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And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. (Hab 2:2)

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That He May Run That Readeth It
By Mark S. Watson
This book is also available for free download on the Prophets Corner, has been for years!! So you accusers beware whom you accuse.

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Paradigm Shift: Capitalists & Dissenters

Emerging Viruses - Dr. Horowitz

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Think You Have Property Rights?

The Real Purpose Of Public Education - John Gatto

Alex Jones Talks On Bilderberg 2005

Stan Goff On The Military-Monetary System

On War: A Veteran NYT Journalists Views

Mad Cow And Alzheimer's: The Link

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Hard Evidence Of Vote Fraud In Ohio - 2 Min Update

Bev Harris Interviewed On Ohio Vote Fraud

Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man
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Announcement On Ohio Vote Legal Action

Seymour Hersh On Abu Gharib

Mike Ruppert/TUC Radio: Across The Rubicon
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What Is Wrong With The American Mind: Corporate Media Consolidation
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Lethal Injections: The Hidden Dangers Of Vaccines

Bush Blocked Bin Laden Probes

Truth And Lies Of 911

911 Road To Tyranny (low bandwidth)

Afghanistan, jihad and oil in Central Asia

Biowarfare: Leaps In Technology

An intelligent look at the future of the Oil Based Economy

Natural Resources and Global Conflict

Plan Colombia

Corporate Propaganda

Gore Vidal On Terrorism

The Bush's Oil War

America The Babylon

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A Look At Peak Oil

Black Box Voting

The Evidence Is A Farce

The Bilderbergs

The Doctrine Of Incorporation

Wheat Receipts: The Federal Reserve

American Dynasty: The Bush Family

The Pentagon Crash Investigation.

Trenton Parker On The Oil Crisis Of The 70's

Earth changes, HAARP, Non-Lethal Weapons
Part 1 And Part 2

A very interesting Presentation on War Crimes in Vietnam

Why Is Africa Starving?

Financial Collapse: What Does Greenspan Really Think - FSO?

The 911 Cover-Up Commission

The Mafia, CIA And Bush

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  1-5 July 2011
Have a safe and blessed Holiday!

And now, Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word, By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus. And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness. And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.
(Act 4:29-32)

Very different that the Church is organized today isn't it? While God is not against personal possessions we Americans put far too much value on them. Our society is based on material goods and the counting of luxury cars, homes and money to attain secular 'nirvana'. Christians in America are no different and the rampant materialism found in the preaching of so many of her preachers only goes to show how far we have moved away from the simplicity of the Gospel. Indeed, if the Lord showed up to these facilities, they would not let him in. He would not have the Lexus or BMW or have the right kind of wife (being single) and for some of America's religious right churches (small c) he would simply be the wrong skin color. The world judges according to worldly things, with a clearly satanic slant, those who know God according to the things of the Spirit.


Strass Kahn Accuser's Veracity Questioned
Well, this was a classic set up, no doubt about it. But it was pretty sloppily executed. Suffice it to say that rumors that the US had hand in this are simply not true. Without pointing fingers, one needs to look in the direction of the upcoming elections in which S-K was rumored to want to participate. Someone did not like that idea at all. It may come out that the rumors that the lady who accusses Strass-Kahn has a history of accusing others of rape are true and this may be what the defense counsel has found out.

Pastor Faces Death Sentence, Upheld By Iranian Supreme Court
Jason DeMars, of, told ANS: ''We have been notified that the conviction of brother Youcef Nadarkhani for apostasy, as well as the sentence of death, has been upheld and confirmed by the Iranian Supreme Court.

''The way that this situation is typically handled is that at any time, and without advance notice, they will carry out the death sentence. First, they will ask him to recant, and if he does not, then he will be executed.''

DeMars says: "There is nothing more to be done to help his case from within Iran. The only thing that can affect his case now is international pressure

Minnesota Government Shuts Down

Billionaire Who Assisted In Egypt-Israeli Gas Deal Released On Bail

Los Alamos: Nuclear Waste Stored Off Site In Long Forgotten Locations

Radioactive Cesium Detected In Tokyo Tea Leaves

Wiretaps On The Rise

Chavez Reveals He Has Cancer

Obama Backs Massive Cuts In Social Spending
He refuses to cut military spending, DHS spending and uses fake issue of minor tax increases on the rich as a 'fig leaf'. Was it not Obama who gave the rich massive tax cuts while raising them on the poorest? Given this Presidents abysmal track record of keeping his word, we simply cannot take what he says at face value and will have to wait and see what he actually signs and what the bill actually says (rather than the spin). Then we will be able to see just how deep the Neocons have their hooks into him.

But in Obama's defense, we do need those tax hikes, (despite the hot air you will hear from deficit hawks, bought and paid for 'Libertarians' and other economic disinformants in the debate) the gap between what we spend and what we take in is so great that any realistic plan will require both tax increases and spending cuts. Real tax hikes that bring in real cash into the Treasury... not paid for by the poor and increasingly squeezed middle class workers, that is one big thing we need. The GOP do not really want to solve this crisis, they want to keep it going as long as possible to shift as much of Uncle Sam's money to themselves in the form of military and security contracts, tax breaks and sweetheart legislation. They will talk a good game about 'creating jobs' and 'spurring innovation'. But the jobs created will employs few if any Americans as the jobs will continue to be shifted overseas and the money they earn in profits will be tax free, sitting in an account in the Cayman Islands. Their plan is another recipe for economic failure ala Enron and the 2008 economic collapse; they get the money, we get the bills. Victimizing the poor and the old in order to prop up a violent military empire is no recipe for success, it is the road to moral, spiritual and economic ruin. I am not trying to be too hard on either side. The simple truth is both sides need to come down to earth and do what is best for the nation and not just the narrow interests of their constituents and campaign donors. Neither side is willing to do that and from where I sit, this applies especially the GOP. A debt default will have significant and long lasting effect on millions of people.

Africa Messenger

The Fukushima Propaganda Campaign

The Neo-Nazi Next Door
Germany's far-right is undergoing a transformation that is making it less conspicuous but more dangerous, Germany's Interior Ministry and Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), warn in a new annual report being released on Friday.


NRC Concerned About Dam Bursting Upriver From Nuke Plant
Well... at least someone is asking questions and we are not getting the same old 'no problem' line from the Feds.

On that note let me make it clear that my sources have intimated to me that these disasters (fires, etc) are not caused by, as far as anyone can determine, an organized third party. While some of the fires may have had human origin, carelessness, not conspiracy is the likely cause. As far as China is concerned I can only tell you that on the homefront they have been exceptionally quiet for several months for reasons I cannot share.

However, in the next couple of weeks I will share some info on China that is most interesting and rather disconcerting.

Los Alamos
You'll want to see this one.

US Patriot Act Comes To EU Cloud
Spying on our allies, issuing gag orders. Microsoft comes clean and tells Americans and anyone else that they can and will hand over all your data without your permission. Many of you know I have long warned against the trend toward cloud computing. The idea was driven more by the legal ability to gather data without warrant than convenience (data mining). I have avoided cloud services (and social networking sites) like the plague it actually is. Any business person or corporation who has any kind of sensitive data would be wise to do the same. You might as well hand over your trade secrets to your competitors because if it is in the cloud, that is where it will wind up.... perhaps with a little help from Uncle Sam.

5.4 Quake Hits Japan

China's Debt Holdings More That Official Numbers Say

Cost Of War

Mystery Illness Still Grips India

Tent Dwellers Of Sana'a

Los Alamos Shuts Down Supercomputers
Planes monitor radiation in air
Things looking up says fire chief

Veterans Claim 'God' And 'Jesus' Banned At Funerals, File Federal Suit
As America forgets God, God will forget us, but our national sins will ever be remembered. It is all a sign of the rising Luciferian state.

Yet to those who love God, I say (and pray) God's Grace and peace to each of you. May God in his mercy, grace and love watch over and protect each of you who calls upon the name of the Lord in spirit and in truth. Great troubles are on the way as well as many great changes. The Lord has made it plain they are coming, but if we have faith in God, trust in him and obey his voice, he will see us through them all and guide us into life eternal. Do not fret over the evil and apostasy of our leaders either in government or in the Church. See them as signposts of the lateness of the hour, for these things were long ago prophesied. We were warned beforehand by the Lord, the Prophets and the Holy Apostles that these things would come to pass. He told us so that we would know that God knows and is not taken unawares and that we would rest in God's soveriegnty over all things. He is not shocked by the sinfulness of men. Stand firm upon the Rock of Jesus Christ, let not your faith fail you in this hour and whatever task God has given you to do, no matter how humble, do it and do it without murmurings and doubt.

Keep yourselves from sin and all manner of defilement. If married, know that God will judge adulterers (Heb 13:4), if single he will Judge fornicators (1 Cor 6:13), if you have gay tendencies, he will judge sodomites (Lev 20:13). Let those who have sinned in the past repent (stop sinning), come to the cross for forgiveness and in so doing, learn to forgive others who may have wronged you.

