makes some important policy speech here. Not this time. Why? I am going to go into just a bit of detail here so pay attention.

A couple of US states are in trouble because of Hurricane Irene. I am not just talking about the damage, but the fiscal effect of that damage on the states balance sheet.  The Real deal? Here it is. FEMA (part of DHS) is broke... it ain't got no money. They may  be able to scrape the sides of the bucket and come up with some of it, but FEMA is just plain broke. Consider we have some serious flooding in Vermont and other damage in other states. As of late Tues (the 30th) NJ was still issuing flood evacuation orders.  What is going to happen? Well let me hip you to some things that are happening inside the US Gov't that are not generally known. First off, when the new fiscal year starts on October 1, don't expect things to be 'hunky dori'; the fact is, a few days after the new year, the US could indeed suddenly and immediately declare default. Oh yes, our situation is just that bad... and worse.  I am not saying this is going to happen, just that it is a real possibility. Look, I know no one else is telling you this, trust me, this info is from impeccable sources. Even now the real state of affairs is leaking onto the net.

Indeed, the unemployment numbers are being so brutally manipulated that they cannot be relied upon by anyone, unless they are chronically addicted to opium... and need another hit to distract them from reality. This is no minor doctoring, the numbers are so bad and the economy is collapsing at such a pace that the Administration felt it needed to lie... as if were a new thing for it. I speak specifically of the numbers of unemployed.

Right now the Lobbyists on K Street are lining up to get in with the new super congress, the Chinese, the Mafia, Dope Cartels, Hollywood you name it, they are all renting space down there trying to get on the gravy train. They can open their checkbooks and there are NO reporting requirements and US Law enforcement and intelligence for the most part must wear a blindfold as the stench of corruption rises from the Potomac. We are being sold out and the WP, NYT, LAT, AP, Reuters, USAT, MSNBC are not telling you the real deal. It is easier to talk about Beyonce's pregnancy than the bribes that are being paid. What will it mean? Got Social Security? They are looking into cutting, no gutting it gutting  it, even for current retirees.... significantly. Medicare... the same. Why do you think they insisted that its deliberations were to be secret? Let me tell you, they are not secret from the insider lobbyists. Just from you.

What am I telling you? Simple... hang on... because on the economic front, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Exxon, Russians Sign Major Arctic Oil Deal
An interesting development, that merits more comment that I really want to give at this time.

Where Are They Protesting Now?

DARPA, Special Ops, Hard Drives And The Future

Another One? ... Looks Like It

Another Hurricane...?

Thanks For Offending Me With The Gospel
A fascinating little read about the Gospel, preaching, homosexuality and Marriage.  The author is an associate pastor of at Stonegate Fellowship Church in Midland, Texas. He leads Cross Power Ministries, a ministry of Stonegate that ministers to people struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction. Learn more at


My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand. I and my Father are one.
(Joh 10:27-30)

God's knows his sheep. Christ is the good Shepard and each and every one of his are known by him. His true flock are secure, no power on earth can separate him from those he loves and gave his life for. We who are truly his are truly eternally secure.

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
(Rom 8:38-39)

Yet from a doctrinal sense the idea of eternal security has been taught in such a way that is not only un-biblical but spiritually very dangerous. What do I mean? There are many who teach that God is going to save anyone who just says they are saved. This is not a teaching we find in scripture, rather we find that only a few actually enter into eternal life.

Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them, Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.
(Luk 13:23-24)

The verbs in this verse tell it all, but so many Christians when reading this verse miss the whole point. What do I mean? Read it again and you find that one group strives, just as the Lord exhorts and the other just seeks. Do you want to get 'in'? Strive to enter in. Make a serious effort and DO as you are commanded. Where does the difference lie? I think it lies in the whole born again experience. One group has a real, genuine experience that irrevocably changes their lives and the other has a spurious one. One group had saving faith (which was evidenced by works) and the other group did not. What do I mean by a spurious experience? Simple. They have an 'emotional 'experience but not a real deep life changing spiritual one. I know when I was saved everything about me felt so very different at once and for weeks afterwards God would visit me in many strange and wonderful ways. My experience was very real and nothing I can ever, ever forget. My whole life changed. But with a spurious experience we find that it just does not last long. How does the Apostle John put it? Pay attention here because in this passage we also find a key verse that relates to prophecy and the spirit of Antichrist.

Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things. I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth. Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
(1Jn 2:18-22)

The spirit of Antichrist and the spirit of Apostasy are closely linked. If we read on (vs 26) we find a spirit of seduction is also part of this sad state of affairs.

Yes brethren, the spirit of false religion (denying Christ and the father) are part of so much of what we see in our world today. From America to Islam, China to much of the Western Church, the denial of the the father and the son are the norm, not the exception and it is a sign of our deeply troubled times.

So how can we be assured of our salvation. If you have not had a real deep and personal encounter with Christ, I would get on my knees and ask God to reveal himself to you.

All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.
(Mat 11:27)

He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.
(Joh 14:21)

How can we be certain we will get in? Christ laid it out with his hard hitting simplicity.

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
(Mat 24:13)

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
(Mar 13:13)

Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.
(Jas 5:11)

Listen very carefully, very few ministries are out there earnestly contending for the faith. They find it easier, more socially acceptable and lucrative to explain away God's commands rather than follow and teach them. It is one reason why ministries like this one will always be 'niche' sites. No one really wants to hear biblical truth, what they really want is to have their ears tickled so they can keep on sinning and keep themselves on the road to materialistic 'nirvana'.


The Windfalls Of War: DOD No Bid Contrancts Triple
DOD spending has become a pig trough of corruption and backroom deals, meanwhile, we lose every war we fight spending weapons for wars that will never be fought.

The Coming Failure Of Bank Of America
Dr. Weiss does another excellent piece on what is really happening in our markets. I have been saying to my reader for many years about this crisis and since the crisis of 2008, I have not ceased to warn that this is not over by a long shot. Forget about a recovery... it is NOT going to happen without a series of numerous financial crisis hitting America that will send whatever lukewarm economic numbers we are now seeing right down the waste basket.

This crisis is coming and there really is no way to stop it and it won't be just Bank of America. Hopefully the President can get his act together and be proactive and have a plan in place to mitigate its effects without the usual banditry of bailouts for which he is so fond.

5 Things The MSM Isn't Telling You About Earthquakes

Texas Supreme Court: Let Them Eat Poison!
Marie 'let them eat cake' Antionette of the 21st Century has take a new name, The Texas Supreme Court, who tossed a jury verdict against the makers of Vioxx which was pulled from the market after  the death of a person who had recently taken the drug.

Obama: The New And Improved Herbert Hoover
"Obama, however, isn't your great-grandma's Herbert Hoover. He's slicker, new and improved. Hoover was, after all, a white Republican, and faced noisy, persistent and often unlawful opposition in the streets, like the hunger marches of 1930, 31 and 32, along with organized groups that reversed evictions. Thousands were beaten and jailed, some killed, tens of thousands risked arrest, and hundreds of thousands more peacefully protested Hoover's policies in that first Great Depression. But Barack Obama's party affiliation and black face earn him an automatic pass from the corporate sponsored black political class, who would vigorously protest the same policies pursued by a white Republican. Blacks who demand action from the First Black President on record black joblessness and child poverty can be branded ungrateful Uncle Toms. The antiwar movement, which put millions in the street to protest Bush's wars has virtually silenced itself to free the hands of the new Herbert Hoover." - BAR

Black America is being bamboozled right back into Slavery because they haven't the intellectual wherewithal to see a political, economic and spiritual deception when one is taking them full speed ahead to the poor house with their help at the ballot box. It is my hope and prayer that the President begins to address the needs of the unemployed and under-employed in America. He needs to run at full speed ahead to sign and support legislation and policies that helps the ordinary people instead of running full speed ahead to sign legislation that represses them and gives trillions to banksters. Make no mistake, Y-O-U know next to nothing about what is in the Patriot act (a federal law) because the government has made it a crime for anyone to tell you. This is the kind of of legislation he signs and supports; like bailing out banksters,  Innumizing telecoms who engaged in criminal acts, starting secret wars, not prosecuting Wall Streets crimes, burying his head in the sand while the SEC shreds investigative files, not prosecuting torturers....

Need I go on? He always has a excuse as to why he can't do right but when it is time to do wrong he moves at breakneck speed.

Libyan Rebels Killing Black Ghadaffi Supporters
NATO (and Obama's) new 'freedom fighters' are showing a racist streak.  Well, know this, Obama is no friend of Black folks anywhere.  His first 2.5 years of office has shown himself to be a  tool used by racists to impoverish and kill them. He gets away with it by the deceit of Obama's (half) black skin. What is so sad is that many Libyans were overjoyed when Obama took office and were later shocked when he sent in bombers to kill so many Libyans. Journalists who had been there went to the Hospitals were shocked at what they heard right for ordinary Libyans who were there, there were distressed and very angry with Obama. We had no business supporting these rebels as many are right out of Osama Bin Laden's army of Al Qaeda fighters. Infowars has more here. So who is behind what is increasingly looking like some kind of race war in Libya? Who armed, and gave the rebels air, sea and special operations support? Who now is deathly quiet about waht is really happening? I will tell you,  The Negro Assassination and Termination Organization .

From a spiritual perspective I notice that the wars we have fought in the Middle East, the Arab spring and this global new war is only likely to bring about greater persecution. Egypt has seen a rise in it (even committed by Egypt's US armed Security Services) and Syria as well will only see it once the religiously moderate regime there is ousted for a more radical Islamic sect. Until the latest uprisings (certainly coordinated from abroad), Syria was one of the places of refuge Christians from Iraq could flee massacre after massacre, after America removed Saddam's religiously moderate regime (which had Christians in many prominent positions). How the US thought Islamic radicals in Libya could  be anything but a major problem for our own democratic traditions and freedoms is beyond me, but it makes perfect sense if America's covert policy is to help bring about some kind of Pan Arabian Islamic Caliphate over the next 10-20 years. Clearly some inside this administration have another goal in mind that they have no intentions of revealing to Americans at large.

I do not want to excuse the brutality of regime's like Gadaffi's or Saddam's. Each was extremely brutal and cruel. But like in Egypt, we saw one despot replaced with the same folks who merely carried out his orders who are now giving them. They exchanged one face of tyranny for another, and Christians got the short end of the stick.

American would do well to remember that in war people die, lots of them and our media here in the US does a bang up job hiding the truth from you.

Iraq Deaths Estimator

$7 Million Hindu Temple Planned For Florida
What major US movie star is a Hindu? Anything but Christ. that is the new religion of America. Richard Gere is a Buddhist; Tom Cruise, a  Scientologist and while many have mocked the idea the our President is a Muslim, I just look at how he never once has stood up for Christians (which he claims to be) who are being horribly persecuted and then ships all kinds of arms to Muslim terrorists in Libya and elsewhere. Christ said "ye shall know them by their fruits" and the only fruit I see from Obama is the fruit of lies and death.

But I find it hard to condemn others who are at least seeking the truth. One look at the Church in American and the temptations to agnosticism and ancient mysticism are sadly, understandable. Did you know that Hindu's have the lowest divorce rate in America?

Perhaps when the Church decides that obeying Christ and doing his commandment are more important than money and social acceptability, people who are yearning for truth will flock back to God and the Church. But as long as Church is the local 'feel good' society stripped of any real spiritual power aan nd doctrinal truth, I expect to see many more Hindu, Buddhist, Masonic, Islamic Taoist and satanic religious buildings to be built in America and people flocking to them in  droves while the 'church' becomes more and more of a marketplace for trinkets to keep the pastor in his Mercedes and his wife in her  BMW.

Colombia: American Unions Call For Investigation Into Misuse Of US Aid
“Colombia has the worst record of any country in the world when it comes to violence against union leaders and activists,” said CWA President Cohen. “Press reports allege that the United States provided aid, equipment and training that Colombian officials wrongly exploited in ways that endangered labor leaders and activists.   The Select Intelligence Committee must take these allegations seriously and aggressively investigate abuse of U.S. government support and assistance by Colombia.” - United Steel Workers

Higher Rates Of Divorce In Bible Belt
Why? Simple. So simple that no one will listen. Those who obey (do) what Christ said are few and far between. There are a lot of people out there pretending to be saved and put on a good front, but aren't about to let Christ lead them into the right Marriage and then obey him when inside that marriage. People are then getting divorced on pretexts that may be legal but are un-biblical, sinful and spiritually disastrous.

But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.
(Mat 5:32)

Go back and read those scriptures and you will find that this is no little matter and it is going to mean salvation or damnation for a lot of nominal Christians who never took their vows before God seriously. I say to each and every one of you who name the name of the Lord, if you are not willing to do Christ's commandments, stop defaming Christ's name by calling yourself a Christian, deceiving your own selves and those who watch how you live.

Major 'Christian' Leaders, Politico's Deny Dominionism
This is a label that has stuck and they do not like it and now want to do spin control over this heretical teaching.

Congressmen Take A Bite Of the Apple

Here is a table of all 36 of these lawmakers' holdings in Apple in 2009.

