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pdfPolitical And Economic Review #2
This issue is mostly about American oil and leadership. It is a 30 page overview of America's oil situation.

pdfPolitical and Economic Review
The first in a new series of secular articles. One way to support this site is to get a copy of these inexpensive reports (click link aboue). Another is to hit the donate button.


 - What I See...

A quick look a(15 pages) ot some trends I see and don't see. Trends in the economy, trends in 'people control' and spiritual matters

 - Collision Course

Each and every passing day, we who know Christ can see our nation is on a collision course with God. On a number of fronts the nation has just decided to set its face against the God who blessed us and move its spiritual foundations towards the spiritual foes of both God and man.

 - Special Report: Watson's Economic Crisis Report 


This issue of my new series of paid reports deals with the ongoing global economic crisis. Its about 40 pages and deals with a wide range of issues that face the western world. This touches on America's decline, Obama's new Treasury pick, the ongoing debt crisis, the Fed and Treasuries debt monetization operations, currency wars, scenario's for major troubles in China, Europe's ongoing crisis and ...

 - 3 Short Commentaries


Entitled Not Afraid, Tough Decisions and Job's Sufferings. God will take care of his people. Just make sure brothers when its our time to pass over our own spiritual 'river Jordan', that we make our deaths count for something, that being Christ. If we are to die as Christians for the gospel and the word of our testimony (Rev 19:10, 12:17, 12:11), let us rejoice because we have long and honorable heritage of those who went before us.

 - Lamentations Are Coming 


I think we as Christians need to keep in mind and prepare our souls for what is really coming. Mr. Leal has done a good job of laying out that a time of great sorrow will sweep America.

 - The Curse 


When a nation decides to put the stamp of approval on those things God hates, it invites a curse. And be certain of this, without some real soul searching repentance, a curse is what is going to hit us. America has enjoyed prosperity like no other nation on earth. Military power like no other nation on earth. Good will and diplomatic strength like no other nation on earth. Why? We as a nation respected ...

 - I Have A Dream Vs. I Have A Drone 


I think it should be noted that while some people will say they find something 'highly offensive' when they do not really mean it, I want to make clear that I really do mean it, it is personally highly offensive to compare Dr. King and President Obama. If a person wants to worship Obama and idolize him, that is their business, not mine. But before anyone attempts to cast dispersions on Dr. King by ...

 - Mali: Africa Must Take The Lead 


This crisis in Mali... first off, this is not just 'another war'. This is a very serious and potent threat to African continental security.

 Watson's Economic And Political Review (WEPR) #2 


This issue is mostly about American oil and leadership. It is a 30 page overview of America's oil situation and new claims that America will one day surpass the Saudi's in Oil production and become energy independent. The question is an extremely important one and could really alter the whole geopolitical landscape... if true. Are these claims real and credible? Are there any problems with them? This ...

 - Watson's Economic And Political Review (WEPR) #1 


This is going to be bad news for many of my readers, but a small portion of my secular writings are going to have to go pay. I have done a pretty good job with this update (if I do say so myself!) dealing with issues that I know many care about. Namely Iran and what a war or 'regime change' is likely to bring about, the EU crisis and how the ongoing economic crisis could deeply effect the US. Keep ...

 - The Holiday Season 


Christmas has been a matter of some controversy for a number of reasons. First off, one of the few things we can be certain of about Christmas is that Christ was not born on December 25th, or anywhere near it. When was Christ Born? We do not know, though some scholars have said that it was more likely an event that occurred in the Fall, though the evidence for this is rather scant. What we do know ...

 - There Is A Generation... 


What does it mean to live in our times, having been touched by God's spirit and understanding what God requires of us? It means that we are going to have a hard time fitting in with the current generation. This is the way it should be, since we are of a very different heritage. The scriptures talk about times like ours and what kinds of people will inhabit the earth just before Christ returns. We ...

 The Way Back 


For many of my readers, the way back to God is the road you are on. Many of you have fallen away and for whatever reason, personal tragedy, hard times or just a dissatisfaction with worldly 'satanic' living that did not make you nearly as happy as you thought it would. I find it interesting that so many people here in America have just about everything and yet are totally miserable. I am struck by ...

 - What's Expected Of Son's And Heir's 


What should we as Christians should be doing in these times? As these days grow darker and increasingly rejects Christ and genuine Christianity, we who wish to get into the kingdom must know what God wants us to do. What does God expect of us, we who are determined no matter what comes, to get into God's kingdom and avoid his holy wrath, which I bear witness, is coming to this world and will usher ...

 - In The Kingdom Of The Blind 


Today, it is extremely important that we know what is happening in our world, particularly from a prophetic standpoint. Why? The return of Christ is our blessed hope. God spoke clearly and insistently that we are to be watching and ready for our Lords return. Yet as I speak to Christians, I just don't see any level of spiritual discernment in their lives or minds Mind you there are always some exceptions ...

 - We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Broadcast To Bring You... 


But when it comes to the times and seasons and understanding them, Christians I know as well are floundering. They are often confused and unsure about what to believe. They listen to their pastors, read the news, but more and more are seriously questioning both. This is a good thing at least as a first step, but often leads to confusion, depression and can lead to apostasy. Why? Because such Christians ...

 - Culling The World's Population 


Yes, there is a plan afoot to reduce the human population. Most of the plan is hidden in plain sight.

 - Political, Economic And Spiritual Review (Summer 2012) 


Fifty-three pages that looks at several issues facing our world today. From the economic crisis to food and eugenics to Syria as well a look at what a Mitt Romney Presidency may look like.

 - Judge Not! 


...Lest ye be judged.

 - The Blessings Of Obedience 


Has the devil fooled you into thinking you can be saved and not obey the Lord?

 From Another World 


Christians, real ones that is, must conduct themselves as though they are from another world. A real Christian, is not of this world but of the Kingdom of God and his Christ.

 - From The North 


A prophetic look at the Arctic. The Arctic you ask? Yes the Actic and how it may relate to Babylon's fall.

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 Paradigm Shift: Capitalists & Dissenters

Emerging Viruses - Dr. Horowit untrz

- Lo-fi version here

Think You Have Property Rights?

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A very interesting Presentation on War Crimes in Vietnam

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The Mafia, CIA And Bush


Watson's WebAnd the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. 
- (Hab 2:2)

For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed. He is near that justifieth me; who will contend with me? let us stand together: who is mine adversary? let him come near to me. Behold, the Lord GOD will help me; who is he that shall condemn me? lo, they all shall wax old as a garment; the moth shall eat them up. Who is among you that feareth the LORD, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, that walketh in darkness, and hath no light? let him trust in the name of the LORD, and stay upon his God.
(Isa 50:7-10)

This is a messianic passage/prophecy that foretold of the sufferings of Christ. It is also a prophecy for all of the seed of promise (Jew and Gentile) who fear God and obey his commandments (1John 3:23). We who are Christians are not under any kind of condemnation, not anymore (Romans 8:1). But our burden, if you can call it one, is a light one (Matt 11:30), it is to continue to obey God and do the things he calls on us to do. For many of our brethren in the Middle East it means that they must be persecuted for or even die for their faith in Christ. Brothers, we in the west will feel the fires of persecution as well one day, so let us remember the persecuted while we have comfort and God may remember us in the day of our  trial and lighten our burdens and tribulations. We must not shirk our responsibilities in Christ and one of the first is to never deny him, under any circumstances. For if you deny him, Christ's promise is that he will deny you (Matt 10:23).

Therefore we as Christians must set our face like flint (as in the above verse) and not be turned aside to the left hand or the right and stay on the path to life. We must have the attitude of Paul the Apostle who said, I know in whom I have believed.

For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.
(2Ti 1:12)

So brothers, let us press on. No matter how mundane our lives may seem, do your best at whatever task God has given you to do. We may have days or weeks when we not feel particularly spiritual. We may be working overtime in a bank reviewing a long backlog of loan forms or in the backroom at a department store preparing to return a shipment of broken glassware back to the manufacturer and someone lost all the paperwork. God knows your situation, he asks us to do the best job we can because as Christ said, he that is faithful in little is also  faithful in much. So do your best with the little things and God will promote you to bigger things. But above all, remember your spiritual heritage and set your face like flint to get into the kingdom of heaven no matter what. Have faith in God, really listen when he is talking to you. You who know him, have the Holy Spirit dwelling in you listen to his still small voice.

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.
(Isa 30:21)

Finally brethren, remember this in your walk. We sons and daughters of God are going to be held to a much higher standard than the lost world around us in our behavior by God. Because we are sons and not bastards, God will often chastise us, not out of hate but out of love. Sometimes God will call us home before our time as a chastisement so that our souls will be saved when we have erred greatly (1Cor5:5). This is not done out of hate or anger, but out of his great and eternal love for us. So if you have errred and are being chastised, know that it is because he loves you. If you are going without correction, you had better make sure you are one of his.

For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness. Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.
(Heb 12:6-11)


Recent Headlines
pdfNew!! Watson's Economic And Political Review: Earth Trends
This is not another paper about Global Warming. Rather, it discusses many other trends in the earths ecosystems that are in crisis and sadly are not being talked about much in the Mainstream. A lot is talked in this paper: desertification, dead zones, radiation, Colony Collapse Disorder and GMO's as well as other issues that are more urgent than the Global warming debate that our elite are talking about.

These changes have enormous prophetic significance. We fool ourselves when we don't delve into these matters with some determination to get to the bottom of them. The scriptures are abundantly clear that the earth will change significantly as we move into and through the last days just before Christ's return. Just like clockwork, with all of the other prophecies lining up just as foretold, so are the earth changes or better named 'earth judgment' prophecies lining up just like the Bible said they would, with large swaths of the oceans dying off, the earth warming, and a wide range of new pestilences that are hitting not just humans, but the world's food supply that are widely unreported to the masses. Our world's ecosystems are under attack and I use that word very carefully.

For those without the hope of Christ, there will be no hope. The earth and the life systems thereon are going to get to the point of near extinction. So says Christ (Matt 24:22) and it is only because God intervenes to shorten the days that keeps all flesh (animal life) from becoming a thing of the past. Mankind's future is not evolution, what we have here is de-evolution;  man will not 'evolve' into anything higher than a self destructive disease (the end result of his sinfulness) that the worms that will consume, those vile but busy creatures who await the royal festival that awaits fallen mankind as he careens towards self destruction willingly and with great scientific engineering skill... all for money. The epitaph of lost man should read, died of violent insanity - he wasn't happy until he killed everything that lived for a dollar bill. He killed his brother in wars, his children with drones, his fish with radiation, his animals with growth hormones, his people with GMO's and drugs, his ecosystems with super secret bio-weapons targeting his agricultural production and jailed those who cried out about these evils.  God made a mistake when he made man and tells us so in the book of Genesis, yet he still deeply loves the race of men who are made in his image.

As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.

And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.
(Gen 6:5-7)

I do not think there are more important issues out there, not even wars than the kinds of changes taking place in the world's ecosystems and oceans, most of them man made. The only issue of greater importance is man's need to get himself correct with the God of all things. Dump the sin, embrace righteousness; love and respect life (all life) and reject the ways of death that man has fallen so deeply in love with.

This secular report (no prophetic observations are in it) is $7 via Paypal. I keep it cheap so all of my readers can afford it but remember, this is how this ministry supports itself.

Broad Misconduct: IRS Targets Pro-life Groups For 'Special  Treatment'
The President is doing his best to pretend he did not know and it looks like he has taken his acting lessons for making 'shock and horror' faces, doing his best to get us to believe he did not allow or even direct this activity. Congressional hearings on Friday revealed that Church's as well were also targeted by this administration. Has the IRS  become the 'Prayer Police'? Many of my readers wonder why I do not have 501(c)3 status and frankly, shun religious organizations that do have it, this is one reason why. With that status you basically make Ceasar your head and must obey specialized regulations that prevent you from preaching against state policy. This is only actually enforced when no one is looking and usually with smaller organizations who are not 'in step' with America's multi-billion dollar, politically connected 'religion business'. But many have been harassed.

But this President is truly the architect of this evil. I think I have told my readers that his staff has been working on proposals to take away 501(c)3 status for Churches who do not endorse of perform gay weddings. So don't let him fool you about what he really thinks about Christ-centered Christianity as opposed to the satan-centered variety that are misnomered 'Churches' that this President attends. When you take money from Sodom, your policies will reflect the Gomorrite's morality. And all of those people in new-Sodom are being driven by satan to attack real churches in America and they are using Obama to do it with. That is why there is and will be such a push on this. This is what money gets you when you buy a President. Always remember who your real enemy is, not these deceived minions who unwittingly carry out the devils wishes, but the devil himself. Once you understand that, what follows is never a mystery.

Nixonian? Yes, I am sad to say that this President is very much so, but that winning smile and high melanin content just keeps folks fooled as to what he really is all about.  This is the guy who put hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters behind bars and can't find the courage to put the banks who screwed up the global economy behind bars... guys who swindled the world out of trillions of dollars.

Only someone who is severely mentally challenged, just refuses to deal in reality or been locked away in a cave these past 5 years can't see who this guy is working for...

...and against.

It is so sad because this guy could have really been a great President if he had kept his promises from 2008. Like closing Guantanamo, holding torturers accountable, renegotiating NAFTA, holding those who wrecked the economy accountable (no one of any significance has gone to jail from the big TBTF banks, just more bailouts), holding our civil liberties dear with regards to the Patriot act and stopping all the spying. THESE ARE THINGS HE PROMISED and instead he became a worse than Bush and committed impeachable offenses while in office.

Unlike my fellow African American voters, I am not "blinded by the Black" and I know a Black man who is a tool for the elite against their own people (often referred to as 'Uncle Tom's)  when I see one and am not afraid to call it like it is even if it is unpopular to an increasingly brainwashed, bamboozled and stupefied Black America. All of his key Cabinet picks are from the same old 'White Men's Only' club we would expect from a Reagan or a Bush. Obama has turned out to be a nuclear weapon against our civil liberties and any degree of accountability in our increasingly criminalized Federal Government. The only time he does anything remotely right  is when he is publicly embarrassed and it might effect his legacy, like this IRS scandal. Then and only then can you pull him away from his White House parties with the Hollywood jet set to do the right thing.

Understand here, this is not just a rant against Obama, but against those who so shamelessley refuse to hold him accountable and put 'Black' and "Gay Sex" above right and wrong and their own basic freedoms. This kind of support... it's like two  guys having gay sex in a limousine that is on its way to a prison camp. The two occupants are too busy 'getting in on' to pay attention to where the Limo is heading. Black folks? Just put a cloth over their eyes, it will do the trick. One guy says, 'has everything gone Black? The other one says "Yes, but it must be OK, Black's where its at!" All while sitting in the back of the bus (no limo's for the brothers) that pulls up to the same camp and are met by guys with a swastika on their armbands and are told to work making bombs to kill poor people or their fate will be an oven or gas chamber. There they will find thousands of others slaving away who were also disappeared in system that is already 70% in place with ever expanding definitions for who can be deemed an enemy of the state.

Obama is just one cog in a wheel of deceit and corruption that is Washington DC. This corruption knows no race, no party, no gender and no religious affiliation. DC is a cesspool of evil and corruption and one day soon the money-system that funds it is going to dry up and severely restrict the evil it has, is and plans on doing.

 And to me, that is a very, very good thing. But a far better thing would be to clean it up before God pulls back the covers and begins to seriously judge this nations reprobate population and its leaders and disclose all of the innocent blood it has shed in the open and in secret, often RIGHT HERE on American soil. This is called repentance and this nation is having NONE of it.

Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.
(Isa 26:20-21)

Fukushima Radioactive Plume Heads To California

Washington Signals Deep Dollar Concerns
A former Asst. Secretary for the Treasury and editor for the WSJ lays it all out for you. Things are NOT well in the land of American finance and recent events portend some serious issues not being discussed in the American Mainstream

High Tech Means No End To Workday
iPhone should be renamed the 'slavephone' because for many in corporate America its always 'da massa' that's calling.

1:16AM (ringtone) "Yassa' boss...I za gettin' ready to login right now..."

Escalation: Russia Sends Modern Arms To Syria
They could prove troublesome if the US tries to launch airstrikes in Syria.

AQ Takes Over Syrian Oil Fields
What was and the US thinking when it decided to support Assad's ouster? I mean really? I maintain that Islamism is what this administration is really working towards in the Middle East. Maybe a kinder gentler version of it, but Islamism nonetheless. Everywhere we turn where the US has supported Regime Change, varying degree's of Islamism has been the result, look at Libya and Egypt and even Iraq, where Christians were forced to flee.... to Syria or wind up being killed and dumped in a mass grave that the US would never investigate.