Are you confused and dismayed about what is happening in our world? Know that God is not the author of confusion, but of peace (1Cor 14:33). Confusion is the devils business and he has done a number on millions of nominal Christians who do not know their Bibles nor the signs of Christ's return. Know that he warned us over and over again to know and watch for the signs of his coming, lest we are cast out for not knowing the times of our visitation. Remember the parable of the 10 virgins, five wise, five foolish; five got in and five were lost.

I realize many of the stories I post here at Watson's Web are not upflifting or heartwarming. That is because the darkness that is now encompassing the globe is a most serious matter and will only get worse. Much, much worse. We must be aware of what we are dealing with on all levels so that we make act with wisdom, knowing that the days are evil (Eph 5:16). But know that God has wonderful inheritance for any and all who forsake their sins and call upon his name in spirit and in truth. So be encouraged brothers and sisters in Christ because if you read the last book in the Bible you will discover that through many trials and tribulations... We win!!!

Police Shocker: All Oslo Rapes In 2010 Committed By Muslims, Say Police

BofA, Goldman Cut Jobs

Taliban Execute Man For Turning To Christ

Mexican Drug War Update

Jelllyfish Shut Down UK Nuke Plant


Austerity Bill Passes, Greece Riots
Tax hikes, social cuts and privitizing (selling off) State assets are all part of the package. But the truth is, Iceland's experience shows that default does not mean disaster. Bondholders just need to face the music and do more homework before they invest... and expect losses when investments don't pan out.

800,000 Workers To Idle If US Defaults
Some dangerous delusions are out there about just what a default would mean and hopefull, the CRS, the CBO issues a report to the public to dispell the idea that it would only be an accounting trick and that real pain would not result.

30,000 Barrels Of Nuclear Waste At Risk?

War Spending: $3.7 Trillion and Counting
Obama lied about the real cost? Rather than answer that, I will ask a question. When has he ever spoken true? While up in Fredrick yesterday, I listened to CSPAN radio and heard Joe Lieberman talk about how we must cut entitlements. He went on and on about Medicare and how costs were set to explode. Never once did I hear him mention war costs having already exploded and set to make bigger explosions in the years ahead. His gripe was with Medicare.

The real problem is America's love affair with death. It loves to make 'tough decisions' that put people in the grave. Our wars, which cost trillions kill, our abortion industry which earns billions for the murderers kills and now Lieberman and his GOP buddies want to do the 'silent kill' of the old by reducing health care. Why is there a curse on our finances? America's obsession with death.

Let America turn from this horrible obsession and talk about life, helping others rather than dropping bombs on them at the drop of a hat or when a poll that indicates you are 'weak' on National Security. Put the 'wise old men' Senators whose only real contribution to the nation has been the number of dead people they can count (McCain/Kerry/Graham/Clinton, etc.) and how many Bombs we can make, out to pasture. We need them like we need a hooded man on a Pale horse carrying a sickle traversing our land.

It is their kind of thinking that is destroying the American dream as well as the lives of countless millions (yes millions) of people, who have died, been crippled, made into refugees as a result of our wars, driven and pushed by these men and women whose primary service has been to the 'hooded one'.

Overwhealming Majority Of Americans Want Privacy Protected
Great news. Privacy is really becoming an issue. Why isn't Congress acting? Because they cannot, at least not effectively. To give you the protection you want would require some provisions of the Patriot Act that you have not been told about to be done away with. I read another poll that the said Americans are not concerned so much if the Government tracks, but are when Companies do it. Well, know this and internalize it. Uncle Sam has persuaded and coerced (yes coerced) most of you major technology companies to spy on their customers and provide the data to the Government. This is what happened with the Illegal wiretapping scandal (that required a congressional immunity act because it was a clear cut crime) and why you will find that some of the places on the net you go to are not who they appear to be and why the software on your computer is talking to someone (and I am not talking about innocent update servers) without your knowledge. We have had Senators recently tell the nation that the spying goes far beyond what Americans are even vaguely aware of. The US has used Corporations to facilitate it and in return, the Government gives them all kinds of perks in secret (contracts? removal from regulatory oversight? Support for monopolistic mergers? A seat at the table when government policies are formulated). Laws, in our governments eyes are unnecessary encumbrances that must be overcome, not obeyed. So what am I saying, that Wiretapping, government spying and all manner of information sharing are going on with secret government... approval? No. I am saying that it is being done at Secret government direction and God help anyone who refuses. Seems like I remember an organization in Germany that forced folks to spy for them. They were called the Schutz Staffel or, SS. 'Schutz' being the German world for protection. Tyranny always uses the words 'protection' and 'security' to come to and amalgamate power. Ever heard of the Department of Homeland .... Security? There is a strategem behind the stories you hear that humiliates Americans who abide by the law and searches and seizes things without warrant or cause. What is that stratagem? To evicerate your rights... all of them in favor of government 'security'. What is the enemy of this new definition of 'Government security'? The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That is what they are going after. Little by little, bit by bit.

I ask all of my readers to sit down and consider exactly what I am telling you. Consider that about 95% of all email on the net is readily accessible by the government. Consider that just after Google and the NSA got in bed together, debate centered around how much information should the government have ready access to in terms of email (though Google's name was not mentioned in the news articles). If I remember correctly, the actual contents of your mail are fairly safe from most (but not all) snooping, but your contacts and social networking friends, news alerts, etc, are fair game. No warrant, no probably cause, someone gets bored and wants to know more about you inside the Government, they click a button and the data appears. Consider you Christians our there who like to mail your friends or have email lists that what you have done every time you hit that send button on ANY free email service is provide a future persecutor of the saints with the names, emails, addresses of all the Christians you know. Please do not kid yourself as to the spiritual darkness of the men and women who run and will run American in the not too distant future. They are gathering information and they do plan on using it against you, just not in the ways they are telling you today. Be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. Our nation is broke and in order to get more money to borrow we will have to bow down to creditors who are seriously liquid and would love to see every bible burned, Christian enslaved or dead. Good men are increasingly not running America. Rather men of deceit whose pockets bulge with bribes (legal and illegal) are now more and more in charge. Things are only going to get worse.

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. (2Ti 3:13)

Kenya Concerned At Increasing Number Of Somali Refugees


Worst Drought In 60 Years Hits Horn Of Africa

Pakistan Expels UK Anti-Terror Trainers

What America Has Come To

What The Fukushima Is Going On In Omaha?
All is safe? Some troubling inconsistencies in the government story. More here.
Observations from one of my readers:

Why do I get the distinct feeling there is more to this than meets the eye?
Two nuke plants on the verge of a major disaster (one state over from my own - up-wind and up-river!).
A out of control, raging fire bearing down on "Los Alamos lab, source of world's largest supply of nuclear weapons".
"The speed at which the fire has grown has stunned fire officials" ( )
Cooling pump fails at New Jersey reactor... ( )
Looks like one dragon or another has talon marks all over this one. =/

America's War In Yemen To Intensify

Obama Continues Terror Campaign In Waziristan
"The toll in Mandoi is expected to continue to rise through the evening, as people were continuing to be pulled from the rubble." Perhaps I am a little too hard on Obama as he is under enormous pressure from the Pentagon to escalate the war, not draw it down. But the reality is this, he and only he has the power to stop this and he hasn't and won't. Women and children being killed? Of course they are being killed, why do you think the DOD will never release pictures of our attacks to the American voter? ... and they wonder why so many Pakistani's want us out and are beginning to hate us and are turning to the militants and militantism. We may have made some minor progress in Afghanistan, but only at the expense of creating a much bigger problem in Pakistan.

How Long Before You Die Of Thirst?
Water. This is an issue I talked about some time ago and I am glad someone has done a professionally produced video on this issue because sooner or later, it is going to effect each and every person in a very real way as it s already doing in many places in the third world. The rich men of the earth are buying up all life sustaining materials (water, food, medicine) because they have a plan. Read your bibles about the system in the end times and the horrible death toll it brings upon the earth and the even worse judgment that falls on that system. Jesse has done some excellent work and has some sources of information that are top-notch. Before you think Jesse is operating in the ozone, let's see what our own CIA say about these trends?

"Aging populations in the developed world; growing energy, food, and water constraints; and worries about climate change will limit and diminish what will still be an historically unprecedented age of prosperity''

"Resource issues will gain prominence on the international agenda. Unprecedented global economic growth—positive in so many other regards—will continue to put pressure on a number of highly strategic resources, including energy, food, and water, and demand is projected to outstrip easily available supplies over the next decade or so.''

"Lack of access to stable supplies of water is reaching critical proportions, particularly for agricultural purposes, and the problem will worsen because of rapid urbanization worldwide and the roughly 1.2 billion persons to be added over the next 20 years. Today, experts consider 21 countries, with a combined population of about 600 million, to be either cropland or freshwater scarce. Owing to continuing population growth, 36 countries, with about 1.4 billion people, are projected to fall into this category by 2025.''

"New technologies could again provide solutions, such as viable alternatives to fossil fuels or means to overcome food and water constraints. However, all current technologies are inadequate for replacing the traditional energy architecture on the scale needed, and new energy technologies probably will not be commercially viable and widespread by 2025.''

