13 February 2013
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pdfPolitical And Economic Review #2
This issue is mostly about American oil and leadership. It is a 30 page overview of America's oil situation.

pdfPolitical and Economic Review
The first in a new series of secular articles. One way to support this site is to get a copy of these inexpensive reports (click link aboue). Another is to hit the donate button.


 - Special Report: Watson's Economimc Crisis Report 


This issue of my new series of paid reports deals with the ongoing global economic crisis. Its about 40 pages and deals with a wide range of issues that face the western world. This touches on America's decline, Obama's new Treasury pick, the ongoing debt crisis, the Fed and Treasuries debt monetization operations, currency wars, scenario's for major troubles in China, Europe's ongoing crisis and ...

 - Not Afraid 


God will take care of his people. Just make sure brothers when its our time to pass over our own spiritual 'river Jordan', that we make our deaths count for something, that being Christ. If we are to die as Christians for the gospel and the word of our testimony (Rev 19:10, 12:17, 12:11), let us rejoice because we have long and honorable heritage of those who went before us.

 - Lamentations Are Coming 


I think we as Christians need to keep in mind and prepare our souls for what is really coming. Mr. Leal has done a good job of laying out that a time of great sorrow will sweep America.

 - The Curse 


When a nation decides to put the stamp of approval on those things God hates, it invites a curse. And be certain of this, without some real soul searching repentance, a curse is what is going to hit us. America has enjoyed prosperity like no other nation on earth. Military power like no other nation on earth. Good will and diplomatic strength like no other nation on earth. Why? We as a nation respected ...

 - I Have A Dream Vs. I Have A Drone 


I think it should be noted that while some people will say they find something 'highly offensive' when they do not really mean it, I want to make clear that I really do mean it, it is personally highly offensive to compare Dr. King and President Obama. If a person wants to worship Obama and idolize him, that is their business, not mine. But before anyone attempts to cast dispersions on Dr. King by ...

 - Mali: Africa Must Take The Lead 


This crisis in Mali... first off, this is not just 'another war'. This is a very serious and potent threat to African continental security.

 Watson's Economic And Political Review (WEPR) #2 


This issue is mostly about American oil and leadership. It is a 30 page overview of America's oil situation and new claims that America will one day surpass the Saudi's in Oil production and become energy independent. The question is an extremely important one and could really alter the whole geopolitical landscape... if true. Are these claims real and credible? Are there any problems with them? This ...

 - Watson's Economic And Political Review (WEPR) #1 


This is going to be bad news for many of my readers, but a small portion of my secular writings are going to have to go pay. I have done a pretty good job with this update (if I do say so myself!) dealing with issues that I know many care about. Namely Iran and what a war or 'regime change' is likely to bring about, the EU crisis and how the ongoing economic crisis could deeply effect the US. Keep ...

 - The Holiday Season 


Christmas has been a matter of some controversy for a number of reasons. First off, one of the few things we can be certain of about Christmas is that Christ was not born on December 25th, or anywhere near it. When was Christ Born? We do not know, though some scholars have said that it was more likely an event that occurred in the Fall, though the evidence for this is rather scant. What we do know ...

 - There Is A Generation... 


What does it mean to live in our times, having been touched by God's spirit and understanding what God requires of us? It means that we are going to have a hard time fitting in with the current generation. This is the way it should be, since we are of a very different heritage. The scriptures talk about times like ours and what kinds of people will inhabit the earth just before Christ returns. We ...

 The Way Back 


For many of my readers, the way back to God is the road you are on. Many of you have fallen away and for whatever reason, personal tragedy, hard times or just a dissatisfaction with worldly 'satanic' living that did not make you nearly as happy as you thought it would. I find it interesting that so many people here in America have just about everything and yet are totally miserable. I am struck by ...

 - What's Expected Of Son's And Heir's 


What should we as Christians should be doing in these times? As these days grow darker and increasingly rejects Christ and genuine Christianity, we who wish to get into the kingdom must know what God wants us to do. What does God expect of us, we who are determined no matter what comes, to get into God's kingdom and avoid his holy wrath, which I bear witness, is coming to this world and will usher ...

 - In The Kingdom Of The Blind 


Today, it is extremely important that we know what is happening in our world, particularly from a prophetic standpoint. Why? The return of Christ is our blessed hope. God spoke clearly and insistently that we are to be watching and ready for our Lords return. Yet as I speak to Christians, I just don't see any level of spiritual discernment in their lives or minds Mind you there are always some exceptions ...

 - We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Broadcast To Bring You... 


But when it comes to the times and seasons and understanding them, Christians I know as well are floundering. They are often confused and unsure about what to believe. They listen to their pastors, read the news, but more and more are seriously questioning both. This is a good thing at least as a first step, but often leads to confusion, depression and can lead to apostasy. Why? Because such Christians ...

 - Culling The World's Population 


Yes, there is a plan afoot to reduce the human population. Most of the plan is hidden in plain sight.

 - Political, Economic And Spiritual Review (Summer 2012) 


Fifty-three pages that looks at several issues facing our world today. From the economic crisis to food and eugenics to Syria as well a look at what a Mitt Romney Presidency may look like.

 - Judge Not! 


...Lest ye be judged.

 - The Blessings Of Obedience 


Has the devil fooled you into thinking you can be saved and not obey the Lord?

 From Another World 


Christians, real ones that is, must conduct themselves as though they are from another world. A real Christian, is not of this world but of the Kingdom of God and his Christ.

 - From The North 


A prophetic look at the Arctic. The Arctic you ask? Yes the Actic and how it may relate to Babylon's fall.

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Watson's WebAnd the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. 
- (Hab 2:2)

Is there not an appointed time to man upon earth? are not his days also like the days of an hireling? As a servant earnestly desireth the shadow, and as an hireling looketh for the reward of his work: So am I made to possess months of vanity, and wearisome nights are appointed to me. When I lie down, I say, When shall I arise, and the night be gone? and I am full of tossings to and fro unto the dawning of the day. My flesh is clothed with worms and clods of dust; my skin is broken, and become loathsome. My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle, and are spent without hope.
(Job 7:1-6)

Job suffered. He suffered greatly and for nothing that he did. Often when we suffer as Christians, we do not know why. God usually does not tell us the reasons for things. God does answer my prayers but the prayers he more often than not doesn't answer is a question that starts with the word 'why'.

Job clung to his God even though he was upset with the Lord. He hung in there. Then he has his three friends who were miserable comforters come and torment him even more.

Then Job answered and said, I have heard many such things: miserable comforters are ye all.
(Job 16:1-2)

They were constantly insisting that Job had some secret sin in his life and he hadn't. They had all the right theology but little compassion. They had the 'book learning' but did not really know why God did what he did so they kind of 'made it up' as they went along... adding to Job's woe's.

I know whereof Job speaks. Many, many years ago the Lord put me through a trial I would not wish on anyone at anytime whatsoever. I am never going to reveal it but it was 100% pure horror. The only thing I can say is that I came as close to hell as any man would want to get. The Lord gave me this trial not long after he took me to me heaven... for just a few moments.  I often read the book of Job for comfort in those months. I always liked that book because it really describes what it means to suffer, cry out to God and not have him answer you in your trials. The lesson here? Two fold. Keep your faithfulness to God, even in the midst of a great trial and have patience in its midst.

Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.
(Jam 5:11)

In the end, the Lord had the last word... and Job's miserable comforters? Well, the Lord was not pleased with them.

And it was so, that after the LORD had spoken these words unto Job, the LORD said to Eliphaz the Temanite, My wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends: for ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job hath. Therefore take unto you now seven bullocks and seven rams, and go to my servant Job, and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; and my servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept: lest I deal with you after your folly, in that ye have not spoken of me the thing which is right, like my servant Job.
(Job 42:7-8)

The Lord was pretty mad at Job's friends. Why? They pretended to know and understand things that they did not and did more harm than good with their 'theology'. Job had to act as  their intercessor (and priest) in order for the Lord not to take them out to the divine 'woodshed' for a serious chastisement.

My point here is that those of you who may be suffering, trust God who knows all things. We many not fully understand it on this side of the grave, Job was never told that his suffering was the result of God's 'bragging rights' over his servant and satan's accusations. He never knew and God never told him why. It was still a mystery to Job even after the Lord doubled his wealth and gave him a new wife and family.

OK... Bible Trivia: Which famous breakfast food brand is named after one of Job's daughters?


pdf  Watson's Economic Crisis Report (February 2013)
13 February 2013

$1.2 Trillion In Cuts Seem Inevitable
It looks like sequestration is going to happen. I listened a little bit to the hearings. They were interesting but not particularly informative. It was mostly generals weeping about not having enough money for their pet weapons systems and trying to make it into a jobs issue... something that would resonate with mainstreet. Well simply put...it's time. No more delay's or accounting tricks. This has to happen. I know it is going to be painful and I deeply, deeply sympathize with those who are going to lose jobs.. and there will be Americans who will lose them over the next couple of years. But ultimately their paychecks were coming out of borrowed money that our nation can no longer afford. We are literally going broke. Don't let these news organizations fool you with the 'relative to GDP' smokescreen... A hundred  billion dollars in interest payment for just the month of December... just one month? Folks at that rate, that is $1.2 Trillion a year just in interest on the debt. Then you have to pay for the DOD, Social Security, Medicare... the money is not there and our credit card is maxed out and now we have to revert to tricks to keep the fiscal  boat afloat. But lets get real, these DOD cuts are not massive cuts. Let the Generals weep and whine, these are not cuts, but mere toenail clippings. Only a crybaby worries about getting their toenails cut.

I don't want to minimize the effects these cuts will make on our military. There will be some. But let me share this with you because I think it most pertinent.

One of the biggest growing cost to the DOD are not missile systems, ship building and fighter maintenance, but the rising cost of health care. This is touched upon in the above Bloomberg piece. A better look at these costs can be found here. If you want to really understand one the big problems in the DOD budget, this is where you have to look. This is a problem that Obamacare (I am not blasting the President here) should have fixed and didn't and I will say it again the real problem is the rising cost of health care. The DOD did take action on some of the drugs back in 2006 and the results can  be seen on one of these charts.

Try and understand I am not blasting Obama over this, at least he had the guts to try and tackle the issue. This is a multi-faceted problem that is a political minefield. But the simple fact is, America cannot afford its current health care system. Not in the military, not in government, not in private industry and not as individuals. Its already too expensive and slated to cost much, much more as the years roll on. Get this in your head you retiree's who think you cannot be touched, weather it is in a State Pension fund, Federal retirement program or private one.. internalize this, get it into your self-satisfied head... if they don't get costs under control you retirement EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY RETIRED is going to be significantly effected. Do you really think you are untouchable? You better get in reality, they are already looking at it.

