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22 Apr 2011

And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright. And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me? And Jacob said, Swear to me this day; and he sware unto him: and he sold his birthright unto Jacob. Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentiles; and he did eat and drink, and rose up, and went his way: thus Esau despised his birthright. (Gen 25:31-34)

Brethern, we true followers of Jesus Christ have a wonderful inheritance from the Lord so let us never despise it with with the love of this world, its systems or its temptations.

Obama OK's Use Of Armed Drones
Lockheed set to make some more cash off of war. Drones are made by Northrup and the Hellfire missiles they will use are made by Lockheed. FYI, since the Airforce reduced its orders of Drones, Northrop raised the price 25%. Cost of those hellfire missiles, $68k a pop. So kick back and watch your tax dollars literally go up in smoke and when all of that money is spent... nothing on the ground in Libya will have substantially changed... even if we eventually get Qadaffi.

Christian Radio Airs Message of Peace Amid New Violence in West Africa

Syria's Bloodiest Day Of Protests

That Silly Superstition Called Atheism

Effects of Radiation from Fukushima Daiichi on the U.S. Marine Environment
From The Congressional Research Service

FAQ On Radiation And Oceans From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Radiation Daily Plume Trajectories

Under Obama, Black Wealth Has Virtually Disappeared
Black wealth has virtually disappeared. Data gathered prior to 2007, when the full scope of the subprime mortgage catastrophe was just becoming known, showed median Black family wealth at about $5,000, one-twentieth of the median white family’s $100,000 holdings. Since then, the bottom has fallen out from under whole communities, with Blacks hit by far the hardest. By the second quarter of 2010, Black home ownership had declined from its 2007 level of 48 percent to 46.2 percent, a 3.7 percent drop, and still falling – a guarantee that median Black household wealth is well below the $5,000 registered in 2007. (Median wealth for single Black women at the top of their earning capacity, ages 36 to 49, was precisely $5 – five dollars! – in 2010.)

Unemployment Declines, Income Shrinks

Huge Bomb Found Near Indonesian Church.

Texas Burning Border To Border

Anti-Religious Paul Simon Changes His Tune

Uzbekistan, China Sign $5 Billion Deal

F-35 Operating Costs May Reach $1 Trillion
If you want to know why the GOP, Obama and Sec. Gates want to cut Granny's Medicare, here is one big reason.

Drone War Will Continue In Pakistan

Money Supply And The Price Of Oil: Is There A Relationship?

Christian Refugees Returning To Iraq Need Aid

China Eyes Energy, Bank Deals With Malaysia, Indonesia

Psst... An App That Stops iPhone From Tracking You

Crooked Cops Stories
Cops stealing drug money, jail guards smuggling dope, deputies helping traffickers... and narcs gone wild in Peoria. Just another week in the drug war. Let's get to it.

The Obama-Gates Maneuver On Military Spending
Deceit, wrapped in a lie surrounded by budgetary fictions.

Nigeria: 60 Churches, Thousands Of Homes Burned In Election Violence
The violence is largely the result of a Christian getting elected.. "Open Doors USA President/CEO Dr. Carl Moeller states: "Last year there were more martyrs in Nigeria-- approximately 2,000 Christians killed in the northern part--than in any other country in the world".

Kaspersky's Son Goes Missing
FYI: He makes computer security software.

Pre-Patriot Act Windows XP Being 'Murdered' By Microsoft
May I emphasize the 'Pre-Patriot' act nature of XP and its forceable retirement? If so, let me emphasize the Pre-Patriot act nature of XP and its forceable retirement.

While Justice Department Opposes Digital Privacy for Americans, Pentagon Stonewalls Corporate Spy Probe
Interesting read to show you why your government, while making noices about privacy and constitutional protections are the sworn enemy of both. Slide over to the EFF and read their report, it also is worth a read.

Source: EFF

Where does the FBI's hatred for American courts come from? Why do they think they are above any law, and can do whatever they want? Why are the courts allowing themselves to be turned into head-bobbers and yes men and increasingly irrelevant?

Cisco Accused Of Orchestrating Engineer's Arrest
This is a rather interesting read.

Big Changes At Israeli Spy Agency
Changes in Mossad means changes in the way Israel deals covertly with her neighbors. Changes here are not well advertised but will have long lasting impact on the region.

Rebellion In The Amazon

Silence Shrouds New Egyptian Repression Security Agency

Why Geithner Should Resign As Treasury Secratary

Pneumonia Cases “Surge” In Japan’s Tohoku Region
The article talks about water related 'Pneumonia' and is written to give the impression that radiation has nothing to do with it. Well, check this out, or just do a search on 'Radiation' and 'Pneumonia'. You can find more here.

$6 Dollars A Gallon? ... Could Be.

Data Rape and Traffic Stops

Russia, Neo-Nazi's And Hitlers Birthday

Rumor: China To Revalue Yuan 10%

Hundreds Of Christians Forced To Flee Islamic Terror

Two Collapse Scenarios

IMF Not Convinced US Has Deficit Plan

The Fed Is Not There To Solve Your Problem

Negro Removal Operation Underway In Wisconsin?
Gov. Walker denies anything of the sort is underway.

Fatwa: "It Is Permissible To Spill Christian Blood"

Apple Logs Everywhere You Go
Cell phones are spying devices first and communications devices second. Keep that in mind next time you pony up $400 for your next one. Generally speaking the more expensive the phone, the more sophisticated the surveillance technology. This is how they make you pay for the spying they do on you. I can hear the salesperson hollering in the Gazebo, "NSA phone, get your NSA phone here. Step right up get your Mossad phone here, you no like, we have a special CIA phone here for you, I give you special price..." The problem is they never tell you what or who develops and expoits all that data they gather on you.
Just like an intelligence organization.

Kazakhstan's Enormous Uranium Resources

Iran, Italy, Rockets And Sanctions

Net Neutrality Died And Nobody Noticed

Bahrain Arrests Shi'ite Doctors
Meanwhile the US is mum on the abuses going on. Why? I will give you what could be a big hint...

Heavy Fighting Continues In Ivory Coast

Egypt Islamists Defiant Over Christian Governor
Salafists up to their tricks again..

Get Ready

Is a very real credit write down coming for the US? I will tell you in one word... well, two. Definitely yes. Yesterday, I posted a story about S&P cutting the US credit outlook. Well, there is a lot more to the story. Sometime last week, there was a major pow-wow of about half a dozen of America's biggest and most powerful investors. These are guys who essentially pump hundreds of billions into the US economy and are truly the heart and soul of Wall Street and they made a collective decision that is going to change America forever. That decision was to send an unmistakable message to Washington. What we read in the papers on Monday was just the first step in a long chain of events which will mean the US will get its credit rating cut. The US will, unless some serious changes are made to the US budget deficit, begin to go into real fiscal convulsions by the summer of 2012. This is the plan that has been set in motion. It is not being done maliciously, but knowing that if something is not done now, we are all headed for the poor house and that is no figure of speech. Yes, this looks very much like it is going to happen. To put it bluntly, these financial Titans said that they want to "send those suckers in Washington a message" ('f' expletive changed). Apparently, they are fed up and "the game", as one person in the meet put it, "is up". So get ready, these sources are impeccable so unless there is a major game changer on its way, this is going to happen.

But wait... that's not all (sounds like some cheesy commercial huh?). Well it isn't. Apparently these men are looking seriously into all of the laws and other legal frameworks of the Federal Reserve (from its inception onwards) with a clear eye to abolishing it. These men are bankrolled, very, very powerful and determined and increasingly pissed off at what is happening to America. So I look for some serious moves to get rid of the Fed to materialize before too long. The Fed is thoroughly corrupt; these directors of Regional Fed boards are making millions through funneling Fed money to their own private banks and businesses or in some cases, outright theft. There is no oversight, no accountability and now, no more (real) money. The Fed I hate to tell you, has been robbing America blind because no one had the legal authority to stop what they were doing. I am not just talking about the fractional reserve 'conspiracy' stuff you read about at a million-and-one sites. No, those who have taken a little time to look at some of those recent Fed revelations (compelled by court order) can see just how much money is being funneled to the rich and powerful without the knowledge of the American people or even the Congress. This was a wholesale looting operation and one that nation can no longer afford. I do want to caution you, that the Obama Administration was caught off guard and probably does not even know the enormous forces allying itself against his policies. From what I can gather, this is not personal, this is pure economics. So if you see Tim Geithner out there cheerleading for more debt and tell us things are improving you can know that what he says has no basis in reality; fiscal, political or otherwise. He says whatever his controllers tell him. This is the worse Treasury Secretary we have had in a long time and from what I am hearing from my insider friends, has apparently gone to enormous lengths to keep federal investigators from finding out where a lot of 'hot' money is going to and coming from in overseas financial transactions. I cannot stress this enough, this nation is in deep trouble with a men like Geithner and Bernanke running the Treasury and Fed. Folks, don't be surprised to see many of these guys in jail with this system comes apart, because when chaos comes, there is no telling who or what will come into power.

Look at Mubarak.

What has brought these powerful men around to their senses? I do not know, but one thing is certain, America as we know it (this includes your house, car, job, clothes on your back) are in the crosshairs and it is not likely that most of you will keep your present lifestyle. There is no way America can generate the money she needs to pay her debts. There is no real engine to the economy; it has been slowly destroyed by Free Trade while the illusion of wealth was perpetuated by the adept financial shenanigans of Alan Greenspan. Our industrial base has been gutted, our automotive industry is increasingly shifting its production overseas and in fact, is owned more and more by foreign investors. Our cities and states are teetering on insolvency and more and more Americans are forced to work in low paying retail stores, selling Chinese goods. There is no way the dollar can remain an exchangeable currency when she can no longer pay her debts (our currency is based on the debt we issue to back it up). What these men propose to do is to make the 'inflationist', 'deflationist' argument moot by introducing a new possibility. Let's call it the 'collapsionist' argument. Fix the debt or it will all collapse just a couple of months before the Presidential election. What would I do If I were a Congressman or advising the President?

I would do a 10% across the board cut for all budget outlays for starters. I mean cut, not a 10% decrease in proposed future spending. This is doable but the President has to put his 'security spending' on the table as well. He has to stop playing to the camera's and Rush Limbaugh's audience get real about what we need and what we don't in the realm of Defense, Security and Intelligence. There is a lot that can be cut and it would not harm America's defense one whit. But he is going to have to deal forcefully with the entrenched political elements who are robbing the Defense Department blind because of their political pull. He is just going to have to decide to go to the nation tell them in no uncertain terms why these moves are imperative and just take the heat from the right and let the nation know that we can cut 10% now or 100% when the nation goes into receivership and we cannot even buy jet fuel with our worthless dollars. Our big problem is the President who has been comprimised and lacks the character to deal forcefully with difficult problems, choosing rather to paper them over and claim victory when defeat is apparent.

On the subject of entitlement budget cuts, I say that Medicare can be dealt with by doing what I have always advocated, increased use of generics and reducing payments to Hospitals for certain types of patients. If Hospitals decide not to take Medicare recipients, then the States should be encouraged to take up the issue and help them to create new heath collectives that are not subject to Washington's byzantine regulations. I would also find an administrative (rather than legal) way to penalize the old school (non-medicare taking) hospitals for not taking in those patients. Call it 'special' class A inspections that cost the Medical facility a bundle to comply with and or force a special malpractice insurance tax on them, make it easier and cheaper for them to just to take Medicare patients than to deny them. 'Class B' institutions who must take Medicare would not be subject to these inspections or taxes. I think one of the biggest threats to health care is the overregulation of the market. We just need to create a new cadre of smaller institutions that cater to the old and the poor with less regulation. Now some will say "Mark, isn't your solution just adding regulations?" Yes. I admit it is, but keep this in mind; many of the regulations that are now in force were put there with the lobbying power of the Medical establishment. These new regulations are there to allow for a new less regulated and less expensive marketplace to come into existence, one that directly competes with the overregulated and over expensive behemoth we now have. Some would say we would run the risk of a two tiered medical system. To which I would reply, Yes. But we already have a two tiered medical system. One for those who can afford insurance and another for those who can't.

I say, let doctors form their own smaller cooperatives and give them a significantly reduced rate for malpractice insurance, special tax breaks and loans for start up. Perhaps malpractice insurance can be administered for certain medical facilities by state, local or Federal governments. If we do all that can be done to reduce costs for the new health collectives that cater to older and less well off Americans, we can save a bundle of cash. Now the big boys in the industry will scream bloody murder as they do not want any real competition. But the only way to get them to reduce costs is to give them some real competition. Do these things or something similar and your Medicare costs will subside.

Social Security is just going to have to undergo means testing for new retirees (we should not touch those already retired). If a person is 65 and making $100k a year, then he should get very little if any Social Security. If, he loses his income then of course he can reapply and get it. If you do this, there is no need to raise the retirement age, but even so, such a rise should be on the table but still based on a person's income. Social Security just needs to be there for people who need it, not for those who don't. There is no reason why a person who is pulling in six figures should draw a full check. Once again, you can save a lot of money and for those who make a lot of money they still have the 'insurance' that if they lose their income, they are still eligible.

I take issue with the way the GOP is going about its entitlement fight because they appear to be doing it in the most acrimonious, ill informed and divisive way possible; the way that will do the most damage to ordinary Americans. Their plans so far are just plain evil. It is as though some evil force that actively wants to destroy the American way of life has taken over the party and wants to sell off the remains to a group of foreign investors. Should I talk about tax breaks for the richest Americans and how it is being paid for with more borrowings, making our deficit much, much worse? These GOP plans could not be worse if they were constructed by the Architects of Treason, Chinese Intelligence or a during a satanic ceremony, with the American worker as the human sacrifice.

Our mess can be solved. It is going to be difficult but not impossible if the President and the leaders of the House are honest about the real problems. Neither are and that is why you will one day wake up and find your bank closed and your world is forever changed for the worse.

I think (my speculation) that these Titans of finance just decided that in order to save something of this once great nation, now is the time to force the debt issue, no more games, no more broken promises, it gets fixed now while we still appear to have an economy or it gets fixes later when the banks close, the government can't fund itself and there is chaos in the streets. This will be the decision of Congress and the President. But it will be forced to be taken up now while there is still a slim chance at fixing what is left of the real the economy, rather than later when there isn't. The last pitiful exercise in 'debt politics' obviously left these men with an odious taste in their mouths claiming billions in savings when spending in reality went up. It was Washington's Labyrinth of lies taken to yet new levels of mendacity and fiscal irresponsibly. Now they have something to say about it. They will speak with their wallets and not their mouths.

More Christians Arrested Under Pakistan's 'Blashpemy Law'

A Middle East Without Christians
This is the saddest Easter in the long epic of Arab Christianity: The cross is near extinction in the lands of it origin. The much-vaunted diversity of the Middle East is going to be reduced to the flat monotony of a single religion, Islam, and to a handful of languages.

Why As Each Day Passes I Hate Apple More And More

Oil Wars: EU Prepared To Send Ground Troops To Libya
For those of you who may have missed it, Jamestown Foundation did a good piece on Monday that may help you understand how this war has transformed itself into yet another 'Oil War'.