"The buildup of regional naval capabilities could lead to increased tensions, rivalries, and counterbalancing moves but it also will create opportunities for multinational cooperation in protecting critical sea lanes. With water becoming more scarce in Asia and the Middle East, cooperation to manage changing water resources is likely to become more difficult within and between states."

"Access to relatively secure and clean energy sources and management of chronic food and water shortages will assume increasing importance for a growing number of countries during the next 15-20 years. Adding well over a billion people to the world’s population by 2025 will itself put pressure on these vital resources. An increasing percentage of the world’s population will be moving from rural areas to urban and developed ones to seek greater personal security and economic opportunity.''

" Climatically, rainfall anomalies and constricted seasonal flows of snow and glacial melts are aggravating water scarcities, harming agriculture in many parts of the globe.''

"Clean water is set to become the world’s scarcest but most-needed natural resource because of new demands resulting from population increases and expectations that climate changes will reduce natural fresh water sources in some areas. Demand will increase for water for domestic use, as well as for agriculture (including new biopharma and biofuel crops) and industry processes.''

- All Quotes From the CIA's Global Trends 2025 Report

It is nice to see a former military member like Mr. Ventura get out and warn folks about what is really happening. It is going to take thousands of folks coming out of the shadows of the Intel and 'Black' world to start telling folks what is really happening, what is coming and what it is going to mean to them. They must be told that Paris Hilton's newest dress or Brad and Angelina's family life are corporate distractions to keep you from finding out what these men plan on doing to (rather than for) you in the near future. It must NOT be done in a way that harms the nation but one that makes a last ditch effort to try and save it. Our politicians are not going to do it, they are taking money from foreign nations and corporations and are for the most part, extremely corrupt and are betraying the nation for a campaign donation, or a job at some major corporation after they finish betraying you. Despite what you may hear out here in cyberspace some of the folks inside the CIA, inside the DOD's sprawling intelligence apparatus, Treasuy's Intelligence unit and even over at State's Intel service are just as alarmed as I am over what is happening and the stubborn ignorance of still far, far too many Americans. Some get so disgusted with the treason going on, they just walk out the door, buy a ticket to 'anywhere but here' and make their homes there.

As an aside for a long time the water safety chart for my County was not posted online as the County required it to be. They just did not post it. One person I know gave me the skinny as to why. The water quality had deteriorated significantly and may not have meet standards.


Rising AntiChrist Spirit Sweeps The Globe
An Islamic mob attacked Christian homes and threatened a priest last Saturday. Egypt has long standing, no so subtle propaganda campaign against Christians and Jews. Meanwhile Iran heated up is Islamic rhetoric against Christians residing in Iran. Meanwhile in America, the Mayor Of Babylon The Great (a place the Bible calls an abomination, the mother of whores and abominations of the earth), urges 'gay' couples to migrate to New York. This said in light of the State's recent decision to legally recognize 'Gay' Marriages (unrepetanant sodomy). My words here may be harsh but few are really warning America about her abominations. My job is to warn the nation and the apostate Churches, not convince them. Let my warnings be met with shrills of laughter for in one hour, the harlot will be no more and for her residents who die in her most horrible judgment, let me warn you here and now and for the eternal record (you blood will not be required at my hand) that is just the beginning of their troubles.

Let them laugh while large parts of the US are now underwater in record breaking flooding, homes are destroyed, record breaking fires devour thousands of acres of land and threaten nuclear facilities in the Southwest including Los Alamos Let them mock on while America teeters on a debt default that will bring down the global financial system and the pride of her military technological Air Force is grounded due almost certainly to treason, driven by cost-cutting.. So America. Go right ahead, keep sticking that middle finger in God's eye, he is patient not wanting any to perish, but the LORD is no pansy and will return your insolence with fury and wrath that shall never be quenched.

Take heed, it is better to repent now that face God's wrath later.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. (2Pe 3:9-10)

Pentagon Cuts 'On The Table'?

UN Troops To Head To Abyei

Flood Berm Collapses At Nebraska Nuke Plant
Not a good development. I am watching the 'information management' being used here in US news reporting. A few days ago official pronouncements said they did not expect the water to rise above the flood barriers and that the waters were subsiding. But I saw in many other reports that never mentioned the reactor, that said more water was heading (clearly but not stated) in the Plants direction. Those stories always failed make any reference to the plant. Whenever the plant was mentioned, it as the line that flood waters were not supposed to breach the barriers. Each time the words 'no cause for concern' and 'no danger' was used with repetitiveness across news reporting. The Feds? Lost in Space and are not telling us anything at all.

Syria Reinforces Northern Border As Signs Of Conflict Grow
According to the article, the Turks may create a buffer zone inside Syria. Meanwhile, reports of atrocities are being recorded by western officials. Iran and Turkey are divided over events in Syria and regional tensions are likely to grow as Assad continues his rampage against his own people and moves troops much closer to Lebanon.

Why The Jobs Situation Is Worse Than It Looks
"Today, over 14 million people are unemployed. We now have more idle men and women than at any time since the Great Depression. Nearly seven people in the labor pool compete for every job opening. Hiring announcements have plunged to 10,248 in May, down from 59,648 in April. Hiring is now 17 percent lower than the lowest level in the 2001-02 downturn. One fifth of all men of prime working age are not getting up and going to work." - Forbes/Zero Hedge

The article is a very good read and not too long. To add insult to injury, is the problem of part time employment. A man may find a job and get taken off of the unemployment statistics, but often he has only found part-time or casual work. These numbers rival and even surpass those of the Great depression. The only reason we have not seen the bread lines and hobo's of that era is because of Social Safety nets created in the days following those dark years. What also needs to be kept in mind is that these jobs are being decimated despite the fact that we have had unprecedentd economic stimuli pumped into our economy by both the Obama administration (who pushed hard for it) and the Fed. I was never a big fan of either program but as long as Wall Street was getting so much money, main street deserved at least the meager help the Stimulus was supposed to bring in. It has not done much good, but it is hard to say just how much worse things would be without it. From even before this crisis, I know I did my best to tell my readers that this economy is a sham and that another depression was sure to come. I wrote a long series of articles over a couple of year period about it and was duly ignored by most (but thankfully not all). I was one of the few who actually and truly predicted what we are seeing now and am telling you that this is just be beginning of our troubles. Our leaders have intentionally wrecked the US economy with trade deals, treason and debt and what you are seeing is was the unavoidable consequences of leaders who were in the pay of interests hostile to the American citizen and worker. This link may help some of you to see how bad things are in some places with many charts showing employment rates. This crisis is still in its early stages and is not going to go away until some significant changes are made in Washington. Changes only the victims of these long term economic trends can make at the ballot box.

The men and women in Washington today, Democrat and Republican will try and sound like they care as we move into the election season. But as much as you can, look and see where they are getting their money and find out who is running ads that favor either party/candidate. Much of that money is coming from China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mexican drug lords and the UAE as well as other most unsavory places. These are just some of the places sending billions (with a 'B') onto US shores to fund our/their candidates (these nation are not guesswork on my part). Iran? You may ask. Yes, Iran. They have long had a dream to own a US President and are working tirelessly to bring it about. The US Supreme Court has helped their cause far more than a ten-thousand car bombs or an Iranian nuclear bomb ever could. I am only repeating what investigators have told me. The story is much worse that I will say on the net because you have some very powerful folks who are facilitating all of this illicit money who are very close to the President as well as other movers and shakers on the other side of the Aisle Sadly, I think Obama is just powerless to stop it. If he had any real power, he could launch a thorough investigation into a couple of Supreme Court Justices into racketeering and bribery, if he really wanted to change that ruling and the increasingly corrupt rulings coming from it. That is one powerful gift he could give to the nation who entrusted its highest office to him. Make sure that Judicial independence does not mean Judicial arrogance and criminality.

But things are pretty bad. Indeed some Iranians here in the US have been coerced into helping out Iran, even though they have no love at all for the regime in Tehran. How are they coerced? First they are gently recruited by Iranian agents here in the US. When that fails (it usually does) they go to plan B. Plan B. goes like this;, one night about three AM they get a phone call. The caller tells them to go on their Skype account and await a phone call... it is urgent. When they pick up the Phone, Aunt Aisha is sitting in a room with a man who has a Gun pointed to her head. Then the man is told quite simply and convincingly that either they cooperate or Aisha is dead as well as any other relatives he many have residing in Iran. What can this ultimately mean to America. Click over here and change the words 'Clinton' and 'China' with the words 'Next President' and 'Iran'.

I am only telling you these things, long known to me now, because Americans must understand what is at stake in 2012 and why you need to be wary of anyone with a large campaign war chest. Remember Obama, he had one and broke every promise he made. That is what you will see with ANY CANDIDATE WITH BIG MONEY WHO MAKES PROMISES. They will all be lies because the only promises he will keep are the ones he makes in the back room with his donors who speak English, Mandarin, Farsi, Arabic, and Spanish... not necessarily in that order. Some of you have laughed at my 'magic dust' analogy when our politician will talk about jobs. Keep that in mind when you hear contenders or Obama talk about jobs. If they are not serious about changing those trade agreements and dealing with job offshoring, they are blowing smoke in your eyes. And do not expect you major financial news organizations to talk about it, their bread and butter is in advertising and their advertisers are benefiting tremendously from wrecking US jobs.