Look at Calpers. They are not making the money they need to pay current retiree's. That means they have to sell investments, use capital or go to the state to get money. The state is already massively in debt. Where is the money going to come from? Folks this is not rocket science. These things are a certainty IF no one acts on these costs. Get out of your mental funk of trying to protect your politicians with whipped up political outrage just because folks are telling it like it is. Obamcare did not adequately address this issue with any real significance: dollars and cents significance. Forget about the politics, look at the money just the money and then you can see that both sides need to address this. The GOP needs to get off its 'private industry knows best' golden calf and the Democrats need to understand that when the government touches something, it usually turns to dung... very expensive dung at that, especially if Washington gets hold of it.

I like the idea of a single payer system... except that it will be managed by Washington. That worries me no end. I like the idea of private industry manging costs... provided it were really a free market (as opposed to large cartels) and many of the costs associated with health care were done away with.. like massive malpractice insurance rates, high drug costs, expensive compliance regulations.

When I was a kid, we went to a General Practitioner or 'Family Doctor'. He was great, he hooked you right on up with what you needed.. dirt cheap. But then things got expensive. What drove him out of his little office with his partners in his little medical center? Malpractice insurance.

Listen its not just military medical care, but Medicare as well that costs the US government a bundle. If we want to really fix our problems, the skyrocketing cost of health care is one of those things that needs to be fixed. Care must be cheaper. One way to do that is to bring back the General practitioner, find ways of encouraging that model again, reduce MP insurance rates, jettison some of the expensive compliance issues, reduce the costs of medicines by wider use of generics and a wider acceptance of alternative methods of health care.  Why use an expensive medication to control blood sugar when some herbs have a long history of working just as well? These problems can be solved, it just takes a will to go against the lobbyists and take the long view of America's future fiscal and literal health.

Roof Collapses At Chernobyl

Radioactive Kids

Americans, Soon Your House Will Be Radioactive
They plan on putting radioactive metals from Nuke facilities and weapons into the US supply chain. Natural News has a piece on this here.

India: Violence Against Christians Spreading

Honduras: War On The Poor Continues
Why? Land grabbing and the War on Drugs

Comcast To Wholly Own NBCUniversal
Another salvo in the media war.

Thousands Of Ethiopians Driven Off By Land Grabs
Pastoralists living in the Omo valley are being forcibly relocated, imprisoned and killed due to plans to build a massive dam that will turn the region into a major centre for commercial farming. - The Oakland Institute

The institute also has a report here on what is happening in Ethiopia. Poke around the site and you will see how this is a global phenomenon. Corporations, investors and the rich men on the earth are stealing the land from the poor with no renumeration. Another great resource in these issues is over at farmlandgrab.org

Obama's Drone Attack On Your Due Process
This is good, brief and sets out what's really at stake with these drone strikes and other attacks this administration has taken against alleged... ALLEGED (if you never read the previous link, I highly recommend you do and read who wrote it as well) terrorists.

Listen. I am not going to say there is or never will be an incident where some kind of pre-emptive action is needed. You got a group who smuggled a nuke into NYC and the only way to ensure they don't detonate it is to kill them? What would you do? I mean really....

The real issue is far more fundamental. We have been killing folks who don't pose that kind of danger, not by a long shot and the collateral damage the innocents who get vaporized as well? Brennan's arguments before the Senate IMHO are specious and self serving. Do you really think there are rare instances where we need to assassinate an American who is engaged in terror attacks (I'm not talking about going to a couple of meetings or hanging out with them, but are clearly and undeniably involved in attacks? Why not use the Courts? The FISA system could be used in those rare cases and give the Judges all the facts to make a clear legal determination when it comes to American citizens and make a sanitized version of the courts transcripts available to the Congress, Senate, SCOTUS and Human Rights groups. Better yet, give clearances to a couple of ACLU lawyers and let them argue before the court on behalf of the absent defendant.  The only way to ensure we don't continue down 'Hitler Highway' is to throw some light on the things we are doing and ensure that these powers are not being abused.... as they have been during this administration's tenure.

Due process doesn't just protect them, more importantly IT PROTECTS  YOU from arbitrary, unchecked and secret power.

My question is, how far has this assassination thing really gone? I really would like to know. Given some of the strange suicides and uninvestigated deaths we have seen over the past four years, I think it may be a much bigger issue that anyone has even touched on or even contemplated. I hope I am wrong, but I am not so sure I am which is why I am a stickler for due process.

Salaifst Violence In Tunisia
The assassination of Chokri Belad, a prominent opposition politician, has thrown Tunisia into its worst crisis since the January 2011 ouster of President Ben Ali. Although culprits have yet to be identified, suspicions swiftly turned to individuals with ties to the Salafi movements. Founded or not, such beliefs once again have brought this issue to the fore. Many non-Islamists see ample evidence of the dangers Salafis embody; worse, they suspect that, behind their ostensible differences, Salafis and An-Nahda, the ruling Islamist party, share similar designs. At a time when the country increasingly is polarized and the situation in the Maghreb increasingly shaky, Tunisia must provide differentiated social, ideological and political answers to three distinct problems: the marginalisation of young citizens for whom Salafism – and, occasionally, violence – is an easy way out; the haziness that surrounds both An-Nahda’s views and the country’s religious identity; and the jihadi threat that ought to be neither ignored, nor exaggerated.

Can China And Russia Pull The Trigger On the US Economy?
Not quite yet... but probably will soon. They won't make the same mistake others made in 2008 when they tried it. This time, they want to make sure she goes down... and stays down.

12 February 2013
Pope Steps Down
Yes, its true. When I first read this yesterday in my inbox, I thought it was a hoax. But yes, he really is stepping down. It was a bit of a shock to outsiders. The reasons cited by the Vatican are for reasons of 'health'.  But some info from someone very much in a position to know who gave me the lowdown... it was a jaw dropper. Needless to say, I cannot say much but here is what I can reveal.

For an 85 year old man, the Pope is remarkably healthy and lucid... he did not resign on its account.  Readers here know I have never much liked this guy because of his past associations. But he has indeed grown into the job and has tried his best to make some much needed reforms - serious and fundamental reforms. He has not and will not be able to, despite his very best efforts and has decided to take the moral high ground and leave. I wish I could say more but saying too much might be very hazardous to this Black man's health so I will have to leave it there. The Vatican has some serious issues that he could not solve from within, I don't think anyone can.  The smoke of satan is just too thick. Sad to say that the real (and whole) story will never see print and serious measures have already been taken to ensure that it never does.

This is a very significant event as this last time this happened Columbus was not even born yet.

The pope leaves a Church in Crisis.

Have any of you ever seen 'The Shoes Of The Fisherman"? It too is about a Pope struggling with the question of resignation. It's a very good, if not great film staring Anthony Quinn, Lawrence Olivier and Sir John Gielgud.

The Cardinals are now meeting to elect its next powerless victim to 'lead' the church.

I see the Lord's hand in all of this. I think he is sore displeased with the  Vatican (not the Catholic Church as a whole) and the crimes it is involved in. Let's wait and see what follows....

Fukushima: 70k US Military Exposed To Radiation - Symptoms Noted
Operation Tomodachi was a humanitarian mission conducted in Japan after the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster that began March 11th, 2011 and lasted 80 days. 70,000 US servicemen & women from the Navy, Airforce, Army & Marines delivered food, blankets & water in areas of devastation...

Sequestration: Doing More With Less
This is the reality that we are just going to have to deal with and just take our medicine now. We cannot afford DOD budgets that constantly grow. The nation cannot afford it. We cannot afford entitlement programs that constantly grow, we cannot afford it. NOW is the time to start making those unpleasant decisions. The sooner, the less unpleasant they have to be.

Is The New CIA Director A Muslim?
I admit I am a little prejudiced. I don't like what the CIA has become. But frankly, I don't think its true about his conversion. Some officers in the agency have to become things they are not in order to do their jobs. I am not saying this is the case with Brennan... I just don't know.

Yes there are some very fine folks inside the agency and they do some really interesting (and yes, good) things.... things you would never ever expect. But they have some really rotten people inside of it too. The agency, like much of the government needs someone who can clean house and hold folks accountable. Brennan I just don't think is going to do that and some serious ongoing malfeasance is just going to keep on keeping on and no one is going to do anything about it.

What the agency and much of the government needs is what we have in Afghanistan:  an independent IG who has his own investigative arm and its own prosecutors (this is key) who only answers to the Congress. The Afghan IG has gotten results, real solid results. If the Justice Department were handling it, there would have been two prosecutions, both of low ranking enlisted men splattered across the headlines as some kind of a major bust. They would have recovered half-a-million dollars in an investigation that cost fifty million.

And the corruption would just keep on marching on.

US To Sell $72 In Debt

China Replaces US As Trade Leader

Nigeria: Islamists Kill Three Korean Health Care Workers

GMO: Half Of All US Farms Now Have Superweeds
Reality Check: Superweeds are not a minor annoyance. They can destroy a farm. Monsanto is at it again and what can I say... this administration and the last one were and are in bed with them... making sure US farmland is unfit to grow anything but weeds by 2030.

No who on earth would want to do a thing like that?

Geo-engineering site here... interesting. How much geoengineering is going on today? Some for sure, but IMHO not all in this video, while quite informative, is true. Methane however... that whole angle is something that bears watching.

Is geo-engineering a major cause of planet changes? I don't think so. I think mankind's destruction of the planet (like the rain forests) are a major contributing factor to much of our 'carbon' problem. This fact does not serve the Corporate/Media agenda because... well, who is down there raping the forests? How much do these new oil drilling technologies serve to add to our environmental problems (like Methane release)? You want to destroy the Ozone layer... just keep on releasing Methane in the atmosphere.

I am of the opinion that that there are many factors that are causing massive climate change. Some are caused by man and others are not. We have seen massive solar flaring, earthquakes and volcano's erupt recently and even now a new one appears to be in the making.

What are the real causes of this geologic and environmental chaos? Mankind's probation on earth is coming to and end. We have collectively been little more than a creeping disease that has wrecked what was once a beautiful planet. We have turned rain forests into a bog and blue shining rivers into tributaries of blood and radioactive waste. Why is the world's environment in crisis? Sin. What do I see in the earth's future?

The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.
(Isa 24:19-20)

The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.
(Isa 24:5-6)

Thanks to the reader who passed on this link.