If Pension Funds Did What Texas Schools Did, There Would Be No Crisis

Accumulated Cesium-137 Readings East And West Coast Equal

Korean TV Warns On Lack Of Progress At Nuke Plant

Stocks Sink On US Credit Outlook, EU Debt Crisis

US: Iran May Be Assisting Syrian Repression

Mid East Uprisings: US Policy And Saudi Money

Irish Banks Downgraded To Junk

Gadaffi's Forces Pound Rebels

Today's News

 18 Apr

Trouble On Earth - WW
(pdf will be up later)

Big Trouble on Planet Earth

While deadly radiation falls steadily into the ocean from the Japanese nuclear power plant, A think coating of Oil still coats the sea bed in the Gulf of Mexico and our leaders in Washington cut budgets for environmental protection. Those of us who have not gone asleep can see just how damaging sinful man's presence on earth really is. It is devastating. Now we have a strange swarm of earthquakes in Nevada.

What is happening to the earth? Man is happening to the earth. God is going to destroy those who are destroying the earth, you have his promise on it. How much longer will the planet be able to sustain life when all of these new GMO's, FrankenFoods, SatanSeeds finish polluting our world? I do not think much longer. The time is coming when if God does not directly intervene, no animal life will be alive.

Then there is the war being waged around the world. I am not talking about the war on terror. I am talking about the war of the rich against the poor. One look around the middle east and you see just what I mean by war. The only reason why the people are protesting in the Middle east and not in the US is two fold. The US lifestyle while going backwards has not hit anywhere near bottom. Many still 'have theirs' and do not care about those who are losing everything. 2) The Arab peoples are not like their American counterparts, they read and are politically astute. It only takes one friend, family member or spouse to come home with bruises, missing fingers and their head bandaged from 'state security' forces to wake a person up to the enormous stakes in doing nothing. From Algeria to Yemen, Arabs are under no illusions. Americans are not at that level of political awakening, but more molestation searches at the local airport, a few more American's 'disappearing' into the maze of concentration camps and the light will slowly come on. Couple that with the millions who are still being thrown out of work and you have the makings of serious unrest here in the US. And don't let the government fool you; the incomes, permanence and benefits of these newly created jobs are pitiful and barely covers your gasoline costs to and from work if you live any distance away from your Job.

Then there is this new battle over Medicare. Another battleline of the rich against the poor or rather, the old and the poor.

They want to create a new Obamacare for Seniors... you know the Obamacare that the GOP kicked ad screamed bloody murder over when Obama proposed it. That's right, it is such a failure that they want to thrust it on America's seniors, who have been paying into it all of their lives. Lets just call the GOP's plan the 'catfood' retirement plan for America.

Consider this: Obamacare forces you to buy private insurance.
Consider: Many Seniors' only income is Social Security.
Consider: What private insurance rates will be for someone over 65.
For a person who is 63 years old, a policy at Carefirst with a $2700 deductable will be $406 dollars a month, at Kaiser a plan with a $2500 deductible will cost you $389/mo. If your Social security check is only $600 a month, catfood is going to be what you eat in order to keep the lights and heat on. How can someone making $600 a month come up with a $2500 deductible? Why are they doing it now? Because of the budget. We are in deep trouble and do not let these paid for pundits who tell you otherwise. They just want to continue the borrowing spree and the way to do that is to tell you that there is no real problem or tell you that it is way out in the distant, never to arrive future. Yes, Medicare must be dealt with. But the best way is through controlling costs. I hear the GOP talk about market based solutions. I am all in favor of them. But there is one free market solution that sends these crony capitalists into a tizzy. What is that word? Competition

Do you know that if you bring in more generic drugs into the US that drug prices will drop and so will overall medical/insurance costs? Sure, I know that the Pharmaceutical companies depend on revenue from the drugs they develop. I also know that a lot of money gets poured into research. I also know that they make a lot of money and can stand some real competition from overseas. This is the real issue not put forward to the American people. The GOP is putting the profits of the drug industry above the health and well being of Americans. You will never hear it phrased like that but that is what is happening. The people in general are of less importance than profits. It is in essence the jettisoning of the idea that government is there for the General Welfare of its people. Today, government is increasingly there for the Private welfare of the corporations. This is a monumental shift in the historic purpose of government.

As a avid studier of history, I like to look at major wars and turning points and what essentially was lost and what was won after major wars. It is a fallacy that wars change nothing. They change a great deal but rarely the issues that were fought over or in ways belligerents can contemplate. After WWI the major change was not what happened in the Balkans, but the end of Monarchy in Europe. The Hapsburgs, Hohenzollern and Romonov's were all no more when the war was over. The first world war saw the institution of Democratic systems all throughout Europe. In Russia Communism, which theoretically was a 'people' movement' came into being. The second world war saw two major changes, first was the rise of a new global power, America and a nascent attempt at global government. From the UN to the IMF, BIS and other international institutions, a new world had been created.

But this new war we are seeing waged is a very different one all together, because when all is said and done it is about growing and aging populations, dwindling resources, the clamor by the masses for 'more' while wealth continues to amalgamate in fewer and fewer hands. It is about the control of large and growing populations with repression, information warfare and carefully constructed language or even the subtle use of 'psycholinguistics'. The war on terror was just the opening volley. It was essentially a war that was conducted on two fronts. First was the military attack on an unacceptable form of political dissent, namely and specifically Islamic radicalism. Second and most importantly was the use of the war as a fog to hide the naked grab of natural resources and political repression by and within nations engaged in the war. This is what the new war, which is mostly being fought covertly and 'in the shadows', is really all about. Nations blowing up oil infrastructure of their geopolitical competitors, the deliberate destruction of the environment in order to deny oil drilling, the covert 'rendering' of thousands of Muslims on US war ships. The killing of innocent people who live close to energy facilities, testing biological weapons on geopolitically marginalized nations. This is the new battlefield and are some of the facets of the new war. Protests in Egypt, Syria etc, these are the masses clamoring for more. In Egypt where 40% of the people are truly poor they have had enough and took to the streets. This is our world. The west, I am sad to say, is living on borrowed time. The US in particular will soon no longer be able to get a sizable chunk of the worlds resources (which she does now) with printed up pieces of paper and if you want to know why your gas prices are going up... that is one major reason why.

But his is not only a US phenomenon. There are many reasons for it and economists will debate it until doomsday but the reality is this. Bailouts and printed money have caused trillions of new dollars to get out into the system (much of it never really got into the general economy but a lot of it did, legitimately and illegitimately). The EU and US are the primary culprits and since the US dollar is the reserve currency of the world, our actions have been the most damaging and inflationary... and we are not finished yet, not until the Fed turns off the money Spigot that is funding our government and low interest rates. Why are most Americans unaware of this? Terminology is one reason why. Propaganda is a better word, but it is so overused I will use the word 'Terminology'. It is about how the governments actions are masked by the witchcraft of language. You have heard the words “Quantitative Easing"? 99% of Americans never heard of it before 2009 and still don't have a clue as to what it is. Now if the Fed used the word that really describes what it is doing, people would be correctly alarmed. What is the Fed doing? It is called 'monetization' or better yet, a sophisticated form of printing money that has no value. What happens when you print up enough money that has no value? I will tell you. All of your money will have no value. The less value your money has, the most real things cost. Have you noticed real things costing more? Now you know why.

Brothers, those of you who come by this site regularly know I could go on forever! But I won't. The real problem is that there are few men and women in high office who take God with any degree of Seriousness. They run for cover when God is mentioned, except at a carefully scripted campaign stop, then they will play up to their religious constituents in order to obtain their votes. But in the halls of power, there is open disdain for God and his people. Every man and women is out for their career, their pleasures, their illicit gains but are neither looking out for the nation nor doing the things that God demands of any nation that has received the blessings our nation has from the hand of God. Why are there no sane voices in power, calling for justice, fairness peace and caring for the helpless? Because by and large our leaders have forgotten God and have created a moral compass to their own liking. A compass where the pointer always gravitates to the 'me first' position. It is the failure of America democracy. This is a failure that has been carefully designed. One where democracy is being replaced with oligarch and money is replacing votes. It is already happening. Barrels full of (what was once) illegal foreign money is being laundered right now into campaign chests for Presidential wannabe's. The Supreme Court's decision facilitated it. So when you find the Next President is more loyal to China that to you, you will know why. When US banks and military hardware gets sold to China, and foreign nations seek to buy up US infrastructure, destroy worker safety regulations, undermine union rights and build a new sweat shops, you can trace it all back to SCOTUS and your decades long slumber.

I know many of you think I am just guessing on this but I assure you I am not. When the government was just about to shut down last week, Eric Holder was desperately trying to get Congress to allow for the funding of key Law enforcement personnel. Did you know that Federal investigators are carefully looking into all of this semi-legal and illegal cash flowing into the politicians you hear about and see constantly in the news media? Chinese Intelligence front organizations, Mexican drug cartels, Islamic terrorists... they are all pouring serious money into the 2012 Elections and Holder was freaking out that there could have been a crime 'hey day' while no Federal employees were watching. He had his lawyers working very hard to find a statue, any statute that would allow them to compel Employees to work without pay and could not find one. So think long and hard on what I am telling you here. I am not talking out of my backside. After the 2012 election cycle, things are going to change significantly in America.

Voting and elections are now more about money, 'pull', who can blackmail the county election officials and/or program the vote machines. Go back to the 2000 election, Bush didn't win, most Americans know that now. Look at Harry Reid, he didn't win, anyone who looked at the stories can see the hanky-panky that was going on and it wasn't even slick, but rather in your face and done with a daring 'what are you gonna do about it?' kind of attitude. The whole system is falling apart because that is what the powers that be want to have happen to it. Democracy must be replaced with a new form of government and that is what we have been slowly witnessing. Voting has become the opiate of the masses. It gives people a sense that they have a say when increasingly they do not. The votes are tabulated weeks in advance of the elections by computers that are often not even audited for accuracy or fraud.

So watch the move towards privatizing everything in government and shifting the real power in America to private cartels. I do not want to say these are free-market solutions because these are cartels and cartels do not compete, they cooperate. From your roads (which will be pay) to your water, schools (watch move towards Charter Schools) even our national defense (notice the rise in mercenaries/contractors). This is the new form of government that this new war will bring in. So keep your eyes open dear Church and don't get hoodwined by these leaders of ours who say one thing and vote another. Very few have you, God, Christ, righteousness or even the nations interest at heart. This is a new system that is coming and it is real, satanic, deceptive and deadly.

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It's Like A War That Never Happened

China Undergoes Record Credit Tightening

Is Your Antivirus Software Run By Chinese Intelligence?
"This means that Huawei, while being publicly blocked by US lawmakers from selling directly to the US government, has played on the ‘point of symmetry’ and has quietly secured access to US Defence Department and intelligence community customers through collaborative partnerships that no one has so far contested.



 11-16 Apr

Headlines 11-16 April
How The TSA Stifles Dissent
If you don't let the TSA molest your kid, you must be a terrorist. Folks I do not want to smear the regular man or woman who is forced (forced mind you) to conduct these freak searches. I do not want to imply that they are all 'molestors'. I do want to say that the TSA has had some very serious problems with child molesters applying for jobs at the TSA and how many have slipped through is anyone's guess. This agency is out of control and needs some serious adult supervision that Napalitano is not providing. Where is Barak 'let 'em feel up the kids' Obama? Last time I checked, Napalitano worked for him. Why should Congress have to debate a bill when all Obama has to do is pick up his executive pen or the phone and tell Janet to come back down to earth? Why? Tell me why?

What Saudi Arabia Does To Christians
... and why the house of Saud won't wake up.

Five Banks Closed

A Nation Of Perverts

Is Al Sharpton The War Machine's Black Mascot?
"In the two hours of MSNBC's corporate-sponsored “Black Agenda” featuring Al Sharpton and Ed Schulz, hosts and guests mentioned the Pentagon, its multiple wars and trillion dollar budget not even once. In their imaginary world, these have nothing to do with the funds not available for Medicaid, Medicare, education, jobs, or social security. The “black agenda” as handed down by Rev. Al is to shut up and support the president, thus limiting and dooming black politics to irrelevance."
This show was brought to you by Obama's best buddy Mr. Immelt, Who owns MSNBC and is an advisor to the President. Some of Mr. Immelts connections can be found here. Go ahead click over and hover your mouse over those names just below the chart. How often do you see the name of Lloyd Blankfien, the CEO of Goldman Sachs? Did you know that Mr. Immelt is also a director of the NY Fed? Now perhaps you can understand why GE got a major $140 Billion bailout, he sits on the Fed board and voted himself some taxpayer money! These guys are raping America and not 2% of the population really understands it. He is a major power in Defense industry (GE makes Jet engines, avionics and much more), Media, (MSNBC and NBC are major players), and now the Central Bank. Sound like a guy you should know more about? Why is Black America going backwards, why is Black unemployment rate going up while the President shifts more Pentagon money to his buddy Jeffery Immelt? Because of corporate puppet Black leaders who dance on a string for Corporate America while Black folks get thrown out of work. It is all part of the Tom-ification of Black America. Once they teach you how to shuffle your feet right, they will point you in the dierection of the 'new' cotton fields (the soon to be erected sweat shops, where you will have no rights and be locked up inside), where you can shuffle your feet and pick cotton all at the same time... on the massa's plantation. Immelt, Sharpton and the lot, they want to keep Black American voting for Obama, their 'pal' who knows how to control those 'troublesome ni&&gers' who want things like jobs, decent homes and a fair mortgage rate. Obama know how to take care of those kinds of 'troublemakers'.

But by and large Black America (with many notable exceptions) have forgotten God. The God who freed them and raised up black leaders to free them from the legacy of slavery. They now think they are too important and 'enlightened' for God and have turned to sodomy, drugs, abortion new-age religions and every conceivable sin. This is not why God released Black Americans from their chains. But be assured, God sees this, remembers it and will repay Black America's treachery. I believe that is why we are seeing these new corporate-puppet leaders of Black America. He has raised up a new crop of leaders who have been put in place to lead Black America right back to the slavery they were once saved from.

"I hate ingratitude more in a man than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness, or any taint of vice whose strong corruption inhabits our frail blood." - William Shakespeare

GOP Votes On Plan To Cut Medicare To Pay For War Machine

...In Mexico, Where Cops Kill Cops

Mexican Drug War: US Backed Programs Supply Firepower
U.S. private-sector suppliers shipped a total of $177 million worth of defense articles — which includes items like military aircraft, firearms and explosives — to Mexico in fiscal 2009, which ended Sept. 30 of that year. By comparison, over the same period, private arms companies in the U.S. shipped $40 million worth of weapons to Afghanistan; $126 million to Iraq; and $131 million to Israel.

Major Flooding Along Canada Border

China: Police Seriously Injure Two Christian Leaders

Libya: Nato's Swan Song?

Iraq War 'Poster Child' Marine Kills Self
This is very sad and while I hate to use such a personal tragedy for what could be called a political purpose, but I see it more as a moral one. These wars are taking an awful toll on not just our military as a whole but on many men and women who come back physically or psycologically damaged. And for what? So someone in the GOP can thump their chest and say how 'tough' we are? We have killed countless thousands of people, mostly ordinary civilians who are extremely poor (and many of whom whose major concern is how much food they have on hand). I will not say that our soldiers have died in vain, but rather, that these wars are not doing anyone any good, not even our overburdened military whom the GOP likes to use as a justification for the hundreds of billions in fraud waste and abuse we spend and then has the unmitigated gaul to call such spending 'patriotism'. The GOP isn't going to do anything about it. Obama isn't, they keep funneling money to the great big five-sided fraud and death machine on the potomac. Do you want to know why America is going to go bankrupt? This is why, not Medicare which can be easily fixed if we had a President with a backbone. Fix these problems Mr. President, or the problems America had with her veterans after Vietnam will pale in comparison. Don't take the cowards way out and leave your mess to your successors, show America that there is some calcium in your spine... and not just jelly.