NameMin. ValueMax. Value
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D)$1,000,001$5,000,000
Rep. James B. Renacci (R)$198,543$198,543
Sen. James Webb (D)$65,002$150,000
Rep. Nan Hayworth (R)$50,001$100,000
Sen. John Hoeven (R)$50,001$100,000
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R)$50,001$100,000
Rep. Ed Whitfield (R)$50,001$100,000
Rep. Dave Camp (R)$50,001$100,000
Rep. Michael McCaul (R)$45,003$150,000
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D)$45,003$150,000
Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D)$30,002$100,000
Rep. Ted Deutch (D)$30,002$100,000
Sen. Kay R. Hagan (D)$19,005$110,000
Sen. Ron Wyden (D)$15,001$50,000
Rep. Jeff Flake (R)$15,001$50,000
Sen. Tom Carper (D)$15,001$50,000
Sen. James M. Inhofe (R)$15,001$50,000
Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D)$15,001$50,000
Rep. Lamar Smith (R)$15,001$50,000
Rep. Melvin L. Watt (D)$15,001$50,000
Rep. Kenny Marchant (R)$11,800$11,800
Sen. Mike Crapo (R)$5,057$5,057
Rep. Tom Price (R)$4,425$4,425
Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R)$3,003$45,000
Rep. Hal Rogers (R)$2,530$2,530
Rep. Connie Mack (R)$2,002$30,000
Sen. Pat Roberts (R)$2,002$30,000
Rep. David B. McKinley (R)$1,001$15,000
Rep. Vernon Buchanan (R)$1,001$15,000
Rep. Fred Upton (R)$1,001$15,000
Rep. Paul Ryan (R)$1,001$15,000
Sen. Kent Conrad (D)$1,001$15,000
Rep. David Price (D)$1,001$15,000
Rep. Brad Miller (D)$1,001$15,000
Rep. Michael R. Turner (R)$1,001$15,000
Sen. Johnny Isakson (R)$0$1,000
Source: Open Secrets

For many are called, but few are chosen.
(Mat 22:14)

How many of you actually BELIEVE the words of Christ? The 'many' say they do and the few behave like it; not in some fake 'holier than thou' show, but in obeying the simple and direct commands of Christ.

Yemen: The Other US War
No one in the MSM/DHS news media is talking about it. I suppose they haven't got their orders from the President as to what they can say about it. So they do what any press does in a backwards banana republic does; They say nothing and do exactly what the government tells them.  Look why is this a secret? The Yemeni's know we are bombing and operating there. I will tell you, to hide our criminal acts from YOU.

Do you ever get the impression that the entire purpose of US foreign policy is to turn the world against America? To do evil deeds around the world in order to make the world hate the US and label our liberal democratic traditions a 'failure'? Support all manner of human rights abuses, drone that kill civilians in mass, concentration camps, secret wars that devastate whole countries so that the chant around the world is 'death to America'? Do you ever get the impression that this is exactly what some folks inside our establishment want?

I do.

Are there any nations out there who would love to see that happen and would then step in to obtain raw materials and geopolitical influence inside these nations? Of course and this is one reason why I see our foreign polices as the 'death stab' to the US Empire. This is managed stupidity and managed chaos for an express purpose that is NOT in and directly antithetical to the American interest.

Budget Talks Have DOD Contractors On Edge
A most interesting article. Clearly some are concerned that pet projects will get the axe, be scaled back or otherwise face budget cutting.Also in here is a most interesting site I had never head of before.

  Mass executions taking place by the forces the US and NATO have supported.

Fed's Hoenig Warns On US Finances Says Fed 'Can't Do It All'
One fed governor is tell us like it is. Warning not just on Federal debt, but on State, municipal and consmer debt as well.

 To compliment the above story, Police assaulted a UN rights official. Sadly, was done by South Sudan police

Profiteers Of Misery - Prison Industrial Complex
When  does a nation actually turn into a  tyranny? Does the newscaster come on TV and say 'today we are now a tyranny.'? Do you think that is what happened in Germany in the 1930's? They too had their slave labor made up  of those the state deemed 'criminals' and who were dutifully used as slave labor by the state.  Holocaust? The Germans were never told. All the signs were there, but few paid any attention to them they just went on their merry way while the state waged war after war after war. No , America is not there yet, but we are moving  far faster in that direction than most want to acknowledge. They figure that as long at is not them who are the victims of the system, it must be OK. But that was the thinking of a great  many Germans then and Americans now. Let us all remember this salient fact that I perhaps repeat a little too often. The German concentration camp system were private prisons operated by private companies and the labor force was horribly expoited and at times 'rented out'.

The production output of Mauthausen-Gusen exceeded that of each of the five other large slave labour centres, including: Auschwitz-Birkenau, Flossenbürg, Gross-Rosen, Marburg and Natzweiler-Struthof, in terms of both production quota and profits. The list of companies using slave labour from the Mauthausen-Gusen camp system was long, and included both national corporations and small, local firms and communities. Some parts of the quarries were converted into a Mauser machine pistol assembly plant. In 1943, an underground factory for the Steyr-Daimler-Puch company was built in Gusen. Altogether, 45 larger companies took part in making KZ  Mauthausen-Gusen one of the most profitable concentration camps of Nazi Germany, with more than 11,000,000   Reichsmark of the profits in 1944 alone (EUR 144 million as of 2011). Among them were:

 Despite what you may think, this was not just business, some of these men hated Jews and were decorated by Hitler. This stuff was going on and no one inside Germany marked it and hardly anyone in America knew about it. People were disappearing in Germany and there was no major outcry, no major protests. What does it take to make people wake up? Does someone have to bulldoze 6 million corpses on their front lawn to get them to awaken or are they really just part of the system of evil that secretly supports these things as long as they don't have to look at it?

 Does that describe you?

A Full report on America's Prison Industrial Complex can be found here.

What Is America Hiding In Libya?
Take such reports with a grain of salt, but in any event they should not be ignored.

Nations Largest Indian Tribe Kicks Out Former Slaves
 More here, a rather interesting and sad history and development

USAID Situation In Somalia

US Is Aiding Governments That Persecute Christians

China Shuts Down 24 Schools For Kids Of Migrant Workers
Another side of the Chinese miracle we do not hear much about. There were almost as many migrant workers in China at the end of 2010 as there are Americans (242 million).

This Weeks Crooked Cop Stories

7.0 Quake Hits Peru

China Or The SCO: Who Will Supervise Afghanistan?
"The Sino-Afghan relationship looks to be establishing the contours for an institutional linkage between Afghanistan and the SCO. Three factors coincide in this emerging relationship: withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan; the SCO’s tenth anniversary; and the debate about expanding the SCO’s mandate and membership. Although China shares only a 46-mile long border with Afghanistan, Chinese investment in that country is increasing consistently to exploit Afghanistan’s energy and mineral resources. Yet going beyond the conventional strategy of engaging Afghanistan bilaterally, Beijing is considering an alternative SCO-based approach that could ease regional concerns while still serving Chinese interests. "-  Jamestown Foundation

 The old COINTEPRO program is still alive and well in America. I do not want to be too hard on our officials, as what the story reveals is just surveillance and no one knows exactly what or who was involved or what was collected. Who authorized this is also not clear. This is rather disconcerting and worthy of watching for further developments. Why do I say we should not be too hard? What if some of these people are sleepers for AQ and are smuggling Nuclear materials into the US for a terror attack? If one happens and no one knew about it, the populace would go nuts wondering why we did not know, if you spy on them, again, many go nuts. I say, as long as it is just surveillance I cannot argue. But the past tells us that surveillance will be followed by unconstitutional action against people whose skin is dark and whose pockets are empty. Mark what I say here, many in the CIA are meticulous about following the letter and spirit of the law, others are not and the director is dependent on legal counsel who can be co-opted by elements in the agency who are beholden to others.The NYPD... well what can I say. More here and here. I do not know what scares me more, an AQ Cell or more corrupt NYPD cops.

Nokia Accused Of Supporting Torture In Bahrain
 Yes, technology can be evil and its evil uses are always against the people and for the rich powerful and despotic. Where did Siemens-Nokia spring from?

Camps such as Auschwitz in Poland and Buchenwald in central Germany became administrative centers of huge networks of forced-labor camps. In addition to SS-owned enterprises (the German Armament Works, for example), private German firms -- such as Messerschmidt, Junkers, Siemens, and I. G. Farben -- increasingly relied on forced laborers to boost war production. - US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Bloombergs excellent story can be found here.

Derivative Risks Remain As Data Gaps Permeate System
Regulators decry the fact that they do not have enough information to assess OTC derivatives. The Bank for International Settlements (the Central Bankers Bank) issued a report showing where some problems lie in the system. Before Dodd Frank, there was not even a legal method for tracking legal entities that participate in these markets, let alone exposure amounts and who the specific counterparties were.

There is currently no universal system for identifying the legal entities that participate in financial markets. In the absence of such a system, private firms and regulators have created a variety of identifiers. This creates inefficiencies for firms and presents obstacles to regulators and policymakers.

At private firms, because there is no industry-wide legal entity identification standard, tracking counterparties and calculating exposures across multiple data systems is complicated, expensive, and can result in costly errors. For example, maintaining internal identifier databases and reconciling entity identification with counterparties is expensive for both large firms and small firms. Complete automation of back-office activities remains elusive, in part because of the lack of a universal identifier for legal entities. In the worst case scenario, transactions are broken or fail to settle because counterparties have not been properly identified. - US Treasury

The recent financial crisis exposed weaknesses in the structure of the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives  markets  that  had  contributed  to  the  build-up  of  systemic  risk.  While  markets  in certain  OTC  derivatives  asset  classes  continued  to  function  well  throughout  the  crisis,  the crisis  demonstrated  the  potential  for  contagion  arising  from  the  interconnectedness  of  OTC derivatives market participants and the limited transparency of counterparty relationships.  - Financial Stability Board

Dodd Frank was a decent start in changing many of the ways of Wall Street, but it was just a start, there is still much to be done, especially to reduce the systemic risk due to derivatives. How effective has it been in curbing US major banks from 'gambling' in them?

Data Source: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (Q1, 2011)

When Derivative contracts go bad, financial institutions can be on the hook for amounts that exceed the total assets of the bank. That in essence is what happened last time and the above chart is the exposure of the top five banks as of the 1st quarter, 2011. What happens when they do not have the money to cover a bad contract? They go to Obama and beg for a bailout.

Data Source: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

In short, we really have not progressed much and when I see a credit crisis in Europe spreading and leaders warning of 'Contagion' you know there is something ugly lurking under the surface that cannot be easily or painlessly contained. So just how much money total is there in just Credit Derivatives? According to the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC), there is about $24 Trillion worth and if anyone out there is wondering why there has been so much market turmoil the past couple of weeks, well... this article from the WSJ may help explain at least some of it.

What should our President do? Well, let me say this, we cannot afford another crisis like the last one. There is no money left to bail out the banks. Next month we may not even have enough money to pay our postal workers. Our fiscal situation is dire enough after the last crisis. I would say this. It is time for the 'big guns'. It is time to wield the executive pen and the second it looks like we are going to head into another crisis, he should declare a state of Emergency, seize every bank in the nation and do what we did during the Savings and Loan crisis; Create a Resolution Trust Corporation and dispose of what bad debts we can with whatever assets the banks have. The only asset I would not allow to  be used in this fashion are home mortgages. I would not allow them to be sold, traded or in anyway be exchanged, the debts owed on them would be discharged forever. Those who have their homes can keep them, Mortgage free, or pay a smll fee every month for few years to assist Uncle Sam in discharging other obligations the banks have incurred. Call it a Mortgage Resolution tax to be paid annually for say three years, not to exceed 1-5% of the total mortgage debt outstanding. What this does is two things; First, it plunges a death dagger into current system which is irretrievably corrupt, rapacious and is bankrupting the entire western world. Second, it puts tons of money into people's pockets and will spur purchasing in households as well as provide wiser heads a means to invest in their future with something that has become anathema to many Americas; saving. Such a move would cause a major negative jolt to the Global economy and granted several major technical obstacles would have to be overcome (not least of which is the effect this would have on the dollar), but this is how you spur a real recovery, you put real money into people's pockets; money that goes to work to rebuild the economy and removes the unproductive effect of excessive usury from the economy. You acknowledge with your executive pen that the system is in need of serious reform and then stop talking about it and reform it and if Congress will not act, then you act and do it without Congress, delay or regret. Once a state of Emergency is declared a President has a lot of power.

Now he would come under a lot of criticism and the right, the tea party and others who will go crazy with hate after the banks put millions into their accounts to stir up a pot of red burning anger in the MSM and blogopshere. But the reality is that when folks realize that they have enough money to pay bills, eat well and the phone stops ringing with bill collectors, they can fix the car (or buy a new one), patch up the roof, take a vacation, put money away for Molly's college a sea change will happen in America. That giant sucking sound that was once the monetary vaccum cleaner, sucking money out of America's wallet and heading to Wall Street would cease.

In place of the banks should be smaller regional institutions that operate with strict capital requirements and should be forbidden from investing in any 'notional' financial instrument. They would be there to do business loans, new Home loans at much lower rates of interest with a capped amount  they can lend a potential homeowner which will keep housing prices from skyrocketing again (say $100,000). You want a bigger and more expensive pad? Bring cash. Much the same can be done with other consumer debt.

