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Watson's WebAnd the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision,
 and make it plain upon tables,
that he may run that readeth it. (Hab 2:2)

But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works, Saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.
(Rom 4:5-7)


Next Week...(news follows this...)
Next week I am going to take a bit of a breather from writing and do some work on the back end of the site and work on a 'Resources' page. There will be news, but little commentary. I am scouring my massive documents holdings (accumulated over many years) and find documents that deal in Politics Economics and Christianity. The trouble I am having is that I can find many copyright free documents on politics and economics, but almost none on Christianity. Lost of data, almost all copyrighted. I find this a rather sad commentary on Christianity today. Money runs religion today, not the commandments of Christ who said, Freely ye have received, free give (Matt 10:8). Many like to reinterpret this verse to make it no effect, demanding money for God's gift, teachings, etc.

Brothers, why is their all this emphasis on money today in what poses as Christianity, but often has much darker secret origins and connections? Where are all these preacher's and teachers living, while they tell you to empty out your checking account? For the most part, these men and women are there to make money and whose real spiritual task is to obscure, hide and cast dirt upon the true, narrow path that leads to life.  This much I know, I was told not to sell anything that deals with the word of God on this site. So just when I was working to start making money here, the Lord put the brakes on it and said (paraphrasing), 'You want me as your Lord? So do you want to take over the drivers wheel in your life or do you want me to continue to drive?'. He also said that as long as I take care of his business, he will take care of mine. So that is why (for some of you who have asked) I am most hesitant to take money from any of you. I know lots of you are struggling.

My point is a simple one. If you do not see many Christian resources or only very old ones (where the copyright has expired) on the new Resources Page, that is the reason why.

Traitor: A Whistleblowers Tale
How good people are blackballed by the bad ones and how mismanagement, crime and corruption flourish behind the closed doors of 'national security'.

Occupy Wall St: Pix For April 13th

Deep Opposition To Obama At LatAm Summit
The US is becoming increasingly isolated.

How To Stop Ukraine's Drift Towards Authoritarianism

Misconduct Inquiry Hits Presidential Security Team
For the hedonists and licentious Americans out there, this may seem a little out of kilter with today's 'anything goes' morality. But it isn't. This is exactly how foreign powers get their agents. In classic set ups coupled with blackmail and threats. Are any of these guys married? When a guy has a wife who he knows will pull up on him in a minute and take him to the cleaners in a divorce settlement, it can  be a strong inducement for some individuals to 'turn' and work for the other side, let alone if the info goes to their professional superiors. So this is not a little thing and goes far beyond just personal morality.

It is a question of security. The main motivators of people turning into spies has far less to do with ideology as it does with blackmail and threats, frame ups and the likes.


Historic Challenge To Drug War Underway In Cartagena
This could be important, it will depend on if the president will begin to look seriously at our failed polices and embrace new ones that have a real change at reducing drug violence and dependency.
Super Privacy ISP In The Works
Very interesting and a good idea. This does not appear to be a red herring or a 'honey pot' as the guy who started it was very much a victim of the whole National Security Letter phenomenon and in a secret ruling got the whole system changed. at least a little, for the better. The whole cooperation between Big Government and Big Telecom's is so close that it is hard to tell where one starts and the other ends, so such an ISP is a great idea in theory.

Will this new ISP work? I will give it to you straight. No. There was once a similar privacy service that did the genuine privacy thing and you know what? Uncle Sam came in, installed all kinds of spyware on the servers and put a gag order on the owner. You can do a deep, deep search on 'honeypot and Privacy' and couple it with some of the alphabet-soup acronyms of US law enforcement and be prepared to do a lot of reading in obscure newsgroups and security blog comments ... you will get the picture. Know this; not all honeypots are run by the US. Other nations and criminal groups run them as well, some are highly sophisticated spying platforms that are there to lure, not just the casual surfer, but corporate clients who may use it to transmit sensitive information, gaining key intelligence for the real owners of the privacy service.  Sometimes they can be used for blackmail. I am in no way intimating that these guys are setting one up, they appear to be totally sincere in their desire to create a real private network and sadly that is the problem. If they were running it for the Mafia, Chinese Intelligence, the Mossad or Russian Organized Crime, they would not be bothered by US law enforcement. I am only saying that in reality, such an idea (real privacy) borders on being illegal in the Patriot Act, National Security Letter, NDAA  realities of 21st Century America.   Today, there are no privacy services (count 'em... zero) in the US that are not under some ones thumb. They have so many secret laws and secret rulings and secret surveillance techniques... there is no way Obama or Romney would let a service like the one they are trying to build survive. They would put the whole Advisory Board in a SuperMax Prison before it ever saw the light of day and never tell the masses why they are in there. It would take just one person (count them... one) who was a 'suspect' in a terror investigation to use it and the whole weight of the secret courts, the NSA, CIA, DHS, White House, FBI and God knows who else would land on their front door armed with a National Security Letter, Classified Warrants and vans full of Surveillance Gear to install... provided they decided to stay in business after they were legally gagged from telling their customers as to just what was going on.

Total Information Awareness is in full swing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The US government wants to know everything about you; Read your mail, track your websites, listen to your phone calls, track your cars movements, log all of your purchaes, record all the prescription drugs you take, log all the movies and music you listen to and own, find out what time you go to the rest room and... when the Thermal Sensors are put on those drones that are now hitting the US skies, they will know what position you use when you make love to your spouse. I am not being vulgar, that is the kinds of  data they will one day be able to gather. Perhaps they will put it all on some reality TV show so people can laugh at you, if the TV network has a special contract or 'relationship' with the NSA or DHS and the price is right.

What kind of leaders have allowed these things to come to this point?

Evil ones, who claim to be Christian, but whose every move and action show who they really serve.

My point to all of my readers is this. Your every move is more and more under scrutiny and you must be extremely careful about what you put into a searchbox. I mean it. A simple search to find out if you have any sex offenders in your neighborhood could one day flag YOU as one, just because of the search terms you use. Listen, just clicking on the wrong link in a search box at a major ISP can land you in jail. There are people in jail for that right now, I kid you not.

Privacy - there are some tricks to significantly reduce your footprint but that is not a subject I am going to get into today... I have talked about this enough already. Be smart... what may be legal today, may not be legal tomorrow (in Egypt, texting a friend during the Revolution could land you in a torture cell, but it was quite legal beforehand) and innocence is not going stop a rapacious government from hounding you into jail because you were curious about something one day and decided to look it up. I think for a very limited time, your best bet is DuckDuckgo for searches, using the Post Method and SSL (to keep ISP's and large advertising conglomerates who sit on critical nodes at the ISP level from scanning your terms in transit to the servers). How do you do that? Click here and find the one that says Post and install it in your searchbar.

Why do I say a limited time? Big Brother will find a way to get hold of those searches, especially as their traffic grows and grows (as it is now). It may be a secret court order, a legal blackmail thing where trumped up charges are leveled at them to force them to cooperate or getting to someone who works there to install somekind of spyware. They will eventually succumb, unless they really know the game and have some powerful ace's up their sleeve.

This is a dirty business... Do you want to know why one search engine survived so long? They had a 'file' on some key people and practices that were clearly illegal. If they ever had a problem in a certain direction... the world would start to hear some nasty things about certain people. This is how the game is really played and just how desparate people are to get hold of your data. They will stop at nothing, including murder.  Spying is one of the biggest growth industries in the 21st century. You know, years ago there was a great search engine in Europe that was way better than anything since. They became a target. The owners were 'convinced' to shut it down and did so, when their bank accounts were mysteriously drained and reminded "what a wonderful daughter you have, pity if somethig happened to her..."  Why am I telling you this? I will tell you. You are on an information battlefield. You can arm yourself or be like most people, unwittingly and ignorantly arm your enemies. So I say this to you in all earnestness, protect yourself because I can tell you of a certainty, no one else will.

You have to look at Big Brother and Big Corporations  like you would a serial rapist. They are without morals, are utterly cruel, unfeeling, insatiable and relentless in their search for new victims.  Once you internalize what you are really dealing with, you can better protect yourself from these digital peeping toms who have stolen our privacy and our country and begin to vote not only with in the ballot box, but also with your wallet.

I hate to sound so visceral but this surveillance state is coming right out of hell and the data will be one day misused just as surely as night follows day. Sure, some of the intentions of the surveillance are good; stopping terrorists, catching pedophiles, nabbing cyber thieves. But that does not require the kinds of data that is now being scooped up. We all know what the road to hell is paved with. More and more it looks like all of this data is going to be used to target certain groups of people, certain kinds of political views, and most assuredly certain economic classes of people who the elite will deem as 'potentially disruptive' when all hell breaks loose.  Today, they do not even need to charge you with a crime to lock you up forever in solitary where you go in quite sane and come out as nutty as a fruitcake... provided they ever do let you out.

But I am telling each and every reader now, that the Internet as we know it is under a far greater threat than you or just about anyone out there can imagine. When you read the CISPA bill and put it side by side with SOPA one comes to a startling conclusion. That the bills tactics are the same; hand over the internet to corporations (key camaping donating mega corporations) and give them the power to decide who site can be reached and whose cannot. With SOPA, it was by using DNS entries to block certain websites. This bill is more of a brute force attempt, but essentially reaches the same goal, allows the corporations to decide whose site is reachable. The goal is exactly the same... give corporations the power to decide whose site can be read and which ones cannot.

Is this SOPA resurrected? I think it is. Recently Chis Dodd gave broad hint that the the MPAA is in negotiations with Silicon Valley with Obama as the middleman. He did not give any details but said they hope to have a new bill passed by the end of the year. Is this it? I cannot say, but I would not be surprised as the MPAA would not want to be directly associated with any bill in this realm.

But Chris Dodd, I have to tell you. If you want to know why the Banksters are not in jail and why the people and MF Global can rob clients money out of their accounts while they careen towards bankruptcy and not be in jail, now you know why. Chris Dodd sat for years on the Banking Committee as Chairman and watched and helped write loopholes where placed into laws to make sure that the rich could easily steal from the poor without any legal repercussions. Sure he liked to pretend he was for the people, yet his record shows that he was really working for Wall Street. He is the guy who took a sweetheart loan from the racist Countrywide mortgage company, Said that Fannie And Freddie were not in financial trouble when they were and still are fiscal disasters. He is the guy who took a cottage from a Bear Stearns Exec who was convicted of Insider Trading, and got a Pardom from Bill Clinton after Dodd lobbied on his behalf. So clearly, this guys actions are typical of what is wrong with Washington. He was taking gifts and lobbying for groups his committee was supposed to regulate.  He is out of touch with ordinary people and makes his bed with the rich, powerful and insulated. Now he is in  bed with the Hollywood, a place with long associations with Organized Crime. Mr Dodd, who works to pardon felons, I am sure fits right in.