Wake up America, time has almost run out.

Who Controls The Internet?

Perhaps this would be better titled who could control the Internet as for the time being, the US is in form control of the major naming and regulatory parts of the Internet. This is not an academic discussion because the US will, in my opinion, begin to head into some serious headwinds over internet control, domain takedowns, surveillance, etc. While America has in many ways been a great light for freedom of expression and speech, trends in place have caused many at home and abroad to rethink the current models of internet control. Some nations are far ahead of the game. China for example, has her own internet with her own routers etc that simply connects to the outside world. Should the US take down the internet, it would not greatly effect China because she never liked the idea of the US having control of such a vital part of her infrastructure and made her infrastructure accordingly. She is not the only one that has taken some kind of steps to protect themselves, as much from too much 'free speech' of her citizens, but also against too much control and spying from outside forces. Such a feat is not too difficult to do, but it can be expensive. One must run their own cables routers and have an alternate naming and registration authority for domains (sites). Once that is done, having cut off switches to the outside world and you nave your own internal internet. Could this be the future of the internet? Yes, it is possible, probably not highly likely but certainly possible.

Many nations are not happy with America's dominance of the internet and resent some of the high handed tactics being used now to use its current control of the net to give enormous power to what is called 'content' providers. Note that some nations are balking at singing agreements like ACTA, which they correctly view as serving narrow Western economic interests at the expense of creativity and innovation in their own lands. We are not talking about the little guy who makes Indy films or writes books that are not best sellers. Rather we are talking about large sprawling Media empires who have long had ties to America's corporate and criminal underworld. Indeed, some of your major blockbusters of today are still financed with Mob (not necessarily the old Italian Mafia) money and the Mob does lethally enforce some kinds of copyright infringement when it could effect their bottom line. When a film runs into financial trouble and the Studio is stingy... the producer must get money. This has happened on at least two very large blockbusters of recent memory. I could give you some specific names and movies but I think that may not be such a good idea. Suffice it to say that for the purposes of this piece, the backdrop of who really controls the money and profits will figure in prominently into what kind of enforcement regimen comes into existence. Money, free speech as well as infrastructure vulnerability and competing business interests are going to be the drivers for the Internet. Today the US is in the drivers seat, but increasingly cooperation between the BRIC nations in IT, along with the same potential in parts of the Arab world and perhaps even the EU could change that very quickly. The US will make every effort to stop this and that will include industrial sabotage. You can find more stories that have carefully insinuated non-intentional causes placed into the story, but these were not accidents. To prevent another consortium from arising and threatening its current dominance of Cyberspace, the US will use whatever means it has at its disposal. This is why when we see or hear of sabotage herein the US, we must be careful about who is really to blame. Why? Because if we hit someone first, they will hit back, usually in kind and of course, vice-versa.

Many nations have a high stake in the future of cyberspace in its current and evolving form as well. Today, more Chinese surf the net today than Americans and that number is set to rise significantly. This site already gets a fair amount of traffic from China and it is in English, and of non-commercial and clearly non-politically correct variety. I can only imagine what it would be like if I had a Chinese section.


What could drive increasing fragmentation of the internet or challenge/replace US leadership of cyberspace.?
Cyber attacks.
More and more devastating cyber attacks would cause some nations to rethink unfettered connectivity to the rest of the world. Indeed, one well known Computer security expert is concerned that the internet will become a War Zone. He also bemoans a growing professionalization of internet criminals who work for private parties, and governments who hack sites, undermine governments, and steal information and money.

Internal Security
Egypt was a perfect example of this. They simply cut off internet access to the people in a time of crisis. You can read how this was done and how likely it is to happen here in the US at this link, it is quite good.

Wresting Control Away From The US
This too cannot be discounted, especially in today's rapidly changing world where economic power centers are so rapidly shifting. Too much potential for economic growth rides on the internet and it is not in the interest of emerging powers to let the US control it.

Economic Warfare
The current bills (COICA/Protect IP) shows that the US is engaging in what could be termed economic warfare against what it deems copyright infringers. This includes the makers of goods that use (usually illegally) trademarks of others to sell goods for profit. The US Congress is set to impose rather draconian measures against such sites that will not allow them to have a say in court or any redress to determine if indeed they are truly violators of any laws, US or otherwise. The law, as written will allow the US to unilaterally shut down sites at the mere accusation of copyright infringement for non-US entities. This heavy handed measure is sure to invite a response, one way or another. Granted the problem Congress is attempting to address is real and cannot be taken lightly. But its heavy handedness could indeed spark an unwanted backlash in some nations where the US has little or no control.

Unintended Consequences

What is to stop a nation like Burma from offering such goods on a separate backbone of the internet that operates outside of US control with the covert help of economically significant nations. What is to stop a nation like this from offering such goods with the full support of the government, especially if they can get political cover from other economically significant countries. Once again, America's ability to redirect DNS addresses and command search engines not to list them, only effect the current internet, not to another system of routers and addresses created by other less friendly powers to the US. It not does really do much to solve the problem even as the internet is currently organized. Even if they were to remain within the current US-centric system, one can still reach the site via the use of a simple IP. Making such content illegal for US search engines to list? Ever heard of Baidu? One of the largest search engines in the world and not subservient to US law. Chinese and relations between the US and China are only going to deteriorate over the next few years. There are too many negative trends are in place (US debt, China's oil thirst, trade woes, maritime disputes, covert warfare, etc). China is quickly becoming the economic giant we do not want to anger and not vice-versa. I say this despite the internal problems she is now experiencing as before long, the US will follow suit with perhaps greater effect in its borders.

These are just some of the drivers that will cause others to look for alternatives to the current US dominated system. The drivers in the US congress right now are lobbyists who are there, not to think strategically and in the nations interest but to serve the most narrow of self-serving interests of personal profits and using the government to secure those profits by carefully juxtaposing their own profits with the worlds 'national security'. They are driving key Senators to make legal mistakes that will reduce America's competitiveness as well as eventually our current regulatory pee-eminance on the internet. But laws like this are what happens when Organized Crime, Big Corporations and Government meet and agree.

TSA, Big Brother And Humiliating The Old
Where is the President in all of this? Clearly he supports all of this as his henchmen just keep on treating ordinary Americans like Jews in the early stages of Nazi Germany. What's next, having Americans scrub floors at the Airport? Jews scrubbing sidewalks in Austria was partly the result of being on the wrong side of an election. Concern for terrorism? Go back and read what I wrote about Jobs today and know that Iran is on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. To my Jewish readers, I am not making light of the Holocaust, only reminding you that many Jews of that time were in denial about what the rising police state would mean to them, many not even believing that Hitler was really killing Jews as the war drew to a close. That is, until they found themselves PERSONALY were confronted with an oven. I need not remind you that the US today has its own global concentration camp system of 'no trial, no hearing' detention based primarily on race and religion and some have died in these camps under rather suspicious circumstances.
My fellow Americans, do not drown in the river of denial.

Why Apple Products Will Never Dominate My Home
I see their products as overpriced spyware run by control freaks.

Obama Catches 'War Fever'

The Growing Cost Of Groceries


Plague Watch: 40 Kids Die Of Mystery Illness
Officials think the disease may be encephalitis but are not certain and this has not been officially confirmed. Symptoms include high fever, convulsions and unconsciousness.

Weather Happenings

Models Show Radioactive Dust Covered 80% Of N. America

7.4 Quake Hits Alaskan Islands

Danger In Your Dishwasher

Ukraine, Russia Join EU In Stress Testing Nuke Plants
Sadly the Nuclear power industry has too much power in America and have a bulldog grip on Congress and Federal Regulators and we are unlikely to see any changes in US policy. Let me say that I have long favored Nuclear power (much to the chagrin of friends and family) But given what has happened in Japan I am forced to reconsider my views. perhaps not against Nuclear power totally but to put in more stringent safety measures. Frankly I would begin to look at moving facilities that are at high risk for quakes and other disasters underground a couple of hundred feet. Frankly I worry about the San Onofre plant being on the San Andreas fault and finding out that those who work there have been threatened for pointing out safety concerns. I just don't think our leaders really care about this but are far more concerned with not angering a powerful lobby who have a very loud voice in the MSM.

Three Russian Scientist That Helped Iran Die In Plane Crash
File this in the 'probably not an accident' category.

Military Chiefs Say Obama Overruled Them On Drawdown
Well, if he did good for him. But Frankly this drawdown has all the hallmarks of a political deception. He sent in this same number back in December of 2009 in a move that looks too much like a political ploy at the time so that he claim he is drawing down for the November elections. Simple political foresight in order. But you know, it really does not matter. All this talk about drawdowns is just a faint. We are building bases and infrastructure in the region and we are going to be there as long as the Democrats and Republicans are in power, even if they have to take Granny' heart medicine away to pay for it with. The headline is meant to impress his left leaning base, but I think most are a little smarter than that.