Once this occurs strict usury laws should be put in place, capping interest rates that can be charged at say 5% on any loan and fees limited to no more than $10 or 0.05% of the loan whichever is greater. In short make banking the stodgy, less glamorous, steady bedrock institutions that facilitate economic growth, not obscene profits for the few. Will these things happen? Almost certainly not. Obama just does not have the decisiveness or 'inner steel' to do this and lacks the ability to make a firm decision and stick with it. He wants to be liked too much by the crooks who are robbing American from under us. Frankly, I think the first time the GOP stamped their feet, Obama would run, hide and change his mind.

 Bush declared a national emergency during the crisis of 2008 and bailed out the banks. For the Crisis of 2012 Obama should do the same and bailout the people. 2012 you say Mr. Watson? Yes, all indications are that one will be manufactured a few months before election time to demonstrate Obama's 'incompetence' on economic matters. This is the same plan I laid out to my readers a couple of months ago and phase one was already accomplished early this month.

Fed Made State Street Profitable As Middleman
How do you get $200 Billion in no risk loans? Be an insider and a 'Friend of Ben'.

Goldman Sachs Braces For Legal Battles
An interesting development on many fronts. Investors and the DOJ all at the same time with powerful private attorney's. Could spell trouble for Goldman. But my gut reaction is that any private legal action that could prove successful will be taken over by the DOJ so that no jail time ensues from them. We will get trials, lots of smoke and mirrors and then a small fine and the culprits will go right back to what they were doing before hand.

Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact
The establishment always uses the word when they want to mock and prejudice truth tellers, but time bears many 'conspiracy theories' as fact.

Reverse Mergers Drive Up D&O Liability Prices
  Reverse mergers have come under a great deal of scrutiny of late as many were little more than accounting scams that defrauded investors.This is rather important as this appears to one front of a many faceted attack on US financial institutions by China. Stratfor/John Mauldin have a very good piece on this here. I want to stress this - America has been under attack for a long time now and principles in Washington are very much aware of it. Just because your local MSM source and blog isn't covering it does not mean it isn't happening and that the effects have not been real in some cases and devastating in others.

Human Rights Group Finds 8 New Mass Graves
Strange that the President of Sudan can travel unmolested when these kinds of crimes can almost certainly be laid at his feet.

Vanderbilt University Recognizes Pagan Festivals
A sign of the times. Paganism is making a comeback and satanism is more real than just about anyone out there imagines. Key players in DC are part of a satanic cult and yes, they have their own ceremonies. They always work in the deepest secrecy and very few know who they are. Once you know some of the names, many many things all fall into line in our news reporting.

BofA Credit Swaps Hit Record, Goldman Risk Jumps
All part of a sign of decreasing creditworhiness of America's corporate titans, or so goes the 'line'. While true, a lot more is going on in the financial world these days in both the private and political worlds.

While cheerleaders will always abound, telling us of a future 'nirvana' if we keep shoveling trillions to these banks, the truth is very, very different. The banking sector has been a major impediment to a recovery here in America. By shifting money into Byzantine and opaque financial instruments, they are able to create notional profits on a balance sheet and payout huge bonuses. But when losses come, they come to Washington for a hand out... and get it.

Rather than investing in America in the form of small and medium sized startups and giving some slack to folks who are struggling with their mortgages, we get more hard earned money heading into derivatives, the very thing that brought the last crisis. Why not; if they gamble they win, if they lose, they still win when they walk off with Uncle Sam's Treasury... and your house.

Source: Office of the comptroller of the Currency

What this means is that the crisis we had before is getting ready for a rousing encore, and you will once again be asked to open your wallet at the pump, the grocery store or at your local utility and tax man to pay for it. Others can expect to pay for it with reduced benefits they have paid into all their lives. It is Reverse Robin Hood, Rob from the poor to give to the rich and beat the sh-t out of them when they protest. It is disaster capitalism on its global march and it will not stop until all of the earths goods are in the hands of a small, morally bankrupt oligarchy.

Auditors Probe DARPA's Nepotism Allegations
Accused of throwing contracts at family members and companies the director has stock in. The DOD IG is looking at every major contract now.

The First Casualty Of War Is Always The Truth
Qadaffi's son turns up alive and the propaganda machine against his admittedly despotic regime continues in full force, when the real truth is that America is supporting Al Qaeda in Libya and the spiritually dark, non-Islamic forces who direct and fund it. Will NATO put troops be on the ground in Libya? Only if Al Qaeda requests them, then NATO will of course comply. An interesting read on the war can be found here.

China Now Worlds Largest Market For PC's
This kind of makes me wonder if this may have been a factor in HP's recent decision to get out of the PC market. The decision has perplexed many  including its own stockholders who are none too pleased about it. But I think comes  down to numbers and profits. The PC part of its business it was not anywhere near one of HP's top moneymakers. In any event, China is in the driver seat in terms of manufacturing and now purchasing of PC's. In so many respects and on so many fronts, America is slipping fast. But I think our American crisis while most visible in the economic realm, has its deep roots in political corruption that is incapable of dealing with hard issues and necessary changes and has become too adept at pushing problems into the future rather than dealing with them while they are still manageable. We could be the worlds leader in PC manufacturing, but our leaders are too short sighted and by their own ineptitude, compels US companies to build their wares in China and then try and sell them here in the hopes of luring an increasingly cash strapped US population into something most just don't need. No, HP's decision is not a  bad one but its suddenness is likely to cause many to rethink the whole PC thing in the US. Look at it this way, I do not need a new PC every year, every two years or even every three. My 3 year old HP (desktop), 2.7 year Gateway (notebook), 6 year old Dell (notebook)  all work fine. I can get my work done on them just fine. Most people find that they just email, surf the web and maybe touch up some family photo's on them... and perhaps watch Netflix. I  don't need a $1000 i7 for that.  I can easily see in many households who have seen one or both wage-earners lose work or get hours cut that the PC is going to be the last thing to be upgraded. So why stay in a market where sales are going to decrease with real incomes across America, profit margins are razor thin and liability can be a real problem should you build, ship and warranty a lemon to a few thousand customers.

Mega Church Pastor Had Dope In Hotel Where He Died

I read this story last week and refrained from posting it because I did not want to anyone to jump top conclusions about the 'white substance' found.  This is very, very sad and while what we have read seems to indicate an accidental death, foul play cannot be ruled out. Let us all withhold judgment until all the facts are known.

Assad Knows Exactly What He Is Doing
"At this stage, maintaining Alawite solidarity is his primary goal, not subduing the masses. So long as the security apparatus remains loyal, he can be overthrown only through a long and bloody civil war that may prove unpalatable to regional and international governments. Even if the regime collapses, it's quite possible that Assad and his security barons will regroup in the coastal mountain enclaves of their ancestors (offering physical protection and access to Iranian resupply by sea) and set up a de facto Alawite micro-state. Although the Syrian president's predicament is unquestionably dire, it's a good bet he knows what he's doing." - MEF

21 Facts About BabyBoombers And Retirement

Yemen, Somalia Security Brief

Social Security Disability Fund Almost Insolvent

US Postal Service To Be Insolvent Next Month

Obama Rides To The Banksters Rescue Again (updated link!)
State AG's are doing their level best to investigate and prosecute widespread fraud in the mortgage market, and while the nation is not looking, Obama secretly puts pressure on them to go for a settlement that lets the offenders get off. The real question is that no one in Holders office is doing much of anything about investigation real fraud in the big banks. Sure he will go  out and hit some small fish and claim a big victory, but not the Wall Street titans. You have forgery on a massive scale but this administration does little or nothing about it. Did you know that 92% of foreclosures in NY lack proper documents of ownership by the banks? This is a  major scandal but Obama does absolutely nothing about putting the real criminals in jail. Rather, he quietly facilitates throwing people out of their homes, while telling the ignorant masses how 'outraged' he is about it. Did you know that this kind of forgery is a crime punishable up tp 20 years in prison? Yet Obama wants a 'grand settlement' that keeps the crooks out of prison.  This sounds to me like Obama trying to get campaign donation money from Wall Street and screwing over Americans in order to get it. This administration is hopelessly corrupt and the last thing this nation needs is 4 more years of this guy without the discipline having to stand for re-election provides.

Will NATO Loot Libyan Gold?
More and more we can see what this war was really all about.  Infowars has a good article on this here.

China Starts Refining Unit In Iran
Few details given on move but shows the significance of China in the region, who is willing to bust sanctions to do it. China is very busy in the Middle East, lining up all kinds of deals

Sad but true. Many Americans cannot get loans but the Fed is loaning out money with sweetheart terms and unheard of rates to insiders and FOREIGN banksters. You can thank Bloomberg for having the courage to fight the Fed and get this information out to the people in a FOIA suit.

Hell: 'Doubting Thomas' Seminarian Sees The Light
Like so many, even those in the Church, he did not believe or even teach a doctrine that the bible talks more about than Heaven.Here is the story of a man who had his views changed. Today, so much basic bible doctrine is being rejected for a feel good 'unoffensive' Christianity that is all 'touchy feely' with no real truth in it. We have seen so much falling away in many a mainline Church that it is incumbent on a few small and uncompromising ministries to tell it like it is. We are not big, not rich but we speak the truths in the Bible. As for the great falling away we are seeing today in the mainline Churches The Scriptures warned us about it as being a sure sign that we are living in the Last Days. The later the hour, the fewer who would hold to the tenets of the faith.
More Christians Butchered In Nigeria
Once again, we see one of the sure sign that we are in the last days, as Christians are under attack around the world as never before. Rising persecution and a large number of martyrs again tell us of the lateness of the hour.

Athiest Billboards Bet Bigger
Yet another sign of our times. "Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation."
(2Pe 3:3-4)
This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
(2Ti 3:1-5)

I need not tell anyone that knows how to read a newspaper that these passages describe our own age quite well.

The hour is very late.

Study Shows Powerful Corporations Really Do Control Global Finances
Again, we know the scriptures warn us of a global system where by all buying and selling will be strictly regulated and controlled by a centralized power based on a religious system (false prophet) who will compel all to take mark. Check out the study itself, done by Cornell University. Centralized control must come first, then the mark.   "The structure of the control network of transnational corporations affects global market competition and financial stability. So far, only small national samples were studied and there wasno appropriate methodology to assess control globally. We present the first investigation of the architecture of the international ownership network, along with the computation of the control held by each global player. We find that transnational corporations form a giant bow-tie structure and that a large portion of control flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions. This core can be seen as an economic “super-entity” that raises new important issues both forresearchers and policy makers."

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
(Rev 13:16-18)

Court Rules Obama Must Reveal Visitors To White House
It is so sad to see this guy turn against everything he stood for when he campaigned.  Transparency? While I hear many apologists make excuses, I see some, but frankly little real change from the Bush years; blacked out pages from FOIA requests, wars being fought without the public even being informed. While there are certainly times for secrets, these secrets of today are not there to protect the nation but to protect the criminals who have been running scam after scam in America and raking in the money. Despite the squeaky clean image he has, his hands are anything but. Wouldn't want the world to know convicted felons were walking in and out of the Oval office now would we? In the political world, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Should Christains Defend The Rich?
A look at the book of James and our times. Most interesting and written by a former Baptist minister.

Hard not to see the logic in this, Food is going to be one of the few 'money making' exports America will have in the years ahead. Given the fact that food prices have soared 33% from a year ago, and are only going to rise this move is quite predictable. A days wage for food is the price mentioned in the bible. In some places in our world, that is about what it costs.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

(Rev 12:11)

How are we Christians going to get into the kingdom? By the word of our testimony (which comes by faith) and the blood of Christ. In these times, this is the deciding factor. Testifying of Christ and him crucified and putting our faith in the atoning work of the cross. But we must also be willing to lay down our lives for Christ, if necessary. As the days wear on, this is going to be more and more the norm for those who love Jesus Christ. That is how we shall be overcomers. Our testimony of Christ causes all kinds of strange, out of proportion, and at times violent reaction to those who are in darkness. In some places people just go crazy when they hear the message. Yesterday I posted a story about a girl who is 14 and lost her legs because her father went nuts on her because she turned to Christ. This is not atypical of the reaction so many have in the world today; tell them of God's love and they want to kill you, torture you or burn you out of your homes. Listen dear readers, if our testimony were not so important, then the reaction of others would not cause such strange and violent reaction all over the world, as it is today. So...
Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. (Heb 10:35)

"They Don't Hire You 'Cause You Look Like Your Crazy"
Black mayor lays it out to flash mob hooligans.

Obama Administration Demonstrates 'Transparency'
Clearly, the use of this technology effects health and safety, not to mention other legal and constitutional issues. Yet this administration wants to hide the facts from the people. What kind of government do we have that cannot tell the people what it is doing as it spreads its 'security' tentacles across the nation? What kind of system of governance are they planning when the banks close and you can't get gas, food and essentials? Whatever it is, they sure don't want you to know about it.