But this is just one of many threats looming on the Horizon. One of my insider buddies recently told me that one day soon, the internet is just going to  be too expensive. They will price it out of range for ordinary people. One of the ways that can  be done is by creating an artificial shortage of bandwidth. Listen, don't tell me that your major ISP's (Comcast, Verizon, AT&T) are 'constrained' by bandwidth. They are not. They just want to use that as an excuse to limit your traffic and then charge you for more (which they will try and do very soon) Look at Japan.

The internet speed inJapan is 61 megabits per second, or nearly 30 times faster than the U.S.’ broadband speed of 1.97 megabits per second. Communication Workers of America are now warning the U.S. to improve speed or lose big in the global economy. - Digital Journal

You see they do not see a profit in making your internet faster, they see one in making it slower and then tacking on charges for 'excessive' use. It also makes it harder for competing companies (like Netflix) to gain wide acceptance, if the speeds are slow or bandwidth is capped to prevent a lot of use. So when you see bandwidth caps becoming an issue in the years to come, it is not because there is a shortage of bandwidth, but because the big companies have created an artificial shortage to keep the internet slow, limited and very profitable for themselves, herding you onto their own services and networks that are not subject to bandwidth caps thus showing that the fears were right, they are creating 'super tiers' pricing people off the net. It is a ripoff and one that if continued will make the internet just too expensive for most people as time rolls on and new scams can be invented.

The problem with this is that millions of households are just barely hanging on financially and despite the lies you are being told, thing are going to get worse. A lot worse.  These companies are trying to draw  blood from a turnip. In this realm it is not just the Telecoms, it is Big Oil (with high gas prices), it is Big Banks (with new fees and charges), It is counties (with expensive Toll roads, designed to keep the poor off) they are all looking to squeeze a cash strapped consumer for money they just don't have. Let's just call it the 'plunder economy' because for all of this, nothing real is being created. Just new scams to bilk the ordinary Joe. Cartels and monopolies (especially state protected ones... and there are many) are allowed to rape plunder and pillage with no regulatory oversight and no regard for the harm they do to the nation or its economy.

Look, these are reasons why when you hear people talk about de-regulation and 'freeing business' you should be very afraid. In such a world gas would be $10 a gallon and anyone who tried to create an alternative fuel would find himself laden with cement and being force to take a swim. In such a world small businesses would be run out when starved of capital by massive cartels who seek to monopolize entire industries. You see this already in the Software realm One major company on 99% of PC's all with the invaluable assistance of Big Government. This is all a sign of things to come. When greed becomes that foundation for national existance, satan becomes enthroned.  Many of you who read this say... he's talking about the world again, why doesn't he just talk about Jesus? Well, let me ask you a question, why did you come to this (or a similar) site today? I will tell you, to find out what is going on. You know you are not going to find out on TV or your local paper. Now stop for a moment. Without the net, how are you going to find out anything about what is happening in the world today? Most people would not even know there was a major debt crisis in the EU were it not for the Internet. How many of you would really be able to see the signs of a rising new system were it not for a few dedicated sites? So this is not only about your pocket book but to put it bluntly, it is about your situational awareness in these very last days. I think the advent of the internet is part of a prophecy in Daniel when the Holy Messenger said to Daniel that travel and knowledge shall increase. The internet has surely added to knowledge and allowed the world to communicate in ways that no one would have thought possible 50 years ago. Prophecy is being and has been fulfilled but most nominal Christians are clueless, but the soul who really hungers for these things can find them and sincerely wants to know, especially today with the advent of the internet, can find out.

But to me,  saddest part is that as much as the Bible talks about greed, unbrideld commerce and its importance (in a negative sense) in the last days, the nominal Christian's eyes just glaze over. Do they really know just what God thinks of such a system and what he has in store for it? No, because they are in love with it and depend in it, rather than God for their direction, sustenance and reason for being. It is why the Lord says to come out that we not be partakers of her sins. What does this mean? Should we sell everything and go live in the hills? No though some will tell you that you should, though they themselves have not done it and have no intention of doing it.

The first thing you can do is turn over all of your affairs to God. Serve him, honor him and obey him. Once you do that, he is probably going to put you to the test, but if you pass, your next step will be made clear to you at the proper time. Be assured of this though whatever it is, it will require both faith and your action.  Put no faith in this system. The devil is  running it and it is destined for God's wrath. But as much as possible we can be the salt that slows its decay and save some souls out of the fire while we await our Lord's return.

WaPo Suggests Bilderberg Group Pick Romey's Running Mate
The Bilderbergs? Who is the guy who started that group? Where did it begin?  ...and America's most important paper is calling for them to pick the next VP?

Who is really running America and who is Mitt Romeny really working for?

Spain Begins Slide Into Depression
Germany is at it again. I am going to drop a big hint here. One day, you will hear the cry for 'EuroMarks'. My sources have told me  that there is evidence that they have already been printed and ready for distrubution when the world cries;  'Heil Deutchland! and sings, "Deutchland, Deutchland uber alles..."

I do not want to suggest that All Germany or even most of its elite are pushing this. This is being done with the realm of finance and banks, where no mere politician is allowed to tread, other than a select few, chosen by these banks. So this is not an anti German view I am expounding here, but against a small clique of men and women who want to bring about Hitlers vision of a united Europe under German authority without war... and yes, I hate to say it, but also without Jews.

Palm Scanners To Be Used In Place Of ATM Cards

Germany Come To Terms With Nazi Past
On many levels many Germans want to deal with the past as honestly as possible.

Pakistan: In Three Years, Food Prices Rise 81%
All of these rising food prices, famines and wars. Earthquakes... they had one in Mexico City yesterday. All of these wars and this debt crisis and a  "distress of nations, with perplexity". We are surely in the very last days.

Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

China And Philippines In Naval Standoff
China's belligerence in the region is one day going to spark a hot war.


8.6 Quake Hits Off Indonesian Coast

China: Inflation Rises As Food Prices Skyrocket
While still not 'raging', it is a big issue facing China's policy makers. Food prices in particular can be seen by the people as a symbol of the out of touch nature of the reformist camps policies. I noted the shock disappointment and dismay felt in Bo's Chonqing by the people, who wanted to cut out the graft and corruption. Meanwhile the CCP is touting the official lie, attempting to bolster popular support for its actions.  The two (inflation and corruption) may or may not be related in a macroeconomic sense, but try explaining that to someone who is having a hard time feeding his family, while he watches anyone who tries to root out crime being sacked and arrested by the Politburo is going to be a hard sell.  Vegetable prices up over 20% YoY? Sound to me like a pretty serious reason for popular discontent... while the leaders fight over their protected organized crime gangs, the people are being squeezed.

We are not there yet. But should the power struggle in the politburo continue on and become a major distraction from the affairs of state, or we begin to see more 'duality' and contradictions in decision making, issues like inflation could  become flash points for popular discontent.

Syrial Killers
The events in Syria justify much more space than  I can give it now. But the level of violence is extreme as the regime shells whole neighborhoods and sections of towns to intense shelling. You can head over to YouTube and search Syria Violence or sometimes using an Arabic Translation of phrases (  سوريا عنف )  gets you to some lesser known video's. The evil's of this regime are extreme. While in the run up to the War in Kuwait (back int he 1990's) we heard stories (later proven to be lies to entice the US to War) about 'atrocities', the evidence now coming out of Syria clearly show that the Assad regime is actually doing those kinds of things and far worse. Indeed, there has been some very evidence of atrocities committed recently by Assad's forces, with troops heading into Maternity wards and literally blowing the brains out of newborns. This is not rumor, there is hard evidence. Mass rapes followed  by mass executions. Welcome to Syria.  Because the International Community is not likely to intervene and the President is certainly not going to do it, at least not until after November. The regime knows that they can get away with just about anything. The sad part is, they are probably right. Its tactics have been utterly reprehensible.

But here is the major problem as it stands today. While radical Islamists are being firmly asked to leave their current homes in places like Pakistan and Iraq, they are looking for a new home. Where do you think that home is? They are looking to Syria and to give support to the 'opposition'. Frankly, I would look to Saudi Arabia to begin to write checks to fund some of these radicals (many are AQ) to oust the Syrian Regime whose ties to Iran  have long troubled the Saudi's. Who else has a vested interest in funding the opposition? The Turk's. They have already had some of the violence spill over into Turkey and cannot be pleased with the turn of events. Each cannot allow AQ affiliated elements become firmly intertwined with the Syrian opposition. This would create serious problems for nations like Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon for years, probably decades to come. Thus, some decisions are going to have to  be made in Ankara, Beirut, Baghdad and Riyadh (the major regional power). What kind of decisions will be made is of course outside of my limited purview,  but we can be sure that sooner or later, regional powers will have to decide to get in at the ground floor of the opposition movements or wait until AQ sinks its hooks into them too deeply to dislodge.

Stay tuned... The ICG just released a good report on Syria here. (full disclosure copyright notice here.)

Lawsuit: Monsanto Accused Of Deliberately Poisoning Workers
Who is Monsanto and how hooked into Nazi-ism is it was it? More here. Did not the Nazi's use people as guinea pigs? Poke around the news and see just how may 'accidentally on purpose' tragedies like this one happen in our world and the companies whose names always seem to pop up. Track back their roots and 9 times out of 10, you are going to find a closet full of swastikas.

The Undead: Total Information Awareness
Quietly continued though officially disbanded.

Bo Xilai Stripped Of All Posts, Wife Accused Murder
The power struggle continues. How is this all going to go down with ordinary Chinese? I think like a brown biological lump in a punchbowl...

His wife is accused of killing Neil Heywood, a UK citizen who may very well have had ties to British Intelligence, fell out with Bo died suddenly and whose body was quickly cremated without any examination.

Bo's days are numbered. He may have an 'accident' in prison or a 'heart attack' due to 'stress', but I don't think he is going to be with us much longer.

Kubuntu Gets Funding From Shadowy Company
Who is 'Blue Systems? No one knows. Go to their site and there is no info. Do a who is on their domain and you get goose eggs. Who is 'Blue Systems'?

 For 'Open Source' software, they sure are being closed about who is  paying the bills.

I'm Worried...
Disaster scenario's that never play out again? When was the last time you looked at Greece?

Brazil's Leader Hits US On Money Printing
You can find more on just what the BRIC nations think a bout our and the EU's money printing here. Dear readers, when you hear Quantitative Easing (QE) or this new Fed Terminology that pretends to focus in the recovery, know that it is just a new and more sophisticated way of printing money to keep the US Government open and the banks awash in funny money, which they turn around and speculate in derivatives.

Many of my readers wonder why I can be so pessimistic about the chances for a real recovery. It is the global debt load and western governments desire to expand that debt with more QE in their respective nations. Slice it anyway you want. We cannot 'grow' our way of of debt as some Presidential candidates are suggesting with deregulation of large Corporations in the hopes they will start hiring. They won't, at least not in the US, despite what they promise. The problems are gargantuan and all effective solutions will never be implemented by either party. Each will only continue to drive the train over the debt cliff. What kind of America will we see? I think Lew Rockewell Summed it up nicely. I have always  said that if you want to know the future study the past. America wants to jettison its Christian heritage? They want to go back to the past?
Well, study it and see if that is really where you want to go. We are well on our way. Food for thought because the Hunger Games predicts a future that our elite are planning and are no longer hiding.

