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And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. (Hab 2:2)

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That He May Run That Readeth It
By Mark S. Watson
This book is also available for free download on the Prophets Corner, has been for years!! So you accusers beware whom you accuse.

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  1-2 October 2011


This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence – economic, political, even spiritual – is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. - President Eisenhower

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.
(Mat 5:9-12)

In Today's America a person who seeks peace can be called a terrorist. The Supreme Court agrees but I shall never stop trying to seek peace, even in the face of a system totally corrupted by wanton militarism, violence, theft, lies and murder. I counsel all my brethren in Christ to not fear in these times for the days are fast approaching where any and all who seek peace, love, justice and most importantly Christ will be called 'enemy of the state'. They are laying the legal groundwork for it now so prepare your souls for it. Let the reader understand and consider. I have been given a charge by the Lord to cry out about America's sins in the hope she will repent and to stand on the wall and watch (for the remnant of true believers sake) in these times. I will keep my charge and do as I have been commanded nor will I cower before those who have sold their souls to the powers of darkness. The Lord is my Strength.

 The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident.
(Psa 27:1-3)

Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.
(Isa 58:1)

Obama: A Disaster For Civil Liberties

DOJ Documents Show How Long Teleco's Keep Info
FOIA reveals little but still rather interesting info.

Obama Begins Executing US Citizens Outside Law
Don't believe any of the charges the US had made against this man. They may be true and they may not be and if the US really had the evidence a trial is in order as US citizens are entitled to. An AP news story against him is not evidence, nor are any witnesses who hide in the shadows whose hands themselves are stained in blood nor are presidential pronouncements of guilt broadcast on TV. These are not evidence, this is propaganda. The President, the Courts and Congress view the your right to be heard in a court as their primary enemy and they just proved it by murdering two US citizens in cold blood; no trial, no hearing, no appeal. If they did it to them they can do it to you. You say, "But I'm not a terrorist?" Well, that's what they all say and you have no right to prove you aren't one. Your protestations of innocence become proof of your guilt in a world where you do not have access to a court. I ask you all to consider this carefully. Once the President calls you or anyone a terrorist, he can now execute you without a trial. Are you an antiwar activist? Abortion clinic protester, Liberal blogger or an environmentalists? He can do this to you and you will not even know what hit you because even the determination that you have been deemed a terrorist is very likely to be classified. Don't kind yourself, these anti-terror 'specialists' make plenty of mistakes.

The US does have the capability to pick up US citizens and extradite them here to try them. Obama it appears would rather take the bloody way out, as he usually does. Intelligence information can be wrong and misleading as the sources can often have their own agenda as they often do or rather usually do. America now just accuses its own citizens of terrorism and murders them in cold blood, no trial, no hearing and probably with no case. Not even George Bush did that.

May each and every person involved in this operation be held personally and eternally accountable before God for this savage and bloody act done in the name of the American people. Claiming to fight for freedom and justice they have become the enemies of both as well as the God of heaven who shall judge all men according to their works. How shall you stand before him with the blood of your brother dripping from your hands serving a system whose hypocrisy is only exceeded by its profitable violence? Men and women who authorized and did this deed are doing more damage to America, her citizens and her traditions than ten thousand AQ terrorists for they are doing the exact same things; Killing Americans illegally in acts of premeditated violence.

 Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
(Joh 8:42-44)

Blessed are the eyes that understand this simple and yet deep spiritual truth for from it, we can identify those who work for satan. Do you lie and murder? Don't call yourself a Christian nation because you aren't. You and the terrorists you fight have the same spiritual father whose hatred for mankind is such that men killing men is exactly what he loves to see. But Christ came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Why is it that Americans in particular most American Christians cannot understand this?

And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.
(Luk 8:10)


No one wants to see a good, strong and prosperous America dwell more securely than I do. I want to see her safe from all manner of violent extremists, whether they read the Koran in the desert or sit in the Pentagon or at the CIA. No one wants it more than I do, not even those who have been placed in high positions of trust. But we cannot sell our souls trying to protect a system where the differences between it and the terrorists we fight is indistinguishable.  The terrorists are violent, lawless and kill Americans and now, so does America. The growing hatred in the world against the US and the increasing solidarity of the Islamists is exactly what many of our leaders are working towards, not against.They use our violent war on the poorest of the worlds civilians to achieve that goal giving the Islamists the fodder to correctly point the finger at our growing moral bankruptcy.

I ask you to pause and consider what I have just told you for much confusion about our times and where we are and what time it is can be done away with if one takes the time to really know God, read his words and then APPLY it to our times without making excuses for ourselves, our churches or even our nation just because we live in it.

Let me add this as well. I am trying not to be too hard on Obama. I cannot be certain that he even ordered this operation (though I have reason to suspect he did), though the politics have forced him to defend it. The hit on OBL was not done using normal and legal procedures and it is not clear that Obama ordered this one. He has individuals in his administration who are doing all they can to destroy his Presidency, so please keep that in mind. I am certain he was coerced/tricked into the OBL operation by some adept political maneuvers. Yes, you have every reason to be concerned because I will tell you, Obama is not firmly in control of his administration and can be and has frequently been overruled by his own cabinet. As I said before, 'he ain't running things'. Indeed there is speculation that he may not even run in 2012 as the party may not be behind another run by him. He cost them the House in 2010 and is likely to cost him them the Senate and White House in 2012. The party elders are correctly very concerned. Obama could not have done more damage to his party if he were sent by the GOP to destroy it. I think the President is scared, frustrated and realizes just what a 'sock puppet' he is for those who own his administration. He is still spending way too much time pleasing those in the GOP and Trojan Horse Democrats who will never accept him because of the color of his skin. He gets no respect because he does not even respect his own political base or his own people.

This nation needs to get to the root causes of Terrorism for it is merely an expression of deeper problems inside a society. Where there is a mass of impoverish people with large numbers of Youth's who have no hope for a future (Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt) who are oppressed and denied a say in their own government, terrorism is as sure to come as laying on the beach in a swimsuit on a hot summers day and getting a suntan; the one will surely follow the other. America must deal with root causes and she has not, is not, nor will she ever be prepared to do that. Why not? 'Terrorism' defined as broadly as possible is the tool whereby many in our establishment can destroy the civil liberties they hate with a perfect hatred. Those freedoms and rights are in the way of the new system they are want to bring in as soon as possible. Obama's actions are made to get the Democrats to take the blame for the polices the GOP plan on using to the fullest extent possible once they regain the White House. When they do their dirt they can just say,'we are just using the laws set forth by the last Democratic administration' and call you a hypocrite for complaining about it.

Payday Loans: Hell For Consumers
644% interest rates designed for the poor man. The  good news is that some of them are illegal.

Obama Humiliates The Black Caucus
When the going gets rough, beat up on the Blacks. That’s been a rule of American politics for many generations – so why should Barack Obama be any different? “Obama took his church voice to the Congressional Black Caucus annual awards dinner to very pointedly demand that Blacks stop bugging their president about the economic catastrophe that has befallen them, and his own role in it.” Duly chastised, the Black lawmakers accepted their assignment. - Glen Ford

Yes they took his advice.."shuffle yo' feet across the street and don't bother me whit yo' problems. Can't you see I'm trying to make the world forget I'm Black?" How dare you bother me with your Negro problems!!" He needs to beat you up to show he's not Black like 'those people'. The Black Caucus will shuffle on cue. Why?

The Black Caucus, as a body, meekly murmured and mumbled as the administration transferred the equivalent of the U.S. gross domestic product to the banks while Black America disintegrated. Now, with Obama’s numbers falling, he has very publicly commanded them to shut up and perform what he believes is their only legitimate function: to get him re-elected. In the looming contest, he will again resort to Black-baiting whenever it is useful to shore up white support. In that – as with his foreign and domestic policies – Obama is no different than white corporate politicians. His one great distinction, is to have a core constituency that cares more for his security and dignity, than their own. - BAR

Tripoli Residents Want Rebels Out
Instead of bringing in peace and a 'watershed' moment, Libyans get rebel factions vying for power on the street. I do agree this is a watershed moment. This is the moment that Western Support for Al Qaeda went from the covert to the overt and no one in the MSM is picking up on it, or rather, the MSM 'secret marriage' to the US government will not allow them to pick up on it or say anything negative about US policy.

I hear from apologists and even insiders that our President does not have AQ sympathies and then go and mock Americans who have concerns that this President may be a covert Muslim. I hope he doesn't have such sympathies and that for once, he is not lying about a thing like his religious beliefs. But this I know; If I was arming AQ and giving them military support, I would be called a terrorist and correctly so.

So why is the President arming and giving military support to Al Qaeda?  I mean, did he not just kill two American citizens for doing just that?

You want an impeachable offense against this administration? Here is one. "Material Support To Terrorism". Obama is not the first one to do it. Whole cities have been ethnically cleansed by terrorists because of this President's clear and incontrovertible support to them.

Why Are You Supporting Paypal?
No Christian group or organization has any business using Paypal as a way to make payments. Would a Jewish group use a Nazi payments system? There are plenty of alternatives out there and Paypal is showing its Antichrist colors by banning Christian sites.  The only campaign that will work with Paypal is the one that takes money from their services. How do you do that? Stop using it!

Stop supporting groups who hate Christ and enriching them with your money. Stop being a sucker for the devil, Church!

Why not try something like Dalpay and stop trying to be like every one else. PayPal is spending too much time playing politics.. what with the whole Wikileaks thing, the incident with Cryptome and now this.

From where I sit Paypal is no longer a payment system but a political tool for anything that stands against free speech and the free exchange of ideas and in favor of a stringent political correctness it wants to enforce with the power of the 'pay me' button. Using them is like buying a gag for yourself.

And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
(Rev 12:17)

In these days of intense persecution in almost every corner of the Globe we must keep in mind who is really behind it and know that for the time being, the governments of this earth are the property of the dragon and for the most part, do his bidding for satan is still the prince of this world. That is until the 7th trumpet sounds.
And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.
(Rev 11:15)

Germany Passes Bailout Legislation
No surprise here. You don't get a seat in the Bundestag unless you are a die hard EURO adherent and a supporter of the 'great work' of regionalizing Europe under the power of the banksters. In short, no matter where you go in Europe you have bobble heads who will not seriously challenge the simple fact that more and more public money is being shifted in to private hands in the form of these bailouts. You really have to look at at it as a form of religion because it requires more faith to believe in this dying system and throwing money into it that it does to  be religious. No one wants to look starkly into the reality of the Euro and what it is doing to Europe. Rather,They keep on voting hundreds of billions of Euro's into the hands of irresponsible lenders and governments, who should all swallow the bitter economic pill they have chosen for themselves. Instead they try and rewrite the laws of economics and make those who make good investments pay for those who make bad ones making everyone poor, except the bankers whose incompentece know no bounds. I say this to each of you. This is a massive rip-off and swindle that is not going to stop because in 3-6 months we will be right back where we are now, needing more money to go into the bailout fund to save the new 'god' of Europe, the Euro.
This god demands sacrifices and the Germans, French and the US Fed are being forced to make them on the altar of globalization.

Shame On President Obama!
This really says it all. I feel for this brave missionary who has testified before Congress and spent many long hours in Sudan. I fele his frustration. President Obama has turned out to be one of the most dishonest Presidents ever to occupy the White House. I can think of few things this man promised he has delivered on and even that which he did do, is going to be so painful to the working poor that he might as well not have done it.

The situation in Sudan keeps on deteriorating.

A fresh wave of air strikes in Sudan's Blue Nile State since last Wednesday has sent increasing numbers of refugees fleeing into Ethiopia, with some 1,500 pouring through the Kurmuk border crossing last Friday alone. The latest bombs reportedly fell Monday.

"With hostilities still ongoing, we expect the numbers to continue rising," UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards told journalists in Geneva, reporting that an estimated 25,000 Sudanese have found refuge in western Ethiopia since the influx started on 03 September. UNHCR

I don't think it is a shock to too many folks that one of the main supporters of those doing the bombings (North Sudan) is China, who has been very active in Sudan for a long time for the oil they receive. The American President just never seems to have the courage to stand up to them.Who is training their pilots? China. So I ask, Who is the President of the US? That's right, Hu is President of the United States, when the Saudi King isn't.

BBC Bans Christ

Well, not quite. But they are banning the mention of BC and AD. I am not surprised at all. When you want to make nice with Muslims and the Saudi's, you must reject your past Christian heritage and that is what is happening all over the west. It is the little things people do and say that often tell you more than the big ones. Am I outraged? Not at all, in fact I am glad. Why? Because if you are working for the devil, I much prefer you take off the Christian mask and show me your pentagram, that way I know exactly where you are coming from. One look at the occultic entertainment coming out of Britain and I know where that nation is heading.