Constitution Does Not Apply Along Border
The Department of Homeland Security’s civil rights watchdog has concluded that travelers along the nation’s borders may have their electronics seized and the contents of those devices examined for any reason whatsoever — all in the name of national security.

How Many Americans Does Obama Have In Indefinite Detention?
"If we lose (Hedges Vs. Obama), the power of the military to detain citizens, strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely in military prisons will become a terrifying reality. Democrat or Republican. Occupy activist or libertarian. Socialist or tea party stalwart. It does not matter. This is not a partisan fight. Once the state seizes this unchecked power, it will inevitably create a secret, lawless world of indiscriminate violence, terror and gulags". - Chris Hedges

Raytheon Mines Social Media For Political Dissent
Get a look at this one. Many of you wonder why I don't have a facebook page or twitter account. I will tell you. Many Americans are merely deer, blithely crossing a minefield and unwilling to listen to anyone who tries to warn them away. I think among my readers there are probably only a dozen or so who really understand what is happening and they can't talk; they have (or had) clearances that will not allow them to warn you. The folks I know with clearances don't have accounts at those places... and never will.

Because it's not just the US who is gathering data there, but the Chinese, Russians (and their organized crime affiliates) and millions of Americas are so clueless as to the threat... and you cannot tell them anything! One reader asked me a question about software for a relative recently and I really hesitated to answer it. Why? Because I know my words will fall on deaf ears. I explained the ongoing threat of peoples banking data being hijacked using a certain piece of software (it happens a lot folks...) and I know they aren't going to listen... or believe. Until it happens to them they will sail right down denial (not a river in Egypt).

Let me give you a real big tip. Recently one major online retailer got hit with a cyber attack. It was a major one. But the company just claimed it was an outage. They did not tell anyone that the attack was from a foreign nation and they got millions of Credit Card numbers and expiration dates. Get this - the company did not even inform the credit card companies! So guess what? Over the next several months thousands of people are going to start seeing charges on their accounts that they did not make. The past pattern is like this. The charges people will see are not usually large... most people do not check their statements so they can get away with it. Five bucks here, ten bucks there. So if you have your credit card data stored at a large Internet Retailer CHECK YOUR STATEMENTS... Hey, I am not a fan of CISPA, but these are the kinds of things that CISPA is designed, if not to prevent, to allow some kind of defense and information sharing.

So again, a word to the wise...check your statements and be proactive.

Internet spying? Folks this is not something that you need to 'get over'. You need to be involved and put a stop to it because the powers that be are locking down America. They are looking at you and me as threats to  elite order and partnering with Corporations who want to throw ads at you no matter where you go. This is how corporations get subverted to partner with the Government. The scary part is that some of your largest software corporations have also partnered with Organized Crime.

Why do we have systems like this RIOT one? There will be an Arab Spring, but not an American one. The American elite have already placed significant 'controls' on society that not one out of a hundred of you would believe if I told you... and I am not going to tell you. When folks begin to take real action about what they already know and what others are telling them, maybe then they can find out more. But why teach algebra to a guy who still doesn't even know how to add and subtract and works pretty hard not to learn? He's like a 20 year old who  still plays in the sandbox....


Update On North Korean Launch Preparations
North Korea’s public pronouncements in reaction to a United Nations Security Council Resolution tightening sanctions against Pyongyang have heightened speculation that a nuclear detonation at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Facility is imminent. Analysis of new satellite imagery from January 23, 2013 and previous images dating back a month reveal that the site appears to be at a continued state of readiness that would allow the North to move forward with a test in a few weeks... - 38North

I confess I have not been looking much at NK. I should as they have a very large number of Christians inside their concentration camp system. A very large number.

The history of this nations leader only demonstrates that not all of the mentally ill are locked up. Some are in places where they can do a lot of damage. Keep your eyes on this one.


I wrote the above Monday, just a few hours before the Nuclear test. I woke up early this AM and they had conducted the test.

What can I say about it? The NK leader is a bona-fide nut job just like his dad and isn't running things. They are well on their way to placing a small enough warhead on one of their missiles that can reach the US. That can reach the US.... Did I mention that it can reach the US?

So we have a nut job who is 85% of the way to getting a nuke and launching it on the US and there is almost no outrcy. Instead the world is focused on Iran's mythical program... going half crazy over what probably is nothing that can threaten anyone for another 10 years.

The real tragedy? This President has pretty much disengaged from international politics. He just is not going to get involved.  This is why he has lost so many of his first term National Security picks, Panetta, Clinton, Chu, (who runs Energy) Geithner.  They decided not to serve. Why not? The President is just not engaged in many key issues. They are all incredibly frustrated with him.  Those of you who have come to this site for years know that during the Bin Laden raid, there was some serious shall we say 'indecision' on the Presidents part. This has been a long pattern with him on National Security affairs. It's not that he cannot make some tough decisions, he has and made some very tough calls that  you will never hear about. But his staff has been incredibly frustrated at his unwillingness to engage seriously on a whole range of critical issues of which this test is just one. I think the problem lies now with his determination to deal with domestic issues in his second term and to not get sidetracked.

I also think that another problem (seconded by another well placed source) is that he is a little confused. I do not mean that in a condescending way. Dealing with the Intel agencies and Military can  be very daunting. They all have their own agenda's and cannot be relied upon to do what they are paid to do - give you the whole, unvarnished truth. They can and do mislead Presidents into misadventures and miscalculations. Obama's covert decisions have not always ended well and say what you will about him, he has a real conscience and is not in anyway 'evil'... not by a long shot... misguided yes; evil... no. So I think on many of these issues, if there was a more reliable intelligence system, advisor's who were willing to faithfully present all sides of an issue; the ups and downs, pro's and con's, the President would be more inclined to deal with these issues. But I know and he knows the Intel/National Security system is broken.

If I have any major issue with the President on this score is that he is not making any effort to clean it up. In my opinion, that would be the best National Security decision he could make. Set up a non-political Special IG over at the CIA, DOD, DNI, NSA and let him do his work without political interference from the Hill, White House, K Street, Langley you name it. That way, in two years, when he called in his staff to deal with an issue, they would have the right answers, tell him were the intelligence gaps are and give him full spectrum advice.

Look at the tension in Asia. China and Japan are a hairs breath from military action against one another. Japan has been beating on America's door about some of the things happening. They want some help. The President just is not engaged. Can Asia afford a war now? Can the US appear to let our treaty obligations fall by the wayside? What will that do to other relationships we have in the region? The situation is very, very serious and it will just take one minor miscalculation by some captain of a Chinese Frigate or Japanese Destroyer to launch a hot war between the two... over Islands that are little more than rocks sticking out of the ocean.

Keep your eyes on Asia...

Linux Defeats Windows Only Boot
An official workaround is now here, not perfect... but here. I think in a year or so we will have something even better. This problem was what prompted me to buy a notebook last July as Windows 8 was getting ready for release. I was not going to have a box hardwired to run only Bill Gatesware.

Newer ain't better and more and more you are finding that OS's are tethering their customers (like this secure boot thing) and dumbing down their interfaces (the fisher price toy look with limited functionality)  and limiting choices (why no right click on windows 8?). This is a very slow and managed creep but one that is being done quite deliberately.  What do I see in the future?  Major Corporate OS makers are going to drive internet users to a few corporate/government approved sites that cost money, spy on you and sell your data (this trend is 80% about money) and make it harder and harder (eventually impossible) to visit non-corporate approved sites. The Goal? Make the internet look (and cost) like cable. Until Windows and Apple open up their OS's and let us all see what's under the hood, you are putting your faith in something you neither know or understand.

You have heard people mock us Christians for putting faith in God as being foolish? What... so putting your blind faith in Microsoft is safer?! Do you really want to do that with multi-billion dollar corporations whose main purpose in life is to transfer money from your pocket to theirs?

Is anyone going to listen?

I doubt it, but when you get raked over the coals, lose your job have your accounts cleaned out or lose your divorce case,  you will one day figure out that if you had listened, you would not be facing those problems. So a word to the wise...

If everyone else is doing it... you shouldn't... wherever they are driving the herd is exactly where you don't want to be.

DOD Fully Embraces Gay Agenda
Opens up some (but not all) benefits to 'Same Sex' partners.

Fukushima: Not Returning To Normal
It’s the reality that Northern Japan, not just in Fukushima, Northern Japan is contaminated. That’s the reality, and people are transporting the contaminants whenever they travel elsewhere. They’re bringing with them. (use download link - the flash player did not work for me).


Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb. And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.
(Exo 3:1-2)

Moses was taken from a very humble profession to serve God. He was not a king, or a royal adviser nor was he one of the rich men of the earth, but was a simple shepherd when God called him (like David). It has always been the Lord's pattern to use men who were small both in their own eyes and in the eyes of others. Such men yield themselves to God and thus, his power can be made manifest in them. The book of Numbers says this about Moses, it is very telling of his character.

Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth. (Numbers 12:3)

Yet God used this very meek and humble man to free the Jews and humiliate Pharaoh. It appears that Moses may also have suffered from a speech impediment, he was not an accomplished speaker  (Exodus 4:10).

Do you want to be used of God? Be humble. I am not talking about mock humility that hides a deep seated pride and self importance. But genuine humility. Stop seeking the best or trying to be the first. Hang out with the lowly, the poor, the simple and the forgotten. Befriend such as these and stop seeking status with the proud, haughty, powerful and rich.

Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceits.
(Rom 12:16)

The single biggest impediment to being used of God besides sin, is a lack of genuine humility. Abraham had humility, he called himself but dust and ashes (Gen 18:27). Humility is merely the accurate appraisal of our own worth in the overall scheme of things. That's all it really is. Know that you are here today and gone tomorrow and your life is but a puff of smoke (James 4:14) relative to the the eons of time and the establishment of your works are wholly dependent on God.

We are just clay in the potters hand.

...and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.
(1Pe 5:5b)

6 February 2013

Not Afraid
Some of you may wonder why there are times I just tend to cover a great deal of  secular articles, news and perspective. Some of you want me to wear a prophet's mantle with every word I write. Brothers, that is not my calling and many of those who are out there prophesying are not called by God either into that very difficult, dangerous and life shortening office.

Prophets have a tough job, one of the toughest because his job is to tell folks what they don't want to hear, deliberately ignore and often want to violently suppress. Very few 'want' to be a prophet but when God calls them into that ministry they know they have a very tough job ahead. Most of your prophets were single. Jeremiah was and Ezekiel lost his wife in the middle of his ministry. Go and look you will see that the Prophets life is a lonely one because he is often ostracized from his own people, laughed at and mocked. Do you know why many Churches in America won't let a real prophet into their halls and often will drive them out? Because like Israel of old, they don't want the truth, they want 'smooth things' uttered to them. Words of comfort, not woe; words of peace, not judgment. They want God to save them in their sins, not from their sins.