Syrian Orthodox Church Rocked By Sex Scandal

Israel On Syria: "Better The Devil We Know"
“Better the devil we know than the demons we can only imagine if Syria falls into chaos and the extremists from across the Arab world gain a foothold there.” - Sr. Israeli Intelligence Official

Pope Decries Cult Of Money And 'Golden Calf' Economics
Also will make Vatican Bank release first ever Financial report to the public and get outside auditors to go over books to prevent money laundering.

Wow! He did all that and is still walking around? God must be with him!!!

Pray for this Pope. To those of you who love to pass judgment and damn all Catholics to hellfire - Put away your Pharisee robes and pray for Catholics everywhere. Pray, don't judge and perhaps when you slip into error, God will send someone who will pray for you.

Reports Of US Army Official Who Ran Forced Prostition Ring
I have been telling you just how deep the rot is in the military. The ring was allegedly run by a guy who ran the sex abuse program at Fort Hood!

Clearly there is a deep breakdown in discipline going on that no one knew or wanted to know what was going on.

The moral decay that is rotting America from the inside out cannot help but deeply effect our military.

How America Destroyed Christianity In The Middle East
You can argue motive's and intentions all day long. Let's just look at the results of all of our wars and 'intervention'. We have done little more that aid the Islamists who we supposedly are fighting and now are arming in Syria.

US Economy: The Tragic Tri-fecta
Not great news for the economy.

China Overtakes US In Car Production
In 2009, China overtook the United States to become both the world’s largest producer of and market for motor vehicles. In 2012, assemblers in China sold 19 million vehicles, and forecasts project more than 30 million vehicles will be sold there in 2020. China’s increasing importance in this industry presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges for the United States. - CRS

Constitutional Protections: Is Obama Worse Than Nixon?
Yes he is, but not necessarily for the reasons given in many opinion pieces.  There is even more he is doing behind the 'great wall of secrecy' that no one can tell you about or he will send his faithful DOJ to harass and prosecute you.

Remember, they impeached Nixon and a few more major scandals coming out of the White House and Obama is going to be in very serious trouble, there  are a lot of people in his own party he has dis'd and believe me... they will remember.  Do read this one, it is pretty good and includes writers from the left and the right.

This one too is of passing interest even if the owner of the publication is an ardent Obama supporter.

Obama has gotten real arrogant and has ceased listening to anyone without a large checkbook and then only listens because he has to. Sooner or later, his real character will show itself in the future Nixonian decisions he will make.

Did I tell you about the time he told his staff that they need to walk backwards when they leave his office, like they did in the days of Kings and not turn their back when they leave his office? I'm telling you, this guy is 'out to lunch' with power.

His real problem is that those in his political base have not held him accountable for the evil he has done. They just close their eyes and he knows it, so he just becomes even more arrogant and drunk with power. Being victims of the 'melanin deception' or  'Blind Gay disease' there isn't anything he can do that his base won't support him on.   They just shut their eyes and plug their ears when he behaves like Richard Nixon reading from Mein Kampf.

The lack of informed people out there is a serious issue and the people out there with non-informed opinions is very frightening. You cannot have a democratic system that is ever going to work when 'ignorance' is the opinion most people have and willful ignorance is what people work for, not against. What I mean is, in our highly informationized society it takes work to be as ignorant as so many of my countrymen are. Work and a willful choice to NOT inform themselves.

"Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up already"
- The typical American voter.

I am not trying to be overly critical, but after a while you have to wonder if anyone is really paying attention to what is happening. Well, some really do have a clue. What follows (below) are some folks who do know and who have made a great film that interviews several Black activists you will never see in your corporate magazines and TV stations. Their message has not been approved by their owners, advertisers or affiliates at your billion dollar news organizations...

The More Effective Evil
"The White Establishments Perfect Weapon To Pacify the Black Community". A hard hitting documentary aimed primarily at the Black America who are still on their faces  worshiping in the temple of Obama and consider legitimate criticism of him and his policies a kind of 'blasphemy'.

Very good and hard hitting. Why is black America going backwards? Watch it and see.  This is not right wing propaganda. These Black men and women are from the political left and are telling you what Black Leaders can never tell you and keep their TV shows on Mainstream Media.

Canadian High Court: You Can't Patent Math
They'll probably try a new case t in the US next where they will probably win with the court now enthroned whose motto should be"He who hath the deepest pockets Winneth"

Can you imagine a world where the government patents math? Patents the letters of the alphabet? They already now patent seeds that are designed to die off so that the farmer is forced to buy more. One side says that anything that could have a monetary value should be patented. Me? Real inventions/technology that do no harm ALONE should be patented and some of them where the 'inevitability of discovery' is clear, should have very short patent lives.

Intellectual property rights are very important, they allow for more discoveries. But they can be taken too far and do a lot of damage to our economy if patents are abused. We need intelligent patent reform in the US.

But before that, we need to have a couple of Justices on this High Court removed.; asked to resign for 'health reasons' or be prosecuted for the things they have done and our Justice Department KNOWS they have done. The damage this court has recked on this nation is extensive, even it it is not told to the American people. Millions of dollars of foreign money heading to our elections by foreign intelligence services because of a horrible decision rendered by them and we cannot even track all of that cash? The  enemies of America are having a heyday getting secrets, buying votes, even pushing legislation that benefits them, not you and me. This court put a 'for sale' sign on America's door and essentially made it a crime to find out who is buying us up.

Patents? This is also a realm of economic warfare and a nation who can covertly get control of major US corporations (as has already happened) and get control of key patents can wreck havoc on whole sectors of our economy.

The Gold Story: Paper Versus Physical Metal
When is someone going to jail for selling gold they did not have? To my non-legal mind that is simple fraud. Yet no one is even talking about sending these banks to jail who were selling gold they did not have in their vaults and now cannot deliver to their clients.

This is why demand for paper gold had tanked and demand for physical has risen. I mean, who would pay $1500 for an ounce of banker 'charmin' when you were promised Gold?

Turks, Kurds Sign Oil Deal
Given the long standing hatred between the two, this is rather amazing. But Iraq is not going to be pleased. Washington and Iraq are going to go bonkers over this one as they do not want to see more autonomy for the Kurds whom Washington cannot control. The Kurds want their own homeland and do not want to remain in the nation of Iraq. The Turks as well do not want any kind of autonomy for the Kurds  but clearly see important benefits to owning some oil wells. Iraq believes it only has the right to make oil deals, the Kurds do not agree.

This could cause serious tension as the months roll by as the Islamic Kleptocracy of Iraq may do what they think necessary to put an end to any deal

Nigeria Declares State Of Emergency
Reason? Violent Islamic extremists.

People Of Color Swell Catholic Ranks
Asia, Africa are seeing the greatest gains in the Church.

Peer Reviewed Study Links GMO's To Deadly Blood Disorders

Obssessed With Secrecy: What Is Obama Hiding?
This is the most secretive and mendacious President in our history. Nothing he says can be taken at face value and he has used and is using the US classification system, not to protect sources and methods but to hide his political embarrassments and crimes. The greatest threat to civil liberties is not the GOP, as great as that threat may be. No, today the greatest threat is President Obama. Not only has he been an ardent foe of our civil liberties, but his past abuse of the classification and national security system has done great harm to our own national security.

Those people who populate his political  base have too long given him a pass because of his dark skin and pro-gay policies; they need to sit up and take notice. It's time to protect your liberties by making your voice heard or one day when you need them most they'll be gone. 

And when they're gone, they're gone for good. Your grandchildren may see them, but only after they wade through the blood of your children who had to fight to win back that which you so shamelessly frittered away.

Land Grabs: German Bank Backs 'Rubber Lords'
Global land grabbing is one of those silent crisis that is deeply effecting millions of poor people around the world.

Eurozone Crisis Isn't Over Yet

Toxic Cloud Drifts Over Frankfurt
A substance used in car paint which is highly toxic was released.

Samsung Reaps 95% Of All Android Profits (Wow!)
They may be making more money from Android than Google, who makes it!

CBO Projects Massive Positive Deficit Correction
The CBO is claiming higher than expected revenues will have do the trick.  They are also strangely predicting lower projected spending for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and interest on our debts; all 'biggies' when it  comes to our deficit.

So do I believe any of this? Well, frankly no. But before I say more, I will try and do some reading and digging to make sure these new revenues are not the Fed and Treasury's directly printing money (or by computer keystroke) and placing into the IRS so that it can be counted as 'tax revenue'.

The economic 'miracles' just keep on coming don't they?

 Some of the shenanigans going on with our budget that I cannot share lead me to my deep and well founded suspicions. I think both parties (which is why I think using the bi-partisan CBO was necessary) are preparing the groundwork to avoid any more sequestration on the DOD and this may be the first step in a long process to re-fund the DOD and continue onwards with the new White House horror movie "Reckelsss Spending Redux". I also notice that recently this administration wants to revise GDP calculations which would also provide even more 'justification' for more borrowing and spending.

Simply put, the recovery is just not strong enough to justify this rapid of improvement in our situation and with all of these boomers now retiring, where are they getting reduced future Social Security payments? Millions of Americans who were once working are not right now (you have to dig for the real unemployment numbers because the government takes out anyone who is out of work for 6 months and no longer counts them as being unemployed - in other words, their formula allows for a future where no one will be working and we will have 100% employment) and many who are are not making anywhere near the money they used to. So where is all of this new money coming from?

...listen very carefully and you can hear the sounds of a printing press running at 110% capacity and the sound of whole forests being felled for their paper.

My own surmise here ( I admit I have not read the complete CBO report yet) is that our leaders are bent on maintaining a fiscal illusion rather than fixing the root of our problems. Our current crisis is a great opportunity to fix our messed up tax system, our bloated DOD, our broken entitlement system and the rampant corruption that has wound itself into many of our federal agencies.

No one has the will do to that. It takes a level of courage and integrity that no one in power in the American government possesses. They prefer the cowardice of illusion to the the courage of facing and dealing with the truth.

I am not saying here that the situation did not or could not have improved. That is not my point at all, there are signs of life in the economy and the recovery, while tepid is a recovery of sorts. No my point is this much, this fast, right after sequestration?

Show me the REAL money.

Murder Verdict In Gruesome Abortion Case
A rare show of unity on a divisive issue.

America's Chinese Dream
An interesting article, worth the read even it it is a little bit of a cheerleading exercise in continued Chinese-US economic symbiosis.
Gov't Gathers Records Of AP Journalists
Kind of sad how far this nations press freedom's have tumbled under our first Black President.

Mich. AG Questions Bank Compliance With Mortgage Settlement
More and more it just looks like the only reason Obama pushed that settlement so very, very hard was to make sure that none of his Wall Street donors went to jail, which was exactly what many State AG's were getting ready to do when Obama leaned real hard on the States to accept the immunity from prosecution clause in exchange for a settlement that few appear to be following.

I don't want to sound too pessimistic here  because there is some good  being done, but the fact is that many abuses do continue, including attempts to foreclose on property that the banks cannot prove they own any title to. Trying to steal homes from people who have already paid off thier mortgage, or foreclosing on the elderly for $50 in back taxes etc. We are
not talking about little things.

SCOTUS Court Rules In Favor Of Monsanto
Hardly surprising given the pro-corporate and anti-constitutional moves it has made in the past. The next pdf update here (should be up by this weekend) will talk about GMO's.

Let's wait and see whose name turns up on the deed of some ranch in South America or Southern Europe and we will get a better idea of what went down before the decision was rendered. The US Supreme court is not the holy of holies. More and more it resembles a brothel where deals are cut by Justices in exchange for rendering the 'proper' decision. Always note that the guys who have the deepest pockets always win the case with this evil court.

Former CIA Director Blasts "False Narrative" On Bengazi
There is a lot out there in the open source world that would change a lot of folks mind on this whole circus in DC about Benghazi. But I hesitate to piece it together for you as 'personal safety' issues must take precedence. General Hayden is correct, this is a false narrative and one that both parties are playing up to the hilt because neither side dare speak the truth.  The GOP just wants to sully Hillary Clinton because she is the 800 pound gorilla they got to beat in 2016.

But ultimately, I think Ron Paul sums it up best here.

Syrian War: Syrians In Lebanon
Syria’s conflict is dragging down its neighbours, none more perilously than Lebanon. Beirut’s official policy of “dissociation” – seeking, by refraining from taking sides, to keep the war at arm’s length – is right in theory but increasingly dubious in practice. Porous boundaries, weapons smuggling, deepening involvement by anti-Syrian-regime Sunni Islamists on one side and the pro-regime Hizbollah on the other, and cross-border skirmishes, all atop a massive refugee inflow, implicate Lebanon ever more deeply in the conflict next door. - ICG

The EU: New Sick Man
The EU is a indeed a very sick man. The deepening economic crisis, growing unemployment, poor leadership, bailouts have left a very bitter taste for any further integration. This is a report done by the most excellent Pew Research and is free from the usual partisan foolishness found in other opinion research.

Pakistan Votes
Pakistanis on Saturday went to the polls in historic manner to realize a dream that had remained unfulfilled for over 65 years: to peacefully and democratically replace a popularly-elected government that had completed a full, uninterrupted term with another of their choice. Pakistanis have achieved that goal with gusto. Two-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz party soundly defeated their principal rival, the magnetic former sports star Imran Khan and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party. Voter turnout in Pakistan was impressive at 60 percent, given that it has not crossed 45 percent since 1970. - AEI Critical Threats

The Church And Israel's Destiny's Intertwined
Antipas ministries has written another thought provoking piece that I think is worth a careful read. I am not saying you should agree with everything in it,  but there are some very important observations and exhortations that are contained in this piece.

Please pray for Antipas ministries. The guy who runs it appears to be in some real difficulty.

Homes In California Sinking... Literally
The area is so bad that delivery trucks no longer go there for fear of diver safety.

Nigeria: Religious Violence Leaves 39 Dead
"We have just enough religion in the world to make men hate one another but not enough to make them love." - Irish Author Johnathan Swift)

Economic Fault Lines
Another excellent analytical piece by Doug Noland at Prudent Bear. This guy knows his stuff and just because he is not quoted often in your MSM only means that his analysis is probably going to be proven correct, rather than just profitable for the station that carry the often self-serving 'analysis' of others.
Corruption In High Places: DOD IG Threatened For Tell Truth About Defense Corruption
The rotteness in Washington knows few boundaries. Someone is getting rich off all that missing money and it isn't you and me.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant and it should be no surprise that folks will do what they can to keep that light from shining.

MD Nuke Reactor Shuts Down
Without A Manufacturing Sector, Recovery Will Elude US
Turkey Tries To Draw US Into Syrian Quagmire
Free Syrian Army Drawn Towards AQ Linked Islamism
Germany Stages Violent Wagner Opera, Shocking Audience
More here by the UK's daily mail.

Britain's PM Talks Syria With Putin
Corrupt Penn. Judge Avoids Jail; Must Make 'Act of Contrition'
Sen. McCain Works To Compel Ala Carte TV Cable
It's about time. I dumped cable because I was not going to put anymore money to support programming I found disgusting. Why should I pay for 100 channels when I only watched five? It's going to take enough people saying 'no' to make these guys see the light. Perhaps the Senator from Arizona can pull it off, he is pretty powerful but the Democrats will fight this one. Cable bills in the 80's were far less expensive than they are today. Now, IMHO that cable bill is outrageously expensive and the biggest problem is that in most markets you have only one cable company who has a monopoly in any particular local market. In other words NO competition.

The bill would also end the sports black-out provision.

Coptic And Catholic Pope's Meet And Pray
While many will decry this move I say, it's about time and in these times of intense persecution we  Christians need to have each other's backs. We may not all agree on some issues, but constantly finding fault and pointing fingers is not what Christians should be focused on now. Praying for one another and assisting the persecuted is. Those who cannot or will not do that need to get real and learn some humility or God will teach it to them in a way that may not be particularly pleasant.

Too many saints are being violently murdered and persecuted to split doctrinal hairs, rather let us pray for all those who know Christ and are being persecuted for their faith, Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant.  Pray, rather than sit in judgment

Tanzania: Bomb Outside Catholic Church Kills 60
IRS Apologizes For Politically Motivated Audits
Disease Threaten Florida Fruit Industry
Very, very serious. This could end the citrus industry in Florida.