Want a neat little description of what QE is? Click here.

UK: More Quantitative Easing (Printing) Could Hit Recovery
The UK too is printing money like there is no tomorrow. They are being warned of the serious effects if they continue.

Bernanke Seeks Curbs On 'Shadow Banking'

Iran Strikes Back Against Sactions, Cuts Off Spain
Iran is hitting Spain just as she is reeling from the economic crisis. Greece has already been cut off. Where are they  going to offset the loss? What if Germany and Italy are next, as threatened. Where are they going to get the oil. The only plae that has it is the Saudi's and they are exporting greater and greater amounts of their oil to China. But appear to be moving to fill in the gaps, bring down prices and prevent a crisis. now you know why we have thrown the Bahraini people to the dogs and fought democracy there at every turn. My guess is that they got a call of a certain Black man in America and told them to start pumping out the oil or Saudi Miliatary operations in Bahrain will cease and American operations in Yemen (which threaten the Saudi's) will be dramatically scaled back. So I look for more of these in the days to come...

...as long as the oil flows.

But Iran cannot win the sanction game, Not really. This is their only real source of revenue. So what will probably be a minor inconvenience in Europe will have very serious consequences inside Iran.

Lawsuits Charge TBN With Illegal Financial Practices
This does not appear to be a frivolous suit, but one initiated by the former Chief Financial Officer and granddaughter to Paul And Jan Crouch.The allegations are pretty startling and far reaching. It is a sad story and one that shows why large sums of money and Christianity just do not mix well at all, despite what some rich pastors will tell you.

Lobbying In America: Extortion or Bribery?
If you really, I mean REALLY want to know why America is heading into the toilet and our debt are heading past the moon and are on their way to Mars, then read this, click on the links and find out. Not one of the major candidates are talking about it because they are taking millions of dollars from these lobbyists.

It is why no matter who you vote for nothing will or even can change.  You can listen to a great audio on this here. I highly recommend it.

For the congregation of hypocrites shall be desolate, and fire shall consume the tabernacles of bribery. They conceive mischief, and bring forth vanity, and their belly prepareth deceit.
(Job 15:34-35)

For I know your manifold transgressions and your mighty sins: they afflict the just, they take a bribe, and they turn aside the poor in the gate from their right.
(Amo 5:12)

A wicked man taketh a gift out of the bosom to pervert the ways of judgment.
(Pro 17:23)

Bribery is condemned in Scripture, according the the ISBE (1915 is Version Public Domain):
brīb´ẽr-i (שׁחד, shōḥadh, “a gift,” in a corrupt sense, “a bribe”): The Hebrew law condemns everything that would tend to impair the impartial administration of justice, particularly the giving and receiving of gifts or bribes, in order to pervert judgment (Exo_23:8). Allusions are frequent to the prevailing corruption of oriental judges and rulers. “And fire shall consume the tents of bribery” (Job_15:34; 1Sa_8:3; Psa_26:10; Isa_1:23; Isa_33:15; Eze_22:12). Samuel speaks of a “ransom” in the sense of a bribe: “Of whose hand have I taken a ransom (כּפר, kōpher, “covering,” the King James Version “bribe”) to blind mine eyes therewith?” (1Sa_12:3; Amo_5:12; compare Amo_2:6).

America's SuperMax Prisons
Permanent Solitary Confinement and all human contact is strictly limited.  You go in sane but come out as mad as a hatter.

Now, I want all of you to keep this in mind. They are sending 'suspects' here. No convictions, no trial. Just a 'suspect'. Are you a 'Christian Terrorist'?  Do you deny it? You are falling into a typical pattern of terrorism suspects, Denial, they all do it. Therefore, you must be a terrorist. Think you can prove your innocence? Did they not tell you that you do not get a lawyer or a trial? President Obama Signed the bill into law.

Americans will not wake up to the Nazi-ism staring them in the face until they sit in one of these cells. My dear readers, these things are not being done by satan to target Muslims. They are not the primary targets of the devils hatred. They are the test cases. Christians are the real target. Why cannot Christians believe this? They do not really believe that we are in a spiritual war.

They will soon be casualties on both temporal and spiritual levels because they did not, do not  and will not believe God. When the devil is up to mischief, you can  be assured that he has we Christians foremost on his mind.

Islamic Militants Kill 20 Christians On Easter

Christians In Turkey Feel The Hate

Former SS Officer Cites Anti-Israeli Poem On German TV
Gunter Grass, a former SS officer under The Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler (a fact he hid for years), gets to stand up and cite a poem full of lies, saying that Israel is going to wipe Iran off the map, when it has been Iran who for years publicly stated that they were going to do just tha to the Jews, simply because they were Jews. t. So why are all of these 'former' (so they say) Nazi's who always have some kind of anti-semitic flare to them are coming out of the woodwork these days? The long and short of it is, all the things that the Nazi's did, these guys are pushing in their own little deceptive way. They are using different methodologies, but the goals are identical. Grass uses his Nobel Prize for 'Moral Authority' while Joseph Ratzinger uses the Church to reinstate rabid anti-semitic Church leaders into the Church.

I find the number disturbingly high of Anti-Semites and Nazi's on the Nobel Prize list. People who you would never have thought were Nazi's. How about that Chinese guy in jail recently awarded a prize. Of all the ones in Jail for crossing swords with the Government, they choose this guy, Or the Austrian Scientist who won a Nobel Prize and his Nazi views. Ask yourself how an anti-semitic terrorist like Yassir Arafat can get a Nobel 'Peace' prize?

More Here. Holocaust denial in Germany, rising Neo-Nazi's.... these are not coincidences.

Why Does God Require Faith?

For Christians living in the end times, I can testify and God is my witness, if you do not have faith, rock solid faith, you are not likely to spiritually survive the coming demonic onslaught coming to planet earth. Faith is the link between we Christians and the God we serve. You cannot serve him or please him without it. What is faith? The author of Hebrews tells us.

Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen. For therein the elders had witness borne to them. By faith we understand that the worlds have been framed by the word of God, so that what is seen hath not been made out of things which appear. By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, through which he had witness borne to him that he was righteous, God bearing witness in respect of his gifts: and through it he being dead yet speaketh. By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and he was not found, because God translated him: for he hath had witness borne to him that before his translation he had been well-pleasing unto God: And without faith it is impossible to be well-pleasing unto him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that seek after him.
(Heb 11:1-6)
This article continues here.

SOPA Meets The NSA
Congress is considering legislation that would give companies a free pass to monitor and collect communications, including huge amounts of personal data like your text messages and emails, and share that data with the government and anyone else. All a company has to do is claim its privacy violations were for "cybersecurity purposes." Tell Congress that they can’t use vaguely-defined "cybersecurity threats" as a shortcut to bypassing the law.

H.R. 3523, also known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011, would let companies spy on users and share private information with the federal government and other companies with near-total immunity from civil and criminal liability. It effectively creates a "cybersecurity" exemption to all existing laws...

...Worst of all, the stated definition of "cybersecurity" is so broad, it leaves the door open to censor any speech that a company believes would "degrade the network." The bill specifically mentions that cybersecurity can include protecting against the "theft or misappropriation of private or government information" including "intellectual property." Such sweeping language would give companies and the government new powers to monitor and censor communications for copyright infringement . It could also be a powerful weapon to use against whistleblower websites like WikiLeaks. - EFF

Looks to me like the MPAA and certain democrats are going to use specious cries of 'national security' to get SOPA passed, without ever mentioning the word' copyright'. Keep in mind that the President went and hob-nobbed with Hollywood's moguls right after SOPA failed and it looks to me like they hatched a plan. I can just hear some of those at the meet now...."How about if we market this thing as a cybersecurity bill, that way most folks will never figure out how we really intend on using it?

There are almost no restrictions on what can be collected and how it can be used, provided a company can claim it was motivated by "cybersecurity purposes." That means a company like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or AT&T could intercept your emails and text messages, send copies to one another and to the government, and modify those communications or prevent them from reaching their destination if it fits into their plan to stop cybersecurity threats. - EFF

Listen dear readers. There are some very powerful people out there who want to steal the internet for Corporate America and keep real debate from ever happening in our world over the key issues of the day. This bill provides the legal framework for just that. They could stop you from coming to Google, or Facebook or Watson's Web. AT&T may not like something I wrote, pass it on to other ISP's and then just start blocking the (or any) site for 'classified' (we will never reveal the real ) reasons.  They could take all of your email at GMAIL with no warrant and share it with your employer or bank.

Mark this: The forces who support this bill and have successfully lobbied to get it written do not like the internet and how it has transformed society and made people more suspicious of governments with the sunlight that the net has brought on rampant government corruption and the criminal actions being conducted because of the marriage of the state with Major US corporations and NON US banks with the US government.  They seek to end those days with censorship. This is in essense Big Business and big government working against the people advertised as 'cybersecurity'. It may go under the guise of 'copyright enforcement' or 'cybersecurity' but opens the door to a broad range of censorship that very powerful forces want to bring to the internet, especially in the US, UK, and EU. Keep in mind that the key foundation of both SOPA and this new bill are that Corporations become the gatekeepers and can unilaterally determine whose site gets to stay up and whose they will take down. The only difference between SOPA and this bill is the 'pretext' for codifying idea into law. Up until now they have meet with strong resistance. But the best resistance is to find out who is pushing these bills and call them out for what they are. So here are the NAMES of those sponsoring this bill.

Mr.  ROGERS  of  Michigan  (for  himself,  Mr.  RUPPERSBERGER,  Mr.  KING  of New  York,  Mr.  UPTON,  Mrs.  MYRICK,  Mr.  LANGEVIN,  Mr.  CONAWAY, Mr.  MILLER  of  Florida,  Mr.  BOREN,  Mr.  LOBIONDO,  Mr.  CHANDLER, Mr.  NUNES,  Mr.  GUTIERREZ,  Mr.  WESTMORELAND,  Mrs.  BACHMANN, Mr.  ROONEY,  Mr.  HECK,  Mr.  DICKS,  Mr.  MCCAUL,  Mr.  WALDEN,  Mr. CALVERT,  Mr.  SHIMKUS,  Mr.  TERRY,  Mr.  BURGESS,  Mr.  GINGREY  of Georgia,  Mr.  THOMPSON  of  California,  Mr.  KINZINGER  of  Illinois,  Mr.
AMODEI,  and  Mr.  POMPEO)  introduced  the  following  bill;  which  was  referred to the Select Committee on Intelligence (Permanent Select)  - HR 3523

Do you want change? Vote these members out in November. Yet, what I do not want to say is that our nation does not need to have a vibrant cybersecurity capability because it does.  But this bill is a censorship bill disguised as a cybersecurity bill, so broadly worded that they could share data just about anything and share just about any data with just about anyone or kick just about anyone off the net for just about any reason and say the reasons for it are 'classified'.