Bloomberg Blasts Whitney On Muni Debt Call
The MSM never mises an opportunity to blast someone who tells it like it is. State and Muni Debt are still very high and to cover it and make debt payments they are cutting jobs and selling state assets.  Debt levels remain high and selling off state assets is not a long term solution to their fiscal problems. Given the fact that the Job market is not picking up and more and more people are unemployed for longer than six months, where are the tax receipts going to come from; a guy who makes $8/hr at Walmart? That is where many of those who were once making $100k a year are now working, retail... hocking Chinese goods. That is not a long term prospect for growth. So let the Bond peddlers and Wall Street Cheerleaders mock on, Ms. Whitney may not have been spot on with her analysis but she hit a sore spot with bond peddlers and hence the widespread criticism. Click over to the State Debt Chart here and get the grand overview of the Largest State.

BofA To Charge $5/Mo For Debit Cards
Once again this is not a shock, BofA has been selling assets like crazy and trying to raise cash even putting its stake in Pizza Hut on the block. More here. So this move is clearly meant to shore up its tottering balance sheet. They are getting hit from all over with some major, major lawsuits that look like they are going to stick.

US Judge: Eating Is Illegal Without State Permission
This coming from a US Circuit Judge. Perhaps Circus Judge would be a more appropriate designation. Read this and know that famine and food poisonings is big business. The Big Agri-conglomerates want to control the entire food supply and pollute it with patented (and profitable) GMO's. You starve, get sick and they get rich. They control the regulatory framework in the US so they can force their products on you and jail you if you eat anything else.

18 Examples Of How Christians Are Being Targeted By Big Brother

Is Turkey Going Rogue?

Don't Let Pundits Fool You, Americans Will Be On The Hook For Euro Debacle

Federal Judge: Obama Diverts California Water Based On 'Lies'

Anonymous ID's Cop Who Maced Protesters
When did the SS take over the NYPD? While you were sleeping, that's when. I applaud the protesters and NY and the cops who refuse to wear the New American Jackboot against peaceful protesters. But trust me on this, even if all the cops in NY decided not to beat up working people, the Mayor would just hire mercenaries from abroad to quell the unrest. They are already spending big money to track terrorists.... I mean peaceful protesters (who will one day be called terrorists) using drones. Check this out.

To achieve the goal of biometric tagging, tracking and localization (TTL) of non-cooperative high value targets based on existing UAV payloads, IAI proposes to develop an integrated real-time tracking and identification system that can automatically track and recognize non- cooperative targets (people of interest) in urban or rural environments. The proposed system is built on top of fast UAV trajectory control, innovative multiple-target tracking, and 3D imaging technologies-enhanced facial recognition approach. There are several key features in the proposed system. First, Innovative target tracking framework based on off-the-shelf target tracking module and a two-level inference engine can handle various non-cooperative target moving patterns under complex cluster environments. Second, by actively integration of target tracking and UAV control algorithms in a closed-loop, the tasks of keeping targets on track and within the sensor's FOV becomes possible. Fast sub-optimal trajectory generation and swift camera pointing control on the fly enable UAV re-acquiring track of lost targets in no time. Third, upon detection of potential targets, camera is automatically adjusted for higher resolution face image capturing, and then 3D imaging technologies enhanced facial recognition algorithm is applied to highly increase the facial recognition rate. DOD Resource Center

The nation is 14 Trillion in debt and they are spending billions on this kind of crap, are talking about stealing granny's Medicare and Panetta goes nuts saying any defense cuts would mean the end of the known universe.  Who do you think they view as the 'enemy' in this new system? Go look in the mirror and identify the person you see.

I gotta be honest, it is too late to change things now. Nothing can stop a horrible new system from robbing Americans and Europeans of their wealth, power and for many, their lives. I know my words are too cynical and not hopeful enough for most of you. You would rather cling to a false hope than acknowledge a harsh reality. I reject all forms of self-deceit and won't lie to my readers about a 'chance' to change things. I just don't see it. I mean, look at the guys we have running for President and anyone with any sense can see our future is as bleak as can be.  Well, I do have a great deal of hope... in God. I have none in man other than the fact that he is pretty easy to predict. Man will steal from and eventually kill his brother and 'beatify' himself for doing so. I am a hard core realist whose hope and faith are not in man, but in Christ. Americans slept too long and now we have awoken just in time to feel the baseball bat that's getting ready to hit us upside the head.

Obama's Strange Bedfellows
The administration and its odd bedfellows, the Chamber of Commerce and the ABA, have maximized the perverse incentives that will drive future fraud epidemics, bubbles, and severe recessions.

Planned Parenthood, Fraud and Medicaid Overbilling

America's Pews Are Filled With Unsaved, Unrepentant 'Christians'
Lost and don't even know it.

I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators: Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world. But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat. For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person. (1Co 5:9-13)

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,  (1Co 6:9)

Go ahead, 'reinterpret' these verses and demonstrate to heaven and earth that your soul is lost. But if you repent of these things, you can be saved for God is most gracious and forgiving. But you must repent. Why does the world hate real christians so, because we do not do those things. An upright life testifies to the world that its deeds are evil without ever having to say a word.

A Questionable Form Of Freedom In North Africa

Vote Machine: Man In The Middle Attack Can Alter Elections
The Hack won't even leave a trace of tampering. Folks I wish I could tell you our Democracy is alive. But it is as dead as Abe Lincoln, JFK, MLK, RFK... There will be no democracy, no choice, no hope, no justice, no love and no peace in the new order being created by Lucifer and his imps.

Obama's Secret: Who Is On The Intelligence Oversight Board?
Can I guess? Don Rumsfeld, George Bush, Condi Rice, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzalez, Gurdun Burwitz,a person who says they can channel Hitler and another who says they can do the same with Stalin. What do I base my guesses on? The policies dear readers, only the staring you in the face policies.

Fukushima Desolation Worse Than Nagasaki

Senator Goes After OnStar Privacy Shift
They will track you even after you cancel your account and sell the data to God knows who. Word to the wise; as hard as it may be you should rethink use of any satellite tech sold or operated in the US. I do mean ANY; Handheld, in car, etc. Why? There is a lot of stuff about it that by law, the vendor cannot tell you and if you knew, you wouldn't buy it. Just keep in mind that OnStar is owned by GM and GM is at the heart of the US military industrial complex and was recently sold off to foreign investors.

Also in 2009, General Motors began equipping some new vehicles with Remote Ignition Block, allowing OnStar to remotely deactivate the ignition so when the stolen vehicle is shut off, it cannot be restarted .

It is theoretically possible for OnStar to be remotely activated by malicious third parties or under government order. This would enable third parties to track the location of the car, along with the ability to listen to the contents of any conversations carried on by the occupants within the car without their consent. However the FBI has been denied the ability to use this as it disables OnStar's safety features as determined by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In its document of privacy practices, OnStar states that it is not possible for them to listen to or monitor conversations in your car without you knowing it. The hardware is designed so that when an advisor calls into your car, a light flashes, a ring tone is heard, and the radio will mute.- Wikipedia

Me? I will keep my old tech car made long before the Neo-Nazi Patriot Act was even heard of.

What Will A Chinese Controlled America Look Like?

Well some of you have been asking me questions about China so here goes a 'stream of consciousness' piece that will hopefully answer some of your questions. I am not going to get into the nitty-gritty with all the charts and graphs as finding non-copyrighted ones is not always easy and making your own can take a little more time than I want to give it today. Rather, I will paint some broad strokes about what is happening here and elsewhere. This will perhaps first help the reader understand why these things are inevitable and what it will mean for most Americans on a day to day basis. I warn you, if you are having a 'challenging' day, put this aside and read it some other time, it will only depress you.

I see China as becoming the worlds sole Superpower within 20 years. She will be a reluctant superpower, but a superpower nonetheless. I see her power being far more evident in economics and the new 21 century battlefields of cyberspace, technological subversion, economic sabotage and high political intrigue. I also see them excelling in things like high sophisticated bio-warfare and other weapons that do not rely on traditional kinetics to win the battle. America has already lost this war. Her over-reliance on the kinetic side of warfare (Tanks, Warplanes, Carrier Groups) is her Achilles heel and she cannot shift out of this emphasis lest key Defense Contractors make a serious fuss on the Hill when they see their contracts go away. I so no reasonable way the US can get herself out of the traps that have been laid for her as America's political class in Congress, the Executive Branch and to a much, much lesser extent the Judicial Branch have been about 70% subverted by China. They take her money, do her favors, sell her our secrets, ship away or jobs and betray the American people. For the most part what you are already seeing is the preliminary phase of what a Chinese controlled America looks like; rising real (as opposed to the made up numbers out of the BLS) unemployment, billions that go out of the backdoor to China in Congressional 'earmarks'. 'Stimulus contracts that should go to Americans going to Chinese companies will the full knowledge and consent of the Obama Administration who is trying to get another Chinese sell out Stimulus package passed.

Senate Democrats lashed out at the Obama administration on Wednesday, saying its stimulus wind energy program creates jobs overseas instead of in the U.S., and they're calling for the administration to put a stop to it....

...The program has already spent $2 billion, funding enough projects to power 2.4 million homes. Any wind farm created in the U.S. is eligible for stimulus money to put up wind turbines, regardless of where those massive structures are made. Each turbine costs about $3 million, and reaches 40 stories into the sky. - ABC

You can read more here. How do you get your hands on all of those billions in stimulus money? Simple. You put your money into the right campaign chest and then hold your hand out and watch your money multiply a thousand times over. As I posted last week, everyone is doing it. Are you a congressman? They want to know you because you can attach an earmark to a bill and shift money into Chinese coffers. Are you a President? Well, you can tell Americans you want to create jobs... you just don't tell them you want to create them in China. This is what a Chinese controlled America will look like. American wealth and resources will go to China. Today, a few hundred billion in 'Stimulus' contracts is 'small potatoes' for as I said, this is the warm up or preliminary phase to the game. It is only now that just a few folks around America are waking up to what is happening as those in power and getting paid to go to sleep and encourage their colleagues to do so as well.

To better understand where the Chinese will 'strike' next, one need only understand where their needs are or will be over the next 20 years. Right now it is raw materials and energy resources. Today energy is the keyword and China is right now working on a deal with Mexico to start drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, something they tried to do just before the man made, non-BP caused disaster (Deep Horizon) in the Gulf and failed. China was then attempting to get into the Gulf action and was hedged out by the Obama administration, though details on this are scant. China showed us clearly just what she thought about that. Now she has just finalized a deal with Mexico to deal with her depleted fields and is still working on a deal in the Gulf with Mexico and has already signed one with Cuba. So now China is drilling for oil our backyard will take most of it back home, sell some of it to us and pocket the profit. The key at this point in time is resources, particularly energy and in this battle they are winning, hands down. Obama will talk tough, make noises and do exactly what the Chinese want... which is nothing. Those in the oil industry may be able to get a job working for CNOOC, the Chinese government owned oil firm. You see when you have Chinese Agents running your foreign policy there is not much you can do because it is nearly impossible to fire the individuals whose political clout on the Hill has few rivals. So once again, we will not challenge China because they already own our state department and have their paid agents on Intelligence oversight committee’s ensuring that America's intelligence community has few resources and little to no legal capability to gather intelligence on China and her internal subversion of the US political system.

Yes, I kid you not, things have already gone that far and there is not much at this point in time anyone will do about it. The one charged with upholding the law and prosecuting those who betray the public trust, take bribes, spy for foreign governments has done next to nothing. Sure he can go after an NCO who allegedly gave away secrets, but after many, many months, there has been no trial and my sources tell me his guilt is highly, highly questionable. He was set up as a fall guy for the real folks who gave away all of those State Department cables. If you are a small fish, black or an anti-war activist, Mr. Holder will move pretty fast to put you in jail. If you are a cabinet level officer, sit in the Senate, Congress or any position of political influence, his hands go limp, eyes go blind, ear muffs go on and becomes the “hear no evil, see no evil, prosecute no evil” Attorney General of the United States Of America. Granted, there are some very significant political obstacles to prosecuting this level of treason (and that is what it is) but that is his job and if does not have the stomach for it then he needs to get a job chasing ambulances or writing wills or whatever it is lawyers do when they lack the courage to fight for Justice, the nation and what is right.

What else is China looking for? I will tell you. Real estate. Lots of it. There are a lot of Chinese in China and they need 'breathing room'. In America there are lots of homes, and lots and lots of them are in trouble, America has the infrastructure (water, heat, electricity, telecoms) for millions of Chinese to enjoy the good life. What is not generally known is the totality of the Chinese role in the Mortgage breakdown and economic collapse of 2008. It was pretty significant and truth be told, I think it was just a warm up. I do not think they will be happy until they (their banks or major investors) own the title deed to at least half of America's homes. This is not going to be easy and will take time, but the way in will be to open Chinese owned banks here in the US. The Chinese President was here in January of this year and guess what Obama gave him? The right to open up a Chinese bank here on US shores. This move is likely to have deep and and long lasting effects between both nations. But rather than go into along explanation as to why I would ask you to cogitate on this one.

