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And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. (Hab 2:2)

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By Mark S. Watson
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  6 June 2011

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.
(Luk 6:38)


Az. Fires Close Roads Around State

225 Sq. Miles On Fire

E. Coi: Germany Still 'Officially' Baffled Over Origin
Unofficially, they have a pretty good idea where and who it came from. Do you remember the story about the spate of missing microbiologists? Let me tell you that some of them were kidnapped and are being forced to do work for governments to create bio-weapons. They are well treated, housed, cared for... as long as they work, knowing that they can never leave. Ever. Why were others killed? As often as not, to deny the US its future capabilities in this realm.

Drake Prosecution Smacks Of Overkill
This is an excellent piece that shows you just how deep the disconnect from reality is in this administration. The real criminals who steal classified data are not prosecuted. Obama, who claimed to want a more open government when he wanted to deceive you into voting for him has been much harder on so-called 'whistleblowers' than Bush. The whole tenor of his prosecutions show a man who not only opposes openness, but who has bent over backwards to place the stamp of approval on secret government and secret laws which more and more are there to to hide criminal acts done in the name of 'national security'.  Let me give you just a small tidbit of the kinds of things going on far from the lapdog press. There is a prosecutor who used the 'Patriot Act' provisions to get intimate personal details of a nude centerfold model, probably to blackmail her into bed. How? Call her a 'terrorism' suspect because she has nice boobs, get all of her records and put her under surveillance. Other federal officials who used it to spy on wives and girlfriends. The abuses are so many (and on going) the FBI spends more time investigating the wrongdoing of Federal officials than terrorism cases.  Lets look at the Bradly Manning case, the 'consensus' is that he is guilty and he has been shabbily treated by our leaders. But the reality I am hearing from some interesting sources is that Manning is a RED HERRING and that others are the real culprits and that Manning may or may not have even known what he was doing. Others who have deep pockets and are politically connected were probably responsible for all of those leaks, but Manning is easy prey, the real culprits are not. Not unlike the torture scandal (Abu Ghraib) where low ranking NCO's who carried out the LAWFUL orders of the Generals were prosecuted and the Generals who gave the orders got promoted. Now you know why it is taking them so long to try him... he just may be innocent of the more egregious charges. We are entering a time in America where innocence is no longer enough to keep you out of jail or a concentration camp and that dear readers is exactly where some dark players behind Obama want to take America... for the next President to abuse without democratic accountability.

IPv4 Address Hogs
The IPv4 crisis is one that the US government is creating with its incestuous relationships with big corporations. IPv6 is being pushed and pushed hard by our spook community for reasons that I think have a lot to do with the Patriot Act. I want to point out that when the NSA says 'security' they do not mean your security, but that of GovCorp and its insiders, partners and bureaucrats. How do they ensure it? By spying on YOU, whenever you hear the NSA say 'security', always keep that mind. Do you get the impression that the Government was overly generous with Ipv4 addresses to the major corporations/defense contractors to create the current 'crisis' to compel adoption of IPv6? Consider this one before you think I have gone off the deep end. XP users can turn off Ipv6 completely. Vista and 7 cannot (no matter what those check boxes tell you in the OS). BTW, it is nearly impossible to get an XP box made these days and you surely cannot buy one off the shelf.
There is a reason why so much of the Patriot act is secret, to hide the unconstitutional and criminal acts of our intelligence community and those they have gotten in bed with.
Take a hint, some brave folks are trying to wake up the slumbering masses and these are not your ordinary Senators. They sit on the Intelligence committee and know whereof they speak.
This domestic spying thing is very, very much bigger than 99% of Americans can even imagine, let alone know about.

Saudi-Iran Feud Draws Religious Line Thru MENA Oilfields

Sinking Bank Stocks Signal Big Trouble
You really should listen to this guy, he is no lightweight and was one of the very few who correctly (and actually) called the last breakdown.

Greece: Nation Seeths Under New Austerity Measures

All On Board The Bilderbus
All the rich fatcats will be there attempting to carve up the earth for profit. One prominent politician is calling for the arrest of Henry Kissinger. Hey, if they can go catch Ratko, Henry is fair game. If these leaders of ours are really bent on building a better world under international systems, they need to stop coddling and rewarding war criminals, handing them big budgets and granting them privileged access and protection. For years, Henry K was a secret adviser to the Bush administration with his own office. Yet the MSM never mentioned this inconvenient truth, but his influence was easy to discern.

Texas Pneumonia Deaths Increase To 106

US And China On Collision Course

Mushrooms And Breast Cancer
Science is catching up to alternative medicine every day.

Man Ordered At Gupoint To Hand Over Vid
He was filming the police killing a man in a hail of gunfire and was arrested for this act. Two days later the police 'find' a gun in the car they shot up.

Fukushima: When The Bottom Falls Out... Literally
...meanwhile, radioactive particles are no longer blowing out to sea, but rather towards Tokyo

Hijacking The Holy

...Have You Heard The One About A Homeowner Foreclosing On A Bank?

China Accuses US Of Launching 'Internet Bomb' On ME
, Decries Hacking Accusations
Well, I plead partially guilty on this one as I suspected that the latest attack on Lockheed was by those highly competent Chinese hackers. I was wrong. The latest attack was launched from within the US by a well connected US entity with extremely deep pockets whom both parties will look towards for campaign donations. The DOD, apparently playing into the China angle, released a statement that did not specifically name China but was meant to throw blame in that direction and protect the guilty. But the Chinese have been extremely quiet the past several months as they have their own troubles to deal with, not least of which is inflation and fear (paranoia is a better word for it) of democracy movements taking hold on working Chinese. This kind of scapegoating does no one any good and makes relations between China and the US more difficult. When China was guilty of a whole lot more than a few hacks the DOD said nothing, now when China isn't guilty , they want to cast a dark shadow of suspicion in their direction. Will there be prosecutions into this hacking by US entities of highly classified Defense systems? I thought Joe Biden called that 'terrorism'? News Flash: It is only terrorism when you aren't stuffing the Christmas stockings of America's top politicians.