Debt Talks Breakdown
The party of 'no' once again uses the infantile 'temper tantrum' ploy. I think they will take it to the brink get some minor concessions from the President and claim a massive victory and raise the debt limit. The saddest part I see here is that the tax cuts for the rich is being paid for with more debt now the GOP does not want tax increases on the table... yet they did codify tax increases for the poor in the form of Obamacare and the tax breaks for the rich package. Let us strip away all of the Bull-oney. This is about transferring Social programs and putting that money in the hands of the rich as well as Defense contractors. In order to see this you have to look at who is getting richer and where the money is coming from. It is a no-brainer but you have to do just a little digging and find out that DOD spending is set to rise, The rich got generous tax cuts costing us about a trillion dollars and now they want to pay for these things by cutting social security and medicare. So the GOP just is throwing a temper tantrum because they do not want to raise taxes on the rich but want to do it on the poor and in the process cut social services and rob (there is no other way to put it) the money people have paid decades into for health care and retirement in old age. It is one big swindle. On that note, I think ALL OF MY READERS SHOULD WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEO. This guy is connected and is not making any of this stuff up. There are some real big changes ahead and Mr. Williams is giving you some important information on what a powerful part of the elite plan.

Clearly these men are tied in with the demonic system that is set to arise in the last days and yes, with the Underground Reich (kid yourself not, these men are very rich and very, very powerful and very real). Indeed a couple of my more astute readers have asked me if I thought it possible that that the beast that was, is not yet is (Rev 17:11) is not Russia but rather a resurrected Reich. To which I can only say, yes it is possible. But I would hasten to add that many of the old Nazi's went 'east' a great many, including Hitler himself who did not die as a suicide. They had billions of dollars of Gold at their disposal and were in deadly earnest in setting up another Reich but this one was to be run from Corporate Board rooms and Banks rather than the turret of a Panzer. What you are dealing with are men and women who are bent on power and control of the worlds resources and populations. This system will be allowed to have total dominion for 42 months (let the reader understand) and will be given power to overcome the saints of God. This is a time of serious crisis, but the American people are so insulated and mis-informed that they still do not understand what they are dealing with or what it will mean to them. So please click over and give the Vid's a watch, you will not be disappointed. If you get towards the last sections, you will notice that the Muslim Brotherhood is talked about. Keep you eyes on this and the Salifists... they are part of a plan. Islam will have a major, major part in the end time system.

NY Fed Will Not Say How Much Money Went To Iraq
All that cash stolen in Iraq. DOD auditors say $6 Billion, Iraq says $18 Billion. You know, this is a very old story that I covered way back when the money was disbursed. I had a friend who was in Iraq at the time who was there when the money was being offloaded and went into trucks... never to be seen again. Some folks screamed about it... no one listened. Now many years later it is a big issue. But this is how DC works. So much money is being stolen right now, right out of the Fed and no one is doing or going to do anything about it. Today in the USA, Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, government secrecy is there to cover up government crime.

Another Email & Answer

Question: I have a question(s) and some concerns and after thinking for a few weeks and asking the Lord from some guidance I feel that it's alright to ask you.

Here's what's going on and please bare with me.

My older brother became born again I believe back in 2004 or 2005 and I soon followed suit because I was in a dark place for many years and wanted some peace.

Now me and him haven't always been very close and he seems to hold a lot of animosity towards me, our mother, and is the type to judge everyone else without judging himself first. Now I'm not saying he isn't genuine in his beliefs but he can come off very false at times and I have called him on it several times. I know that I am not perfect but I try a little harder every day to follow Christ's word's and his commandments. Sure I slip up and use his name in vein which causes me great amount of guilt and I apologize and ask for the strength to break that nasty habit of cursing the Lord's name.

But now my brother seems to think he must get a pass from God because I have caught him in several lies, exagerations,etc. and he laughs it off and says I'm only kidding or whatever. He doesn't apologize or even listen when I tell him he needs to forgive people for what happened in the past. He makes what I guess you would call Christian Music and it seems like his ego has gotten to him now.

Now here's something that has been bothering me and I really need help to defend against this Mr. Watson.

He is claiming that he can prove that God never created black people and it says so in the Bible. Now I was completely floored and couldn't believe he was being serious and actually believes this crap.

Questions are, where would he even get this? I mean what Bible verse if any would make him think that. And I know we were all created by God and I don't believe my brother but how can I show him he wrong? I'm asking specific Bible verses please.

Mark thank you for all of your years of hard work and I have been reading your site off and on for since 2003 and you are in my prayers as always.

In Christ,
P.S. Sorry for the long email I have ADD and can ramble lol.

My Answer: Thanks for writing and I am sorry to hear about your brother. It sounds to me, just based on what you have to say that he is or already has fallen away and is heeding deceitful spirits (demons). There are many people who believe another spirit that they think is Jesus. This different 'Jesus' is really satan and he fills the heads of those people will all manner of lies and deceits. I will give it to you straight. Demonic oppression and even possession can result from this so I would not take this as a small matter.

Black People: This is a lie that has been repeated so often. But it takes many forms. First is is that Blacks are cursed, then it is that God did not make them. It all leads to the same thing that blacks are unworthy of life and must be exterminated. Hitler said the same things about the Jews and the thinking comes from the same satanic spirit.

You are not going to find any verse along those lines, but those that lambaste Blacks folks usually refer to Genesis and the Curse on Cannan. Genesis 9:18ff. They take this to apply to all Blacks. But a reading of this verse tells us otherwise. That the curse was on Cannan and was fulfilled in the OT in Joshua's time. it is a woeful misreading of scripture to say that Blacks are cursed. Remember that Moses married and Ethiopian (black woman). Look what happened to Miriam when she murmered about it. Leprosy and she was cast out of the assembly. Also in the book of acts shows how one Ethiopian Eunuch was saved via miraculous divine intervention. It was an Ethiopian who saved Jeremiah (Jer 38:7). Indeed men and women of African decent have a rich biblical heritage.

I have heard some Black folks say that Whites are cursed. They use 2Ki 5:1-27 as the reason. Saying that those with white skin are under the curse of Gehazi. More nonsense from the spiritually deluded. You can always find a demon spirit to lie you into hate. Demons are quite accomplished at lies.

The fact is that we are all under a curse. All of us and it is only through Christ that we can come from under the curse of sin and death. If one's eyes are stuck here on temporal things, who is on top who is the servant who has the bigger house and think that is all that is important, they are deluding themselves and need to repent or just get saved. But Christ told his disciples to sell all and come and follow him. Big difference for a different covenant. In the new covenant, race is not important, but Christ and his shed blood on the cross.

Your brother is probably listening to a new form of religion that is popular is some racist websites. Extremist/racist and probably Neo-Nazi. There are hundreds of sites like that. They are twisting the bible to fit with neo-fascist dogma. it is a dangerous and growing underground.

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, (Tit 2:11

Top Venture Capitalists Warn Of Congress Job Killing Bill
The bill is a job killer, but it is also a free speech killer as well, which is why Congress is going to pass it. If you are in the pay of foreign nations anything that kills jobs, undermines competitveness and ruins investment are the things you are likely to pass. This is a dangerous bill and is written with the kinds of vagueness that guarantees abuses. Protecting copyrights is important, you will get no argument here. But so is protecting due process, free speech and future innovation on the Internet. Sen. Leahy has done some good work in the past and I am sorry to see him push a bill like this. I just wonder if he is doing the 'Chris Dodd' and trying to set himself up for a Job at the MPAA when he retires.

BRIC's The New Great Game

Even So, Come Lord Jesus
Last Trumpet Ministries continues even a year after David J. Meyer's passing.

E-mail Answer:
Reader: PS! An Asian relative of mine asks this question. Always interesting discussions. Eg he doesn't think that free trade and shipping of factories to China damage US economy because for example an iPhone is made in China but when it is sold in the USA actually most of the money (90% of the price) stays in the USA and only 10% in China, and also most of the parts come from USA and it is only assembled in China. What do you say about this argumentation?

Me: I think your friend, to be perhaps less than polite is talking out his backside. No reliable statistics on job losses, factory uprooting to India or China supports his conclusion. 90% of the money stays here? Once again where did he get that statistic from... the Indian Factory Association or The Chinese Trade Mission? Hardly an unbiased source. Sure you can make an argument for some technology companies like Apple, HP, etc keep the money here as the profits do remain (nominally) in the US. But the reality is that that money is often re-invested in other nations and are creating few jobs (except retail) here in the US and the money that gives Americans the wherewithal to buy their iPads's increasingly comes from foreign loans into our country in the form of Fiscal and trade deficits. This particularly includes the Metro-area where I live (DC), where US government employees make up by far most of the purchasing power, all financed with debt, trillions of it. Parts for computers made in the US? I think not. Most parts in Computers (I am not certain about the iPad) are made throughout Asia; motherboards, memory, LCD screens, even graphics cards... are made in Asia and shipped to an Asian assembly plant and then an HP or Apple or Dell logo is put on it and shipped wherever. What do I mean? Graphics cards Take a look.

