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And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. (Hab 2:2)

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That He May Run That Readeth It
By Mark S. Watson
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  16-17 June 2011


The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
(Isa 17:1)


Don't Kid Yourself: Your Well Paid Job Is In Danger

DOD, Justice Lawyers Told Obama, War Is Illegal Without Congressional Nod

FBI Raids Wrong House, Pulls Gun On Older Woman
As ususal, the victims are Black. They didn't even bother to check to see if the real suspect even lived there anymore. More signs of Klan government brought to you by the Tomson Twins.

Yale Closes Program On Anti-Semitism
A sign of the times, but not unexpected as the times grow darker.

China: Unrest As Hundreds Protest Land Grabs

US Troops Prepare For Wider Middle East War
Will he inform Congress? Will he let the people know? Is this a Constitutional republic or a dictatorship... heading into a banana Repubilic? You decide, because if this is a dictatorship, there is nothing to stop this or the next President from rounding up citizens and putting them into work camps, or gassing them in death camps because the law no longer applies to Presidents. Keep in mind that Obama claims the right to assassinate Americans without trail. The constitution is crystal clear that Congress and only Congress has the power to declare war. But that is not convenient to those who are making hundreds of billions of dollars off of these wars, so you buy a President and force him to start wars and stonewall Congress while you rake in the cash. Enter Barak 'Lockeed Martin' Obama.

Turkey To Send Troops To Syrian Border
A little more here from a Middle Eastern source

Is Obama Planning A Full Scale Ground War In Libya?

Japanese Mafia Seek Contracts To Clean Up Tsunami Damage

Key US Senators Slam China In DOD Parts Probe
DOD parts being made in China by our own idiotic policy. Now, these Senators want to get upset because the Chinese subverted the supply chain when their own policy made it possible. This is why I have told my readers that these 'wise old men' Senators (like Mccain) are part and parcel of the problem in our national security mis-steps. Take one of our latest fighters, the Oxygen tanks were substandard, the Defense contractor, according to informed sources, overchargged the government, charging them around $3 million for a part that costs about $100,000. Pilots died as a result of oxygen deprivation. Until recently, those particular planes had to operate at a reduced altitude and radius because the parts came from... you guess it, China. They now have been grounded all together. What will our leaders do about it? Make noises, take Chinese campaign money and send another key DOD contract to China and hope for better cooperation; baring that, larger campaign donations.

Not Aryan Enough

China Set To Create 'Special Economic Zone' Inside US
...where US law does not apply.

Too Big To Fail: Still With Us Despite Bair's Assurances To The Contrary
These banking cartles, as the article points out, could have been taken down the last time around and as much as the Democrats want to blame the Republicans, it was the Democrats who were in control of the House and Senate at the time. Obama? You remember when as a Senator he voted for the bailouts.

I have Seen The Beast And His Name Is Google
You really do want to read this one and pay particular attention to the 'how' location data is gathered. Like I told each and everyone of you. You may really, really want to rethink your Google accounts because Google has demonstrated time and time again that they will sell anything about you. They are like a friend you trusted and you bring into your house who then sets up a camera in your house to sell pictures of you and your wife making love to a porn site. Now that google are in bed with the NSA, all that data can now be accessed by the Government... and abused accordingly. I am here to tell you that this (linked) story just touches the surface of Google's intelligence network.
Turn off and disable your webcams/mic's when not in use.
I want to stress this, internet privacy unless you REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, does not exist, not anymore. No service that does transactions in dollars can offer real anonymity, it is against the law (Patriot Act). Tor once could offer a reasonable (if not total) amount of it, if used properly, but Google has, I am informed, broken it. Corporate VPN's cannot and are not impervious to corporate snooping. If there is any good news on the Alternative News/Internet front it is that that the COICA bill (mentioned in the article) was shelved, by a lone and courageous Senator, who clearly saw through the attempt to use copyright as an attempt to take down all alternative media in the US. Dear Senator Wyden, thank you for your hard work and please, have an independent mechanic check your plane before you fly it...
...every single time.

TSA, Blackhawk Helicopters And A Massive DHS Excercises

Insider Leaks Bilderberg Agenda
Interesting read and as with all of these kinds of sources one must always take it with a grain of salt but nothing in here should surprise anyone who is a regular reader here. War and destroying alternative media using copyright law... I have talked about that before many times some time ago. Don't expect Obama or Holder to do much. The 'Tom brothers' have been 'gotten to' and can only shuffle their feet when the massa claps his hands. Given this fact, is Obama set on a second term? I am not so sure. I know his wife never wanted him to run the first time and her life in the White house, as she herself put it, is a living 'hell'. After having seen the real character of her husband, I am reliably informed that their marriage is effectively over. The situation is much worse than I feel led to put on line, but suffice it to say that her life has been and probably still is in danger. She remains by his side only by armed force and that is no exaggeration. Yet Obama has an ego the size of the galactic core so he is likely to give it another shot, but I am not so sure his heart is in it this time. He is not an 'evil' man, but one who is just so craven with ego and self that he will sacrifice all to keep up the great front. The GOP contenders are the usual lot of free market fanatics who want to impose a cartelocracy on the nation using all manner of psuedo religious rhetoric to deceive the lost and reprobate 'church', much of which has become of tool of satan, their hands dripping with the blood of Arab Christians as well as innocent Muslims; men, women and children.... not a few.

And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. (Rev 18:24)

Why do you think the Lord commands us to come out of that system? We will probably see a GOP president but his policies will not be markedly different than the one we have now; more deficits, more wars, more lies, more domestic spying, more crooked contracts, more folks being thrown out of work, more folks heading into poverty. Nothing will change except that those who will be getting rich at America's expense will be Chinese, Mexican Drug Cartels, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Indian, Saudi, Indonesian, Russian... for these are the guys who are shipping billions (not a mistype) into the 2012 elections. What is a whore? One who sells herself for money.

And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. (Rev 17:1-2)

But having said all of that, I can say that the elite are perhaps not running scared (they still decide who gets key posts in the US), but they are concerned at the awakening happening around the world as nations are looted and bankrupted by forces that the people are only now just beginning to understand.

Cops: 40 Years Of Drug War Is Enough

China: 72,000 Evacuated In East China

Chernobyl 25 Years Later: UK Seizes Contaminated Mushrooms At Port

Nebraska Nuclear Plant Flood: A Pictorial
Thank a reader for passing this on. Clearly things are bad, but as long as the nuclear material safe, this is probably not a major cause for concern. Thank the folks whose name you will never know for their technical expertise.