The Refugee Crisis In Greece

Yemen's President Wounded In Fighting

Why Is NATO In Libya

Did not the Third Reich Steal the money of nations it invaded? Go back and read your history. Clearly someone in Greece has. Go and read your history. Whole nations treasuries were looted once the Reich's storm troopers moved in.

China Arrests More Christians

Deadly E. Coli Outbreak In Germany
While the article states the Germans do not know the source (true),  all indications are that this is a Genetic Bioweapon. They just are not sure who did it. You can find a little more here.

CIA: Military Coup Possible In Greece

Yemeni Tribes On The March

Fukushima: 40% Of Refugees Show Internal Exposure To Radiation

Pakistan's Puppet Master Is The Real Enemy

Ex-Marine Shot Dead In Drug Raid hard drugs found, police initially lied about gunfire

Shakedown... German Style

Embed YouTube, Go To Jail
Once again these new copyright laws are designed to have a chilling effect on free speech. YouTube (love it or hate it) is one way activists and others get the word out to others.

Obama Hacks Away At Medicaid

$10 Billion A Month...

Rare Tornadoes Hit Massachusetts
...4 dead.

US Strikes Kill Two Women, Five Girls And Seven Boys
Some of the kids were under two years old. I ask all of you (who name the name of the Lord) to make every attempt to discern the spiritual connection with these atrocities, which happen regularly in Afghanistan/Pakistan and the spate of disasters now hitting middle America. America will not get away with murder. Ask the Lord to give our leaders enough sense to stop these wars and fix some of the deep problems that face us back home with wisdom, vision and mercy. This kind of killing and assassinating must stop. The problem is that NATO, America, Obama and those who voted for him are too arrogant and do not think the Lord will hold them fully accountable for what they have done.
Brethren in Christ, stain not thy hands with innocent blood!

Statistical Lies: Jobs And Unemployment Rates

The real unemployment rate courtesy

Clooney's Satellite Project Documents War Crimes

"...They Shall Reap The Whirlwind"
Speculative but informative.

Nazi's Make A Comeback In Egypt

UN Feeds 45,000 Displaced People In Abyei
Some see China as the real culprit in this crime as this region is, or more accurately WAS oil rich.

Pakistan Gears Up For Offensive In Waziristan

Fuel Crisis In Kuwait

Worse Than A Bush 3rd Term?

World On Edge
A discussion with Lester Brown that is most interesting. I tried to get this audiofile for this site but permission was not easy to obtain. The Interviewer was pleased to pass on the above link however to me and my readers. It is my hope that many of you will take some time to hear what he has to say as it will help to to understand some things that are sure to transpire over the next couple of years.

Yemen, Somali Crisis Review
While I am not particularly fond of the neo-conservative politics of this organization, they do have some excellent information and background to key situations in the world.

Aquifers And Revolutions
An interesting piece. Read this and see which nations are having trouble with food production and where today's revolutions are. This could be a good template to see where revolutions will come tomorrow.

Hunger Crisis Worsens

Is Obama Above The Law?

Enabling A Future American Dictator
Laws are important. If our leaders are no longer restrained by them they become defacto dictators. While many will go to sleep on this and allow Obama to get away with this, the real question is... who follows him?

Abyei Sitrep

Hacking 'Act Of War'

Do you get the clear impression that the hacking attempt made over the weekend was by a foreign power and that it was far more 'penetrating' that our officials acknowledge? I have talked long and often about this issue and for many reasons, I have been rather silent about it. What I can say is that there are not many nations who have the wherewithal to do what was done on Friday and none of them speak English as a first language. Statements such as this are designed as an opening savlo in a war that could get hot and heavy very much sooner than you think. What they are really saying is that the US is willing to take this war out of the shadows and into a hot war if it continues.

Eastern China Serial Explosions Cause Deaths
Gov't buildings targeted. China bans reports on incidents.

Earlier News
But he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it; Yet hath he not root in himself, but dureth for a while: for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, by and by he is offended.
(Mat 13:20-21)

How many Christians will fall away and be 'offended' in the days to come. How many are 'offended' by sites like this one that speaks about the sins of America? I can tell you many are offended. Offended and ashamed, preferring those comfortable Christ-less (or false Christ) 501(c)3 tax exempt religious organizations that have the temerity to call themselves 'Churches'. I know I am not the only one who is telling it like it is and has readers who get 'offended' by citing scripture in context to point out the many evils of our nation, world and churches. I can tell each of my readers this with authority; This site is not here for your entertainment. God has this site (and a few others) here for a reason. You ignore sites like this one at your own peril. The hour is very late and the Church just keeps going into deeper deception. It will not be long AT ALL before he gives millions of Christians 'over' and sends them the final dosage of a STRONG DELUSION because they loved unrighteousness and mocked Biblical truth when it as presented to them. Get before the Lord, do as he commands and DO NOT BE OFFENDED by those of us whom God has called to warn this wicked world of its ways and end. Brother Don Lucas has a piece on being offended that you may find of interest. You can find it here.