Contempt Of Court: FBI Ignores Federal Court On Email Surveillance
When law enforcement intentionally ignores or beaks the law, it crosses the line from law enforcement to a criminal organization.

Recording all of your phone conversations? They are already doing it. No warrant needed. What kind of system needs that kind of info on its citizens?

Germany Sells Tanks To Indonesia
Questionable human rights record notwithstanding.

Big Banks Default On Gold Delivery
The big scam appears to be coming to and end. They sold more gold than the big banks had in their vaults. This article is quite good and is asking the right questions; Who has all the gold? Where did it go? Who bought it? I know who found a way to steal it. They have been doing it since the Crisis of 2008 and I have talked about it several times before on this site. Few listened and only now that the metal markets are on the verge of panic are people asking the questions I answered many, many months ago. It's the big swindle.

Why Is Afghanistan Screwed Up? The CIA Bribes Its Leader
The US no longer stands for good governance and democracy and what happened in Afghanistan shows this to be true. American supports kleptocracy when the kleptocrats fill the coffers of US conglomerates. When they don't, suddenly, its time for 'regime change'. Afghanistan has little to offer the world but opium and since the US came to town, what was once almost eradicated before the US came to town is now a booming business under Karzai.

Again, do I need to draw you a picture?

Syrian Christians Call For Day Of Prayer
Syrian church leaders have called for a day of prayer for their country and its people on Saturday 11th May. Primarily, they are calling for prayer for peace to be restored to their country, enabling all Syrians to live in harmony within their own country.

As violent conflict continues, there are no precise figures for the number of those killed (most estimates state 70,000 or more), injured, internally displaced within Syria or who have fled to neighboring countries and beyond. It is generally reckoned that over one million have left and at least another million have been internally displaced, all from amongst a population of approximately 23 million. Atrocities have been committed by many parties. - ME Concern

US Education: Screw Poor Students, Aid The Rich Ones
Low-income students are generally doing much better at public colleges than at private ones. However, as public institutions deal with decreasing state funding and growing competition, particularly for out-of-state students, they are increasingly adopting the enrollment practices of their private college counterparts -- using their institutional aid strategically to attract the best students and the wealthiest. This is alarming because it could truly shut down what has long been a pathway to the middle class for students from low-income and working-class families. - New America Foundation

 Syria Arming Hizbollah With Chemicals?
Given the situation, 'game changing' weapons could very well mean chemicals. Hizbollah is a staunch supporter of Assad.

Another US Nuke Plant Shuts Down Due To Leaks

Sinners (unrepentant) Can't Handle The Truth
Great stuff, the comments are good too.

New US Combat Ships: Not Mission Capable
This is an issue I talked about in a recent update - the money we sank (and are still sinking) into these new weapons programs and the dysfunction/non-useful billion dollar garbage our DOD, Congress and Senate are buying. The sad part is, no one wants to change! We will soon have a the most expensive rust-buckets afloat that are pretty useless for any kind of warfighting. The problems are myriad.

Why is America's fiscal situation so bad and still (no matter what lies you hear in the press) getting worse? I will tell you, that fiscal rathole that they have misnomered the Pentagon.
Authorized Use Of Military Force: Rewrite Debated

Fed. Judge Hits Colo. Foreclosre Law
An interesting case in that these banks walk into court claiming a house is theirs without the documentation to prove it.

Alleged Christian 'Rocker' Accused Of Murder Plot
Brothers, I cringe... CRINGE at being called a Christian these days. I really do. I do not want to get lumped in with all the crap going on out there in mainline Christianity. This is sad thing and if this accusation is true, it is a real blot on the Gospel.The devil is going to have a heyday with this one.

But sadly, we real Christians will always be called names by those who neither know God nor want to know him. Ninety-nine times out of  a hundred, they are just looking for an excuse to continue on their wicked ways. They are like a demon fresh out of hell looking for a fault. Such evil spirits stand before God's throne saying "Aha! see there, he or she isn't a Christian!"  Such people... they love the world, the spirit of this age, the 'feel' of sin and the world and are not going to change. So anytime they can denigrate someone on the path to life, the devil starts to speak out of their mouths leveling accusations against God's elect.  We real Christians will be called hypocrites by those who do not know God or the Gospel. Like satan, they look for weakness and wait for times of human weakness to spring their evil traps. We  Christians are also human and have feelings like anyone else and the devil knows this and uses it against us, often via those closest to us who are still walking in the darkness and receiving  commands (unwittingly) from the devils 'remote control'.  Don't hate them, just know who your real enemy is. Some of you are dealing with some very serious family situations that you have shared with me in the past, so keep these things in mind. Know the dangers, assess them and adjust things accordingly. Nothing on earth is worthy of compromising your faith, walk or being a target for the enemy, not even friends or family. Keep yourself saved!

Brothers, let satan's minions rant, let them accuse (satan's name means accuser) let them mock, let them pass judgment. Wisdom is justified by her Children. With these accusers, you can never do right so don't bother trying to please them. No matter what you do, they are going to point the finger and be used of the devil to accuse.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows,  And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented.  For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hath a devil. The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children. - (Mat 11:16-20)

Those of us who have truly been born again know that there is no fellowship of light with darkness; none and the Christian who does not realize this is on a path to a very rude awakening.  We must continue on in the light no matter what the cost. My humble word of exhortation to all here is this...

Press on towards the glory that is in Christ Jesus and let not the children of darkness, their accusations, lies and social exclusions get you down. Pray (really pray) for those 'Christians' who are still walking in the darkness, but wash the spiritual dung they throw at you off and do your best to stay out of any future 'line of fire', knowing its ultimate source and press on..

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. - (Phi 3:14)

He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.
He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward.
 And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.
(Matt 10:41-42 )
Stand Brethren in these times. Be strong and of good courage. I say to each of you who are truly seeking Life eternal, be encouraged! God deeply cares for each of you. It does not matter if you work as a waitress in a roadside cafe or as CEO in major corporation. God cares for you and you have a great reward that awaits you if you continue on in your walk in faith, love and hope. These are trying and difficult times, especially for many of our brethren who live in states that are dominated by Islam. Let us never forget to lift them up in our prayers as though they were our own brothers, sisters, mothers or fathers. Let us not go to sleep brethren for as our Lord told us, the Son of man cometh in an hour in which ye think not (Matt 24:44, Luke 12:40). So let spiritual slumber be something we avoid at all costs, lest we be found wanting on the great day.

I thank all of you who have written me during the past few days, I will get back to you when time permits and will give you all the 'lowdown' on what's going on towards the end of the month. In the meantime, I will try and have at least some bullet headlines up from time to time. I am about two thirds of the way done with the next pdf update but sadly it is just going to take me a while to finish it so please be patient.

May God richly bless and protect each of you as you walk in the light of Christ and the Holy Spirit.


Wall Street's Dirty Money

Trouble In The Silo's: AF Strips 17 Officers Of Nuke Launch Authority
Rot in the ranks blamed. One officer desribes our readiness as in crisis. Others have told me that things have gotten better. Looking at this article tells me that if Obama pressed the button, we cannot be sure some of them would launch.

Pope Warns On Covert Euthanasia Of The Old

Obama's Mortgage Settlement: Oh, Yeah... You Were Duped
Yes, a tree is known by its fruit, Obama put his name to that settlement and look what happened. He went through great pains to make sure that the states would not bring CRIMINAL charges against the banks.

Some In Congress Are Plotting to Destroy The FDIC
They are putting forth proposals to use the FDIC (which insures your bank deposits) to cover the losses of the major banks derivative losses! We constantly hear that now these complex financial instruments are safe and there is no need for any concern about these massive liabilities the banks carry. If they are so safe, why do they need taxpayer Insurance? I will tell you. they are not safe and I strongly suspect a major bank is teetering on insolvency because of a loss they have been allowed to hide on their balance sheet by this administration. THIS IS ANOTHER BAILOUT OF THE BANKS with YOUR money. It's not like the FDIC does not already have some serious problems now.

Clearly our leaders see some serious trouble ahead and are trying to find a new way to bailout the banks while you and I are not looking.  What kind of exposure could the FDIC be looking at? Here is the Treasuries last update on Derivatives in Dec 2012 in a picture.derivatives
Source: US Treasury

I can tell you now that the FDIC does not have a spare 220 Trillion dollars lying about. The solvency of the fund was seriously questioned in 2009 and the FDIC does not have its current balance sheet easily accessible on their site and that is NOT a good sign. In Washington, when reports that should be made publc are hidden or not accessible, it usually means they are hiding something really big.

It looks to me like the Democrats in Congress are desperately looking for ways to create a repeat of 2008 as fast as they possibly can.  Who would want to see our system collapse?

 Where did all of that hot money from OVERSEAS come from in the recent Congressional and Senate elections?

Do I need to draw you a picture?

Murder Watch
Irish Debate Abortion Up To 9th Month
Senator Takes Bold Stand Against Abortion Industry
Abortion Doctor Calls Baby 'Meat In A Crockpot'
(Remember, every baby he kills, he gets a fee and Abortion is a Mutli-Billion dollar industry)

7 May - Sex Assault Accusation In DOD Against Key Sex Assault Investigator
Senator Levin Says Military Plagued With Sex Assaults
This is a much bigger problem that they have heretofore told the American people and its not just sex assault (often rape, by senior officers raping their subordinates, but also racially motivated incidents, Islamic extremism including some acts of terror committed on US bases not reported as such to the population at large perpetrated by members of the US military. The military, just like US society is breaking down. Any sense of morality and right and wrong are now measured by how much money you have (no matter how you got it) or how many women you have 'had'. That is the new success in our nation. God, reasonable ethics and just plain old conscience have been jettisoned for the morality of a porn flick and a violent video game. The whole society is breaking down. How can you have a central bank hand out 16 trillion dollars in bailouts to a what increasingly looks like a group of hardened criminals who took down the Global Financial system? Theft is rewarded and hard work is punished. Liars get elected and truth tellers get crucified. Tortures get immunity and protesters sit in jail. Americans are screwed up morally and too many advocate rather than cringe at their own abominations (think sodomy and legalized baby killing) My generation of Americans (boomers) are stealing the future of the young with trillions of debt to finance their own lavish, perverted and wasteful lifestyles.

There are some key reports in the DOD (withheld from the public) that outline the seriousness of the problem and it is very, very serious. So serious that should the President opt to put troops on the ground in Syria, this is one of the key factors he is going to have to consider. Will our troops behave like professionals or bandits; saviors or a rape gang on the Syrian people? How many unit commanders can be counted on to keep their troops in line and how many new atrocities will we commit, inflaming the people against us? How many of our military members will Islamic extremists recruit (secretly) into their ranks to create new terror cells on our bases?

Putting US ground troops here will have many unforeseen troubles. The President is correct to think very, very carefully about putting troops on the ground in Syria. What would we ultimately get out of it? What are the ultimate goals of such a deployment? Are they realistically achievable? It is one thing to have GOP Senators shouting on the TV out there hoping they can goad the President into stepping into a new quagmire (enriching their Defense Contractor donors) and another having a real plan and realistic goals when you deploy. They just want a new issue to brow beat him with once we deploy and things rapidly fall apart. The President is being accused of being 'timid' and 'gun shy' by those paid-for Defense Contractor  pundits out there in the Media. But the nation is tired of war, tired of having her young men turned into vegetables after their deployments, tired of going to war with no real plan to get to that nebulous and ill defined 'victory' we cannot and will never achieve and footing the massive bill to solve problems overseas that the people nor their leaders really understand.

Israel's Strikes On Syria Carry Tremedous Risks
Reuters Analysis Here
WaPo Here
Syrua: US Involvement Discussed

Prayer Request: Antipas Ministry's Shearer In Hospital
I received this from his Son (via bulk email) today:
My father, S.R. Shearer, has been very ill for the past month. Recently on Wednesday, he was rushed to the hospital. It was by God's grace that we got him there that night because if had continue to stay at home, he would have died the doctors told us. His blood count was very low and he had to have a blood transfusion done to replenish red blood cells into his body. He's doing better now but not out of the woods. They still have to figure what is causing him to lose so much blood by visually examining inside of his body for the cause, so please pray for him to get better. - Antipas

Dubai's Child Labor Complicity
Frankenfish Set To Hit Shelves
Jobs Data Sends Stocks Soaring
Jobs Reality Kept Out Of MSM Headlines
Egypt: Attacks On Christians Part Of Cultural War
Syrian Christians Await Exodus Amid Persecution Fears
Worse Than Syria? Iraq Civil War Has Already Begun
Iran's Strategy In Syria: Keep Assad In Power
Obama Trying To Keep US Troops Out Of Syria
This is the right decision, our presence will only provide a great propaganda victory to the Assad regime, rankle Russia, for whom we are now in need of support in counter-terror information and be a magnet for forces that are neither tied to the 'rebels' or Assad, but want only to kill Americans. The real question is going to be those chemical weapons and how to keep them from being obtained by the US supported Al Qaeda linked rebels who will be more than happy to sell them to someone who wants to pump sarin gas into the NY subway system or onboard a Jetliner.
The New Death Game: "Let's Kill Everyone!"
This is the new warfare; like it or not, it's not coming, but its been here for quite a while and the tools are getting more deadly with each passing scientifically engineered 'mutation'. Yes, the criminally insane now run major scientific research centers, not to heal but to kill. These articles are carefully dancing around the real issue, probably under strict orders.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
(Mat 24:7)

The word Pestilences here is what follows:
Of uncertain affinity; a plague (literally the disease, or figuratively a pest): - pestilence (-t).

Hey, I was very sick for over a month with some kind of respiratory bug... and it is still lingering. I know it was very common in the DC area and there was a dearth of news stories on it, I mean nothing. No way of knowing if our government is hiding yet another attack (they probably are) to protect those who make these things, sending more funds to our 'researchers' to make their own satan bugs in retaliation.

This is the way the game is played. They treat the people like some kind of ignoramusus and won't tell you what is going on, while they draw the sheet over yet another face in the hospital ward and tell the family they died of an acute case of pneumonia.

Iranian Beliver Released On Bail
US China Standoff In The Pacific: Who Will Win In 2030?

US Solicits Large Contract For Bird Flu Pandemic
Claim: Chinese Troops Cross Into India
The Christian Winter
Mexican Law Enforcement's Plane Crashes While Delivering Warrant To Cartels
Suicide Leading Cause Of Death With Boomers

260,000 Somali's Died In 2011 Famine

EPA Releases Fracking-Ozone Report
Something Grossly Wrong At Cal Nuke Plant

Iraq: Deadly Protests Rock Nation
Sweden Fails To React To Russian Intel Gathering Aircraft...
...Part Of Simulated Russian Attack On Sweden
Kidnapped Syrian Bishop Urges Christians To Remain
Israeli Fmr Defense Min.: Lebanon Getting Chemical Weapons
“our intelligence committee does assess with varying degrees of confidence that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in Syria, specially the chemical agent sarin. This assessment is based in part on physiological samples.” - DOD
Lawmakers Urge Action On Chemical Usage
Boston Chechens Under Fed Scrutiny
Rise Of Islamophobia?
Did You Know GMO's Are Banned In Peru?
GMO Labeling Gaining Ground In US House
Obama: Syrian Chemical Report Is 'Game Changer'
Death to Christian Churches Under Sharia
Sharia law is draconian if not hostile to Christian worship. Consider the words of some of Islam's most authoritative and classic jurists, the same ones revered today by Egypt's Salafis. According to Ibn Qayyim author of the multivolume Rules for the Dhimmis, it is "obligatory" to destroy or convert into a mosque "every church" both old and new that exists on lands that were taken by Muslims through force, for they "breed corruption." Even if Muslims are not sure whether one of "these things [churches] is old [pre-conquest] or new, it is better to err on the side of caution, treat it as new, and demolition it." - MEF

China-India Spar Over Persian Gulf Oil
Pope Urges Christians To Remember Final Judgement
We must all give account, the Church/Christians to the judgment seat of Christ, all others to the Great White Throne Judgment.

The Muslim Persecution of Christians: February 2013
Egypt: Once again, soon after Friday prayers, a throng of Muslims in Fayoum province, destroyed a Coptic church. The reason cited this time was that the church is "an unlawful neighbor to the Muslims who live adjacent to it and must therefore be moved." According to AINA, "The mob climbed to the church dome and started demolishing it and setting it on fire...

Indonesia: Four churches were firebombed with Molotov cocktails in the world's most populous Muslim nation. Two were attacked on a Sunday morning in South Sulawesi. Another two churches were also attacked a few days later. All the churches suffered various degrees of fire damage...