These days classifications are there not so much to protect the national security but to

1) Hide pervasive incompetence and corruption in the National Security Bureaucracy
2) Secretly use the power of the government to widdle away the rights of Americans
3) (this is key) Manage, manipulate and mold public opinion by withholding key information from the public (propaganda) on key issues facing the nation and world.

There is no reason why half of the stuff 'inside the machine' is classified other than to keep vital and important info out of the hands of the people. Folks, we are paying billions of dollars for this information. We have a right to demand a significantly greater amount of openness than we have heretofore seen. I am not talking about sensitive sources and methods which do need to be carefully protected, but observations and conclusions that should be placed into the public sphere. The problem is the 'I gotta secret' mentality that permeates America's national security establishment. Their behavior is akin to a precocious 5 year old; they run around in a childish sing-song voice 'I got a secret nana naw-na-nana' and refuse to share the data not only from the people, but often from agencies inside the government who may need it. Granted, there was a lot of information sharing after 911, but after Wikileaks, the intel community is going back to the days where the info you need is no longer available to the intelligence consumer, just to those key political appointees who can only get into those positions by virtue of their pocketbook. They are paying for one reason only, to use the national security bureaucracy for personal profit. Steer wars to make money (Iraq, Oil) Get billions on special classified contracts, Sell key weapons systems to buyers with deep pockets. which is easy to do if you are hooked into the Defense Diplomatic gravy train. Who is the Ambassador there?

Prior to his appointment, Ambassador Smith had served in a variety of executive positions with Raytheon Company involving corporate strategic planning, aircraft manufacturing, and international business development. - Wikipedia

We can do much better about these things. But when the government wants to hide its real intentions and goings on, it just claims 'national security' and hides it from the people. That is why you can never really beleive the Governments cries of National Security, especially in this censorship bill.

When the Government wants crime to flourish and backroom deals to be the order of the day, they just cry 'National Security', steal all the money and sign Joe Sixpac's name to the check and laugh at him all the way to the Bank in the Cayman Islands.

America Is Slowly Kicking The Oil Habit
Over the last six years, net oil imports have fallen by 33% to average 8.4 million barrels per day (Mb/d) in 2011. This represents 45% of domestic consumption, down from 60% in 2005. Oil is a critical resource for the U.S. economy, but despite policy makers’ longstanding concern, U.S. oil imports had generally increased for decades until peaking in 2005. Since then, the economic downturn and higher oil prices were a drag on oil consumption, while price-driven private investment and policy helped increase domestic supply of oil and oil alternatives. Net imports are gross imports minus exports. The decline in net imports has manifested itself as a decrease in gross imports and an increase in exports of petroleum products. 

Gross U.S. imports of crude oil and petroleum products averaged 11.4 Mb/d in 2011, down 17% since 2005. More than a third of gross imports came from Canada and Mexico in 2011. About 40% came from members of the Organization for the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), mostly from OPEC members outside the Persian Gulf. Regionally, the largest share of U.S. imports come into the Gulf Coast region, which holds about half of U.S. refining capacity and sends petroleum products to other parts of the country and abroad. All regions of the country import more crude than refined products except for the East Coast, where petroleum products imports may rise further due to refinery closures.  - CRS

This is going to be a major issue on a number of levels, even if the issue never  gets into the MSM or political debate for the elections.

China Moves Into The Caribbean

Entrapment: Some 'Terrorism' Suspects Should Be Pardoned
An excellent piece on just what is really going on in the War on Terror and why we must not let our Federal Officials off the hook for creating terrorists with millions of dollars of dangerous 'surveillance'  techniques. The targets were often teenagers.  Please read this, I think you will thing twice about how we are going about our war on terror.

Recently there was a case where person who was an undocumented immigrant (for over a decade!) was lured  into an alleged terror plot by the an FBI informant. They guy never had any 'terrorist' thoughts until the FBI showed up and spurred him along. You have to ask yourself the question; who are the terrorist plotters... really?  Is this a question where the FBI plots and gets some unsusting youth to comply, just to grab some headlines to show how 'vigilant' they are?

My question is, aren't there enough real terrorists out there to go and nab? Why are they entrapping people? The simple solution to the Feb 2012 alleged plot was to deport the guy as soon as they discovered he was here illegally. But that just makes too much sense. So they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of FBI money creating a set up to get him to commit an act he would not have ordinarily done without the FBI providing all of the necessary materials.  Did you know that the first World Trade Center bombing of 1993 which killed 6 people was an FBI sting operation?

The massive budgets in Law Enforcement these days are justified by the War on Terror.  They need to have 'results'. If you cannot get results and find terrorists, you 'create' them and by doing so, keep your budgets high.

Enhanced Torture Techniques Were Practiced On Christ
Some of us pause on Good Friday to mark the torture and death of a high-value detainee rendered, extraordinarily, to Roman occupiers.

Although the charges against Jesus of Nazareth were trumped up, the Romans decided to err on the safe side by going to the "dark side." They applied enhanced torture techniques with the ultimate hanging. - Antiwar

Jesus said, 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. The devil says, 'do unto others before they do unto you'. Like the Pharisees of Christ's day, the Apostate Church of today too often sides, not with the victims of torture, but with the torturers Like the hue and cry of the demonically charged mob some 2000 years ago when they cried out for the death of the redeemer...

Crucify him!!

'What has he done' says the modern day Pilate?

 The mob replies regarding the fate of the tortured....'It's what we think he was thinking about doing that scares us...'

Crucify him!

Today they torture the Muslims. Tomorrow, it will be Christians.

Armed Neo-Nazi's Patrol Streets Of Florida
From a great nation who fought the Nazi's to a nation who now mimics them in more ways than one.

Drone Wars Set To Increase 400% By 2016
Put your money in the kitty and you too can be millions of dollars in new contracts.

Courts Struggle With Deciding If Civilians Can Be Tried By Military
Can they? Well, they already are. The only kind of nations that allow this kind of thing are military dictatorships of the fascist variety.The CRS has a paper on this done in February of this year. It can be found here. The answer is simple. If a person is a military contractor in a sensitive post, ask them to sign a waiver that allows them to be tried in such a court in very limited circumstances. But that would make too much sense and undermine the real reason these trends are in place; to transform America into that facsicst state where the military has the final say over the legislative process (via illegal spying and possible blackmail on Congress), the courts  and the people.

China's Struggle
 (My 2 Cents...)
So what is going on in China these days. There is very little information that has come out about the very serious power struggle going on inside China today. The Free market 'Reformers' appear to have the upper hand right now. The primary fault line right now is if the future is going to continue on the 'Free-market' path or morph into a capitalist oligarchy. The lightning rod right now is corruption, which is at very serious epidemic levels in China. Pro-Maoist websites are being shuttered for alleged criticism of the Communist party, demonstrating that for now at least, the organs of the party are in control of the capitalist 'reformers'. But that control, in my estimation is tenuous at best. First off, the the Maoist faction appears to have significant support in the military and this can only send jitters down the spine of the Capitalist whose have amassed great fortures and allowed others to do so, often via corrupt and illegal means. For lack of a better word we will used Oganized Crime to describe these entities. Like any organized crime racket, they have purchsed 'protection' and that protection includes key leaders inside not just state and city level bureaucracies but also at the Politburo level, though corruption there often takes other forms. What other forms? How about significant skimming of Central Bank money transfers for starters. Yes, I did say Central Bank.

I certainly do not want to lay all of the blame for corruption on the reformers. Corruption was well entrenched in Chinese society during the Mao era, and long, long before. But corruption has grown by leaps and bound in China, not least of which is because of the strict hierarchical and centralized form of government that exists and was necessary to bring about the significant modernization that has taken place in China.

The  communist  leaders,  including  Mao  Zedong,  had  noticed  the  increasing  danger  of bureaucratic misconduct and corrupt behaviors and mandated a plain lifestyle for all party cadres and government officials. Strict rules were introduced. In addition, various mass movements were constantly mounted and succeeded in intimidating  wrong-doers.  In  Maoist  China,  therefore, corruption  was  restrained. The  forms  of  corruption  in this  period  generally  fell  into  the  following  categories.  First  was  the  advancement  of  personal  interests resulting in an improved lifestyle for the corrupt official and his family.

Second  were  privileges  for  exchanging  loyalty  and  substantial  contributions  from  those  who  were  in  a patron-client relationship. Easy access to the so-called “back door” was the main specific right for the party cadres and government officials, especially for the senior cadres. The interests the corrupt cadres and officials gained were mainly commercial goods, sometimes including sexual favors.   
Journal Of International Business Ethics

Thus, when we saw Bo Xilai's anti-corruption efforts begin to bear fruit, it was no surprise that sooner or later, he would step on someones powerful toes (and illegal cash cows) and those forces would work to bring Bo down. Bo's real crime was his determination to deal with corruption and to remind China of her Maoist past. This was too much for the Capitalist 'reformers'. Bo had to go, if for no other reason than to keep other rackets from falling prey to his sweeping anti-corruption efforts. Clearly the removal of Wang, who was spearheading corruption investigations and was the first to fall, demonstrates where the real problems lie.

Bo's tenure in Chongqing was dominated by a protracted war against the city's organized crime scene. Since June 2009, some 2,000 people were detained in a sweeping campaign against gangsters in the city. In marked departure from other anti-mafia campaigns in China, Bo cracked down on the government officials who served as political back-up to gangsters, not just the gangsters themselves – some of the detained were officials in Bo's own administration, others were from the city's police force.] Wen Qiang (文强), one of the most prominent figures implicated in the trials, had been at the top echelons of municipal power since the days of party secretaries He Guoqiang and Wang Yang. Reports from the Jamestown Foundation suggest that the such a large-scale crackdown was given 'go-ahead' from central authorities and President Hu Jintao, and Bo has been careful to not make the case look as though Chongqing is trying to 'set an example' for the rest of the country so he could benefit from the success politically.

Bo's anti-crime measures were criticized for neglecting due process and for the alleged use of torture to extract confessions, but Bo's apparent willingness to combat crime in a city often seen as center for organized crime earned him national recognition and widespread popularity in Chongqing. The apparent success of Bo's campaign has led to Bo's 'rock star status', and have resulted in calls for an anti-crime campaign nationwide based on Bo's experiences in Chongqing. Lawyers in Chongqing became afraid to defend those accused of crimes after one lawyer, Li Zhuang, was sentenced to eighteen months in jail for perjury after representing a gang leader who testified that he was tortured by police. Some observers in Beijing have interpreted Bo's anti-mafia campaign as an insult to Bo's predecessor in Chongqing, Wang Yang, who can now be criticized for his tolerance towards organized crime.In order to reform the local police service, whose police chief was arrested for mafia connections, Bo brought in a police chief that he had employed as governor of Liaoning, Wang Lijun. The appointment of a police chief seen as a Bo loyalist led to rumors that Bo was intent on importing more of his old colleagues from Liaoning to run Chongqing. - Wikipedia

Bo's crackdown, as I said, clearly hit some nerves that required a strong reaction from the Central government who used this as an excuse to undermine the Princeling faction from amalgamating to power in the upcoming 18th Party Congress which will happen shortly. The sides are lining up in what appear to be politically motivated show trials against corruption which went on under this or that particular Politburo member. The case of Lai Changxing is noteworthy, who was allegedly running a smuggling ring in Fujian. Who once were key figures in this province? Jia Qingllin and the new heir apparent to the Chinese leadership, Xi Jinping a princeling who may be the real target of much of the discord inside China.