On another note, we as Christians need to keep our eyes on what is happening in the Middle East. It is of enormous spiritual and prophetic significance. What you are watching is the stirring of unrest to coalease a conglomeration of anti-Christ nations into a potent political, economic and military alliance. I have talked at length on this before in many places but the Two Horns article, written a few years ago and also 'The Rise Of Neo-Persia', written not long after. Each is rather long and gives the reader an idea as to just how late the hour is. This new system is arising now. The process has begun and the events in the Middle East are biblical prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes. Yet in order to see it, one must have his eyes open and know/understand the prophecies. Those that can see is a 'small flock' ant it truly does not include many people. Each of these writings was designed to help pry open eyes and 'hip' folks to the pervasive and dangerous propaganda that causes men to not see what is staring them in the face. As I said many years ago in an article entitled 'Mesopotamia';

I believe the 'latter time of the kingdom' (see Daniel Chapter 8) is a revival of the Satanic spiritual kingdom which will be resurrected in the end times. And this king that comes onto the scene is the man of sin or better known as the Anti Christ. I believe that, while the Angel is speaking about the actual kings and the events that transpire, there is a spiritual power that is actually controlling these kings both in our past and will (in this particular region) in the very near future. These spiritual forces I believe are some of the most formidable in the kingdom of darkness, as the Kingdom of Persia was so powerful it hindered Gabriel for 21 days (Dan 10:12-13; 20). - Mesopotamia

This is the rise of a system that will one day persecute the saints (as is happening already) and be rapidly anti-semitic (as it clearly is) and will give rise to the man of sin. Those of you who have not read the afore mentioned links may want to start with the Mesopotamia article and then read the other two. It is not a coincidence that the US is arming the Saudi's, 'the keepers of Mecca' and the world's richest and most influential Islamic state. She is doing it to counterbalance Iran (Persia), but it is all going to backfire badly in the not too distant future. Our misadventure in Iraq and Iran's growing influence, this is all part of what the prophets saw some 2500 years ago. So keep your eyes on the ball, so to speak for great darkness shall fall on this region.

I will leave my readers with this passage from the much maligned Book of Enoch, a fascinating prophetic work that is of some value, was quoted in the New Testament and while not scripture is worthy of the serious prophecy students attention. I know I will get hit with a slew of hate mail and slander for even quoting from it but before you fire off one to me, do a little reading of the books history and place in the ancient Church and know that Jude quoted from it too.

Then shall princes combine together, and conspire. The chiefs of the east, among the Parthians and Medes, shall remove kings, in whom a spirit of perturbation shall enter. They shall hurl them from their thrones, springing as lions from their dens, and like famished wolves into the midst of the flock. They shall go up, and tread upon the land of their elect. The land of their elect shall be before them. The threshing-floor, the path, and the city of my righteous people shall impede the progress of their horses. They shall rise up to destroy each other; their right hand shall be strengthened; nor shall a man acknowledge his friend or his brother; Nor the son his father and his mother; until the number of the dead bodies shall be completed, by their death and punishment. Neither shall this take place without cause. In those days shall the mouth of hell be opened, into which they shall be immerged; hell shall destroy and swallow up sinners from the face of the elect. (as quoted from Enoch chapter 56)

Please do not write me telling me I should not quote from this work. If Jude can do it, I can too with God's prodding and direction. So... do not be offended, if you are a little leary of this, get in your prayer closet and ask the Lord, who will give you wisdom in these things, if you ask in faith (James 1:5).

Some older background

Iran's Influence In Yemen

US Attempts To Move Syria Out of Iran's Sphere

Iran's Influence In Iraq

Iran's Creeping Influence On Sudan

Bahrain Is In Iran's Orbit

TEPCO Admits To Major Delay To Contain Crisis By 2012
Radiation Dosage off the charts, death would occur in one minute of exposure. Storms now happening in Japan may cause Radiation to Hit Korea.

Crisis Hits Greece: Massive Bank Withdrawals, 30k Protest, Calls For International 'Tax Collection'

Hamas Moving HQ To Egypt
... with a deep effect on Sinai. I note that Egypt opened up border crossings into Sinai right after a tense meeting that Obama and Netanyahu had and now, it will be much easier to smuggle arms into Sinai.

Is The UK Heading For A Breakup?
A possibility that can no longer be ignored.

Lockeed Hit With Major Security Breach...

...Other Defense Contractors Hit As Well

Joplin: Before And After Images
It is payback time, America. This chastisement (floods fires tornadoes, economic crisis) is designed to get you to mend your ways. Did Americans care when we were doing the exact same thing to Afghans (see before and after images of similar afghan destruction here)? Do I need to go into what we do to Pakistan almost everyday with our killer drones? I am here to tell you America you are not going to escape accountability from God. The evil we have done is going to hit not just the leaders who signed the death and destruction orders, but the people who empowered evil men to to do these kinds of abominations to the poor. Sally suburbia, Jake the farmer, Joe the cab driver, Billy the banker...  America, Americans and her violent, selfish and greedy way of life are in the Lord's cross-hairs. God's ways have not changed. Like ancient Israel, we have been blessed exceedingly by God but have, like ancient Israel turned out backs on him and chosen instead the ways of satan. Take a hint as to how the Lord dealt with backslidden and reprobate Israel.