Many years ago, the Lord told me, after many a trip to local Churches to not even bother with them again, that 'they will never accept you'. I cannot begin to describe the 'deadness' and formulaic ways of doing things I saw in many of them. I had even been essentially tossed out of one for doing nothing more than coming on three successive Sundays. They weren't partiuclarly nice about it and other visitors (who were white) were not treated as I was. But God has always looked out for me and has told me essentially that he's not in those Churches. They are not his, though they make many holy noises and much spiritual talk, their deeds betray them and that I was not to worry about their opinion and the best thing for me was to not let their spiritual leprosy cling on to me. In short: Anyone knows that spending too much time in a leper colony invites leprosy on oneself. Here the leprosy is compromise, sin, rebellion against God's clear commandments, lukewarmness and love of this world.

Like Israel of old, the American Church has slipped and slidden into a pitiful state, many now allow openly, shameless and utterly unrepentant sinners into positions of leadership in to their clergy and perform abominations right in the Church! Those that don't are so hooked on the trinkets of Mammon and cannot hear God when he calls to them. Instead you get the Gospel according to the GOP or Obama, or the Gospel according to Wall Street, read from the Book of Mammon, verse 501(c)3.

The whole counsel of God is missing and that is when God has to send in his prophets to redirect the people away from their myriad errors. Anyone who reads the Old Testament knows that the people almost never listened. Rather, they mocked and laughed at God's prophets. Even when the very thing God had predicted was right at the doors and could be seen with their own eyes, they would not see and would not repent. In Ancient Israel it was the Babylonian Army, today its a major debt crisis and covert warfare that is sweeping the nation. In Israels day, a killing spree ensued particularly against Israel's leaders and the king had his eyes put out.... right after he saw his sons slain before him. Clearly his tormentors wanted the image of his dead sons to be the last one he ever saw.

Then the king of Babylon slew the sons of Zedekiah in Riblah before his eyes: also the king of Babylon slew all the nobles of Judah. Moreover he put out Zedekiah's eyes, and bound him with chains, to carry him to Babylon.
(Jer 39:6-7)

Let me tell you something here and now. This God we serve is no joke, he will not be mocked. Zedekiah saw fit to ignore God as did Israel and the result were rivers of blood at tears. They had no excuse, they were warned and warned for many years. The prophets message can be summed up in these next versus.

And it shall come to pass, when ye shall say, Wherefore doeth the LORD our God all these things unto us?

then shalt thou answer them, Like as ye have forsaken me, and served strange gods in your land, so shall ye serve strangers in a land that is not yours. Declare this in the house of Jacob, and publish it in Judah, saying, Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not: Fear ye not me? saith the LORD: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it? But this people hath a revolting and a rebellious heart; they are revolted and gone. Neither say they in their heart, Let us now fear the LORD our God, that giveth rain, both the former and the latter, in his season: he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest. Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withholden good things from you. For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men. As a cage is full of birds, so are their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich. They are waxen fat, they shine: yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge. Shall I not visit for these things? saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?

(Jer 5:19-31)

God has not changed. He is not going to let this nation and these entities that call themselves Churches continue to mock him and his ways with their loathsome behavior and pervert the gospel message with their myriad sins and abominations and thus making a mockery of Christ, What they are doing is turning millions away from ever hearing the truth because of the bad behavior and hypocrisy of a Church mired in sin, greed and rebellion.

God will not be mocked.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
(Gal 6:7)

Brothers and sisters. try and understand something here. I do my very best as a watchman. That does not always mean citing scripture everyday and coming up with deep spiritual commentary. There are times when I do it, times I am told to do it (divine instructions) and times I feel like I am wasting my time trying to get my countryman to open their eyes and fellow Christians to get real about their salvation and the perilous times we have entered into.

I am not here to be 'the great prophet', but God has given me a job to do and I am going to do it until he says to stop. But I will say this - I am a little suspicious of men who always seem to have special word from the Lord. Two or three times a week they have a new 'word from God'. Well, I am not saying they don't, but I am not saying they have heard from him either. I also a little leery of men who constantly stoke up images of fear all the time. A true prophet tells the whole story, both sides of it. What God is going to do to those stuck in sin and what he is going to do with those who really do fear the Lord and honor his word and ways. God always has a plan for his people and while they may be persecuted and even killed for the sake of the Gospel, it is not God's long established pattern to gather up the wicked and the just and punish them both in the same way.

God will take care of his people. Just make sure brothers when its our time to pass over our own spiritual 'river Jordan',  that we make our deaths count for something, that being Christ. If we are to die as Christians for the gospel and the word of our testimony (Rev 19:10, 12:17, 12:11), let us rejoice because we have long and honorable heritage of those who went before us. In short, I am not going to tell you that many of us will not lose our lives in the years ahead. The scriptures bear witness that being a Christian, a genuine blood purchased, Holy Spirit led servant of Jesus Christ is going to be very dangerous as we move through these last days.  This is because the devil is going to be given great authority for 1260 days and will use his time to blaspheme God and kill his servants (Rev Chapter 13). He will be given power over the saints to kill us. So brothers and sisters in Christ, steel your heart, mind and soul around this so that when things get rough and the truly evil day arrives you will have your hearts already established having already fully counted the cost of your faith and walk with Christ. Let us not mince words for many of us, it will mean our heads will fall into a basket.

And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
(Rev 20:4)
I know many of you wonder why I focus so much on news. It is because so much is happening that no one wants to accurately report... with large chunks of the story omitted from the news reports or buried in the back pages of the paper or blogosphere. I do my best to try and relate stores of interest and shed some light on those stories. Look... I hit a lot of sites everyday, I see a lot of regurgitation and little real analysis, thought or perspective and you cannot accurately watch in these times unless you open your eyes and see what is going on. For that you need news... accurate, timely information without those careful omissions and political spin. If I do any 'spinning' it is the Spiritual spin. I do my best to give my readers credit and not talk down to them. I should not have to tell you that defrauding a person out of their home isn't good or lobbing drones on 5 year olds is not godly. So nine times out of ten, I don't cite a verse with a news story. If I feel I need to, I do but I am not trying to be overly spiritual and impress people with my scriptural knowledge. The only one I want to impress is the Lord. I have learned by and large to ignore the rest.

So brothers, don't expect me to try and be the 'Great Prophet'. I would run from that job like Jonah ran from his. Sure, I would probably repent and do it but under protest. No, I will let others get the glory and become the 'great authority' on this or that. I just want to do the task God has called me to do as best as I can and let others bask in the fame of their ministries. Me?

I just want to get into the Kingdom and I can't do that if I don't do the job God has given me to do. So I do it with no more murmurings or complainings.  God hates murmuring (1 Cor 10:10).

In Christ,

Written this day of our Lord,
 7 February, 2013


Confronting Enemy Force Buildup: The Case of Advanced Weaponry for Hizbollah
According to foreign sources, Israel attacked a convoy that was to transfer advanced weapons – apparently SA-17 ground-to-air missiles – from Syria to Lebanon. This attack raises some important issues, both in principle, concerning Israel’s national security concept, and in the specific context of current events in Syria and Lebanon. - INSS

CIA Hearing To Focus On Drones Secret Base
The father of the drone strike is to get the top job at Langley. This hearing is a mere formality and the 'tough questions' mere theater. The Democrats are not going to buck Obama and the GOP love this guy.

Drone strikes are going to be the way we fight this war on terror... that decision has already been made. The real question I think lies in the details. How many innocent women and children are we going to allow to be killed as 'collateral damage' and are we going to continue to allow those 'secondary strikes' aimed at killing rescuers who come and try to get their husbands, wives and kids out of the rubble? How long is the Senate and House going to let this administration get away with it and in the process, stoke even more Muslins into a fanatical hatred of America?

That I think is the real question. Is our policy to end Islamic fanaticism or fuel it? What is the Presidents real goal?

USS Gettysburg and Truman Deployment Delayed
Budgetary uncertainty is the reason... better phrased as 'we goin' broke!'.

Cash Purchases Of Calif. Homes Hit Record
This is a very interesting trend that I will talk about more in the future. Take a read, it is indeed very interesting. People are bypasing the banks (who can be very difficult in the post crisis world) and buying homes for cash.
Courts Hold Lawyers Responsible For Foreclosure Actions
This is the second Federal Court decision placing significant responsibility and liability for lawyers that act as debt collectors.

Iran Seeks Alliance With Egypt

Veterans And Homelessness
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have brought renewed attention to the needs of veterans, including the needs of homeless veterans. Researchers have found both male and female veterans to be overrepresented in the homeless population, and as the number of veterans increases due to  these conflicts, there is concern that the number of homeless veterans could rise commensurately. The 2007-2009 recession and the subsequent slow economic recovery also raised concerns that homelessness could increase among all groups, including veterans.  - CRS


pdf  Watson's Economic Crisis Report (February 2013)
This issue of my new series of paid reports deals with the ongoing global economic crisis. Its about 40 pages and deals with a wide range of issues that face the western world.  This touches on America's decline, Obama's new Treasury pick, the ongoing debt crisis, the Fed and Treasuries debt monetization operations, currency wars, scenario's for major troubles in China, Europe's ongoing crisis and a general prognosis for the western economy.

Note: Many of you may be a little taken aback at the price increase. This is just for this SPECIAL report. Future issues will revert back to $7. I have given FREELY for the past 12, going on 13 years and 95% of what I still write is and will remain free. But the bills have to be paid and I want to produce something of use to those who are willing to assist in this work. In short, my best secular analysis from here on is going to be behind a pay/donation wall - all spiritual commentary and casual analysis will remain free for as long as this site remains... and that dear readers, is not a 'given'.

Not to toot my own horn, but I don't think anyone who reads this report will be disappointed.

This special report will be a look at the ongoing economic crisis that has engulfed the western world. We will be looking at where this crisis is likely to take the world given the current predisposition of world leaders to keep critical events and actions out of the news papers and delay the critical and much needed reform of both the western banking system as well is the profligate way it funds is respective governmental institutions. What this paper wishes to impress upon all who read it is that one way or another, reform will come. It will come when leaders can still control events or they will come when leaders can no longer control events. The specter  of the loss of control for critical economic and monetary functions, due to titanic economic forces that are even now building up is a scenario that will be most unpleasant but also more severe the longer critical inaction is delayed... - Watson's Economic Crisis Report

US Goes After S&P
Yes, five years later what appears to be a highly selective prosecution ensues against the S&P. Why are they being picked on? My guess is that its pure revenge and to send a message to any other ratings agency who has the gumption to rate according to credit worthiness as opposed to political threats. Lest we forget....