Wis. Court Upholds Union Busting Bill
This is going to be the trend for the future, No unions, lower and lower wages and higher and higher prices in order to squeeze the middle class. The GOP and Democrats are partners in crime on this one. It all comes down to the real reason our jobs are hemmoraging and states cannot get the revenues to run; free and unfair trade. No matter how many economists and financial guru's tell you otherwise, you cannot compete with slave wages unless you pay slave wages. The WP and NYT will roll out a thousand economists to tell you that you can.... while your job gets shipped off or you get a layoff notice from your state. No candidate will talk about it, either from the left or the right. Instead, they will promise you some new 'magic dust' to create jobs out of thin air and defy the laws of economics. They know Americans are not too bright and are very unsophisticated so they can get away with the 'magic dust' line. If that does not work, the will have a 'magic genie' or some other nonsense Americans want to believe, while millions more silently slip into poverty. I am going to let you in on a secret that few will believe. The GOP and Democrats are resigned to the fact that your lifestyle is set to decline very significantly over the next few years. They know it and know how to stop it but have decided that it is better to take the money that funds their campaigns (much of it from overseas) and get the perks of office, than to fight for you, especially when you will not even fight for yourself.

US Drug Company Starts Work On 2nd China Plant

How Does The Public Feel About Internet Privacy?

France Rejects 'Gay Marriage'

18 Signs Of America's Collapse

Islamic Violence/Intolerance: Nigerian Christian Communities Disappearing

Radioactive Hotspots

Bloomberg Complains Of Comcast Merger
Frankly, I got so sick of paying over $100/mo to be lied to, I just dumped my Cable company and went with another internt/phone provider. I save a bundle of money every month. While I have no regular 'TV', I can watch what I want on Netflix for $7.99 a month and get news from the Net. I got real, real tired of channel surfing and getting entertainment that was frankly, offensive to me. Gay and Lesbian fare, soft porn, constant violence and news that never tells the truth. It is one thing to have that stuff available, it is quite another to force me to pay for it... ALL.

Prices Rise Faster, Fed Looks At Inflation Target

DC Cops Beat Man In Wheelchair

Protests Block Spanish Government, Leaders Helicoptered In
Economic crisis/chaos is the reason

Pakistan Rounds Up CIA Informants Who Flushed Out Bin Laden

Triumph Of Reason Is Not Triumph Of Truth
Winning the debate is not finding the truth and this is the grave mistake of this age of so-called reason. An age incredibly more violent and corrupt that the worst Hollywood can think of about the Middle Ages. While the article is written from a Darwinian World view (survival of the fittest), it is of interest. But truth is another matter all together and brethren so very, very much of it has been hidden from the masses that our debates either in politics, law or in a pub are a mere comedy of gross errors to those who really know. Ignorance reigns supreme when you are not clued in to what is really happening.

Congress Demonstrates Increasing Resolve To Stop Libyan War
The President clearly broke the law and clearly, must feel that no law applies to him. The power to make war is the most grave decision any President can make and this one seems to always want to start one. Some Americans will argue that Presidents should be above the law and that we need kings or dictators to run America. That is the feeling of a large and very influential number of Senators and Congressmen. But a President who does not believe in laws can one day decide that they will not submit to elections either or have to having his budget checked/audited and that Congress should be abolished and only he should decide who gets what money. He may decide that the courts are an 'unnecessary luxury' the nation can do without and that he and his henchmen will decide who should be in jail. Then, he can decide that he is the law. This is one major reason why Obama needs to be taken to serious task for his decision on Libya. No President should be above the law.

Migrant Workers Spark Urban Unrest In China
Protests, bombs over economic and corruption issues

DOD Robs Treasury
"...largest theft of funds in national history." - DOD Auditor
No one will be held accountable, no one will go to jail and when no one is looking they will do the same thing all over again.

Then: Unfit To Breed In America
...and now: Bill Gates Develops Sterilization Technology. To be deployed in Africa. Yes, Bill Gates was at the Bilderberg Confab.

Target Forces Employees To Watch Anti-Union Vid
Apparently, this is the new trend in large Wall Street Connected Department chains.

New Quakes Rock Christchurch

Religious Intolerance

Powerful GOP Senator Says Afghan War Not Sustainable

Sanity Comes To Britain: Navy Says Libya War Too Expensive
The UK may just survive the worst effects of the financial crisis coming to the west. It is making tough choices and stopped listening to Washington... the first step on the road to geopolitical/fiscal sanity.

Obama To Escalate War In Yemen

Volcano Erupts In Eritrea After Quakes

More Signs Economy To Go Back Into Recession
Most of the news on the economic front is bad, showing a markedly slowing economy and here is the kicker, this is happening while our officials are still 'stimulating' the economy.

FBI Gets More Power To Snoop On Americans

Sign Of The Times: Amex Rolls Out Prepaid Card

Why A Greek Default Will Matter To The US Banking System
Our banks have been selling Default Insurance To EU banks... according to the article about $120 Billion worth. What does this mean? More billion dollar bailouts will soon be the hot topic of discussion. Another well planned, brilliantly executed looting of the US Treasury is on its way.

Cyber Attack Takes Down DoE 'National Security' Site

Wisconsin GOP Seeks To Kill Public Internet
Are you surprised? You shouldn't be, this powerful element in the GOP wants everything private so thier buddies can make a mint off of you when the non-competative cartels arrive. A few months ago, a friend of mine called me one afternoon and said, "Yo dude... you know where I am? "No" I answered. "I'm on the 'White Road'." Where is the 'White Road'," I asked. He said, "it's just a few miles from your house. I wanted to ride on it today since it just opened to see how nice it was. As soon as I got to the Toll Booth, I saw all the Brother's and Hispanics get off the 'White Road'." Well my friend, (who is White) also once had an important place in the Governors administration and was trying to tell me some time ago what they were planning. But even this one caught him by surprise because while the State of Maryland made a long hard push for the new InterCounty Connector (the ICC) they did not tell us that it was going to be a Toll Road. He was shocked and so was I. So while they were gathering support for it, they hid this most important little fact, that it will be so pricey that thousands of Marylanders will not really be able to afford to use it to get to and from work. With the price of gas as high as it is and now to get hit up every day, each way by the legalized 'Highwaymen' from Annapolis? If you do not have the Corporate/Government 'EZ-Pass' tracking device on your car, it will cost you 3 bucks to take the ICC (each way). By the way, the Technology in those camera's at the beginning of the raod... they come right out of America's spy-planes, they can read your VIN number from 10 miles away (VIN's cannot be changed, license plates can). You don't get camera's like that without some kind of serious clandestine connections. Marylanders were not told that their tax money was going to be used to build a toll road; a road yes, a toll road no. Toll roads and the revenues from it are so easy to fake, steal, defraud get shakedown money from potential donors with deep pockets. that it is typically a great way for Politicians to funnel money to political cronies and Organized Crime. All this while the State Government (Democrat and Republican) has been in long talks with the 'Gaming industry' to bring in Legalized Gambling to Maryland. You talk gaming, you are often more often than not, talking Mafia; Russian, Chinese, Italian. What is happening in Maryland is not atypical. The real deep pocket and politically connected corporations and organizations (legal and illegal) are moving in. When they hear the words 'Privitization' they see dollar signs. ...And the poor man see's what little he has being taken away.