What is so sad is these kinds of decisions and moves are causing hard working honest Americans to just pull up and leave America, leaving behind the kinds of people who don't and won't pull their own weight. Who wants to relive Nazi Germany? Those living abroad are renouncing their citizenship. Their destinations would surprise many. Who wants to live in a place where wars, naked scanners, forced prison labor exist in far greater amounts than in any other nation on earth? We keep spending money we don't have, our government keeps hiding much of its activities from us (they won't even tell you we are engaged in a war in Yemen!). How is our democracy supposed to work when the government won't even tell you what it is doing? Were it not for stern directions from the Lord, I would never have even come back to the US back in the '90's and will leave 30 seconds after I get the go ahead from him to do so. But I will be no Jonah, if I am to warn the residents in modern day Sodom, then I will. There is something very dark and evil about what is happening to America and this current administration is turning out not be be a blessing, but a curse and so much of America, is still bewitched by the powers of spiritual darkness and are too stupified to see it.

For those of you who are listening, the next President will be as bad or worse than Obama, even if it is Obama again. Why? The money. The more money a candidate has the more he is beholden to the corporate interest and increasingly, FOREIGN interest who pays. This is true of any GOP candidate as well as Obama. From there all major policies can be determined with startling accuracy and it is why I (and a few others) were able to tell you with no equivocation what Obama was really all about long before he was elected. He got away with it because frankly, he was a smooth talker and he was black. He looked different and people were hungry for change after Bush.

To understand this and more importantly to internalize it, requires a degree of intellectual and (just as importantly) emotional capability that is beyond the average voter of any income bracket, party or race. 'Ye shall know them by their fruits' is the biblical admonition on false prophets, but in the political realm I would say 'ye shall know them by their campaign donations'.

Other say 'Ye shall know them by their appointments'. This piece shows just how important these 'sayings are in the case of Bush and Obama. So my words about Obama are not personal, it is that our political system can only produce liars, extortioners, mass murderers, mass poisoners, mass swindlers because that is what the money wants them to do.

And they all do it, with your indispensable help.

In short what we are seeing here is just the outward manifestation of the spirit of mammon, a satanic spirit that plagued and ultimately destroyed many empires in the past. For where this spirit dwells, comes riches, but also corruption and violence. There is nothing new here really, except perhaps the speed by which this spirit has infected America.  This is just the final resting place for the spirit before the Lord Comes. It is, as I have described before, the moving stronghold. In each place where this spiritual stronghold dwells,  you will find the stench of witchcraft permeates it. One look at modern entertainment, the members in the House, Senate and executive branch who practice it and you know we have a serious problem here.

I know many of you think I am too cynical about America's prospects. I do not apologize. The scriptures tell us of our fall, in pretty good detail, and one need only look at the three ring circus in Washington and the only person who can honestly be optimistic is one who has been bewitched by America's harlotries.

I hope that number does not include you. Let us de-mystify what is happening to our nation and world and open our eyes and WATCH as the Lord commanded, for those that do not watch, do not get in. Let us stop over-spiritualizing and see what is happening right now in your daily newspapers. Line it up with the scriptures. A Christian does not need a Phd. to interpret bible prophecy, just three things; A bible, A source for news and a prayer closet.

Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know. Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail. Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.
- The Prophet Isaiah to the DAUGHTER of the Chaldeans, the virgin DAUGHTER of Babylon (Isa 47:11-13)

Hungary: Jew Baiting And Labor Camps

A nation getting out of control and no one is doing much about it as democraic freedoms are slowly being eroded. In interesting development as it is entirely possible that Hungary is going to be the model for the 'New Europe' not unlike the Old Europe of the 1930's and 40's. I also find it most interesting that China is using Hungary as a major hub for China, according the Jamestown Foundation...

"Representing the most lucrative collection of Chinese-Hungarian economic deals to date, Wen’s push to Hungary is reflective of China’s growing interest in gaining economic and political access to Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

The extensive agreements, worth around $3.6 billion, included plans for joint investment in a Hungarian solar panel production facility; a citric acid factory (, June 17); development of air, water and rail transportation (Budapest Business Journal, June 26); and plans to develop Hungary’s neglected Szombathely airport into a major European cargo base (Budapest Business Journal, June 24). Moreover, Chinese telecommunications manufacturing giant, Huawei, “which already operates logistics centers in Hungary, announced in May it would expand its distribution center in the country, where it expects to employ 3,000 people and export a total of $1.2 billion worth of products this year, making it Huawei's second-largest supply center in the world” (, June 27). In 2012, Huawei’s Logistics Center in Hungary predicts revenues of $3 billion (Reuters, June 8). Finally, Premier Wen promised to purchase an unspecified amount of Hungarian debt, the news of which strengthened the Hungarian forint by 0.3 percent (Bloomberg, June 27)." - Jamestown Foundation (Is Hungary Becoming China's Hub in Central Europe?)

New Wave Of Foreclosures Expected

Chavez Gold Moves Signals War On Dollar

Obama's FDA Appointee Pushes To Eliminate Conflict Of Interest Laws
FDA removing these restrictions and demonstrating rank corruption, SEC Shredding documents on Wall Street investigations, copyright holders pushing for Police State legislation in its own interest, Corporations are having a heyday with Obama at the helm, meanwhile he is out pushing his new 'placebo for the masses', a 'jobs' bill that cuts taxes on Corporations. If the last jobs bill is any judge, it will cost, not create jobs. Rest assured with this guy at the helm any jobs created by his tax breaks will have abundant loopholes to create jobs alright; in China, India, Vietnam...

Stocks Tank On Economic Fears

Israel Retaliates After Deadly Terror Attacks

How America Criminalizes Poverty

Somaila: MSF Rapidly Scaling Up Activities In Mogadishu
MSF (Doctors Without Borders) is one of the very few aid organizations you can really trust. They do what they say they do. Many aid organizations are not telling you the whole truth about where they get, who pays for and where aid ultimately winds up and this sadly includes a few Christian aid organizations as well.  If you give, give wisely. As a Christian, I would much prefer giving to organizations that give aid and preaches the gospel, but in Somalia, that is rather problematic at this time.  The good news is that the Militants have largely retreated for the time being for reasons that are not entirely clear. But sadly, today much of the aid is being stolen.

Too Big To Jail
The FBI is out touting its 'get tough' look on Mortgage Fraud but can't muster up the courage to go after the big boys.  I hear apologists talk about the 'political difficulties' in these kinds of prosecutions. True enough, but simply put, the nation did not hire Obama or Holder to be 'Excuse Maker in Chief', but to use the Justice department for what its name stands for, Justice... not 'just us'.

Dadaab Kenya: Fighting For Survival

MSM  Predicts Terror Attack By White Americans
This is merely 'labeling' (a tried and true propaganda technique) folks who are sick of Washington's merry-go-round of corruption. Clearly, the establishment now wants to demonize them. Granted there are some real 'nut jobs' in some of these movements who are given to violence but no one asks the question 'why'. If the past is any guide, these 'lone wolfs'  will be encouraged to carry out attacks by government informants in their midst. Why are so many people from so many different walks of life fed up with Washington? Those in DC want to treat what is happening as just some 'isolated groups' but the reality is that poll after poll is telling us folks are getting very, very angry. Instead of fixing the problems, even if it just one of perception, a propaganda assault is launched demonizing some groups the establishment does not like. Do you know this is just the kinds of things the Nazi's did in the early days of their reign? Any group who started to stand up and take effective action was assaulted by propaganda. Why not try and fix Washington rather than calling anyone who decides to take (non-violent) political action against its crimes a 'terrorist'?  Now as far as the 'lone wolf' being 'the number one threat' to US security, that is just another woeful misstatement by the President. It isn't even remotely true.  Granted a lone wolf can kill a lot of people and perhaps do some moderate damage but the real threat  TO THE NATION AS A WHOLE is not coming from a lone nut, but from Organized Crime, Organized Treason, others who are inside our own government who have done some things that would cause many of you to rise up in anger, not to mention nation-states who have nuclear weapons. Others who have assisted in bankrupting America and never spend one day in jail are still living large making money selling out the American people for a Chinese contract or IPO.

 I mean, what do you expect when folks are being thrown out of their homes after losing their jobs? Obama is either misinformed or just plain lying about the level of threat these people pose. The far greater threat is sitting in his cabinet in the form of individuals who are working for and sending secrets to other nations for a price. My guess is that someone wants more power given to the Feds to deal with the coming unrest and a large campaign donation has been given over to see to it that it gets done. The past has shown that the only time Obama speaks on an issue is if the concomitant sound of the cash register is heard first paid by those who will benefit the most. It is then, like some mechanical device, he opens his mouth to talk about it.  Please pray for the soul of this President, he is lost and probably does not even know it. Though frankly I think he is more and more at least trying to do what is right and realizes that he is probably going to be a one term President. I say that even given the lackluster field of GOP contenders.

Swiss Franc's Rise Sends Citizens To Germany

Verizon Tells Strikers Health Care To Be Suspended
So while their profits soar and the big boys are taking in millions in compensation, they want the workers to pay more for benefits. This is what is wrong with America's whole business model and why Unions are not a bad thing. It would be different if the company weren't profitable or going into rough times, but that simply isn't so. For those of you who don't care or think you got it made in a good white collar job, you won't have to wait for your turn to come around. This whole situation looks simply like "lets screw them 'cause we can" kind of attitude.

Obama Readying New Economic Plan
What took him so long? He alone is responsible for so much of the debt we have accumulated and will accumulate when Obamacare kicks in and will be responsible for the job losses that will occur when the most odious parts of Obamacare kicks in (in 2014, after he can no longer stand for re-election) and companies are forced to cut staff to pay for it. The people voted for change and the only thing that has changed is the location of Middle America's money... from their pockets into the pockets of the rich fat cats. As one top former White House official would say Tommy from Chi-town strikes again! Meanwhile, the stupified black community shuffles further down poverty row with him... heads as empty as their pockets. I apologize to my readers for being so raw, especially my non-black audience who may not appreciate what is happening. But frankly I am amaaaazed at the rank stupidity of Black America. But not at the adoration he still held by America's corporate trained/financed 'Black' leaders. They are paid to keep Blacks docile and 'in line' while they let corporate America rob you blind. I really am amazed... a few slogans on Black TV and Black Magazines (owned by very rich non-Blacks) and the the whole group is utterly bamboozled by this guy.  Thankfully a few voices are telling it like it is. Meanwhile the masses don't see that the Bus Obama is driving is taking Black America back the slave plantations of yesteryear, they just have a new name for it. Being stupid in this age is as dangerous as going onto a battlefield blindfolded and without a weapon and that is the state Black America is in today. Moral  decay (MORE HERE) followed by intellectual decay. The God who moved to free us from Slavery has been 'dissed  by Black folks and now, the rattle of chains can be heard again by those whose eyes are open and ears are to the ground. As the link above says... is time to pray and obey.

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Sue Blind Man For Downloading Film
The sad but sorry state of Anti-piracy law all supported by Obama and his DHS. Don't get me wrong, I do not support piracy in any form, but I do not support legal extortion either and we have seen too many cases where that is exactly what some forms of copyright legal action looks like. Let us all remember one salient fact about the Motion Picture Industry; they extorted money from studios, owned major stars, controlled distribution and even to this day is not 'uninvolved' in the motion picture industry, here and all over the world.

How many of you remember Godfather III? While the least popular of the series it was, in my opinion the most misunderstood as it was really trying to put a message out there that few understood. Namely that the mob was going legitimate and that as 'Don Corelone' said in one line, "the higher up I go, the crookeder it gets". It dealt with crime in the Vatican, business world, the death of Pope John Paul I and secret societies. All areas where the real organized Criminals still operate with reckless abandon today (sorry Catholic readers, these are just the facts). He was trying to get away from a life of crime and found out that crime just took a different from as he went legitimate.

"I need more lawyers" - Don Corleone

This was also a line that I think folks did not understand. The law for Corporations is not a tool of justice is is a tool to obtain, extort and otherwise increase revenue flows. The old ways of doing business have not changed much, they just operate within the law whenever possible and when it is not possible, a 'suicide' or two can always be arranged. Keep in mind the organized crime is heavily invested in the porn industry. Here is a Mafia business model for you; Go out and find open routers, download films you have the rights to and then sue they guy with the open router. Sound diabolical? You don't know the mob and with potential revenues from a successful suit of $150,000... the law has placed an incentive to do just that.

Look, I am the last one to say these companies do not have a right to recoup their losses from legitimate cases, but suing a blind man over a porn flick? I am not excusing what he did, if indeed he did it for which there is clearly reasonable doubt. But the whole tone of these kinds of legal proceedings. Don't you have something better to do with your time and resources? Sounds too much like shoving granny under a garbage truck and then extorting the insurance money from her relatives. Word to the wise: Secure your router and be most careful of what you download.

Obama 'Burning Religious Institutions At Both Ends'

Fukushima: Ground Under Plant Cracking

This Month in Muslim Persecution of Christians: July

Shell Battles To Stop Second Spill In North Sea

China Says Waters Radioactive
Levels higher than Japan claims

California Tracks Radioactive Chemicals To Fukishima

Haiti's Internally Displaces Persons

Pakistan Renews Push For Religious Tolerance

BofA Death Spiral?
This is a pretty good piece and shows you where some of the fault lines are. It shows that the bank are in many cases, involved in a massive fraud, foreclosing on properties that they do not legally own and why it is important to BofA.