In thee have they taken gifts to shed blood; thou hast taken usury and increase, and thou hast greedily gained of thy neighbours by extortion, and hast forgotten me, saith the Lord GOD. Behold, therefore I have smitten mine hand at thy dishonest gain which thou hast made, and at thy blood which hath been in the midst of thee. Can thine heart endure, or can thine hands be strong, in the days that I shall deal with thee? I the LORD have spoken it, and will do it. And I will scatter thee among the heathen, and disperse thee in the countries, and will consume thy filthiness out of thee. And thou shalt take thine inheritance in thyself in the sight of the heathen, and thou shalt know that I am the LORD. And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, the house of Israel is to me become dross: all they are brass, and tin, and iron, and lead, in the midst of the furnace; they are even the dross of silver. Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Because ye are all become dross, behold, therefore I will gather you into the midst of Jerusalem. As they gather silver, and brass, and iron, and lead, and tin, into the midst of the furnace, to blow the fire upon it, to melt it; so will I gather you in mine anger and in my fury, and I will leave you there, and melt you. Yea, I will gather you, and blow upon you in the fire of my wrath, and ye shall be melted in the midst thereof. As silver is melted in the midst of the furnace, so shall ye be melted in the midst thereof; and ye shall know that I the LORD have poured out my fury upon you.
(Eze 22:12-22)
On this Memorial day, let us remember God and his ways instead, for if America does not repent of her evil, violent and greedy ways, I think many, many more disasters of increasing destructiveness are set to strike us. We must be thankful that the death toll from the floods, tornado's and fires have been minimal and that a nuclear power plant was not hit by one of those funnel clouds. God is not cruel he does not want to destroy, but America is increasingly leaving him little choice.

20 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Beleive This Is A 'Recovery'

'Secret Court' Gets Two New Judges
protecting you from freedomFISA, is one of the few good ideas out there in this new National Security State as there is a real Judge hearing applications for surveillance. There are times when this kind of secrecy is necessary. The FISA court has been around a long time and was revamped after the War on Terror began.. The good news also is that while these guys once pretty much rubber stamped applications for surveillance, etc, the FBI 'screwed' them once too often and now, they check and double-check each authorization. This is the kind of  judicial review that the FBI is chaffing at now, they don't like it even if it is all secret and heavily classified.  Some elements in the FBI (not all)  want the right to wiretap, track, listen to, break in your house and search, strip search each and every American without warrant our cause. So those of you who have ranted about this court  should know that at least there is some kind of review on some kinds of FBI surveillance. I also find it interesting that Rand Paul did not filibuster the Patriot Act extension, it passed the Senate yesterday and that one of the new Judges on the Court is from Kentucky announced just hours after Mr Paul decided not to Filibuster the Patriot Act.
Did Rand sell his constituents out for a seat on a secret court?

Senate Passes Bill Telling Search Engines What They Can Post And What They Can't
A bill with good intentions, but when interpreted too broadly will be used to stifle free speech. Is it any wonder businesses in South America and Asia are growing and the US finds new and better ways to destroy the little guy? Telling payment processors to stop doing business with folks? I watch more and more of my countrymen and Business folks leave the US because they cannot make a go of it here anymore, the laws, regulations and requirements are all set up to help the large corporations and those with pull to buy Senators. Yes, the intentions of this bill are good, Copyright infringement is bad news and does cost money. But this whole argument of 'copyright uber alles' is a ploy to bring in as many controls to the net as possible because the real threat to this new state system is free speech and to silence whistle-blowers.. These bills are long in the making and powerful interests are looking into destroying the internet as we know it. They plan on using 'copyright' laws as broadly interpreted as possible to get it done with.   The whole copyright system can and should be reworked to benefit all, but that is not going to happen when the Senate is looking for campaign donations from Hollywood/ISP's. I am here to tell you that this bill and new ones will be expanded to include anyone who does not have payola to protect himself from the Senate and its increasingly fascist legislation.  The rich will be in and everyone else will be out, that is the plan. It may take them longer than America has left as a solvent nation, but that dear readers, is the plan and before you think I am 'over the top' with my assessment, consider this one...

The NeoCons Return To State Dept.
In reality they never left, Hillary is a NeoCon and always has been. Bomb first, ask questions never.

Fukushima: Massive Radioactive Water Problem

Secret Law Hearings
"More  than  any  other  administration  in  recent  history,  this  administration  has  a  penchant  for  secrecy.  To  an  unprecedented  degree,  it  has  invoked  executive  privilege  to  thwart  congressional  oversight and the state secrets privilege to shut down lawsuits.  It has relied increasingly on secret evidence and closed tribunals,
not only in Guantanamo, but here in the United States. It has initiated secret programs involving surveillance, detention, and interrogation,  some  of  the  details  of  which  remain  unavailable  today,
even to Congress."

Of Texas, Neo-Nazi's And The DHS

Montana Flooding Hits Towns, Reservations

Lockheed Proposes Another $5 Billion Weapons Sale To Saudi's
To 'earn' the right to US weapons one must crush democracy wherever it is found.

Big, Big Money: DHS Secretly Expanding Naked Scanners To Just About Everywhere
Those scanners are not cheap and you have to have an insiders track to even know about the program to begin with to even bid on it. This is how democracy dies, in a blackbag contract to undermine American rights.

Electricity And Gas Shortage In Ghana

India: Crops At Risk Over Fuel Shortage

Lies, Fearmongering Hit Rand Paul Over Patriot Act Stance
What is amazing to me is the apathy out there in America and the tacit support when I doubt more than 1% of them have even read it. ...oops you can't read it because the real scary stuff is buried in legal interpretations of the law that are heavily classified. You even have classified Court Rulings on it that no one can see, not even Congress. Is what Mr. Paul doing so wrong, to allow or force debate and allow some amendments to the law? Is that so 'evil'?  That is what Senators are supposed to do, debate and fix what is broken. I am going to let you in on a secret. Dark Forces who use criminal means have co-opted the leadership in the House and the Senate of both parties and that is the real reason why they are, and always have pushed for no debate. For those who are not clued into the wicked ways of Washington, think about it; why the heavy-handedness, why the scaremongering? The Patriot Act is not going to expire, only three provisions are, so why no debate? May I refer you to this page and perhaps this one to help you out and that these Dark Forces are not trying to save or protect America, they are trying to  bankrupt her to bring in something new and different to America that I guarantee, not one of you are going to like, one little bit.  Because I can say this authoritatively, those voters who support the Patriot Act do so only out of rank ignorance.