Analysts have speculated that Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao were keeping Lai Changxing in reserve, as a way of restraining Jia Qinglin, a stalwart of former regime leader Jiang Zemin. As the alleged head of a massive criminal operation that flourished under the noses of Party bosses, Lai would be expected to know much that those leaders would prefer undisclosed. - The Epoch Times

But without getting too deeply into the machinations of Internal Chinese Political machinations, what does this really mean? How will this all shake out? There is no easy answer to this but it is interesting to note that while China does have a strong central government which is  very hierarchical in nature and now there are clearly some very serious fractures within Chinese leadership. Local Chinese reporting shows that there are are times when local Crime Lords (not unlike the old War Lords) have been placed under Federal investigation  and the Federal officers are killed, with no Federal response. Clearly incidents like this demonstrate the very real potential for significant fragmentation of the state should the leadership crisis and political fracturing continue for a significant period of time. Some of these little fiefdoms are in effect 'autonomous' and are not interfered with by the Central government. One thing that appears to be becoming clearer is that if you have enough political protection, you were safe from prosecution.

That appears to be changing as now one of the weapons being used by these factions against each other is corruption trials. Can things get worse? Yes, they can. They can get much worse, but it is not clear that they will. But when the Chinese government issues a warning to the Military, you know that there is deep concern. We must also keep in mind that the princelings also have a lot of support in the military, many of whom have called for more social reforms inside China in open letters says a great deal about just how deep the fault lines are and just how serious this could turn out to be. The Princelings still have support inside the military, but it is unclear how much of it has been undercut with trends towards professionalization.

Can this go so far as  civil war? Probably not, but the problem as I see is is that neither side can really afford to back down. Those leaders like Bo were correct in making serious efforts at rooting out corruption. But real reform must go further, no matter what banner it goes under.  China's economy is at a serious crossroads and calls for reform are being made in interesting quarters, including Bank Reform. Discontent in China is running high, and will only run higher as China's economy cools and unemployment rises, real estate prices tumble and banks start to fail. This could lead to more unrest than we have seen and cause China's leadership problems. This is why the calls for reform and so loud and constant. China's leaders know that without genuine reform keeping 1.3 billion people in check is probably just not going to be possible.

A look at 2007's up and coming Princelings
Princelings 2007

Mercedes Can 'Update' Your Care Remotely
Makes you wonder what else they can do remotely to your car. There are a lot of secret capabilities in the wireless networks to turn stuff on, turn stuff off. Will they one day even brick hardware that the powers that be do not like.

The Big Brother Chip

Murder, Mayhem And Antidepressants
Many of todays seeming insane and violent tragedies can be traced to prescribed anti-depressants; mind, mood altering drugs that millions of Americans are taking.

God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; Neither is worshipped with men's hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us:
(Act 17:24-27)

US Worried About Sudanese Clashes

There is a lot going on in Sudan (North and South these days). The above UPI link just describes the fighting gong on between North And South Sudan. But other issues are deeply effecting the Christian community.

Firstly, the (north) Sudanese Government has set 8th April as the deadline for those of South Sudanese origin to leave Sudan following the secession of South Sudan in July 2011. Many South Sudanese are Christian. South Sudan gives a right to citizenship to all individuals with at least one great-grandparent born in the South. However, the Sudanese government is treating all those in Sudan to whom this applies as having de-facto citizenship of South Sudan, and is therefore denying them the option of acquiring citizenship in Sudan. The Sudanese government had considered providing consular facilities in South Sudan to enable South Sudanese to apply for residency in Sudan, but has not yet done so.

There are reports that some leaving to South Sudan have effectively been restricted to only taking minimal possessions with them because the Sudanese government has blocked barge traffic on the River Nile.

Some understand that the deadline (8th April) for South Sudanese to leave Sudan may be postponed, but this has not yet been confirmed. - ME Concern

The link goes on to describe the difficulty Sudanese Christians are having getting identity documents.

Then there is the conflict in South Kordofan. What are the issues? There are many, but frankly I think this one administrative chief summed it up pretty well.

... nothing comes from Khartoum anymore, no pay, no gasoline, no medicine, nothing. And yet Barnabas wouldn't return to the old days. "They faked the election," he says. "They know all the things they can get from the Nuba Mountains: oil, gold, charcoal. And they knew they would lose all of that if they lost the election."

What does Barnabas see as a solution? "We belong to the South," he says. "The North wants to Islamize us. It will never work out with them." - Der Spiegel

"Why isn't the world helping us?", asks Barnabas in the Spiegel Article. A very good question. Will This be the next Darfur?, asks the Guardian? The Sudan Tribune has a story here that may be of use. They have a lot of stories on the activity here from independent journalists and bloggers. A very brief backgrounder can  be found here.  The situation is pretty dire as many refugees do not have enough food and water. I think though, one of the saddest chapters of very recent history of Southern Sudan is the tribal conflicts that have take place within the South that have many questioning its stability and ability to survive as a viable state. But the situation is dire and tension is running high; so high that some have said a Rwanda scale genocide is on the way as some see mass killings as the only way to 'peace'.

Well, then there are friends from the east who have managed to get into the fray. Why? Lots and lots of oil and most of it is destined for China's oil hungry economy.

In the wake of Sudan’s partition, Beijing has accelerated a re-orientation of its engagement in the resulting two states,most significantly through a new courtship in Juba. China’s historical support for Khartoum left a sour legacy in the South, but the potential for mutual economic benefit means a new chapter in bilateral relations is now being written.

Balancing new friends in Juba with old friends in Khartoum, however, has proven a delicate dance. China has been drawn into a high-stakes oil crisis between the two, the consequences of which may temper an otherwise rapidly expanding relationship with Juba. A sustainable solution to the crisis cannot be achieved in isolation; North-South stability, mutual economic viability and the security of Chinese interests will also depend on answers to other unresolved political and security issues, including in Sudan’smarginalised peripheries. The future of Beijing’s dual engagement, and the kind of relationship that emerges in theSouth, will depend in part on how the oil standoff – and this broader reform agenda – are confronted.

As South Sudan prepared for its 2011 self-determinationreferendum, China recognised the increasing inevitabilityof independence. Eager to maintain stable relationships and the continuity of its oil investments – now situated primarily in the South – its stance evolved to reflect changing po litical realities. Beijing is keen to preserve and expand its footprint in South Sudan’s oil sector, but Chinese companies are also flocking to other sectors, above all to build infrastructure in a country that has almost none.

Well the ME-Concern asks that we pray along these lines.

Sudanese Christians request our prayers that:

a.  Christians of South Sudanese origin will know the Spirit's guiding wisdom at this time
b.  The authorities will provide clarity about what is required, and provide sufficient administrative capacity
c.  All people will be treated equally in the issuing of identity documents
d.  There will be an end to violence in areas close to the Sudan-South Sudan border
e.  All officials involved will love mercy, act justly, learn about Jesus and choose to follow Him.
- ME Concern

MIT Predicts Global Economic Collapse By 2030
Actually it is a look back at a study done in 1972 that looks to be coming true.

Cutting The Cable Becoming Popular

Hate Attack In Jackson Targets Christians

Panettta Blasts Looming Cuts To War Budget
A scathing, almost threatening speech given by Mr. Panetta targeting not Iran, but Congress for trying to get control of a far bigger National Security threat than Iran and Syria put together. That being our National Debt. The sad part is that most of the cuts we have heard talked about  are not real ones. They do not really cut spending, they just cut the rate of growth in defense spending.

Frankly, the best thing that can happen to America is to cut its military so that it can become a true 'Defense' department and not a 'Military Aggression' department and pig trough for campaign donating defense contractors. We are careening towards a fiscal disaster so bad that we will not have the money to spend on Defense even if all Branches of government support it 100%. You cannot have a viable defense department without the real money to pay for it. Panetta is just lobbying for a bloated, wasteful and yes corrupt defense establishment that the nation can no longer afford. We cannot afford leaders at the DOD whose interests are too narrow to do the nation any good. Military 'überalles' is not a viable strategy for America's future, but it will sure keep the contractors and the Generals who have made a permanent revolving door between themselves and this cashcow a viable way to make money when they retire. The door is still WIDE open and Panetta would rather lambaste and accuse Congress than fix the rot in his own department and going on right under his nose.

On that note, a military buddy of mine recommended this book and said, "forget about the fact that Rachel is gay and flaming liberal, this book is very, very good, eyeopening and is really making the rounds inside the DOD". I have not read it but know the impeccable credentials of those who have and who highly recommend it.

Banks: No Respect For Minorities

Foreclosure Crisis Rears Its Ugly Head Again

How To Protect War Criminals
Seems like I remember a Presidential candidate promising to hold those accountable...

Is Another Tienamen Square Brewing?
An interesting piece that describes some of the problems facing China today. Signs of discontent are showing up in China's intelligentsia. China of course is ready to use brute force if ncessary to prevent anything remotely like that from happening. So what are the real problems going on in China? I will be talking a little about this probably on Monday....


America's New Religion Is Hedonism
It is the religion of Secular Hedonism, the worldview that sex is a sterile recreational activity, with babies thrown in as an afterthought, an optional extra, for people with quirky life-style preferences.  The contraceptive mandate uses the full might of the US government to scrub the public square clean of any competing religious voices that dissent from the new orthodoxy. - Catholic Exchange

Does anyone care about right and wrong? Good or evil anymore? Our world slips every day further into many evils and the people just sit and stare jettisoning morality for a buck or a fleeting pleasure, often at someone else's expense. Well, I am here to bear witness that there is a God in heaven who shall judge these things. Around the world those who preach evil are exalted and protected, those who preach righteousness are lambasted, mocked and persecuted. Let not this brief, seeming respite in America's troubles  fool you, O America, that God is winking at your sins. He isn't, he's recording them and weighing them and preparing do to what he did to Anceint Babylon back in Daniel's day.