Libya: A Coptic Christian church located in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked by armed Muslim militants. Initial reports indicate that at least one priest, Fr. Paul Isaac, was injured, as well as his assistant...
Why is the western world sinking in a morass of debt and political instability? Consider what has  been happening over there with riots, strikes shut down of the banks and the rising of the German Reich all over again, not with tanks but with treaties and currency. The hand of God that once blessed Europe with prosperity because of her Christian roots and foundation is now removing that hand. Germany has the EU by the throat and there is a dark spirit behind this new rising Germany, that comes from the past. Hitler hated Christianity and now Europe is slowly following in his footsteps, including all of the old ancient anti-Antisemitism. Genuine Christianity that cannot be totally subjugated by the state to endorse its abominations and murders will be crushed by that state, just as it was in Nazi Germany. Europe does not want God and be assured, the devil awaits the New Europe with open arms... and sepulchers. He can give no one anything except lies and death; his two and persistent 'gifts'. Will Europe listen? No, she has chosen her course; pentagrams and swastika's rather than the cross of Christ. Please pray for the ever dwindling number of genuine Christians in Europe. The devil knows exactly what he is doing, why do you think he is putting leaders into power who endorse these ancient sins?

Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not.
 Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.
For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the LORD.
 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul:
all they that hate me love death
(Pro 8:33-36)

A Word From Antipas Ministries
Please click on over and pray for Brother Shearer


pdf Watson's Economic And Political Review March 2013


This is the latest issue in my series of reports. This issue deals with the possibility of War in Asia and area's of potential tension in the SCO along with the major issue hitting the news today, that being sequestration. I also discuss the situation in North Korea and delve into what may be the real reasons for the latest fits of war talk coming out of the hermit kingdom.

Today's world has been engulfed by a serious economic crisis. But whenever there is a crisis of this magnitude and with so much at stake, the possibly of war, armed conflict or otherwise increases significantly each day the crisis rolls on. Powerful nations who have long been sidelined see new opportunities to flex their geopolitical muscles in view of the increasingly evident decent of US military and economic power and that of her European Allies.

America's decline is going to be real and felt around the world until some very unpleasant domestic political realities are dealt with and such a resolution appears many years away. Before we talk about where the potentialities for future conflict are, let us take a quick look at where some of the sequestration cut are going to hit...

18 April 2013
Troublesome  Times...
Few days off an the nation experiences two major crisis. This always seems to happen when I am sick (I caught a nasty flu bug and was almost delirious from a fever late last week through Monday). First it was the Boston bombing and now a massive explosion in Texas at a fertilizer factory that has killed at least 70 people caused a town to be evacuated and is now dealing with poisonous fumes in the area.  The BBC has a story here. They have apparently found the person they think is responsible for the Boston bombing. It so far looks like a single individual, one with some 'issues' and who had some kind of grudge. Well, let law enforcement work it out. The key here is that at present there does not appear to be foreign terrorist aspect to this attack. It looks more likely like a kind of lone nut-job.

Then there is the attack in Texas. Brothers I have no clue as to what caused it. My first instinct is to call it what I have called these kinds of incidents in the past, part of a long line of asymmetrical warfare (AW) (unrestricted warfare). The fires are still burning and are being hampered by high winds. I also read a little noticed story that one of the power stations in California had all kinds of bullet holes in it and was leaking some kind of oil. This after someone cut the 911 phone lines. I find it of interest that the DHS had some kind of idea that 911 lines were going to be used in the a future terror attack. What is going on here is anyones guess. Patriots will be quick to blame it all on elements within our own government. Me? I think two can probably be blamed on AW and Boston can be chalked up to the lone wolf scenario. But the evidence is still out and when I get more info that I can pass on, I will pass it on. Now keep in mind dear readers, I do not mean to suggest that there are not those in our establishment who are incapable of committing acts of terror for a political purpose. I think history has shown us time and again that the US and its leaders are more than capable of it. So me? I never dismiss these possibilities, no matter how obscene they may appear to the uninitiated. But if you are asking me if these particular attacks are part of that? I don't think so. If the President were being pressured to pass some new draconian anti-terror bill and was resisting it, then we may see some kind of campaign like this waged by the more reprobate elements of our financial and political elite. Our leaders are too busy right now, have their own plates so full that they do not need another crisis, believe me. So right now, I am not seeing any evidence of this kind of activity. Again, I think two of these attacks can be summed up to someone from overseas sending us an unmistakable message about (among many other reasons) our current fiscal policy (dollar destruction) that they don't like it and mean to put a stop to it, by hook or by crook; bombast or bombings. This nation is at war and I am not talking about it being with Afghanistan or Iraq. But how do I really see this and similar acts? I think this guy sums up well what I am thinking.

A country that goes around blowing up children in Afghanistan by the score, as happened last week in Kundar Province, Afghanistan, that claims for itself the right to kill anyone, anywhere, if the president or his designees in the Pentagon and the CIA decide that person is a threat or an annoyance (and that is willing to kill lots of innocent bystanders, including women and kids, to do it), a country that encourages its police to act like an occupying military force in their jurisdictions, breaking into homes in SWAT gear at dawn, pointing assault rifles in people’s faces... - Eurasia Review

Brothers, I think frankly that this is just some of our own chickens coming home to roost; the seeds of our own violence are now yielding its own crop, right here in Anytown, USA. I think Bono of U2 summed it up nicely in one of his songs years ago.

"Plant a demon seed, raise a flower of fire"

Moving to a different area, this new Pope is really shaking things up. He is going after the Nuns these days. A long term problem in the Church that no one really wanted to deal with. The nuns have challenged Christian teachings and Church doctrines for a long time. This Pope is having no more rebellion. Truth be told, many nunneries are full of homosexuality. I do mean full, so much so that it tends to draw on unrepentant homosexuals to fill its ranks. Want unfettered access to a group of like minded women and get free room and board in the process? Become a nun! So goes the thinking in many circles.

Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.
(Rev 2:20-22)

And I gave her space to repent of her fornication - Probably after some direct and solemn warning of the evil of her course. The error and sin had been of long standing, but he now resolved to bear with it no longer. It is true of almost every great sinner, that sufficient time is given for repentance, and that vengeance is delayed after crime is committed. But it cannot always be deferred, for the period must arrive when no reason shall exist for longer delay, and when punishment must come upon the offender.

And she repented not - As she did not do it; as she showed no disposition to abandon her course; as all plea of having had no time to repent would now be taken away, it was proper that he should rise in his anger and cut her down. - Albert Barnes Commentary on relevant verses

Try and understand, I am not saying anything that is not general knowledge all throughout high level Catholicism, the leaders know, have known and have done next to nothing to root out the sin. This Pope is of an utterly different breed than the usual cocaine sniffing, bisexual prelate (they are not all that bad, but many are) who could care less about what goes on in the Church as long as they get their many myriad perks and their name gets spelled right on the checks. Indeed, donations to one of the Vatican's key tourist attractions were going to a kind of slush fund for Vatican officials to be used for their pleasures. Estimates were that about 90% of the money was essentially swindled. The Pope? He put an immediate stop to it and thus angering many in the Curia. Let me tell you he is really shaking things up inside the Vatican and is now 'reaching out' to shake up things elsewhere.

He really wants to bring the Church back to genuine Christian roots and not allow the Church to be polluted by the World's violent and perverted morality. Serve the world via Christ, assist the poor and preach the gospel, yes. Allow the Church to be polluted by the world? No. And those pollutions that are inside the Church, I think it clear that those elements will reform themselves or be driven out or put into places where they can do no more harm.

But he is being resisted and many of the Cardinals want to get rid of him. I say this in all earnest. In fact, there are some who have been talking openly of finding a way to have him impeached! No kidding! Some want Francis impeached so they can bring Ratzinger back and Ratzinger, let me tell you was not loved by these Cardinals either. In fact, he was loathed by many and Ratzinger had little love for them either and this is one of the reasons why he left.

The imprint of reform can  be found in this new Pope's 'Privy Council'.  Which is not made up of the usual Vatican insiders but from men from all around the world and from every major continent. It now comprises A Black man, a guy from Asia, a Latino to name a few. His council now looks more like the world it is supposed to serve, not an Italian debating society.

What is the major rub between Francis and the old school Vatican princes? I think they are two fold. First off, they see Christianity as a theoretical religion you preach but are not to live, not if you want power in the Vatican. Second, Francis wants a Church that focuses on the poor, not filling the bellies and lusts of the Curia. His moves on Church finances and his attempt to redirect Church monies towards charities rather than gay orgies and money laundering is causing no little consternation. "What do you mean live the Gospel? What about the payments on my Swiss Chateau and my Maserati and the money I owe my bookie?!!", says Cardinal Corrupticus and Monsignor Mayhem.

Finally, there is the story on Precious metals. It looks to be a big one. The long and short of it is that the Price of Gold tanked a few days ago in a fall that was so significant that the probability of it being driven purely by market forces is about as likely as being struck by lightning in the same place at one the same day exactly one year apart. Clearly this was coordinated for reasons that are not perfectly clear. Perhaps it was to boost the dollar against Gold, something that the Fed has been doing for years. Perhaps it was done to drive the price down so that it was cheaper for Central banks and insiders to buy it  and horde it for the inevitable trouble that is coming (which is my guess). I have not forgotten that the Fed is having some notable trouble on its balance sheet that has caused it to reduce its payments to the US government significantly quite recently. In any event, getting hold of the actual put your hands on 'em coins and bullion is becoming very difficult, especially with Silver. But it is killing Global Gold mining which has seen a major drop in its value with the manipulation. The story behind the story is not known to me, but as more and more news leaks out and we see who the winners are and who are the losers, who is behind it will become clearer. The fastest way to unravel any conspiracy is to always ask yourself this question: Who gets rich and who gets taken to the cleaners.

What is my word for my brothers in Christ in these times? I will keep it short and sweet.

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

(Eph 6:10-18)

The key here is to be found standing when the battle is over and Christ has won and not be found wanting when you must stand before God on the great day.


President Honors Priest Who Helped N. Korean Prisoners
Good things always happened around Father Kapaun, on battlefields, in the North Korean prison camp, in the worst conditions imaginable. He saved wounded soldiers on battlefields by dragging them to safety with bullets flying at him. In prison, he put on a clinic about how to witness Christianity and secular leadership by example. He hardly ever said much, his friends told us. Instead, he carried wounded soldiers when no one else would, washed the underwear of soldiers too sick to do it for themselves and picked lice off dying prisoners. - Catholic World Report

Crooked Cop Stories...
In West Valley City, Utah, an internal audit released Friday has found that narcotics officers stole money and other items from vehicles they seized and may also have taken drugs and money confiscated during arrests. The audit identified six "areas of concern," including improper evidence handling, missing cash and drugs, officers taking cash from vehicles, officers taking trophies or souvenirs, and the improper use of confidential informants. This is only the latest blow against a department plagued with corruption allegations... (contines at) - Stop The Drug War

Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle. Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace, Comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work.
(2Th 2:15-17)

I do apologize for not having a commentary ready on Monday. I was not 100% yesterday and am not feeling 100% today... looks like I am fighting a minor cold.

Brothers, We as Christians must never let trendiness and the mad rush of the so called 'christian' mob turn us aside from sound doctrine and the original teachings and traditions of the holy apostles. This is what has been happening in Christianity really since the turn of the previous century. Many strange, unscriptural and demonic doctrines have been introduced into mainline Christianity. It has robbed it of any real spiritual power, turning the power of Christ's gospel into a conglomeration of politically correct nonsense that is correctly reviled by the world. There is no power in such a religion, it is just self deceit wrapped up in religion.

Genuine Christianity, for those few who have really come to Christ, been born again and regenerated by his Spirit and are holding fast to the tenets of the faith, you know the real battle lines. You understand the times and the seasons. In this, account yourself blessed, truly blessed for to be able to see and discern in these times is a rare and very important gift. Do you want to see life eternal? Then this kind of discernment is essential and can only be gotten by studying, believing and obeying the word of God. God will light your path but you must come to him in faith and obedience. If you are lacking in faith, God will give it to you for even that is the gift of God (Eph 2:8).

God will console his people who are walking with him. He knows who they are and will do those things he has promised. Those who have this discernment know that these are the days the apostles warned about. Sound doctrine is being laid aside for the satisfaction of personal lusts an perversions. Sound doctrine is exceptionally important.

For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;
(1Ti 1:10)

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
(2Ti 4:3)

Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.
(Tit 1:9)

But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:
(Tit 2:1)

Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.
(Jud 1:3)

It is time that the Church cease trying to make the world live like Christians and begin themselves to live like Christians. Forget about the world and its actions and trying to reform it, God has given up on the world and is working to save people out of this world and into his kingdom. If the Church were more a model of Christ and his kingdom, there would be more folks in Church because the presence of God and the love among his people would draw many men and women to God who have been cast out and downtrodden by this perverse generation. It is such as these that Christ always ministered to, the poor and the forgotten ones.

What Protestantism needs is some leaders who will lead the Church back to its humble Christian roots. Men that will preach doctrine that is biblically sound, even if it is not politically correct. Men who are not afraid to be out of step with the times and have fully accepted that often they are going to be diametrically opposed to the world's morality. We don't have that today. There is too much of the world still in the Church. Too many Lexus' in the parking lot and not enough food kitchens for the impoverished. Too many pointing fingers and not enough assistance to struggling widows and children who are needy in the sanctuary. Too much 'touchy-feely' Christianity and not enough hands-on good works and righteousness; deeds that are done, not to gain attention or to be acknowledged, but because Christ commanded us to do these things.

Sound doctrine that leads us to genuine service of Christ, that is what is needed today in the western Church. Today, sound doctrine has increasingly being jettisoned, in favor of the applause of Sodom, and the hurrays of Gommorah and all to the deep consternation of the living God, who I assure you will surely judge his people, and those who are not his people. What do you think? God is not going to recall these abominations and the Church's rejection of his clear commandments?

Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace? For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
(Heb 10:29-31)

What we do not need is a new society of prudish people calling themselves Christian, but men and women who are on fire for God and walk with him in love and are not afraid to hang out with the sinners (Christ did) and be real for people, not the kind of high-holy self-righteousness that turns so many people off when dealing with those who think they are Christians; "stand back for I am holier than thou". But be careful here brothers, let us never let our love of sound doctrine teach us to hate or in any way mistreat sinners.

Let us love, hold fast to sound doctrine and have joy and peace in our walk with God. He cares for us, loves and and wants to bless us in ways that reflect his deep and abiding love for us. Brothers, God really loves us. Let us return that love by being obedient to his word and holding fast to sound doctrine.

12 April 2013
Pentagon Gave Contracts To Terrorists
You should not be surprised. There was so much fraud waste and abuse in  these wars that it's a wonder any of our troops came home alive. Such piss-poor management, dim-witted strategic planning, and corrupt-think contracting has handed over Afghanistan to the terrorists. And the guy we have supported, Karzai? He is the picture postcard of corruption, with billions of dollars in offshore accounts, villa's and mansions in the Gulf States and most of that money is US taxpayer money.

Obama's Drone War: Propped Up By Lies
A look at the numbers shows that if this administrations target is not women and children, then they need to get new guidance systems in them, because they seem to always miss their targets, conveniently (too conveniently)  missing top Al Qaeda targets and hitting what they believe (which is subject to a broad interpretation) of low level insurgents, innocents and inflaming the people in an anti-American furor in the process. We should probably take a  close look to see if this administrations tongue is not forked and not totally ignore the smell of sulfur coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I do not jest when I say those drones are Al Qaeda's greatest recruitment tool in the region. Kill someones brother, father, mother, baby sister, uncle, or inlaw and see how much they turn to hate you with a perfect and unending hatred. People who never before hated us.

The way I see it, Bush merely got a skin transplant and stayed President.
In case you’ve been asleep for the whole of Barack Obama’s first term, here’s one fundamental doctrine that has proven itself to guide his administration: if the President does it, it’s not illegal.

Mostly that has been true in the realm of secret war, indefinite detentions, spying and abridgments of Americans’ free speech rights. But this week he carried that torch in budgetary terms. - Antiwar

Can you  tell folks anything about it? No the Black man has had his mind raped by the White Corporate Moguls who own his 'Black' (so-called) news, music and entertainment so that if you criticize him they send in the 'Tom Brigade' to crucify you. Well, the folks over at BAR have a clue. They are asking if Obama's second term is actually Clintons 3rd term or Reagans 9th term in office. I think the readers comments at the end of this piece are particularly telling.