I do apologize to the family of this fallen veteran I do not mean to intrude on your sorrow, but would rather prevent thousands of more 'walking wounded' from suffering the same fate.

Radiation Falls In Libya

NATO Is Falling Apart

Will Pot Be Legal In Canada?

Radiation Models
Caveat Lector About Model Above: *These products are highly uncertain based on limited information for the source terms. Please use with caution and understand that the values are likely to change once we obtain more information on the overall nature of the accident. The products should be considered informational and only indicate 'worst case scenario' releases. From what we've learned recently, it seems releases of this magnitude have not yet occurred. Furthermore, these modeling products are based on global meteorological data, which are too coarse to provide reliable details of the transport of the plume across Japan.*

Has He Seen The Light?
Reports are that Obama is actually calling for modest cuts in Defense spending. Sounds great, but always remember the source, what words passes his eloquent lips and what is written on the Bills and Executive Orders he signs are two utterly different things. He had better start listening carefully to the anti-war lefties, unions and older folks who are watching him cut the entitlements some are counting on when they retire, as each are an important part of the American political scene and if Obama thinks he can get re-elected by catering to Rush Limbaugh's morally challenged audience, then he still did not learn the lesson of the 2010 election debacle. Well, don't put too much hope in these well advertised cuts. In reality they are really only cuts in the rate of growth and not real cuts in spending. Sadly, this President is just not going to do anything to seriously deal with out of control 'Security Spending' (his choice of words) which not only includes the DOD but Intelligence spending and that new Octopus... the DHS.

Budget Deal Probably Increases Spending, Not Decrease it.

Christians In The Middle East
Good article but equally good are the comments by Charlie Collier (comments section of article).

China's Major Church Crackdown
China is rather paranoid these days and not only Christians are being singled out. There is a broad 'crackdown' going on in China and much of it is in response to the unrest in the Middle East as well as other threats they see to their security coming from foreigners. Chinese history is replete with foreign interference and their 'paranoia' about it now and in the future is quite understandable. They are taking concrete steps to deal with social unrest.

"China’s previous five-year plans were generally focused on the economy and little else. Yet, the outline of the 12th Five-Year Blueprint on Economic and Social Development for 2011 to 2015, which was released at the end of the National People’s Congress last week, had a lot to say about the Chinese Communist Party’s new imperative of imposing tighter control over the populace (See "Beijing’s 'Wei-Wen' Imperative Steals the Thunder at NPC," China Brief, March 10). The Blueprint contained lengthy sections on buttressing public security, tackling "mass incidents," as well as implementing "social management" (shehui guanli), which are code words for boosting socio-political stability." - Jamestown

Keep your eye on what is happening in China, they are very concerned about unrest and are taking very pro-active measures to forestall any unrest.

Interestingly, the Chinese see their new BRIC alliance as being an anchor to the Global economy as America's finances go under extreme stresses. This is true as far as it goes, the west is undergoing some deep economic turmoil as a result of overborrowing and some will say (though I do not agree) over-promising. This is going to be the future, it will not be the Anglo-Euro-US establishment but a new cadre of nations who are now rising in economic, military and political prominence. FYI, the BRIC summit closed with many agreements, but not on Special Drawing Rights a warning on the Doha round on world trade. An interesting link on trade and agriculture can be found here.

Fed, OCC, FDIC and OTC Levy Sanctions On Loan Servicers
Surprisingly good news. The sanctions are wide reaching and including insuring the foreclosure process ends when a loan mod is approved (something that obviously was not happening), providing remidation to borrowers who were messed over in wrongful foreclosures or other deficiencies committed by the services and a lot more oversight.

EU To Put Brakes On Net Filtering
In major blow to the copyright monopolists, the ruling will stop the 'requirement' that ISP's filter content to protect copyrights.

The Dollars Dramatic Drop

Out Of Their Own Mouths: Nazi War Crimes

Afghan Christian Released From Jail
His crime? Giving a Bible to a friend.

Five Examples Of Government Corruption
Really good, really timely.... (thanks dear reader for the link!)

Obama's Budget Leaves Death Industry Untouched
Obama goes after the old and the sick and raising taxes, which he will *says* is for the rich but will as before, target the poor. As each day passes, I see Rush Limbaugh more and more in Obama's policies. DOD/DHS/CIA/FBI/ATF/DNI go untouched. Evil is as evil does. As Christ said, "Ye shall know them by their fruits". Is killing, war, spying, erecting concentration camps and groping 6 year olds the only thing this President thinks is worth keeping at present and increasing funding levels? Satan always comes in with a smile and a promise and leaves a trail of lies and corpses in his wake. Before, I gave the President the benefit of the doubt and figured that he was just painfully incompetent, now I think perhaps something spiritually very much darker and deceptive than Bush-Cheney entered the White House in 2008. I cannot read minds or hearts, I can only do as the Lord said... no... commanded us to do.
Know them by their fruits.
For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mar 8:36)

Obama's plan is going to get positive traction by the the paid for pundits on TV, the AP, Reuters and other propaganda wires. He would not make such a move without clearing it with the major news media brothels for positive spin. MSNBC... Obama and the owner of it are best friends and he sits as an advisor to him. GE owns MSNBC as well as makes the fighter engines for our war machine, as well as avionics for the new Joint Strike Figher. It is an integral part of America's war machine. So expect a warm reception by the Media as the War machine covers the earth in more blood and the tortured cries of America's prisoners and victims goes up to Heaven, to a God who is quickly losing his patience with the Abominable Harlot and her wicked, wicked ways and her wicked, wicked leaders.

Syria: Hospitals, Repression And The New World
Syrian security forces in at least two towns prevented medical personnel and others from reaching wounded protesters on April 8, 2011, and prevented injured protesters from accessing hospitals, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch, which interviewed 20 witnesses from three Syrian towns, urged Syrian authorities to allow injured protesters unimpeded access to medical treatment and to stop using unjustified lethal force against anti-government protesters. - HRW

Syrian Soldiers Shot For Not Firing On Civilians

AEI Does 'Strategic Exercise' For Yemen

Unemployment Rate For Blacks Rises
With our first so-called 'Black' President, Black Americans are faring pretty poorly economically speaking. Who is gaining in these times? Women.. That is great as far as it goes, but consider that almost all of the recent job growth went to women. Who do you think is suffering the most in those job losses? Men, especially Black men.

Bahrain: Suspicious Deaths In Custody
MSF reports that, "Injured people admitted to Salmaniya Hospital have told MSF how members of the military beat them, including on their wounds. Other patients have been arrested within health facilities upon discovery that their injuries are related to the protests. The risks of going to hospitals or health centers mean that patients often do not attempt to seek treatment.

The use of Salmaniya Hospital by protestors as a venue for demonstrations, and its subsequent occupation by the military, followed by the targeting of other health facilities and medical workers, have undermined the ability of health facilities to provide impartial medical care."

Seven More Die In Yemen Clashes

Fukishima: The Worst Is Yet To Come

The End Of QEII?
Interesting piece. Do I think QEII is over? I am skeptical, the consequnces of ending it would be catastrophic. The consequences of keeping it going is very much higher inflation. This ultimately is what the Fed will be debating behind closed doors. But the Fed cannot keep loading up its balance sheet with financial 'Charmin' and remain solvent by any financial standard. This is one main reason our spending spree in Washington has got to come to and end. Neither party, not even the Tea Party is really serious about it. They are willing to talk about it when the CNN/FOX/MSNBC camera's are rolling but when the CSPAN camera's are off in the Chamber, they go right back to spending money we don't have. So I think some kind of monetary 'easing' (read printing) by the Fed is with us to stay until one of three things happen. 1) our leaders come to their senses (when pigs fly) or 2) the people come to their senses and vote them out of office (when pigs with 10 ton boulders strapped to the bellies fly) or 3) the dollar becomes so debased that it begins no longer to be accepted in many financial and commodity (key) transactions around the world (much more likely). Take a look around at Gold, Silver or Oil. You can find the same things happening in foods like Corn and other food stuffs. I mention this because pundits are blaming the rise in oil prices on unrest in the Middle East. Some of it can be traced back to the 'fear' factor, but the nations that are mostly affected by unrest are not major oil producers. The real reason oil is costing more dollars to obtain is not that oil prices are 'going up' but that the value of the dollar is going down and almost all oil trades are conducted in dollars. Now go click on this link, read it and 'pause and consider'. Now go and peruse this site and look at who is now conducting a big pow-wow in China today. Brazil, Russia, India and China, the so-called BRIC nations. Find out who the latest member state is. Big changes are on the Horizon and our elected officals are incapable of dealing with these very harsh realities because they are in the pocket of major corporations, rich people and others whose only source of income and power is their ability to work the US system to bilk billions of dollars from the taxpayer. The produce nothing, hire few and take the money and pay little or no taxes. This is one major structural problem in the US that no one in power is about to fix. Where is the money coming from for this financial chicanery? Uncle Ben's QEII, that's where.

Unprecedented: US Evangalist Appears In Vietnam

Moral Relativism Paves Way For Satanism

Jesse Ventura Breaks Ground With New Book
I have not read it, but it comes most highly recommended. He may be considered 'nutty' by the MSM, but that is always the way they portray truth tellers. This is a good interview, if you have time, check it out.

The 'Black Wall' And The Tom-ification of Black America
Thankfully Dr. Cornel West has taken the blinders off and is telling it like it is as well. Most Americans, especially Black Americans do not understand that his is not an academic fight, but one that is going to mean the roof's over their heads, jobs and what little food they get a chance to eat. The War machine is taking all of the money and now Obama wants to cut entitlements... you know things we have been paying taxes for, for decades. What did Obama and the GOP do with the 'savings' after all that hot air about the Budget? Increased Defense spending $5 Billion dollars! Listen folks, entitlements and other government spending are all heading towards War and people control. Things like domestic spying, surveillance and extra-judicial dictate (as opposed to law) enforcement. That is going to be the new mission of Government and that is where the money is going. Barak Obama is going to facilitate it. You just have to do the math and stop listening to the MSM pundits many of whom are just paid liars and propagandists for the rich, powerful and the war machine. Yes, keeping Black America stupid, ignorant and unable to count has always been a goal of racists, it is why they kept Blacks out of school for so long and made it a crime to even teach a Black person (slave) to read in the deep south. Far too many Black Ameicans are like those black soldiers of yesteryear's Civil War... fighting for the confederacy, 'Massa, gimme back dem shackles... I jus' loves when you whips me!' Why did they fight for their own slavery? Scholastic opinions differ (depending on ones political persuasion) but many did not know any better, most could not even read and they believed any lie the massa told them.

Today, there is a deep political ignorance that is enforced by Black 'peer pressure' that will not allow criticism of the President simply because he is half Black. Far too many Black Americans just do not want to hear it, it's easier to shuffle down 'Tom street' with the masses than open your eyes and turn on your brain and see what this man is doing, not just to Black Americans, but working men and women of all races. Take a look, while recently we heard that unemployment 'decreased' it actually increased for Black Americans. What is our half Black President doing about that, besides offering to cut food stamps, cut taxes on the rich and raise them on the poor? Some may say what I am talking about is politics as usual. Well, spend a few nights in a homeless shelter, be truly hungry and 'politics' will take on a entirely different and far more urgent meaning for you. I am here to tell you that if Black America (including the 'New Blacks' made up of working Whites and Latino's) do not wake their ill-informed selves up and go back and do a crash course on some of American history PDQ, Black America is not going to know what hit them when it takes many of them right back to a new form of slavery from which they will never escape.

Bothers and sisters, they gotta plan for us. The new plan is much like the old plan. People, there is a spirit of deceit that has gone out over America; Black and White as well as the so-called Churches of America. They want lies and hate to hear anything to do with the truth, love and real justice. They have replaced Godliness with a political reflex. This is not about right and left, but about right and wrong, rich and poor, justice and injustice, hard work and legalized theft. All issues dealt with in hundreds of places in your bibles, if you take the time to read it.

A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof? (Jer 5:30-31)

What will you do when it is time to eat the fruit of your willful ignorance, rebellion and deceit?

Japan Disaster And Global Supply Chain
Circuit Board Providers Warn Of Supply Chain Issues
Supply Chain Disruptions Put Brakes On Honda UK
China's Factories face Shortages Due To Quake
Other Supply Chain Problems Noted

Obama Mum While Bahrain Cracks Down On Dissent
Brief, excellent report with lots of great links

Chad: Children Conscripted By Poverty

Obamacuts: DOD Gets Additional $5 Billion

Highly Accurate US Drone Strikes Kill Two US Soldiers
Is it any wonder the people in Pakistan are rising up against the US and the puppet government in Islamabad? You hear apologists for the war machine say we are only hitting 'militants', when the reality is that children, women, and other non-combatants get wiped out by our push-button war. A war against the poorest of the poor people on planet Earth.

IMF: US Must Cut Deficit Or Face Tough Adjustments In Two Years

Iceland Rejects Bankster Shakedown
I can only applaud the Icelandic government and people. They arrested the criminal banksters, while we let them continue to rape our economy, throw people out of their homes when they cannot even produce the documentation that they own the mortgage. We need leadership that takes no prisoners when it comes to Bank fraud, not these legally effeminate polices that typify both Bush and Obama when it comes to bringing the rich and powerful to justice. They always have an excuse why they can't or won't do it when the rich are criminals. You have bankers in bed with the drug cartels, laundering their money and no one goes to jail. Do you want to know why the American economy is going to crash soon? This is one major reason why; crime that is so endemic to the system that to prosecute it in earnest would bring the entire system down. Leaders so complicit in those crimes that to arrest them would bring a string of arrests in the Treasury, Federal Reserve, major Wall Street banks (and some medium sized banks as well) Congressmen, Senators, heads of major government departments... all would be taking mug-shots at the local police station. The whole system is rotten with corruption, the last vestige of protection for the people are the courts, and their power is being systematically gutted by the criminals that YOU... the American people vote into office, year in and year out. I am not talking out of my backside, dear readers. Insiders were warning you about this years, and years ago (listen/watch this, if you have not heard this lady speak before, it will shock you)... but no one really listened.

American Ghost Towns

It's Official, Fukushima Is As Bad As Chernobyl

Who Converted Sitting Bull To Christiantiy?

Democrats Offer Deficit Proposal
Tax the rich, end wars, slash oil subsidies and invest in jobs.

People Laughed At $5 A Gallon For Gas..., No Longer
...but temporary relief *may* be on the way.

China: Mugged By Reality In Libya
An interesting peice that looks at Chinese policy on LIbya from its long standing policy of non-interference. The article does mention China's oil related activity in Libya. You see China craves oil and where it can be had, she will make every effort to get a piece of it. Unbeknownst to most folks in the oil industry, China right now is paying over 300% spot price for Libyan oil. She is working with traders in the market to essentially 'ingratiate' herself with elements who can sell her oil when they come to power. This allows them to use the money to pay fighters and buy arms. It is not clear to this author if China is slowly abandoning Gadaffi or is just playing both ends against future oil deals, But when you are paying nigh unto $400 a barrel for oil, that raised some eyebrows in the oil community. It may sound crazy but the Chinese are anything but c crazy... If they are paying it, it is because they see a long term return on their investment.