This looks to be a warning shot across the others ratings agencies bow.... don't you dare do your jobs.... we'll crucify you!

South Sudan Inflation Hits 35%
Because she needs to import just about everything and her oil exports are under threat, the new nation is in dire trouble because its economy was almost soley dependent on oil revenues.

Black Agenda Report Comments On Murder Memo
There are not many Black folks or bloggers who have the courage and intelligence to really step back and look at what this President has been and is doing to the world in general and Black folks in particular.  Black Agenda Report is one of the few that have not given in to the self enforced sycophancy of the White Owned, White Controlled, 'Black Press'.  They have not succumbed to a Black Culture so afraid of self-analysis and is in stark terror of the criticism of not being 'Black enough' among their equally vacuous black compatriots that they won't even bother to look at the facts and engage in honest, full spectrum (this is key) analysis.

Because in my humble view, 'Tom' is rapidly becoming the new Black. We have forgotten the real battles that were fought and why and are quickly clinging on to myths about our history and past. Myths that empower those who once held us down and still do in more subtle ways that only a few thinking Black Americans really understand. The Condi Rice's and Barak Obama's of the world typify this kind of 'Black Leader'. They don't serve the people, they serve the corporations and banks that are robbing Black America today. They give you an image of hope and change with a Black face while the guys who pay their bills steal your house and ship your job to China.

I know many of you think I may be too hard on the President and that I don't understand some the pressures he is under. I do and I know the kinds of changes that need to be made are the kinds of things that could cause his sudden departure. But he came in promising change and has not delivered and I am not such a racist that I am going to support him just because he is Black. But I hate to break it to you, too many of my fellow Black Americans are guilty of the same kinds of racism they blame white folks for... voting race. 

Ordinary folks, Black, White and Latino need some help, they need jobs, they need their voices heard and this President is long on talk and symbols, and short on delivery of the goods. He delivered them to Wall Street... Trillions of dollars worth but to main street he delivered a foreclosure notice, pink slip and murder memo.

Murder Memo: Offical Confusion
You know this is contraversial when the CFR is asking questions!

Gunfight At Dupont Circle
...Later in the day, a TV account on a local station reported the involvement of two other cars in addition to the Lincoln in the gun battle: a Porsche and a Jaguar.

A gun fight outside the White House involving three late model luxury cars driven by white males in an area swarming with presidential security details? – and this is passed off as an ordinary robbery attempt? That's ridiculous on the face of it. - Antipas

I cannot confirm or deny some of the assertions made in this piece, I just don't know. Though I highly doubt the Petreaus angle.  But I will say that it appears that there is much more to this gunfight than what we have been told.

A Conversation With St. Paul

St Paul :  And if we have food and covering, with these we shall be content. (1 Tim 6:8)

Prosperity Teacher:  No, I am sorry.  We cannot be content
with just enough. We must make more money to further the cause of the Great Commission.

St Paul:  But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction. (1 Tim 6: 9)

Prosperity Teacher:  Again I beg to differ. I tell you God wants all of us to be rich. And if that is God’s will, it will be foolish to think harm will be in the way.

St Paul: For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith, and pierced themselves with many a pang. (1 Tim 6:10)

Prosperity Teacher:   No way !  For the lack of money, which is poverty, is a curse from God.  Are you sure that many have wandered away from the faith or suffered pangs in life ?  Look at the explosive church growth and fulfilling lives here because of our belief that wealth creation is a blessing from God.  

St Paul :  But flee from these things, you man of God; and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness. (1 Tim 6:11)

Prosperity Teacher:  Flee ???  You must be joking.  We will embrace and pursue wealth creation wholeheartedly. We must pursue wealth, fame, success and whatever it takes to further the Great Commission cause. If the los
t wants cult personality in  stardom, pop culture, entrepreneurship or charisma just to be persuaded to come to church, we will give them all. 

Thinking aloud - is it really about the Great Commission or lining up one's own pockets ?   Or does the end (Great Commission) justifies all means - good or bad ? 


Brother 'Redeemed'
(brother 'redeemed' wanted me to change the pseudonym as only Christ is our Redeemer!)

Good Judge Called Rookie By Billionare Media Mogul's Paper
A true rags to power story... a judge who is not afraid to deal head on with the dark side of the Obama Administration.

8.0 Quake Strikes, Tsunami Kills Six
..and wipes out communities.

Egypt: Kidnapped Christian Girl Possibly Smuggled To Libya
Hundreds of Christian Egyptian girls having been abducted and forced to convert to Islam and marry Muslim men since the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

5 February 2013
How Officials Will Force You To Bail Out The Fed And Treasury
This is pure Obamaism. He's calling it an 'Automatic IRA'. It was proposed by the Right Wing Heritage Foundation (run by NeoCons) and essentially will allow a company to take your money and put it into what will almost certainly be a Wall Street controlled Retirement (derivatives gambling) account. Now I am not going to say this is an all bad idea because saving for retirement is something that everyone should do. But everyone has been. It's called Social Security and if you're working, you are saving for retirement. But with any system like this one has to keep in mind what happened to Social Security, what happened to many people's 401(k)'s. The insiders in Washington found a creative way to steal them. That's why Social Security is in trouble. The Bill Clinton's of the world stole it and called it a 'balanced budget' initiative. He just took the cash in the fund, spent it and replaced it with an IOU using the 'full faith and credit' lie as the ruse. Credit, by the way means DEBT. So what is in the fund is no longer money, but debt that Uncle Sam has to come up with when granny retires.

My point is a simple one, whenever there is a lot of money sloshing around, Wall Street and the Feds are going to find a way to steal it. You force these automatic IRA's and Wall Street is going to find a way to gamble that money away and not pay retiree's. They will pay a politician like Obama to make sure no one see's the inside of a jail cell for their crimes. This president who's largest contributors in 2008 was Wall Street has shown himself to be a shameless protector of crimes (a criminal co-conspirator, if you will) of the banks. This guy isn't going to change, Wall Street isn't going to change, the Criminal Facilitation Agency (AKA US Justice Department) isn't going to change. So look for this kind of thing to be a ruse to lure people into these plans that will, over the years, be 'de-regulated' so that the banks can do whatever they want with it and you are left with an IRA statement when you are 65 years old that says $23.45 with a writing in small print telling you that this money is subject to Federal Income tax. Its Obamanomics in a nutshell  - the banks get the money (as in trillions in bailouts), you get the shaft (as in a pink slip or foreclosure notice) and no one goes to jail (how many wall street bankers has this administration put in jail... now how many has he immunized from prosecution?

Even as he professes sympathy for the anti-Wall Street protesters, Obama continues to aggressively front for the financial mafia. The New York Times, an avid backer of Obama, nevertheless felt obliged to publish an editorial Wednesday (“Letting the Banks Off Easy”) criticizing the administration for seeking to ram through a deal that would immunize the banks from legal challenges by state governments for their wholesale violations of the law in the processing of home foreclosures. - WSWS

So one way or another this money is going to go to Wall Street and the Feds. This will be extremely simple. The Government would simply require that a certain percent of your IRA be in Treasuries. That bails our the Government because now, US citizens  would be forced to be in the US debt market.  Wall Street and the US get bailed out, and you get left holding the dirty end of the stick when its time for you to retire.

Is there a solution to being robbed by Obama and his GOP henchman? Yes, there is. Tina Turner, that great American Songtress finally found a way and made the break. She is going to renounce her Babylonian Citizenship and become a Swiss Citizen and keep the money she earned in her life. Why shouldn't she? Why should she pay for the idiocy in Washington, the waste and theft of TRILLIONS of dollars with the fruit of her labor? I just don't think most people understand what has been happening. Did you know that many EU banks are very, very reticent to allow Americans to open accounts there? Some won't let you do it? Why not? Uncle Sam has been so dirty and filthy in the way they handled their relationships that it is just too cumbersome for them and entails too much risk for these banks to have you as a customer... so they don't and its not just the Swiss.

That's right, most Americans have no clue as to how ugly and arrogant the US government is and what we are doing to long standing good relationships.  The term 'ugly American' has only been magnified with Bush and Obama.  Americans as a result of this and the last Administration behavior are becoming 'Toxic Citizens". And don't let them fool you about concerns about money laundering, our banks have been doing it for years, still do it and this administration has yet to criminally prosecute the banks for doing so. The job of this Justice Department, as I said is not to prosecute the crimes of Wall Street, but to FACILITATE those crimes. What you don't know is most interesting.

To my African American readers who still shake at the knees in awe and and go into an 'ecstatic trance' every time his name is mentioned, I can only say this...

...Don't let Tommy fool you.

What happens to black folks who get fooled by Tommy and his Wall Street swindlers?

Look and see what's happening in historically black communities.

Obama's Plan To Kill Americans With Drones
Oh yes, this President can and has killed American citizens with his drones. He has even killed American kids with deliberate premeditation. This should send chills down anyones spine who still has a pulse and two interconnected brain cells in full operation. What this says is that he can kill you with no judicial review based purely on intelligence reporting. Let me tell you something now, intelligence reporting is not gospel. It is very often wrong or missing critical pieces of information. As standards for analysis and recruitment for intelligence professionals has declined (significantly) so has the reporting and quality.

The US intelligence community is dysfunctional and frankly not fully reliable. We are not talking spies and traitors, but other problems, like analysts who get killed when they see things certain powers don't want reported. This has happened so many times in the past that one would need a site the size of Wikipedia to give you names, dates and why they were killed.  Reports that get buried that are 100% accurate but no one wants out and never get to decision makers are many. The community is suffering from serious corruption and criminalization within its ranks by those in the political system who can and do make intelligence professionals with high skills and integrity 'go away on a long journey from which they never return'. This is rather commonplace in Washington and since Eric Holders Criminal Facilitation Agency never investigates these crimes and sometimes even aids the killers (with quiet understandings... ever heard of Breitbart?), these hit squads operate with utter impunity. Hey there was one not too long ago in Virginia that Holder put a gag order on the Press. He was not 'protecting' the investigation but two of the most powerful men in government. If folks found out where the dead man worked and why he was killed, there would have been an uproar... and not a small one. Justice wasn't investigating, it was facilitating the crime with enforced silence on an 'investigation' that will they know will never happen.