I know many of my black readers (and white ones too) get mad at me for talking like this. But those who can't see what kind of President we have simply are not paying attention and paying attention does not mean watching the Sunday Morning Talk Show circus of high dollar, paid for political hacks to shout political propaganda louder than the other guy, or flipping over to CNN, MSNBC, etc. You have to dig, really dig behind the headlines and when you do, you will see why this nation is in far deeper trouble than most Americans even want to know, and Black America is heading right back to the plantations that their ancestors worked so hard to get out of. These kinds of 'Black' leaders are not here to free you, empower you or save you, but to deliver you over to his corporate masters...

...with the chains.

Click on over and read this one. Why can't you find many Black sites and commentators to talk about these things? I will tell you. They are very often in the pay of the corporations who are working for Black America's economic and social destruction, that's why. Pay a Tom a nice salary, give him a couple of Mercedes, a BMW, a white woman to screw and he'll sell out his people in a heartbeat. I hate to break it down to you but that is what we have in too many 'black' (white owned or controlled) news, media and entertainment periodicals. They talk 'Black', but only the 'approved way' their corporate masters want them to. They hand them a press release to read and if they don't read it, suddenly their bank accounts shrivel up, the cars get repo'd, the White Woman splits and suddenly they need a bankruptcy attorney. Black America, you are being bamboozled!! What I am saying here is that Racism has taken a subtle and dangerous form that not one Black man out of 500 can identify and they will never identify it while they are on their faces worshiping Obama. There are always a couple of Black men who won't play ball with the system. One is Arsenio Hall who showed a lot of courage back in the day (who reportedly lost his very popular TV show for giving Farrackan some airtime). I am not endorsing anyones lifestyles/or politics, just saying that some do 'buck the trend' to some degree and pay the price for doing so.

Folks really need to wake up and stop letting these paid for Uncle Tom Black leaders who sit silent on the real issues facing Black America and become a real critical thinker. The alternative is going back to the past and all of its horrors. I'm telling you, that is where Black America is heading. The plantation will be a prison, where you make shoes for some corporation for 23 cents an hour during your 5-10 stretch.... for a crime you may not even have committed.

For further reading
We got troubles that no one, particularly this President is addressing. What is his response to the very serious crisis in Black America? Endorsing gay marriage, that is his whole emphasis these days. What is his response to the mortgage crisis in Black America? Bailout the banks who defrauded Black folks out of their homes. So I am not hearing anymore of these Uncle Tom Black leaders tell me this President is helping Black folks. You can take that stuff and sell it down the street because I ain't buying it. The only thing he is helping black folks do is join the poverty rolls.

For my White, Latino and Asian readers who may not fully understand all of this, try and understand this - What they test out on Black folks is what they will bring to you once they work out all of the 'bugs' in their methodology on the brothers. Or to put it more bluntly...

You're next.

My big concern is that Black America is on the verge to being 'given over' by the Lord. Given over not just in some abstract spiritual sense,  but given over to their enemies and when they cry out to God as a people for help, the Lord will not hear. What do I think he will say, my spiritually discerning guess is...

'I saved you once before Black America and you repaid me with the nations highest abortion rates, highest drug usage rates, highest violent crime statistics and an ingratitude that not only saddened me, but now enrages me. Saving you from your enemies is a mistake I will never repeat. You have your new god Obama, let him save you as he continues to take money from the very people who now imprison you... for profit and endorse every abomination under the sun again... for money. Yes, cry out to him and see what a mighty deliverance he brings you!!  Your deliverance from him will come in the form of shackles and chains; a rope and a tree, while his cash register rings with the money that he gets for selling you out.'

I know my God well enough to not to try and speak for him directly unless so directed to do so, but know that these are exactly the things that are on his mind today with regard to Black America and her future.

Be warned brothers. This economic crisis has all the potential to finish off Black America.

Know this as well. I am neither trying to be contraversial or politically correct. You will never solve these problems with rhetoric. It is going to take some serious effort both in the Black Community working with the White House and the Business community get fix some of these problems. The biggest thing that needs to be done is to create some real jobs that pay a livable wage and stop reaching into working peoples pocket with new forms of taxation (like rising health care costs). People cannot afford it. What you increasingly have is a person who works 40 hours a week and half his check is taken before he sees it. That isn't employment, its slavery. We need a real Jobs bill that gets to the root of America's jobs problem, part of which lies in these free-trade agreements and corporate outsourcing and offshoring of jobs. So, I am not talking about a corporate 'pork bill' that is labeled a jobs bill but a comprehensive approach to jobs creation that lifts so much of America, Black and White out of the poverty so many have fallen into since Obama took office. No, you cannot blame Obama 100% for the lack of Jobs. You can blame Obama for not doing anything substantive to create new ones and instead working to bailout the rich at the expense of working people. He has been President since 2009. Its 2013 now and the time for the usual Black excusology is over. He has delivered nothing but cooked up fake statistics to tell us people are working when they are not. He hasn't the courage to step up to the plate and make these things happen. They carry a monetary cost in is constant search for campaign donations money (he is using to launch  a future assault on the institution of marriage, I am reliably informed). So he makes the right noises for the camera's takes money from the Job killers while Black America still shakes at the knees in ecstasy at the very mention of his name.

But the other problems, abortion rates, violent crime rates... these are social problems that can only be solved from within the community and listening to the same old Black leaders give us the same old failed solutions is a recipe only for more future failures.

So no, this is not politically correct talk. I hope I never fall into the narrow-mindedness of PC thought that atrophies the brain, blinds the minds eye to facts it does not like and turns otherwise intelligent people into well spoken half-wits who are mentally incapable of assimilating information that does not come to the prearranged conclusions set forth in the annals of PC thought. That will never be me, and if you come by this site regularly, I don't think that is you either.

Inflation A Reality From Business To Nursing Homes

Sudan's Amnesty Gets Christian Woman Released From Prison
The nation has decided to release all political prisoners. What is behind the new sudden turn towards magnanimity? Hard to say. The article points to trying to shore up the Presidents Legacy. Others point to the desire to ease tensions with the South. While other see a more subtle and cynical political ploy.

The Crisis Of Islam
A Look at a book called the Collapse of the Islamic world that looks at amny of the deeper problems inside of these nations and in the region of Islam as well.

Abdel-Samad's book describes the magnitude of the tragedy that will unfold for the Islamic world in the next 30 years. It describes the thundering collapse of the economies of the oil-producing countries the day after the wells run dry. Agricultural lands and green forests will turn into deserts, and sectarian strife, already chronic, will flare into full-scale battles. - Gatestone Institute

Hunger Watch: Egypt Wheat Estimates Too Optimistic Says US
They are looking for aid in the midst of an economic crisis. From the FDA site

Post forecasts Egypt’s wheat production in MY 2013/14 to reach 8.7 million metric tons (MMT), up by 200 thousand metric tons (TMT) or 2.3 percent compared to MY 2012/13.  We attribute the increase in total production to an expansion in total area harvested.  Total area harvested is expected to reach roughly 1.4 million hectares (HA) in MY 2013/14, a 3.7 percent increase.  High government procurement prices encouraged area expansion, but farmers will likely face harvest and transportation problems due to diesel shortages.  The Government of Egypt (GOE) is optimistically forecasting wheat production in MY 2013/2014 at 9.5 MMT.  The trade and other knowledgeable interlocutors estimate Egyptian wheat production at about 6-7 MMT.  In order to maintain a number close to the official Egyptian production number, Post’s stocks number absorbs the overestimate. 

South Africa's Military Disaster In The CAR
In a series of skirmishes and battles from March 22 to 24 with a large force of Seleka rebels in the CAR capital of Bangui, a force of roughly 250 South African paratroopers and Special Forces personnel suffered 13 killed and 27 wounded, putting an effective end to the South African military presence in the CAR. The number of prisoners in Seleka hands has not been confirmed, but is rumored to be as high as 40 (SAPA, March 26). In a development similar to one of the grievances that led to last year’s military coup in Mali, South African troops complained of being provided with insufficient ammunition, contributing to their losses in the fighting with rebels (SAPA, April 1). The South Africans’ heaviest weapons appear to have been rocket launchers and 107mm mortars.

Mystery Disease Kills German Cop, Sickens Others
Five others are very ill and the cop died of multi organ failure. Doctors do not know what the pathogen is. A German paper has a story here.

Persecuted On All Sides: Christians In The Modern World
There is a video on this at the Hudson institute (via YouTube) that can be found here.
1o April 2013
North Korea: A Turn For The Worst
A very insightful read into what Kim may be doing/planning with the North Korean Military. This is a very interesting site with some very insightful and 'clued in' writing. If you want to get a small peek at behind the sensationalist headlines, this is pretty good.

What I find most interesting and something I had not considered is that the North may be looking at American pre-emptive actions in places like Libya and is not going to wait around for Washington to act first. This indeed if true, would be most troubling and would in fact portend a much higher risk of war.

Obama Releases Budget With Cuts To Social Security, Medicare
A gutsy move that is much more in tune with what I think are Obama's true 'GOP soul'. Granted, he cannot completely dis' his party so he has put some things in there for them as well. From day one he has stuck it to the poor man and filled the coffers of the rich man while feeding the simple minded a steady diet of lies and half truths. Note Obama's focus on war and war spending. Who got the legal bribes from the biggest Defense contractor-benefactor? Find out here.

But truth be told, there will be no fiscal certainty or even continued prosperity in America without some of these cuts. They are going to happen one way or another. Cutting them now may save the programs, not cutting them now will destroy them. Those of you who read my last pdf update understand some of the hanky-panky going on with the Social Security numbers. Something smells and no one on either side of the aisle is telling us what is going on. If we go on printing money, we will see economic warfare taken to new heights, as Japan has decided to do last with its announcement of continued of 'easing' (printing). It is just another salvo in the ongoing currency war,  (more here) the MSM is forbidden to talk about.  Believe me, those who hold treasuries have ways of getting our full and undivided attention.

What will be the GOP response, the 'intellectual giants' like McConnell and "Pretty Boy Floyd's" like Ryan in this budget debate? Here is my prediction. Their answer will be...


The real problem now is that the GOP is having an identity crisis. They do not know who they are anymore and their tent has gotten so big that more and more, those under it have little in common, except that they don't like Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Arabs...but are slowly embracing gays. "If it ain't white, it ain't right" should be the party's motto. Like I said, top GOP leaders have said the same things to party members and hacks on more than one occasion. They know they need to change, but the entrenched 'Klan' wing of the party (as typified by large portions of the older fogies in Congress and the tea party) are having none of it. If you're not bringing a white sheet, a combustible cross and a confederate flag, don't bother coming to party off-sites.

Probability for continued gridlock? 87.45%.

Born In Prison
One of my readers is a pretty good film maker. His name is Miles Hanson. His latest film is called 'Born in Prison' and can be found here.

His site can be found here.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm....
Got this from a reader this AM... you be the judge. Looks to me like mostly smoke, but there is probably a small fire behind it. Given the Mosque building campaign being undertaken in the EU, the US erection of more and more Islamic states in the Middle East, these stories track perfectly with the de-Christianization (or anti-Christinaization) of Europe. But you be the judge (Thanks Nordic Man for passing this on!!)

Wiretapping? Ashley Judd Vs. Mitch McConnell
Ahhh... the pure filthiness of the US political scene. Judd decided not to run for the Senate seat in question, but my guess is that the White House would love nothing better than to see McConnell unseated and would not be above helping that desirable goal along, if you catch my drift.

My guess? Any investigation by Obama's FBI will be cursory and will have a prearranged conclusion before it even begins.

"No evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the Judd Campaign."

Offical Investigation Into Korean Cyberattacks
No surprises here, like I told my readers before the report was issued, the attacked wiped the contents of hard drives. It shut down banks and TV broadcasters.

The actual report is not to be found on the web, not even on the KISA site.

They probably want US 'authorities' to look at it before they release it to the 'unwashed' masses.

Aristotle's Gold? Can It Revive Greece?

The Devil Is A Doctor or "Lets Snap The Baby's Neck"
This is pretty graphic. What is so sad is that those who support this satanic medical undertaking sit in the White House and get lots of money from every demon not yet in hell to continue it. While the devils puppet smiles for the camera and supports legalized sodomy as well.

The devil always is most attractive, tells you want to hear while he ropes your soul to be dragged down to hades with all the other rebels against the living God.

This is just one of the many abominations that will send America into the fires of God's holy wrath.

Do you really want the reason America's economy is in shambles, her finances are a wreck and her leaders are incompetent her empire is crumbling? It is because of the people who inhabit this once great nation. They have made decadence a virtue, perversions a right and murder a billion dollar industry. So I am not as hard on our leaders as I am on the people who vote them into office. If America is a reflection of greater and greater wickedness, it is because her people would have it so.

Let me say this as well because I think it is lost on most professing Christians, even those who think highly of their ability to discern people. Those who are the most effective satanists, do not see themselves as being so. The most effective tools the devil has are people in  government, business, academia, banking who do all of the devils work and see themselves as good people, family men, raising kids, doing good works in the community. Those who serve the devil most effectively do not know they are serving the devil. This is why he is called the great deceiver, who deceives the whole world. Do you think the people of Sodom saw themselves as particularly evil? They probably thought it was perfectly natural to want to gang rape God's servants when they arrived in town. Just like Americans think it perfectly natural to snap a baby's neck while in the process of being born and then selling off its organs.

What's wrong with that? The wicked woman says, while Dr. Death rakes in his fees and the baby with a crushed skull bleeds in a bucket.

Satan is alive and well and living in and running the United States of America.

Right into hell.

Iraq's Al Qaeda Merges With Syrian Rebel Group
Meanwhile 'Skull and Bonesman 'Kerry is going to step up aid to these rebels.

I get the distinct impression that aiding violent Islamic militants and whipping up anti-US hate is exactly what this administration is working towards. And the Drone wars in places like Pakistan are more a ruse than any kind of real policy of containment, because truth be told - those attacks have swelled the ranks of radicals, bent on hating everything American. Everywhere you turn, we have put Islamic nutjobs in power to terrorize their own people while they slaughter Christians and Jews and even moderate Muslims.

I know what the administration says, I see all policy pronouncements and fine speeches about its hate of extremism. But I am like a guy who watches TV with the sound turned off.

I am watching what they do and the net results of it, not what they say and what I see would scare me half to death if God were not on my side.

Rick Warren Blames Sons Suicide On Depression

Egypt's Christians Leaving Egypt

Egypt: Deaths In Attack On Christian Mourners
As usual, Morsi issues a condemnation, but the police take their sweet time in responding and then when they arrive, do nothing. This is Islam in action; the work of the 'non-violent' Muslim Brotherhood, whom our President has invited members of to advise his administration.

Mothers Of Fukushima

Burma's Oil Boom
Could be good for this once isolated nation, who seems intent on cooperation these days. I think what is happening here is one of Secretary Clinton's greatest diplomatic achievements.


9 April 2013
EU Faces Risk Of Social Unrest
Unemployment + Austerity = Social Explosion

The Food Stamp/Taco Bell Economy
No wage and low wage jobs grow in America

NK Crisis Headlines

EU Crisis Propels Germany To New Powerful Reserve Status
She now has over a trillion dollars in net foreing assets. Thee Buundesbank is now clearly the real king in the EU. 60 Years of Post WWII policy has born its fruit.

I am very reliably informed that Chancellor Merkel has been photographed in a T-Shirt that says the Thousand Year Reich.

Unemployment Went Down For All The Wrong Reasons
Finally a few mainstream sources are getting behind the fake numbers and deal with a few harsh realities.

Keep this in mind. The stock market? Much of those gains, especially when there is a real an sudden downturn, is propped up by the Fed (secretly buying futures from special accounts) and here, we see the Feds cooking the unemployment books. Do click over and also check out the entry from ZeroHedge. Keep in mind that many major MSM sources? - they will never report these unpleasant facts, while they cheerlead the 'bailout economy' (where THEY, not us get the bailouts). They have largely ceased reporting real news and report propaganda. These corporate earnings reports that will come out today. Like the recent JCPenny report, you have to dig deep to get the truth, which in that case was that they secretly laid off thousands of jobs.