US banks are in deep trouble. CITI, BofA, Wells Fargo all had their outlook slashed by Credit rating agencies. They are all trying to gamble their way out of a hole with derivatives rather than sound solid investments inside the US. Not to digress too much here but if the US economy is not growing like it should it is because the banks see more profit in derivatives than in lending money to small and medium sized businesses. Want to know why our economy is heading into the toilet? It is because the Federal Government is not encouraging business investment here, but rather is facilitating business investment for anywhere but here. Now who is awash in reserves (cash) and who before long is going to need cash to stay in business? Answer to question one, China. Answer to question two, US banks. Look at Europe. Their banking system is pinned up against a wall and they are begging China to come in and bail them out. With all the Chinese agents in this (or the next) administration, who is going to stop it from happening here? Sure you may be able to get an old hand senator to put up some road blocks but they won't be able to stop this freight train. At least not until it has run over Mr. And Mrs. America and gone into reverse, just to run them down again. Then it is too late as the middle class will be economic road kill.

China will in my estimation come in and do what they can to buy up stakes at America's largest banks. With that comes the titles to real estate; Residential and Commercial on every loan they hold. Sure such real estate is not that attractive now because the prices keep descending, but let BofA, CITI or another banking titan get into real trouble (as in 'lock up the entire US banking system' trouble) and a major stake in them will probably be bought for little or nothing. It will be sell to China or let them go belly up because we just do not have the cash available for another major bank bailout. I will grant you that the political winds at this point in time do not appear to be blowing in the direction of Chinese control (defacto or otherwise ) of major US banks, but let another crisis hit and I guarantee you, those winds will start blowing in from the east faster than you can say “Hu's on First”

Once the door is open there will be little to stop smaller Chinese banks to come in and start lending to Native Chinese who come over here and live or just to invest in US real estate. At first it may not be a major money maker, but the Chinese have always shown remarkable strategic foresight and will consider an upfront loss simply a down payment on their future investment in controlling America, utterly. Now I do not think the Chinese will start with Residential property as a strategic move if they get more banks into America. I think they will deal with Commercial real estate and let smaller private investors get into the Residential side of things until they get a more sure footing into the US. Political winds do not always blow the way you want them to even when you buy politicians, they do not always stay bought, so they will tread carefully.

No serious money will be put into America though until they have put in place 'protection' to ensure that they do not get swindled by the US. They have been working on this for years in the form of subverting key portions of US infrastructure. These can be found in America’s power grids and telecommunications for the most part but elsewhere as well. You can get a small peek at some of the unclassified vulnerabilities here. They can poison Americans (with some scary bio-engineered stuff) and blow up things like oil refineries pretty much at will here in America. They have demonstrated their capabilities time and time again and we just sat there and let them do it. They can roll up subs off of our coast and fire off Nuclear missiles and we will dutifully lie to the American people about it and then quickly cover up the whole affair (trust me this is not speculation, as the Navy sought permission to sink the sub as it was nosing around the coast and it was denied by President Ho Ba Ma). Why are these things happening? Because the obvious is so horrible that no one really wants to contemplate it, we are almost totally subverted now, not 20 years from now. The Chinese are patient. They will not force things, why rush a man who is committing suicide, he is going to die anyway? They would prefer to watch the death twitches than finish us off too quickly. Besides a slow kill may still have enough life in him to still kill you. Better to step back and let the life slowly drain from him.

For Ordinary Americans things I see things heading pretty much the way they already are. These things will seem transparent to them as most of Wall Street and her propaganda organs in the MSM are just going to do what they can to keep you asleep while they (think they will) get rich in China selling you down the river. More and more Americans will lose jobs, lose homes, banks will close and get new owners. But for most I think the major shock is coming in a way they did not think possible. White Americans who once discriminated against Blacks and Hispanics will get to feel first hand what it is like when the Chinese discriminate against them, all legally. The Chinese man will get a 4% mortgage for a home with no money down; Whites will pay 8% and have to put down 20% and will only get the loan if no one Chinese will buy it. Pretty much the same thing that happens to Blacks and Hispanics now inside America in far too many places. Caucasians will only qualify for the 'colored loan', not buy virtue of credit history or income but by virtue of race. I also see any last remaining vestiges of freedom going by the way side. I see the rise of black prisons and secret detention facilities for political crimes. I see people being zoned out of their homes and businesses in favor of Chinese businesses when they get control of the County and City executive. I see China working to make sure more Patriot Act like legislation is put in place, not to protect America from terrorism, but to protect the subverted political class from the anger of the American people.

I could go on and on but don't want to get too depressed today as the day is just starting! I think that our founding fathers were correct when they they foresaw the power of banking and its ability to destroy a nation-state and I think this generation will live to see Thomas Jefferson's 'prophecy' come to pass.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

- Thomas Jefferson, drafter of the Declaration of Independence and former President Of The United States.

What happens to nations who once received God's bounty and turn away to the paths of evil?

The fruit of thy land, and all thy labours, shall a nation which thou knowest not eat up; and thou shalt be only oppressed and crushed alway: So that thou shalt be mad for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see. The LORD shall smite thee in the knees, and in the legs, with a sore botch that cannot be healed, from the sole of thy foot unto the top of thy head. The LORD shall bring thee, and thy king which thou shalt set over thee, unto a nation which neither thou nor thy fathers have known; and there shalt thou serve other gods, wood and stone. And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations whither the LORD shall lead thee. Thou shalt carry much seed out into the field, and shalt gather but little in; for the locust shall consume it. Thou shalt plant vineyards, and dress them, but shalt neither drink of the wine, nor gather the grapes; for the worms shall eat them. Thou shalt have olive trees throughout all thy coasts, but thou shalt not anoint thyself with the oil; for thine olive shall cast his fruit. Thou shalt beget sons and daughters, but thou shalt not enjoy them; for they shall go into captivity. All thy trees and fruit of thy land shall the locust consume. The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low. He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail. Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and overtake thee, till thou be destroyed; because thou hearkenedst not unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he commanded thee: And they shall be upon thee for a sign and for a wonder, and upon thy seed for ever.
(Deu 28:33-46)

UFO Smashes Through SUV

Bahrain Jails Protestors, US Sells Arms To Oppressors

Who is patrolling the streets? The Saudi's.

 Turks Bomb PKK Bases In Iraq

The Eurozone Market Will Crash

A very good candid interview, please check it out.


Putin Set To Return To Presidency

The Russians themselves appear to be pretty much resigned to it. They know that they have no real choice and many tend to associate 'Democracy' with the lost years during the Yeltsin Administration when criminality was epidemic and the Oligarch's rose to power and prominence. Today Russians are doing much better and do not appear to look to the Government to solve their problems as they did during the Soviet era. Despite his reputation in some circles for heavy handedness, Putin still is viewed as being the man who put an end to Russia's humiliation after the Fall of the Soviet Union and saved her from being a the cheapest ugly duckling in the west's geopolitical harem.

Putin is one of the toughest and when necessary brutally Machiavellian leader on the world stage today. From a purely Russian point of view, he is the man they need to keep Russia as a major power and ensure that further economic liberalization does not mean foreign subversion of her resources. He knows just how corrupt western nations, their banks and corporations are. Indeed many well placed observers and academicians know that Russia's problems after the fall of the USSR were not totally of her own making. She had lots of help from the even more corrupt Clinton Administration and the somewhat less corrupt and more inept Yeltsin administration. It was this train of events that eventually lead those in Russia's old guard to find a solution and a leader to deal with where Russia was heading. Putin was that answer.

Medvedev? The truth is he was really just a better looking front man for Putin. The two had some sharp disagreement but usually Putin was able to either outmaneuver him or was able to explain the facts of life... and death to him. Indeed, the fact that Medvedev is now endorsing a Putin's run (probably  unconstitutional) run for the Presidency is not a shock to me. To put it bluntly, a crisis was in the process of being created due to the sudden removal of Medvedev, giving Putin a ride onto the Presidency using 'national security' and 'state of emergency' as a pretext. The wheels for this scenario were already set in motion and I mentioned this to my readers a few months ago. Clearly someone tipped Medvedev off and he has decided that martyrs don't enjoy private dacha's and vodka on the Black sea.

Russia's policy will change and become less conciliatory towards the United States. Russia will feel she has a strong hand in Europe and will be able to slowly dislodge American influence and control of Europe's security policy with adept management of her Energy resources and willingness to use force when she feels threatened, I need not remind my readers of what happened in Georgia a few years ago. Earlier this month Putin opened the valve to the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany, bypassing all of the other former Soviet Republics. Now Russia has a direct link to the EU energy market and does not need to do deals with troublesome middle men who always seem to want more than their geographic location deserves. Russia now pumps pumps more oil that the Saudi's. Still, given this fact and Russia's increasingly wealthier lifestyle, a current account deficit is projected for her in 2014. Meaning the Russia will have to find other ways of financing that deficit. Putin is probably the only politician who can get things done and deal with this problem effectively which will show itself in just a couple of years. Fears of Russia returning to it's 'Stalinist' past are overblown and unreasonable but a close eye needs to be kept on Russia and Putin's troubling legacy on Human rights. Putin is the consummate realist and will do what needs to be done to keep Russia's economy growing as well as her influence in the world. Massacres and dead journalists do not add to that influence.

For Europe, they are reticent to become dependent on Russia for energy. With Putin at the shutoff valve, they have no wish to be dictated to from Moscow. Europe needs gas and the Russians are sitting on an abundance of it. So where does Europe plan on getting her gas? How about all of those nations that had spontaneous revolts in the middle east? They all have it, Algeria, Libya, Egypt. I posted a map a couple of weeks ago and from it one can see from a more strategic and a less media driven 'perception management' way what these revolutions are really all about; Energy and who gets to use it. The west is in a panic energy hunt knowing the Russians have an abundance of it and won't sell without strings attached and China has already moved in on much of the reaming reserves throughout the world.

But a return of Putin will probably mean Russia will have even less respect for Human rights than we have seen under Medvedev. Russia is involved in several counter-insurgency operations in her own backyard, and has taken some very brutal measures to attempt to stem these outbreaks.

One of the major issues to watch with Putin at the Helm is the next administration's (like Bush before him and any GOP contender after) determination to build a missile defense system right on Russia's border, hearkening back to the days of the Cold War. Raytheon, who is most likely to profit most by it certainly would love to see a return to those heydays as with them come billions of dollars in war contracts quickly and unthinkingly spent because of the 'fear' factor. America is making the exact same mistake the Russians made with their economy was collapsing all around them, they just kept on spending money on defense. America's polices here are driven almost solely on the profit motive with little to no regard for the long term interests of the nation or the world. Companies like Raytheon are going to be the death of America, with 14 trillion in debt and not even enough real money to pay disaster aid, our leaders mimic the Brezhnev's and Andropov's of yesteryear and bury their collective heads in the sinking economic sand and keep on spending money.

Putin is smart enough to know that if he can build his economy slowly and solidly over the next few years and keep the Russian economy independent enough from the western contagion so that the western Collapse (a virtual certainty) has only a moderate effect on Russia, the tables will turn and they will get to see the US collapse on CNN as Americans did with the Russians some 20 years go.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

For you students of Bible Prophecy, keep your eyes on Russia. Not for the reasons talked about so much by so many other students (and contradicted in scripture, ie, timing of the Gog and Magog war) but because her place in the last days system may be more pivitol than others want to realize as they are too wedded to error to admit an honest mistake. Never get so hard headed that you start to ignore the obvious and get arrogant enough to start to 'teach God' what his word means. The Holy Spirit, Prayer, a humble heart and a teachable spirit will lead you into truth. But if you are not honest enough to read the clear text meaning of the words, you have stepped onto the path of serious error.

Putin is just the man to bring Russia into real prominence as the leadership in the EU and America are incredibly incompetent and too corrupt to save their own skins. They are the kind of leaders who will sell their own and last garden hose to a neighbor for a couple of bucks while their own home burns to the ground.

Obama's Response To Famine In Somaila: Drone Explosions
The situation is pretty dire here and Al-Shabab, the terrorist movement there has no redeeming qualities. Still, though the US will do its level  best to lie, prevaricate and deceive its citizens, many innocent civilians are killed in these attacks. Sometimes as collateral damage and sometimes because of bad intelligence (be careful of DOD connected journalists who are paid to tell you differently). Keep this salient fact in mind; anyone who refuses to bow the knee to Western powers is and will eventually be called a 'terrorist' so that US defense contractors can make money killing them.

Now the US is going to sell these drones to
Turkey to kill Kurds. Since their pact with Israel and (Israeli) drones is on the skids, the Turks go to Raytheon and Obama who never saw a dark skinned person they didn't want to kill. I say this not based on the illusion of Obama, but on his record as President. Obama gets the campaign donations, Raytheon gets the contracts and the Kurds will get to bury their dead. Libyans, Somali's Ethiopians, Pakistani's Afghans all appear to be on a death list.

China Turns Screws On Political 'Independents'

Google Shuts Down Blogs
I have said it once and say it again, don't trust Google. Their botton line is their god and if throwing bloggers off the net keeps the money men and repressive governments happy then the bloggers will go and a lame excuse will follow. If you beleive in peace, liberty and free speech Google is probably not the place you want to place your blog or keep your email account. Beware of Twitter as well. If it is big has its stock traded on Wall Steet and relies on Major Wall Street banks for financing, you really need to rethink both if you are going to do any kind of peaceful, lawful political activism.