Greece: Default Likley

Status Of Flooded US Nuke Plant

GM Foods, GM Contamintion A Growing Threat

Farms Battle For Survival As Mo. River Floods

Devastating Floods Hit Colombia

Devastating Floods Hit Norway

Injuries In Jordan Clashes

Lebanon On Verge Of Crisis

Fires And Floods Threaten Parts Of Colorodo

New Wildfire In Arizona

IMF Hacked By 'Foreign Government'

Eritrean Christians Get No Break From Persecution
Islamic law makes Christains criminals. It is the old State Worship model of Rome. You must acknowledge and worship the state Gods or you are a criminal. From Agustus to Modern Eritrea, that is the model of satanic government. In a state with Sharia, the state religion is Islam.
"In Eritrea, Christians and evangelicals in particular are viewed as a threat to national security because of their allegiance to God before the state." - Christian Today
Why am I telling you this? Go back and read Revelation chapter 13. Compulsory State worship is going to make a global comeback and Islam is going to be very much part of it. What you are seeing in the Islamic world with so many Christians is a shadow of things to come.

And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. If any man have an ear, let him hear. (Rev 13:5-9)

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. (Rev 13:15)

Sen Graham: DOD Needs More Money... Lets Start Another War!
What you want to always keep in mind is just how much money our Senators, Secratary's of State, Defense Secretary's and Congressmen have in Defense Contractors stocks and who is paying their campaign bills.

AP Writes Propaganda Piece Defending Secret Meets, Mocking Concerned Citizens.
The Washington Post, didn't their owner attend these secret Confabs? If the devil wants to make a speech, he will call the MSM and have a press conference, his lies will be carried far and wide and have the air of 'respectability'. It is journalism like this that is taking America down the tubes. Take a look and find out why no major real issue will ever be discussed in our debates, if it isn't 'Corporate/Rich man' Sponsored. More here, and here. Remember when Bill Clinton went missing during his first run for President? Do you know where he was and the MSM would not tell you? A Bilderberg Confab. Let me ask you a question, should people be concerned about Presidents and those running for President, its industrial/political and media titans joining organizations started by Nazi SS officers? Why is it that the WP/AP thinks you are a 'kook' if you voice concern? Who or what is REALLY running the Washington Post/AP? I am not sure the whole story on the ownership and history of these organizations has been told to America. More here. To conclude, my impeccable sources have intimated to me (and they are in a very unique position to know) that the Nazi aspect to this organization is far deeper and menacing that is known, even on your more clued in 'conspiracy' sites. So take a word of warning here, this stuff is no joke and the labeling/name-calling (propaganda techniques) against those who ask questions as 'conspiracy theorists' is just that, a propaganda technique. I could go on and on about the WP but won't. If Goebbels were alive today, I think he would feel right at home there... except for the fact that US law says that those of Jewish descent cannot be denied employment on the basis of race. But given racist undertones of the new Party that is arising in America, even that will probably change one day. How prepared is America for a Nazi future? Given the rise of the Police State (the secret parts of the Patriot Act that Congress by Law cannot even tell you about), the constant wars (remember Nazi Germany started wars all over the world to 'protect German citizens') , growing racism in some of her mainstream political movements and nascent concentration camp system, I think she is just about ready for it: Black or White, Rich or poor, Christian or Jew. No one is marking what is happening to America while they sleep, fiddle with their gadgets, watch movies, get high and fornicate. But when they wake up it will be a living nightmare for millions... especially when the word 'nascent' is taken off the concentration camp system. Today it is Muslims, tomorrow it will be Christians and Jews followed by Blacks and Native Americans and as in Nazi Germany, just about anyone who had property that could be seized and stolen by the State for purely personal reasons by her elite. Don't laugh, the things happening with the Patriot Act that you're not hearing about would scare the pants off of you... if you were allowed to know about them.
You aren't and are never likely to be. In fact, I am not even sure Congress knows fully the depth of abuses, being too busy showing their wanker on the internet.

I know some of my readers get a little put off when I talk about the Rising Reich as I do. The only thing I can tell you is to once again look at the past. When Winston Churchill was making speeches about the Nazi menace long before Munich, he was listened to with at first polite disdain and then open scorn... even while the Nazi's grew more powerful and brazen. There is something about human psychology that refuses to acknowledge reality that the mind does not feel itself capable of dealing with it, so defense mechanisms are deployed in the mind to protect a delusion. Folks laughed at Churchill, that is until Hitler invaded Poland and WWII was well underway. Most of Britain had the 'ostrich syndrome' and it took a shock, a real one to get their heads out of the ground. It was only after that shock that they came to Winston to save Britain. Then the Nazi's bombed London. Had the Nazi's launched a land invasion, the Reich would surely have overrun the British Isles. Thank Hitler's loopy astrologers for that small blessing. I do not claim any kind of stature of a Churchill, but there are some in the House and Senate who are as alarmed at what is happening to America as I am, they dare not speak that concern in public lest their plane crashes en route to campaign stop and their powerful enemies in the Reich with a long reach and deals with them permanently. Others are just told (not requested) to retire and not run again. No, those in power are not allowed to warn you of what they see coming but most are comfortable with it because they do not think Congress will ever be targeted for 'disappearances'. How wrong they are, they too can and surely will be dealt with, when they are of no more use.