Since we got the data on the Fed bailouts and the trillions they were shipping over, not just to banks but to US and foreign corporations, around the world it behooves us to keep in mind that these kinds of programs or other more secret bailout programs that go to US corporations may still be in effect. I do not know. But given some of the things I do know going on behind the scenes and are not being reported and this administrations known legalized corruption, grants of corporate immunity and support of the Wall Street at the expense of ordinary people, while the President makes fine speeches about how much he 'cares' about working people and does nothing but empower those who are robbing them, Wall Street's 'earnings' need to be looked at with looked at with a very jaundiced eye. You cannot believe this Fed or this President. They never saw a Wall Street/Corporate America bailout they did not secretly support (while they publicly decried it), while they raise taxes on working people. They never saw a job killing free trade agreement they did not fall all over themselves to sign when you were not looking. So why are so many Americans falling out of the Labor Force and are not counted in the unemployment numbers? The answer is real simple. Politicians who tell us what we want to hear, and then do what the banks and the corporations want them to do and a people too stupid or distracted to tell (or even want to tell) the difference.

The key here is that like a drug, money printing feels good for as long as the high lasts, but the hangover can be very painful indeed. When inflation starts to really kick in (and it will) the Fed is going to be forced to raise rates, rapidly. What is that going to do to the housing market, the auto market, business investment? Keep this pertinent fact in mind because it is largely ignored. Despite record low interest rates and all of these bailouts this is a very tepid 'recovery', if you can really call it that. When you have this many Americans falling out of the labor pool, you can call it a recovery, but only for the 1%; the banks,  and the guy who can walk up to the Fed window and get a 0% loan and roll it over a thousand times, and then turn around and charge Joe Sixpac 19.99% on his Visa card. The working guy has seen his pay cut (under Obama's tax increase on 1 Jan), that is IF he still has a job and many are understandably concerned about the future of their employment. When inflation hits and interest rates rise... well, I do not need to tell you what that is going to mean for the working man.

This is a fake recovery based on printed money crackpot economic theory (print and spend) and artificially low interest rates and a slick propaganda campaign waged by our financial press

CFAA Gov-Corp Get Together To Make A Bill
Looking for ways to reduce the possibility of South Korean scale hacking is my guess for the reasons for this.

The troubling aspect of this is that the way this is worded (according to many news sites) is that a person who violates terms of service of any  website could be held criminally (as in jail time) liable. If anysite-dot-com decided to tell you that you can only use the site using say, IE9, that would make every person who used Chrome or Firefox a cyber-criminal... a federal offense. It also appears that the DOJ has abused its power in the past in related laws in some key cases (ref'd in EFF piece). A site could put in its TOS that you cannot ever delete its cookies from your browser, if you do, you would be a cyber-criminal. They could say you must log in at least twice a day, if you did not, you would be a cyber-criminal or that you must refer 5 people in order to return, if you didn't you would be a cyber-criminal. Look, I am just telling you how this law could be abused and abused it will be. We cannot even get corporation to follow do-not-track and Obama's voluntary compliance concerning it (its always 'voluntary' when it comes to corporate compliance and a criminal matter when it comes to ordinary folks compliance)I would not look for him to do anything to help you when this law is abused except maybe build some more prisons. which is what I would call Obama's "Alternate Negro Housing Plan".

As you can see this bill has potential abuse written all over it. My guess is that some powerful folks are pushing this bill for reasons that are not being stated. I want to stress that this is my very strong suspicion. What if the TOS said, 'by accessing this site, you consent to our corporation to conduct random searches at your home'? Hey, get a roomful of lawyers and corporations together with a wink and a nod from the DOJ and I think this is what the product would look like. That is why I think Holder is pushing it so hard. No need for SOPA. Now, any site that wanted to put SOPA like terms on its site would be able to do so with the full backing of the DOJ. I think there may be much, much more to this than meets the eye and some of these sites with some very dark and troubling connections may be behind this kind of push.

I also think this is why most TOS are pretty tame. Key, large and shall we say 'connected' sites may have been waiting for this or something similar to pass and then entrap readers and surfers with a long legalese TOS (that most won't even read) when it does and the next thing you know, Granny is in jail because she deleted her cookies at her favorite health store site when she closed her browser after buying some arthritis pills.

No, this bill has not taken the internet this far yet, but let me give you a real big hint. Powerful forces are working with this administration to do just that. CFAA is stage one. Stage 2 will be when they slip in language in a rider bill when no one is looking. Change one word here, remove another here and the laws will give the government the power to do all kinds of things to innocent people.

Having said all of that. We need good laws to deter cybercrime. The extent of the damage done in South Korea has not been told to Americans, but it was pretty extensive. Law enforcement needs tools to track down and prosecute REAL cyber-criminals, not absue and misuse the laws to go after  those who pose no real threat just to show how 'tough' they can be on the weak, while the powerful are criminally skimming off millions of dollars from financial transactions (and they do) and the DOJ does nothing and by its willful inaction is nothing more than a criminal facilitator.

The End Of NATO?
The lack of funds will certainly mean that NATO's mission and capabilites will have to change with ever shrinking budgets.

Pope Francis Makes New Curia Appointments
An interesting appointment. Let us see how many other Spanish speaking leaders he chooses or if he will begin making key appointments from African and Asian clergyman. For now he may be making sure he has people around him he knows and can trust. Of Note, the Pope survived what appears to have been an assassination attempt on him. The Pope likes mineral water and just before he drank a bottle, it was discovered that there were shards of glass inside the sealed  bottle. The Swiss guard protected him. They are very good at security. They know this pope has some powerful enemies inside the Vatican, some of whom are not above helping the pope transition, in a hasty manner, from this world...

...to the next.

Kim Jong Un's  Road To Power Consolidation
Old guard versus reformers, who is up and who is down? A Look behind the scenes at NK power players.

Banking: Destroying America
Is banking destroying America? The current banking system is and it isn't like the founders of this nation didn't warn us of it.

Fukushima Radiation And US Infants

HAMAS Forces Men To Cut Hair
It amazes me when I read all of these sites supporting Hamas and all of these Palestinian groups as though they somehow represent some breath of freedom from Israeli 'tyranny'. Or how these same sites lambaste Israel constantly and yet never say a word about the real apartheid in places like Saudi Arabia, the hate in Sudan or the lunacy in Syria. I get sick of all of the anti-Semitism out there. Who hates Jews? Nazi's hate Jews and and so does the devil. It is no coincidence that HAMAS adopted the Hitler salute. Keep that in mind because the spirit of antisemitism is a powerful demonic spirit that will one day drive the worlds armies to a place called Armageddon. These unclean spirits (for the last days) are even described for us.

And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.
(Rev 16:13-14)

Ever underestimate the devils deceptiveness? That path is one of the most dangerous spiritual paths a man can walk down. Do you want a curse in your life? Then curse the the Jewish people. For the Lord did say that he will curse them that curse them and bless those that bless them. And don't let Islam try and fool you. Islam arose 600 yearsafter Christ and abou 4000+ years after Abraham. There was no Koran until long after Rome fell and Rome wasn't even a pipe dream when Abraham lived! Islam today is only a major religion because of the exceptional military skill of the early Saracens and the growing weakness of the old Byzantine empire which was raked with internal divisions, religious foolishness, really bad leaders and deep corruption.

No brethren, God has a plan to deal with the Jews for his purpose in these very last days and promised to bring them out of the nations to  deal with them. Things have come out exactly as he said they would. You want to get in his way and 'play God' and judge these people with your own fallen and wicked nature? Then you can expect a curse, first rebuke if you are loved by him but if you don't repent, a curse.

And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.
(Gen 12:2-3)

A real bona-fide curse. We like to concentrate on the blessing side of this because from a very specific bloodline of Abraham, the Messiah came and was indeed the blessing God promised. All the earth, Jew and Gentile are indeed blessed from Abraham's obedience. But there is the curse as well. So I give all who like to give into that anti-Semitic spirit that permeates so much of Christianity -  go there and it could (and probably will) cost you all of our worldly blessings and your eternal soul. Because nothing accursed will enter into God's kingdom.

You have been warned.

This does not mean we are to hate Palestinians.  That is the other extreme that many sites want to take you down and must be resisted. God came to save Palestinians as well and truth be told, there are a lot of Palestinian Christians.

The key here is to remember these things.

1) God's promises to Israel
2) The fallen nature of both Jew and Gentile (by the way, that includes Y-O-U)
3) God's offer of salvation to both Palestinian and Jew
4) And God's eternal memory when it comes to his word and promises; blessings and curses. He never forgets. So do yourself a favor.

...Don't you forget either.

Media Lockdown On Arkansas Oil Spill
Exxon gets prized protection from the Obama administration and even secures no-fly zones over the disaster area.

This will effect the Keystone Pipeline decision won't it? That decision, I strongly suspect and despite what we hear in the MSM has already been made. Keystone is a 'go'.
There Will Be No  Resistence
See here is what America's first African American president is testing in Oklahoma. Check this out as well. One day soon, the human species is going to be under a far greater threat than any one out there realizes.

Do you ever  get the impression that the guy in the big chair is missing a few screws? Machines can be armed but humans can't (think gun control).

"You set the standard for sanity."
- Claudius to the insane Emperor Caligula
(From the mini-series "I Claudius")

I do not mean to suggest that there is anything mentally aberrant in our President. I do suggest that as a whole, the whole domestic policy of this nation no longer reflects values that have their root in shall we say, strong evidences of a mentally healthy condition.

EU Mosque Building Moves Into High Gear...

Huge Explosion At US Power Plant...

Large Amount Of Hydrogen Sulphide Released LA..

'Special' Bird Flu Cases Map

Christians Continue To Be Persecuted...

Swasticka Rising: America's Terror Courts

Federal Courts: Kids Can Take Morning After Pill...

NK Christians Seek Prayer

4 April 2013
What I Don't See...
Brothers, today's update is going to be much briefer different update than the others this week and what I will discuss is what I do not see. Many Internet writers, blogger and 'prophets' (so called) write in such a way as to instill a kind of 'shock and awe' on their readers in order to gain readership. They often have some new theory or 'word' that is designed to use the emotion of fear to obtain readership.

What I want to say here is that I do not see an immediate collapse of the American empire on the horizon. I don't see an immediate collapse of her banking system on the Horizon, I do not see an imminent declaration of Martial Law coming. In short, while such things are talked about constantly and ad-nauseum on many Patriot and even Christian sites, the fact is, I do not see things things happening  in the immediate future. I do not see the kind of 'shock' events that many see coming. That is not to say that some out of the blue event could not cause them to happen, like a Cyber Pearl Harbor, or some kind of nuclear event or even armed insurrection inside the US. Then yes, a shock response by our government to these things are not only possible, but likely. These are what are known as low probability, high impact events. These things are clearly within the realm of possibility and will change the nation for a long, long time if they were to happen. Do I see this on the immediate horizon? No. The leaders of this nation know that value of slowly introducing the things that are to be rather than giving people a shock. That is why for a long time I have talked about the trends that have been in place with regards to the decline in American living standards. The slow dismantlement of the US empire, the slow breakup or Germanification of the EU (the verdict is still out on this one), the continuing rise of China (with some significant hurdles to overcome), the continuing globalization of the world economy. I do not see any major shocks, lest they be from God but a continuing of the trends that are already well in place.

Leaders around the earth right now have their hands full, they do not need another major crisis; China, the US and the EU in particular. But you can say the same for large parts of the Middle East and even Putin's Russia, who is dealing with growing internal discontent and rising Islamism on its periphery. Shocks and major new troubles are not high on anyones list of things to start today, with the possible exception of North Korea. Not even Iran can really afford a serious escalation of tensions. Yet having said all of that I do think that the trends in place that are preventing (or rather delaying... think money printing) a major crisis has put us all firmly, especially in the US, on track for the real crisis that is going to end the US empire and send much of the nation into grinding poverty that being the inflationary collapse of the US dollar. If we continue trying to avoid a crisis right now with money printing, we ensure a crisis later when dollars are no longer accepted in large parts of the world. This is not on the immediate Horizon, because the whole Global system is so out of whack that today, despite her gargantuan deficits, the US dollar is still viewed by many as a good store of value. What this has done has led this administration (in secret) to become even more reckless with the dollar as a currency as well as the 'full faith and credit' of her government, there is a major difference here, but I do not feel led to reveal it now.

So I don't see 'black helicopters' and 'foreign troops' heading for America to take it over. There is no need to. The so called "new world order" is already here. It has been for years, people only over the past 15-20 years have been slowly waking up to a system that has long been in place. Global Governance? Folks, do an Internet search on the term, you will find it used by US governmental agencies, the UN, the EU, major think tanks, global institutions and banks the world over. They don't talk about it like it something that is coming, but as a present reality whose efforts need to be broadened and strengthened. People get upset when you use these terms because they don't understand the world we live in.  They understand pro-football, basketball and the latest idiocy on TV, but not what is happening around them. Christians are just as bad is everyone else. They seem intent upon not paying attention to the times.

I have long suspected that if the devil wanted to deceive people, the only thing he would have to do is to move slowly with his demonic changes. Don't rock the boat, don't 'scare the kids',  just slowly move them in the direction that he wants to take them and before you know it, they are falling down in worship before his feet, believing him to be god. Sure there will be shocks along the way but the way to manage shocks is to limit choice during the crisis period, ensuring that his agenda gets implemented. Have you noticed how many of our choices now are limited? You can get on a plane, but have to have a naked body scan first. You can buy a notebook or a tablet, but big brother knows who owns it and can track you every time you use it. Ever notice all of the new legalese these websites and new technology are throwing at you? They don't tell you BEFORE you make a purchase all the legal agreements you need to use it, it's after you make the purchases then dozens of legal agreements pages long are thrown up in your face. They are essentially forcing you to make a choice by a careful deception. They don't tell you anything until they get you in the room. Once you get into the room two guys with digital billy clubs (named Microsoft and Google) knock you senseless and rape your privacy. Where is the government in all of this? Defending the rapist. Why? Because when the guys with billy clubs get done, Uncle Same says, "I'm next".

One of the greatest tools for informational freedom and open debate and activism has become a corporate/government tool for surveillance and repression. Yes, repression. Don't believe me? Ask those folks at OWS about how they were picked up and spied upon by America's first African American president, whose rise to power could only have happened with the very kinds of activism that took place in the 60's that he has now denied to young Americans. And people wonder why I won't jump on the Obama bandwagon. This is why I don't see any grassroots movement ever amounting to anything in America. Obama will kill it, he will issue a classified directive to the DHS/FBI and local law enforcement that anyone who protests are 'low level terrorists' and arrest them, seize their phones, tablets and notebooks, in order to see who they are talking to and pick them up as well. The guy with the swastika in his soul isn't a German, he's half black.  The President will classify these kinds of orders so that it is illegal to let the people know that he ordered it! This is typical Obama, why do you think he has  been so hard on whistleblowers? He's hiding some dirt behind his misuse (probably criminal misuse) of the classification system. You want to talk about GMO's and his recent signing of the law that protects GMO makers? There is a major, MAJOR story behind this, but its illegal to make it known. The fact is, that what the President did could easily be defined as a deep betrayal of the American people on someone else's behalf. In other words, he is using the National Security system, not to protect America, but to betray it!  That is the 'order' we already have in America. It isn't coming, it's here. Thank Black America, Gay America and the idiot wing of the Democratic party who never saw or wanted to see anything but their skin color and throbbing genitals when they went into the polls.

So forget about any change coming from the people. They have their bread and circuses and millions now will be able to satisfy their lusts on members of the same sex and get government benefits and money (we don't have) for doing so. All of this keeps the masses occupied. Don't except change to come from the Church, it is pretty disorganized (and much of it disgusting) and most of it has no spiritual power, except from the prince of this world as they no longer have any intention of doing the things God commands. They have caught the spirit of this age and want, not God's approval, but the approval of the world and the love of the Prince of this world, whom they serve, often knowing exactly who their master really is.

Deceit is everywhere and what I don't see, is any major shocks in the future that are man-made and designed to bring in a world order that is already here. There is no need to. They key now is the ensure that the old order remains with the same players at the head of it (Western banks/corporation) with the US military to back up their economic claims on wherever they deem fit. This is the order that is under threat. The last thing they need is to shock the masses out of their slumber so that they realize that they are not living in a nation that's free, but in a high tech matrix that could very easily and very quickly turn into a prison if push came to shove. Push isn't shoving because it is in no ones interest to do it now.