You have been warned.

The sad thing is that today, if you believe in peace and liberty, you are more and more likely to be called a 'terrorist'. If you believe in killing unarmed civilians who are among the poorest on earth in the desert with flying bombs, then you are a more and more called a 'model citizen'

Banksters Meet And Agree: 'Bail Us Out!!'

There’s not been a prior meeting at which matters have had more gravity and at which I’ve been more concerned about the future of the global economy"
- Larry Summers, Former US Treasury Secratary

Meanwhile, the crazies who run the banks increase their gambling debts

Derivativ es
 You got it, the banks have increased their holdings by about 11% and the nations biggest banks are the most exposed. My take? Simple. The Sovereign debt crisis will turn into a derivative crisis. Nay sayers said nay the last time time around when a different type of Derivatives were at stake (Mortgage Backed Securities). Now we have CDS's and interest rate contracts, the very things that will be deeply effected  by a Sovereign debt default. More here at the NYT or you can read the official report at the OCC.

Saudi Arabia's Vile State Sponsored Texbooks
Despite assurances in the State Department human rights report that the Saudi government has in the past year introduced “revised and newly written textbooks across the curriculum for most school grades,” these texts continue to promote violence against apostates and “infidels” of all stripes. Militant jihad is justified to “spread Islam” and exalted as “a profitable trade,” which “saves from painful punishment.”

The Saudi's of course who spread this stuff get billions of dollars in arms and training in internal repression from the US. Everywhere I turn I see this administration carefully assists yet another AQ linked regime with arms and military support.

Another Negro Removal Operation In Africa
Armed troops acting on behalf of a British carbon trading company backed by the World Bank burned houses to the ground and killed children to evict Ugandans from their homes in the name of seizing land to protect against “global warming,” a shocking illustration of how the climate change con is a barbarian form of neo-colonialism.

Euro Elite Seek More Money For Banks

As the EU debt crisis continues, we are discovering with eacah passing day that their banks are in deep trouble. A major systemic crisis looms just over the Horizon and will effect the European and eventually the US banking system. Indeed, the Chinese, according to media reports have ceased much of their trading with SoGen, Credit Agricole and BNP Paribas. The ECB chief has urged banks to strengthen their balance sheets. Meanwhile, French and German banks 'credit insurance' spreads are soaring in price, meaning a major risk is seen and probable 'credit event' is on the horizon. A good interactive graphic can be found here at Reuters. When a major economic power starts to suspend trading with major banks, there is something very big going on behind the scenes. It also appears that China and Japan are telling the Europeans they need to fix their own problems and they appear to be much more severe than anyone in the East or West is letting on, so any 'economic life raft' they throw out is going to be a small one.  Now I do not want to minimize the possibility that some of this trading suspension may be at least partly due to a political angle, to get concessions from the EU in any aid package, but this is a drastic step and would hardly be taken unless there were something really ugly hiding in the balance sheets of these banks.

Yesterday the markets dropped significantly and barring yet another covert bailout of the market indexes (something done regularly by the US government) the markets are likely to fall further. The FED and the Treasury are not in a position to do a prolonged market bailout. The Fed is already stretched to the limit and our Federal balance sheet increasingly looks perilous. The problem here is that the MSM has been dead silent and are not telling Americans that we may be facing another Government shutdown in just a few weeks (perhaps days) as we slowly run out of money. If they mention it, it will only be because of a prearranged agreement with both political parties to spin the trouble into a political one (like paying Disaster aid), rather than a stark fiscal one. In the meantime, US Regulators are behaving like they demand a new crisis and are working hard to facilitate one.

While many in Europe are calling for swift action to recapitalize mid-sized banks, the European Banking Authority is resisting calls for a speed up of the time line. Frankly, I think the the real problem is not mid sized banks but the biggest ones. But let us keep in mind a couple of things about 'assets' and GDP (as found on link in previous graph). That being that 'assets' (i.e., outstanding loans) as they are placed on the books of these banks can quickly be turned into liabilities once a major debtor cannot repay their loans. This is pretty much what is happening now. The sovereign debt of Greece, to probably be followed by other countries has gone from 'asset' to (essentially) a liability. Now I have never believed US or even EU GDP data was anywhere near accurate. I think much of what we call 'product' is an invention of our own minds and adept accountants spreadsheets. Too much of it is like counting people doing jumping jacks, paying someone to do them and counting each one performed as part of 'GDP'. Sure there was work, maybe lots of it, but nothing was produced. I take America's byzantine tax code and the gargantuan 'tax compliance' industry as a perfect example. They produce nothing but government forms and make billions from it. Well I am not the only one who sees it. Much of our economy is really a sham made up from economic shadows and accounting opiates.

It is a strange day when the BRIC nations are lining up to put funding in the IMF to stabilize the Western Banking disaster. But that is probably going to be one factor of any package needed to bail out Europe’s banks who frankly, should be allowed or rather be forced into insolvency. They are criminally incompetent and that is why they need these bailouts. They are threatening the whole western financial system with this economic 'blackmail' in order to maintain a system that is terminally broken and cannot be saved even if all the assets of US and Europe's economies were dumped into their banks. So in my mind, you really have two choices. 1) To continue the covert transfer of all Western assets to incompetent and insolvent banks destroying the West, or take your bitter medicine now, let some of these banks fail, pick up the pieces and rebuild your financial sector. That is what the UK is doing and I think they will survive this crisis.

A New Currency?

Do I think we will see a new currency? Eventually. The Euro will be fundamentally restructured or it will go the way of the confederate dollar. Even now many European nations are hoarding dollars. They are doing it very, very quietly but they are doing it. Why? The dollar has always been a refuge in a time of crisis. That was once true of the Swiss franc, but once they decided to hitch their raft to the Titanic and peg the Franc to the dying Euro, it will take a long time if ever, for folks to put their wealth and trust in the Franc again. Indeed the Swiss seemed determined to destroy their famous banking sector and currency with move after move that appeases Brussels and Washington, the two lepers of the financial world, to the long tern detriment of their own (formerly rock solid) financial sector. Today, Germans who put their money into Swiss banks cannot get their money out. The Swiss seem to have some kind of economic 'leprosy envy'; they see everyone else has it and they want it too. But I suspect the that US and EU have been putting much pressure of the Swiss to destroy their own economy for many reasons and their tax haven status is just one of those reasons. The dollar is accepted in the UK, Ireland, Greece, Germany France, Spain... you name it. No other currency can boast that and if the Euro collapses, the dollar may be how day to day transactions are conducted. Simply put, I am telling you that some EU governments are preparing for just such a scenario. So I say, at least in the short term (medium term as well) provided that we do not have another government shutdown and the US continues to make interest payments on its debts, the Dollar may be an interim currency inside some European nations. It may (strong qualifier here as I have not looked into it yet) MAY help explain this.


How long before we see the institution of the Mark of the Beast? I do not know, but  I think these events are a key step along the road to the day we are forced to worship an image and take it or are killed. Something fundamental must transpire to the entire global economy for it be brought into being. Most of us true  Christians (who bear the testimony of Jesus) will lose our lives and we must be prepared for it. Remember how the Nazi's used incinerators to get rid of the bodies at their death camps? Well now you have something new to think about.

Sudan: They Bombed Everything That Moved

Graphic is Creative Commons licensed.

California: Big Pharma Seeks To Vaccinate Kids In Secret

At CIA: Climate Change Is Secret

Secret US Drone Bases Popping Up All Over
President Obama plans on raining death on Africa by remote control for years to come and is building the bases to prove it. Needless to say the makers of these drones has seen their stock hit 52 week highs. Who is number 2 at the DOD? A Raytheon Employee, who is Obama planning on letting get rich by restarting the cold war? Raytheon.

BofA, Wells Fargo, Citi All Have Credit Ratings Downgraded
The reality is setting in that these guys are in some trouble and another  bailout is rather unlikely given our present fiscal situation. Too big to fail may become too big to bail.

Mexican Port is New Front In Drug War

Israeli Alarm Over Elections In Egypt
 A good piece showing the dangers to Israel should the Peace pact with Egypt fail and just what kind of fundamental change to Isrealie Security posture would be required. A look at relations between Israel and Egypt can be found here.

Drug War Update

In Philadelphia, authorities announced the dismantling of a drug trafficking network with ties to the Sinaloa Cartel. In total, five people were arrested, three of them in Pennsylvania and two in Texas. Ten kilos of cocaine, cash and weapons were also confiscated.

In Matamoros, fire fights and blockades were reported in several parts of the city..

Kenya-Somalia: Women Turn To Prostitution To Survive
With close to 470,000 residents, Dadaab (refugee camp - ed.) is bursting at the seams. The local trading centres are busy hubs for small business owners and truck drivers delivering trade goods, food and other humanitarian commodities. "Many of our customers are people who drive these trucks that bring goods here from the other urban centres. We also get clients from the villages around here," Hawa said. "When they arrive, our [pimps], who mostly work as loaders, ask them if they are interested in sex and they bring them here."  - Africa Files

Visa Mastercard May Raise Fees Nearly 300% On Small Debit Transactions

'Benny B And The Banksters' Play Twisting In The Wind
Download the mp3 at the Fed for 99 basis points on all of your loans. Offer not good after economic collapse. (satire)

US Halts Shipments To Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Lindsey Graham Donor Indicted For Illegal Campaing Contributions
Chinese donors accused of defrauding the government of at least 3.6 million are alleged. The Board of directors of GenPhar Can be found here.  All of the money they donated went to GOP causes.

The alleged illegal activity began after the couple contributed the legal maximums to the Graham during his 2008 re-election campaign. The couple had promised to raise $25,000 for the senator, a goal for which Dong relied on the German stockholder to meet.

Federal law, however, prohibits donations from foreign citizens and prohibits people from donating in the name of another.

Overall, Dong and Wang have donated $69,000 to the federal candidates and committees since the 2004 election cycle, research by the Center for Responsive Politics indicates, including three contributions from their daughter Deanna.

All of this money has benefited the Republican Party, conservative groups and Republican candidates, including Graham, who was the No. 1 beneficiary of the couple.

Graham has not been accused of any wrongdoing. The Washington Post reported that prosecutors have said he had no knowledge of the alleged activities of Dong and that a Graham spokesman has said any questionable donations will be handed over to the U.S. Treasury.

All the while, Dong's company was seeking federal money.

By September 2007, GenPhar had been awarded a $1.1 million grant from the National Institute of Health for clinical work on a vaccine for the Marburg virus. Six days later, Dong allegedly wrote in an email to the German national that "this is your money at work."

The manner in which Dong and GenPhar secured this and other federal grants points to the persuasive power of political spending. The lobbying firm Dong hired to secure such grants was American Defense International, Inc., whose chairman, Vann Hipp, Jr., is a former chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

According to the Center's research, Hipp, along with his wife, Jane Grote, has contributed nearly $500,000 federal candidates and committees since they wrote their first checks during the 1994 election cycle.

Of that sum, 84 percent has aided Republican candidates and cause,  including $11,500 to Graham and nearly $70,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

From 2004 to 2010, Hipp and ADI helped GenPhar secure $19.6 million in grants from the NIH and the military, some of which were earmarked by Graham himself.

Dong is accused with using $3.6 million of that total on non-grant related purposes such as travel, construction of a new GenPhar facility and compensation for ADI's $280,000 worth of lobbying expenses.  - OpenSecrets

China's Forced Abortion Policy Turns 31, Congress To Hold Hearings Today

EU Voices Deep Regret Over Troy Davis' Execution
What do you think?

According to the defense, seven of nine eyewitnesses signed affidavits changing or recanting all or part of their testimony; 34 witnesses testified for the prosecution at the trial. The limited ability to appeal his conviction, due in part to the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, brought his plight to international attention.Prosecutors argued that it was too late to present the recantations as evidence. Davis maintained his innocence. Various appeals in state and federal courts followed his conviction. Davis and his lawyers argued that the racial composition of the jury (seven of the twelve were black, as is Davis) and poor advocacy from his lawyers had affected his right to a fair trial.[citation needed] Witnesses stated they had felt pressure by police to implicate Davis. Witnesses also implicated another witness, Sylvester "Redd" Coles, in the crime. Wikipedia

Amnesty International, Innocence Project and other advocacy groups have stories on this.

China: New Floods Displace Millions


Antichrist America: Orange County Outlaws Home Churches
Part of a rising trend and while officials usually apologize for the 'misunderstanding' there appears to be a concerted move around the nation to keep on making these intentional 'mistakes' in the hopes they can make one 'error' stick and shop for a Judge who will uphold such a ban. Around the world real Christianity is under fire. Sure you can go to your local Apostate Church but by and large they are not preaching the Gospel, but a 'feel good' facsimile designed to send you to hell; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. The devil is fine with those kinds of Churches... he runs most of them! 
Here is how a real Church stands up for Christ!
If your faith were not so important, the worlds governments from Beijing to Riyadh; Kabul, to Karachi; Istanbul to, Khartoum would not be spending so much time and effort to stamp out the message of the Gospel. It is a message the devil and his servants hate with a perfect and violent hatred and will not stop even at mass murder to stamp that message out.