Should I tell you about how much of the spying that concerns Americans online (as polls tell us) is a result of the Patriot Act (which is why Congress cannot write any effective legislation reducing the spying)? They will talk, babble, make noises and do nothing. The Patriot Act was modeled after Hitlers Enabling Act. My friends inside the government make apologies for this spying tech and are comfortable with it. Kill switches and spytech in just about all technology, (cars/computers/phones/medical technology/other consumer electronics and God knows what else and if it isn't in there now, it is almost certainly federally mandated [Patriot Act] to be in there before long) folks have no idea what the devil is doing behind the door of the Patriot Act because the government has made it a crime for you to be told! But far, far too many inside the government have been there for so long, I think they have, perhaps on some level lost sight of what it is like not to be on the inside; having lost a job, have a spouse who is very ill with no insurance, kids with disabilities, bills that pile up and politicians who constantly talk like the criminally insane about war in nations many Americans never even heard of. Our leaders and bureaucrats are just plain out of touch.

I am concerned because what I see coming to America will be so hideous that the only choice the ordinary people will have will be to die or revolt. Look what is happening in the Middle East, because one day here, the right to vote will be taken away or be so diluted and fraudulent as to be ineffective. Full belly's do not breed revolt, but hunger and poverty will do it, especially when the money that could be used for bread is used for arms and the instruments of internal repression. Need I point you to the fiscal disaster staring us in the face? Consider our President has ruled out any decrease in 'Security Spending', both at home (DHS) and abroad (DOD) but is talking about cuts to social programs... behind closed doors... in secret. Now anyone who knows me knows I am no revolutionary, in fact in many ways I am quite conservative. But I know evil when I see it, even if it puts on a sexy dress or makes promises of riches to come, comes on TV and tells me whatever lie they want me to believe today, or puts on a plastic 'Jesus' suit. Americans are being set up and it is not even slick anymore, it is so obvious it amazes me that so few do. The good news is that a fast growing body of Americans are seeing it. From the political left to the right, there is an awakening and the people need to begin to use what few legal tools they still have at their disposal while they can before even those are taken away and the only alternative is submit to this new satanic system and die slowly and painfully, or fight and hope that you and your children live. The world is rapidly changing and tomorrow's meal is not promised to you, Mr. and Mrs. America.

Christians, like myself will never fight, kill or do any harm. My calling is different as it is with all those who truly love God. They know whereof I speak. Nevertheless, violence and repression are never things we can support either. While I do think it is too late for America and Americans to save their freedoms, lifesytle and nation, it is not too late for them to save their souls, provided they are willing (truly willing) to take up their cross and follow Christ. We may have to be like those early German pastors who were the early victims of the Nazi Concentration camps, but it is better to die in Christ, that to live in satan and to be a Nazi, then or now is truly to be a satanist. Therefore fear not, men and women of God, satan and his half-wits cannot touch you until and only if God gives them leave. So let us not live in fear but in the knowledge that we have put our trust in a faithful creator, who loves his sheep... even unto his own death on the cross.

Like I told You Weeks Ago, E-Coli Genetically Engineered.
Who did it? This is a no brainer for regular readers of Watson's Web. The same ones who put Genetically modified Cholera in Haiti, The ones who made Swine Flu. They are engaged in a global campaign to use human populations as lab rats to test their latest satanic invention. That is right, the same ones who torpedod those oil platforms in the Gulf (there was more than one) and leaked all the oil, the same ones who were blowing up oil rigs across America and poisoned kiddies food with Melanine. It is as I told my readers so many times, the Conspiracy sites out there for the most part are not clued in and are not going to tell you anything that does not 'fit' into their pet theory. The truth is far darker and more dangerous. There is a war on now far away from the headlines but you are not being told about it. Your input is not desired, what is required of you is that you just sit and drink your beer (even it is is poisonend) and remain in your permanent state of stupor and electronically manipulated state of sexual excitement (porn). But having said all of that, I do not, however think it inconceivable that one day, in the not too distant future, than an armada of ships from many nations coupled with mobile missile systems and strange new weapons we have never heard of gets deployed to take out the Dragon and their mentally unstable leadership. In fact, I think it is becoming more and more of a necessity for the west. But as much as this is a lab rat test on humans, I also know that when this was happening to the US, it was also a test of political will, to see what, if anything we would do in response. I think the same thing is happening in Germany. They want to see just how far they can push Germany knowing full well the enormous economic potential damage that could happen if the Germans came out in the open with what they know. This too is as much part of the test as seeing how many 'foreign devils' they can send to a painful death. Silence is submission and right now, the Germans are pretty quiet.

To Get Anything Close To Truth, Go To The Arab World
All US mainstream journalism is very much wanting and should only be read with antisceptic gloves on, and your friendly lie detector turned OFF (lest you wake the neighbors and send their dogs a howling with its incessant, non-stop alarm) so many having succumbed to Secret laws/Agreements that prevent them from going against US policy. Don't bother to ask the Journalists, they are not privy to it. Only the Senior editors and owners know the rules an they do not necessarily have to be written down. It is why you will never hear any serious criticism of our policies on your nightly news broadcast. It is why you never see any pictures of the towns, villages, schools, Mosques, women and children we have bombed, blown up, torched and killed. Secret Laws and regulations prevent it. The job of the MSM is to cheerlead for the State Department and the DOD. Now, perhaps you can understand why the internet and the blogosphere is the main target these days. Copyright laws and special 'internet IDs' are going to destroy it because they are designed to. It will not matter if you are guilty of anything or not, they are working on a system that will shut down sites that tell truth to power without remedy or recourse. The internet is enemy #1 right now and they are doing what they can to destroy it and make it into a corporate money making tool... movies, porn, gambling and GovSpeak will be all you see on it if these guys have their way with a total surveillance capability that is already 95% in place. And I really do mean 95% in place. From your cars location (24/7), to phone records and location (24/7), computer hardware, to financial transactions, movie likes and dislikes, complete personal and medical history.... all are being surrupticiousaly tracked, collated and stored on all Americans along with much much more. But as I have told my readers time and time again, if you really want to know the future, study the past. For its mistakes are being repeated with razor sharp precision, making allowances for technological breakthroughs and sociological changes and all for a diabolical reason.