Trump Trumpets Christian Beliefs

Libya: Rebels Reject African Union Ceasefire Proposal

BMW Tests New Luxury 5- Series: Sorry, Chinese Only

China: Major Economic Deals In Offing With Brazilian Pres. Visit

Editor: Russian Media Instrument For State Control

Obama To Go After Social Security, Medicare, Not Touch Defense.
Our Republican President who billed himself as a Democrat and 'man of the people'. I realize that entitlements need to be dealt with, I also realize that hundreds of billions can be saved each and every year in Defense, Intelligence and other 'Security' scams that this President is not going to touch. The instruments of the American 'Reich' are sacrosanct and untouchable. The poor must pay for the war machine that attacks around the globe, creating a rising tide of Anti-Americanism and facilitating the rise of Islamic states throughout the Middle East. This Reich spies on us illegally, lies to us incessantly and now has the power to kill us extra-judicially and detain us unconstitutionally. What has all of this ill-spent money got America?

In Egypt today, we have all of these strange 'out of the woodwork' Islamic preachers, many of them of the Salafist branch of Islam, where strangely there is no religious/political base in places like Egypt. They are out preaching for an Islamic Caliphate. Take a look at Abboud al-Zomor. Since his release from jail, he is now a 'Preacher of Change'. There are dozens of men like this and many are part of Al Qaeda of the Arab Peninsula and come from Bible-banning nations like Saudi Arabia. Make no mistake the Muslim Brotherhood is also very much part of the picture here. Strange as it may seem to many of you, our actions (dutifully supported by Joe 'I can't find the Middle East On A Map' Sixpac) in our War on Terror has brought much of this about. We supplied the Nitro and the Glycerin knowing what the result would be an explosion of Islamic reactionaries and a backlash against the west towards a more 'Islamic' Middle East. While not one in a thousand will believe me, that has always been the plan, since the end of WWII. The Common Thread is one that would put a smile on Hitler's cold, demonic lips, the hatred of Jews. Take a look again at Abboud Al Zomer, he is is one such guy. He supplied the bullets that Killed Sadat. Why was Sadat killed? There are many reasons but the one main reason was the Peace Agreement with Israel. Others groups as well have found footing in Egypt. Their message? An Islamic Government or 'Caliphate' for Egypt.

To make a long story short, this is the real result of our policies in the region for decades and the Trillions we have spent on the War on Terror, that Obama has dutifully continued. The US supplied all of the instruments of repression, torture and violence that Egypt used against the people for decades and the chickens are coming home to roost... exactly as planned. Watch these events, there is more to them than meets the untrained eye.

Our National Security Staff? Folks they are so clueless, you should be seriously concerned. Why? I will tell you. Recently when a Senior Intelligence Official met with Obama's National Security staff, the subject of the Ivory Coast came up. Do you now that they next question out of the Obama administrations National Security staff said? "Where is that on a map?". I kid you not. The drama there in the West African nation has been going on for weeks and they could not even find it on the map! That is just how messsed up and clueless this President's National Security Staff is. But you see, it is not really a National Security Staff but an arm of his re-election campaign. They know very little about the world but can read Gallup and AP polls. He is willing to throw money away on this security establishment because he does not want to scare away' Joe 'I can't find the Middle East on a map' Sixpac for the 2012 elections.

Ignorance, thy name is America!

Next time you hear about America's military men and women who are dying and being crippled on battlefields, keep some of these things in mind.

Another Aftershock Hits Japan
After the last aftershock a major rise in temperature was recorded at the reactors.

No End in sight for Fukashima Drama

Nuclear Ghost Towns

Danger Zone Includes Tokyo

Wisconsin: Not As Broke As Walker Is Telling You

Ivory Coasts Gbagbo Arrested

Why The Budget Deal Was A Big Joke
These Tea Partiers and GOP hacks are not serious about deficits, they just wanted to scare folks with it to accomplish their own social engineering. This was akin to a high drama over the removal of a pimple on an elephants rump and calling it a massive weight reduction program. But the real action is over at the Fed. One reader passed on this interesting article to me this AM that is worthy of reading. This is how the US economy is paying for iteself. This is the 'artificial life support' the Fed is pumping into an economy that can no longer stand on its own two feet. Check it out. Looking for a job? Forget about it, the powers that be have already accepted high unemployment as a result of their policies.

Mexican Drug War: More Mass Graves Discovered

Anger Simmers In Egypt: Protests Continue

NY: Thousands Protest US Wars

Music App Sends DOB, Gender, Location To Advert Companies

America's Factories Start To Look More And More Like China's

GOP Allegedly Using Taxpayer Funds To Pay Party Legal Bills

What Does Russia Know About Google, Skype And Hotmail That We Don't?

NATO: No Military Solution In Libya


Trace Radiation Found In California Vegetables
Dangerous? You be the judge.

Syrian Protests Leave 32 Dead

Which Is Worse? Burning One Koran or Killing Many Christians?

Afghanistan: US Runs 'New & Improved' Secret Networks Of Jails

New GOP Attempt At Vote Fraud? Missing Wi. Ballots Reportedly Found

Obama Continues Bush's War On The Constitution
Why not get a warrant? What is so hard about that? I will tell you. All of that data is what they want in mass in order to store in secret government databases. Dear readers, what has been happening since 911 is the slow destruction, not just of our rights but the neutralization of the entire third branch of government, that being the Courts. They want to do an end run around the courts and hold non-Judicial trials, non-warrant searches and seizures, non-Judicial punishment for crimes real and or imagined (look at Gitmo and Pvt. Mannning). This is not so much about singular 'rights' as it is about a new form of government that makes the courts irrelevant or makes them subservient to executive authority. Folks the Nazi's did the same thing. Obama is just their not so fair-skinned front man and neutralizes Black criticism to his policies with the mere level of pigmentation in his epidermis. This is essential because Black protests are greatly feared by the establishment. They forced the Civil Rights movement, something that was not supposed to happen, in the eyes of the elite. But let us take a look at the legal system.

The Third Reich has been called a dual state, since the normal judicial system coexisted with the arbitrary power of Hitler and the police. Yet, like most areas of public life after the Nazi rise to power in 1933, the German system of justice underwent "coordination" (alignment with Nazi goals). US Holocaust Museum

Obama is working to create that Arbitrary power that is not subject to the courts. Now there is a massive financial aspect to this as well because billions are being spent to store, collate and analyze all of that illegally collected data in massive super-secret databases that are managed by.... you guessed it... major Defense/Intelligence contractor$.

This President is a tool of the rising Nazi state (and that dear brethren is exactly what it is) that will use the cries of 'safety and security' to rob you of your liberty, property and eventually your life. Just like they did in the Third Reich. I give you warning now that something is going to be done with what will be called 'excess population' that cannot find work (future Orwell-speak: unproductive Americans). The Reich had a plan and enslaved them in Public-Private partnerships. The biggest one? The most famous? Aushcwhitz. A private slave labor camp given authority to operate by the Reich's state security apparatus, the SS. Medical experiments inside the camps? Sure! Right there in the Private-Public partnership prison.

Dear readers, this new Reich and the devils behind it are not going to use the imagery of the old Reich. They know better and are way too smart for that. They have to find a new and socially acceptable way to bring in all of the old abuses without using any of the key objects, signs, symbols and rhetoric that would tip Americans off as to what they really are building. I deeply pity my Countrymen, especially 90% of nominal Christians who are neither awake, nor watching nor understand the clear unmistakable prophetic signposts Christ and the Holy Spirit gave us all for edification, education and direction in these perilous times. I see many Christians abandoning Christ at the drop of a hat when they figure out just what following Christ will cost in the days ahead. For many... no most of us, it will mean the loss of your property (the Nazi's seized Jewish Property and those it deemed enemies or racially inferior), their Freedoms (The Nazi's put 'enemies of the state' in work camps that became death camps) and lives (Many Christian pastors were sent to death camps as well as Jews, Communists, Poles, Homosexuals, Gypsies...etc). The big problem is that people are looking at these social malcontents (skin heads, etc) as though these are your Nazi's. They are a comical front (and paid to be such) so that you will not take the real Nazi threat seriously. Dear readers, they have erected so much of it now (concentration camps, Parallel Legal system, gutting the courts, a massive surveillance state, a rapacious war machine) that they are just about ready to show their true colors to the world and most importantly to you, the American people.

I am watching what is happening in the Middle East with great concern. Why? Check this link out and know that there is much more to this than meets the eye. Many well known Nazi's who were not prosecuted after the war and others who are bankrolling Nazi groups became Muslims. Here is one who converted and then moved to... where? Egypt. What kind of government do they have in Egypt? A Military dictatorship, has been since 1952. Where did Mohammad Atta come from? Egypt. He is the one who piloted the plane that crashed into the WTC, was rabidly anti-Semitic and was a student of Hitler's 'National Socialism'. Who was advising Egypt on financial and banking matters after the War? Hitler's chief Banker, that's who. Where did Hitlers favorite Commando go after the war? Egypt. Where did the key officer who stopped the coup against Hitler go and live? Egypt. Many Nazi's loved Egypt because the government loved those Nazi war criminals. Do you think maybe, just maybe there may be more to these uprisings than just 'spontaneous anger'?

Folks do not really understand just what they are dealing with, and the MSM makes every effort to edit out, prevaricate and misdirect their readers far, far away from the taproot of all of this terror, anti-semitism and destruction of freedoms. Remember the main job of 21st Century US propaganda is to tell and convince you that what you are seeing is not what you are seeing. Is there a reason why the so-called religions right helps to erect this system here in the US? Yes. Most of this is all coming from the same source. The 'Reich' that that got away, was never prosecuted and kept hundreds of billions of dollars in stolen wealth that was never recovered and members who came to America and were protected by the powerful people here in the US. The Nazi Nexus reached right into the power centers of American corporate and Financial power.

Click image for more.

Very briefly, look at this prophectically. The two horned system will rule side by side with the Harlot system each having the same authority (Rev. 13:12) and it is the two horned system that will eventually kill the saints and institute the 'mark of the beast' (Rev 13:15).

Why are Christians so clueless today? Have you ever been to a country where you did not know the language, could not read the signposts had no compass (or GPS) and could not even speak talk to the people around you? That is what the modern Christian is like in these times, he does not even know what to look for, let alone how to recognize it when it is staring him or her in the face. The time to be ignorant is over, find out what is happening or as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow you will be deceived, cast out of the Kingdom, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

And it deceives those dwelling on the earth, because of the signs which were given to it to do before the beast, saying to those dwelling on the earth to make an image to the beast who has the wound of the sword, and lived. (Rev 13:14)

The birth pangs of a new system are here. American is 14 Trillion dollars in debt and cannot even get a budget together, Europe now has a 'distressed debt market' that is to surpass the US, China has made some significant moves to move away from the dollar, Japan is in crisis. An entirely new economic system is awaiting us. Even our own Treasury is encouraging it... and remember, the final phase of the beast system has a very, strong economic component to it (Rev 13:16-17). It is why I think all of the chaos in the Middle East is most important prophetically.

How long is it going to take those millions of America's warmongering, hate filled, racist 'christians' to figure it out? I can only say what I said before. Blessed are the eyes that see. I will give you a big hint. The most important step to getting to see is the first one. That being to really, honestly want to see, and to be most willing to learn and alter your thinking so that you can be allowed to see. I am not talking about saying you want to see or trying to sound 'conciliatory' or have a fake 'reasonableness' to make for a PC discussion. Rather, it is to understand the consequences for not seeing and to 'light a fire' under that desire to see and to not give a hoot what people think about what you are learning and know.

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. (Mat 24:6-14)

But your eyes are blessed because they see; and your ears because they hear. For truly I tell you that many prophets and righteous ones desired to see what you see and did not see, and to hear what you hear and did not hear. (Mat 13:16-17)

New H1N1: 15 Minutes After First Complaints... Dead
Does this sound like a naturally occurring virus? I can tell you now that most of the new diseases you are seeing now (like this) are genetically created bio-weapons. Unleashed by some pretty evil folks for geopolitical purposes. The Cholera we are seeing in Haiti? A special strain concocted in a Lab and delivered to the people of Haiti within hours after the devastating quake. And FYI, it is not I repeat NOT, the so called 'New World Order' folks.

Magnify God, Not Your Problems!
A timely word from a Catholic perspective. I think what it says is useful to all Christian. Don't dwell on your problems, think God's power and praise him instead!

How Unhappy Are The Saudi's With Obama?

Interesting Talk By Nuclear Scientist On Fukishima
Contains info the NRC is witholding from the public. That assessment can be found here.

North American Radiation Watch

Germany Ready To Join Nato In Libya

US May Send Ground Troops To Libya

Quake Hits Off Japan Coast

Kiddies, Boob Jobs and Satan In School
In Germany parents are in jail for taking their kids out of these kinds of 'sex ed' classes. What is the real agenda, why the insistence on this kind of education when so many kids have trouble reading, doing math and have no sense of history? I will tell you, satans target is the children, he will not be satisfied until kids are taught and thoroughly indoctrinated in perverted acts right in school and are encouraged to take part in those acts in the classroom as part of their 'education'. The Western world is slouching towards Sodom. Go back to Sodom and look who was involved in the attempt at Gang rape of God's servants.

Before they had laid down, even the men of the city, the men of Sodom, circled the house; from the young to the aged, all the people from its limits. And they called to Lot and said to him, Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us, that we may know them. (Gen 19:4-5)

Most people will not see it and will never see it, but our school system is very slowly turing into a a forced indoctrination system for anti-God but politically protected abominations. Let me ask you a question; who was it who banned Home Schooling in Germany? The man who saw the value of brainwashing kids at a very young age. If you were to do this with a young child, you know fondle breast implants or sex sex toys in front of them you could easily be forced to register as a sex offender. Call it the 'freakification' of the Western School system.

130 'Insurgents' Killed In Afghanistan

Nato Fears Endless War In Libya
This is what happens when you wade into conflicts with your 'eyes wide shut'.

Stealth Move Allows For Foreign Cops In Sweden
Now Foreign cops can come into Sweden with the full authority of Swedish cops. Carefully deconstructing national sovereignty and allowing for 'global policing' without those pesky 'national laws' that give people those evil civil, constitutional or human 'rights' to deal with.

Government Shutdown Looks Likely
Frankly, I think this is best. Shut it down and keep it shut down until all of the budget can be discussed in terms of bringing our finances in order. I realize that could mean some extremely serious consequences as far as our ability to pay our creditors and could be disastrous for the Dollar. But I loot at serious action (not just debate) about our budget like a kind of 'open heart' surgery for a man whose heart is going to give out in less than two years. You can do the surgery and live a long and productive life or do nothing and die in two years. We need serious action and I am not just talking about cutting Arts, Head Start, Food Stamps and NPR, but on Defense, DHS, Intelligence reform, Corporate Tax reform... you name it. This mealy-mouse, piece-meal stuff the GOP and the Tea Party are doing is just dancing around and politicizing the real issue to play up to the lowest common denominator in America, the 'I got mine, screw you' right wing. That is, those who do not think hard times can ever touch them. I think there are a few thousands cops, health care workers and other employees in Wisconsin who now see things in a very, very different light. No, A shutdown is what we need and we need folks in the Congress to see the issue in its totality and not just in terms of narrow 'Fox News' or 'Olberman' constituencies. Everyone is going to have to make some sacrifices and what has been happening thus far is that the only ones being forced to make sacrifices are those on the bottom rung of the economic ladder, those who have already suffered enough because of the Wall Street bankers who ruined the American economy and still to this day, pay little or no taxes.