Egypt To Open Gaza Crossing

Chirstians Flee Sudan Bloodshed

Disasters Strain Releif Organizations

Yemen: Broader Conflict Threatened

Feds Threaten To  Make Texas A 'No Fly Zone'
Isn't that what the US did to Saddam back in the day? Has the Government declared war on Texas? Are they going to send in the stealth bombers to root out those to do not bow down to Federal groping and call them 'terrorists'? It is this kind of Federal arrogance and a disregard for civil liberties of ordinary folks that is going to rip this nation apart. There is no common sense coming out of Washington, just arrogance and chasing contracts for donors and insiders. The DHS just needs to get real and stop those crooked contracts with the former DHS head who is selling this scanning equipment to the government. This is not about security, this is about money and making a bloated agency appear important so that it does not get its budget axed in these days of serious budget cuts.

Senator Decries 'Secret Law'

Christian Woman In Darfur Arrested For Evangelizing

Germans Mediate Secret US-Taliban Talks

Thousands Flee Sudan's Abyei

Budget Talks Eye $1 Trillion In Cuts

Obama's "1967 Border" Speech May Cost Him Donations

Obama Threatens Veto Over Controversial 'War On The World' Provision
While Obama has taken the credit for the killing of OBL, the fact is that he was deeply uneasy over the move and was, shall we say, 'co-opted' into the decision. Going into someone else's country and committing crimes like this is something that many on the right thinks is a good idea, but I think the President knows that that particular road is fraught with serious problems for the US down the road. This provision was essentially a green light to make it even easier to start trouble anywhere and anytime without any kind of oversight. It is a dangerous provision for an already out of control war machine that is bankrupting America. Obama may now be moving a little more to the left as his new Chief of Staff apparently has been able to out maneuver other elements in the administration who were calling the 'GOP' tunes. Daley is an old trusted Democratic technocrat and those on the Hill trust him. They do not trust Obama. I would not look for anything radical, just somewhat less Neo-conservative slant to his polices. The next few months will tell.

Rand Paul Threatens Filibuster On Patriot Act
Senator Paul wants to debate it in the Senate, rather than rubber-stamping a 4 year extension of its odious policies. Imagine that, a debate in the Senate over a controversial bill. Say what you will, this guy is no bobble-head. A public debate would allow many of the acts serious abuses to be aired, discussed and corrected, something those abuing the power simply would rather not see happen. The FBI's own IG put out a public report on just some of the abuses and they were quite significant. While it may seem good to give law enforcement the tools it needs to fight terrorism, those tools must also be subject to law and serious, no-nonsense oversight. It is your rights that are at stake. When anyone can be hauled off to a torture facility (including US Citizens as has already happened), be denied the right to counsel, denied a hearing in the courts without any real due process, you know every Americans rights are in trouble... and do remember this; today's union organizer, G8/WTO protester, Medicare/Social Security activists and peace protesters are tomorrows 'terrorists'. FYI, I am not the only one concerned about it. We need to put a stop to these 'Seig Heil' policies and go back and remember what made our nation great, not mimic the evils that brought down the Third Reich.

Algeria: Seven Churches Closed Down

Narco-States: Is West Africa Set To Become The Next Mexico?

US Home Prices Fall Most In 2 Years
Meanwhile, in other signs the recovery is in trouble, orders for durable goods fell in April

Americans Share Their Views About Marriage
This interesting site has put an article up on biblical marriage here.

Oklahoma City Struck As Tornadoes Sweep US Midwest

85% Of College Grads Will Come Home Jobless
Going to college on debt makes no sense these days. You get yourself anywhere from $10-70k in debt and for what? A piece of paper? Folks... you go into that kind of student loan debt and you are stuck with it 'till you die. You cannot file bankruptcy on that kind of debt. It is the worst kind of slavery, borrowing against an imaginary future.

China's Crackdown: Return To Maoism?
Please keep the Church in China in our prayers. This present crackdown in China is no joke. To boil down to what I think is hapenning in China to a soundbite, I would say that China is undergoing an identity crisis and does not want to mimic the 'decadent' west and is backpeddling its foundational ideology to something less western and more indigenous. Many of her present economic ills stem from well known capitalistic traits such as greed. Communism (on paper) is not about those things. Thus China may be looking for a 'fundamentalist' solution to her political and social ills. It is for this reason, 'foreign influences' and particularly missionaries will (and are) being looked upon with great suspicion.

Yemen: Violence Escalates As Largest Tribe Defects
The BBC Has More Here

Horrific Looting In Sudanese City Of Abyei

Insurance Firm Fails To Pay Fallen Translators

Muslims Surround Church, Prevents Reopening

Pakistan: Militants Attack Energy Infrastructure

New Cold War Needed For Military Industrial Complex's Bankbook
An interesting take on the new moves to revitalize the US UK special relationship which has gone into the tank of late.

Broke Americans Raid 401k's, Senator Wants To Stop It

EU Policy Options Narrow As Greece Teeters On Default
A 'Horror Story' is how one key official described the situtation. Greece must accept 'austerity measueres' or else. IT is those austerity measures that are sending Greeks into the streets in some nasty and violenet clashes with police.