Syrian Refugees/Military Deserters Talk Of Atrocities
The scope of the repression in Syria is very great and while many are pushing Obama to do something the US is in no position really to start yet another war. With ongoing operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen... we cannot go to war on the world, though some of the 'loose nuts' in the DOD and Senate would love to and get rich in the process. What is Turkey going to do? Regional players must be very concerned about events there and if this continues, the Turks are just not going to be able to stand by, especially if the refugee situation gets out of hand. keep in mind that this is election time in Turkey and Turkey is appears to be flirting with the kinds of Fascism that is taking the rest of the Islamic world down. I do not know the answer to these questions but I will do one rare thing, as I really do not like sharing dreams here on this site, but this is one I will share. Let the reader discern for his or herself.

About two weeks ago, I dreamt I was called up by some kind of military officer (I do not think he was American but appeared to be allied with very closely with America), he was very high ranking. I was to do an important task. For some reason, I had no choice but had to go and at least listen to what he was going to tell me. I and three other very non-descript people were taken to some kind of bunker on an airfield. While I was in the car with the General (I was alone the others were not with me) he was explaining to me about an attack that was being planned for a very specific day and time. It was to be coordinated with others (who I am not sure), It was to be a surprise attack and only a few were privy to it. The only thing I was sure of was that Turkey was very much involved. While we were taken to the Bunker we were not allowed in and had to wait and watch for whatever was coming.

But is is only after the Lord showed me this dream did I begin to see things perhaps a little more as the Turks would see them. Think about it. They have trouble all along their southern periphery. In Syria... it is in a state of revolution and even if put down is likely to simmer for months and years to come. If it continues, they can reasonably expect a large influx of refugees and the west to dutifully forget about them once their plight leaves the headlines. In Northern Iraq it is filled with fanatics and criminals and to the Turks, the Kurds are just as big a menace as both, never having liked them. The Kurds have long been treated with discrimination and persecution for their ethnicity. Kurds in Northern Iraq are looking for an independent homeland (Kurdistan), an eventuality Turkey will prevent with force if necessary. Consider Iran, which also is in a state of political upheaval with arrests of high level officials an almost daily occurrence in a growing spat between Khameni and Ahmadinejad. While the situation is not likely to get out of hand, even if Ahmadinejad falls, such a change in regime can always bring in unexpected trouble especially in a nation where the Military has such a strong hand in power politics. Three nations to Turkeys' south and all three in some kind of turmoil, Turkey has a right to be proactive in its regional policy. Of the three, Syria is the newest and more threatening problem, especially of Assad falls and chaos rules in Damascus... then far more militant forces could conceivably come to power. But once again, whatever comes to power after Assad is not likely to be too friendly with America. America's 'hatred' for Assad and his crimes is mostly a front and a pose for the US Cameras as Syria is/was(?) reportedly a favorite destination for the CIA's rendition program. Syria is one of the most notorious places in the world in the 'arts of torture'. So what comes next is likely to be more virulently anti-American than what Syria has been in the past, For Syrians, unlike Americans, are politically astute and most as we have seen in news reporting, are most very courageous. I may not like the next form of government that comes (for I see a diabolical hand behind the unrest), but I can only admire a people who finally decide to throw off the shackles of oppression. I say the same for Egyptians, Bahraini's and others who have shown remarkable courage in the face of US backed regimes whose only purpose was to repress ordinary Arabs, rob them and use their countries for outsourced torture facilities..

Thus I see the entire region eventually turning into an Anti-American boiling pot as Turkey remembers the slights the EU gave her when she wanted membership and goes her own way in a foreign policy sense. Who wants to be shackled to a bankrupt group of squabbling bankers whose entire reason for existence is being bankrupted before their eyes anyway? The EU will soon be slitting each others throats before all is said and done and Turkey may find her place as a more stable and militarily strong regional player than as the 'colored boy' lackey of Europe.

Rommel's Afrika Corp Escalates War In Libya

...oops did I say Rommel? When one looks at the totality of the World War now underway, the comparisons are certainly not exact as back then there were clear good guys and bad guys. Nevertheless, historical comparisons are not morally or tactically 'over the top'. These days NATO members are at each others throats about what they can carve up and extract from Libya (booty) and have discovered that frankly.... there just ain't much there so all are trying to shift costs onto somebody else. Hence Gates diatribe a couple of days ago.

Why The US Will Remain In A Permanent State Of War
For the most part, the Generals first loyalty is not to the US, but to the contractors who will hire them after they retire. This is something that Mr. Panetta should change ASAP when he takes over the DOD. Prevent Generals from going over to these firms after they retire or making them wait for several years after retirement is an idea whose time has come. This will stop key decisions in weapons systems from being influenced by a future job offer from a large firm, something that is really driving much of our weapons procurement. When Hayden ran the CIA, he put the kaibosh on some of the contracting scams going on at the Agency. Folks who leave now have to wait several years before they can take a job with a contractor... by then all of the folks they networked with had either left or moved on to other jobs. This wise move did two things; it helped retention and it reduced those sweetheart contracting deals that did no one any good. The DOD... it is becoming nothing more than a fulminating bag of corruption who can plan and execute a frontal lobbying assault on Capital Hill and the Armed Services Committee for more money but cannot effectively fight wars
... witness three ongoing military disasters whose costs are always underestimated and whose budgets are always raised without so much of the bat of an eyelash. The Generals and contractors walk away with the cash, the taxpayer is left holding the bill and the soldiers come home with horrifying disabilities. I do not want to dishonor those who serve even if I take serious issue with our wars. Rather this Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and its vast money making operation is turning the world against us and bankrupting America. America can afford Social Security and Medicare. The problems is the DOD is taking more and more of a share our budget. the MIC slated to get increases while Congress talks about decreases for Social Programs. We spend as much money on arms as the REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED. Those on capitol hill are only talking about changes to social programs and only those folks who are willing to discuss cuts to both Social Security and Medicare are allowed to testify. The Military Industrial Complex is left untouched and money is often wasted. Meanwhile, our Congressmen are sending obscene pictures of themselves over the interet.

10 Things

Nuclear Crisis In Nebraska?

Christian Group: Last Of Ethiopian Jews Returned To Israel

Yemen Security Brief

Syria: Helicopter Gunships Fire At Protestors

Import Prices Rise
Weak dollar, high Asian demand blamed

Why Christians Must Reject Ayn Rand

Gates Blasts NATO

Drake Innocent Of 10 Spying Charges, Pleads Guilty To Smaller Misdemenor

Libyan War Costs Soaring

Syrians Flee To Turkey

ACLU Sues VA Over Misuse Of Funds/Property
With all the patriotic banter and pro-war cheerleading we hear from so many Americans, especially of the 'Fox News' variety, they tend to treat our returning veterans like something that fell out of the back end of the family dog. As a war veteran (Gulf War I) I am truly ashamed that this kind of thing is allowed to happen and that it takes a lawsuit to get someone off their bureaucratic backsides to correct it. These men and women served and need help.