Letter, Witnesses Casts Doubt On Murdoch Testimony

Cheats: US Navy Nuke Subs Qualifications
A sign of our times and the real morality of our twisted nation. Cheat to get ahead and let the least qualified get the job. Cheating is very widespread in the US and its education system, very, very widespread. People do it because they get away with it. If you step back and think about it, it is cheating (fraud) that put the US in the banking crisis of 2008. Once again, they got away with it. The good news here is that the Nuclear crews who cheated on their exams are no longer in the Navy. But don't kind yourself as to our military readiness, there are a hundred more scandals out there yet to be uncovered, dealing with Nukes, our super-secret weapons, command and control and it is no coincidence that the USAF had a very, very high turnover of senior officers a few years ago. The real reasons will never be told to the average American becaus honesty in the military and politics is no longer honored, or desired.

US Debt Downgrade May Have Chinese Connection

China Looks To Crack Down On Sex Selective Abortions

South Sudan Offers Troops To Somalia
The worlds newest nation wants to help repel the Islamist group Al-Shabab, which has been terrorizing the nation of late.

How Linux Mastered Wall Street
Yes, I still like Limux and got a small laptop from a legal settlement a few month ago. I wiped the hard drive and put the latest version of Ubuntu on it. It runs great though I do not do any major work on it. It is mostly a kitchen laptop for watching DVD's, checking mail, weather, etc. Linix is still, with its problems a pretty good OS that will do most tasks as well or better than Windows. The only major limitation for me is that since I dumped my cable, I cannot watch Netflix on my Linux box (soon to change, I hear). But there are other great solutions to that. So, just because your local big box store does not sell computers with Linux, does not mean it is not good, just that the corporate money flows to the OS that costs money (Windows) not one that is free (Linux).

Bono Making Bucks From Facebook

The Sinister Power Of The Ratings Agencies
So they have too much power? Sure. Are they necessarily wrong to downgrade debt that could default. No. Is there politics and conflict of interests in their decision making? Almost certainly.

Americans Too Are Seething With Anger

Protests Across Israel

Food Prices Add To African Crisis

Somali Cholera May Spread

China-Pak: Pakistan Lets China View US Stealth Copter

China-Pak: China Launches Pakistani Satellite

America's arrogance in Pakistan has in a geopolitical sense forced Pakistan to counterbalance what is now more and more viewed in Pakistan as a US occupational force who has been asked by the government (for a few years now) to stop killing its civilians with dronesand who steadfastly refuses to do so. After watching how we have treated Pakistan, who would want to invite the US to come into their nations again? We are the guest who after they get invited, never leaves, poisons the dog, microwaves the cat and plays catch blindfolded with expensive chinaware while the kids run aaround with bearfeet.

Foreclosure Crisis Fades To Black And Brown

Bombmakers, Warmongers In Charge Of Debt Committee
Let me give you a little spiritual insight into what is happening. One way or another America is going to stop or seriously curtail her wars. The Lord is going to give us the opportunity to do it, or he will do it for us. We have shed too much blood and given the enemies of the gospel all kinds of arms and repressive techniques to harm God's people within the borders of Christ-hostile nations. Our leaders are operating under a delusion. They think they can do whatever they want and not be held accountable to the Lord for the rivers of blood we shed with wicked impunity. Yet the Lord has been sending the Nation myriad of warnings in nature, the economy, the battlefield, Military hardware (technologically comprised) and in our communities that we must change or rest assured that he (the Lord) will do it for us. This war machine is obscene. No matter how dangerous the world is, we spend too much money on war and have started too many of them for no reason a sane person would. Our leaders have war fever and that fever is stoked by the dollars these large corporations make from them and the money they spread around the White House and Congress. We cannot continue on as we have and need a sanity-driven national security review that takes into account fiscal realities, not just Beltway-Bandit fantasies. Such a review is not going to come until the nation is literally bankrupt and unable to defend itself because we won't even be able to get the raw materials and fuel for our war machine, unless we have Gold. Even then (FYI: the US has been on a Gold Buying spree, which should tell you where our leaders know the dollar is heading), the nations who have it must be willing to sell it to us in direct competition with other consumers of raw materials.

We are digging a geopolitical hole for ourselves in our rush to feed the bottomless pit that Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, etc., get rich from. Trillions in taxpayer dollars that go to weapons systems that cannot even get off the ground. Indeed, I strongly suspect that one of the reasons why our DOD is so adamant about not cutting defense spending at this time is that after the F-22 debacle (all of which are grounded for the foreseeable future) we have discovered that most of the new high-tech weapons systems we are developing have also been rendered unusable due to a great deal more Chinese sabotage-technology that got into the military supply chain. I can tell you that a review was ordered, I can also tell you that Congress, The President, the Senate and the DOD are working very hard to keep you from finding out just what is really going on with this issue. The treason in America is in its General officer corps, its Defense manufacturers, its Political class is real and growing. Why? Because there is no punishment, only financial rewards. Folks, if it would not almost certainly cost me my life, I could tell you some stories that would scare the living daylights out of you. Until some of these traitors are stood up against a wall and shot, there is no way to save our nation. Today, our real national security state is the same as our spiritual state. We are sinking fast because anyone with any thought for morality, righteousness, truth and love for the poor gets hounded out of office or their jobs in the government. If you are not willing to facilitate some kind of swindle, you never get anywhere in DC. The government has become a harbor for every thief and murderer in the nation who has the money to spread around Congress.

Listen, some of these members of the Debt Commission are taking money from Investment Groups that specialize in distressed debt. They would love to see the US go belly up so they can buy up those government assets on the market at bargain basement prices.

How do you spell treason? I spell it with a 'tea'.

And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. (Rev 18:23b-24)

Is There Enough Money On Earth To Save The Banks?
Nope: Everyone knows it and yet we keep shoveling hard earned money into terminally insolvent institutions. Thus transferring the wealth of nations into their hands. Think about it for just a moment. When they get bailed out, they go out and buy assets that (hopefully) generate revenue. Where do they get the money from? The Taxpayers, who gets to own the assets? The Banks. What we are witnessing is the greatest swindle on earth being played out across Europe and America. What we need to do is that when the next crisis comes (and it will, very soon), we should either nationalize the banks or let them go belly up. We cannot afford another round of bailouts and we have very little time before the US government itself is going to need a bailout or we are all going to be very, very poor when your ATM stops working, the gas pumps go dry, the trucks can't bring food to your area...

America's Answer To Truthtellers: Put them Under Investigation!
This shows you what kind of poeple are running this nation. On the surface this seems like a move guided by wisdom. It is merely more gangster politics that charatcherize Washington. This is merely a mobster message to other ratings agencies who have the audacity to look at our balance sheet and say there may be a problem. Look this happened before. Last year, Moody's was getting ready to to the same thing and then went under 'investigation'. If there is any good news here, it is that they are targeting insider trading and probably are looking a short list of folks who, (as I told my readers a few months ago that that this was coming, who was behind it and why) have a long range plan to gut Washington, reorganize the Fed and shift more wealth unto themselves and leave you in a slave wage job as they move the remaining high wage jobs overseas.

The Real Rick Perry
Don't be fooled by his public and politically motivated prayers. Judas prayed as well even with Christ and later sold him out for money. It is time for a biblical fruit check on Gov. Perry. No, we cannot judge him, but are commanded to check his spiritual fruit.
Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. (Mat 7:20-21)

North Korea's Secret Horror Prisons

Fukushima: 30 Times Radiation Of Hiroshima

14 Year Old Loses Use of Legs For Christ

Cat Food II
This is quite good and demonstrates the contempt Congress has for voters.

Government By Bribery: Why The Debt Commission Won't Work
And truth be told this is how our republic has been destroyed. Too much money flowing to decision makers who then borrow trillions and sign Ma and Pa America's name to the IOU. They and their donors get rich and get privileges, we get the bills.

Mitt Romney: 'Corporations Are People'

Unions Get Clobbered In Wisconsin
"Even if the Democrats had won the election, workers in the state would have seen no fundamental change. Like the Republicans, the Democrats on every level of government have insisted that the working class must pay for the economic crisis, tax cuts for the wealthy and other supposedly “job-creating” incentives for big business." - WSWS

France, Italy, Spain, Belgium & Turkey Ban Short Selling
A panic move that only further undermines confidence in the markets, banks and regulators.

Cameron Buries Head In Sand On Austerity And Riots
Well, he is hardly going to say his own policies caused the riots now is he? So he takes the 'ostrich approach' to governance. Pictures of the riots can be found here.

Food Prices Fuel Hunger In Kenya
"It's a crisis because this region is still a poor region where half the population and more live below $2 a day. They spend on average half of their income on food. And obviously if prices go up, then they reduce the food intake." - Wolfgang Fengler

A Kinder, Gentler Apostasy

World Faces Rising Religious Restrictions
Pew research has put together an exhaustive study of the issue of religious persecution.

Rich Executives Spend Millions For Bodyguards

What's Wrong With America's Cops?
Most Cops are OK, they work hard and do the right thing. Then there is a small few who are nothing more than criminals with a badge. Honest Cops don't get upset when you film them doing their job, as long as you are not interfering with the performance of their duty. It's the Klansman who got hired as a cop or someone performing a 'job' for a drug lord as a cop who gets bent all out of shape about it. A public servant who is on the public payroll in a public place should not be making wild claims of privacy and making specious claims of 'wiretapping'. What such people really want is an unaccountable police department, with a license to steal, beat, kill and harass without any oversight and slowly turn the police into an arm of organized Crime. Think it can't happen? Look south of the border. The antiseptic of public scrutiny is the best cure to keep this from happening here. After a while, the folks just get fed up and fight back.

Swiss May Peg Franc To Euro To Halt Rise

Tea Party Wants To Cut Military Spending

Cameron Announces New Repressive Measures
Doesn't deal with underlying social problems. Kicking folks out of homes as a solution? Well, I do find it interesting that. 1) He refuses to increase police Budgets. 2) That the riots were started by a coordinated series of hundreds of thousands of SMS messages targeted at Britain's Minority Neighborhoods, areas that traditionally give the cops the most trouble. The messages said (to paraphrase) 'go out and take what's yours'. The cops initially stood by and let the riots happen. and 3) the UK police have special technology to hack and eavesdrop on cell phones and that 4) this took place only after some very high profile resignations in London's police force, due to a you guess it.. phone hacking scandal. I am not pointing fingers mind you, I do not know who sent those messages as preliminary forensics show them coming in from all over the world. I am just pointing out who would have theoretically benefited from the riots and whose behavior has been rather suspicious during them. No accusations, just shall we say...'scratching my head' out loud.

The London Police's Historic 'Masonic Problem'
Freemasonry is just another branch of the Western Society's infatuation with the religion of ABC (anything but Christ).

Guardian: UK Police Commissioner Set Up Network Of Corrupt Officials To Gain Valuable Information

Where Else Do We Find The Violent Hand Of Freemasonry In Today's News?
Did you know that Blacks cannot join White Masonic Lodges and it has a long history of racism? Freemasonry is really a race based fraternity/Secret Society.

Dow: -2000 Points In 14 Days

Child's Toy Can Disable DHS, FBI Comm Gear

The High Costs Of Bailouts

Buying A Used Car? Expect To Pay More

Can HIV Cure Cancer? Trial Exceeds Wildest Expectations

US Universities In African Land Grab
Grabbing the land from under farmers and others where resources are locaated is a global phenomenon and one that is certain (100%) to hit the US in the not too distant future.

How US Trade Policy Displaces Hundreds Of Thousands In Colombia, Fuel Fuel Cocaine Trade
If 400,000 small farmers, who on average have less than five years of formal education, lose their livelihoods, their employment options will be limited. They are likely to take up coca cultivation, engross the files of illegal armed groups, or migrate to urban areas to join some 5 million Colombians – over 10 percent of Colombia’s total population - forcibly displaced from the countryside over the last 12 years, the great majority of whom live in extreme poverty. - Oxfam

US Has Zero Operational Stealth Fighters

DHS Creates Secret Watchlists

$17 Dollars For A Big Mac Meal

UK Riots:
"Anyone who says that they came as a surprise is denying reality."

As I have been saying to my readers here for years, this is no surprise, except for the fact that it took so long to happen. It appears that very powerful influences used the plight of these people for their own ends (create unrest). There is more to the story than meets the eye and to put it bluntly, the UK cannot rule out an 'inside job' by some of its own power players, though others are more likely behind it. For now, I will let the UK deal with the issue as there are some other very serious questions they are now dealing with that have not hit the news.

What I will tell you is something that I think you need to know. While many sites are out there warning about a start of WWIII I am here to tell you that for the most part, WWIII has already started. But war in the 21st Century is far less about bombers, tanks and aircraft carriers, it is about the ability to stoke unrest in your opponents state, create a financial crisis, cripple its infrastructure, undermine its banking sector, mess with the ratings of its bonds, subvert its legislature, Cripple its military hardware without firing a shot, obtain its secrets etc. This is the new warfare and it has been talked about at length in many a Pentagon and Army War College paper. The Chinese have talked about it too, The problem is that we are not very good at it. We can spend money and pretend we are, but cannot apply these new weapons because somebody got to our political leaders first (subvert decision makers). If this war can be likened to a race, then our enemies are just about to break the finishing line tape and we tripped and fell into a quagmire of our own corruption and are sinking fast.