Official Japan Fesses Up To Meltdown Truth
...and an earless bunny is, according to a video, born near the plant. Is this what is coming to Japan? (WARNING! Link is very, very graphic). While officials are busy trying to tell you how 'safe' radiation exposure is, the reality is truly horrifying. BTW, officials may not be telling you, but the radiation coming off of those reactors is many, many times higher than that of Chernobyl. Meanwhile In California the levels of Radioactivity (while still safe) continue to rise.

Feds To Require Black Boxes In All New Cars

Monsanto Gets Patent On Non-GMO Melons

GE, Intel Advise Obama While Doubling Investments Overseas
Now you know why you won't have a job in 5 years. It starts with an 'O', ends with an 'A' and has a bomb in the middle of it.

IRS Snafu Leaves Tax Refunds Delayed For Months
Remember when Secretary Geithner said he would use some accounting tricks to keep the government open when we hit the debt ceiling? Well we already hit it and these I strongly suspect are just one of the many 'accounting tricks' the Feds will use to save cash. This is a 'no interest loan' from the taxpayers.So I think this 'snafu' will magically rectify itself right after August 2nd. To put it bluntly, our national credit card is maxed out an we are in deep, deep trouble, even if Congress does eventually raises the debt limit (which it will eventually). Inflation? It is here and going to rise significantly. So get ready, God is not pleased with you America, and the arrogant unrepentant attitude of her leaders, merchants, tradesman, bankers and warriors are going to bring in a flood of tears to a nation who has forgotten God and has rather, taken counsel and direction from the devil and his imps.

Why Wall Street Gets Away With Murder
Look this is very simple, go over to and find out who gave googobs of money to Obama. Find out who is running for a second term as President, find out what those who donate money want and do not want (investigations/prosecutions). This is a 'no-brainer' that voting Americans have yet to figure out.

Saudi's Arrest Woman... For Driving
Our friends in Tyranny, the Saudi s. Folks, there is no more repressive government on earth that the Saudi's. Not the Syrians, not the Iranians though you could make an argument for North Korea. But these are our 'friends' whom we allow to repress the Arabs in Bahrain without a single word of rebuke, while we spit the words 'democracy' and 'freedom' out of our mouth with the vomit of our political hypocrisy. Carry a Bible in Saudi Arabia and see what happens to you. Preach the gospel and see what happens. The Saudi 's and other gulf kingdoms... where do you think Islamic militancy is getting its money from in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan? This is a no-brainer that every intelligence analyst in the government knows, but no one at the political level will do anything about. Our arms sales? Who do you think they are going to? Those wanting freedom or those who crush it?

While our leaders will always cite 'strategic concerns' and political sensitivities to support doing little or nothing for the people the reality, harsh as it may seem, is that short term obsession with these concerns has created a much deeper and more menacing long-term challenge. How do we stop the Arab world from hating us with such a hatred that when we do lose it (including the Saudi's) we become outcasts with updated oil price lists, our bases and troops ejected and the Arab world rallies around the flag of Islam, anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism? This is the world that is rapidly coming into view and our diplomatic incompetence and congenital short-sightedness will ensure its arrival sooner, rather than later. The US? It is now without the knowledge of most Americans, supporting Al Qaeda in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and fighting along side it in nations like Libya. Al Qadea's growth can be directly attributed to US government policy which is often formulated in the bank accounts of America's largest defense contractors. What is really scary is that since the Supreme Court opened up the US election system to anonymous donations, the flood gates of terror money is hitting the political coffers, PAC's and other political organizations of both parties... to the tune of BILLIONS.
...and that dear brethern is not a 'guess'.

GOP Screams While Obama Sheds IRS Light On Election Money
These kinds of anonymous donation are nothing more than sophisticated money laundering and it is good that the President goes after it. The Supreme Court, in its most corrupt ruling has opened up the flood gates of flith into our elections. Did you know that one Justice on the court received a large piece of real estate in the Carribbean in return for his vote on that perverse 'Citizens United' ruling? The Treasury knows and it is high time someone at Justice put that crooked Judge off the Bench and into a Jail cell. Rulings like that are far more dangerous to America that a hundred Al Qaeda cells, because now, with money, they can buy our leaders... anonymously and while I cannot go into any details, I can say that Terrorist entities are right now doing just that.

A Brief Note:

While I have been somewhat lax about putting up longer pieces on the net, I am under direction from the Lord these days to keep it short and simple. So for the time being that is what you are going to see. There are a couple of things that I want to pass on. First is the subject of coming out of Babylon. Those of us who know out Bibles know that this is imperative in the last days. Some have taken this to mean that all Americans should depart America. I do not think this is the case. Here is part of an email exchange I got from a reader in early April. Please keep in mind that this is NOT (EN OH TEE.. NOT) A Teaching ministry, that is not my calling. But I think the following may be of interest to my readers.

Q: I've been doing a lot of reading on end-times theology and like to get the opinion of Christians concerning the end-times and a reasonable list of steps for us to take in these days. I have read various opinions on remaining in America, and if memory serves, I believe you wrote that it will be time to leave pretty soon. Others maintain that the time is "now" or "yesterday".

I was wondering what biblical verses, if any, support your decision to wait for a later time, if indeed you still feel that way. Once again, thanks for your positive responses and I hope all is going well!

A: I will be brief. In my case, I have been given a specific task at this specific time to do. God has not told me to move... yet. He may not. Why do not I not say 'now' or 'yesterday'?

1) Because one day a holy command will go forth from Heaven that will tell people to get out.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. (Rev 18:4)

I have not heard that voice/command yet.

2) God will deal with each of us in his way and in his time provided we are walking in his will. When he tells Jake the farmer in Nebraska may not be when he tells Joe the cab driver in New York.