Listen, I am not going to hide anything here. I worked in that Intel business for years with what is often referred to as higher than Top Secret clearances. I saw the handwriting on the wall years ago. I know folks still in the business and while they cannot say much (as I am no longer cleared) they just shake their heads at the dearth of quality found in many intelligence agencies in government. They relate just how bad it really is... and to rely on it for such a decision as killing US citizens? Why not just use a crystal ball, the Tarot cards or maybe a phrenologist... it might prove to be more accurate than some of the dribble that passes for intelligence these days.

No dear readers, this chain of events and document are very chilling. This is carte blanche to kill anyone the President wants to and the only 'check and balance' is who has the most powerful hit squad that operates at the outer edges of the US government that consistently kills analysts and government employees that may undercut someones power, lose them some powerful group some money or otherwise cross a line that the analyst may or may not even be privy to.

Listen, I want to pass this on as well this blogging job that I do is no joke. I have indeed been threatened. Not just once or twice.... by some very scary people. Folks who have the kind of power described here. They only backed off because they knew the cost if they did. My sudden passing? Well, what follows is not anything I have going on with me or have set up but....well let me say this about that.

I have heard that some within the community have always liked the Russian way of doing things. The Russians used to have a 'dead hand' system with their nuclear weapons. It went like this. If someone did not press a button every so many minutes, the missiles would go off. That ensures that no matter what even if everyone in the silo was dead, there would be a response should there be an attack. That is why it was called the 'dead hand'. I understand since the advent of the last Bush administration that some of our officials have a kind of personal dead hand system and is standard operating procedure for some shall we say 'clued in' folks in Washington. That way if they ever get picked up on some trumped up baloney or are murdered and the 'button' is not pushed at a set time interval, an irrecoverable chain of events happens no one can stop. Nothing violent, no one would die or even be physically hurt. But you will see so many powerful people heading to jail (and uproar in the worlds capitals) that the world will be a much better place in he long run. In Washington, the only life-insurance one really has that is worth something is one like this. This is because you are dealing with some truly evil men and women in power, a Justice Department suffering from Willful Blind Eye Syndrome and, Guys and Gals with winning smiles, wonderful photogenic families and in whose backyard are buried hundreds of people (men woman and children) who were only doing what was best for the nation when they were murdered by that photogenic person. Think about what I am saying here. Some of our personnel don't only have to deal with the Russians spies, Chinese assassins and other foreign spies but our own leaders (the people that most of you voted for) can be just as viciously murderous, treacherous and treasonous against our own Intelligence personnel. This is the only way some of these guys can stay alive.

This system is only possible with a population so brainwashed and dumb (willfully) they keep voting for the same guys over and over again. Meanwhile, that backyard is quickly running out of room... maybe its time to build an oven or two to get rid of those 'inconveniences'.  Keep this in mind. There is 'image' and there is 'reality'. Our system forces an 'image' of our leaders that is utterly divorced from reality into millions of homes via TV. This is just perception management for a political purpose. It works. I mean, who got the $16 trillionin bailouts and who got the bills? They know how to do a 'mind job' on you and keep you so mentally dysfunctional that you continue to vote the thieves back in office.. Most Americans are simpletons and work pretty hard to stay that way, so this is not rocket science to accomplish. Just tell people a lie they want to hear and nine times out of ten, they will believe it -  and even if they don't believe it, they will still vote for it. This is the ultimate mind control.

Now perhaps some of you can understand why I never ever want to go back into Federal Service. I would sooner join the Mafia or some Mexican Drug cartel- at least they are not hypocrites about what they are and do. This kind of system would never be able to flourish if the Justice Department were doing its job, and it isn't and has no intention of doing it. They can only go after the kids in the ghetto, the small business man, the protester in the street or some poor white guy who lost his job and happens to have a legally registered gun in his house. Those kinds of powerless ones will feel the full weight of a corrupted Justice Department... while the banksters roll around in their Bentley's telling the DOJ which 'darkie' or po' folk to pick up next.

But I also know that God has decided to protect me for as long as I am to do my job, I don't need the kind of protection. described above. But know that what I am talking about here are not things you are going to hear elsewhere on the net. You are dealing with a deep, deep evil and darkness that has descended on Washington and we have a President who far more often than not, embraces that darkness like a newly wed woman embraces her husband on their honeymoon - fully, completely, willingly and with almost no inhibitions.

Finally, forget about 90% (though not all) of that 'Illuminati' baloney you read on the net. Most of it is garbage put forward and posted by these very same guys who really run things to keep you spinning your wheels out there in the cyberspace and never looking at their activities. Did your network hit a guy? Get one of your bloggers to post a story that the 'Illuminati' did it and make sure it gets maximum coverage in fruit-loop ville.

So brothers, do pray for me and this ministry for my finances and personal protection. Both are needed Also pray for others as well inside this dysfunctional government who are doing their best to slow the rot that permeates the Federal Government. Things are pretty rotten and those of you who think you know how bad it is...

...you really don't have a clue.

On a final note, I notice that for some time Civil libertarians Groups like the ACLU were trying very hard to get hold of this document on assassinations. Obama refused to give it to them showing his usual contempt for long cherished American Civil Liberties. It was only when 11 Senators threatened (of both parties) to make some trouble for his CIA director Nominee ('Father Drone' Brennan) did he decide to make the documents known.

Shows you what he thinks about you and me doesn't it?

The Currency Wars Commence
This is true to the pattern of history when these kinds of crisis hit.

Troubled Dell Taken Private
I think the untold story here is one that only a few caught. When Dell was only shipping Intel chips in its computers, it was done, according to a lawsuit that paid AMD over a billion dollars, as result of a secret agreement between Dell and Intel to essentially kick AMD out. Such a deal is not legal. What is interesting is that after that suit and an agreement to end any such future 'gratuities', Dell started to have trouble.

I cannot recall the amount of rebate/gratuity Dell received from Intel but this buy-out today, I do not think is unrelated to that landmark suit.  How much was Intel paying Dell? According to this piece, a billion dollars a year.

Now you know where Dell's profits went why it got in trouble and now has been bought out.

Greece Internal Stability Questioned
This may not seem like much but it is. The Government is trying to force Shipyard to work during a general strike. Things are pretty bad there and here in the US there is a blackout on news from the streets. Take a look and see what the cops are doing to kids in Greece. People are desperate. I just don't think the situation registers with the SuperBowl addicts in America. The Finance minister got a bullet in the mail.

France Is The New Greece
Yes it will be. Hollande is a disaster fiscally. The chaos may not be getting worse in places like Greece and Spain, but the situation (on the street) is not improving either.

But overall, despite the 'happy headlines', the crisis in the EU is worsening but leaders have so far been able to keep social discontent down to a loud roar, not ear piercing, but loud.

How long can they keep it up? I don't know, as long as Merkel plays delaying games probably, but once she changes her tune things will descend quickly. I think that and actions that the US is taking (I do not feel I should relate here) have kept Europe's banking system from a complete and total breakdown. The problem is that no one is doing anything substantive to make any critical changes, the bailouts and delays are just prolonging political inertia rather than spurring change.

Then we have the UK Prime Minster promising a referendum on EU membership. I told you something like this was coming over a year ago. There is a darkness coming out of Brussels and Berlin that hearkens back to the 1930's and that goofy looking Austrian madman that plunged the world into war.  The leadership in the UK know that they are at war but explaining that to the average Brit would not be easy. An economic and political war... but war is underway nonetheless. I think this referendum is a chance to free the UK from the poisonous influence coming out of Europe that no one really believed was real until Britain's banks were within a hairs breath of all collapsing not so long ago. Then the 'light went on' and someone with some brains figured out what was happening, who was behind it and why.

Keeping Secrets From Congress: Obama And Nukes
Nothing new here. This administration is obsessed with Secrecy, making Nixon look like a wikileaker.... hiding things from Senator Lugar who has been in this business when Obama was still a community organizer? You have to wonder what is this President hiding. I will tell you what is almost certainly behind this.

This man is utterly obessesd with his image and legacy. That's it. If you cannot connect up those things with a policy don't expect to get it on Obey's desk. It ain't happnin'. The mirrors and self adulation in this man's personal life...its really rather sick. The guy I am telling you has some serious issues. So I think this is all about image management. He does not want anything to tarnish the fake image he has put out for the world to see... and it is fake. So when something even slightly controversial is being debated he throws up the classification wall as fast as possible. Legacy? I think this man will get the blame for the collapse of the US economy that everyone knows is coming. No one can tell him that, he is surrounded by bobbleheads and sycophants and increasingly is living inside that Presidential Bubble.. talking to his mirrors on the wall...

"Mirror  O mirror sittin' up in here,
tell me, oh tell me
what I want to hear!"
I can't do that, it would wreck my rep
For your silly behavior, I cannot abet
But if you want my views,
It mostly ain't news
But some of it you sho' need to hear.

The sista's all think you as fine as wine
but I say you are also proud, foolish and blind
You know its a crime
 to spend so much time
twiddling your hours with me.

So put all them mirrors far, far away
And get some work done for just once here today
The budget is busting
And you up in here primping
And this is your real legacy.

Pushing for Gays while our kids go hungry
Is this the best you can do?
Ask those who in 08
who made the mistake
of electing a man like you
Fix your priorities or they will fix you.
And land you in political stew.

You not the Messiah or Dr. King
Though for such our nation is aching.
King followed through and paid a high price
And rejected the evil device.
I am, sorry to say
 this is not true of you
Since you rejected the better advice
You now kill your own people with remote control bombs
while you hunt the world over for the elusive Imams.

So screw up some courage
and get a real clue
You still have some work to do
Create a good legacy of real hope and change
and start some real bottom up legal reviews
To nix all the drones and laws all deranged
That are killing America's soul

And next time you ask the mirror a question
Be ready for some hard hitting words
I will not mess up my very fine record
by changing my shape to a cowards.

New Copyright System Seriosly Flawed, Issues Takedown Notices to Rights Holders
Pretty sorry... and the ISP's are going to use this?! Can you imagine millions of people watching a show online legally getting cut off from the net because of a system so messed up?

That's Hollywood for you. Sodomy, mindless violence and mistaken takedown notices.
4 February 2013
Who Runs The World? Hitler Henchman's Kids Are Billionaire's
A fascinating read and one that I highly recommend. The real people who run this insane asylum called earth are very different folks than most people think.

Greece: Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Forges German Links

Israel And The Political Dead End - INSS
This is written and produced by an Israeli think tank. What is interesting is that Israel and its leaders are truly beginning to think outside of the box and are looking for different ways to solve the crisis.

The soul searching is very real. Israel knows that he current course is not 'sustainable'; politically or militarily.