But if there is any good news out here on this issue is that the President has not been bought by China and he is acutely aware of what is needed but has his hands tied, at least for the present. But given the nature of the threat to our own nation (it is far more dire than you are reading on just about any site on the net) that may change much sooner than anyone realizes. If we don't deal with our enemies and traitors within our own legislative branch, executive branch, courts and Federal Buracuracies soon, we are going down; no if's, no and's and no but's about it and probably have less than two years to get our act together.

Otherwise we in the US can magnify what we see in Britain 10 fold. And unlike the UK, it won't just be Blacks and Muslims out rioting, it will be White Americans, Seniors and some 'salt of the earth' kinds of Americans like veterans, farmers, and (soon to be former) business owners who are the backbone of our nation when the 'great swindle' and the 'great sell out' enters into its final phase. Then you will discover that the new Chinese bank who owns your Mortgate, calls the loan and a secret executive order and directive allows them to take it from you, even though you are paying it on time. At the same time, you notice around the nation that millions of Chinese buying up those homes for a song and a dance with generous rates and terms only available to Chinese, from that Chinese owned bank. But they may be gracious and rent it back to you...

...for three times the price of your mortgage.

I say to you, laugh, mock me at your own peril because many nations including China are sending BILLIONS to the US for the 2012 elections. I will give you a hint, they are not doing it because they love America, but because they want to get rid of her and chances are most excellent (probably approaching 80% odds) that YOUR Congressman and Senator are taking their money will full knowledge of where it is coming from.

You will see the President attacked in the months ahead by power players over some tough decisions he is going to have to make. But now, you will have a better idea of the stakes and who is probably paying for those attacks and why.

Punjab Christians Still Homeless After Floods

Egypt: Muslims Attack Christian Village, Kill, Loot, Burn
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (Joh 10:10)

Too Big To Fail: CITI's and BofA's Drop


And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
(Matt 24:6-13)

In times like these when there is so much change, uncertainty and fear, we must not lose faith our courage. We must not give into a most deceptive spirit, the one of fear. As troubles abound and the signs in the bible come to pass, as we watch the world's superpower begin to teeter into serious fiscal crisis, wars expand, the poor and hungry grow in numbers around the world and the rich men of the earth grow fatter, we should not be troubled. False prophets will and have used fear to deceive men and to turn a quick profit. Yet Christ's exhortation to 'not be troubled' does not mean that we should not be concerned for the poor or not help the hungry, just that the spirit of fear should not overtake us as we hear of these things. What we are seeing must come to pass, so we must not let ourselves become distraught or upset by them, for surely worse things will transpire in our wicked, wicked world.
Let us always remember that Christ is risen and God is still on the Throne!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God;
(2Ti 1:7-8)


Important Note: I ask all of my readers to take some time and pray for our President. He really needs it now more than ever. Without exaggeration, the US economy is heading for some very serious trouble and the loss of our credit ratings and present market disorder are just the beginnings of our troubles. The President is going to have to make some tough decisions, very soon as the debt limit crisis demonstrated that Congress does not seem capable of dealing in reality. Another deeper, darker recession is on its way while Congress keeps on taking 'silly pills'. No matter what he does, someone with a lot of power is going to be less than pleased, to put it mildly. While I have made no bones about my antipathy for most of his policies, many of them were forced upon him. Nevertheless we are commanded to pray for our leaders and unless you have decided you no longer need to obey the Lord, your prayers for Obama are required. Please take some time out and pray for him. Pray for him as though your livelihood depended on it because I am here to tell you that it does. I exhort you to pray for our leaders and President especially in this hour.

QE-III On Its Way
Just a recipe for what we are already seeing, more infation as it is just a backdoor to lend money to the banksters at zero rates. Inflating a money supply that never really gets out into the real economy except in the form of higher prices for the average Joe. While economists (making high 6 figure salaries) can talk about low inflation, it isn't low when you are paying $4 a gallon for gas and food prices keep on rising and you just got your hours cut at your local retail job.

Texas Drought Worst In 100 Years Hits Cotton Hard

Somalia: Camp Designed For 90,000 Holds Nearly Half A Million

The Atheist In The Pulpit

Southern Baptists Reach Out To Ethnic Communities

Behold, I Come Quickly!

Elijah's Struggle With Depression

Federal Appeals Court Bans Jesus Christ

Wisconsin Is Burning

Germans Discover Naked Body Scanners Don't Work
Well, I hate to tell you but those scanners have little to do with security, but with the money and contracts made from them. That and conditioning Americans for future humiliations to come. The DHS is just plain corrupt and the President ought to be ashamed of himself for allowing this scam to get as far as it has. America sinks and he is out raising money. Why is he such a terrible President? Because he takes all of this money and does exactly what the donors tell him. The more money he takes in, the worse another term will be. I can tell you this, as long as Obama is sitting in the White House, there will be no recovery. The things that need to be done will never happen because those are the things making his donors too much money. Free (unfair and job-destroying) Trade, printing money, Bailing out the Banksters, Tax Breaks to the Rich, Running small farms out of business and arresting the little guy on trumped up BS charges. This man is the poster child for the GOP and the only reason they don't like him is that he is the wrong brand (democrat) and wrong color (black). But under him the rich keep getting rich and the poor keep getting poorer. One key Former Obama advisor had it right when he called him 'Tommy From Chi-town'. But pssst.... don't confuse Black America with the facts, they are still on their faces worshipping him as their 'savior'.

Black America, once those shackles go back on your legs, they are not going to come off again. Stop being fooled by these unsaved, unholy Uncle Tom leaders because I am here to tell you, they have a plan for you, oh yes they do and have been quietly carrying it out for a long time. These guys are the pied pipers of Neo-Facsism and are leading you down the path to Slavetown, USA.

UK Authorities Blame Blackberries For Riots
Thus making it harder to have anykind of secure communications that the police (who are already deeply involved in the phone hacking scandal) want to listen to and probably to sell some story to a tabloid. What happens when cops go bad? The London Police are hardly on any kind of 'moral' or even legal high ground. This kind of story is pure propaganda that simply does not address the much deeper social and political problems that have plagued Britain since the days of Tony Blair. Too many people are slipping into poverty with no hope of coming out of it. You have a nation who spent billion of pounds on bailouts for its banks, and billion more for its wars who now has high unemployment and is gutting social services (like education). Couple that with trigger happy cops and you could say Downing Street lit the fuse for these riots itself with full knowledge of the consequences when it embarked on the 'Bailouts and Wars' Domestic and Foreign policies so en vogue in the west. They just plain did not care about the ordinary Bloke and they figured people would just grumble and swallow it. But the riots are spreading and show no signs of letting up. Alex Jones has a some stories on this at his site. Frankly, The UK once was such a great nation with a strong Christian tradition and was greatly blessed for it. It ruled the waves though it is just a very small island it had one of the most Glorious Empires in history. Now she has jettisoned here Godly heritage in favor of a bribe, a war or two and the rise of secularism and paganism. Meanwhile she feeds the gaping mouth of Mammon with her hard earned money and lets her youth languish in the dungeon of hopelessness.

Mark my words, if the only answer the government has is to arrest and lock up the rioters and launch a propaganda campaign demonizing them, then an 'Arab Spring' situation could easily come to pass very soon, as Global Markets are going to get much, much worse before they show any signs of getting better. Stupid policies that do not take into account the people they effect only results in radicalization of the marginalized. I think these riots are the first step in that process. This is a red warning sign to authorities.

Finally, let me add this because I think it most important. For years the UK has been putting up all kinds of camera's and secret tracking technology all throughout London and the Kingdom and since these new tools have become available to authorities, they have become more and more removed from the populace at large and the gap between the haves and have-nots grows. All throughout the west the same things have been happening to a greater or lesser extent. There is a deep connection between the cold-hearted polices we are now seeeing in the west and the years of surveillance-state/police-state preparation we have seen. Billions of Dollars, Pounds, Euro's have been spent to create the ability to repress populations with their own borders. Let me make this perfectly clear in no uncertain terms, the real terrorists that these preparations are for are not Islamic radicals, they are just the 'poster child', the 'bogey man' they have used to sell these preparations to the masses. In reality they are for the expected large mass of Westerners ( I do mean large) who will be politically and economically marginalized in the years ahead as polices that have already been set in motion come to fruition and grinding poverty becomes more commonplace in the west. As our leaders de-construct the great western tradition something has/had to be done about the have not's.

Let's see how Britain responds, with Christian grace, or Nazi terror. While it does appear to be true that the rioters have no political agenda at this time, that will change if the real cause of these riots are not dealt with ASAP. We all saw what disaffected youth can mean and do throughout the Arab world. It would be most unwise for the UK to deliberately mis-diagnose the cause of social Unrest (riots, looters; choose your propaganda term. Social unrest is a better word) in order to prevent the needed change in government policies.

Many of my readers have wondered why I have been so against all of these police state policies and talked so consistently about them. Simply put, when they put you out of your house and job YOU are going to be the 'potential' terrorist. Do you know what they do with 'Potential Terrorists' in America? They lock them up and throw away the key; no trial, no hearing, no appeal and torture you till the day you die. They do not need to prove a thing, just point their finger and away you go. The government won't even reveal you have been picked up (or kidnapped) and has made it a crime for anyone to do so. So here you can see that in America, it is not going to be Christian grace, but Nazi terror that typifies our reaction to the coming impoverishment of Middle America. Some of our leaders can't wait to put on a swastika (no jest) and that includes a few members of the so-called 'christian' right who have long been Trojan horses for others..

Hopefully wiser heads will prevail in Britain.

Big Banks Cut Thousands Of Jobs In West, Hire In China

Dow Tanks 634 Points

Secret Tapes Finger Johnson, Oilmen In JFK Assassination
Nothing really new here, but the fact that the tapes have been released is rather interesting. No one who is acquainted with the facts beleives the governments theory of the case which is beyond the laws of common sense, but conveniently puts no one behind bars. The assasination is most relevant today because many of the major peeople who had a hand in it and the cover-up reached the pinnacle of power in the US government.

Arlen Specter and Gerald Ford and almost certainly George W. Bush are just a few. The cover-up has been long running because it touches key power centers in Washington that today, still have enormous influence. Why did they kill him? While most of the stuff you hear out there is true (anger at bay of Pigs, Vietnam etc) there are other far less flattering things about JFK that are not known and would cast a very dark pall over his legacy. Let me put it to you this way, you do not get in bed with the Mob to get elected with clean hands. They too had their motives to get rid of him. Let us just say that hard documentation does exist as to a real motive for the assassination that will probably never see the light of day. From there, it is not hard to figure out who some of the players were. For those of you who want some real good research by someone who was really in the know AT THE TIME, Check out Fletcher Prouty's work. His site is here. I have long had an audio file on my site that is most interesting, it does not spend its time talking about JFK, but gives some interesting info on some key players. If you never heard the audio file, check it out, it will knock your socks off. I got this from Tom Valentine (the radio host) years ago (via tape) as this was nowhere to be found, now you can find this one at a thousand and one 'download sites'. I asked Tom for a copy after reading 'Defrauding America'.

Fannie, Freddie Have Credit Ratings Lowered

Major Iranian Pipeline Explodes
Believe this was an accident? The perpetrators would say... 'good'!

West Concerned Over Timoshenko's Arrest

Mitt Romney Mystery Donor Comes Forward
Edward Conard is the mystery man. He set up a (probably legal) slush fund to (probably legally) launder money to Mitt to hide the real donors. This is the kind of crap the Supreme Court codified in it's Ruling earlier this year. Who is he? Well he is Mitt's former business partner and both started Bain Capital, back in 1984. You can read about some of Bain's present managing Directors here, and here a well as here, then click on 'board relationships'.

Is The World Going Bankrupt?

Human Genes Can Be Patented
Soon we may have to pay a 'patent' tax just to be allowed to live. This ruling is going to open up a whole new revenue stream for Scientific research and I think is the door by which a very malicious 'camel', will enter into the tent of the fabric of life.

Islamists Retreat From Mogadishu
Why is anyone's guess, but probably is due to the increasing difficulty in obtaining food for the troops and the negative propaganda they are getting for being viewed as a primary cause of the famine.

Obama Administration Lets Banksters Walk... Again.
When it is poor folks or the politially unconnected, Obama can always stretch the law, hold people in prison for months and even torture them. When it is a Bankster, his investigators wear a blindfold while a most suspicious 'ka-ching' sound is heard in the Presidential campaign coffers. The same sound can be heard in darker tones on the other side of the Aisle.

S&P Downgrades US Credit Rating

TSA: Keeping America Safe From Diabetes Sufferers
Just one more reason this President needs to go. The US goverment is acting like they need some adult supervision Obama is incapable of providing.