The problem is that you have a President that will not stand up for the people. He will use all of his political capital to protect the big corporations, the police state and the war machine but always has some excuse why he can't help the little guy. The President needs to dig his heels in and tell the GOP what he will and will not sign and put the ball back in their court. This will force them to deal with the Democrats in the house, some of whom will see to it that taxes will rise on Corporations and Defense spending will be on the table for significant, but responsible cuts. The sooner the better, because this budget mess is the most serious national security threat out there, dwarfing Al Qaeda, shoe-bombers, Koran reading Mullah's and Libyan dictators.

Israel Strikes Sudan

Mercenaries May Wind Up Training Libyan Rebels

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Under Fire Holed Up In Bunker

The Koch Borthers: What You Should Know

Is The US Going To Give Libya And Egypt To The Muslim Broterhood?
This is a most interesting video clip, don't miss it. Mr. Williams has some pretty good sources and should be listened to.

Charter Schools: Outsourcing Ignorance
"Since 2008, an Ohio-based company, White Hat Management, has collected around $230 million to run charter schools in that state. The company has grown into a national chain and reports that it has about 20,000 students across the country. But now 10 of its own schools and the state of Ohio are suing, complaining that many White Hat students are failing and that the company has refused to account for how it has spent the money."

Interpol Calls For Global Identification System

NATO Fuel Trucks Torched

US Supported Rebel Held Libya See's Lynchings, Executions
...Of mostly black people

Where Will Job Growth Be In America?

Canada: Islamists On Welfare
An interesting look at Islamic polygamy and welfare benefits

Egypt: Muslim Gang Leader Targets Christians

Major Chinese House Church Prepares For Arrests

Pro Abortion Protestors Use Violence At Protests
"This sort of violence and intimidation ought to be quickly and unequivocally condemned. If someone claiming to be pro-life posted something like this, pro-abortion leaders would be clamoring for apologies from the pro-life movement and the media would cover the story." - Watson's Comment: War is the devil's favorite industry, abortion is his second so it should be no wonder his children resort to evil tools to keep the money flowing in the death direction.
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (Joh 10:10)

What Would A Shutdown Look Like?

Petraus Next CIA Director?
Is this a sign that the civilian CIA will one day be folded into the DOD? The same question was raised when Hayden ran the agency. But this time, there may be less smoke and some fire to the idea. There are many voices on the Hill that want to dismantle the agency and put all intelligence under the DOD. But some will resist because unbeknownst to most folks is the fact that the CIA has some very, very stringent reporting requirements to Congress that are not in place for the DOD. All of this was due to the scandals of the 70's and the Church Committee. Despite what you hear out in 'conspiracy world' the CIA cannot buy so much as a sixpac of Pepsi without reporting the purchase to Congress. This is not true of the DOD because the laws that were passed to reign in the CIA do not apply to the DOD. This is why there is so much fraud in the DOD, there is little real scrutiny and the scrutiny there is (guys like McCain who runs the Senate Arms Service Committee or Feinstein who sits on the Intelligence committee) is the kind of 'wink and nod' kind of oversight that is designed to let fraud and abuses grow while hefty donors and buddies get rich. This is how these guys stay in their seats for decades, they know their masters voice. I think, somebody may want to take the gloves off the CIA and repeat the crimes that are causing people in far off places to rise up from their American puppetmasters (like Mubarak, Saleh, or Ben Ali). The school of thought here is that more 'dirty deeds done dirt cheap' can restore American dominance, rather than undercut it. Keep in mind that Petreaus is the one launching cruise missiles and drones into Pakistan and probably was not shall we say 'unaware' of assassination squads operating inside what was once a US ally... before the War on Common Sense fractured it. I think the powers that be want to negate those old Church Committee laws and if you cannot do it legislatively, you do it administratively and not one American in a thousand would ever know that this is what happened.

Radioactive Fish

Food Prices Rise Most Since 1974

GOP Target: Food Stamps, Medicare
No one wants to deal with the DOD and 'security spending' which total around a trillion dollars a year. All (DEMS and GOP) want to dance around that elephant in the room and pretend it just isn't there. They talk about the 'moral responsibility' to cut food stamps but not the 'moral responsibility' to stop this crazed war machine. America's inverted morality is like a cross at a black mass... all upside down.

Hollywood Buys Senate
Hopefully the Senate will come up with an anti-piracy bill that is sane, protects intellectual property and does so without typical American jackboots. Before I go on, I want to make this clear, I in no way wish to stop or hinder legitimate law enforcement from dealing with sites that put up movies, sports and other high cost entertainment illegally. This is a crime and should be dealt with. But since we are moving into election season and big money is going to be sloshed around the Senate Chambers, I rather doubt sanity will have anything to do with what these (legal) bribe takers will come up with. If Hollywood has its way, the only sites you will be able to visit will be MGM, Disney, Paramount, etc and any other place that you visit could put in in the 'potential infringer' category, thus giving them total control of the net. Think I am 'over the top'? Look who is donating to Leahy! Nothing gets done in the Senate unless the 'bribes' are paid. I am here to tell you many different groups of companies are working very, very hard and spending billions of dollars to make that control a reality for themselves. Hollywood has just chosen the 'buy Congress/Obama' approach. Others are taking a technological approach. One day in the not too distant future, you will buy a computer that will not be able to pull up on sites like this one or 'Infowars' or AlterNet. The hardware will not allow it. That's right, they even now are building (but not deploying yet) things into your hardware that will one day prevent you from visiting some sites. Even now the new Intel processors can remotely shut down your computer without your knowledge or interaction and you do not even have to be connected to the internet. The microchip covertly communicates with Wireless networks without your knowledge. Naturally the advert pushes the positive side to this (anti-theft), not the negative. I mean, ask a blogger in Egypt if giving the rich and powerful this power would help or hinder his search for democracy. They don't like you... shut 'em down, that is the world that is coming. Now you own a $900 door stop that was once your laptop. Companies are working to see to it that some monitors and other peripherals (printers, other camera's music players) will not work with the computer hardware you buy or that you cannot download drivers/software they do not like, creating compulsory cartels and limiting your choice as a consumer. This is the future folks and significant money has already been poured into these technologies, hidden from you and me. So I repeat myself, there is a war going on for the internet, you may not see it, but believe me it is real and the people are losing because for the most part, they do not even know the rules of the game. The danger here in this bill by Senator Lehey, is that laws will be so worded to give the government an 'in' to shut down other sites that have nothing to do with copyright infringement but still get shut down and dragged into court anyway. Like those 84,000 sites who were taken down after they were falsely accused of peddling in child-porn because of a government 'mistake'. The danger is that it will be worded to stealthly bring in censorship which, I am here to tell you is what the powers that be want to bring in, secretly and slowly... in the 'boiling frog' approach.

A few years ago, a well placed source of mine let me in on some of the discussions going on in many of these corporate board rooms about how some companies were working to deal with controlling the net and the information flow. In their view, there was too much information that was getting to people and news organizations and Hollywood were both working on cutting out the little people and using their power to cut out the 'competition'. They had a long range plan (I want to stress that - LONG RANGE) and we are slowly seeing it come to pass now. Not just with regards to this proposed law, but in the way ISP's and major online providers are gathering information (or in some specific cases, allowing others to access their networks to gather information illegally allowing them to break SSL connections and hack banking sessions, VPN's and then robbing personal bank accounts) on those individuals whom they do not like and want to get rid of, smear or otherwise deal with. This activity is clearly illegal, but they use the 'marketing' angle to assuage any concern in their secret 'marketing agreements'. Folks do not understand what is happening far away from the headlines, and for the most party, Congress is pretty clueless as well. They only react to problems after large sums of money have been spread around its halls. Where should new artists go to start up a good business in entertainment without Big brothers cartels writing laws to keep you out? Try one of the fastest growing economies in the World, Brazil. They have a much more balanced approach that spurs rather than limits creativity.

Enjoy the internet while you can, because one day soon it will look just like Cable.

Big Sister Is Un-American

Toyota To Shut Down All North American Manufacturing

How A Major US Bank Laundered Billions For Mexican Drug Cartels
Little man has an ounce of pot, goes to jail. Big man launders billions in Dope money, funding violent drug cartels, get bailed out by Feds and never even gets charged with a crime. American justice, a contradiction in terms. A system soon to be cursed in ways that shall find no remedy.

Radiation Modeling
Thanks D.S.!

Black Voices Abandon Obama
The comments on this article are rather telling...

Obama Continues Libyan Bombings
The NeoCons are fully in control of the Obama Administration. They don't know what they are hitting but the people are dark skinned, don't speak english and have oil so they keep up the UN permitted/NATO executed aggression.

China Detects High Radiation From Japanese Planes, Ships, Cargo

Innocence Files: 14 Years On Death Row Man Denied Recompense For Prosecutors Misconduct
May the living God never forget the wickedness of this Court and those courts like it as well as these evil prosecutors who railroad innocent men into jail, knowing they are innocent. Let every man and woman who wears a Judicial robe or sits in a proscutors office consider this now and repent before this or an even worse curse fall upon them. Cease robbing men of Justice or the only thing you will face is Divine Justice with no mercy. I ask all of you to take some time and check out some of the serious disparaties in sentencing for poor blacks and the way innocent people are railroaded into jail being innocent of any crime. Check out the Innocence Project or the sentencing project. Where do most nominal Christians stand on this issue? Too many on the side of injustice and racial hate... in other words the satanic side of the fence. I say this particularly to far too many so-called christians (small c intentional) of the religious right. Hate is rising and among this increasing abomination that calls itself christianity in America. It is being more and more used as a tool of the evil one for evil purposes to spread hate, war and death around the globe with a cross and old glory as the excuse. We have a 'pastor' who got elected who decries integrated schools and perhaps even lunch counters. Christ said to love one another, the religious right says, 'keep the ni&&ers out of my schools and neighborhoods'.

You know... The word Justice alone appears in 93 verses in the Bible (KJV), judgment appears in 229 versus. If you do not think God is concerned about Justice, go and do a word study on these words in the Scriptures. Do you think perhaps this is an issue God cares quite a bit about? Get out of Churches such as these brethren if you want to get into heaven for these pastors can only open up the door to hell for you, which is why the devil puts so many of them in the pulpit in the first place.

But false prophets were also among the people, as also false teachers will be among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, and denying the Master who has bought them, bringing swift destruction on themselves. And many will follow their destructive ways, by whom the way of truth will be evil spoken of. And by covetousness, with well-turned words, they will use you for gain, for whom judgment of old does not linger, and their destruction does not slumber. (2Pe 2:1-3)

Bretheren, I cannot sit silent while this new abomination that calls itself Christianity repels millions away from the simplicity and love of Christ and him crucified.

181 Times Normal Radiation Found In California Water
Still hiding the facts from people... no official radiation counts have been released. How can they get away with it? I will tell you. Folks won't start dying from it for a few years and they can compel the new Government Medical establishment (created by Obamacare) to alter official diagnosis and statistics from radiation induced cancer to (insert your government lie here) when cancer deaths start to rise 1000% above what we see now. The average citizen of Prozac Nation whose cognitive abilities have been permanently damaged by legal and illegal drugs won't know the difference. They will believe anything the MSM comedy channel tells them.

There comes a point in time when people need to start asking the question, is Obama working for or against ordinary people. He and he alone can compel government agencies to release the data, fully and completely so people can make preparations, even if those preparations mean moving out of the state for a few weeks or months. This so far is not happening. Why? If their readings are so 'safe' why not tell us just how safe they are? I can think of only one reason. The readings may not be as 'safe' as they are telling us. I do not want to say that these readings pose a health risk over just a few days, they do not. But given the fact that the Fukushima radiation crisis is not going to end for many more months, will continue to emit radiation and much of it heading to the North American west coast, I would be most remiss if I did not say watch this most closely, listen to, but take government pronouncements with a healthy does of skepticism and if you know someone personally who has a radiation monitoring gear, find out from them what they are picking up and do not let Barak 'I hid the real cause of the Deep Horizon disaster from the American people' Obama, lie you into an early irradiated grave. It's your life... you are the one going to have to deal with radiation poisoning should you contract it, so consider what I tell you with the idea of self preservation in mind. Once you get an unhealthy dose, I (nor the medical establishment) can't do a thing for you but watch your hair fallout, break out in lesions as every word you speak seems to emit an ever decreasing number of teeth from your mouth. Granted things probably won't get anywhere near that bad, but why take a chance? Be proactive, radiation exposure is no joke and our government will do its utmost to hide the fact that lethal doses were on its way, if indeed this were the case. To put it bluntly they would rather see you dead than paniced.

Meanwhile, spinmeisters paid for by the Nuclear Power industry are out there making the rounds, paying major newspapers here and abroad major money to print stories that tell us all how 'safe' it is. So get ready for a major PR offensive by the industry to keep this power source in tact, on major earthquake fault lines and right next to major population centers as they fire whistelblowers for warning about safety problems.

Afghanistan Riots Over Quran Burning
The intended result for those covertly funding these ill advised burnings. The other intended result is the killing of Christians worldwide. Who are these pastors working for and whose work are they really doing?

Mississippi Sentencing Harder On Black Americans
Justice that isn't just is not justice. The good news? The budget crisis at the State level is leading to sentencing reform.

Nuke Crisis Could Go On For Months

China Closes Half The Nations Dairies

America: A Nation Of Takers, Not Makers

The Dirty Secret Of The Debt Ceiling Debate
While many Americans are still in 'la-la' land and just do not understand the disaster that awaits us and why, this piece summs it up well. And it does not even go into the inflation we are just now starting to see. Over the years, I have come to respect very few financial analysts. Sure, there are a few good ones out there but too many are what I call 'headline grabbers' and are just trying to drive traffic to their sites and lack well considered perspective. Most are just looking for some hot news (good or bad) to tell folks that will generate traffic or keep their audiences. One person that I have come to really respect over the years is Doug Noland over at Prudent Bear, he always has a well considered excellently supported thesis that is worth reading. His latest says this "For the first quarter, Crude oil jumped 13% and gasoline surged 21% (to the highest price levels since September 2008). The Goldman Sachs Commodities Index rose 14.8%. For the quarter, Cotton jumped 39%, Pork Bellies 23%, Silver 23%, Gasoline 21%, Corn 10%, Cattle 10% and hogs 9%. It is worth noting that Hershey raised prices this week by almost 10%, while Wal-Mart’s CEO warned that American consumers face “serious” inflation in the coming months." I think it relevant that we are also seeing inflation in stock prices as well, but instead of saying it is inflation, it is called 'recovery' by Wall Streets pundits.