Az. Fire Grows With No End In Sight
200 miles of roads closed

50 Wildfires Ignited In Georgia

Bilderberg Agenda: Global Power For The Rich
"Because the plan is to take down national sovereignty, impose drastic austerity measures, hold fire sales on national assets, consolidate wealth and power, and use an endless economic crisis as an excuse to usher in world government, a one-world currency, and a sprawling high-tech police state."
In broad strokes... that is the plan but it is being challenged by others and that challenge is quite significant. Be it known that the Bilderberg organization was started by an Nazi SS officer (more here) and is just one of the many tentacles of the Underground Reich. Why is it that we have seen former Nazi's at the head of the UN, high up in Christianity and as movers and shakers in banking? It is one thing to have one driving a garbage truck for the city or putting bumpers on cars at an auto factory, quite another to have them making major decisions in the halls of power. Look who attends these meetings, it will tell you a lot.... more than I can put out here on the net or hard working men like Alex Jones know about. For the most part, forget about that 'Illuminati stuff' for the most part it is a fire being stoked by winds blown by the real threat, the Underground Reich to keep your eyes off the ball and keep you delving deep into fables and away from what these men are working towards, a resurrection of what Nazi Germany really was supposed to be. I should probably repeat this too... Radical Islam and Nazi-ism are working together and always have. They have a dark American past as well as new partners as well.
Click over on the links, read and listen to the MP3's... and don't be offended. This is stuff the rich and powerful would rather you ignore, mock and laugh at while they steal your pensions, blow up nations and lock folks away without trial or any legal recourse.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.
(Joh 8:44-45)

Herein we can discern the spirit behind others. Lies and murder are of the devil. Take heed brethren for all liars will be cast into the lake of fire (rev 21:8) and those who tell them change their parenthood, renounce the divine birthright and shackle themselves to the greatest liar and murderer in the universe. Now perhaps you can understand why the Lord emphasized that only a few would ever enter into life and the vast majority of the human race willingly chooses the ways and paths of death. Look around our world for man is busy finding new and better ways to slaughter, torture and repress his brother using lies and murder to do it with. For a short while longer, the kingdoms of this earth still belong to satan, but one day soon that will change. However, before that, tremendous and horrendous judgments will fall on earth that will just about make mankind extinct. Let all who name the name of the Lord understand this as we watch the world fall into confusion, chaos and violence. God has a most serious controversy with man and the stakes are eternal.

The Power Struggle In Tehran

War On Drugs: US Can't Justify Spending
A sizable portion of the Money goes to DynCorp, Lockheed & Raytheon according to the article. This war is just another scam to make beltway bandits some cash and use repressive laws here at home to subject the poor to brutality and make money off of them as prison slaves. Even the Secretary of State affirmed as much recently. Are the contractors the only one making big bucks? No, Wall Street is raking it in laundering the drug money! How much are we spending on a known failure? Now you understand why Obama and Holder fight things like Medical Pot. It takes away the 'crime' that feeds these massive defense contractors budgets. They are going to fight tooth and nail to keep the Drug War going because it may not be their 'bread', but it us surely the 'butter' they put on it. This war is more about contracts and the billions spent 'fighting it' than anything else. The more the fight 'fails', the more money the contractors make. Next time you hear someone defend the WOD, find out how much these contractors are sending into their bank accounts.

US Increases Air Strikes, Drone Attacks In Yemen

US Backed, Anti-Democracy Crackdown In Bahrain Continues

Pakistan: 24 Killed In US Airstrikes

Egypt Staves Off 'Revolution Of The Hungry'

Alaska Hit By Wildfire, 17,000 Acres Burned

Arizona Fire Burns On

Montana Town Floods 2nd Time In Two Weeks

Federal Agents Bust Down Door Over Student Loan
Dept. Of Ed says bustdown about criminal investigation, not default

US Prisons: Solitary Confinement For 40 Years

Fukushima, Oceans And Fish

China Floods Displace 100,000

Inflation Doesn't Just 'Happen'

Flood Concerns Continue As Iowa Levee Fails

GOP May Be Moving Towards A 'Technical Default'
Interesting development. The real key is that the GOP wants to destroy Medicare and Social Security. They will force Obama to choose between paying for our wars or paying Social Security checks and not allow us to cease servicing the debt payments. How this plays out politicially remains to be seen as nothing so far is set in stone. But keep this in mind; No one on either side of the Aisle is talking about meaningful Defense cuts so the only place where the kinds of deficit reductions can happen is in Social Security and Medicare. But savings will only go to the DOD (despite what they tell you) and if the only way they can get more money over to the Beltway Bandits who control the DOD is to start another mindless war, then that is exactly what they will do. Have the lunatics taken over the asylum? No, they have always run it. They just have not been taking their medication and the true depth of their disorder is just beginning to show. What is the name of the disorder?
Krieg über alles!
(translation: War over everything!)

Forced Labor Complaints Soar In Burma

High Levels Of Radiation Found Near Tokyo
I told my readers right after the scope of the disaster was being told us that what is really at stake is the fate of the Japanese race. This is not an exaggeration, it is being echoed in the halls of power. Some of the things I have been told in private I have not posted because it would really make people afraid and there is not much we can do about it. In Japan... what can I say... the news just keeps getting worse and the government just keeps on spinning tall tales for the population. In the meantime, we in America are being told our own 'tall tales' about how safe our plants are. The Nuclear power industry has a lot of 'power'... politically speaking. MSNBC, CNBC, NBC... all owned by GE. of course, GE is big into Nuke power. GE's head sits on The NY Fed and advises the President. So We will have to wait for that 8.0 to hit Southern California to get our own batch of two-headed babies and skyrocketing cancer rates and dead zones that cannot be inhabited for 20,000 years.