'A Putinization of the Catholic Church'

On Thursday, Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Germany for a long-awaited visit. Prominent Swiss theologian Hans Küng explains to SPIEGEL why the papal visit will do little to help the crisis in the Church and compares Benedict to Vladimir Putin in the way he has centralized power.

Mexico: Christians Forced To Leave Village Amid Crucifixion Threats

New Government Shutdown Looms...
I think the cause stated in the article is mostly smoke and mirrors for public consumption, the real debt state of affairs  is as I talked about three weeks ago (scroll down to 'US Hits Debt Ceiling' on link) and covered briefly over at zero hedge.

Occupy Wall Street Photo's

Angel Food Ministries Goes Out Of Business
Outfit provided discounted food to the needy. Why the shutdown? Looks like the FBI had an investigation into their finances.

What Does Obama Have Against Babies?

Typhoon Hitting Fukushima, Radiation Spiking

Fishoil And Military Suicides

Today's focus is on technology.
Hackers Break SSL Encryption
A major flaw has been discovered that will allow hackers to decrypt (without the users knowledge) SSL encryption that is used by millions of sites, including email, banking, credit cards, paypal, and VPN's.

I am not surprised, only that it has taken independent researchers so long to figure out that SSL as it is currently deployed has some built in (I want you to drill those two words in your mind as you read on) vulnerabilities that can be exploited by entities who have the power to.
1)Ensure that more secure SSL versions (TLS V1.2 and V1.2) are not enabled by default by browsers whose owners are incorporated in the US.
2)Ensure that few major sites in the US uses the more secure systems because no US browser supports the better encryption systems, leaving you open to this highly suspicious hack.

It is sad that only Opera has the better systems enabled by default on their browsers, Oh, by the way Opera is not incorporated in the US, It is developed by Opera ASA, a Norwegian company and as such, are not subject to the Patriot Act. Want to know why so many sites will not work well with Opera? Perhaps we can better understand why.

Now before you think I am making a lot of hay about nothing consider that a hacker who can use the mentioned hack can;

1)Get your user name and password to your  bank accounts, Credit cards (and get your credit card numbers, expiration dates, etc)
2) get your Paypal account numbers, passwords read your emails,
3)Hack corporate VPN's, read highly sensitive corporate data, obtain trade secrets illegally and read internal and confidential business memorandum and reduce US competitiveness if the hacker is from outside America.

Now I am going to tell you straight out what I strongly suspect. I think these vulnerabilities have been put there as a result of the Patriot Act or other criminal and unconstitutional laws that our leaders don't even have the courage to tell us about, as they bulldoze our rights and privacy under the treads of a vast and increasingly criminal National Security State.  We have seen numerous vulnerabilities in SSL with tepid and lackluster clean up of the underlying problems that persist in its implementation across millions of websites.

Here is the real problem though; SSL, SSH, PGP and PPTP are the only encryption protocols that one can legally use in the US. Use one that is not approved by the NSA and I can guarantee you that once they find you, you will get a knock on the door and probably be hauled off to a 'national security' prison. So I am here to tell you in no uncertain terms that the NSA is your biggest enemy here. They see any encryption system as a major threat to the security of planet earth, the solar system and large portions of the known universe. Clearly the President has decided that it is more important for them to read your email than to secure the US financial system from state and non-state actors with powerful friends from wrecking havoc on the US financial system when peoples money disappears out of their accounts, credit cards are run up to the max and peoples lives are ruined. This will be followed by banks being thrown into chaos when criminal gangs get in bed with nation states and gather data on millions of individuals for years on end, then in one fell swoop, hit the system with a major concerted and coordinated attack, with valid user credentials across the US financial system. Folks would not even know there was a problem in their accounts for days, maybe weeks later.

Why? All because of the digital peeping toms over at the NSA who think it is their God given right intercept, store, read, and decrypt every single message and secure internet session on the web. Having nothing but disdain for the Courts, Judges, Warrants, the Constitutional rights (which are becoming bad words in these days of the rising Reich) and any legal procedure, they have opened pandora's box. The simple fact is and I am going to lay this out to your straight. The powers that be inside this National Security state have ceased viewing foreign nations as a threat and have rather turned their sites on the American people as the new and most important National Security Threat. The tools that they once used against the USSR and should be using against China are rather, being used against ordinary Americans and that is why you can expect little of real substance to be done about these kinds of vulnerabilities that can and probably will effect ordinary Americans,weather they issue a patch for this particular vulnerability one or not . We (the people) are viewed as the enemy and are to be stripped of our jobs, privacy, homes, wealth and freedom while our leaders turn over the reigns of the state to those who can pay the most in legal and illegal bribes.

Now you are going to hear all kinds of spin out there telling you not to worry, a 'patch' will be issued to 'fix' the problem, how 'complex the hack is', how 'impossible it would be to effect you' and 'don't worry', Uncle Sam will protect you. Well, if foreign governments with enormous resources at their disposal can break into the Secretary Of Defenses' Computers, Hack, Defense contractors, and do other things I probably should not talk about, don't you think they already know about this hack that a small group of researchers found?  Now, let me ask you this. Do you think it wise to put your username and passwords to all of your sites up on your facebook accounts in the clear? That is what Breaking SSL encryption means, your stuff can be read by folks you don't know. Do you think it wise to trust browser makers, Banks and 'secure' mail providers who do not seem to want to take the time to ensure that only the most secure and virtually unhackable implementation of SSL is used on their servers, but drag their feet, and yawn about those vulnerabilities until somebody breaks the story on the Internet?

Why am I making so much to do about it?  Because no one in the Government is going to do anything until and only after a major cyber-disaster hits stealing billions of dollars from unsuspecting Americans. Our 'Security' personnel are sitting fat, dumb and happy, too busy reading their wives and girlfriends emails, using existing legal frameworks to be bothered with petty little issues like the security of the US and its citizens. Mr. and Mrs. America are clueless as to what is going on because no one has explained to them that these problems are a direct result of US Cyber policy.They can't protest because they don't know the 'lay of the land' as Congress has kept most of it secret from the people.

So I reiterate, the Internet is not that safe and if (a big word here) the powers that be really want to encourage e-commerce, and more widespread usage of email (since the regular PO is about to go belly up), making sure we are secure in our digital transactions is essential.

The President talks a lot about moving our economy into the 21 century. I can think of no more urgent matter than ensuring that internet communications are secure from illegal eavesdropping, corporate spying (which is rampant) and criminal activity; something that the digital luddites, peeping toms and pedophiles at the NSA (part of the DOD) seem to think is an 'acceptable risk' as long as they can illegally wiretap Americans. Mr. President, allow for new and more varied encryption methods across the web. Want to create jobs? Open up a whole new realm in cybersecurity by removing or relaxing the legal taboo of creating new 21st century encryption systems in America. The only thing holding this up is your signature, Mr. President. Let people create new systems and cut out all of the National Secuirty malarky that is mostly being abused by real digital stalkers and peeping toms over at the NSA and Justice.

Freaks are running the show and no one pays any real attention  because I can tell you, the worse of the Patriot act abuses were not released to the General public.

A Reader Writes On China
by Frances Jones (not real name)

You have been writing a lot on China and I just wanted to share my thoughts.  My intellectual interest is in economics, and I will largely focus this email on that topic.  Concerning China, I think the game is very much already over and they (the Chinese) have won.  Let's look at a few facts that many in America might find inconvenient.  America was really at its economic peak around the 2001-2002 period.  I present the following to support this position: On a cumulative, national basis I think nominal GDP is more important that GDP at PPP.  Nominal tells us who has the economic clout in the international markets, whose economy can support the largest military, etc.  PPP might be useful on a per capita basis to compare people across countries, but PPP does not provide us with a proper real world comparison.  Looking at where the world's "growth" (quotes intentional), China has clearly taken a lead & here  So I would say that starting around 2007, China was a larger growth engine than the United States, and hence more important to the world market than the US: & here

A country's wealth generating engine is, in my humble opinion, based on its ability to manufacture real goods and not financial engineering and other "service" jobs.  Not to be a hypocrite, because I am a practicing attorney, but it is what it is.  On that front, America is clearly losing to China  In fact, China may have already passed America in terms of Manufacturing:The damage to our manufacturing base will likely have untold consequences for the US economy:.  I think that the depleted manufacturing base is one of the proximate causes of the high unemployment rate in this country.  Manufacturing's small share of the national income is also going to make it difficult to service the gargantuan US debt, reduce unemployment in the economy, and generate a real recovery.  Real wealth is created in the primary sector (agriculture and mining - approximately 3% of GDP) and the secondary sector (industry - 11% of GDP).  Absent the use of huge amounts of debt, the tertiary sector cannot be supported without a strong primary and secondary sector, and America's GDP, and especially the tertiary/service sector, is going to have to decline substantially, since bringing back industry is going to be very difficult (the policies do not favor it - especially, with all of the "free trade" agreements the Government keeps implementing) and costly (core industry would have to be repatriated, IN ADDITION to the entire supply chain).

Where does that leave America?  Nearly $15 trillion in debt (100% debt:gdp, or more correctly 7:1 government debt:government revenue (taxes)); a hollowed out manufacturing base (with manufacturing jobs being hemorrhaged; Declining labor participation rate (directly tied to government's ability to collect taxes and service the debt).

What do I think this is going to mean for the US? 

1) China is going to increase its economic dominance across the globe.  It's ability to leverage its economic power as the world's largest market for many goods and services is going to be leveraged into political power.  Vis-a-vis the US, their control is already firmly established by their ownership of our debt.  Americans in my opinion wrongly conclude that China is holding the blade as a result of their huge dollar holdings, but I suspect that for China, it is less about the money, and more about the politico-strategic goal of dominance.  I have had an watched and analysed how they have shrewdly used their capital abroad).  I suspect that America's dominance is going to wane fast.  I agree with you that we are in line for another substantial leg down, economically, and we could see major declines in GDP in the US (IMO, in the order of about 50%).  Given that I expect China to suffer a setback (housing bubble & overcapacity to name a few), I do expect them to weather it better than the United States.  It will not be that China "passes" the United States so much as the US simply declines (on an aggregate GDP basis) below China.  Dagong, the Chinese rating agency, rates the US as having a $5 trillion dollar economy once the financial engineering, debt and fraud are removed Granted, the Chinese clearly have an agenda, but unfortunately, I do not think they are THAT far off the mark (+/- $2 trillion or so).  Historically, the largest and most important economy is usually the economy with the largest manufacturing component.  China's is in the lead and ascending, ours is being gutted, outsourced, and is declining.  Economically, our prospects look really bad, and China has, as is my initial thesis, already at the head of the pack economically.

2)  Militarily, America still leads, though China is making substantial gains on that front:   A countries military strength is only as good as its economic strength and as America's economy declines and continues to be hobbled by the debt incurred over the past 30 years (or as a result of debt default and repudiation), its military strength is going to decline.  Our troops will be pulled back to our borders and our foreign policy is going to have to be altered substantially.  In some respects this is a good thing, obviously, since we won't be able to supply the world with arms and our foreign posture will be a great deal less aggressive, since our Global Empire will be dismantled.  On the negative side, for almost all Americans, this is going to have very negative day to day consequences.  By that point, the US Dollar will almost certainly no longer be the world's reserve currency.  It's economy bargaining power will be broken as a result, and America will have to compete for raw material and finished good with the rest of the world.  The price of many things may go up substantially (especially oil).  It will be a time of incredible hardship across the world, but ultimately particularly hard in America, since we would be at the heart of a collapsed global financial and economic system.  America may even turn into a global pariah, who knows.

If America does not change course right now then it is looking at a very grim future, because looking objectively at the facts, it is clear to anyone who cares to look that America is headed in the wrong direction, and that is down.

The moral and spiritual commentary I leave in your hands.

In Christ (I try),


How Mircosoft Can (and Probably Will) Try To Kill Linux
I am kind of in the market for a new desktop. I wanted to wait until the latest AMD processors came out (the Bulldozer) but every time I read about them, they are delayed. One more delay and I bolt and get another PC with an older processor. I am not going to buy an Intel system as the new Core's can be remotely shut down by our beloved DHS without you even having to be connected to the Internet. What a way to shut down bloggers who may want to engage in a legitimate protest, like they did in Egypt or perhaps even Wall Street. So Intel is not an option for me. Indeed, if I ran a small business I would not use them. Why? Someone who got hold of those shut down keys or were smart enough to figure them out, or criminal enough to steal them could shut my business down by disabling all of my computers. Now I am sure apologists will tell you about how secure the whole system is and how impossible it is to get hold of them. To which I answer, is it easier to steal those keys or a Nuclear Weapon? Click on the link and will get my drift. You want to tell me about how 'secure' they are? Brother, you can sell that ---- up the street, I ain't buying it.