Why Some Will Not Vote For Obama Again
This is very good and written by a guy who got on a plane and left America for good. It is well presented and hits all the major points why Obama, while still popular if you believe elite 'polls' is not likley to get back into office, please read it, I do not think you will regret it. Far too many who voted for him won't make that mistake twice, they will do what they did in the 2010 mid-terms, they will stay home. They only group that will probably still support him significantly are Black Americans. The same ones who were so disgusted with Bush and who now support a guy who continues almost all of Bush's policies and takes the worst of them, even further. What is wrong with Black America and why have they been able to hoodwinked Black folks again? The 'man' will have them voting for their own impoverishment in droves. Barak Obama has done nothing to help with jobs or our deficits (having borrowed more than Bush in just 2.5 years) and has assisted in driving down the Median Black wage below the poverty line and then has the temerity to tell lower middle class Blacks, Hispanics and poor Whites that they have to buy health insurance or pay a tax! How in the heck is someone going to buy health insurance in low wage job when gas and food prices are heading to the moon?! Then he gives the largest corporate donors and even insurance companies like Aetna and Cigna, an exemption from having to comply with his new law!! These firms will have a strong competitive advantage over those without the waver as they will not have to bear the burden of those costs. Why McDonald's will stay in business and 'Ma and Pa's Burgers' are going to get run out of it... over Obamacare costs. His policies are designed to destroy Black America, not save it and shift what little wealth they have to the Medical conglomerates. They only kind of insurance such a person could afford is one with a deductactable of about $5000. Where are they going to get the money for that?! Like I said, evil is as evil does. He can always find the political will to hit and hurt the poor, but always shuffles his feet back when it comes time to make the rich pay their fair share. Sure, he will talk a good game but just keep on sticking it to the poor man. But I must be honest with all my readers, Black White And Brown, saved and unsaved... Any people so intellectually vacuous (a nice word for stupid) as to put something like this in the White House a second time deserves everything they get... and don't get (like a job, food and shelter). Their hands are stained in the buckets of blood this man sheds every day he sits in office. Blood I will add that the Lord will require at your hands and every hand that does and supports evil.

"There are just pieces of flesh lying around after a strike. You can't find bodies. So the locals pick up the flesh and curse America. They say that America is killing us inside our own country, inside our own homes, and only because we are Muslims. "The youth in the area surrounding a strike gets crazed. Hatred builds up inside those who have seen a drone attack. The Americans think it is working, but the damage they're doing is far greater." - Guardian

These are not the policies of a man who cares about people, Muslims, children, peace or America's security. There is something very, very wrong with this President and the Americans who put him into office to begin with.

Elections and votes have consequences.

So Who Is Highjacking Your Search Queries? Your ISP?

Defense Secretary Dictates To Congress
He tells Congress what he will and will not accept. Has Panetta been elevated to the Throne of the Imperator? Is he planning a coup? Is he going to do 'extreme renditions' on the House leadership if he does not get more money? I think it is time for Congress to call him to explain his remarks to the whole nation. To make a statement like that in public shows a very dangerous perhaps even criminal tendency in the man.

So what is he really whining about?

"Since September 11th, defense spending has gone from $432 billion in fiscal year 2001 to a $670.9 billion request for cash currently before Congress. Furthermore, current proposals would not actually cut spending, but instead would allow the defense budget to continue to grow, merely at a less aggressive rate."

There are NO defense cuts yet, Obama, as usual lied about them.

For a nation that spends more on defense than THE REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED you would think in a time of crisis, we could make some cuts. Well, America will not be able to to maintain its imperial strategy if we go broke and we are well on our way to it. The world is moving away from dollars and emerging economies are already using alternative measures of payment. China's myriad of trade agreements almost never uses dollars (I talk about this in my last PESR, page 29ff) One day in the not too distant future, it will not be possible for us to get the raw materials we need using dollars and oil... well the Saudi's are not going to keep taking paper for oil forever. Where are you going to get the oil and raw materials for our war machine Mr. Panetta when (not if) we destroy our dollar with our debts? The smart move is to step back and get our economic house in order and make that priority number one in the nation; the bonehead move is to keep spending money we don't have. But that is the trouble in Washington, too much calcium located above the neckline where the brain matter should be and a cash register where the soul should be.

Number Of Employed Americans Drops By 156,000
While you will hear the AP and Reuters wires repeat the statistical tall tales told by the BLS, the real numbers are pretty bad and the BLS is still playing games with the numbers. Real unemployment is probably running right around 20%, according to

Recession Dead Ahead

The Committe Of 13
The views in this one (link above) may be a bit extreme, but the fact remains, this committee is being given a whole lot of power and became a reality only as the US was just hours away from a serious economic crisis that could have meant default.

I do not want to digress here too much and go off the deep end, but the truth be told, it is times like these I miss David J. Meyer. I am sure he, being a former witch and practicer of witchcraft, would tell us that 13 is the number of members in a witches coven and is lead by a 'man in black'. I can tell you that there are some very powerful Congressmen who practice witchcraft and are ardent adherents to it and some are in positions of great power and influence. So are some of those in Obama's cabinet. Oh yes, I kid you not, they hide their beliefs because no one would vote for them if people knew. I can tell you that these members are also ardent supporters of our new post-modern human sacrifice rituals, also known as abortion and a couple are also (secretly) lesbians.

Occultism and Freemasory are two religions that run deep in American history and are found in much, if not most of the art and architecture of Washington DC. These are things most Americans do not know but are deeply placed in the very stones of the American government. While many do not like me for my religious beliefs and while our nation goes to great lengths to cast out any one who holds strong Christian beliefs, the religion of freemasony is EVERYWHERE in Washington! Yet if you point it out, the MSM and others cry 'conspiracy theorist!', like some shrieking banshee almost as if by reflex. So why should I be ashamed of my beliefs when the whole capital is swarming with religion and occultism?! I won't be; not now, not ever. Something is going on in Washington and it has deep and dark spiritual undertones and when you have a committee being given so much power in a time of crisis working in secret (like a coven) and having 13 members (like a coven) well, you will just have to forgive me, I am going to scratch my head and ask some politically incorrect questions even if no one else will.
This stinks... like brimstone.

Yet in all fairness, this may be one way key leaders can neutralize Chinese agents who reside in the House by keeping them out of key decision making. Something had to be done and this is so typical of those in Washington; when crime exists, don't prosecute... just amalgamate more power unto yourself. In many key policies and decisions, 13 people who meet in secret will essentially run America and the Congress is now the 'hot air' society, with decreasing power and relevance.

Time Warner Cable Cries About Porn Profits
They make money off of turning America into a modern day Sodom.

Mystery Donors: How Money Flows To Presidential Candidates

Germany: Shrinking Birthrate, Rising Poverty

US Markets Crash

DJIA Drops 512 Points

Persecution Project Testifies On Sudan Atrocities
Today, the Senate held hearings on ethnic cleansing and the humanitarian crisis in Sudan. This is very, very insightful as you hear from some people who have been there, taken pictures, interviewed and video taped witnesses and gotten their hands dirty trying to help the people. I am quite surprised at how hard some of our elected representatives have been working to get the Obama administration to act against these horrific atrocities committed by the (north) Sudanese government. I know this is a long hearing (video link), but it is worth the time investment. Why are we not more engaged here? I will tell you in one word. China. They get a lot of oil from the government in the North and arm it. Much of the oil is actually located in the south. The threat is that they view the new state as a threat to smooth oil extraction/exportation. Yet the south has formed its own oil project and it has already shipped its first oil. Well, these are just some of the major reasons why we cannot intervene without some serious diplomatic repercussions. Do check out this hearing, you will hear about how many Christians have been murdered, tortured, disappeared and are viewed as the 'enemy' by Islamic radicals and the regime in Khartoum.

The key here will be to see if China is truly supportive of the new southern regime and if the south can put real pressure on China to stop the north from using its massive chinese arsenal against the new government in the south and the nuba people. It is time for the Obama administration to stop sitting on its hands and make some concrete efforts to stop the carnage.
By the way, the Persecution Project's page is here.

Yemen: Displaced Persons Living In Caves

Germany's War On Facebook
"Germany has among some of the strictest data protection and privacy laws in the European Union, largely created in the wake of informational abuses perpetrated by the Nazis and the Stasi, the East German secret police. One of the foundational concepts of German data protection law is that no data can be collected without the express consent of the user." - DW
Sad that US authorities are always trying to find new ways of imitating the Stasi and the Nazi's with new informational abuses. They won't be happy until they get to wear those evil looking black uniforms with the crooked cross blazened across their arms and ordinary people can be gassed at will after determining from their facebook accounts or websurfing history they they might be racially or politically 'unreliable'. Nazi Germany is closer than you think.

Why Obama Needs To Go
People are starving to death in Somalia and he launches a raid on people who make natural foods. I hear too many folks make apologies for him, frankly I am sick of hearing them make excuses for him. If he really has no control over these agencies then he is more dangerous than any President in our past. If he does, then he is the enemy of God's creation. Backing Genetic manipulation (and showing contempt of the courts in the processs) and arresting those who farm naturally. This is Hell's food policy backed (or at least not opposed) by Obama, better known as 'Famine Inc'. Plant demon seed or force them on the poor, get a high position in Obama's administration, plant natural seed and get arrested. More here. Obama isn't doing anyone any good except large corporations, Banksters, Defense contractors, Big-Agriculture, Al Qaeda in Libya, NeoCon Policy makers, the Egyptian Military Junta, the Bible Burning Saudi's and organized Sodomy and abortion in America. The nation cannot take four more years of Obama; politically economically or spiritually. I am not trying to be disrespectful or unkind, just honest. Evil is as evil does. Simply put he has been a disaster and if you can take your eyes off of sports, sex or mindless entertainment and your nose out of that cocaine straw or your lips from off of that joint long enough, you could see it too.

Lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand

Women Seek Shelter In Somalian Refugee Camps

Somalia: UN Declares 3 New Regions Famine Zones

Christian Aid Project Seeks To Help
This may be difficult as the Islamists have already thrown out Christian aid groups last year.


Tea For Yu

"No wise man ever thought that a traitor should be trusted. " 
—Cicero on Treason

Many of the dangers to the American republic are not to be found on the internet. Not on Alex Jones' excellent series of sites, not in news groups, not in conservative or liberal blogs and sites. For the most part (with some notable exceptions) these are there to provide political assistance to the major parties and or big players who have their own agenda. This site (and a very small handful of others) do try to be different. If you come by Watson's Web and read it regularly, you are going to read and hear things you are not hearing anywhere else. I have made a point of being one who is unafraid of telling truth to power, even if it sometimes angers some of my readers. Thankfully, I have some excellent sources of information and have a unique background that has allowed me to see things, find out things and know things that only a privileged few know. For this gift, I thank God. Few understand many of the things I talk about at times, others are understandably curious as to how I know some things. The only thing I can tell you is that when I say I am not guessing, then be assured, I am not guessing.

The US came perilously close to being severely constrained in its finances and ability to fight wars, and pay its bills chiefly because of some members of the House who are knowingly (as in fully aware) in the pay of Chinese Intelligence. Last week Speaker Boehnner almost had a deal put together to send to the President. Suddenly and inexplicably, it fell apart. The Speaker did not know why and no one but a handful of folks really did. But some federal investigators knew. Those Tea Party members who were the loudest and most cantankerous received very large sums of money in their private (not campaign) accounts, from China, routed through Brazil right at that critical juncture in negotiations. It turns out that several elected 'Tea Party' members are fully in the pay and service of China's extremely adept intelligence service. When they ran for office, they were not particular about where they got their money from and now that they are in, they care even less. They figure that their constituency will never hear about how they are being used by China to undermine US National Security, so they wave a flag, sell us out, and watch their bank accounts grow. China's plan in this instance was simple, cripple the US economically, help create conditions for possible future social unrest, undermine our ability to fight our wars... all with the power of the purse. By default even now that a deal has been done, those members have almost certainly caused us to have to pay interest rates at a higher rate that will cost the US $100 Billion a year in interest rate expense, once the ratings agencies get finished with us. Not a bad opening salvo from the 'Ginseng Tea Party', is it?

Indeed one prominent Tea Party Representative has been overheard saying that they did not care who they took money from, they would take of from Vladimir Putin if it would get them 'in'. So while this particular individual goes around the nation cannonizing the founding fathers, always has a flag in the background when they speak and talks of free markets and freedom, they are nothing more than Chinese intelligence agents and do the bidding of their masters.

I need not tell you that some of the Tea Party leaders and candidates are of the lowest common denominator. Some have been taking money not only from China but from Mexican cartels as well. The FEC isn't about to touch some of them one and let one of the more notable cases fritter away quietly while the nation was focused on the Debt deal. More here.

What I do know is that China has its hooks to varying degrees in a great many Federal Agencies, using various surrogates inside the US political system and bureaucracy. I suspect (not certain) that they may have had a hand in seeing to it the O’Donnell investigation went no where. But I cannot be certain. The other less likely but certainly plausible explanation is that she has decided to cooperate with investigators but again, I am not certain. Simply put no one in either party would really want to find out where all that money was coming from and a trial would have eventually exposed it, if not in court then by others who would pour over the revelations a trial would reveal.

What I am certain of is that now, account numbers, names, dates and a money trail is now in the hands of key US investigators. But here lies the rub. Once officials get the information, they have to walk on eggshells to get the info to decision makers. What do I mean?