And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. PERES; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians. Then commanded Belshazzar, and they clothed Daniel with scarlet, and put a chain of gold about his neck, and made a proclamation concerning him, that he should be the third ruler in the kingdom.  - (Daniel 5:25ff)

Know this; God puts people on the throne, even bad rulers, when he wants to punish a people and nation. Do you want to know why we have had a parade of horrible Presidents and those Senators with conscience and morality are relegated to the back of the chamber or cast out? God is only giving the American people what they want, (they cannot deny it, they walk into the voting booth year after year and vote for it!). What do they want? Bad government, massive thefts of public money, lies, war, industrial scale murders, innocent men and women in prison, concentration camps and leaders who will 'command' them to buy things that they clearly cannot afford as well as borrowings that are destined to send the nation into grinding poverty one day. Not even the rulers of the days in the middle ages were so morally bankrupt and if they were, they did not last long on their thrones. But in America, if you do these things you are assured a seat in Congress, the Senate or even the White House. It is as though some foreign power or nation has control of America and is determined to use its leaders to destroy the nation.
Brethren, I know sometimes many of you are looking for more Bible versus and spiritual meat at this site, but please remember this is not a teaching site, I am not a teacher, I am a watchman. That is all. I am trying to awaken a slumbering American Church who does not know what time it is and wants to break all the watches in the Church to make sure no one else find out either. I also am told to reach the lost as well, because sometimes they have more discernment about the moral state of our world that a lot of professing Christians and are looking for answers the spiritually dead Church (let the reader understand Sardis - Rev 3:1)) cannot or will not give. Apostianity (apostate Christianity) is there to deceive, not save. Let the reader beware.

I know I spend a lot of time on Economics, Politics and Religion, but these are the areas the Bible talks so clearly about in the last days and if you really studied you bibles, you too would know that. Christ told all of us to Watch. Many things are coming to our world and they portend a time of great upheaval and turmoil for a great many Christians in the Islamic world, that time is not coming, it is now. We must be ready for it and not be ignorant. Ignorance is not a sign of one who is watching. So, bear with me as I detail the rise of this horrible new system that will ensnare the whole earth and deliver it into the clutches of the evil one for 42 months. The things I write about may not be comforting, but we must not be ignorant of the devil and his devices. Paul warned of this (2Cor 2:11). We who live in these times must make sure that we are not ignorant them either, for he is extremely adept at deceit, misdirection, dissimulations and enticements. We must not be led astray. Keep in mind that in all things, all men will give account for deeds done in the body.

I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.
(Isa 45:22)

So when you see a story about GMO crops and the damage they are doing, don't just say its 'just another random story'. Know that God told us that the new system would destroy the earth and that he would destroy them for doing so (Rev 11:18). If you see a story about people being held forever in prison, know this too was foretold as a characteristic of antichrist's satanic government. It is right there in our bibles.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! *   For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:   I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.   Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.  They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;  That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?  All the kings of the nations, even all of them, lie in glory, every one in his own house.   But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet. (Isa 14: 12-19)
People wonder why I talk so much about being merciful to those in jail. The bible talks about that quite a a bit, especially the prophets. Today in our nation, we have seen many times that innocent men have spend the best part of their lives in jail. Should I not talk about it? Should I not shout about it from the proverbial housetops?

To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.
(Isa 42:7)

Brethren these are things I know God cares about, So I talk about them, not always in a 'preachy' sort of way, but because they need to be talked about.

Brethren, I am not perfect, not by a long shot, I do the best I can with the resources I have at my disposal, without burning myself out. So I ask all of you to keep these things in mind as you read Watson's Web, I am not just here to repeat the same versus to you everyday, but to put some biblical and moral perspective on our times and to help us all who love our Lord be awake and stay awake in these very dangerous times.

Speaking Of 'Devices'...
I wonder if it ever occurred to some of my readers that what is happening in the GOP primaries is an adept deception? I wounder if it ever occurred to anyone that Mr. Santorum came out of nowhere when Ron Paul was making a real splash in the Primaries and Caucuses'. I wonder if it ever dawned on them that Mr. Romeny's religious credentials in and of themselves are not sufficient to get the (often racist) Religious Right to line up and vote for him and that the GOP leaders know they cannot win in November without this largely heretical element at the Polls. I wonder if they understand that they knew that hey had a very serious problem that had to be solved. I wonder if they approached Mr. Santorum and asked him to run a 'hell fire and brimstone' campaign so that he could capture the souls of the religious right and  get them 'all worked up' to vote GOP in November. I wonder if they know that Romeny was always going to be the nominee but that they needed someone other than Ron Paul as his 'shadow boxing' partner during the primaries. I wonder if they figured that a seeming religious conservative who would eventually and whole heartedly endorse a Mormon-Freemason and pretend that he is a 'Christian' at convention time (and perhaps even become his running mate). I wonder if it ever occurred to anyone that this was always the plan since Mr. Santorum suddenly and with no explanation got some mysterious support in mystery polls and mysteriously got a load of support in the Iowa caucuses when Ron Paul was doing very well.

Is Mr. Santorum's religious centered campaign a ploy to garner support for the GOP's religious base, without whom they simply cannot win in November? I do not know for certain, but that sure is the way it looks to me.

I am not trying to be unkind to Mr. Santorum. He probably thinks he is doing the right thing. I bear him no ill will, because despite his pandering to some pretty base religious folks (I do not call them Christians), I think his Christianity is sincere. But I will also say that this nation has enough race problems and we do not need race baiting in this campaign, even it is/was unintentional. What bothers me about Mr. Santorum is that he does not appear to want to apologize for the apparent tone of his remarks, preferring 'not to remember'  them and issuing a non-denial denial hoping the issue will go away, showing himself to be less than honest. Honesty is a trait a true Christian would demonstrate that he has not, shown... as is penitence.  If you messed up,say you messed up and ask forgiveness... and move on. I do not want to split hairs, but did not our Lord say that he is unfaithful in a little thing is also unfaithful in much? Often, it is the little things that show you what people are really all about. When Obama went into the Senate Chamber and did a 180 degree about face on the Telecom immunity bill during his campaign, that should have been a big indication of what his real character was... one of betrayal to his supporters (who fought long and hard against that bill and foolishly trusted him to keep his word to them). Since then it is been one betrayal after another, with no end in site. His pattern was clear, immunize the big corporations and make new promises to break at a later date, transfer money from Granny's retirement and shift it over to the his largest campaign donor, the Banks. But he has been able to fool a great many Americans into thinking he is helping them. Their willful ignorance will impoverish them.

No, I say watch the little things... if they lie and are not honest now, they will be worse when President and will do much, much more damage to all of us.

Food for thought...

SCOTUS Affirms Strip Searches For Traffic Stops
Pretty sad isn't it? Makes you wonder if the Judges don't want to be present when they happen.,, if they are young and pretty. I would not be surprised at all.  This court while making a lot of noise about the Constitution has often struck it down in favor of the amalgamation of federal power. Do you see them making any noise about putting US  citizens  concentration camps without a trial, something demonstrably unconstitutional on a number of fronts? My guess is that SCOTUS has already ruled on it, in secret and you and me are not to be told. We, the people are no longer the citizens of America, but are quickly becoming its inmates.

Secret government, secret laws that you could break and not even be aware you have. It is a sure fire way to put  millions of  Americans in jail. Well, the Obama administration is sure are spending money at the federal level as though they are preparing for it.

Foreclosure 'Reforms' To Widen Says Obama
Another promise from a guy who already immunized the biggest offenders from prosecution, giving us his usual dose of political promises which in all likelihood will not benefit anyone but his Wall Street donors.

Earth Watch

Are our Chinese friends up to their old tricks in the midst of their internal power struggle?

Interesting report where scientists actually went out and tested. What is not known is that if there (I am being totally honest here) if the report has  been 'tweaked' for political purposes. The Navy's own data after the disaster was never released. I suspect the findings are probably mostly correct with the more troubling data withheld, both for US and Japanese 'information management' purposes. Now we have this one that dispels any concern for radioactivity But the last paragraph does issue a warning for the Northern Pacific as an area that needs to be watched. In any event an interesting report and informative.


The Real Hunger Games

How the banks speculate on food prices, making prices higher, and those in the developing world pay dearly for their daily bread. For us in the west, higher food prices are mostly an inconvenience, for others, it is a matter of eating and not eating.

The Pain In Spain Is For The Bankers Gain

The Violence we saw in Greece? The Banks are now using their financial weapons on Spain, having mostly subdued Greece. To help all of my readers to better understand what this all means, I ask them to stop and consider carefully that what we are seeing is a war. This is an economic war. Unlike WWII where they used Panzers, Stucker's and U-Boats, these days they are using financial weapons and are winning, hands down. Bonds, Derivatives, Treaties and Ratings Agencies are the new weapons. This is about the amalgamation of power in the hands of entities that the world thought dead after 1945. Today's extended piece (further down) while seemingly off subject is not. If you want to know why this same scenario is going to play out in much of the EU, read it.

Amid Debt Crisis, Athems Falls Apart

Was it a conscious policy of the United States or a tragic mistake that led to such gruesome results? And why is the same mistake repeated in other countries, such as Egypt or Syria, where the US often supports the anti-Christian, religiously intolerant movements? The answers could be summed up as "conscious ignorance."

Aung San Kyi Wins Seat Myanmar Parliament

One of the few very pleasant surprises in this Obama administration has  been the demonstration of exceptional competence and at times brilliance of his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. I have never liked the Clinton's much, but as Secretary of State, she has shown a remarkable grasp of the issues, shown herself to be a very tough negotiator, fought hard for Human Rights and has been able, to at least to some degree, reign in the patients at the  '5 sided funny farm' (Pentagon) and their obsession with all things explosive to solve America's foreign policy problems.

Not only that, but within the State Department as well, she, unlike her boss, demands accountability. She rewards performance and demotes incompetence, sending some very senior people into administrative exile for their inability to do their jobs. She not only talks the talk, but at State, she walks the walk. I have to give her credit where credit is due.

This president is surrounded by some very mediocre people with a very limited grasp on the issues and the intricacies of things surrounding and facing them. In short, the President is handicapped by a cabinet that is one of the worst in recent memory. The only one who is his intellectual equal is Hillary.

OnStar Tracking Device: Beware Big Mother

A new feature that the public is now being allowed to use (as if Law Enforcment did not already) to track your car in real time.

Teachers Aid Fired For Not Handing Over Facebook Password

America And The Plight Of Christians In The Middle East

Was it a conscious policy of the United States or a tragic mistake that led to such gruesome results? And why is the same mistake repeated in other countries, such as Egypt or Syria, where the US often supports the anti-Christian, religiously intolerant movements? The answers could be summed up as "conscious ignorance."

Britain Cries Uncle; Submits To US Legal Authority

New Rules compel UK Travelers to be screened by US authorities even if they are now heading to the US. Mexico, Caribbean, Canada all are included in the new Orwellian rules.  The US demands all pertinent info on travelers (and vacationers) at least 72 hours in advance of their trip. If you do not comply, you cannot board.