But buying a new PC can be fraught with hidden dangers these days. Why? One reason is the US government and its secret laws, forcing all kinds of satanware onto unsuspecting consumers.  They haven't got a clue as to what is inside that box. I will probably go and get a custom system built without an OS built in (these days you don't even get recovery discs from Windows when you buy a PC at your local big box store!). Why do I not buy one off the shelf? One main reason is that these days most PC's you buy that way have power supplies of just 300 watts. In today's multi-core and sophisticated graphic card environment that is simply not enough. Sure your computer will run fine for about 3 years, once that power supply goes (they gradually become less efficient with age) most folks will just buy a new computer and with it the latest operating system with the latest and most suspicious vulnerabilities. Folks will have all kinds of trouble with them. Like today, the newer the system have BSOD's, errata shutdowns (that are not covered in your major advertiser dependent PC magazines) and other troubles stemming from things the manufacturer may or may not be legally capable of telling you. Since Microsoft is a monopoly they can pretty much shove anything down your throat and you are forced to buy it.

Sure I would love to get a desktop and support my local retailer, but they aren't selling me what I want. They are forcing stuff on me I don't want (cheap power supply, Windows, Bloatware, hidden vulnerabilities). Even in the Notebook world it is the same story. I like a system with a high Resolution Screen. I like to put two documents side by side without any trouble. But today, to drive down the price of Notebooks they give you screens with a pitiful 1368x768  resolution. Great for watching movies, but I work on my PC. I watch TV on my TV. So I want one with a high resolution and most big box stores only sell you this pitiful excuse for a screen resolution. Indeed, the last notebook  I bought and am using now as I write has a WUXGA resolution 1920x1200 which is superb. But you know what? You cannot buy that resolution on any laptop at any price any longer (except used). I think Sager *may* still be selling them, but for how long I don't know. So while you may get a fast processor and decent graphics card the key output component of your computer (the result of your all the internal hardware and software) is on a cheap, low res screen. To me, that is like buying a Ferrari with bicycle tires mounted on the rims.  I wonder when they will just give you a single LED pixel that flashes on and off and call that an 'HD' (hidden definition) screen.

For most folks who only email, send photos to Grandma and maybe watch Netflix, the screen factor does not really matter. But until they sit down and use a higher res screen and they see what they are missing they just see the cheap price and buy it.  But with a higher res screen, you find yourself using the taskbar much less, hunting for buttons on your toolbars much less, reading is easier (less scrolling)  and can just do more with less repetitive mouse actions that can be frustrating if you are sitting for hours on end on a computer. Those who do a lot of graphics know the value of a good high res monitor.

Well one thing I have discovered that even with a low res screen you can still use an external monitor and if you have a decent graphics card with two external outputs (ie, VGA, HDMI) you can even hook up two external monitors to your notebook. Just go to your power properties and under actions, - close screen, choose 'do nothing' (so that when you close the lid of your notebook it does not shut off). Once that is done, Hook up one monitor, let Windows adjust the resolution, etc. Then close the notebook lid. Let Windows adjust to that. Once your monitor finishes flashing and flickering, hook up the second monitor. and go to your control panel under personalization and make the requisite adjustments in display settings. Note: If you run more than one OS (multi-boot) you may need to open your laptop lid to choose your options when you reboot your system.

Frankly I think PC makers have been shooting themselves in the foot for a long time by not giving folks like me what they want. They focus on Cheap and to a lesser degree gamers but forget about folks who work on them.

Social Networks Censoring Christians

Think these folks are tolerant? Think bigotry does not exist on these sites, many of whom are merely fronts for Foreign intelligence organizations?They are. Free speech is banned. Only PC speech is allowed. Think they are going to be fair to God, or Christ, when Sodomy is their lifestyle and selling your personal information to others they won't even reveal to you is the way they make money?  In short many of these folks are moral degenerates in every way.

My advice to ALL Christians is to be real careful, or better yet, steer clear of ALL social networking sites AND free email services which are being treated like Social networking sites by our beloved government and have God knows who trolling your pesonal data and emails without your knowledge or implicit consent.

Rising Reich Comes To Football
This all American from of entertainment ( I don't call it sports) now coming under the domination of the DHS. I would not be surprised if the Current head of the DHS is looking for a Job at the NFL when she leaves. The last head of the DHS is the guy selling the US those naked body scanners and just so happens to have dual citizenship.


Is Yahoo Blocking Emails About Wall Street Protest?
They apparently have apologized for the 'glitch'

Turkey Theatened To Veto Israel At NATO
Yet Israel Insists that their bid to open an office at the Brussels HQ is still very much 'on the table'. More here from an Israeli Perspective here.

Being a Christian in a situation like this can present speical problems when there is little food available and Muslims control much of the countryside.

Pakistan: 700 Christian Girls Kidnapped And Forced To Marry
The latest outrage involves a 14 year old child.

Drug Cartels Throw Fundrasiers For US Officials
Do you want to read how cartels have obtained access to computer access codes to US Surveillance systems, order hits on US Federal Agents, donate large sums of money to US law enforcement and US politicians? Then click on the above link. The Political corruption ala Mexico, is well under way here in the US.

Here is what I can tell you from Federal officials who are deeply involved in this Drug War; The Mexican drug cartels have opened up offices on K street in Washington DC and are active, very rich lobbyists and are spreading lots of money on Capital Hill. Our beloved Attorney General is aware of a lot of corruption that he does not have the courage to thoroughly investigate and prosecute. I am not talking about those tepid investigations into political corruption where the 'we didn't find anything' is written in the conclusion of the report long before anyone is even sent out to look.  But one with a deep look over there at FinCen and elsewhere in the Intelligence community that will show any  investigator worth is salt who is paying whom, with what money and from which and to which bank accounts. He is afraid of the political blow back from assumably those power players in the pay of the Cartels. Now I do not want to be too hard on Mr. Holder, as some of the localized corruption along the border he has prosecuted with strong cases. It is the more politically difficult prosecutions in DC that he has been dragging his feet.

We are on a fast track to our streets looking like Juarez. We have ample anti-terror laws on the books. It only takes a the President to designate these cartels as Terrorist Organizations and a whole new slew of laws can be used against those who in their employ. Bombs going off in Casino's, heads severed in the desert, whole towns terrorized by these cartels and FBI agents being convicted of essentially selling arms to the Cartels... what is the President waiting for, somebody in the c cartels to buy off his Secret Service Protection (don't laugh the President of Mexico had that problem)? This is a no-brainer, designate them as a terrorist organization, but do what you can to keep all those crooked US contractors from riding over to the DHS on their Gravy Trains to get in on the action. I don't trust them to stay clean with all that Drug money floating around.

Well, keep this in mind. When these cartels were looking for an 'in' into the US political system several years ago, some of them held consultations with the Chinese, who have been so adept at it that they were able to get some of our most precious military secrets, nuclear technology, using their as yet unchallenged methodology at political subversion. The Cartels are now using those same methods with great success right here in the US. Hence you may understand why the President, who can never say the Word 'China' cannot and will not make that designation. I do not mean to insinuate that the President has been 'gotten to' but I will say (and not insinuate) that those in his administration are active agents for them and have the 'goods' on the President.

This is a problem of History that the west, especially Occidentals in particular are incapable of comprehending and why China will win this battle. China has never forgotten the humiliation of the Opium wars of the 19th Century, when the Anglo-American establishment (mostly Anglo) were using Opium as a weapon against the Chinese. The UK was running a huge trade deficit with China at the time and needing to find a product they could sell to China to re-balance it. They found one; Opium.  The British attempted to make Opium use legal in China for their own economic purposes.

In the 1830's, opium had became a vice in China. Virtually all men under 40 smoked opium. The entire army was addicted. It affected all classes of people, from rich merchants to Taoists. The total number of addicts in China in the 1830's was as high as 12 million. Due to the smuggle of opium, the trade deficit Western countries had with China quickly turned into a trade surplus. China could not export enough tea and silk to balance the trade. Instead the difference in trade was made up by the export of Chinese silver, which was highly valued for its fine qualities.  - The Opium War And The Opening Of China

Will our leaders clear their heads after last night's all-nite sex and cocaine party and deal with this issue forthrightly, or just make angry noises for the camera and take Cartel money on the side? Is the AG going to keep on going after the small fish and bury his head in the sand over the big ones who are taking dope money?

The prospects don't look good.

How Can China Break The US Dollars Dominance

Skin Rashes, Cyanide And GMO's
Think those GMO's you ear are harmless... think again!

Our Capitalist System Is Near Meltdown
Yes, it is but this article is merely an interesting advert for strengthening the Euro which of course will mean (but not directly stated)... you guessed it... bailouts.

Panetta To Issue 'Special Guidance' For Officers To Condemn Spending Cuts
Just keep in mind that Panetta is just an extension of Obama, he is doing exactly what his boss wants him to do, keep the war machine, big, corrupt and attacking the world for profit. Panetta is just taking the flack for Polices Obama does not want to take political responsibility for.

Every corporate feeder at the DOD trough is lining up to fight any cuts to the largest military budget in the history of mankind as though such cuts would signal the end of the known universe.

New Film Causes 180 Degree Shift In Abortion Views

A Tale Of Two Apostasies
 The only way Islam can grow the way it has is through the use of terror, murder and fear. Anyone who leaves it is under a death sentence.

Read it in their own words and find out their plans for Christians as well.  What I find both sad and reprehensible, is that most western Christians are clueless as to what is happening to other Christians in the world. They can recite the latest slogan on our 'War on Terror' or debate while rejecting scripture on the latest abomination the church is contemplating accepting into its halls but refuse to take some time out to know and WATCH in these times.

They are utterly unprepared for what awaits them. These are those who will turn on Christ when the going gets tough and will betray those who remain steadfast in their faith.

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
(Mat 24:9-10)


Rich Oil Producers Get The Message, Assist Poor

Violent Crackdown Continues In Yemen

Six Arrested In Wall Street Protests
Nary a peep in most MSM news media...

Obama Dramatically Increases JSOC, CIA Drone Strikes In Yemen
So what is up here? Well, in short US imperial interests see a major threat in AQ in the Arabian Peninsula. They are deathly afraid of what is called 'radicalization' becoming the norm here and getting a real foothold on power. What is the real problem and why are the people so upset? The list is a long one part of it of course the Arab uprisings in the region that have swept the region come into play as essentially, the people seek a more legitimate and responsive government in Yemen, something that the the list of US and to a lesser extent Saudi backed regimes (like Bahrain) have resisted even to the point of arms. In Yemen AQ is ready to take advantage of the situation and the widespread dissatisfaction. Once again the US and its anti-democratic allies have tried to use democratic sounding rhetoric to delay and deny real popular representation in the affairs of an Islamic nation.

They key here to watch is the Saudi's whose capital is within a few hundred miles of the heavy fighting and from disupted border with Saudi Arabia.

The problems here are very complex and go beyond America's simplistic anti-terror approach and deal with the overall competence of the central government including such issues as the governments overall legitimacy being questioned by some tribes. This issue, as well as corruption led to a sustained non-violent pro-democracy movement typified by the protests that took place in January 2011. These protests only created deeper divisions in an already divided Central government and later caused a tragic split in the military with commanders going over to the poorly defined 'rebels'.

Yemen is a poor nation with basic hunger being one of its major challenges. Its oil sector is past peak. Water and land usage/disputes are also part of Yemen's troubled political landscape.

As of the 18th of September, fighting continues in the capital city and US/Saudi news and intelligence reporting claims that AQ linked rebels hold key territory. Meanwhile the US Supported Yemeni government opened fire on student protestors on Sunday, killing 16. Large protest still occur regularly in Yemen

Where will this all end? It will depend largely on the Saudi's who I think are the real force behind America's attack on yet another nation who never did us any harm. Because of the recent fighting between Yemen and the Saudi's and the very poor performance given by the Saudi Military, the Saudi royals have probably made it clear to President Obama that he had better get involved in Yemen and do what he is told... or else. The keepers of Mecca have the best military on earth at their disposal, the US military.

I think the US is fighting a losing battle here and elsewhere when they use force against the legitimate aspirations of peoples who have been abused long enough by US surrogate leaders and have been ignored by the international community... until they protest and take up arms.  We are on the wrong side of history, fighting a losing battle against our own stated polices (as opposed to covert/realpolitick policies) that have set off a powderkeg in the region. It is an oversimplification to blame it all on America, but our negative influence simply cannot be dismissed either.  If ordinary people are turning to AQ and what is too often misnomered 'terrorism', it is largely of our own doing. Repression will always lead to resistance and any resistance against America's repressive and anti-democratic policies are too often called 'terrorism'. US policy in the region has created the fertile ground in which groups like AQ operate.  We are too dependent on Saudi oil and I think the Saudi's are forcing us to work against our long term interests, namely long term stability in the region, which will never be accomplished until the people have more say in the affairs of government and violent repressive and governments are permanently removed for power. Regimes, I might add, like the Saudi's.