GOP To Run Fake Democrats To Evade Recall
Reminds me of the words of JFK-
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable".
While most Americans blind themselves to the changes happening to millions of Americans, the poverty bus will stop by your house one day too and pick up all riders, willing or no. Burying ones head in the sand isn't going to stop the poverty bus from arriving at your pad. It will just make its coming to your home more of a shock, when the Sheriff comes and kicks you out into the street and you mutter under your breath that this is only supposed to happen to other people... on the other side of the tracks. Those who are getting their salaries from the State or are on some kind of public assistance are the most vulnerable. This thing in Wisconsin is about unions and where the budget axe is going to fall. It is a debate that is being conducted in a great many state legislatures sometimes in public, other times in secret. No matter, there are going to be some big, big losers in the months ahead and for many it will be certainly be the 'poverty bus'.
All aboard... stops in the Ghetto, Skid Row, Hooker Alley, Dope Street or County Jail...

In this economy... it can happen to anyone... ANYONE.

Housing Affordability Still A Major Problem
Nearly 20% of Americans pay half of income on shelter

More Chinese Christians Arrested

The Plan Revealed In Panic: Global Currency System

Drones Continue To Pound Pakistan, Kills 21

Key US Cybersecurity System Comprimised

Az. Fires Close Roads Around State


Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not. Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee? Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.
(Mat 25:41-45)
I find it most interesting that the Lord put this passage at the end of his Olivet Discourse that deals specifically with the return of our Lord and Savior. After the prophecy the Lord does not go into a long question and answer session with this disciples or starts naming dates and nations of the end times. No, he rather, as he always does, hits us where the rubber meets the road. What do I mean by that? I mean that in a car with 500hp, 6 speed transmission and can put out 600ft/lb of torque, if the wheels never hit the road, it does nothing but spin its wheels... it isn't going anywhere. That is like so many Christians. They are spinning their wheels and are not going anywhere spiritually. They want mysteries and miracles but do not want to apply the principles the Lord gave us to the road of their lives. The Lord shows us what it takes to get into the kingdom and not get cast out, as so many do by deceiving and deluding themselves into thinking they are going to get in. This passage shows us one clear way to get tossed out. By not helping Christians who are in need; the refugee, the prisoner, the impoverished. As I watch this entity in America that has the temerity to call itself Christianity stir up enormous hatred for real Christians worldwide with its support for endless war and endless killing, I watch hundreds of thousands of Christians turned into refugees where many fled to Damascus and now are being forced to return because of the unstable situation in Syria. Why did this happen? Because millions upon millions of 'Christians' put men like Bush into office. Now they want to absolve themselves from any responsibility for what they have done. Most are utterly unrepentant. They would rather send a cruise missile or a killer drone to Iraq than a care package. The same holds true for Christians in Pakistan, who are being persecuted while we lob drones into villages, killing men, women AND children. I say these things because they are important and the deceptions of our age are ensnaring millions of well meaning but spiritually (and politically) ignorant Christians. Lacking wisdom (another key part of the Olivet discourse see the parable of the 10 virgins; 5 WISE, 5 Foolish) is another key reason many will not enter into the kingdom. I say these things specifically to shame those who have misused the gospel and their places in the Church to support evil as well as those who lacked the wisdom to discern it. I also say this so that some of you will take some time and really find a ministry who helps the helpless, cares for those brethren who have been badly used and know that at the end of the age, this fact alone will count a lot more in the Lord's eyes than scripture memorization, writing a christian bestseller or having thousands come flocking to hear you speak.


225 Sq. Miles On Fire

E. Coli: Germany Still 'Officially' Baffled Over Origin
Unofficially, they have a pretty good idea where and who it came from. Do you remember the story about the spate of missing microbiologists? Let me tell you that some of them were kidnapped and are being forced to do work for governments to create bio-weapons. They are well treated, housed, cared for... as long as they work, knowing that they can never leave. Ever. Why were others killed? As often as not, to deny the US its future capabilities in this realm.

Drake Prosecution Smacks Of Overkill
This is an excellent piece that shows you just how deep the disconnect from reality is in this administration. The real criminals who steal classified data are not prosecuted. Obama, who claimed to want a more open government when he wanted to deceive you into voting for him has been much harder on so-called 'whistleblowers' than Bush. The whole tenor of his prosecutions show a man who not only opposes openness, but who has bent over backwards to place the stamp of approval on secret government and secret laws which more and more are there to to hide criminal acts done in the name of 'national security'.  Let me give you just a small tidbit of the kinds of things going on far from the lapdog press. There is a prosecutor who used the 'Patriot Act' provisions to get intimate personal details of a nude centerfold model, probably to blackmail her into bed. How? Call her a 'terrorism' suspect because she has nice boobs, get all of her records and put her under surveillance. Other federal officials who used it to spy on wives and girlfriends. The abuses are so many (and on going) the FBI spends more time investigating the wrongdoing of Federal officials than terrorism cases.  Lets look at the Bradly Manning case, the 'consensus' is that he is guilty and he has been shabbily treated by our leaders. But the reality I am hearing from some interesting sources is that Manning is a RED HERRING and that others are the real culprits and that Manning may or may not have even known what he was doing. Others who have deep pockets and are politically connected were probably responsible for all of those leaks, but Manning is easy prey, the real culprits are not. Not unlike the torture scandal (Abu Ghraib) where low ranking NCO's who carried out the LAWFUL orders of the Generals were prosecuted and the Generals who gave the orders got promoted. Now you know why it is taking them so long to try him... he just may be innocent of the more egregious charges. We are entering a time in America where innocence is no longer enough to keep you out of jail or a concentration camp and that dear readers is exactly where some dark players behind Obama want to take America... for the next President to abuse without democratic accountability.

IPv4 Address Hogs
The IPv4 crisis is one that the US government is creating with its incestuous relationships with big corporations. IPv6 is being pushed and pushed hard by our spook community for reasons that I think have a lot to do with the Patriot Act. I want to point out that when the NSA says 'security' they do not mean your security, but that of GovCorp and its insiders, partners and bureaucrats. How do they ensure it? By spying on YOU, whenever you hear the NSA say 'security', always keep that mind. Do you get the impression that the Government was overly generous with Ipv4 addresses to the major corporations/defense contractors to create the current 'crisis' to compel adoption of IPv6? Consider this one before you think I have gone off the deep end. XP users can turn off Ipv6 completely. Vista and 7 cannot (no matter what those check boxes tell you in the OS). BTW, it is nearly impossible to get an XP box made these days and you surely cannot buy one off the shelf.
There is a reason why so much of the Patriot act is secret, to hide the unconstitutional and criminal acts of our intelligence community and those they have gotten in bed with.
Take a hint, some brave folks are trying to wake up the slumbering masses and these are not your ordinary Senators. They sit on the Intelligence committee and know whereof they speak.
This domestic spying thing is very, very much bigger than 99% of Americans can even imagine, let alone know about.