A kind of 'guerrilla network' has to be used to even put this information within the system. Why? Sit down this is going to surprise some of you. As of this writing, there is no intelligence requirement for collecting information on the foreign subversion of the US political system. Did you hear that? No one is looking at this issue because there is no 'requirement'. For those of you who do not know this, our intelligence system is run by requirements, before we launch a satellite, plant a bug, send out a spy or launch a spy plane, there has to be an intelligence requirement. These are determined via a convoluted and politically charged system that determines not only where, from whom and what kinds of information we gather, but also who gets multi-million dollar contracts to build this or that system to satisfy that requirement. Without digressing here, you can see how the entire system can easily be misused to gather useless data for a price (expensive 'beltway bandit' contract) while more important issues are (not so) strangely ignored. Major US defense contractors are a major, major part of our Intelligence system and cycle and the revolving door between the contractors and the entire intelligence system is always rotating at full RPM's. So since there is no intelligence requirement for the information, there is no 'official way' for it to get up channel and this is the problem carefully created by key Congressional/Senatorial/Executive intelligence oversight personell who are also in the pay of China.

What I am saying to each of you here is something that needs to be understood. It is simple, we have put a deliberate blindfold on our intelligence agencies to ensure that high treason is never investigated. Why? Because high level (cabinet level) individuals are deeply involved in it, they are knowingly taking money from foreign intelligence agencies and doing the bidding of them.

"Some guard these traitors to the block of death, Treason's true bed and yielder up of breath."
 —William Shakespeare on Treason

I can understand the reticence of most folks to even believe this. I really do as once you really wrap your head around what is happening in Washington, you realize our days as a free nation are just about over... and the so called 'New World Order' (NWO) is the least of your worries. The folks who are running those old NWO networks are incredibly incompetent and are being outmaneuvered at every turn by an extremely wily enemy who knows how stupid, vain and corrupt American political, economic and military leadership really is. Those that aren't stupid vain or corrupt are already moving their assets to BRIC-land. They know a titanic when they see one and do not plan on freezing to death in the cold waters of an economic collapse.

In closing, I should say this, America's debt situation is bad... far worse than most Americans understand. It by itself can take our very high standard of living, our military empire our diplomatic supremacy with it right down the geopolitical waste receptacle if it is not dealt with very quickly and even now it still may just plain be too late. While arm-chair libertarians want to do 'Civil War' surgery on the nation and hack off America's limbs, wiser heads know that amputation is no longer the best cure for a patient as its remaining lifespan is circumscribed by horrifying handicaps. I honestly think some of them really just want to see the old and the sick thrown to the wolves so the can see their stock market investments soar. These vulture 'economists' (who possess a very selective view of history) refuse to understand that the world has moved on and that as attractive as a global return to a gold standard may sound, an honest and circumspect look at US economic history from the 1850's to the turn of the century demonstrates how precarious the 'gold uber alles' thesis really is. The booms and busts that took place then were during a time when we did not have a Federal reserve or fiat currency, as today were real, devastating and occurred frequently. The real problem with our system is not so much the lack of a gold standard or even the existence of a fiat currency, but the fact that capitalism always has been and is utterly dependent on greed and the love of money for it to function. That love and greed always without exception allows men of the lowest moral character to amass the most wealth, take control of the political machinery of the state and use the state for their own selfish purposes. What we are witnessing in America is just the final act the play called 'American Capitalism'. There is no cure for the American disease, as our leaders are working night and day to find ways of limiting democratic input while maintaining and strengthening Corporate inputs into the legislature and courts while the foundations of the state and economy are up-ended by their own greed, tunnel vision and incompetence. The people do not understand what is at stake because they are being lied to by those very interests who control the wealth (and media) and know that the masses are easily mislead with careful omissions in news reporting, sexually explicit entertainment and highly deceptive 'comedians' who are in reality political pundits for dark forces whose only real desire is to remove any and all moral restraints in the nation and thus tear the nation apart.

No dear readers, while key members of the Tea Party are certainly in bed with China, so are many of America's elite of both parties. It is just that never before was there such a frontal assault on the US empire waged within the halls of power against the American republic with such potentially immediate, wide ranging and devastating effect. It is the ultimate sell out and not 1 American in 10,000 could even figure this one out.

“Patriotism is the last refuge of the Scoundrel.”
- Samuel Johnson, 1775

Anyone who takes money from a foreign nation in order to betray ones own country is a scoundrel by any measure that I understand the term. In Tudor England they used to hang, draw and quarter traitors and since these Tea Party 'foreign agents' like to take examples from the past in their heated and often half-witted, ill informed and misquoted rhetoric, perhaps this is one custom that should be resurrected.... just for them.

You think we got troubles now, my fellow Americans? Wait until the votes are counted in 2012... you ain't seen nothing yet. Foreign Money (from China, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Drug Cartels, etc) is flowing into the US political system by the BILLIONS and we are still a year and a half away from elections! Finally, I do not under any circumstances want to say that all members of the Tea Party or even that all elected to Federal office have been subverted, just that a sizable portion of those holding office in Washington have been and there is nothing 'innocent' about it. The sad part is that the voters and other supporters of these candidates haven't got a clue as to what is really going on where the media refuses to shine its light.

By the way, how are those Chinese lessons coming?

But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (1Ti 6:9-10)

...and so it is with America.

US Backed 'Democracy' Shows Its True Face

Obama Eases Aid Restrictions On Somalia

Fmr. US Comptroller Of The Currency:
US 3 Years Away From Painful Collapse

The Real Debt Deal: What Few are Talking About

Debt Deal Passes House

For Reading While Watson's Web Is On It's Short Sabatical
I wrote this back in late 2006 (and posted in in Jan 2007). It starts off about North Korea but deals significantly later (page 12ff) with issues of race, eugenics, Nazi-ism and hard right extremism. Given the events of the day, those of you who have not read it will find it informative. I highly recommend this one to readers who have not read it -

New Debt Deal Looks Likley To Pass
But is no panacea, major misconceptions remain about true state of US economy.

House Committee Approves "Keep Every American's Digital Data for Submission to the Federal Government Without a Warrant Act of 2011"

Quotable (from the right): "Washington’s priorities and those of its presstitutes could not be clearer. President Obama, like George W. Bush before him, both parties in Congress, the print and TV media, and National Public Radio have made it clear that war is a far more important priority than health care and old age pensions for Americans."
- Paul Craig Roberts; Fmr. Assistant Secretary Of The Treasury

Quotable (from the left): When Bush II couldn't even pass his own bankster bailout in September of 2008, he called Barack Obama in off the campaign trail to round up a sufficient number of Democratic votes, including votes in the Congressional Black Caucus, to pass the Bush bailout. Before even assuming office, Barack Obama was carrying out Republican policies even Republicans could not enact. Upon becoming president himself, Barack Obama quintupled down on the $3 trillion Bush bankster bailout with a further $16 trillion, the largest transfer of public wealth to private hands in the history of humankind... Look out! Over there! It's President Michelle Bachman!
- Black Agenda Report

Quoteable (from the courts): “I don’t think that deterrence should include an American citizen waiting two and a half years after their home is searched to find out if they’re going to be indicted or not,” Judge Bennett said. “I find that unconscionable. Unconscionable. It is at the very root of what this country was founded on against general warrants of the British. It was one of the most fundamental things in the Bill of Rights that this country was not to be exposed to people knocking on the door with government authority and coming into their homes. And when it happens, it should be resolved pretty quickly, and it sure as heck shouldn’t take two and a half years before someone’s charged after that event.” - Judge Bennet, In The Drake 'Leak' Case


Prepare For Partial Gov't Shutdown
I will try and have a piece up Monday or Tuesday that will shed some serious light on what is happening in this debt situation. Suffice it to say that there is much happening that I will be talking about that will explain many things going on in the shadows that are not and will not hit the AP or Reuters newswires. There is really no way at this point in time (barring a miracle) for us to avoid a partial shutdown. Social Security and other pensioners? I think the President would have a very hard time not paying your benefits, so I would not worry... yet. If this things lasts a couple of months, then that is a different matter. I will not pre-empt the President's announcement, but I know a lot of seniors are scared to death about not getting their checks ontime, and rather than have a heart attack (no jest here) worrying about it, I think they do not have much cause for real concern *at this time*. But I think the whole DC area is in for a lot of furloughs (unpaid) and a ceassation of a great many government services for as long as this crisis lasts. The good news is that soon, I think some very serious political pressure is going to be brought to bear on some of the members of the Congress and later on the President (to take action) on those who are the most troublesome. One way or another I think they will be dealt with legally if this goes on for too long. I can only tell you that I am not 'off' or 'just guessing' when I wrote that piece on GOP/Tea Party 'Gun to the head' piece a few days ago and there are some foreign interests who are using some members in the house for an agenda hostile to America. More on that next week, in the meantime for my fellow brethren in Christ, keep yourselves in prayer and under the blood of Christ and keep this most humble ministry in prayer. I need it.
- Mark

Is Obama In Cahoots With The GOP To Destroy Social Security and Medicare?
This is a possibility I have long suspected. While some have called the Presidents actions 'incompetence', I think collusion (with the GOP) *may* be a better word for it, but we will have to wait and see. Read this, it is written by a former assistant Treasury Secratary. If Obama wants the support of those behind the scenes investors (foreign and otherwise) who are the real 'kingmakers' in American and who have always hated both programs, he would have to play ball with them and play out the political theater we are seeing now in order to get another 4 years. From where I sit this seems the most likely (but not the only) explanation for what we are seeing now. I notice that Obama and Holder Are moving to protect Koch Industries (who are funding the Tea Party) but refuse to go after those who hacked into Classified systems. Believe me, it is known by US authorities who did this and no one is going after them as they are American and have enormous investments in China. Holder is too busy blocking Congress who is investigating Federal authorities running guns for Mexican drug cartels. The real dangerous hackers are not Chinese or foreign but are rather US entities with very, very deep pockets. This investigation is not about national security but rather looks more and more like some kind of 'payback' for something Koch (read tea party) wanted in some kind of underhanded deal. For those of you who don't know, this is the way Washington really works and why America is in such trouble today.

Global Economy Could Crash
Translated from the German.

Yes Its True, The GOP Is Holding A Gun To The Nations Head
You have to really wonder (no joke or hyperbole) if a few of these Senators are not working for a foreign power in order to destroy the US economy. One thing is certain, many foreign nations have been making serious inroads into the Congress and Senate in a campaign finance sense, so keep this fact in mind (it has not been revealed to the public at large just who and how much cash is flowing into the US, but the number is very, very large and the players are known by certain US authorities). As my readers know, for years I have been a deficit hawk telling all that it is a problem that must be solved and solved now, but you do not solve the deficit crisis by killing the patient and that is what some on the political right want to do. Something is really rotten here and I am fairly certain that someone with serious power and enmity towards America is behind some of these Tea Partiers and GOP stalwarts and not all of these dark players (paying the campaign bills) speak english as a first language. These presumably (see next story) elected representatives are not acting in the best interest of the Nation. A debt default would make some folks very rich and others very poor.
Remember this: When a financial crisis comes, real wealth is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes hands.

Where does the President really stand? I don't know, this man has been so comprised by so many different interests it is hard to know just what he really will do and where he will draw a line in the sand. But he at least has been willing to compromise (Medicare, SS) while the GOP is not (tax raises for large corporation who pay little or no taxes). But know this, once we reach that debt limit, the President will have enormous power to decide who gets paid and who does not and while Congress may be able to pass a 'law' saying they must be paid, there are constitutional considerations that override those laws (pensions, debt servicing, etc) not to mention troops engaged in battle. If Congress cannot pay its bills who will keep the lights on, the parking garage open, the computers running on the hill? Political hardball can work two ways and if I were sitting in 1600 Penn. Avenue, I would launch a most thorough investigation into some of the members of Congress who are the most difficult and find out who is really paying their bills. Treason and terrorism are still crimes and those who take money from entities hostile to the US can be locked up for a very, very long time in ways that do not require a high degree of evidence or even open procedures. As much as I do not like those laws, if I found after a fair and thorough investigation that there is treason in the House at a time like this, yes, I would use those laws; but not with some 'trumped up' charges but on real suspicion with evidence; hard or circumstantial. There is much too much at stake. It is a true National Security question, unlike some poor Afghan farmers who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and wound up in Guantanamo. My purpose would not be to compromise the independence of the Congress, but to ensure that Congress is representing the American people and not Chinese Intelligence, Al Qaeda, Narco gangs, EU Bankers or the Saudi's and if we do not get a handle on this campaign finance problem unleashed by SCOTUS, this nations democracy, economy and freedoms will become of thing of the past, very, very quickly. There are many, many ways this can play out and a declaration of national emergency say, 60 days after Aug 2nd, is something that cannot be ruled out. In fact it would probably be imperative if this is not solved by then. There appears to be small group of congressmen who will not stop until they bankrupt the nation. They hide their treason behind a lot of 'patriotic' talk, slogans and banter, fooling a lot of well meaning but politically ignorant folk. Don't laugh or mock what I say here, folks are preparing for what appears to be serious disruptions ahead, but there is still hope. One thing to keep in mind is this, once major defense and other contractors stop getting paid, believe me, you will see the mood on the Hill change pretty quickly. You should prepare too for the worst case scenario. Not enough money in the Treasury means just that so pray for guidance in these times and
stay tuned...

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