How does this all play out? Predicting the future of these events is very difficult. Military tacticians have their ways of putting forth options and contingencies, but too often in US circles, they are much too optimistic about the real effects and beneifts of the use of force, relying on it far too much with negligible or even retrograde results. What follows here is less a military and more strategic look at the consequences of US military intervention.

US military intervention is almost certainly going to escalate in Yemen and the probability of ground troops is much more likely here, than in Libya, where any ground intervention will probably be conducted by EU troops under a Nato flag with the US in just a supporting (Intel/Logistical) role. My estimation in Libya is that the war there was to grab up critical oil and more importantly Gas resources. From Tunisia to Egypt and now Libya Arab springs seem to arise where NatGas is abundant, the Arabs are many and they are within reasonable proximity to a proposed European gas pipeline, but that as they say, is another story. The Imperative of US military intervention in Yemen will be driven by both 1) fear that an AQ stronghold in Yemen will threaten the Saudi's. 2) It will be at the the 'direction' (orders) for such troops by the Saudi government. Such intervention will probably be delayed in the hopes that ground troops can be landed en masse after the Presidential elections in 2012, but may come before then, should the situation warrant it and the Saudi's demand it.

What will US military intervention do? US commanders would hope to:

  1. Stabilize the situation, neutralize the 'rebel' (people's) movement, destroy or undermine its military capabilities, and attempt to undermine any political legitimacy it may have.

  2. Find a pro Nato/EU movement or Puppet leader to install in power who will promise democracy.

  3. Do all that is necessary assist such a leader further neutralize the rebel movement and also help him delay as long as possible any real transition to a more democratic Yemen that does not fall firmly within the sphere of US/EU domination.

  4.  Ensure that the Border between the Saudi's and the US are patrolled regularly with all technological means available and assist the Saudi's to repel any force that moves across its border with lethal and wherever possible, secret force.

Will this work? For a while yes, it is likely to. The biggest obstacle is going to be US domestic concern at the cost and the overall perception of US continued meddling in the affairs of others, especially in the Islamic world. This is not said to minimize the threat these jihadist organizations pose to the region and even to the long term aspirations of most Yemeni's. The threat is real. Rather it is to point out a very real concern that is often not voiced in the councils of US National Security policy makers and that is the real perception of the US in the Arab world and its policy of continued use of violence, secret repression (in the form of torture and providing arms to repressive governments) and military force, often used in secret against Arab's and Islamics. This factor is leading many young Arabs, who have little economic prospects for the future and even less education to take up arms against the 'American devils'. The more we intervene and the more we kill, the stronger movements like Al-Shabaab Al-Islam (Youth of Islam) who are most active on the Arabian Peninsula will be, gaining adherents from the growing numbers of disaffected in the region. They are already a major presence in Somalia and growing in the Sinai Peninsula. In Yemen they know their target audience quite well and one Salafist website categorized Yemeni Tribesmen in this fashion. It can be summarized best I think in this paragraph from the Jamestown Foundation.

Al-Athri is sending a message to the tribes, urging them to support AQAP while threatening them with retaliation from the movement if they do not:  “So everyone look at himself, and choose his trench and his grave; from where he will be raised [after death], from the trenches of the righteous, or from the hotels of infidels! [Everyone] be aware of being fooled by apostates’ guarantees, and traitors’ gifts; the sword of Shari’a is long, and the soldiers of Shaykh Abu Basir [i.e. AQAP leader Nasir al-Wuhayshi] are not few!” - Jamestown

It boils down to 'join us or die' kind of ultimatum. One that is likely to scare away a great many Tribesman who are less interested in AQ politics than getting water for his heards and an education for their children and getting rid of government corruption, but will resonate with many others.

My estimation is that both the US (and by default Saudi) and AQ leaders dismiss, downplay or pay lipservice to the real problems of the people in favor of their own geopolitical machinations against one another. Neither will provide lasting stability to Yemen but the Yemeni people will suffer as pawns in yet another proxy war 'against' AQ.

If the US puts troops on the ground ala Iraq and attempts to install a puppet regime, this will surely be a powerful rallying cry for AQ, bring them many adherents who were once on the fence to the AQ banner.

Thus, I see a prolonged stalemate in Yemen as the US will be forced to deal increasingly with a global economic crisis coupled with a disastrous household balance sheet that will compel, despite howls of protests from the political right, a far less interventionist approach into the affairs of others.

As a student of history I find that a strategic retreat is sometimes the very best line of defense. Twice such a tactic worked for the Russians who faced both Napoleon and Hitler. Each were ultimately defeated by use of this tactic. While this new global war bears little resemblance in terms of tactics, armaments or goals to those two wars of the past, the tactic of Strategic Retreat would probably work if the US possessed the requisite geopolitical patience and strategic foresight and could hold at abeyance the 'turn a quick buck' corporations who will force actions that may turn a profit today, but undermine our interests in the medium and long term. These interests must  be neutralized if we are to disprove Lenin's theory on capitalists, ropes and self-assisted suicide.

The Chinese have this kind of patience and foresight and are quietly waiting for us to undermine our influence in the world with our shortsighted actions so that they can step in as they already have in a great many places in the world. They are getting trade deals with those whom the US has consistently attempted to undermine in the past. Hugo Chavez is a perfect example. The key is to have a plan that can work, stick with the plan let it bear fruit. AQ is not ready to rule anywhere really. The Salafists can talk, put up video's and trade in arms and extremist literature, plant a bomb or launch a raid. But they are not ready to deal with the real and complex problems of a modern state. Reading and interpreting the Koran is not going to put food on the table or put young people to work. It is one thing to gather a bunch of half educated, angry men to take up arms and quite another to take up the reigns of state and provide for your people. Additionally, dealing with internal political divisions is something that the Libyan rebels have had to deal with recently and they have not even secured the country yet. An AQ operated state would quickly fragment and bring in even greater discontent from among the populace when the price of fuel rises significantly, food is scarce and the promises of an Islamic paradise are dashed with Islamic corruption, widespread hunger, joblessness, trade embargo's and new and better armed and organized 'rebels' who are determined to throw out yet another incompetent and corrupt regime. The only real long term threat I see in an AQ state is a real one but one that cannot be acknowledged in the halls of power in the west. That threat is that AQ has some powerful and secret help that is financing it, aiding it  and directing it. Such assistance is not coming from the Arab World. These salafists did not just spring up from the ground. They are far too organized and influential. They key here is to deal with the real power behind these men for there I think you will find your real AQ terrorists. America is not prepared to do that and that is why any tactic we take, even a potentially successful one will end in failure because the powers behind these radical movements are just too protected by the western powers.

But there is a legal way to deal with them, the laws are on the books and are quickly and brutally enforced against the poor man. It is called 'Material Support To Terrorism'. Does the US really want to win this war? I will give you the short answer.

No, but certain interest sure intend to keep on getting rich fighting it.

Wall Street Closed Off For Protests

A Long planned Protest is blocked off by police. All the wealth in America is amassed in just a very few hands, ordinary people want to peacefully protest it. They simply move the protest area and ensure that no major propaganda organ news organization covers it.

But you know what? I think Mayor Bloomberg gets the message... loud and clear. The anger out there in America is real and growing and when the next economic shoe drops and it surely will things will get more uncertain as the days drag on.

400 United Methodist Clergy War On Future Of Denomination
 A pledge by many clergy to marry homosexual couples is at issue. The Church in the west is surely in crisis and a Church with unsaved and unholy men running it isn't leading you to heaven, it is an instrument of Hell.

 I say, that if hell is where they want to go, let them go. Look after they hear the Gospel by a truly anointed preacher or lay Christian, the Church has done its Job. Salvation is their choice. Do these Church leaders really think they know better than God? So did Adam and Eve and that is why the world is in such a mess today.  They refused to listen to and BELEIVE God.  But you, dear bretheren don't need to sit  in such a 'church' with a blank look on your face and go to hell with them.

Get out of that Church!

American Christians need to rethink what A Church is and is for. It is not there to 'change the world' it is not there to model itself after the ways, political correctness or politics of the world system. It is there to provide fellowship among true believers in Christ who are determined to enter into the kingdom of Heaven and transform their lives away from the rottenness of this world in the Hope of salvation in the world to come. A True church is aspiring toward Holiness not in acquiring a bunch of new members who refuse to obey the Gospel. If your pastor is talking about letting unrepentant (key world here) homosexuals into the congregation or performing gay weddings, or telling you to vote GOP, Democrat or Tea Party, you probably need to get out of it. We serve a different King in a different kingdom and those that truly serve him will find out very quickly just what the word' persecution' really means once you truly submit to Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.

 I think God is sending this trial to the Church as the first phase of the Divine 'spiritual sifter', to separate the chaff from the wheat. In this respect, I welcome it. I would much rather see a small, vibrant and holy Church than a large, politically correct and spiritually dead one.

Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares? He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.
(Mat 13:24-30)

Pat Roberson Shows His True Unbiblical Colors
Shocked? I am not. This from a man who called for the murder of a duly elected world leader. There are times when I think Pat was sent just to make Christians look ridiculous.

Athiests Show Hatred for God, Religion
I notice that the only religious book they tore up is the Bible, not the Koran and as the article states is targeting Christianity. Hence you can see  just what the real target of their 'hatred' is.They are called a backyard group but seem to have the money for a major advertising campaign including Billboards. I know little about this group but do know this, not all atheists are really atheists, they do believe in a god but hide that belief from the 'uninitiated' with all their power and might.

Copyright Troll Righthaven Fails To Pay Court Ordered Fine
I have been watching the whole Righthaven thing for some time and am glad to see that their operation appears to be coming to an end. They took a lot of money from small bloggers with highly questionable copyright claims. Finally they got hit with some countersuits and had to prove their claims in court.. and lost. Now they  appear to be in big trouble with the court and may be getting ready to file for bankruptcy. The sad part is that many Bloggers settled with Righthaven out of court for hefty amounts out of fear and some shut down.


Worse Than 2008

Who Is Going To Bail Out Europe? You Are!!
The American taxpayer is going to pay for it or at least that is what is under discussion by senior administration officials. Staring into an abyss of debt, a few bills shy of a new debt default and the Obama administration is ready to make you pay for someone else's mistakes. Folks these banksters will not be happy until they bankrupt the world and they hold the deeds to every piece of property, every factory and every government on earth because we keep bailing them out and they use the money we give them to buy it all up.

How are we going to pay for it all when the President is doing his level best to ship yet more Jobs overseas in a series of Trade Agreements? Sending our wealth overseas, our Jobs overseas... who is he working for, because it certainly isn't working Americans. I hear apologists say that 'we have to get in or we will be shut out'. But who is 'we'? Not working people, they are already being shut out of their jobs. What they mean are large US corporations to get in on the action over there and move jobs from here to there and offshore the profits in the Cayman Islands.

That's who 'we' are. You, Mr. working man? You are a problem they plan on solving with the Patriot Act.

Supreme's Halt Execution Of Black Man
Racist statements by officials about Blacks during sentencing phase of trial are probably going to get him a new sentencing hearing. His guilt is not at issue, but the process and racism that lead to his conviction and extreme sentence is.

Potential Impact Of A Greek Default
I was going to wrote Part II of the "Respite Followed By Requeim For The Dollar Today, but the MSM has beaten me to it. That's fine. They have large staff's, I don't. I could have gotten all what I wanted to say... by about 10 PM, but wanted to get some news up for the day. I can only do so much. Read it for this is rather interesting and shows you just what the Eurozone can stand up to and what will shatter it. In a nutshell, A default of Greece+Spain or Greece+Italy are too much, the EU won't hold up. Other combinations could probably be managed. The key with the Greek situation is the French banks which are heavily exposed in Greece.

I can tell you that Central bankers in the EU are very concerned about the entire situation and in private talks express their fear. Even the UK is deeply concerned as they are undergoing some very serious austerity measures right now. Look unlike the US, the Brits recognize they cannot afford to 'save the world' and are cutting their military accordingly. Folks who served a long time in the military are getting pink slips.  The simple fact is, the Brits will probably survive this economic crisis in tact, they are taking their foul tasting medicine with the typical British 'stiff upper lip'.

The US? Its political system is so awash in lobbyist and crooked money that any necessary change (like the Brits are making) are impossible. No one wants to face reality. No one wants count beans ( a boring job) and pay only for those things the nation can afford. We Americans cannot afford to spend more than all of the rest of the world combined on our military. These men and women who come to the Pentagon and tell us that we can continue to  do so are only speaking for Multi-Billion dollar contractors; the Boeing's, Lockheeds', Northrop's, General Dynamic's and SAIC's of the world. Frankly, Leon Panetta and his cohorts over at the Pentagon really should be ashamed of themselves with the rank fear mongering going on now. Yesterday the Military Industrial Complex had the nerve to pull out Rumsfeld (who could not  be found on the fateful day of 911 because of a strange and yet unexplained policy change that only the SecDef could give authorization to scramble the planes for military lethal shoot downs) to scare America about defense cuts. Now Panetta is trying to scare away cuts by saying the jobless rate would go up along with other 'Halloween' and 'scare the kiddies' imagery to keep those contractors rolling in the money.  This is all done as though there is some magic formula to create money to pay for all of the pork that makes up the Defense Department and pay for war after war after war after war. Yes, the US can stand some serious defense cutting if they come down to earth about what our military is for, what it should be doing (defending the US)  and what it should not be doing (attacking the world).