You print money on the scale Bernanke is doing and baby... you are going to get some inflation, no two ways about it. But how can Ben stop printing money? If he does we cannot fund our government, so when you hear about the 'exit from QEII', know this is what they are talking about. Like the article says, no one really wants to buy our debt anymore. Folks are fleeing it and the Fed has had to step up and buy it in order to keep our interest rate costs down. Remember we are already paying over $400 Billion a year in interest payments on the debt we have already managed to accumulate. So while the GOP and their morally reprobate polices are moving forward with the help of Obama, shifting costs onto poor and working people they still give corporate welfare to their campaign donors and major corporations. Bank of America? They haven't paid taxes in two years and got all kind of bailouts and tax benefits. They have enough money to pay $2.2 million in campaign donations, but pay no taxes. You want to bring the budget back in balance? Make the Corporations pay their fair share. Sadly the GOP would rather go after Head Start and NPR than BofA and Exxon. Yes, the government is too big, you will get no argument from me about that. Yes, we need some major cutting done, but the areas we need it in are not being touched, Namely Health Care costs (related to Medicare and Medicaide) and Defense spending (of which much is really corporate welfare disguised as weapons systems and contracts the DOD neither needs nor desires). If the Congress were serious about entitlements they would work night and day to bring down medical costs, not just cutting benefits leaving people to pay for a health care system that has become too large, too expensive and too rapacious for profits. If you seriously reign in those costs, you will find much of your entitlement problem will go away. Congress, being in the back pocket of the medical establishment is not about to do that. They would rather put Granny in the grave than reduce her health expenses. Generic drugs... why not? They are much cheaper why not use them? Big Pharma, that is why, they use the laws Congress passes to maintain and further entrench a cartel that the nation can no longer afford. The key here is that America's elected representatives must decide that people are more important than profits and today this is simply not the case. Americans do not see it because they are being propagandized and brainwashed by mutli-million dollar ad campaigns and political propaganda that helps them not to see the obvious. The Congress is not doing its job looking out for the people, but sadly, the American people are not doing their job in educating themselves and voting in new leaders who will really do what is in the best interest of the nation. Both parties and 98% of voting Americans are the problem and until this nasty perception problem is solved, you can expect your taxes to go up, gasoline prices to go up, food to go up, car repairs and parts to go up, health care costs to go up all while real wages are going down, benefits going down, social safety nets...

You can call it the price of prolonged slumber.

Western 'Technical Advisors' In Benghazi
US Special Forces as well... wading into Obama's latest quagmire. Meanwhile Others are making 'arms for oil' deals.

American Transformation: From Democracy To A National Surveillance State

The Dangerous US Game In Yemen
15 Shot dead, hundreds wounded in new massacre

Major Data Breach Hits CITI, Capital One Customers


 3 Apr

Headlines For Last Week

Hundreds Killed In Ivory Coast

Thousands March To Oust Yemeni President

UK: Former Miliary Members Express Grave Doubts About Libya Operation

Families Find It Harder To Cope With Food Prices

Dirty Deals: US, Saudi Arabia Split Middle East
How do you sell out the democratic aspirations of a people so cheaply? It will be little wonder when these movements come to power they will be vehementl anti-American. I am speaking of this new 21st Century thing that has taken old America's place, a nation that is vehemently anti-Democracy... not with its words, but with its actions.

The Perversity Of Sharia
14 year old girl raped, charged with fornication, and flogged to death. Welcome to the real world of Islam, read this you will see this is not isolated incident and western women who run around thinking we Christians are bad news, need to take a look across the pond.

Social Media And The Corporate 'Jewels'

Patriot Act Targets 5 Year Old Children
And our elected reps use cowardly 'voice votes' to pass this unconstitutional law so that you, the voter, cannot know if your rep supported it or not. Even the 'radical' Tea Party mostly supported it. Some of the provisions in it are pretty odious but still highly classified and not discussed in any mainline publication. The Patriot Act merely codifies many of the things for Americans that these Arab dictators are being thrown out for doing to their people. It is not about terrorism, it is about the coming repression when America can no longer pay her bills and you finally figure you that 'voices in the wilderness' like me were right and you have been lied to for a very, very long time when you wake up one day poor as a Church mouse, hungry as a mangy dog and as angry as a bereaved bear. Because, I am here to tell you that not one American in a thousand really understands the word 'poor' in a way that a really poor person does. We have social safety nets that prevents that kind of grinding proverty. You know, those safety nets that the GOP and Obama are working to take away.

Sodom's Proponents Attack Catholic Priest
It is so strange that these gay activists who talk about intolerance will not allow another to believe and act as they wish or according to their religious beliefs. They want to force their beliefs and sexual practices on others. Think about it, who is really being intolerant? Who and what is really behind this attack on the Church and what are its real goals? The destruction of freedom of thought, beleif or speech? Is anyone telling them they cannot engage in their sexual practices? Is anyone breaking into their homes and arresting them for it? There is more to this than meets the eye.

Libya: US Air Combat Role Ending
Sanity comes to Washington, while men like McCain go into a tizzy that not enough Libyans have been killed by US aircraft. How long will this temporary fit of sanity last? Probably as long as Gates is at the Pentagon and Panetta is at CIA. Both are on their way out and incredibly frustrated with the President and the strange 'Rasputin-esque' group of advisors he is listening to. For those of you who want to hear part of the establishment talk on this, check out what Leslie Gelb (CFR), has to say.

American Apocalyspe
Earlier today, the dollar fell out of bed … gold exploded higher … silver took off like a scalded cat … and oil soared to $106 a barrel, the highest since 2008! Meanwhile, even as I write these words, corn is up 4.52% … wheat is up 2.9% … soybeans are up 3.8% … and oats are up 5.6% … NOT in a month or even a week — ALL IN A SINGLE DAY!

How Kadaffi Helped Himself To US Bailout Funds
How much of that money was used to buy the arms he is now using against us?

Fed Releases Court Ordered Records

WalMart CEO: Inflation To Be Serious
Why? Beyond Bernake's printing press, the Chinese are raising prices.

Drug War Update
In Columbus, New Mexico, the mayor and police chief were arrested along with nine other suspects for allegedly running guns to Mexico. According to the 84-page indictment, Columbus mayor Eddie Espinoza and the other suspects trafficked some 200 firearms to Mexico, including a shortened AK-47 variant. Columbus is just across the border from Palomas, Chihuahua, which has seen high levels of drug-related violence...

ATT Cuts Off Angry Users
When you are a monopoly in a region our county, you can do this to your customers. This is why these huge telecom conglomerates are bad news. Take a look and see how they are subverting the marketplace to stifle competition and affordable internet access.

Watson's Ramblings:
So, how messed up is what is happening in the world today? Things in Japan are much, much worse than we are being told. I want to stress that this is neither rumor nor sourced from the internet. First off, the Japanese Government is lying through its teeth about the amount of radiation emitted. Two (count them 2) reactors have already melted down, not partial but total and complete meltdowns. The damage at these plants is extreme and this is why Japan will not allow those Hi-Res pictures of the damage to be shown to the world. Even your favorite earth modeling tool has been co-opted not to show them. I think I posted a video to one of them not long ago. High levels of radiation in the Ocean, where the US Navy has been doing their readings, goes out 2000 miles. This is idoized radiation and extremely dangerous and toxic. I will not mention the levels as I was asked not to, but they are very, very high. Strong warning to all: I would NOT eat seafood from the Pacific ocean under any circumstances, the radiation levels are just that high. Official opinion will surely differ, and the spinmeiters will dutifully tell you otherwise on the MSM but keep this mind, ingesting radiation is much worse that simply being hit externally with it. For those of you who just have to have those 'crab cakes' well... just make sure you have a witnessed will ready for your heirs in order to avoid any issues of estate contestation after your painful passing (no joke Radiation deaths are nothing to laugh at). West Coast folks.... you are being hit pretty hard with radiation especially in Washington, Oregon and parts of Canada, but I cannot say if it will pose a serious risk to health, opinions on this differ, but radiation in any dose above safe levels is a cause for serious concern. California is likely get hit soon. I wish I could give you some advice, but at this point in time, I can't. I am not trying to spread fear, I am only letting you know that things are not as we are being told. Please do not panic or ask me for more info or advice, I do not have it. The problem, in my opinion, is going to be duration. We can stand low levels for a while, but if those levels keep rising and we are under bombardment for many weeks or months there could be a problem health wise, despite official pronouncements from our mendacious governments. Christians, pray and try and stay indoors as much as possible, don't eat the seafood. What about the people of Japan? I will give it to you straight, it is quite possible, even probable that the Japanese race may be significantly reduced in 10 years. I wish I could tell you I was exaggerating, but I am not and I think this is one reason the lies out of Japan are so extreme, there is not much they can do given the extreme circumstances. The Japanese people have been remarkably calm, stoic and proud. How do you tell a race of people that many of them will be dead before we see the 3rd decade of the 21st century? The good news is that most of the radiation had gone out to sea and is hitting the US. The bad news is that the water and food in Japan are contaminated.

The past couple of nights I have been driven to prayer. I have been given some stern and rather unpleasant instructions by the Lord and must follow them. Brothers, take heed to my warnings and those true folks whom God has called to warn and watch in these times (if they are out there selling something or are scaring you into their own little money making scam, stay far, far away. These are prophets of Mammon and are making Merchandise of you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED). The voice of God's true watchmen will not be here forever. Many of you need to hear this as the Lord sees you taking sites like this for granted. Well, I have been given some personal instructions by the Lord about this site that many of you simply will not like. But I must obey the Lord.

Middle East. Nothing is at it appears to be. I repeat, nothing is at it appears to be. Everyone has his own agenda, everyone is stabbing old friends in the back and any unanimity you see in public is a facade designed to hide the truth. Al Qaeda in Libya? Yes, that is who America is supporting. Click here and check out the picture. Notice the colors draped around the mens shoulder. Do you know what that is? I will tell you. That is Al Qaeda's 'rebranded' colors. These are not nice guys. This is who Obama wants to send arms to. Naturally this is not something one would want to do if one was fighting Al Qeeda. So why is it that just days after our 'humanitarian' bombing campaign he now signs an order to send arms covertly to AQ's man in Libya? You will have to answer that question and spin it anyway you want. If I were to send arms knowingly to AQ, I could correctly be called a supporter of terrorism and could be detained and imprisoned for it. Listen, arming the rebels is incredibly stupid on a number of levels. Besides the AQ angle, we must remember that Gadaffi has been buying arms for decades and can keep a war going until 2050. He has no shortage of arms nor of men who will give him money to buy more and we must remember this is a determined, fanatical and violent man who is not 100% in touch with reality. This move in Libya is a terrible mistake and one can see the bickering in the cabinet has gone out into the open with Hillary effectively running the show and Obama getting all of the blame. While Merkel may be getting a lot of heat for not participating, She at least appears to have enough sense to see where this road leads and where the future lies. Not with the US and its defective foreign policy, but with those who have Global savings, resources and strategic forsight. She has leaned when it is time to abandon a burning building. Libya? This is going to be a long war.

The world is in big trouble and those of you who know the Lord need to get into your prayer closets and find out what God would have you do. This is my strong exhortation to all who name the name of the Lord.

Libya Ops Cost: Six Days, $400 Million

China: Do Dope, Get Executed

Appeals Court Makes It Easy To Indefinitely Detain
Do click on this link as well.Court rulings are being redacted and 'altered' by the Government.

Ivory Coast: Rebels Seize Two More Towns

Radiation Levels Soar In Japan Sea Water

How To Kill An Activist

Fukushima: Beyond The Point Of No Return

Major Archeological Find May Shed Light On Early Christianity

Al Qaeda, Iraq And Libya
A very interesting study done by West Point in 2007 that shows who was helping AQ and why we should be most concerned about the Presidents new found 'friends' in Libya and our long term allies, the Saudi's. You can read Webster Tarply's take on this here.

Potential Swine Flu Outbreak On US Border
Swine Flu is a man made pathogen and some interesting faces have been using biological warfare in our backyard for some time.

Democrats, GOP Line Up To Stop War, Impeach President.
What is different now than with Bush? Mainly our fiscal situation. We are in deep trouble and this war is not going to be cheap.

Hungry In Indiana

Burma's Deadly Quake Leaves Thousands Homeless; Churches Destroyed

13% Of US Homes Are Vacant

My Friend, The Dissident Who Disappeared In China

Assad Decries Conspiracy To Destroy Country

Government Shutdown Grows More Likely

The Attack Of The Cruise Missile Liberals
When the chips are down, fraudulent anti-war liberals show their true racist, Manifest Destiny-loving colors.

Gentrification And The Grand Black 'Push-out'


 29 Mar

Headlines 29 March

There's No Business Like War Business
'Humanitarian Bombings' as Obama's justification for yet another war. Water.... watch the water, which in the 21st Century is going to be liquid Gold.

Oman Detains Protestors

The Debt Crisis In Graphs

Syrian Government Resigns

Iran, Khamenei, Ahamdinejad And The Hidden Imam

Japan Deals With New 'Dark Age'

Rebels Beaten Back
Now there is talk about arming the rebels and with it, 'Technical Assistance' and ground troops. Remember Watson's Quagmire Watch (I posted on Around the 17th)...
Watson's Quagmire Watch looks for the following events in succession: First it will be a no-fly zone. Then we will send the rebels arms but only a few will know how to use them. Then we will have to send in 'Technical advisors'. They start with how to use the arms we gave them but will expand to training them in new fighting techniques. The rebels will get into trouble, some of the weapons we sent them will wind up in Gadaffi's hands and then we will need more 'action' to assist the rebels. Before the 2012 elections (may just after them ... you know... after we are promised in the campaign that no more ground troops will go to Libya) we will send ground troops and we will have both feet firmly planed in the quicksand... sinking fast.

US Intelligence Looks At US Manufacturing Decline
Now that the smell of economic death lingers over the manufacturing base of the nation, the Intelligence Community (IC) finally see's a 'national security' aspect to it. Where was the IC when these Free Trade agreements were being rammed through? Where was the real debate about what it would mean back then? Now that GM is owned by foreigners and much of US production has moved to China and other parts of the world, we can no longer pay our debts because we don't have much to trade. And it is not just automotive jobs either.

Summing up the potential threat of China’s grow- ing aviation industrial base to the United States, Owen E. Herrnstadt, director of trade and globalization at the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, testified that: [t]ransfers of production and technology from U.S. aero- space and related companies [to China] cost U.S. aerospace jobs and lead to a further decline in our aerospace indus- trial base in at least four different but related ways: First, jobs that may be associated with the transfer of technology and production are lost; second, the skills that accompany the transfers are lost, leading to a further decline in our in- dustrial base; third, future jobs are lost as China (and other countries) utilizes the transfer from the U.S. to create and strengthen their own aerospace companies that com- pete directly with U.S. companies; and fourth, the tech- nology and production that would have led to more U.S. jobs through the development of innovative products is lost - US-China Economic And Security Review 2010 (page 103)

Suddenly the US intelligence figures out that 'hey... there could be a problem.'. Listen... you had Presidents and Congressional leaders who were effectively spies for foreign powers selling us down the river with these agreements (taking money illegally from intelligence operatives from foreign governments) but no one raised a red flag back then. It is only now, when economic rigor mortis is setting in that the light has finally gone on in the DNI's head. What good is a community that is so consistently behind th eight ball? Let me make this perfectly crystal clear. We will never be able to compete as long as free and unfair trade is the mantra of the Two Party system, not unless you want to bring back slavery because that is the only way you can compete with a slave's wage. You will continue to see what we have been seeing, more jobs going overseas, more people working in retail, selling Chinese goods for bottom-of-the-rung wages. Political unrest? It is a certainty as folks realize that they are now on a 'downwardly mobile' spiral that is permanent. This all tracks back to these Free Trade Agreements that Bush I, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich and the rest sold to us. These are your main 'voted for' politicians who sold us out. But can you tell anyone in Washington this? No, they are too busy making phone calls overseas to get campaign money... which thanks to SCOTUS is now legal. So jobs are going to keep on hemmoraging, benefits will go away and new regulatory frameworks (like Obamacare) will drive jobs outside America. But those who pay enough bribes will be able to get a competitive advantage by not having to submit to these new regulations. Our leaders, are not about making a marketplace that functions properly, but rather work to use regulations to erect these huge semi-government monopolies of which many are covertly owned and operated by the very US intelligence community that now see's a problem. Is it any wonder the system is falling apart before our eyes and our nation is bankrupt? They may be paying the bills but it is with printed up dollars and that only leads to what we are now starting see... inflation. No, the IC is very much part of America's problem. They have driven out many small and medium sized business, stolen their work and abused the national security system to create covert cartels that have done enormous damage to not just to our economy but our freedoms as well. The IC, with a few notable exception is blind as a bat, stubborn as a mule and dumb as a rock and too resistant to real change and real analysis to be of any use except to those who have the pull to keep them blind long enough to do more damage to America while they walk away with the money, contracts and power. US manufacturing decline a national security issue? As a friend of mine for bygone days would say...
'Real smart Sherlock, got any more brilliant deductions?