For Christians my only exhortation is this. Pray. When you get done praying, pray some more. Keep on praying because the longer the devil takes to implement his plans the more of God's people will become discouraged and fall by the wayside, its the 'My Lord delayeth his coming' syndrome (Mat_24:48; Luk_12:45).
  Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not. (Luk 12:40)

Given the prophetic timetable that I have laid out and are pretty clear in the books of all the prophets, there is still at least some time before our Lord returns (we must know the times and seasons but will not know the day or hour). The Lord told us (in the parable of the 10 talents Luke 19:12ff) to occupy until he comes, not sit on pins and needles. In occupying he makes it plain that we are to use the 'talents' he has given us. Some have more talents than others but each will be rewarded for their use of them. The person who does not use them? He wound up with nothing, even the talent he though he had was given to someone else. The lesson here is to occupy yourself with whatever God has chosen for you. Are you a preacher? Preach the word, the whole counsel of God, all of it, don't sugar coat the hard sayings, be true to your calling. Are you missionary? Preach the Gospel and lay a firm foundation for new believers so that they don't fall into error by false teachers. Are you a prophet? Then prophesy, but be 100% certain that what you are saying is of the Lord. Don't issue prophecies out of your own heart and say they are of the Lord. That is a very, very dangerous thing to do and if you want to know why a lot of Christian sites that dealt with prophecy are dormant, no longer updated or the prophet is dead? In many cases, that is why.

I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed. How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart; Which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal. The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD. Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces? Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that steal my words every one from his neighbour. Behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that use their tongues, and say, He saith. Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the LORD, and do tell them, and cause my people to err by their lies, and by their lightness; yet I sent them not, nor commanded them: therefore they shall not profit this people at all, saith the LORD.
(Jer 23:25-32)

I speak this word to no one in particular and ALL Christian ministries in general (yes, even and especially to myself). Be careful about speaking a prophecy in God's name or dreaming a dream in God's name. Take heed to yourselves lest the Lord carry you off before your time in hot rebuke. Today, before anyone speaks in God's name get before God and know that you are really speaking for him. If you have to do a 'Gideon' (Judges 6:35ff) before you speak it, then do it. Don't become a false prophet because you deceived your own self. Gideon wasn't going to go any further in God's name until he knew for sure the Lord was with him and while Gideon is often chided for having a lack of faith, I am not so sure that is what it was. I think he wanted to be sure that God was using him and not his own imagination and then suffer a major defeat and have God and Israel mad at him for being presumptuous. Keep in mind that Gideon had already seen an angel and seen other miracles before this event referenced above.

From all these things, the fact that he had seen and heard the angel of Jehovah, and that he had been taught by fire out of the rock, by the disappearance of the angel, by the vision of the night, and by the words addressed to him there, Gideon did indeed believe that God both could and would deliver Israel through his instrumentality; but this faith was not placed above or away from the conflict of the flesh by which it was tested. And it is not strange that it rose to its greatest height when the work of deliverance was about to be performed. Wherefore Gideon with his faith sought for a sign from God against the more vehement struggle of the flesh, in order that his faith might be the more confirmed, and might resist the opposing flesh with the great force. And this petition for a sign was combined with prayers for the strengthening of his faith.” - (Seb. Schmidt from the K&D commentary on the relevant verses.)

It is true that God does not give many signs to a wicked and perverse generation (Matt 12:39). But to his people, who come to him in all humility and all the faith they can muster? He will often grant a sign. My word to each and every person who comes by this site who may have a ministry of some kind or believe that God is calling you into one; my exhortation is to be true to the word of God, never ever deviate from it. Don't add to it, don't take away from it. Don't add burdens on people that are not in the Bible but don't endorse sin and clear error either. Get before God before you speak in his name. Really get before him and don't go off half-cocked thinking just because you think you are a prophet or a watchman that everything you say is OK to be prefaced with 'thus saith the Lord'. Be steered by God and when God isn't speaking, your best bet is to keep your mouth shut as far as issuing prophecies and words from the Lord. There may be months, even years before you get words and then suddenly you are overwhelmed with them. Rest in what God gives you.

In closing, let me say this. No one in their right mind would seek the job of a prophet. Now I am not saying that prophets are crazy, but I am saying that they are often very unusual people and are given some very strange and extremely difficult tasks and things to perform. One was told to strip naked, another told to marry a hooker, another was thrown into a pit and left for dead. Folks this is not a job for an ordinary person but one specifically called to it and often in a very, very miraculous way. Almost always they feel themselves totally unworthy of it or even run from the job (like Jonah). They often suffer great personal loss because of their ministry (Ezekiel) or are murdered because of it (Zechariah). They are often rejected by their friends and family (John 4:44), though others may honor them. It's kind of like saying, 'I want to be a inmate at Guantanamo when I grow up'. You are asking for serious trials and tribulations, great loneliness and rejection. Do you really want that? Some one who wants that ministry or say they do often just don't know what they are asking.

  But Jesus answered and said, Ye know not what ye ask. Are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of, and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with? They say unto him, We are able. (Mat 20:22)

Hear me dear brethren. Before you listen to any prophet get before God and check his doctrine against scripture, then find out exactly what the purpose of his word is. Is it to instill fear? It is to instill faith? Is it an exhortation to Godly activity? Step back and ask yourself what is the prophet telling me here. Is he telling me to run for the hills or pray; buy a gun or preach the word? Often that is the best clue to whom is speaking for God and who is not. What is his or her (yes, there are women prophets, though I believe true ones are few in number) overall message and beware... one correct word does not a prophet make. Sometimes they may start off good and end up a shipwreck. I can tell you of a guy whose prophecies were right on the money... years and years before things happened he gave words that were so accurate they are really scary. Now he sells astrological forecasts...

So be cautious in these times with prophets and those with words from the Lord. We are never to despise prophecy but that does not mean we accept them all either. Are you unsure? Get in your prayer closet and God will reveal to you what you need to know.

Grace and peace to all who come by this site and have blessed it with your words of encouragement, editing assistance and financial blessing.

Fear not brethren, God is with you!


3 April 2013
More Of What I See...
There is so much going on these days that rather than post news stories, I thought I would to a 'stream of consciousness' update for my readers but before I begin I want to say this. I want to thank all of you for being patient with me with the occasional spelling and grammatical errors. I know with some of you (ladies especially) it drives you nuts! Well try and remember, I am only ONE person. It is just me. I have no staff no editor, no treasurer no one. I am not complaining, it is just that I have a limited number of hours in a day and I write, edit one time and up it goes. If I re-edited it time and time again (it is nearly impossible to edit your own work properly) I would not be writing a news blog but a history blog, by the time I got it grammatically perfect, what I wrote would be ready for the history books, not the news page; "Oh, I see brother Mark finally got around to posting a commentary on Bush's first inaugural address. He sure has great grammar, spelling and writing skills., but those fonts... it looks like he wrote that in Windows 98..." So please be patient. If I ever get to the point I can hire an editor and researcher (to go through hundreds of foreign language newspapers), I will do so. For now, I am like a one-armed chef cooking a meal for 500.... doing the best I can do. Keep this in mind as well. I am a writer, a Christian writer... just a writer and watchman. I am not here to be the great prophet. I will let other get those accolades. I just want to serve the Lord with my meager abilities!

So North Korea is at it again. Today they shut down the last link she has with the South at the Kaesong industrial complex, barring South Korean workers from the facility. This is just yet another escalation/provocation by the North. What they are doing and why will probably not ever be fully understood, except perhaps by one of the words leading clinical psychologists who deal with violent mental aberrations. What needs to be understood is that the South is not a doormat and one day, the North will go too far, a miscalculation will ensue and a major conflict could develop.

Meanwhile John Kerry says he will 'not accept' what has already happened, that being a Nuclear North Korea. Another impotent statement that no longer reflects the political and military realities. Such a detachment from reality just seems to be more and more par for the couse in the American establishment. Perhaps they figure they can lie and fool Americans and get away with it that they can do the same with the rest of the world. What has the US done about North Korea these past 20 years? Nothing. What is she going to do about it now? Nothing. What can she do? Very little. US diplomatic statements need to have real meaning and when someone says ''will not accept" that should mean what it says. America here, frankly does not mean what she says and is hoping that a strong blast of diplomatic hot air will cause the North to give up its program. Truth be told, this is a mess of America's own making going back to the Bush era. While the Bush administration was obsessing about Iran's nukes, North Korea was well on its way to building them. No one really cared and certainly no one did anything except make a bunch of cryptic statements. Now they have nukes and a credible way to deliver them, though they may still be stymied by some technical difficulties. They probably actually can lob a nuke to Hawaii or Portland.

Listen, the situation in North Korea is a major foreign policy failure. It is also a major Intelligence failure. Not because we did not have the means, but I think because we turned our attention to self created problems in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran and did not focus on more immediate concerns, like North Korea. Once again, it is that critical lack of strategic foresight. There are only two things that get Americans moving and that is the never ending search by principle campaign donors for major war contracts, and a major 'unforeseen' immediate crisis that cannot be ignored. I use the word unforeseen because usually, they have been foreseen and the one who foresaw them were relegated to trash detail at their respective agencies once they passed on what they saw up the chain. Here is the response they typically got was, "Everyone is talking abut Iran now, don't bother me with this North Korean garbage... no one cares about North Korea, the administration wants to hear about Iran..." If you want to know why we are in the pickle we are in now, that's why.

Our Asian allies have to be concerned. Today there are a lot of things happening in Asia that have not hit the MSM headlines. Truth be told, the omissions are so great that it is hard if not impossible to say that the omissions are innocent. The best kept secret these days is where no one would have ever expected it. In a land that no one ever mentions in blogs or newsletters, never mentioned on the headlines and finding stories about this large and sparsely populated nation is rather difficult. What is happening in this nation is not at all unlike what happened in California back in the late 1800's. What was that? A gold rush. It's not just gold, its all kinds of precious and rare metals that are being mined and extracted and negotiated for the rights of extraction right now. Back on the 70's The Russians did a major geologic survey of Mongolia. The survey found probably the richest deposits of mineral wealth on planet earth. The Russians found it, and either buried or lost the report. Later the Mongolians hired their own geologist and discovered what the Russians had, that Mongolia is sitting on top of the worlds richest mineral deposits, probably amounting to somewhere between one and two trillion dollars worth. So today, mining firms the world over are saddling their 'horses' and getting out their 'picks, shovels' and gold pans and heading out to what was once called the middle of nowhere, that being Mongolia. If you think this is some new 'conspiracy theory' take a look at where some of the worlds mining investors are putting their money. Some estimates say that this one mine will double Mongolia's GDP, which is already seeing monumental growth of 12.7 percent in 2012. This is no little thing, in fact this has the real potential to be a major economic game changer over the next several years. Mongolia is sitting on so much mineral wealth that she could become one of the worlds richest nations, if she plays her cards correctly. Gold, Copper, Uranium are all there in abundance. Suffice it to say that Mongolia will become a very rich nation in a very short period of time if she can create and maintain an investment climate that is both friendly to investors and protects the national treasury from 'giving away' all of her wealth to foreigners and leaving Mongolia with an environmental catastrophe to clean up when the foreigners have gotten their billions. Corruption is also an issue to watch with a nation so immature in dealing with international corporations, high finance and the folks who deal in those circles. The running joke is that all of the people who were committing fraud during the Credit derivatives scandal in the US are now in Mongolia, setting up new systems of fraud. This is one to watch, believe me, no one can sit on this much wealth and not have their nation radically transformed. This is already happening as those Mongolians who once had a centuries old nomadic lifestyle are giving it up and heading to the cities, where the money is.

Meanwhile the US is preparing itself for whatever North Korea can throw at us. No one knows what she will do and her massive and extremely damaging cyberattack on South Korea has given US authorities serious pause. How effective will they be against us? Probably not nearly, as the North had 'sleepers' inside many of the South Korean banks that aided the Cyberattack. Their presence in this nation is almost certainly far less significant and not in the most sensitive area's of the major US banks. How will this administration respond? My guess with its usual effeminate effectiveness that will embolden others to take on the increasingly hollow 'paper tiger' empire. Kerry can issue verbal assurances all he wants to about us protecting the South, but what are we going to do it with? A stomping foot and harsh language? It takes months to get troops ready for such a deployment and lest we forget, sequestration has taken a big hit out of the DOD budget.  What does this mean? It means all of that heavy equipment that is now back in the US from Iraq and Afghanistan are sitting in the yard, not being refurbished. In other words, that equipment is not battle ready. It will take months and lots and lots of money to get it ready. Those are two things the US will not have if the North strikes the South - time, money and this equipment.

Listen, I am not trying to be condescending with the new Secretary, but diplomatic hubris is not in order right now. It's akin to calling out a gunfighter in the old west, when your own gun holster is empty and your opponent is in a real nasty mood and not altogether playing with a full deck.

Finally, let is take a moment and talk about the media 'crucifixion' of David Stockman. He and Peter Orzag came together, both former Budget Chiefs in different administrations from both political parties. They had the courage to tell the nation what it does not want to hear. Listen both of these men understand the numbers and the extreme fiscal trouble this nation is in; not the political spin associated with them but the real numbers the nation is facing. What they did was commit political suicide. How do you do that? You tell the truth in Washington. They told the truth and every propaganda organ in the Media shouted them down as though they had committed a gang rape at a preschool.

Some of the headlines coming out of America's propaganda organs are below, many of Americans Media organizations are in one way or another, nothing more than pigs with their snout in the government trough, either through interlocking directories with some government contractor or via their advertisers.

Hence Stockman is being crucified by the 'pig patrol'; "how dare he say we get too much slop!!"

Well you can Google up in the news section 'David Stockman' and probably get a picture of him hanging upside down on a cross if you look long enough.

The reality is that someone has to say something because no one in our establishment wants to deal in realities, we are spending anywhere to 20 to 100 billion dollars A MONTH just in interest payments on our debts that will only rise with our ever increasing debt. But tell the nation that things have to change, real things, real fundamental change and they already have their equivalent of Pontius Pilate ready to send you off to the mob to be killed.... slowly. How dare you talk to us of truth! What is truth? Asked the Pilate of old.   Nothing much has really changed has it? Tell the truth and they want you head on a platter. There is so much happening in the economic sphere that our media is not telling you that if you knew, many of you would probably take your money out of the banking system. It is sooo screwed up and our government just cannot stop spending money and printing it. They have no other plan and so they crucify anyone who counters the prevailing economic plan and theories.  That plan is to print, spend and fake the statistics.

To me this is just a sign of a collective mental disease that has struck the nation; it's called 'lie me to sleep syndrome' (LMTSS). Do you want to get elected, keep your job at a mainstream publication or get promoted in the government? You have to catch and be a willing participant in the spreading of this vile disease. LMTSS infection rate in this administration is almost at 100% and it is fully dedicated to a 100% infection rate by the time it leaves office for the entire nation to help bolster its legacy. Infection vectors include the mainstream media on Cable and Newsprint, much of the internet with the exception of some really excellent and dedicated blogs.

Is there a cure for LMTSS? Individually, yes. But collectively no, the infection vectors are too prevalent and those carrying a cure are often killed off by those carrying it and are dedicated to spreading the disease. LMTSS is going to take the nation right down into the economic pits, if our enemies don't finish this nation off first and that is also a very high probability event, especially with Obama at the helm. Our President is really selling us down the river. I say this in all seriousness that despite his vocal and highly publicized moves against China, his actions in secret appear to be more in keeping with someone who wishes to aid, not counter them. His cash register politics is going to destroy this nation. This is the worst President this nation has seen in a very, very long time. Image is form are all good and keep the ignorant masses in their constate state of pleasure and self satisfaction, but quick look behind the scenes.... This is a scary, scary man indeed.

I am not just picking on him because the whole system is pretty rotten and the high level Senators and Congressman who have been up there since the first Bush administration are far more part of the the fundamental problem with America, that Obama. Look, one Senior administration official had a one night stay in Paris that cost the nation nearly 600 thousand dollars... for one night! This was flagged by the GAO and where did the money go? Hookers and Booze and those $3000 a night suites. Remember the Secret service scandal in Colombia? Folks, this was just as bad if not worse. But this is the Obama administration to the core, it is wasteful, perverted and hedonistic the epitome of the decadent western empire, that is well on its way to being toppled by the incompetence of its leadership; strumming a harp while the nations economic foundations crumble beneath it.

2 April 2013
What I See
What I See.. For many of you who wonder why I don't spend a great deal of time more on prophetic issues, the answer is very simple. I am not here to be 'the prophet'. When God has me say something to my readers, I will say it. If not, I stick with the news and the events of our day that are rapidly changing our world in such a way as that one day soon, it will not be recognizable.