Radeon 9250
Made in China

Radeon x1650 Pro, GeForce 8500 GT
Made in China

GeForce 8500 GT, GeForce 8800 GTS
Made in China

-couldn't tell-

GeForce 8400GS, Radeon HD 3850
"PCB Made in Taiwan"

-couldn't tell-

Radeon X1650, GeForce 8800 GTS
Made in China

Radeon HD3870
Made in China

Radeon HD2600 XT, Radeon HD3850
Made in China

Radeon HD2400 Pro, HD2600 Pro
Made in China

Your buddy is simply misinformed. But I am not scapegoating China as so many do. If we are willing to sell the Rope that chokes our economy to China, they will gladly buy it. If China is a doctor, then this is physician assisted suicide.

For American workers/lifestyle and US Economic dominance is a model that cannot be sustained... look at Greece. Debts/deficits do matter. Economists for decades told us they don't, but they do. Today they are trying to tell us that millions of Jobs being shipped to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India is not killing jobs in America. But you have to be either brainwashed or frankly woefully un or mis-informed to really believe that. Take a job out of the US that pays $25//hr and replace it with what... a job at Walmart making 10? After taxes and healthcare that is not even enough to pay rent/food and gas! These are the structural problems that the US is dealing with and they are daunting and the trends in place will remain until some serious reworking of global trade agreements transpires. Economists will tell us otherwise... while jobs continue to hemorrhage and the ones created pay less than half of what those that left the US pay. Where the US has and continues to excel is in exports of certain types of large machine equipment (like Farm). Those companies who manufacture it along with weapons systems have continued to do well. But Consumer based goods (where we are doing poorly in manufacturing sense... check the 'made in' label of your TV) and soon pharmaceuticals (where we still do well) are due for some nasty and unwelcome changes over the next few years as incomes decline and prices for essentials (food and energy) rise beyond the means of more and more Americans.

I do not want to be unkind to your buddy but popular misconceptions are there because somebody is paying someone else to place them in people's minds. The long held and widely dissenimated misconception that we can have a 'service economy' is being shattered by long term joblessness coupled with declining (real) industrial production, corporate job offshoring; all evidenced by rising usage of food stamps and long term unemployment benefits. There is no 'magic dust' to solve these problems. The GOP contenders will offer us 'genie out of a bottle' cures for our ills and not one will effectively address these central issues; Free Trade and Job offshoring. Why not? Because the ones paying their campaign bills are the ones that benefit from, pushed for and wish to accelerate these trends, not stop them. Don't look for the Democrats to be of any help either. It was Bill Clinton who pushed so hard to get these job killing agreements passed and Barak Obama who did nothing to reverse the trends during his tenure, finding more time to start and continue wars that solve America's economic crisis... and make no mistake about this one... it is a crisis. So the 2012 campaign will be one politicians saying his magic dust is better than the other guys, while the line out of the Unemployment Office wraps around the building.

If there is any good news out there, some US companies are getting tired of being bullied by China's leadership as well as some of the bureaucratic and legal troubles they have faced. They have found that China is no panacea for their labor costs and some are even closing their doors and moving elsewhere, sometimes (shocker!) back to the USA.

To those Americans who are still in denial, it is probably because you still have a job. Well, let these trends continue and be assured, you may have a job, but it will not pay you enough to live. As long as the two party job destruction/war profiteering system is running Washington you can bank on losing your lifestyle (home/car/gadgets) and living a very much more spartan existence. YOU can ensure this happens by doing just want you are doing now; going into the ballot box and voting for your own political and economic castration in the form of the two party system. And if I seem a little acerbic on this, well... I have seen neighbors get their stuff thrown out of their house by the Sherrif because they lost a job and could not pay the rent/mortgage. It is easy to have an intellectual discussion about it... when you are 5 thousand miles away from it, not when you have friends and relatives who are looking for work.

On that note here are some links that may interest the American job seeker...

Job Offers: Intel's Facility In Ho Chi Min City

Dell's Job Openings In China

HP To Move Factory From China To Japan

Apple's Job Opportunities for Those Under 16
I do not want to be too hard an Apple as they do appear to be trying to put a stop or at least limit this kind of thing. But the issue here is how can an American worker compete with child and/or slave labor? I will tell you... buy your own chains and put a sign around your neck that says
'Will Work For Food'.

Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected

Plague Watch: UK School Hit With Measles

Plague Watch: Measles Warning Issued For Vermont

Plague Watch: Measles Cases Confirmed In Indiana

Plague Watch: Measles Affects Utah Power Plant

China Set To Build Major US Rail System

Greek Budget Hole Threatens To Swallow Europe

Afghan Christian Behaded

Obama's Afghan Drawdown: Another Political Deception?

Another US War Gets More Money: The Drug War

Obama Releases Oil From Strategic Reserve

Japan Hit By 6.7 Quake


Plague Watch: Scarlet Fever Outbreak In Hong Kong Spreads To Macau

Plague Watch: HUS Update

UK Military: Libya War Is Unsustainable

McCain Kerry Seek To Preserve Military Empire
These two National Security 'wise old men' always want to start a war. I cannot recall a time (off the top of my head) when they did not support bombing somebody, somewhere. These two are why when you hear the word's 'bi-partisan support', somebody poor in some far off part of the globe is going to die.

Islam's Persecution Of Christians In Malaysia

G20 Meet To Tackle High Food Prices

5000 Acre Wildfire Rages In California

Sudan To Block S. Sudan Oil Pipeline

Sectarian Riots Erupt In N. Ireland

Salafi Muslims And Christian Persecution

Europe Is Dying

FBI Seizes Servers, Cripples Websites

Mexico May Not Sign ACTA
Another treaty negotiated in secret that benefits the largest corporations. The people have no input but will be deeply effected.

IMF Warns Of Considerable Risk In Spain
The great wealth transfer is on. Bailouts will be on the table... probably nailed to it. National wealth, particularly of Germany will be used to bailout Spain who is in hock to the banks who bought their bonds. Same Scenario as in Greece. The Banks ultimately get paid for making bad investments National Savings get looted in strong nations and austerity measures ae put in place and Pensions, Medical care and other social services are reduced or taken away all together. The situation is not good, according to the BIS;

"As of the end of the third quarter of 2010, the total consolidated foreign exposures 6 (on an ultimate risk basis) of BIS reporting banks to Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain stood at $2,512 billion (Table 1). At $1,756 billion, foreign claims were equal to approximately 70% of that amount. The remaining $756 billion was accounted for by other exposures (ie the positive market value of derivatives contracts, guarantees extended and credit commitments)." - BIS Quarterly Review 3/11 (page 14)

Bailouts are not the answer for the people. The Banks will push them because they made bad investments knowing their was little risk to themselves. The public would be forced to bail them out, just as in 2008. A serious restructuring of Western finance is needed if the west is to prevent all capital, capital formation and wealth building infrastructure of the West to fall into the hands of a very small and insulated group of men whose names less than 1% of the population knows.

Mass Fish Die-Offs Occurs At Kent Lake

The adversary hath spread out his hand upon all her pleasant things: for she hath seen that the heathen entered into her sanctuary, whom thou didst command that they should not enter into thy congregation. All her people sigh, they seek bread; they have given their pleasant things for meat to relieve the soul: see, O LORD, and consider; for I am become vile. Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow, which is done unto me, wherewith the LORD hath afflicted me in the day of his fierce anger. From above hath he sent fire into my bones, and it prevaileth against them: he hath spread a net for my feet, he hath turned me back: he hath made me desolate and faint all the day. The yoke of my transgressions is bound by his hand: they are wreathed, and come up upon my neck: he hath made my strength to fall, the Lord hath delivered me into their hands, from whom I am not able to rise up. (Lam 1:10-14)

For years God sent prophets to warn Israel of her sins. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel; they were all sent to warn the people of their very great transgressions. By and large the people laughed mocked and held the prophets up to derision. God even had to use some very unorthodox methods to get the people to listen. Isaiah was told to strip naked. Could you hear the howls of protest from the so-called religious right if someone did that today? They would go into a tizzy and brand him 'false', a 'pervert' and a 'freak'. Ezekiel was told to lie down on his side for many days and eat a diet that contained manure. Christians of today would label him a 'lunatic'. Ezekiel even saw a 'UFO' (See Ezekiel Chapter 1). Could you hear the MSM mocking him today?; 'The prophet that sees aliens'. They would have a field day with that one. Hosea was commanded to marry a hooker. My goodness, he would have been the laughing stock of Christianity. But in truth, God did send these prophets to warn Israel of her great and myriad sins, not least of which was killing their own babies to Idols. We do the same thing here in America. Millions of women sacrifice their children on the altar of economic convenience and do so with impunity, money being the primary god in America. Sodomy, torture, hate, murder, simony, adultery, fraud (religious and otherwise), theft... which sin does America not commit with increasing frequency and greater and greater impunity? Look at how much our nation hates God. Her elite want to abolish him as the satanic spirit moves in to take over our national airwaves. Look at what happened at the US Open. MSMBC blocked out the words 'Under God' in the pledge of alliegence in a show of great contempt for God. This is not the first time. Long ago when President Bush quoted scripture at a press conference he too had his words blocked (quick cut-away) by the MSM, on live TV (I cannot find a link on this but I was watching him when it happened). This is a sign of the spiritual condition of America. America thinks she is too great for God. She thinks she has 'graduated' from God and is strong and wise enough to go it alone without any input from God. In point of fact, she thinks she is God and is answerable to no one, if you doubt me, look at the crimes she commits against her own laws. She is increasingly becoming 'the impudent one'.