Looks like our nation once again has taken unto itself the role of 'Reich Protector' for the whole hemisphere. This used to be a world where travel was never denied a person except under extreme circumstances. Now, just like Nazi Germany people will  be denied entry (to the whole northern hemisphere) for reasons that are 'secret', even if they are not charged with any crime. Are they going to stop Muslims from travelling? Blacks? Jews? Christians?  Those with AIDS? Leftists? Chinese? Those with ingrown toenails? I don't know and neither do you, though you have have 'faith' that these things will not happen. Our government, and THIS PRESIDENT IN PARTICULAR has invoked the state secrets ploy, funded the spy-surveillance-repression state more than Bush-Cheney ever thought about doing. His campaign said that he would have the most 'open administration in history'. Ask those whistleblowes how 'open' he has been. And now this.

You have to wonder if Mein Kampf is not his daily reading at bedtime because he is, step by step bring in those things the Nazi's did. One thing is certain, these moves are not 'mistakes' or a 'comedy of errors'. There is work, effort and a policy behind them that can only come from the White House. Obama supporters are going to 'coincidence' themselves into a work or concentration camp. I shudder to think what will happen with 4 more years of this guy. I really do. He just seems to have no moral compass other than the amalgamation of power unto the state, which is my and many other's main problem with Obamacare. Our nation of one of limited powers, was founded on it and prospered under it. Obama's philosophy is one of unlimited federal power, Corporate-government partnerships (fascism) and an adept swindle machine that has bilked the taxpayers and their children and their children's children's of their future with the Wall Street crimes he has supported, protected and the bailouts that have gone into the hands of the already filthy rich. His way is bankrupting America. Yet you have the ill informed masses of Americans chanting 'Obama, Obama' as though they never picked up a newspaper in the last three years to see what this guy is actually doing to them!

Disaster: In Black And White

Have Americans really become that stupid? I ask this in earnest. A recognizable portion have and sadly and that intellectual vacuum is most prominent in the Black Community. Dumb is the word that typifies so much of it. No, it is not a pretty word. It is condescending to use, but here, it sadly fits all too well. I could use the word 'retarded' but that would not be correct as that word signifies a biological problem that does not exist. No, this is a question of the long effects of 'dumbing down' of America and the highly technical social engineering that has gone on in American culture unbeknown to 95% of Americans. I remember Bill Cosby got a rash of crap from many so-called Black leaders when he castigated Black America about just a very few of these issues years ago. While he was more addressing the cultural dysfunctionalism in Black America, there is something much deeper present there. Not least of which is its forsaking the God of the bible, families, morality and just plain common sense. Couple this with a disdain for Black America's real history and an almost pathologic unwillingness to recognize its own glaring shortcomings, social, economic, spiritual and intellectual.

You know, I love to visit Civil War battlefields. It was the those important event in Black America's long history in America. But when I go and  visit them, I feel like the only 'fly in the milk', because often I am the only black face there. Why doesn't black America take a more vibrant interest in its past? Its real past, not the stuff you see on corporate controlled TV.  There is a lot in our history that could be useful to Black America if it took the time to re-learn the lessons the last generation and before learned. But no one is paying attention, not just to the past but to what is happening right now. Their minds seem to be in a permanent fog of half-witted slogans accepted as truth and misinformation accepted as gospel.  

I also am amazed at the rank foolishness going on in so many Black Churches but also in the apparent hatred so many Black Americans are expressing about God. The demon of atheism, militantism, amoralism is making headway into Black America. Do a search on 'Black Atheists', you will be surprised. I have watched on of my favorite black commentary sites go militant and preach the 'gospel' of atheism more than once. This is a long standing and growing problem. So many of these issues were with dealt with quite well in an older book called the "Crisis of the Negro Intellectual". An interesting work that sets forth a long struggle in Black America; the struggle for its mind. He is not shy about talking about the advent of mass communications and its effect. While the book was written in the 60's and has a decidedly liberal bent, one must keep in mind the times it was written. The work is in many ways even more relevant today and helps one to understand why Black America is where it is today. But my own observations is that Black America's behavior is increasingly akin to that of a person who suffers from a severe learning disability. They just refuse to learn the lesson taught them five, ten, fifty times, they just keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. It is the reason why Black America is going backwards in every measurable category. I know these words are not politically correct. I know they will cause many to get angry and surf away and listen to someone who will coddle their hard-headedness, foolishness and ignorance. Let them go, because when the next phase of this economic crisis hits... if you think Black America is in crisis now, wait and see what new troubles this ongoing economic crisis brings. Political correctness is not going to pay the bills, keep a roof over your head or put food on the table. Dealing with real issues and making hard decisions is more likley to help than slogans and political passions.  What are some of the things Black America needs to do?

1) Become financially literate. Find out things you were too afraid to ask. Find out what the difference is between an ARM and a fixed rate. Read the terms of service to your Debit Card, your Credit Cards. Do a budget for your house, stick to it. Don't take anyones word on anything, especially bankers and politicians running for office, Black or White. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Assume that if it walks on two legs, it is lying to you until clearly and consistently proven otherwise. Develop a health skepticism of anything official. Take nothing on faith, but God. As they saying goes.... "all others pay cash".

2) Stop following the crowds. The masses are almost always wrong. Think for yourself, let no one do it for you. God gave you a brain, USE IT!. Don't be afraid of social stigma just because your mind is working. You are being stigmatized because no one else's is.

3) Stop expecting your leaders to change when your voting patterns don't. Everytime you go and vote the same guys back into office you are saying, "I like what you are doing, continue". Do you like being 14 trillion in debt? Paying 450 Billion dollars a year JUST IN INTEREST? Having multiple wars going on in places that our leaders will not even tell you? Do you like trillions going to bail out the rich while ordinary Americans are being thrown into the street? Do you like seeing millions of Americans lose their jobs and when they find new ones (IF they find new ones) taking a major cut in salary? Do you like to see Wall Street bankers swindle their clients, perjure themselves before Congress, fill the coffers of our leaders and escape prosecution? If you like these things, then make no changes in your voting patterns as they are likely not likely to change if you do not change your voting patterns. You see, our leaders do not want these to become issues this year, they want  'Trayvon' to be the issue so they can position themselves on something they have no control over. They want to inflame your passions over nothing so your brain's shut-off valve will deploy, preventing you from thinking about real things and real issues.

4) Get Back to God. Stop looking at him as though he is out of date and 'uncool'. God was here long before you were born and will still be around long after you are dead. He knows the end from the beginning. He loves us all, but will certainly let us eat the fruit of our own doings if we refuse to listen to him. I say again, Black America and America in general must get back to God! They must stop getting their moral, behavioral and cultural cues from TV, Media, Music and Movies.

Many of my non-Black readers why I cover these issues and how it is relevant to them. I will tell you. If you do not have at least 10 million dollars in liquid assets (not stocks or bonds or most paper assets) with little or no debt, then I hate to break it to you, but you too will soon be 'Black'. I think you catch my drift....

It is the area of mass communications and mass media where culture and political debate is increasing directed and controlled by those who are not Black and at times, while owning many major Black publications, do not have Black America's interests at heart. The Author of the afore mentioned book points out (from a 60's perspective) that at the bottom of this new society (which he intones even then as being fascist) was black America whom he saw as fragmented and subject to the manipulations of the mass media (page 65) This in my view is one of the biggest problems in Black America. They are woefully misinformed and easily molded by 'black leaders' who are in the pay and service of the elite and refuse to

1) think for themselves favoring a collective reflex over cogitation
2) accept facts that are uncomfortable about themselves and hard facts about Black America's downward social and economic spiral.
3) accept criticism of their own social and political docility and chronic bad behavior

This behavior has put millions in prison, kept many Black children in houses with only one parent, usually the mother without the firm guidance a father can bring. The result? Crime statistics that while certainly owning much to racist police polices, certainly cannot all be laid at the feet of law enforcement. But again Black America too often refuses to deal with the shortcomings in its own communities and falls back on cries (usually justified, often not) of racism.

What has brought this about? Once again, so much of it can be laid to the social engineering done by our elite. In the book "Propaganda", Jaques Ellul discusses both political and social propaganda expertly, showing its methodology and uses in a modern mass-media society. This kind of propaganda allows for a sublime cultural and political 'metamorphosis' on its victims so that they are completely unaware of the propaganda's presence or effect on their views, attitudes (incredibly important), purchasing patterns (important on a number of levels) and desires. The propaganda is not there to serve the victim but the elite interests who seek to change society in ways that it has thus far resisted. This kind of propaganda shows up in movies, TV shows, news and even advertising. It is very effective because few know it is even present making it even more effective. Here, idea's or popular attitudes (that are to be changed) are not often confronted directly, but are placed into entertainment it such a way as to challenge that idea in an one-sided and entertaining, way thus modifying or preparing to modify the social climate of a society.

I say this things because I hate to tell you, this economic crisis is not over, not by a long shot and if Black America was the primary victim of the first phase and it has done the damage it has done, how will it survive the next phase? Readers who are not black (the majority who come by here ) should keep what is happening in Black American very much in mind, because the African American community is the 'canary in the coal mine' as to where all of Middle America will one day wind up. The elite have done a real 'job' on Black America and 90% don't have a clue just how brainwashed they really are, because all of the social cues they are taking in the major media have been placed there by very wealthy and powerful men who have socially engineered Black American. Real political economic, spiritual, intellectual perspective and just a general awareness of what is going on around them has been discouraged, having been replaced with 'pied piper' Black leaders who lead them wherever their masters want them to go.

As far as minority borrowers are concerned, they were well screwed long before anybody ever heard of the so-called foreclosure crisis. Because of discriminatory, illegal and biased loan practices Blacks and Indians have been “in crisis” for generations.

 Many of the people who are losing their homes in our communities are losing them not because they were greedy and bought too much house, not because they couldn’t afford the home they purchased. Thousands are losing their homes because parasites in the housing and lending industry led them to the slaughter and then made billions while doing so, and some government programs may keep the assembly line going. - Financial illiteracy and racism threaten African American and Native American Borrowers

Then there is our President. I never trusted him. I liked what he said in '08 but didn't believe a word of it. It turns out every major promise he made he broke, he said he was going to call for accountability in the torture scandal. None came. He said the same things in the financial scandals. None came. He said he was going to close Gitmo. It didn't happen. He said he was going to have an open administration. His has  been by far the most closed in US history. He said he was going to fix the Patriot Act and ramrodded it through secretly with no real debate. He said he was going to fix the economy. Today, real unemployment rate (not the Obama numbers we see in the media) is at 36% (do read it if you haven't already, you will see why our economy is going to head into the toilet before long). He continues on full speed ahead with the Bush pattern of the secret surveillance state, one of the main reasons people we so disgusted with Bush and elected Obama! I don't want to go on a rant against the President because none of his contenders are going to do anything different than he is doing, except get rid of the Consumer Protection Bureau (one of the few really good things Obama has done), trash net neutrality, slash social welfare and increase corporate welfare. None of them (including and especially the President) has a plan to fix our disastrous fiscal outlook. They are putting off things until after the elections, when a Lame Duck session may yield the usual evils they could not pass when standing for election.