Some time ago, Arab and Israeli military/security professionals met and discussed things. These are men who hated one another and some bore the  wounds on their bodies that could be directly attributed to someone else in the room. The two sides met to discuss real solutions to the crisis. How can there be peace, lasting real peace between the two groups? Both sides after long discussions came to the same conclusion. That it was going to take serious economic solutions to fix the problems. Poverty, want and disenfranchisement are the leading causes for the swelling ranks of militants and terrorists and as long as Palestinians are poor and have little real hope for a future for themselves and families, continued recalcitrance and stubborn negotiating positions based on Islamic fanaticism will continue to reign supreme. Both sides see this.

What are the solutions? They are not easy. Greater economic empowerment to the Palestinians could just as easily mean in the short term, more money going to fanatical groups. There are many ways that this can be handled. When talking with one Senior US official not long ago, I intimated that one of the ways I would solve this crisis is to induce large US businesses to open up factories and employment opportunities in Jordan, which is the actual and treaty defined Palestinian Homeland. Do this in a way that provides housing, a living wage, schools for children, safe streets, etc. In short induce a larger portion of Palestinians to migrate to their homeland and significantly reduce any economic incentive for Palestinians to remain in the West Bank. In other words, use economics to induce migration. Once that is done, Israel and Jordan can come to terms on the status of the West Bank with a severely weakened political entity residing there. The key will also be to undercut the ravings of the Islamists who wish to 'push the Jews into the sea' with concrete economic disincentives to those individuals who espouse such doctrines. This too will require creative thinking.

I think the key here is that economics is the prime mover in the 21st century. Use that carrot and stick wisely and the problems there can be noticeably reduced, if not completely eliminated in say 20-30 years with hard and concerted efforts.

Energy Industry Creates Non-Toxic Fracking Fluids
...looking for ways to reduce environmental concerns.

California  May Be Mother Load Of US Oil Finds
If and when it is exploited it could transform California significantly.

FCC Calling For Nationwide Public Wifi
A great idea whose time has come.

That means no one is ever disconnected, and some folks – especially light users and the poor – could likely ditch regular Internet and cell plans altogether." - Slashdot

I see a war brewing here  between big telecoms and ordinary people. But if sanity prevails I think a compromise can be found that all can live with.

Oil Pipelines Spark Land Wars
Land, home and ranch owners are pit against Big Oil in the battle for transit rights for energy. Different states have different measures and there has been an increase of eminent domain cases.

In some states, the governments give Oil companies broad power to just take your land.

Earth Reels From 9 Major Quakes in Five Days
This is significant on many fronts, prophetic, seismic, environmental and disaster preparedness. All of these quakes activity also correlates with 44 volcanic eruptions recorded just last month.

Click event below for details
6.068km WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands10.922S165.246E7.5
6.915km SW of Obihiro, Japan42.812N143.078E103.1
6.467km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands11.063S165.326E22.0
6.347km WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands10.926S165.450E19.9
6.052km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands11.090S165.538E9.3
5.944km SSW of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea6.951S147.667E34.8
6.0101km W of Craig, Alaska55.584N134.745W9.7
6.260km E of Lata, Solomon Islands10.628S166.382E9.2
6.074km ENE of Lata, Solomon Islands10.518S166.486E10.0
6.843km N of Vallenar, Chile28.180S70.784W42.7
Source: USGS

The earth is changing rapidly.

President Or Cheif Evangelist For Sodom?
Since he got that $200 million dollars from Hollywood (that is the real amount of money he got in unreported and PAC contributions) , he has been a non-stop advocate for the things in direct opposition to God and 230 years of US history in favor of a 'New America' that is increasingly mocked and hated around the world.

Know this, I have no hatred  for gays. I really don't. Most frankly want their private sexuality kept private. Why make a political issue out of it other than to offend folks and make a bunch of trouble for the nation, dividing up the nation that is already seriously fractured along  racial and economic lines?  Ever think maybe some of these groups are in the pay of foreign nations and those wanting to stir up social discontent in America?

I think what really gets me is that this President spends so much time dealing with a divisive issue like this to placate a very few militant gays and what I will call the 'anti-Christ wing' of Hollywood and won't focus on real important issues. Issues like how we are going to pay the bills this year and next with (as readers of the last Economic Crisis Report know) a fiscal situation that is critical.

You can't pay for Social Security, border security, food stamps Medicare, the DOD and make those CRIPPLING INTEREST PAYMENTS ON PAST DEBT with gay sex, Mr. President. We cannot pay our bills with homosexual copulation. The sad part is that the majority of gays, the silent majority, don't like the way this guy is politicizing their private behavior. There is no reason for it other than to stick one's middle finger in God's eye, just because they think they can get away with it. He has become a tool used by those who can write large checks against the God of heaven.

Get real, get a clue and get to work, Mr. President and stop consulting and consorting with the devil and his imps!!

Egypt Conflict Alert: Can Anarchy Come?

It is difficult to know which is most dangerous: the serious uptick in street violence; President Morsi’s and the Muslim Brotherhood’s serial inability to reach out to the rest of the political class inclusively; or the opposition clinging to the hope of some extraneous event (demonstrations, foreign pressure, judicial rulings or military intervention) allowing it to gain power while bypassing arduous compromise and politics. They are tied of course: the president’s cavalier treatment of the constitution-writing process and the judiciary and the opposition’s lethargic approach to politics and rejection of Islamist legitimacy alike have eroded the authority of state institutions. This encourages in turn unrest and contributes to the economic slide. Together, these heighten risks of a complete breakdown of law and order. For two years, political factions repeatedly have failed to reach consensus on basic rules of the game, producing a transition persistently threatening to veer off the road. It is past time for the president and opposition to reach an accommodation to restore and preserve the state’s integrity.  

Since President Mubarak’s ouster, the level of violence has ebbed and flowed, yet each new wave brings the country closer to tipping point. Already, some police officers, beleaguered by attacks on their headquarters, are considering removing their uniforms and going home; there is talk of brewing discontent among Central Security Forces, the riot control police; and criminal gangs along with looters profit from the chaos. There are new shocking images of police brutality. Many young Egyptians increasingly appear disillusioned with electoral politics, and some are drawn to anarchical violence.- International Crisis Group

Syria Deploy's Scud's Targeting Israel
Hardly surprising, but not that menacing considering the range of weapons Israel has to discourage any attack therewith.

China Aid Releases 2012 Persecution Report
This is the same group that has talked about China's policy of eradicating House Churches and non-State Sponsored worship and cites a significant increase in government persecution in 2012.

Mali: Mission Creep?
Has anyone noticed the way the US support for the French led intervention in Mali is gradually increasing? First of all it was supposed to be providing Intel and other support services.

Then came word that US Transports were ferrying French and African Troops to Bamako. (BTW the French have asked for more African Troops and International Observers...) Following that came word that American Tankers were conducting mid-air refueling for French Fighters... (continues)

The guy who writes this blog provides some very relevant perspective on numerous issues in Africa.

Another view that should not be dismissed is the one held by Progressives like John Pilger who writes over at the Axis Of Logic and does not lightly dismiss Hollywood's role in these wars.

My view falls in the middle. First, these Islamic fighters are bad news, don't kid yourself about what you are dealing with here. If hell opened up and spewed forth its demons they could hardly be worse than the wickedness these men bring with them.

But lets not kid ourselves either, we are not there on a Humanitarian gesture. That whole region is rich in resources. Mali is rich in gold and has many western firms mining.

In 1991, with the assistance of the International Development Association, Mali relaxed the enforcement of mining codes which led to renewed foreign interest and investment in the mining industry.[62] Gold is mined in the southern region and Mali has the third highest gold production in Africa (after South Africa and Ghana).[58] The emergence of gold as Mali's leading export product since 1999 has helped mitigate some of the negative impact of the cotton and Cte d'Ivoire crises.[63] Other natural resources include kaolin, salt, phosphate, and limestone.[55]Wikipedia

France Claims Capture Of Islamist Leader
He appears to be the brainchild behind the public amputations and terror committed against his fellow Africans.

Department Of Energy Hacked
A news search (BING) on this topic did not yield any results. Though clearly some of the stories are out there.  China is almost certainly the culprit. They seem to have gone on the offensive for some reason recently.

Indeed, I think it not unlikely that they were behind the power putage at the Super Bowl. That is just the way their security services operate. They want to let America know that can hit us at will, at home, work, play or in government. They have been very, very busy and I am fairly certain that it all has much to do with China wanting to use their tremendous dollar holdings to buy up critical infrastructure here in the US and our natural reticence to allow it.

On a related note it looks like the US is about to go on the offensive.

Remember what I said about WWIII last week?


1 February 2013
Hailstones The Size Of Bolders Hit Villages In India
Nine killed in the freak storm. Bible students may wish to read Rev 16:21 and consider how so many mock that the plagues in the scriptures cannot possibly happen as they are scientifically 'impossible'.

Mysterious Hiccups And Vocal Tics Hit Mass. School

China Aid Releases 2012 Persecution Report
This is the same group that has talked about China's policy of eradicating House Churches and non-State Sponsored worship and cites a significant increase in government persecution in 2012.

Mali: Mission Creep?
Has anyone noticed the way the US support for the French led intervention in Mali is gradually increasing? First of all it was supposed to be providing Intel and other support services.

Then came word that US Transports were ferrying French and African Troops to Bamako. (BTW the French have asked for more African Troops and International Observers...) Following that came word that American Tankers were conducting mid-air refueling for French Fighters... (continues)

The guy who writes this blog provides some very relevant perspective on numerous issues in Africa.

Another view that should not be dismissed is the one held by Progressives like John Pilger who writes over at the Axis Of Logic and does not lightly dismiss Hollywood's role in these wars.

My view falls in the middle. First, these Islamic fighters are bad news, don't kid yourself about what you are dealing with here. If hell opened up and spewed forth its demons they could hardly be worse than the wickedness these men bring with them.

But lets not kid ourselves either, we are not there on a Humanitarian gesture. That whole region is rich in resources. Mali is rich in gold and has many western firms mining.

In 1991, with the assistance of the International Development Association, Mali relaxed the enforcement of mining codes which led to renewed foreign interest and investment in the mining industry.[62] Gold is mined in the southern region and Mali has the third highest gold production in Africa (after South Africa and Ghana).[58] The emergence of gold as Mali's leading export product since 1999 has helped mitigate some of the negative impact of the cotton and Cte d'Ivoire crises.[63] Other natural resources include kaolin, salt, phosphate, and limestone.[55]Wikipedia

Department Of Energy Hacked
A news search (BING) on this topic did not yeild any results. Though clearly some of the stories are out there.  China is almost certainly the culprit. They seem to have gone on the offensive for some reason recently.