For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me. Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know. (Isa 47:10-11)

Let me say this now, I do not consider myself to be a prophet. An end time watchman, yes; prophet no. My job is not so much to point out new things God is revealing to the Church and world, but to apply previously revealed prophecies to the events of our time. It is also to aid those who have ears to hear that the deceptions (and propaganda) of our time is very, very real and 90% of Americans have fallen for it and do not understand that they have done so. They just do not know how dangerous today's delusions are. Let me say this. Our news is managed. When a major event happens we are given about 10% of the story and the other 90% is kept from us so that our opinions can be manipulated by our corporate and political leaders. Usually this is done to create opinions that can be manipulated into left right debate. Deep Horizon is a perfect example. The scriptures warn us time and time again about a very special end time delusion that will claim the souls of most of humanity. Much of it is already here, but the most devastating part is yet to be revealed. When Christ said to watch (he exhorted and warned on this many times) he knew that it was going to be imperative because as prophecy was being fulfilled, only a few would have enough spiritual light (as well as real news and information) to see and understand it. Look at the Pharisees of Christ's time, all that religion and still going to hell. That light is best typified in the parable of the 10 virgins; 5 wise, 5 foolish and the light is the light the Holy Spirit gives us to see at midnight (the darkest hour). But you have to have your eyes open and know what to look for. There are not many folks doing that out here in cyberspace who do that and even fewer who have been given an anointing to do it. This is just such a ministry. I am much despised, much hated and derided by both satanists, crooks and many of today's 'America first' christians (small c intentional because for the most part, they aren't). I never wanted this job, did not ask for it and almost rebelled against it.

But here I am, doing my small part in God's kingdom. If at times I get on a little bit of a 'rant' from time to time, I beg your forebarance. There is so much going on and some of the things I can never share with my readers just boil my blood. I can only imagine how angry God is about it for he see's not just the little that I do, but all things. But know this, I share as much as I can and all that I think Christians need to really know to help them in these most dangerous times. There are many times I make statements that do not line up with anything you hear out here in cyberspace. When I do that, please pay closer attention, there is a reason for it. There are times when the things I write do not 'flow' grammatically or in a literary sense as they should. It probably means I took out whole sections because of the grief I might get for posting it, so I just remove it. This happens quite often. I have to ask myself many questions before I post something. 1) Will God's people really benefit? 2) Will it harm my country? 3) Could it cost lives? 4) Could it get anyone who is an 'honest broker' inside our government into any kind of trouble? (There a few folks who are working tirelessly against the rising tide of corruption in the US government. They are fighting men and women in position of trust who are committing acts of outright treason that no one will prosecute, to bribery, to outright theft). If numbers 2, 3 or 4 is a yes, it does not get posted, even if it satisfies 1. Then there is the simple fact that bloggers do get killed. So that is another front that I must consider for there are some very, very dangerous criminal entities that have attached themselves to our government. They do not play, they do not warn, they just kill.

So with these things in mind, please read and heed this site as God gives you leave. I do not see myself as a prophet. But know this, sites like this will not be around forever. Big brother is working tirelessly to change the web into a new version of Cable TV; owned by the corporations and solely for their profit to give you the same junk that currently vomits out of the idiot box 24/7. The web may have its problems, but it has proven invaluable as an alternative method of expression and information dissemination for folks of all stripes and exposed a massive credibility gap in mainline news reporting. Thank God for it and pray for God's ministers on the world wide web.


Raided Mexican Ranch Linked To US Drug War Corruption
The recent raid of a stash site on the Mexican side of the border suspected of containing a cache of guns and/or drugs is drawing attention once again to the U.S. border town of Columbus, N.M. — where 11 people, including the mayor, police chief and a village trustee, were recently indicted on gun-running charges.

Texas Anti-Patdown Bill Returns
A big battle for States Rights is brrewing. Last time the rather mysterious Lt. Gov killed the bill using tricks. That is not likely to happen again. Folks are angry about this and many are just not going to lay down for it. No one should be treated like a criminal just because they buy a plane ticket. The DHS decided not to antagonize Congress and exempted them from searches. The real problem as I see it is that our government simply uses the excuse of terrorism to reduce the rights of ordinary folks and more importantly make a lot of money off of contracts because these pat-downs are directly related to those naked body scanners that were sold to the US by a former head of the DHS. This is not about security, it is about people-control and money. Every tyranny of the past limited the right for people to travel and unbeknownst to most Americans there are many, many US citizens who have never been convicted or even charged with a crime who cannot fly.

Scotus Blocks Another Class Action Suit
No surprise here. SCOTUS has done enormous damage to ordinary Americans and enthroned the power of corporations. Naturally the Chamber of Commerce applauded the ruling and I am sure Beijing is happy as well.

Google Shows Its 'Gay Pride'

Desparate For Healthcare: Man Robs Bank Of $1 To Get It In Jail

Copyright Troll Righthaven Loses Two Big Cases

Nazi Watch: Himmler's Daughter (81) Works To Keep Nazi Flame Alive

More Users Shun Facebook

Report: Sudanese Military Kills Christians

Is TBN Silencing God's Prophets?

Missouri River Closes 100 Miles Of Bridges
Residents of Craig, Mo. have been ordered to evacuate because of breaches in levees.

Flood Risk Forces 10,000 To Evacuate Minot, ND


6.5 Quake Rattles Chile

Missouri River Breaching Levees

10,533 Syrian Refugees So Far In Turkey
Turkey Expects more refugees and is building another refugee camp.

China: Real Christians Vs. Gov't 'Christians'
How can you tell the difference? Find out who is being persecuted. That is often a pretty good indication of whom the devil does not like. For Christians in China, I would exhort you to never use any kind of violence or threats against government leaders. Stand strong in your faith and do not be bullied by what may be best described as the spiritual decendents of Judas, that being false brethren. Let China's leadership learn the lesson that persecution only grows the Church. If they think their secular government has problems now, let them continue their present polices, history shows us the result is the opposite of the intention of the policy of persecution. Remember Ancient Rome and the result of all of that Persecution. For American Christians, consider the role of false brethern and the damage they can do and do your best to remove yourself from them as soon as they are identified. Modern day Judas' can do a lot of damage before they get their 30 pieces. Signs of false brethren:
1) They do not know their bibles, often misquote scripture
2) Do not like to talk about spiritual things
3) Do not like to apply basic christian teachings to their lives
4) Do not have a spiritual 'watch' and do not know what time it is, spiritually speaking
5) Are often concerned too much about money, status, what friends think, being 'cool' and not godliness, holiness, honesty, chastity, etc,
6) View christian morality as moral 'suggestions' and relies on Judeo-Christian 'prudishness' as their method of behavior, rather than having Christ as the rock solid foundation for their lives.
7) Are often sent by the devil to stir up trouble, cause dissension and drive real believers out of the assembly so that the devils workman can move in and get control of the Church, property, money, etc.

Worlds Oceans In Shocking Decline
The scriptures tell us that we have seen nothing yet.
And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed. (Rev 8:9)
And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea. (Rev 16:3)

Confusion, Disorientation A Sign Of Satanic Deceit
This an interesting piece on America's moral confusion and duplicity. It is written from a very Catholic Perspective but all genuine Christians should gain from its searing observations and at least some of its exhortations. Before anyone sends of some firey email ranting against Catholics... spare me. I have many problems with Catholicism. Almost as many as I do with mainline Protestantism. God knows his own and when the LORD sets you up as a judge of other mens souls, I will hear your words of judgment, not before. Until then, perhaps listening to other Christians (Catholic/Orthodox and Protestant) is a better idea than simply judging them.

Inflation Watch: Don't Eat, Don't Drive And You Should Be Fine

Western Establishment Lambastes Merkel
The Eurocrats and Imperialists in the EU and US don't like her. But I think she is smarter than the average western imperialist and knows that the Euro is a big threat to Eurpoe. The 'Euromania' of the coddled elite shows just how out of touch they are with the man on the street and the long term interests of most (rather than a very, very few bankers and rich) Europeans. In their mad dash to bailout banks (which is where a great deal of Greek bailout money will go) they just stopped caring about the people. I am no big fan of Merkel, but I think she is smart enough to know that Bailing out the EU misadventure and engaging in Humanitarian bombings is no way to deal effectivly with the structural political, military and economic problems of the EU. It is time for EU leaders to go to plan B.