Saudi-Iran Feud Draws Religious Line Thru MENA Oilfields

Sinking Bank Stocks Signal Big Trouble
You really should listen to this guy, he is no lightweight and was one of the very few who correctly (and actually) called the last breakdown.

Greece: Nation Seeths Under New Austerity Measures

All On Board The Bilderbus
All the rich fatcats will be there attempting to carve up the earth for profit. One prominent politician is calling for the arrest of Henry Kissinger. Hey, if they can go catch Ratko, Henry is fair game. If these leaders of ours are really bent on building a better world under international systems, they need to stop coddling and rewarding war criminals, handing them big budgets and granting them privileged access and protection. For years, Henry K was a secret adviser to the Bush administration with his own office. Yet the MSM never mentioned this inconvenient truth, but his influence was easy to discern.

Texas Pneumonia Deaths Increase To 106

US And China On Collision Course

Mushrooms And Breast Cancer
Science is catching up to alternative medicine every day.

Man Ordered At Gupoint To Hand Over Vid
He was filming the police killing a man in a hail of gunfire and was arrested for this act. Two days later the police 'find' a gun in the car they shot up.

Fukushima: When The Bottom Falls Out... Literally
...meanwhile, radioactive particles are no longer blowing out to sea, but rather towards Tokyo

Hijacking The Holy

...Have You Heard The One About A Homeowner Foreclosing On A Bank?

China Accuses US Of Launching 'Internet Bomb' On ME
, Decries Hacking Accusations
Well, I plead partially guilty on this one as I suspected that the latest attack on Lockheed was by those highly competent Chinese hackers. I was wrong. The latest attack was launched from within the US by a well connected US entity with extremely deep pockets whom both parties will look towards for campaign donations. The DOD, apparently playing into the China angle, released a statement that did not specifically name China but was meant to throw blame in that direction and protect the guilty. But the Chinese have been extremely quiet the past several months as they have their own troubles to deal with, not least of which is inflation and fear (paranoia is a better word for it) of democracy movements taking hold on working Chinese. This kind of scapegoating does no one any good and makes relations between China and the US more difficult. When China was guilty of a whole lot more than a few hacks the DOD said nothing, now when China isn't guilty , they want to cast a dark shadow of suspicion in their direction. Will there be prosecutions into this hacking by US entities of highly classified Defense systems? I thought Joe Biden called that 'terrorism'? News Flash: It is only terrorism when you aren't stuffing the Christmas stockings of America's top politicians.

The Refugee Crisis In Greece

Yemen's President Wounded In Fighting

Why Is NATO In Libya

Did not the Third Reich Steal the money of nations it invaded? Go back and read your history. Clearly someone in Greece has. Go and read your history. Whole nations treasuries were looted once the Reich's storm troopers moved in.

China Arrests More Christians

Deadly E. Coli Outbreak In Germany
While the article states the Germans do not know the source (true),  all indications are that this is a Genetic Bioweapon. They just are not sure who did it. You can find a little more here.

CIA: Military Coup Possible In Greece

Yemeni Tribes On The March

Fukushima: 40% Of Refugees Show Internal Exposure To Radiation

Pakistan's Puppet Master Is The Real Enemy

Ex-Marine Shot Dead In Drug Raid hard drugs found, police initially lied about gunfire

Shakedown... German Style

Embed YouTube, Go To Jail
Once again these new copyright laws are designed to have a chilling effect on free speech. YouTube (love it or hate it) is one way activists and others get the word out to others.

Obama Hacks Away At Medicaid

$10 Billion A Month...

Rare Tornadoes Hit Massachusetts
...4 dead.

US Strikes Kill Two Women, Five Girls And Seven Boys
Some of the kids were under two years old. I ask all of you (who name the name of the Lord) to make every attempt to discern the spiritual connection with these atrocities, which happen regularly in Afghanistan/Pakistan and the spate of disasters now hitting middle America. America will not get away with murder. Ask the Lord to give our leaders enough sense to stop these wars and fix some of the deep problems that face us back home with wisdom, vision and mercy. This kind of killing and assassinating must stop. The problem is that NATO, America, Obama and those who voted for him are too arrogant and do not think the Lord will hold them fully accountable for what they have done.
Brethren in Christ, stain not thy hands with innocent blood!

Statistical Lies: Jobs And Unemployment Rates

The real unemployment rate courtesy

Clooney's Satellite Project Documents War Crimes

"...They Shall Reap The Whirlwind"
Speculative but informative.

Nazi's Make A Comeback In Egypt

UN Feeds 45,000 Displaced People In Abyei
Some see China as the real culprit in this crime as this region is, or more accurately WAS oil rich.

Pakistan Gears Up For Offensive In Waziristan

Fuel Crisis In Kuwait

Worse Than A Bush 3rd Term?

World On Edge
A discussion with Lester Brown that is most interesting. I tried to get this audiofile for this site but permission was not easy to obtain. The Interviewer was pleased to pass on the above link however to me and my readers. It is my hope that many of you will take some time to hear what he has to say as it will help to to understand some things that are sure to transpire over the next couple of years.

Yemen, Somali Crisis Review
While I am not particularly fond of the neo-conservative politics of this organization, they do have some excellent information and background to key situations in the world.

Aquifers And Revolutions
An interesting piece. Read this and see which nations are having trouble with food production and where today's revolutions are. This could be a good template to see where revolutions will come tomorrow.

Hunger Crisis Worsens

Is Obama Above The Law?

Enabling A Future American Dictator
Laws are important. If our leaders are no longer restrained by them they become defacto dictators. While many will go to sleep on this and allow Obama to get away with this, the real question is... who follows him?

Abyei Sitrep

Hacking 'Act Of War'

Do you get the clear impression that the hacking attempt made over the weekend was by a foreign power and that it was far more 'penetrating' that our officials acknowledge? I have talked long and often about this issue and for many reasons, I have been rather silent about it. What I can say is that there are not many nations who have the wherewithal to do what was done on Friday and none of them speak English as a first language. Statements such as this are designed as an opening savlo in a war that could get hot and heavy very much sooner than you think. What they are really saying is that the US is willing to take this war out of the shadows and into a hot war if it continues.

Eastern China Serial Explosions Cause Deaths
Gov't buildings targeted. China bans reports on incidents.

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