3) This may be the most difficult to understand but, Babylon is both a city, a nation and a system. It is not clear that all three will be utterly consumed. My thinking is that much of America will be but that the key is the City of New York. Keep these versus in mind.

And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. (Rev 17:18)

Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. (Rev 18:10)

And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls! (Rev 18:16)

And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city! And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate. (Rev 18:18-19)

And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. (Rev 18:21)

Do you get the impression that the main target is a city? A city that truly controls the nation and sits at the pinnicale of global economic power? Go and read, re-read and re-read again Revelation 17 and 18, Jerimiah 50 & 51, Isiah, 47. This is a global system that is run out of a city. Now, let me ask you a question. When the US who was already swaying under crushing debts went into an economic crisis, where millions were losing their jobs, who got trillions in free money? Where did it go? What city is Wall Street located in? Who had the power to literally loot the US Treasury of trillions while Americans were literally being thrown into the street because of the actions (crimes) of the very ones who got the money? Who really runs this nation? If you want to be deceived read the Newspapers; if you want to know the truth, follow the money.... and more importantly, open up your Bibles.

Massive Tornado Kills 89 In Missouri

Obamacare: Waivers For All As Real Costs Show Themselves
Those who get waivers will be able to crush their competition as their overhead will not skyrocket. Take a look and see, pay out campaign contributions, get a waiver... and stay in business.

US Default: Can It Really Happen?

Statement To Be Issued On Failed Apocyalpse Prediction
Brethern, I should not have to even comment about this. False prophets are everywhere and the devil loves to use them to make Christians look like fools. Did not our Lord say that we would not know the day or the hour? This one was a flashing red light saying 'FALSE'. Know this, we are to know the times and seasons, but will not know the day or hour. Besides there are many things that must happen first, not least of which is the mark of the Beast system.

Christianity Growing And Under Seige

Bible Reading Marathons In Tornado Hit Areas
When America was destroying the neighborhoods and cities of Afghans and Iraqi's, it was OK and there were no marathon Bible readings as those in the Bible belt, who put these monsters in office and who wrecked havoc on the world, were running to the polls putting in warmongers. torturers and fraudsters of every political stripe. Now, when what they were content to see happen to others hits their homes, they want to cry out to the Lord. My only real question is, why weren't you listening to him before? How many people died and lost everything because of your indifference, or worse concurrence with their deaths and destruction? How many real Christians died under American bombardment, secret raids and sanctions? I do not want to sound harsh to those who are suffering but my point is a very important one. There are levels of repentance that are just not forthcoming from far too many, even after all of the damage. Let Justice, love of your brethren (real love) and a deep regard for Peace reign in your hearts and God just might hear your prayers. Keep waving that flag and bombing Muslims and setting the world on fire against real Christians in places like Iraq which has been all but emptied out of them, and those prayers aren't going to go anywhere. You can read the Bible all day long... it isn't going to do you any good at all, unless you do the things it commands. Repent, that is what the Lord wants.. REPENTENCE. Stop the killing, the lies, the fraud, the thefts the sodomy, the torture.
Stop supporting evil, that is the fist and most important step nominal Christians can do who live in America. For whom the Lord loves, he rebukes and chastises; be zealous therefore and repent!

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator. (1Pe 4:17-19)

The problem is that the Lord has been standing on the outside of America's churches and was not allowed in! He had to stand outside and knock.

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. (Rev 3:19-22)

911 A Systemic Breakdown Of National Security System
Drake is no lightweight, he was a senior executive over at NSA and knows what he is talking about. What is sad is that no one in the MSM will cover the very high number of senior people inside the government who are telling us that 911 was much more than a comedy of errors and that the Arab terrorsits had a great deal of high level inside help from planning, financing and execution. Folks, insiders are risking life and limb to tell you what is really happening and most Americans do not even care and think shooting the messenger is OK, as though that will make our troubles go away. Take look at Missouri today. God has something to say to you America and it is in your very best interest to pay as close attention and do it as soon as possible.

News 15-22 May
EU-China Harmonize On Censorship
You may find this of interest as well.

China Becomes World's Largest Gold Buyer

Reid Rejects $2 Trillion In Spending Cuts, Targets Tax Loopholes Instead

UCB Does Food Radiation Testing

Food Insecurity Grips East Africa

Obama, The Congo and Congressional Requests

Few Christians Remain In Libya

A Higher Cost Of Living Is The Reality
One of Bob Chapman's articles that really gets into what is happening in Greece and the EU. I have not talked about it much but the protests have been severe as anyone who did a news search on the words 'greece protests' will see. Mr. Chapman encapsulates so much of the problem with one statement, "...why Greece going into default is so important. If default happens it will expose exactly what has gone on in Greece and other countries, because it all ties into a vast criminal financial network".

US Troop Morale Plummets In Afghanistan

Pakistan Army Seeths At US

Turkey's Christians Under Threat

Dr. West On Obama
A very interesting read on Obama. His fear of Black men his White upbringing and why he seems to be attacking the very folks who got him elected. Especially Black folks who still, for the most part are enraptured by this guy and his pro-Wall Street/Banker/War administration. I am sad to see that it took so many people (like Dr. West) so long to see through this President, whom I still think, really could have been a great President had he not such a penchant for betrayal and backroom deals with some truly evil men and women. This coupled with a self-worship pathology (which hardly anyone is covering) and an unwillingness to take advice from anyone who is not rich, White and crooked has made him into a mockery by world leaders who just don't respect him. He dealt away every single promise he made to Americans and became everything he campaigned against. I do not really think is as much a 'black-white' issue as it is a 'have, have-not' issue.