To these eyes, it looks to me like someone inside the DOD wants to bankrupt America with defense spending and are going to push us over the edge with red ink. Keep in mind one salient fact. This is essentially how the US destroyed the Soviet Union. We out spent them and sent them into  bankruptcy. That coupled with one of the greatest
strategic deceptions ever conducted on the Global stage.  Lets take a look at some declassified CIA reports on the soviet Collapse.

Source: CIA

Source: CIA

Source CIA

I would love to see some FSB (Russian Intelligence) reporting on the US fiscal situation today!  But if you take the time to read some of these reports you will see that the predictions were by and large not far off, for the Soviet Union did break up and those republics that aspired to independence from the center, got what they wanted.  You will read about labor and ethnic strife in the midst of very real economic pain, brought on by a system that was simply to corrupt and incompetent to rule any longer.

I think in a parallel but hardly a perfectly symmetrical way, we are heading in the same general direction as the Soviet's did way back then. We are so in love with a few more months of 'superpowerdom' that we will let the economic foundations crumble right from under us. We refuse to deal in fiscal realities and are more worried about elections that the real general welfare of Ameica's citizenry, relying on political tricks and slogans rather than a comprehensive approach to solving our serious economic conundrum.

The rest of the west (EU), in my estimation will probably not survive in its present form. At least not without letting China or the Islamic world come in and eventually run their economies. Even the Russians are getting in on some of the backroom deals; 'I will help you out secretly in exchange for.....' kind of action. Do not underestimate the Russians whom the Europeans are very dependent on for energy, at least until some of those pipelines get built (see EIA map towards bottom of this page). Realistic and economically feasible changes need to be made inside the western nations in order to survive this economic crisis because it really does have the potential to bring down the whole system and leave us all very, very poor stoke general unrest and bring in unrecognizable (by today's standards) political forces into the halls of power.

Well Secretary Geithner is meeting with key EU ministers today and yesterday met with the shadowy 'US Financial Stability Board' who refused to offer any details about what was discussed.

You can just feel the 'transparency'!

Is The US Financial System On The Verge Of Collapse

BofA Considers Nuclear Option
 The saddest part of this is the fact that unbeknonwst to most folks, Countrywide was basically forced on BofA by the Feds during the crisis of 2008. Read this one for in it one can see just how deep just some of BofA's troubles are.

Anonymous Kills Websites, Cartels Kill Bloggers
 With all the troubles in Mexico and all the hot air  and congressional fury we hear about Anonymous and Wikileaks, we should all put these things in some kind of real perspective.

Drought Crushes Texas Cotton Crop


Respite, Followed By Requiem For The Dollar

The crisis in the EU is very real and the extreme uncertainty of the future of the Euro, status of the Greek (and almost certainly other PIIGS nations future) bailouts is causing many investors to get cold feet about holding the new currency and to seek other alternatives. Indeed, the US dollar would probably be in considerably worse shape were it not for the crisis of the Euro and the fact that today, despite its very  real problems, it is still the world's only truly 'universal' currency has kept it from tanking completely. Go just about anywhere on earth and they take it or can be easily exchanged.

There’s still a huge demand for U.S. dollar funding,” said Robert Reilly, co-head of Asian fixed income and currencies flow business in Hong Kong at Societe Generale SA “There’s an expectation for dollar-Asia to rise. This will last until the European Central Bank takes some political action.” - Bloomberg

The real story I think may be hidden away from the internet flow of information. Traditionally the dollar has always been a safe haven in times of crisis and right now, even with the US balance sheet flashing red with the words 'imminent disaster',  nations, traders and savvy individuals are loading up on the greenback while the EU struggles to make some difficult and painful choices. Such talk I know is not in keeping with much of what we hear out here on the Internet. But the fact remains, in these troubled times, the dollar is where many are putting their hard  earned wealth.


Where do you put your money when you fear the worst? Why, in the world's safest bank, of course: the Federal Reserve System.*

That's what the rest of the world has been doing in recent months, in massive quantities. And it makes perfect sense. After all, it's hard to think of any asset that is more safe and more liquid than dollar deposits kept in a bank account with the Fed, i.e. "reserves". And right now, banks -- especially European banks -- are clearly desperate for additional safe, liquid dollar assets.

So that's why this time around, unlike during the banking crisis of late 2008, when the deposits of US banks with the Fed increased dramatically, it's now primarily non-US banks that have been pouring the most money into their accounts with the Fed. The following graph and table tell the story.
 - Source: Street Light

From the above Chart we can clearly see that since the first of the year, foreign banks are losing faith in EU banks and are moving money to the US. It would not surprise me one whit if some of these banks have found ways 'under the radar' to hoard dollars as cash in their own vaults as well far, far away from 'official statistics' as possible. Why? Because the indecision and mistakes that have already been made in this financial crisis by the ECB and the EU's politicians do not inspire confidence. I encourage you to click over and read the article, it is really quite good. This companion piece is also excellent.

 In fact, right now, the Fed, ECB, BOJ and the Swiss are moving to expand their what I will call 'dollar availability' operations.

Major central banks around the world will cooperate to offer three-month U.S. dollar loans to commercial banks in order to prevent money markets from freezing up because of Europe's sovereign debt crisis. - Reuters

It is for the reasons stated in these pieces that we have not seen a wholesale dollar collapse because of our disastrous budgetary situation. We are in bad shape, but taken as a whole, the EU is in much worse shape with potentially five of its nation-state members facing the real possibility of Bankruptcy. In fact, the recent move by the Swiss to peg their venerable Franc to the drooping Euro will bolster the greenback as a safe haven, not so much by small individualists but by large Central banks and global 'players' in the financial markets. Yet even these robust moves have not caused a rise in the value of the dollar, it still continues to weaken. I also think this may be relevant at a time like this, many derivative contracts are written so that settlement is in dollars. If someone needs to settle one of these contracts and has not the ready cash, he must go out on the market and get it and hopefully there are enough available.

It is impossible to predict with any real accuracy where this will really lead. Why? If I were to use a battlefield analogy I would say this; official statistics and bank balance sheets may tell us the terrain and geographic condition of the potential battlefield, but not the real disposition of forces bearing down on it. For that information one must be on the 'inside'. This is why it is very difficult to predict how this will and turn out. Indeed, there has been an enormous amount of backroom dealing, out of the limelight 'horsetrading', and secret agreements since this crisis became the serious issue it is today. So many in fact, that the way this turns out a year from now may be far different than pundits and economists think and they wil still be at a loss to understand it because the contents of those deals will never be released to anyone.

Another major problem in predicting how this crisis will turn out is a factor I have talked about at length on this site, that being corruption. The scale and amount of it in some of the PIGGS nations is very high and my guess here is that one of the reasons why Bailouts are not and will not work is that the corruption factor in some of these nations is pretty high. When one thinks of Italy, one thinks of the Mafia. They indeed have a major say in Italian politics and economics, but interestingly, the government and the larger crime organizations tend to sail the ship of state in the same direction, so to speak. Greece's situation on this front is not generally talked about but my guess is that Corruption may not be as organized as it is in Italy, but it is probably still a very present force. Once again, we are dealing with areas where charts and graphs; official statistics and balance sheets are not going to help us. We are dealing in a world where placing any kind of records of transactions in an open forum is to invite certain and violent death.

Let us take a look though at other nations who are in the headlines. As I noted yesterday, China is being called upon to buy Italy's bonds.

Why? Italy has a large debt load and is also on the list of nations most likely to default, being one of the the 'I's in the PIIGS designation (the other being Ireland). Yet I think the crisis can be managed better by nations like Italy if she were to sell some of her Gold to hold  off fears of her economic health at bay, or put it up for collateral in a bond deal. But in these shark infested economic waters, that may be just the thing some of the most Machiavellian players want to see happen, leaving Italy vulnerable for an economic attack at a later date, after she was forced to fork over large chunks of her rainy day fund.  As of December 2010, the last date non pay site statistics are available, Italy was the worlds fourth largest holder of Gold with 2847 tons of it on its forex reserve balance sheet. Greece ranked 32 with just 112 tones of the precious metal.

Source: Wikipedia based on World Gold Council Figures.
These figures have certainly changed significantly as Gold prices have risen indicating the probability of large central bank purchases. Also these are official holdings and many nations for reasons of their own under report these holdings. Iran's holdings are estimated at about 300 Tones

Indeed, Gold, the 'barbaric relic' that Central bankers always mocked in the hey-days of Derivatives and Mortgage Backed Securities has done quite well lately, just scraping above $1900 an ounce. But there are troubling signs that Central Banks want to severely limit the availability of Gold to the average 'Joe'.

According to the bank representatives and manager we spoke with, Austrian banks have now been ordered to restrict the sale of gold and silver bullion purchases and are limiting personal acquisitions of precious metals to 15,000€ (approximately $20,700 USD) at a time, or 11 ounces of gold at today’s prices.
Upon further discussion we learned that these policies were implemented over the course of the last 30 days, and they are now standard operating procedure. The reason given was the banks had come under pressure from EU, Austrian and U.S. officials, with this particular manager specifically citing U.S. money laundering initiatives and the EU’s Third EU Money Laundering Directive which was implemented across the zone in December of 2007. - Mac Salvo,

The article cites the US patriot act (enforced by EU Banks) and the draconian 'anti-money laundering' provisions in that law as possibly being a source for these actions. They probably are on some level. The US as well has no interest in seeing the price of Gold rise much more and clamping down now on 'money laundering' in the form of people protecting themselves from reckless central bankers by holding
physical Gold is one way to keep ordinary folks from obtaining too much of it and thus reducing demand.  Anyone who uses cash in their transactions can be put on a terrorist 'watch list' for suspicious activity, no joke. Holding Gold? Well if they don't confiscate it, you might be able to buy one of this bright orange jump suits at Hotel Guantanmo.... for all the Gold you hold. Transportation, Room, Board and personal torturer all included.

Prominent EU global investors are deeply involved in fixing what is wrong with the EU's system. They recognize what is at stake. They know that the future of Europe is at stake. My guess is that they too are hoarding dollars and gold for the very real possibility of a 'worst case' scenario. This writer was never wild about the whole EU thing. I saw it and still see it as part of the 'Great Work' to regionalize the world's economy in order to eventually bring in a one world system of governance. The whole EU referendum system was a foolish exercise that was riddled with fraud and poisoned carrots dangled before aspiring members to get them to join the club. When folks rejected the EU at the ballot box, they just made them vote again... and again until the votes came up the way the elite wanted them to. So now everyone is on this economic titanic because the EU's elite essentially forced them on the boat at gunpoint, threatening those that did not go along with an economic 'cold war', reduced trade and barriers that would have a negative effect on their economies.

Yet on this side of the Atlantic things are anything but good. When the US has trouble paying a paltry $7 billion in disaster aid to American citizens who are in serious need, you know we are in much deeper trouble than the average American is being told. What is the major crisis not talked about in the MSM but has the Treasury and the Fed scrambling to deal with? I will tell you but you are not going to believe  it. How they can get the debt ceiling raised again some time in the next few (perhaps couple) of months, that is the major question right now. If it does not happen, we will not be unable to pay all of our bills. What will that mean?

While I do not discount the possibility of another rise in the ceiling, it will be politically difficult. The President is set to release another deficit reduction plan today and we will have to see where he is heading with it.  But rest assured, he knows and will be meeting with key principles on this issue within the next few days.


Me? I think a technical default is coming and without a rise to the ceiling, it will come. But what will that really mean? Will it be the end of the world? No. In fact it could give the US some breathing space and frankly in the long term, if handled properly give us a boost. How so you might ask?

Lending money implies risk for the lender. Always has, always will. When you take a risk on someone, you must factor in the fact that you might not get paid back. This is done by interest rates. Anyone who has tried to borrow money for a car or apply for a credit card knows this simple fact, those who repay their debts and keep a good debt-to-income ratio, get better terms than those that don't. 

When a person loads up on debt and can no longer service it, they either sell things or in most cases, declare bankruptcy. The global economy is saturated with debts. Too many debts. Many of these debts simply cannot be repaid, no matter how many bailouts can be arranged. So what we have now on the Global stage really is a highly sophisticated game of musical chairs. No one wants to be standing when the music stops holding worthless (or worth less) bonds or currency. This in a nutshell is what is happening right now. There are too many debts and not enough assets to cover them all. One major derivative crisis and the global economy goes right back to where it was in 2008 only this time, there is no money to bail them out. So in short, it is time to stop playing creditor-debtor 'make believe', make some deals with our creditors and hold the prospect of total default out to them of they do not deal. Do that in ways where everyone is perhaps maybe not happy but not necessarily angry and you will go a long way to fixing what is wrong with the Global economy.

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