NSA Monitors DOD Contractor Internet Traffic

US-Africa Updates

India: 22 Children Die Of Mystery Illness

US Warns Of Problems With Chinese SCADA Software
This is a far more serious problem than our leaders are letting on and the problem with SCADA system are bad enough (critical to power infrastructure), but other critical software that runs Modern America as well. The threat? A remote control attack that could take down a significant portion of America's power grid and other SCADA dependent infrastucture. The Official DHS announcement here. The other part of the threat is the actual parts (hardware) not just software. This is no theoretical threat, the ability to take down the power grid of a major city remotely has already been demonstrated. Vulnerabilities like these are one reason we cannot respond proportionately for the many wrongs done us. Welcome to the harsh realities of 21st Century warfare. F22 Fleet Grounded because of Chinese parts, power and telecom grids under a most serious threat... no wonder we have taken all kinds of evil lying down. In their search for profits, the DHS connected companies flooded America with enemy 'IW landmines'... all for a buck. The most serious problem we face is not from China, but from our own contractors and leaders who aid China for money (Treason). There is no punishment, only rewards, so more and more do it. Eric Holder? He isn't going to do anything. He did not go after Wall Street, did not go after Vote Fraud and the only people who need to fear Holders Justice Department are poor black folks whose only crime is sleeping in their own house.
"The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." - Lenin

BP Wins Big In Oil Spill Settlement
Despite all the rage you will hear out there against BP, that disaster simply was not their fault. The real culprits have not been revealed to America at large.

Next Target For Takedown: BitTorrent

Unrest: First Greece, Now Spain
When the US defaults (couple of years from now) this will happen here. When a sovereign nation defaults, the IMF imposes 'austerity measures' which mean the people suffer (retirements/medical programs become defunct), national assets are sold off to corporations and governments become more repressive. Don't get smug America, this is going to happen to America and barring some very serious governmental down sizing, is as certain as tomorrow's sunrise and some in the House are chomping at the bit to drive the US into default as their backers want to buy up as much of American infrastructure as they can at firesale prices.

The Return Of Putin?
A wise move by Medvedev. Informed sources intimated that Medvedev was on his way to an 'accidental' removal from office. The power of Putin is considerable and he is likely to return to power, whatever the Constitution says about it.

The First Trumpet
Here is a site recently constructed by a long time reader.

Last Days Of The Age
Another site done by a long time reader

The Many Killers Of The Music Industry
Interesting and humorous read. The industry just cried wolf once too often.

GE Buys Its Jets From The EU
Billions in taxpayer dollars flow to GE as a DOD contractor and they do not even buy American. Do I need to repeat who owns GE? He recently stepped down from his lucrative post at the NY Fed but GE is too big to fail and took googobs of cash from the Bailouts. Guess where that money is going?

Lehman Moment
Scroll down to the bottom and check out Mr. Nolands always excellent analysis. The Greece situation is very serious, let no pundit on the tube tell you otherwise. The Greek situation will effect US banking and credit markets. Once again, don't be fooled by economists who are rolled out to deceive you into a false sense of security.

Nebraska Nuke Plant: Water Levels Must Rise For Crisis To Occur
...more water released into Swollen Missouri River

NATO On Defensive: Civilians Killed In Humanitarian Bombings
But Mr. Q uses children as shields. Oil firms, prestigious law firms, helped Q evade sanctions.

$77 Billion DOD Dollars... Up In Smoke
This is what happens when you outsource your key parts to nations dedicated to your destruction. But you can see a curse beginning to fall on America. Slow (because God wants us to repent) but sure, because he is not going to relent until we do. The Air Force? Well, when you let the devil in, you are asking for very serious trouble.

Don't Kid Yourself: Your Well Paid Job Is In Danger

DOD, Justice Lawyers Told Obama, War Is Illegal Without Congressional Nod

FBI Raids Wrong House, Pulls Gun On Older Woman
As ususal, the victims are Black. They didn't even bother to check to see if the real suspect even lived there anymore. More signs of Klan government brought to you by the Tomson Twins.

Yale Closes Program On Anti-Semitism
A sign of the times, but not unexpected as the times grow darker.

China: Unrest As Hundreds Protest Land Grabs

US Troops Prepare For Wider Middle East War
Will he inform Congress? Will he let the people know? Is this a Constitutional republic or a dictatorship... heading into a banana Repubilic? You decide, because if this is a dictatorship, there is nothing to stop this or the next President from rounding up citizens and putting them into work camps, or gassing them in death camps because the law no longer applies to Presidents. Keep in mind that Obama claims the right to assassinate Americans without trail. The constitution is crystal clear that Congress and only Congress has the power to declare war. But that is not convenient to those who are making hundreds of billions of dollars off of these wars, so you buy a President and force him to start wars and stonewall Congress while you rake in the cash. Enter Barak 'Lockeed Martin' Obama.

Turkey To Send Troops To Syrian Border
A little more here from a Middle Eastern source

Is Obama Planning A Full Scale Ground War In Libya?

Japanese Mafia Seek Contracts To Clean Up Tsunami Damage

Key US Senators Slam China In DOD Parts Probe
DOD parts being made in China by our own idiotic policy. Now, these Senators want to get upset because the Chinese subverted the supply chain when their own policy made it possible. This is why I have told my readers that these 'wise old men' Senators (like Mccain) are part and parcel of the problem in our national security mis-steps. Take one of our latest fighters, the Oxygen tanks were substandard, the Defense contractor, according to informed sources, overchargged the government, charging them around $3 million for a part that costs about $100,000. Pilots died as a result of oxygen deprivation. Until recently, those particular planes had to operate at a reduced altitude and radius because the parts came from... you guess it, China. They now have been grounded all together. What will our leaders do about it? Make noises, take Chinese campaign money and send another key DOD contract to China and hope for better cooperation; baring that, larger campaign donations.

Not Aryan Enough

China Set To Create 'Special Economic Zone' Inside US
...where US law does not apply.

Too Big To Fail: Still With Us Despite Bair's Assurances To The Contrary
These banking cartles, as the article points out, could have been taken down the last time around and as much as the Democrats want to blame the Republicans, it was the Democrats who were in control of the House and Senate at the time. Obama? You remember when as a Senator he voted for the bailouts.

I have Seen The Beast And His Name Is Google
You really do want to read this one and pay particular attention to the 'how' location data is gathered. Like I told each and everyone of you. You may really, really want to rethink your Google accounts because Google has demonstrated time and time again that they will sell anything about you. They are like a friend you trusted and you bring into your house who then sets up a camera in your house to sell pictures of you and your wife making love to a porn site. Now that google are in bed with the NSA, all that data can now be accessed by the Government... and abused accordingly. I am here to tell you that this (linked) story just touches the surface of Google's intelligence network.
Turn off and disable your webcams/mic's when not in use.
I want to stress this, internet privacy unless you REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, does not exist, not anymore. No service that does transactions in dollars can offer real anonymity, it is against the law (Patriot Act). Tor once could offer a reasonable (if not total) amount of it, if used properly, but Google has, I am informed, broken it. Corporate VPN's cannot and are not impervious to corporate snooping. If there is any good news on the Alternative News/Internet front it is that that the COICA bill (mentioned in the article) was shelved, by a lone and courageous Senator, who clearly saw through the attempt to use copyright as an attempt to take down all alternative media in the US. Dear Senator Wyden, thank you for your hard work and please, have an independent mechanic check your plane before you fly it...
...every single time.

TSA, Blackhawk Helicopters And A Massive DHS Excercises

Insider Leaks Bilderberg Agenda
Interesting read and as with all of these kinds of sources one must always take it with a grain of salt but nothing in here should surprise anyone who is a regular reader here. War and destroying alternative media using copyright law... I have talked about that before many times some time ago. Don't expect Obama or Holder to do much. The 'Tom brothers' have been 'gotten to' and can only shuffle their feet when the massa claps his hands. Given this fact, is Obama set on a second term? I am not so sure. I know his wife never wanted him to run the first time and her life in the White house, as she herself put it, is a living 'hell'. After having seen the real character of her husband, I am reliably informed that their marriage is effectively over. The situation is much worse than I feel led to put on line, but suffice it to say that her life has been and probably still is in danger. She remains by his side only by armed force and that is no exaggeration. Yet Obama has an ego the size of the galactic core so he is likely to give it another shot, but I am not so sure his heart is in it this time. He is not an 'evil' man, but one who is just so craven with ego and self that he will sacrifice all to keep up the great front. The GOP contenders are the usual lot of free market fanatics who want to impose a cartelocracy on the nation using all manner of psuedo religious rhetoric to deceive the lost and reprobate 'church', much of which has become of tool of satan, their hands dripping with the blood of Arab Christians as well as innocent Muslims; men, women and children.... not a few.

And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. (Rev 18:24)

Why do you think the Lord commands us to come out of that system? We will probably see a GOP president but his policies will not be markedly different than the one we have now; more deficits, more wars, more lies, more domestic spying, more crooked contracts, more folks being thrown out of work, more folks heading into poverty. Nothing will change except that those who will be getting rich at America's expense will be Chinese, Mexican Drug Cartels, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Indian, Saudi, Indonesian, Russian... for these are the guys who are shipping billions (not a mistype) into the 2012 elections. What is a whore? One who sells herself for money.

And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. (Rev 17:1-2)

But having said all of that, I can say that the elite are perhaps not running scared (they still decide who gets key posts in the US), but they are concerned at the awakening happening around the world as nations are looted and bankrupted by forces that the people are only now just beginning to understand.

Cops: 40 Years Of Drug War Is Enough

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