But a move like this one, turning the DHS into a hemispheric police agency, shows the US has committed itself to a fascist model of future governance and seeks to impose these, if not necessarily 'draconian' then certainly Orwellian police state measures not just on Americans, but on the UK, the Carribean, Canada, Mexico and anywhere where the leaders tremble at America's economic and military arsenal. These things could not happen without all of these leaders operating in concert against their own people, usually very secretly always to the benefit of big government, big corporations (who are allowed to see, comment and lobby on these secret agreements) but you are not to know until after the ink is dry and often, not even then.

Yet what I find most interesting about this is that all the while the UK is deliberately disassociating itself from the EU and its law enforcement mechanisms, she appears to want to warm to the US, who, according to some startling revelations, really messed over Britain in the early days of the Obama administration in a way that was frankly, unforgivable. I am surprised, but not shocked that the UK has come whimpering back into Uncle Sam's arms; they have a choice between the devil (who wears a black and silver swastika) and the witch, (whose swastika is painted red white and blue) and chosen the witch... who unwittingly serves the devil.

But who knows what carrots Obama has secretly given to a fiscally troubled UK to get them on board on this. This would never happen without some quid-pro-quo that we nor Britons will be allowed to know about, but my guess (just a guess) is that the major UK-US rift in 'information sharing' that took place under Bush may be very, very slowly on the mend. But that is just a guess. But this entire state of affairs in the UK and its new Hitlerian flare may have far, far deeper ramification that we have so far been told as the UK's policy mirrors too closely that which has already been implemented here in the US.

Should the UK submit to the Keystone Cops that inhabit the DHS? I think it a tragic mistake, but it may have been the least bad choice among many facing Britain when dealing with the entity in control of 'this side of the pond'. The UK is facing a major crisis not least of which is fiscal in nature and to put it bluntly the survival of the realm as a 'first world' nation is at stake. This is why they have done what they could to reign in costs to the degree that the cost cutting has burdened the social fabric of the nation. They do not want what happened to Greece and is now happening in Spain to happen to Britain; submission to what is truly the reincarnation of the Third Reich which is now the Fourth Reich in the form of the Brussels EU is not an option for Cameron's UK.

Ukraine's Nationalist Party Embraces Nazi-ism

Has Sanity Left Arizona?
An insider buddy of mine told me many months ago to keep an eye on AZ as it has some very dangerous people pushing for things in law for the express purpose of undermining American values. Claiming to love America, they have other interests they are serving.

NSA, Wiretaps And EFF's Dissection Of Recent Testimony

Notably, the NSA’s interpretation of what it means to “collect” communications seems to be quite limited.  Under Department of Defense regulations, information is considered to be “collected” only after it has been “received for use by an employee of a DoD intelligence component,” and “[d]ata acquired by electronic means is ‘collected’ only when it has been processed into intelligible form[,]”  So, under this definition, if the communications of millions of ordinary Americans were gathered and stored indefinitely in Utah, it would not be “collected” until the NSA “officially accepts, in some manner, such information for use within that component.”  - EFF

This is how liars lie. They change the plain meaning words to mean something different and can thus perjure themselves in open court or in a Congressional hearing, deceiving people who don't know any better. And Congress just goes along with the charade, hoping to fool Americans.

"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is...."
 - Bill Clinton

$17 Trillion Dollar Hole Found In Obamacare

Whatever the real number is, Obamacare is not fully funded and adds significantly to our already massive deficits. The bill is a disaster, not just constitutionally but fiscally as well. 

Who is Buying The US Governments Debt? The US Government!

Short, hard hitting and to the point. This story and the one above are inextricably linked. The fact is, the world is fleeing US debt and that is how we fund our government. The only alternative we have to keep up these obscene spending levels is to use this sophisticated method of money printing... and hope Joe Sixpac doesn't pick up on it.

For the LORD will not forsake his people for his great name's sake: because it hath pleased the LORD to make you his people.Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you: but I will teach you the good and the right way:Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.But if ye shall still do wickedly, ye shall be consumed, both ye and your king. -1 Sam 12:25ff

Visa Mastercard Involved In Massive Data Breach

This looks to be a major breach as there is enough data to counterfeit up to 10 million customer accounts.

Central American Leaders Meet For Drug Legalization Summit
In a historic meeting in Antigua, Guatemala, Saturday, three Central American heads of state attended a regional summit to discuss alternatives to the current drug prohibition regime, which has left their countries wracked by violence. No consensus was reached and three other regional leaders failed to attend, but for the first time, regional heads of state have met explicitly to discuss ending the war on drugs as we know it. - Stop The Drug War

Interesting development.  More links here.  The IISS also has a piece that is worth the read. The US has taken an approach that is surprisingly non-hostile, at least in public. They have agreed to listen to the leaders who are meeting on this critical issue. Leaders in this part of the world see the current War on Drugs as largely a failure. It isn't working. In fact, it really has just kept law enforcement busy, the jails full and the drug barons rich and unleashed a wave of violence in America that the US government refuses to adequately track.

What these leaders are really doing is saying this: America, you are really the problem here. You re the biggest consumer of the product and yet you want us to turn our streets upside down to prevent a high demand product in your own nation. Thus the trend towards legalization is a real one born out of many years of failures and billions of dollars of money spent on drug interdiction and criminal enforcement.

I have long advocated, if not decriminalization, then a much more lenient approach. Decriminalization is best, but that may not be possible. But if it were, think about how you could.

1) Tax it and help state with their budget shortfalls.
2) Save money on incarceration of non-violent drug offenders
3) Drive down the price (and profits) when it becomes legal, dis-incentivizing the whole dope business model.
4) Monitor who is using mind altering substances and use the information to get them help them or prevent them from getting jobs that could seriously harm public safety (bus drivers, Airplane pilots, Doctors, etc). Not in an Orwellian way, but to get folks help who need it and help de-stigmatize those who have trouble with drugs.

No, legalization is no panacea, but history has shown us through the prohibition act of the 1920's and 30's that criminalization of a forbidden substance is something that drives up the price and profit and becomes a magnet for criminal gangs to step in and fill demand.  I think a careful real look at the issue in its entirety will show that careful legalization is the best bet.

No, I DO NOT advocate the use of illegal drugs. Christians should not use them, period. While the Bible is silent on drug abuse a careful word study on the word translated as 'sorcery' in the book of Revelation shows that it is something that we must avoid if we are to see life eternal.

From G5332; medication (“pharmacy”), that is, (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): - sorcery, witchcraft.

Found in Revelation 9:21; 18:23 and Galatians 5:20

As far as legal drugs are concerned (medicines) I will be silent except to observe that it is by those sorceries that all the nations were deceived. How about drugs that are specifically designed to alter the brain chemistry? What is the most widely prescribed type of drug in America? Find out.  Anti-Depressants, anti-psychotic drugs. These things alter they way the brain functions. How many distracted, 'out of touch' people do you see everyday? Distracted drivers, adults who cannot control their emotions or thoughts?  Suicide rates for kids are skyrocketing when they now are being prescribed these drugs? What is the Devil's MO? To steal KILL and destroy.

And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.
(Rev 18:23-24)

China's Power Struggle:
I will not belabor this because whatever is coming out into the media is mostly speculation with I am sure some well placed leaks into cyberspace by our leaders. What is happening from all we can all gather is that a very serious power struggle between factions within China is underway. This appears to be between primarily those whom the MSM call 'reformers'; those who seek to keep China on the free market path and the Princelings; those who still revere the 'Red' revolution and seek to use its example for the future or as an excuse to engage in various moves in their own political realm. Each can really be called reformists. One seeks to reform the economy along free market lines, and the other seeks to reform what they perceive are mistakes made in the Free market example and a loss of the original mission of the CCP. When the west talks of reformers, they look at it from western eyes. I think the real question is , how do ordinary Chinese view them? Where do ordinary Chinese come down on the issue? Those in the Cities, those in Rural areas? Ethnic minorities? While we tend to focus on the leaders I think what is underestimated is the enormous number of Chinese that the state must control and the harsh and draconian measures that keep the people in check. The Chinese are paranoid about their people and move very, very quickly to pre-empt public displays of discontent. This is one reason why you have seen so little about it in the news in China.

CNN has an exceptional article here, that should not be missed.  A look at Bo's anti-Corruption crackdown can be found here. A look at China's Local Tyrant's can  be found here. Dead UK businessmen accused of being a spy? The level of intrigue is very deep. Me? Before I do a long piece on this I am going to have to sort through some stuff and ask some questions, collate, cogitate... etc. When I get around to that... you'll see more. One thing you want to keep in mind is that corruption in China is very, very deep and moves against it are going to win you a whole host of powerful enemies.

America And The Plight Of Christians In The Middle East
Was it a conscious policy of the United States or a tragic mistake that led to such gruesome results? And why is the same mistake repeated in other countries, such as Egypt or Syria, where the US often supports the anti-Christian, religiously intolerant movements? The answers could be summed up as "conscious ignorance." - AINA


Destroy All Churches!
Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the Saudi Grand Mufti, recently issued a statement declaring that “it is necessary to destroy all churches” in the region of Kuwait.

The leader’s statement supported a law to be drafted by a member of Kuwaiti legislature, which calls for the removal of all churches in Kuwait. The ruling is based on the hadith, or Islamic saying, that “there are not to be two religions in the [Arabic] Peninsula,” and therefore Islam should be the only practiced religion. - Christian Freedom International

Tell me this man, the highest religious authority in Saudi Arabia, does not sound like he is a  member (or  covert leader) of Al Qaeda. As this article  points out, The Grand Mufti is also the leading religious figure among Saudi  based Salafi Muslims.  You know, the same Salifsts who celebrated the death of the  Coptic Pope? Yeah... those guys. The ones who came out on cue during those revolts in the Arab world to call for Islamic law, killing Christians and dragging  the Arab world to the glories and intellectual backwardness of the 7th Century.

If the President is working hard to bring in alternative energy and holding big oil at arms length then that is the correct policy. Being dependent on a nation like Saudi Arabia where this kind of evil is not only tolerated, but encouraged is a major National Security threat, in my opinion. The President's greening of the Pentagon is a very good idea, not just for the sake of future prices and environment, but also because America must free itself from its dependence on oil, especially foreign oil. We have got into bed with the devil himself all because our leaders, especially in the Bush administration, refused to deal forcefully with this problem and rather, exacerbated it with tax breaks and wars that were designed to keep us in the devil's grasp.

We must free ourselves of our dependence on foreign oil and Green Tech, domestic oil exploration (with a strong eye towards environmental concerns) and reduced consumption here at home. We cannot dilly-dally about and talk about what needs to happen in 2020. Rather we need to get moving rapidly towards energy independence now.

...or else.

The rise of this Islamic beast is foretold in your scriptures.

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