Many of these changes are indeed being managed. Managed by our largest corporations and banks coupled with their respective nations; secret and intelligence power to mold societies into one where there will be clear masters and clear slaves. Slaves being those where the labor and or fruit of their labor can be forcibly extracted and given to the masters. It's the age old adage, '"you work and I'll eat it". This I can assure you is the world that a host of leaders and their respective Parliaments and Congress', regulatory and banking institutions are working tirelessly towards. If you think I am 'off' ask yourself where all that bailout money came from in the US and the EU and where it went to. This is not science fiction, it is not conspiracy theory, it is happening right now in our headlines. The only thing you have to so is pick them up (or click on over) and actually READ what is going on in places like Cyprus. They just took a lot of people's money. Granted it is not as bad as the Berlin and Brussels wanted, but this was a major swindle of people's money.

This is the whole 'contagion' argument that I am not altogether certain that some of my readers fully comprehend. Like a biological contagion, a financial one is 'contagious' and spreads from banking institution to institution weakening and even bankrupting the banks who catch it. The problems are real and I strongly suspect that one major US bank who has had some significant troubles in the post 2008 past with some apparently illegal derivatives exposure, may be teetering on insolvency due to major, major credit derivatives exposure/risk that our press and elite are hiding from us all.

One of these TBTF banks are currently under multiple Federal investigations. With all of the talk recently in the news about Too Big To Fail Banks and what are we going to do with them, it would not surprise me one whit if this bank is on its way to the kinds of insolvency we saw in Cyprus. In fact, I think that there is enormous concern about the future solvency of many western banks and try as they might to tell us over and over again that 'US banks have little exposure to events in (name your bankrupt EU nation here)... The truth is sooner or later, our banks will be exposed. Given the fact that there is a bi-partisan group of Senators now looking to re-open the derivatives casino to open-ended betting (with your deposits) , the future does not look bright. What would this do? It should be pretty clear to anyone who has been paying attention to events since 2008. It ensures yet another crisis that will require a massive bailout. A bailout everyone knows the government of the US cannot afford to pay.

Try and understand something here, this is not rocket science. You just have to do what few of you really want to do and that is for a moment, jettison your own morality and ask yourself if you were a greedy, evil person who only wanted money and power and could care less about God and your fellow man, what would you do? Well in a word that is what is happening now, such men are using this crisis to win in a class war in a world of dwindling resources and increasing civil unrest. They plan on accomplishing this with the reinstitution of a new kind of slavery. But here they will not place chains on you and cast onto a plantation, they will simply take all of the money you worked all of your life to earn and steal it so that the banks can go on Gambling in their derivatives casino and tell you that you can only spend 'X' dollars of what you already earned. This is just one form of the thing known as capital controls.. This is what happened in Cyprus for many depositors, and what the UK and US also are looking into to do in the event of a Too big To Fail Bank goes under and just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, one - maybe more will go under. This is a matter of when not if and how bad it is going to be. Given this administration's love affair with Wall Street banks and continued refusal to prosecute many for things it doesn't even require a large amount of evidence to convict (like money laundering) I see almost no hope ordinary people are going to spared this new kind of slavery. It's coming so don't kid yourself or play the ostrich...

I know many of you say... "Dude... that stuff is happening way over there in Europe, it isn't going to happen here or effect you and me." The truth is the plans to seize accounts have already been laid. Both the UK and the US prepared a study last December that laid it all out. OK many of you don't like it when I say these things... you say... oh... another whacked out conspiracy theory..... Well I do not promulgate conspiracy theory, I only tell you what is really going on and I can almost always prove it to you. Do you want proof that these plans are on the drawing board in the US and the UK?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Bank of England together with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Financial Services Authority have been working to develop resolution strategies for the failure of globally active, systemically important, financial institutions (SIFIs or G-SIFIs) with significant operations on both sides of the Atlantic. This work has taken place in connection with the implementation of the Financial Stability Boards (FSB) Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes for Financial Institutions (Key Attributes), as well as in connection with the reforms to the legal arrangements for handling the failure of financial institutions that were instituted in the United States (U.S.) and the United Kingdom (U.K.) in response to the recent financial crisis.

The goal is to produce resolution strategies that could be implemented for the failure of one or more of the largest financial institutions with extensive activities in our respective jurisdictions. These resolution strategies should maintain systemically important operations and contain threats to financial stability. They should also assign losses to shareholders and unsecured creditors in the group, thereby avoiding the need for a bailout by taxpayers. These strategies should be sufficiently robust to manage the challenges of cross-border implementation and to the operational challenges of execution. - Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions A joint paper by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England 10 December 2012

What does this mean to you? To the uninitiated this means that shareholders in the bank, bondhodlers and the rich and powerful are going to have to suffer losses. That is correct, as well they should, knowing the risk of investing in these institutions. But here is the rub. The rub comes in the underlined words 'unsecured creditors'. If indeed the US decides to name all depositors in a failed TBTF bank as unsecured creditors then this would be a 'legal' way around FDIC depositor insurance, which probably could not sustain a major bank going under and repaying depositors.

Generally speaking Depositors enjoy a special status when it comes to the resolution of a failed bank. What Cyprus did was break that line and make depositors pony up to keep the failed institution from going under. It was a desperate move the shows you the desperation of the leaders in the EU and give anyone a real look at the panic that is going on behind the scenes at the whole EU financial system. Cyprus, I hate to tell you was a dry run for what the Financial oligarchy may be planning right here in the US.

Under the strategies currently being developed by the U.S. and the U.K., the resolution authority could intervene at the top of the group. Culpable senior management of the parent and operating businesses would be removed, and losses would be apportioned to shareholders and unsecured creditors. In all likelihood, shareholders would lose all value and unsecured creditors should thus expect that their claims would be written down to reflect any losses that shareholders did not cover. Under both the U.S. and U.K. approaches, legal safeguards ensure that creditors recover no less than they would under insolvency.

An efficient path for returning the sound operations of the G-SIFI to the private sector would be provided by exchanging or converting a sufficient amount of the unsecured debt from the original creditors of the failed company into equity. In the U.S., the new equity would become capital in one or more newly formed operating entities. In the U.K., the same approach could be used, or the equity could be used to recapitalize the failing financial company itself”thus, the highest layer of surviving bailed-in creditors would become the owners of the resolved firm. In either country, the new equity holders would take on the corresponding risk of being shareholders in a financial institution. Throughout, subsidiaries (domestic and foreign) carrying out critical activities would be kept open and operating, thereby limiting contagion effects. Such a resolution strategy would ensure market discipline and maintain financial stability without cost to taxpayers. - Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions A joint paper by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England 10 December 2012

The blueprint for what was proposed for Cyprus is right here in this document. Only clearly the EU and US and UK and others are all on the page.
Having said all of this, I want to reiterate here that I do not think that they are going to begin seizing accounts here in America. They have a printing press that is far easier to use, politically speaking. So I do not think this is going to happen at least not right away and not in the manner it happened in Cyprus. For now, despite those who say that depositors of a bank are unsecured creditors, the fact is that by law the FDIC is there to protect depositors, not shareholders. It would take a pretty serious redefinition here to allow them to seize accounts and confiscate money in this fashion. Know that since the crisis of 2008 hundreds of institutions have failed in the US and depositors did eventually (though sometimes after many months) get their money back.

Yet, having said that, some of the folks in government are just dumb enough to try it, so don't rule it out and some elitists who see an opportunity to consolidate economic power over the population by having the state seize the assets that eventually go back to the banks (not depositors) in a reformed banking system in the event of some major economic crisis.. A too big to fail bank going under though will unleash a serious crisis as the FDIC would not have enough money to cover all deposits. This would mean that there would either be a 'shotgun wedding' between major financial institutions or the printing presses would have to be turned on twice as fast as they are running now... and they are already running nearly 100% today... I mean that in a literal (paper and ink), not figurative sense.

Our leaders don't feel you have a right to know that they are printing you into poverty with notes guaranteed by the 'full faith and credit' of the plebeian classes of America. They bail out the banksters and you get the bill. Don't kind yourself, you personally are on the hook for all of these new debts the President does not have the courage to tell you about.

The Western Economic system, despite all of the fine words, lies and prevarications of her financial press is still right on course, heading right into the halls of financial catastrophe, full speed ahead with 'captain crackpot' at the helm. He only has one order he ever gives... "Printers... full steam ahead!!!"

Let me close by saying this because I think it pertinent. When a person really wants to do predictive analysis, the most important tool one can use is the study of what I will call unstoppable trends. What is trending; populations, earth changes, debt crisis, high technology, rise of China... to name a few. If a person can get a good handle on these kinds of trends, step back and (this is the most difficult, most folks can't do this) step outside of themselves and see things from the other guys perspective, one can much better understand where the world is heading, without the aid of prophecy. Second, one must never let what they want to happen or allow some pet theory to cloud ones judgment. Do not get attached to a theory or set of intellectual paradigms. Let the facts coupled with the trends speak for themselves.

As a Christian, I am a long student of Biblical prophecy these days it is as much a matter of faith as it is my ability to read the headlines with a Bible open along side of it. It does not take any brains to see things unfolding just as Christ said they would. But most people will never see because they do not want to see. They have made up their minds that they are never going to believe the Bible.. no matter what; because it might end their adultery, thefts, murders, fornications, lies, hate, sodomy, fraud... So the moral imperatives of the scriptures keep folks from reading and believing its message. What happens when you cease believing the truth? God sends you a strong delusion so that you believe a lie. With God, its either/or; in or out, you don't want truth? Then he will give you lies, lies so strong you will never be able to mentally/spiritually extricate yourself. That is what is meant by a strong delusion. I can only exhort you secular readers who come by here, not to reject God's truth too many times. One day, God will simply give you over and send you that strong delusion.

And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
(2Th 2:8-12)

Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat:
I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:
I was a stranger, and ye took me not in:
naked, and ye clothed me not:
sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.
Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee? Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.
(Mat 25:41-46)
"Works don't matter". That is the refrain we hear from the pulpits across denominational lines in America. There is such a heavy emphasis on Grace and Faith that the need for works that actually reflect the 'born again' nature of a true believer often gets lost in the shuffle of teachings or is deliberately and maliciously ignored. "God loves us so much that he would never EVER allow thus and so to happen to his bride..." is the constant refrain we hear from false teachers all over. The subtle teaching that is being put forward is that God loves us so much that he will never actually require any real change in our behavior after we are saved. One look around the so called Church today and we see just how effective this teaching has become in the western Church. It is often impossible to distinguish a believer from a non-believer from their actions. Both lie, cheat and steal to get ahead. Both vote for the same kinds of liars, thieves and killers into high office and use the exact same justification for their support of evil. A wise man once said,

"A difference that makes no difference, is no difference."

This is a saying that describes the spurious 'salvation' experience far too many Christians have had.

American Christianity for the most part makes 'Christians' that are no different from the world around them. They will lie, cheat, steal, defraud and fornicate right alongside the most accomplished of sinners and often outdo them, if only by adding a significant dose of hypocrisy into the mix and bringing great shame to Christ and the Gospel. It is because of men and women like that that the message of Christ and the gospel is blasphemed the world over.

But these are the last days and it should surprise no one who really and truly has put their faith in Christ that wicked men should ingratiate themselves into the pulpit to vomit forth the doctrines of hades. Weather it be the open acceptance of Sodomy and the use of the devil's Churches to use the power of deceit to place the stamp of 'Christian' approval of this, yet another abomination, in God's eyes is neither shocking nor wholly unexpected. These are days of apostasy and evil where wicked, highly deceitful and reprobate men will not be satisfied just defiling the nation, they want the Church and Christians fully abominated as well. I will give you a perfect example.

It has been customary for President's to attend Church on Easter Sunday. This President did as well. In fact, he took his whole family and walked to Church. We got a great photo of the First Family walking to Church Easter Sunday. They were on their way to an Episcopal Church. You may ask, what is wrong with that? The Episcopal Church is one of the older denominations in America. That is correct. It is, it is also the one that has endorsed Homosexual Marriage, or more accurately legally accepted sodomy. They even bless it in their Churches. They do not require repentance and renunciation of open sin, but rather embrace it. What was lost in teh news stories is that the Episcopal Church is now about as Godly an organization as the KKK is a Civil Rights organization.

So what we got was a clever deception for the AP and Reuters newswires showing a 'Christian' president going to Church. Well, he is a 'Christian' in the American sense, where the perceived needs of the state, a Presidential legacy and ego are more important than the commands of God. So while the image is of a Christian President heading to a Christian Church, the reality is that we have a President heading to what can only be called in Biblical terms, a temple of Sodom. I am not just picking on the President or the Episcopal Church, Politicians and Clergymen from both sides of the political aisle are rushing to endorse this sin. All of this only shows is the lateness of the hour.

I can remember reading many years ago, a prophetess saying that when we saw the Homosexuals marching for their rights in the streets of  America, judgment would soon fall on her. It was so long ago that at the time, no one ever thought that such a thing could happen in the US. Don't ask me to quote or link to it, it was just one of those things I remember from many, many years ago. It has always stuck with me as did another prophecy about America's first Black President, made way back in the 1980's. The prophet said that Black Americans should not be happy at his election and that he would be a tool used by others and that Black Americans would fair badly under his term. And so it has been with Obama. But Black America, having forsaken the God of the Bible and now worships fully (with a few Godly exceptions) at the altar of Obama and some even call him 'Lord and Savior'. What was once called the conscience of the nation is now nothing more than a conglomeration of lost souls with dark skin. They will worship 'black' but not God.

But what God expects are people who actually DO (action, work) his commandments. In the above verse we see that God will judge people not by their doctrinal perfection but what they actually did to God's holy people. What will happen when it comes a time when real Christians (not those who worship in the temple of Sodom) in this country are rounded up and put in jail for their witness and beliefs? Are you going to visit them or write them letters and pray for them? What if it was understood that visiting a Christian in jail could easily mean losing your job? Would you do it? Or not getting that prized government contract? What if it meant suddenly you got a tax audit or went on a no-fly list or had your bank accounts frozen... would you do it? What have YOU actually done for Christ and Christians, even when there is high cost involved? A real Christian is not going to be socially acceptable to most. He is going to be very different, his whole mode of living is going to be different because his heart is not in this world, but with Christ and his coming Kingdom.

So the question here is, are you one whose life and actions really reflects Christ or are you playing Church, listening to a pastor who refuses to teach the whole counsel of God, often for fear of losing donations? Is he preaching the cross of Christ.. the cross not just for Christ but for all of us real Christians as well? Was it not Christ who said, take up your cross and follow me? The Cross was a roman instrument of TORMENT, it was a horrible death, often the sufferer took days to die. Don't sugar coat what Christ is saying here, if we suffer with him we will also reign with him.

If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:
(2Ti 2:12)

Brothers, forget about all of this 'love love love' no suffering, no cross, no need for obedience, hellified Christianity. It is the pathway to hades, not heaven. Yes, God does love us very, much. He demonstrated that love on the cross and by saving such as us who do not deserve his love, grace or mercy. One look at the persecutions going on in the world today should let any real Christian know what the real price of faith is. Getting into the kingdom is not going to be easy for we who are 'Last Days Saints'. It is going to be a path strewn with difficulties, not roses; hardships, not Persian rugs; and persecution, not praise. Many of your brethren (provided you are worthy to be called their brethren) are suffering today, being thrown in prison for their faith, driven from their homes, shot down on cold blood or having their Churches burned down or seized. Yet somehow, these things are not discussed in many of America's Churches. Rather, they talk about an easter egg hunt on Resurrection Sunday (I used a non-Christian link so I am not accused of using 'Christian propaganda').

So let us rejoice in our God who has called us to this great Salvation to become sons and heirs to the kingdom of God. Let us rejoice but be sober and vigilant, knowing we are on a battlefield, located behind enemy lines understanding that there will be many casualties in this war, temporal and spiritual. Our job is not to be in step with, loved by or respected by the powers that rule of this world, or those who are in bondage to the kingdom of darkness, but to bear witness to the light that is in Christ Jesus with both our words and our deeds. This will usually mean we are completely out of step with the social, political and spiritual morals of our times

So let us keep these things in mind as the days roll on. Stop playing games with your faith, cease doing evil and learn to do good. Cease being a holy hypocrite and be a real Christian whom Christ, not this world approves. And remember those brothers in Christ who have less than you, who do not have enough to eat, or clothes to wear, or people to visit them in prison. I say this with the utmost seriousness because know this...

God is watching.



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