Indeed, I think it not unlikely that they were behind the Power Outage at the Super Bowl. That is just the way their security services operate. They want to let America know that can hit us at will, at home, work, play or in government. They have been very, very busy and I am fairly certain that it all has much to do with China wanting to use their tremendous dollar holdings to buy up critical infrastructure here in the US and our natural reticence to allow it.

On a related note it looks like the US is about to go on the offensive.

Remember what I said about WWIII last week?

The Troubling Voices Inside America
America is ripe for fascism. Yes it is and this article only tells us what I have been saying for sometime. Fascism 2.0 is coming.

A sister post at the same site that some may find interesting is here.

US Embassy In Turkey Bombed, Two Killed

Blast Hits Mexico's Biggest Oil Firm, 25 Killed
Publicly, terrorism has so far been ruled out.

This Week's Crooked Cop Stories

Narcs gone bad, evidence gone missing, cops gone over to the other side, and another jailer in trouble. Just another week in the drug war. Let's get to it:

In Pontiac, Michigan, prosecutors have dismissed 16 drug cases after an investigation determined a deputy on the county's narcotics enforcement team falsified a search warrant and lied under oath. Deputy Marc Ferguson, 47, a 24-year law enforcement veteran who was fired in December, opened a shipping container without a warrant in June 2011 and discovered 78 pounds of marijuana. He then resealed the container and sought a search warrant from a Pontiac magistrate, signing a sworn affidavit under oath that asked for permission to open the container. Ferguson later denied on the witness stand that he opened the container without a warrant. Drug charges against the defendant in that case were dropped in September, and since then, prosecutors have been sifting through other cases involving Ferguson and have dismissed 15 more in which he was central to the investigation. No word yet on any possible perjury charges.

In Quantico, Virginia, the town's acting police chief and sole other full-time officer resigned last Tuesday in the wake of an audit that found the department had missing drugs, guns, and cash. At least $1,080 in cash was missing from the evidence room, along with an unknown quantity of marijuana and four handguns. Acting Police Chief Howard Castle and Officer Daryl Robinson resigned at a city council meeting. Three of the four handguns have been recovered, and the state continues to investigate... - StopThe DrugWar.org

Federal Court Rules Against Obamacare Abortion Mandate
The issue is likely to wind up before SCOTUS in a couple of years.

Two Attacks Cause Indian Christians To Stop Meets
An uneasy calm prevails 20 miles east of India’s largest city, in a rural village where Hindus recently have twice attacked Christians, who in turn have agreed to stop holding meetings in a prayer hall.
The first attack came Dec. 30, when Adivasi tribal Christians living in the village of Tamsai gathered for a worship service at the Yehovah Nisih Prayer Church. About 20 people burst in, said church member Bharat Patel.
The intruders “shouted that there is no place for worship meeting in the village for Christians, and if we want to pray, we should all go to Mumbai. (They) tore bibles and broke musical instruments and stared to beat us up,” he said....

“The Hindu extremists even threatened to cut off our ration card,” Patel said. Ration cards are used by villagers to buy rice, sugar, wheat and other staples at reduced prices.
The Catholic Christian Secular Forum brought the incident to the attention of Maharashtra Home Minister R.R. Patil, who instructed the state’s director general of police to launch a formal inquiry.
Christians in Tamsai didn’t gather again until Jan. 13, this time under heavy police protection.
“The Hindu extremists massed up to attack the Christian again but they backed off when they saw the police near the church,” said Yadav, the pastor. - World Watch Monitor

Church Sex Scandal Hits LA Archdiocese
Mahoney relieved of all duties.

North Korea's Overlooked Atrocities
The true scope of North Korea's crimes are never really talked about. Its massive concentration camp system, its use of famine as a weapon against its own people, it is truly one of the most evil nations on earth.

North Sudan Purges Foreign Christians
Three South Sudanese took an airline flight out of Sudan after authorities ordered them to leave the country because of their Christian activities - the latest in a rash of expulsions as the Islamic regime rids the nation of Christianity, sources said.

According to a story by Morning Star News, dozens of foreign Christians have been ordered to leave the country in the past two months, and many others have fled to Kenya as authorities have stepped up pressure by denying visa renewals and by other means, the sources said.

The three Christians ordered to leave the country on Jan. 28 had been jailed earlier this month.

Sudan's Ministry of Interior, in conjunction with the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), ordered a South Sudanese couple, Anthony and Cecilia Jamu, and a pastor also from South Sudan, Ismail Bashir, to leave the country within 24 hours, sources said.

Morning Star News reported that accused of aiding Sudanese churches, Cecilia Jamu was arrested when she was linked with an associate from Germany, Jasmin Neuman, who was deported on Jan. 7. - Continues At Assist News Service

31 January 2013
Is China Getting Ready To Create 'Economic Zones' In America?
Don't lightly dismiss this.

Federal Judge Slaps Down Dope Forfeiture Case
Good news because these laws are so often abused. This case was about a Motel that was seized by the Cops.

Hagel's Hearing At CSPAN
What does his nomination tell us about where Obama is going to take us over the next four years on defense and security? Well, that is an interesting question. But first, for those of you who may have been taken a little aback by my first praise and later remarks which were far less complimentary... well, lets talk about that a bit... shall we?

First, Hagel's statements in the past on Iran, our wars are quite consistent with not only my own views, but a growing number of folks inside and outside Washington. I like very much the fact that both Kerry and Hagel are Vietnam era Vets who know war and understand that to lightly engage in it is detrimental to our nations overall long term security. We cannot solve all of the world's problems with military force. We cannot defeat terrorism with military force alone. Yes, there will be times when it can and should be used but what we cannot do is get into the mindset that lures us into multiple and expensive military engagements on the battlefield that ends in stalemate and digs the nation that much deeper into debt. The strategy of America's enemies (Islamic militants) is to do just that. Get us politically 'unbalanced' with outrages committed followed by the 'need' to go in and ''kick some butt" without a hard look at the overall strategy of America's enemies and the real damage they have already inflicted upon the nation, not on the battlefield, but in the checkbook.

I think the President tried to wage war the NeoCon way in his first term and is now looking for smarter ways to deal with global terrorism and Islamic militantism. I think that perhaps, what Kerry's and Haglel's appointments mean is that kind of shift away from the 'overwhealming force' of the NeoCons to more surgical/Special Op type engagements that may yield better results over the longer term.

The problem with Hagel is that while he has had the guts to buck the system (and Party) and say what needed to be said in public, his tenure as a Senator was not particularly stellar. To run the DOD one needs to be a excellent organizer, highly dynamic, politically astute and well, to put it bluntly', an 'SOB' when needed, because dealing with some of the brass at the DOD will not be easy. They have ways co-opting civilian leadership and I am not sure all of those ways are legal, though they may be paid for with taxpayer dollars.

My problem with both Kerry and Hagel is that I'm not certain that either one are the kinds of men who can really get 'in the Presidents face' and  tell him that he must make very unpleasant and politically unpopular decisions. Can they really tell him "Mr. President, I know you don't want to do this... I don't want to do it, but it has to be done and done quickly. I know you cannot explain to the people the why's... they won't understand because they don't hold clearances, but you must do your best to prepare the people and when possible, enlighten them....but the fact remains, we gotta do this." What do I mean? What if country X launched say a biological attack on one of our key military bases using say, a food vendor they were able to subvert. What if say 20% of the base went sick, a couple of hundred died and we could clearly trace it back to nation X. Should we do nothing and just wish and hope they don't do something worse? In this twisted world, that is an invitation for more attacks of increasing severity. The world of geopolitics does not favor the meek. The meek get buried.

My point was the these two men, as far as I can determine, do not have the proclivity to tell a President what he needs to hear rather than what he wants to hear and this President, while highly intelligent, has become shall we say, 'overly impressed' with his own opinion. Such a person needs to have his reality challenged from time to time, even if it is done with sheer force of personality.

Having said all of that, the fact that men like Lindsay Graham don't like him and do their best to mischaracterize him and his record and make him sound 'weak' just because he does not knee-jerk with every NeoCon war call lets me know that overall, Hagel may be a pretty good pick.

I hope this clarifies the question to those who asked.

Nigeria Oil Exports Shrink On US
This appears to be as a direct result of the US  development of Shale Oil.

Broadband: The Beauty Of Competition
A very interesting little snippet and just shows you that companies can give you more and charge you less... when there is a market based incentive to make it happen.

Obama Likley To Thwart UN Drone Investigation
Meanwile, PBS did a Prop-umentary on the Drone War. Also, the guys over at the Federation of American Scientists have a piece on Drones  today. It can be found here. It's not just a question of law and ethics, but also of money.

“There is no question in terms of our warfighting and our intelligence services that our unmanned capability has been a tremendous asset to us,” Sen. Coburn said. “But somebody needs to ask the question, Why do we have 15 different sets of programs run from 5 different agencies costing us $37 billion over 5 years? Where is the explanation for that? Where is the idea that we might concentrate expertise in one or two areas or three areas or four? But to have 15 separate programs means we are wasting money and getting less out of the research and less out of the dollars we invested than if we were to streamline those programs and limit them to targeted objectives. But we refuse to do that.”

Someone Is Buying Large Amounts Of Spanish Bonds
The article does not list the 'non-domestic' investors who are buying them. As usual, mainline media sources only tell you half the truth... all the time.

It's probably the ECB and perhaps even the Fed is helping out as well.
More here.

What gets me is that they are claiming all of this new 'confidence'. Yeah... the investors are so confident they won't even tell the world that they are buying them.

Corporations Pushed Scouts On Gay's.
The power of the purse is one of satan's most potent weapons and he uses it quite often. He uses mammon to push his agenda, weather it is globalization, the greater impoverishment of workers, the misuse of debt to enslave orthe power of the bribe to corrupt and subvert, money is a key tool in the devils arsenal.


As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.
(Joh 9:5)

When Jesus healed the blind man, the religious leaders were incensed. They were looking for any excuse to cast dispersions on Christ and his ministry. The called him names, falsely accused him (called him a sinner) and spent a great deal of time and effort to discredit him. But they could not discredit his miracles. But even the man who was blind was able to see better than the Pharisee's and this was one of the main purposes of Christ's ministry and he said as much. God was sick and tired of the hypocrisies of the religious establishment.

And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.
(Joh 9:39)

The religious establishment had become like Pharaoh, their hearts were hardened so that they could not see, being of the same spiritual parentage of that ancient Egyptian ruler (John 8:43).

Let the spiritually blind man pray that God opens their eyes to the times we are now in.


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