 24 Mar

Headlines 25-29 March Here

Has A Meltdown Already Occurred?
A very interesting post with a picture timeline of the disaster in Japan

EPA's Radiation Reading Site

US Pastor's Koran Burning: Christians Killed In Response
It is so sad to see these kinds of shenanigans being done by US pastors. But I will tell you now that some of these men are getting paid to do this. This was the case not so long ago when another pastor tried to do that same thing. Who is behind it? Some powerful politicians and moneymen. Please don't take this bait. Some of these men are not serving Christ but another spirit that will get them to do anything for money and publicity. This is not guesswork as US Federal investigators are aware of the money trail to at least one pastor who tried this kind of publicity stunt. As Christians we are to...

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled; (Heb 12:14-15)

And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, (2Ti 2:24)

Blood For Oil: Liberals Are Worse Than Conservatives
The rare voice of sanity comes from a Bureaucrat, not our elected officials, whose grasp on fiscal and geopolitical realities is tenuous at best and whose decision making is driven by donations into campaign chests rather than the long term interests of the nation.

Official Disposition Of Forces

Highly Radioactive Water Spreads

Why The Markets Are Rising?
The Fed is printing up billions and handing it over to 'Primary Dealers' (Wall Street) to gamble with, that's why.

FDIC Extends 'Emergency Coverage' That Could Extend To Banksters
Do you get the impression that another major financial crisis is just over the Horizon?

Bangledesh: Christian Goes To Jail For Preaching Christ

Germany Jails Christian Parents Over School Sex Education
For keeping your kids home during these controversial classes, you go to jail.

Prominent Chinese Blogger Arrested

Obama, Clinton, and Biden Agree: War on Libya Is Unconstitutional
When Americans vote for and support liars, they get all of the evil fruits that go with it. There is going to be a horrible price Americans are going to have to pay for their support for our luciferian leaders whose hands are stained in blood, whose tongues speak falsehoods and perversities and in whose hands is dishonest gain... and the people love to have it so! I know... I can see the election results year in and year out. How can you not think that you will not be forced to eat the fruit of your own doings, America? The God of all things has prepared a cup for America, it is a chalice designed to repay America for her very great wickedness.

Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. (Rev 18:6)

And it shall be, if they refuse to take the cup at thine hand to drink, then shalt thou say unto them, Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Ye shall certainly drink. (Jer 25:28)
More Here.

Civil War Looms In Yemen

UK: 400,000 Converge On Union Organized Protests

US Backs Al Qaeda
I think when all this is said and done from Yemen To Algeria, Al Qaeda will win out over the US and China will be there to get the Oil and natural resources concessions. American policy experts (Like McCain, Kerry, Lugar) are two dimensional thinkers. They cannot think past the next missile attack. They refuse to see the broader picture and ways we can still come out winners in the Middle East without all of this mindless bloodshed and backing despotic dictators. There is a foreign policy 'box', a kind of mental prison our leaders are locked in and like any prisoner, they cannot get out. We will lose the Middle East, our 'children' (See Isaiah 47:8) will become go into the care of others. This includes the Saudi's in the medium term. The Saudi's may not fall, but they won't keep on taking paper for their oil either and the shift is already on towards China who now buys more oil from the Saudi's than the US does. No, our policy makers will not listen to advice if it is not paid for by major donors or beltway bandits. Critical intelligence will be ignored in order to support a policy that has 'failure' written all over it. Now we are backing elements with ties to Al Qaeda. I think I said this was the case just before we intervened (see Libyan Sitrep 17 Mar 2011 on this link). Our NSS (National Security Staff) needs to have some new blood and start listening (really listening) to people who are not in the pay of these bombmakers and other beltway bandits who see dollar signs everytime we start a war.

America cannot afford this misadventure. The Chinese are waiting in the wings and have successfully maneuvered American into yet another lose-lose situation. We cannot afford this war, and sooner or later will be forced to stop it, no matter how many brown envelopes go out to members of Congress or how much money Bernanke prints up. The Chinese can wait, they are most patient and are very good long-term thinkers. Our leaders cannot see past their cruise missiles and stealth fighters. They are strictly 2D thinkers. Has our policymaking become so bankrupt and our lust for war so great that we are now willing to support these rebels who have ties to Al Qaeda? What kind of government can they bring in once the moderate elements in the movement have been dispatched into eternity? China has the wherewithal to run Libya's oil infrastrucure and my guess is that Gadaffi could still get power back, at least in large portions of Libya and that the Rebels have no plan to let Western Oil interests into the nation should they win. Should they even attempt it, more militant interests would scream 'Jihad' and make things very difficult for western interests, thus making this a very long, very expensive war.

Additionally, I think that China figures in more prominently that we know and that this war is more about them than any specious 'humantiarian' concerns. If the US/France/UK are interested in humanitarian intervention, the Ivory Coast is a place that could use some real humanitarian assistance, as opposed to military aggression. Needless to say there is much more going on here than we are being told, or that I can post or that I know of, but in my estimation, China is the one to watch here. Sadly, there is a great deal I cannot post. Nevertheless, there is some I have already posted over the past year or so in bits and pieces.

If one looks at the map of Sudan and Darfur, one can see that parts of it border Libya. We also know that China has been involved in stirring up trouble in Darfur and has a significant military presence in Sudan, dutifully denied by Sudan, but supported by Photographic evidence. Chinese assistance is more than just military. The Chinese are too smart to challenge America/Rump-Nato openly on the battlefield, so they use their brains. They see a massive, deadly beast who has been mortally wounded flailing and convulsing around the planet as she goes into her death throes. She can wait, and will. America's fiscal situation is terminal and the more bailouts we have, the longer the pain will be for America.

This is move in Libya is a strategic blunder of the 'Iraqi' proportions. It will set back our efforts in counter terrorism, fuel anti-Americanism, weaken the US diplomatically (with the new-power nations that count like China, Brazil, and even Germany). How the President thought we could win this poorly conceived war is beyond me, I see no 'upside' to it, except for the Military Industrial Complex who will make millions, probably billions before it is all said and done. Please pray for our President who may be being maneuvered into getting tossed out by some of those closest to him.
You may not like me, but what follows him is not likely to be any better, but considerably worse.

New Stealth Attack On Food Stamps
A new plan to remove whole families of working Americans from receiving food stamps. So while the GOP (and Obama) work to remove a long standing safety net for poor folks, Corporate welfare continues on and grows.

NNPA: Black America's Watchdogs or Lapdogs Fo' da' Massa?
The new plantation does not just have Blacks on it, but Hispanics, and Whites as well. Uncle Tom Blacks help keep the slaves in line and at night go into the 'house' to change the massa's slippers.

Libya: Boots On The Ground...
Which Units? - "The 22nd MEU is comprised of its Command Element; a Ground Combat Element, Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment; Aviation Combat Element, Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM) 263 (Reinforced); and Logistics Combat Element, Combat Logistics Battalion (CLB)"
- Watson's Comment: I can hear the sound of millions of Americans scratching their heads wondering .... "what in the world did we elect in 2008?"

ObamaWar: Deceitfully Executed
"The fervent belief that no one could sincerely object to a massive new war being launched in the dead of the night and after Congress went into recess speaks to a certain viewpoint which has been all-too-common among recent administrations, and some of the old-hand Senators who are used to cheering a war before they find out the reason or the goals are, predictably, out on the talk show circuit loudly championing the attacks. This is what the administration expects of Congress, and anything else is disconcerting."

Obama's Latest Luciferian Plan

Christians Shot Dead In Pakistan Church Attack

Islamic Nations End Bid To Criminalize 'Defamation of Islam'
What this article fails to mention is that drafts of this laws on this only mentioned defamation of Islam and not other religions. Reuters should be ashamed of themselves not to mention this important factoid. But like most MSM sources, you get half the truth... all the time.

The Treasury's Shell Game
Most people do not really understand how precarious our debt sitution is. This article shows us the 'shell game' going on with the new issuance of US debt. This is sophisticated debt monetization (printing money). It also shows how insiders are getting rich off of the Taxpayers back while the Fed is feeding its Wall Street buddies in the process. America is like a nation who has to keep charging up his new credit card just to make the minimum payments on the credit cards he has already maxed out. Each new borrowing just adds more debt, more payments and more interest. That, in layman's term is where American stands today. All of this with a President who is bound and determined to spend any money the Congress tries to save. I cannot help but ask the question is this President trying to save, or destroy America's finances? I do not know as I cannot look into his soul but I can look at his spending, spending plans and his demmonstrated disdain for fiscal common sense and can draw my own conclusions. What he says and what he does are poles apart. But one day soon, this debate will go from the esoteric to the painful, extremely painful for millions of Americans as Federal State and local budgets go to what I will call 'real GDP' levels. Once all of that printed up money (that today gets counted as a significant portion of America's GDP) becomes worthless. When America shrinks 30% economically speaking, those who are getting public assistance at the state, and federal level will lose it. Are you in subsidized housing? It will go away, are you on food stamps... it will be gone... Are you getting medical care from the state (Federal or State Gov's) whatever the state gives you will not be nearly enough. That is the America Obama and his GOP co-conspirators are making for us. And for those of you who will quickly turn to your diversions to put these harsh realities out of your mind, know this... there is no NCAA or NFL in homeless shelters, and if you go in there with so much as an iPod, chances are it will get stolen before the first week is out.

Hard times are coming for a great many of you, probably most of you. But you let them do it. You supported them, voted for them and helped them to help themselves to America's Treasury to open it up for their friends and families. It is more your fault than theirs if they get the mansions, BMW's Bungalo's in Aruba and you get the bills. Why? Because you voted for it and let them get away with it, year end and year out. Soon the bottom will fall out of the dollar. You see the prices of Gold and Silver hit new highs and the dollar hitting new lows? That is the world moving away from the Dollar based Global economy. Pundits in the pay of Wall Street who are getting rich off this new 'shell game' will lie to you and try and calm you into complacancy. But they 'got theirs' and are for the most part, being paid to deceive you as to our true fiscal condition. You see gas prices and food prices going up? Get used to it, if this President cannot get his act together and the Congress cannot find those 'common sense' pills, and start taking them in large doses, the dollar will essentially become worthless and all of those imports we now get... will get much more expensive and then... will stop. That is the world our leaders are creating for us. Look at the once economic humming city of Detroit, it is now a ghost town. Where is Ford Building their engines? China! How about GM? China, they have eight (count' 'em 8) ...and counting plants in China. The Chinese are buying up capacity right here in America, but no one marks it. The American lifestyle is over, at this point in time it will not be possible to stop it from declining significantly for perhaps most of America and you can track it back to this administrations and Bush's failure to deal in fiscal realities. It is an abysmal failure of leadership that could turn America into a modern day Yemen, with various groups protesting, vying for power and political violence becoming commonplace when folks find out that their new impoverished situations are not temporary, but permanent.

Insolvency Looms As States Drain Social Security Disability Fund

SSL Certification Breach,
The whole system is typified by weakness... by design. These new extremely popular 'tools' you find in browsers to 'check' SSL certs... some of them are operated by Corporate hackers who steal all of your banking data and money when they get your passwords. The Web is becoming far more dangerous than you think and Obama is helping to make it so with his inaction, dithering and willingness to take money from the very folks who are stealing the money.

Obama Denies Its A War!

Obama Declares War On American Law And Guts Miranda Rights
You know I listen to a lot of radio. In my area there is one Black radio station that never criticizes Obama. Now they are very progressive and liberal (which I admit, on most issues I am not) but they have some interesting and very informative shows that I enjoy. Never do you hear criticisms of the things this guy does. When Bush was in office they ranted and raved like a guy in a rubber room about the very things Obama is doing now. Today, they say nothing. I asked one of my well connected buddies about this and found out how Obama got them to shut up. He just keeps an ongoing 'investigation' going and scared them into submission. So now they cannot criticize Obama and if they do, they know that the law will be abused to land some of the staff in jail. I could not believe this was so, but poked around and found out that yes, it was true and that even the donors to the station might one day be 'under suspicion'. Since this is the only way the station funds itself, this makes things very difficult for them and frankly they may not survive. I will tell you now that this President is the enemy of Black, Hispanic and ordinary White Americans. You may not see it or believe it, but his actions hidden away from you and me are utterly loathsome. From here I sit and the things I know and cannot post, that smiling 'front' hides a very, deep dark personality.

Syria: Conflict Risk Alert

Huge Rally's In Yemen

Georgia: Inflation Pushing Farmers Into Debt Trap

Defense And Deterrence: China's Space Strategy
During the cold war, we spent the Russians into bankruptcy... can America outspend the Chinese? No way! Guess who is going to win in space, and on the ground. The crisis in Japan, the crisis here in the America's finances... China is going to come out the clear winner, no doubt about it, even with her inflation problems and worries about unrest (which are real). But I think most of the fears are overblown and can be written off as wishful thinking by CFR hacks (like Fukuyama). China appears to be ready for unrest and will use whatever means necessary to maintain order and whatever those means are, the US won't say a word, but will probably secretly help. I mean, how do you think China is able to so quickly round up dissidents?

6.8 Quake Hits Burma

Crisis In Japan:
Japanese Authorities Admit Deadly MOX Plutonium Reactor Is Leaking
Japan Urges More Evacuations
Plutonium Containment May Have Ruptured
Plutonium's Danger Is Gamma Radiation

NATO Slowly But Surely Falls Apart...
If America's latest folly has done anything, it has exposed serious rifts in NATO and demonstrated a deep mistrust of American/Obama leadership in security matters as well as deep divisions in the EU. That mistrust extends to economic matters as well, but that is another story. The Germans in particular clearly are slowly moving out of the American sphere of influence. A UK minister said that his war could last 30 years! This is a classic quagmire in the making. Let the reader also consider that what microscopic balance sheet gains had been gained in the Budget debate are going up in smoke in this misadventure... and we still do not have a budget! I will tell you in no uncertain terms that this is a major mistake that Hillary pushed with little regard for the long term commitment and cost. But the President, afraid that he would lose Hillary, if not now, then later as a supporter in 2012, had to acquiesce to her wishes and go to war to show American 'resolve' (AKA stupidity). He knows he *must* have the Clinton Machine on board in 2012 or he cannot win because that machine can and would work against him if not appeased. This war is also about China much more than pundits and bloggers will tell you. China is already heavily involved in Sudan and wants Libyan oil as well, she needs it for her economy and for her hegemonic aspirations. I do not know what political deals were made to get China to abstain in the UNSC but suffice to to say that while we spend money we don't have on an operation that will only weaken us, the Chinese will eventually move in with a smile, a contract and technical advisors and will scoop up Libyan oil when all is said and done. Are the Chinese and Russians 'giving us enough rope'? Probably on some level. We are a dead man walking economically speaking, I know it, they know it and our leaders know it. This war is going to cost us most dearly. But this is what happens when our leaders are misguided by short-term political considerations and 'feel good-ism' and not led with real vision that stands with both feet firmly planted in geopolitical realities. The 'old school' wise men (so-called) of McCain, Kerry, Clinton, et. al. are just too old and out of touch with this new world we are living in. They are still dealing with misconceptions that the US can lead the world and that NATO will follow us where ever we lead. These men need to head on to the rest home for old politicians and learn how to play shuffleboard... and not do any more harm to our troubled world with their delusions of American grandeur.

Japan Update
Here is a good backgrounder from the CRS that you may find of interest.

IMF: Rising Food Prices = Conflict

Saudi Arabia: The Unseen Hand In Yemen

Sock Puppets, Virtual Identities All Support Obamawar
In the Pentagon's war on Democracy, the public debate in America must be poisoned with the commentary of people who don't even exist and who are dutifully counted in polls found far and wide on the World Wide Web and elsewhere.

Saudi Arabia: Christians Imprisoned For Preaching Gospel
A country where Christianity is a crime and its repressive tools are obtained from the USG.


 26 Mar

News From 21-24 March
Forgotten: Ivory Coast, 300,000-400,000 Refugee's Flee Violence
Black... no oil... no one cares.

Syria: 5th Day Of Protests, Six Dead

Fed President: US Debt At 'Tipping Point'

China's Activists Start To Disappear

China's Central Asian Profile Grows

Radioactive Japan: US Military Considers Evacuation Of Military Troops, Families
While the US and Japan go into full 'spin mode', telling folks how safe radiation exposure is, the reality is pretty clear. The Military would not even fly manned flights over the Nuclear Plant for fear of radiation, using instead its drones. Even the military task force in the area wants to pull back because of radiation levels. Does that sound safe to you?

Now the military wants to pull out and the even evacuate the immediate area. Now if the radiation levels are so low why are foreign governments asking their citizens to leave Cities as far away as Tokyo? When governments hide the truth one must read between the lines and ask the questions the MSM will not ask. How bad is the radiation? *I don't know* but if MSM won't tell you, the Russians will.

Iodine, The Thyroid And Radiation

Researchers Predict High Cholera Toll In Haiti

Another Reason I Flee The Apple Corporation
Too litigious for my liking and always looking for a way to leverage 'intellectual property' for a quick buck. They have an army of lawyers to protect themselves. I am all in favor of 'intellectual property rights'... reasonable intellectual property rights, that is. Gone too far, 'intellectual property' rights can stifle creativity, debate and even freedoms.

Appeals Court Reinstates Illegal Wiretap Suit
Rather interesting development. Especially in light of the recent ATT/T-Mobile merger. How are these two things connected you might ask? I will tell you. Early last year (2010) I was given a heads up that T-mobile was looking to get out of the US market. My immediate assumption was that the competition was too hot for them and they just wanted to pack up their bags and go home. This is what today's financial punditry is telling us now. But this isn't true said a person who deals significantly in Telecom issues. He made it abundantly clear back then that T-Mobile was screaming to high heaven about some of the secret provisions that they were forced to comply with as a result of.. you guessed it... the Patriot Act. I admit I was a little skeptical at the time (which is why I did not post his info then). Sure enough, T-Mobile is now going to go the way of the dodo bird to be swallowed up by ATT. Let me put it to you bluntly... your phone is nothing more than a sophisticated surveillance device with some 'bells and whistles' than makes you want to go out and buy it. Government surveillance is now 'sexy' and 'cool' with a Blackberry or iPhone... and if you don't have one, well... your just not 'hip'. Can our Feds turn on your phone without your knowledge or permission and listen to you while you are driving, making coffee in the kitchen, eating lunch, making love etc... yes. They can do it all without a warrant. Can they find where you are even if your phone is off and the battery is out?

Can they read all of your messages and call logs and past location data? Yes. Look, the Germans (Deutche Telecom owns T-Mobile) have paid a heavy price for their Nazi past. They do not want to be involved in the new Nazi Germany being erected right here in America. I lived in Germany for 8 years, speak German, liked the Germans and found them to be some wonderful, open-minded and clear-headed people who were deeply ashamed of what happened in the 30's and 40's. It took them too long to rebuild after Hitler and his demonic maniacs finished with Germany. Some of the provisions in the Patriot Act are utterly loathsome and utterly classified... ensuring that there is no public debate about them. The Patriot Act too closely resembles the Enabling Act of Nazi Germany. I am not even sure that Congress was able to read all of the act before it was passed and re-passed and re-passed again. From your computer operating systems, to drivers in your computer, from technology in your cars, to your newer browsers, to the way your money is tracked using debit cards/credit cards and even buyer loyalty cards, the Patriot Act is driving these trends in ways that not even those who are implementing them are aware. Ever wonder why when you buy a computer you must give up so much information at the point of sale and also when you 'register' your computer with the DHS manufacturer? They are going to track you and your movements on the web till the day the hard-drive dies. Ever wonder why you go into a computer store and the only operating system they have is Windows 7? No choice... and brother, it is for a 'Patriot Act' reason.

The entire ideological reason for the Patriot act was to eviscerate the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. That was/is its real purpose, I know... and this and not just from circumstantial evidence. To make a long story short...the Germans are having none of it. They know what is going on, even if the American people don't. It took them 50 years to rebuild their nation after the Nazi disaster and do not want to repeat that mistake or be too closely associated with American Nazi-ism. Take a look at our adventure in Libya and notice that Germany is not helping out and she is the major powerhouse in the EU. Notice right after Germany decided not to join Obama's latest misadventure, Merkel was nearly killed. Look for Germany to lead a quiet revolt against US hegemony as she looks more and more to Russia for energy and China for Trade. We have little to offer German other than a swastika painted in red white and blue proudly worn by a Black man who needs to brush up on his history.

UK: Any Way You Slice It, Food Prices Are Going Up

SCOTUS Tells Fed That Americans Have A Right To Know
...you gotta open up the books Ben!

His Days May Be Numbered
GOP and Democrats together saying the same things. Obama's actions are unconstitutional and illegal. What can I say, that I did not warn that this day could come? I did, right after the elections in 2010. Obama has spent the first two years of his administration stabbing his own Party in the back and now those whom he betrayed smell blood. Simply put, he cannot rely on his own party to stave off a (remotely) possible try at articles of impeachment. There is some serious anger out there at this guy believe me and those remaining Democrats in the House... they want to keep their seats in 2012 and they cannot do it while Obama alienates the base of the Party... witness the 2010 election disaster. One member of the Congressional Back Caucus called Obama the 'best dressed Uncle Tom he'd ever seen'. Believe me, there is no love lost there. Meanwhile, Pelosi, the voice who has always stood for the US imperium, its wars, war funding and the Patriot Act in her votes when she was speaker, has been released from the Hospital in Italy. My guess is that she will do her best to stave off a revolt in the party and save President Obama from his latest National Security folly. If his attack on Libya does not bring him down (it probably won't), I think some other poorly conceptualized act he will commit in the not too distant future may do the trick. But a trial in the Senate? I don't think it would end in conviction. Ironically, the person who could swing enough votes one way or the other is John McCain whom he ran against in 2008. He and Obama see eye-to-eye on most things 'national security' and has been a firm supporter of Obama behind closed doors. McCain (who chairs the Senate Arms Services Committee) would not want to set a precedent that the President can't declare war (in direct contravention to the Constitution) all on his own. He too is from the Imperial side of the house you know... 'wars are good, wars make money for his donors... we need more wars, expensive wars and the people's wishes are of little real importance, killing poor people - especially poor Muslims, is. No... they will have to find something better if they want to evict Obama, but given this guys questionable competence, that may not take too long.

"The Worst Disaster I Have Ever Seen"

Several Democrats Raise Constitutional Objections To Obama's Attack
Impeachable? Sure ...Unconstitutional? Of course.. but since when has anyone followed the Constitution? Nobody really cares, certainly not the average American drug-sex-alcohol addict. Was it not Bush who said the Constitution was just a 'piece of paper' and look what he got away with! But having so many Democrats (Obama's own party) raise questions says a lot about their concern over this President. I think Obama is in greater political trouble than the polls and pundits tell us and this attack is a major straw on an over burdened camels back. There is deep concern over this man's competence and yes, I will say it, his mental health. Not that he isn't very smart, he is... but his narcissism is not, according to some of his own advisors, within the confines of normal behavior. Some of his cabinet officials cannot wait to head out the door. Believe me, this is not a slam against Obama, it is not a partisan attack, it is not a cheap shot, there is something amiss in this administration and those inside it or who have to deal regularly with it are starting to talk.

China: Fear Of Unrest Send Swarms Of Cops Onto Streets

Syrian Protests Spread

Outlook On Libya

Ethiopia Cracks Down On Opposition, Fearing Protests

Are You Ready For Poverty? Because The US Dollar Is In Big Trouble
I have told my readers for many years about the coming troubles and disasters. Economics is one of the major issues I have talked about. This short article (above link) shows you some of the major reasons why your lifestyle is about to come to a screeching halt. The dollars days are numbered and even our leaders are calling for an end to the dollar based Global economy. Sure, they may be able to keep the system limping along like it is now for a couple of more years, but I would not count on it, not without some pain on mainstreet. Christians (lukewarm and non-watching worldly Christians the 'many' as described by our Lord) are still in denial. They do not understand. They think the warnings here and by others who truly know Christ are to be taken as some game or guesswork. God does warn his people of impending economic disaster, like when money systems fail. Go back and see how Joseph was warned before hand about a monetary Collapse (Gen 47:15) in the book of Genesis. What happened? The money system collapsed, the cash they had wasn't any good and people could not get food. But God raised up a humble man who spent a good time in jail (falsely accused and imprisoned like so many poor Americans) to warn folks, his name was Joseph. Even today I see few, too few Christians really listening to God's real watchmen. They are still sailing down the river of d-Nile in the land of Spiritual Egypt. Christians are being burned out of their homes, rounded up and being sent to labor camps and murdered in cold blood just because they are Christians and few American Christians mark it with any seriousness. They can spout off who is in the playoffs but cannot tell you the top nations where Christians are being murdered or which nation is the Great Whore in end time prophecy. Tell them about Saudi Arabia and its persecution of the saints (it is a crime even to have a bible in Saudi Arabia) and the typical Christian will say, 'that's not true, the Saudi's are our friends'. Their minds and souls have been captured by the Beast system. The Beast's friends are their friends and don't you dare confuse them with the facts. Their minds are made up as to what the truth is... they heard it on Fox news and in their Ruppert Murdoch Version of the Bible.

Folks there is so much happening that many of you should be aware of but why should I tell you of these things? If most of you (I know there are some exceptions) are still in denial about what is happening and coming to America and what it is going to mean how are they going to believe that poverty and want are just the beginings of their troubles? They won't and don't. Such people saw the crisis of 2008 and how it missed them personally and think somehow that means God approves of them and their ways, 'God has blessed me', they say. Perhaps, but have you blessed God with your obedience to his word? Having a confortable lifestyle is not a sign of God's approval. I know of some real bona-fide Satanists who live a lot better than any christian I know. No, the fact that you still are doing OK only means that God is most gracious and is giving you more space to repent, wash your hands of your sins and put your hand to the plough (your spiritual work), as the Lord said) and get to work... and never ever look back.
Remember Lot's wife.
Look brethren, what is coming to our world is most, most serious. There has never been a worse time for the Human race than the troubles that are coming. No, nor ever shall be (Matt 24:21). But you would never know it watching they way so many Christians live. Many of them are out bar-hopping, married folks flirting around and then falling into sin, dabbling in the occult and they really think they are going to get into the kingdom! Well, I am not going to argue with them. If they don't believe Christ's words, how are they going to believe mine? But when real trouble comes and they lose their jobs are thrown out on the street and they find out the very hard way what the government will do with millions of new 'vagrants', they will cry out to the Lord. But I will be very honest with you. I think in 99 out of 100 cases, those prayers and wailings will merely bounce off the ceiling of the Homeless shelter that will be their temporary dwelling place. They had warnings, they had signs they had folks they thought were 'weird' and warn them face to face. So...

Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD: They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil. (Pro 1:24-33)

So I say, mock on dear Americans, mock on. God had prepared something special for the vast majority of you and you can find it in your bibles (Revelation 17&18 and Isaiah 47&48) for our sins have reached unto heaven and the blood of victims of American violence the world over is crying out from the ground.

I ask all of you to take a real hard look at Japan. I am no scientist and only know some rudiments about Radiation (I worked in Disaster Preparedness for a short spell when in the military). But let me just do some speculation here. What if this disaster is considerably worse than we are being told. I mean we already have radiation in the food chain and water. What if when this is all said and done, large portions of Japan cannot support life? What if more radiation seeps into the water table and Japan's water is totally contaminated for years? What are they going to drink, what are they going to use on their farms? This may be too lurid of speculation for many of you but what if Japan and much of its population will be dead in 10 years from cancer? Remember, unlike Chernobyl Japan is an island. Where could all of those people go if say 30% of it became uninhabitable? I am not saying this is going to happen because I truly do not know, but how anxious do you think authorities would be to tell the population that if it were true? So far, hard information (like those High-res pix of the plant and the actual hard-number, independently confirmed radiation readings) are not forthcoming. The Japanese and US governments clearly are hiding something and given the apparent coordination, it is pretty big. I do not want to spread panic and fear, I really do not, but what... should I not tell you that if we have one of those reactors go into Meltdown and have a steam explosion that this is not only possible, but probable? God forbid I should become a liar for the Government.

Dear readers, our world is changing rapidly and not for the better, politically, economically and spiritually we are on a high speed rail to hell with some real evil men and nut-jobs running it. Our world resembles that 'Crazy Train' song sung by Ozzy, because we are slowly going off the rails. Those wishing to get off the Hades Rail System better be ready for some bumps and bruises (trials and persecutions) but it will spare you its ultimate destination. And let me spare you a popular delusion; there is no partying in hell.. you don't shake hands with old lost friends and share old times. Rather...

And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Mat 13:42)

Brethern, it is times like these that I miss Pastor David J. Meyer.

In The Nuclear World., What Is The Meaning Of 'Safe'?

Yemen: Generals Defect To Democracy Protestors

Adm. Mullen: Libya Stalemate Possible
Meanwhile, the NeoCon's chief spokesman calls for ground troops in Libya. Our leaders are setting us up for another quagmire. Where are these troops going to come from? Does anyone care that we already have a major conflict in Afghanistan and are not completely out of Iraq... or that we have troops all throughout Africa fighting wars? Now for the thousand dollar question: Who is going to get rich? As of 2011 each tomahawk missile cost $750k and we just shot off 110 of them in the first hours of this conflict. You do the math, General Dynamics/Raytheon just made 75 Million dollars. Drone flights, smart bombs air to air missiles... somebody is going to make some serious cash. And the loss of life... does anyone really care at the Pentagon? Meanwhile, Russia and China are getting skittish on this new war
...and the American people turn the channel to Basketball playoffs. May God remember their apathy when serious trouble comes their way.

Arab League Regrets Support For Airstrikes
Like most who deal with the 'devil', they did not read the fine print. Too many civilians are being massacred by US/UK/FR airstrikes, which was not the intention of their support. It was to stop such killings.

AT&T Buys T-Mobile
Now we have a defacto GSM monopoly and even less choice than before. Lest we forget, it was AT&T that was sued over their involvement with the government and its illegal spying program.

Scathing Report Alleges Corruption and CalPers

Homelessness: Maryland Resources Not Up To Task At Hand
About 1/3 of homeless in one county are children




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