Where do I think we are heading under Obama with the chance he wins again in 2012 (Romney may give him a run for his money)? Frankly, I do not see any hope for America no matter which of America's bought and paid for politicians get into office. No candidate is talking about the things that are important to God, that being national repentance. The crimes of America multiply and those running for office only talk about which crimes they want to increase. War, crooked contracts, industrial scale murder of the unborn (or just born), torture, throwing folks out of homes based on fraud, cutting aid to the old and poor. You have a thousand, million and billion dollar crimes being committed right now that our leaders are not about to stop. Crimes at Fannie and Freddie, Crimes at Commerce, Crimes at Defense, crimes at the CIA, Crimes at teh Fed, Treasury... yet no one does anything, but borrow more money to fill the coffers of America's fat cats. Obama? While many folks like to focus on him, in reality he is just a footnote in a long line of increasingly morally degenerate leaders, whose only real talent is their capacity for deceit. Obama is not the first but I think he will be one of the last, for America is very quickly running out of time.

Repentance is not a word that will be used sincerely on the political scene in America. The terminology of the Bible, Christ and the God of all has been effectively banished in America's political scene, except when someone wants the votes of America's nominal Christians, then they get a speechwriter to cater to them. It is sad, but God for most part is a marketing tool used on the campaign trail, not someone to listen to and obey. Secularism today is the God of our political leaders, and while Obama may like to get some airplay/good PR coverage by praying with famous televagalists, his actions as President do not reflect anything of Christ. But the same can be said of almost all of our candidates and political class. I have news for you, some of those who are now trying to carry the Christian banner on the right, are truly in bed with the devil. The level of deceit out there is extreme and the saddest part is, the deceived just do not even want to see it, unless it confirms their pet delusions. They do not want to deal with it, they figure it is more fun to 'text' their secret lover, fiddle with an iPad, watch porn, sports or some devilish, violent flick on the tube. Getting folks out of their comfort zone is, I think impossible until they are literally on the street, with noting to eat and nowhere to sleep. This is where America's political class is leading Americans and I think this too, is ordained of God. We have forsaken him in just about every way. This is why we are seeing historic flooding, have seen historic Tornado's, months of drought in Texas with massive fires (that are still burning) with near record (so far) economic losses. It is why we are seeing record deficits and fiscal conundrums in many State Houses. There is no repentance, only more arrogance, violence and defiance of God and his law of love and life.

The same God who blessed America into a quite an exceptional nation can curse her into quite an exceptional nation.

If there is no repentance, that is exactly what will happen.

And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. (Rev 18:2)

For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city! And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate. (Rev 18:17-19)

How To Alienate Your Friends, Make Enemies, Keep Fires Of War Burning

Was Strass-Kahn 'Assanged' by the US?
I do not know, but some have speculated. Given what I wrote back on the 24th of April ("Get Ready", towards bottom of this page). I am not going to comment other than to say what follows, because I think it important. If (IF mind you) the US placed the IMF chief as a 'threat to national security' because of his strident warnings about US debt and felt he needed to be removed, the US would act. Though frankly the reasons for his removal somewhat elude me as he was a strong proponent of the US, but it would not be the first time we gave our friends the shaft. Forget about all of the panty-waist moralizing you are going to hear in the MSM and the usual snide remarks about 'conpsiracy theory'. Every covert-op in the US national security establishment is a 'conspiracy theory' until the operation is declassified, EVERY SINGLE ONE and there are thousands of them, past and present. So know this, morality plays no part in these kinds of decisions. The US has a long history of removing leaders it does not like and the Chair of the IMF is not exempt. Why suddenly when the US hits its debt ceiling does the IMF chief get arrested on a nearly decade old rape charge? (I mispoke here, there was a rape on Saturday and another woman who claims she was raped back in 2002 and if widespread reports of this man's predatory sexual behavior are any guide, there will be more). Now spinmeisers who know nothing will come to their conclusions and the MSM will run interference for the State, so get ready for it. I am not saying I know that this was a set up, but this is not the first time someone who ran afoul of the US was charged with pre-historic rape charges thus ruining their credibility and dragging them through court. The rape charges may be true and the defendant 'encouraged' to make a stink about them now. No need for any deep dark conspiracy, just help things along to get rid of Strass-Kahn. Once again, I do not know what happened, and will not comment even if I do by some strange chance find out, but I will say this to the uninitiated that this is how the real world works.

US Saudi Ties Expand Significantly
Perhaps now one can understand why it is OK, as far as the US is concerned to seek democracy in Syira but not in Bahrain, where Saudi troops are the 'iron fist' against pro-democracy protests. Syria, at least has a legislature and elections. Not so in Saudi Arabia where the mention of such words can certainly land you in prison or worse. So why are we arming them? Those with sense can figure it out, Democracy is only a word we throw around when we want to change a regime. Is it any wonder why the world hates us so? We fight democracy when it suits us. The real tragedy awaits as fewer in the Arab world trust us and when change comes (and it will) the US will find itself on the outs. Hardball-Realpolitik solutions worked for us until now, but what is happening now is wholly different, widespread and is not going away. These people are angry and many, a great many are willing to die for change. That changes the equation significantly and the 'old school' way of doing things, with duplicity, machine gun fire, bribes and torture chambers only adds fuel to the fires of protest. Is Israel less safe as a result of these protets? Yes and no. Mostly yes, but she adds to her danger when she seeks to aid the old regimes in order to crush the people. It only adds to the already significant paranoia in the Arab world over the hundreds of 'Jewish conspiracies' and Hitler-esque anti-semitism so prevalent today. The answers are not easy, but the status quo is no more. The US sponsored 'eternal jackboot' in the face of the ordinary Arab only emboldens and enflames him ensuring that whatever comes next will be rabidly anti-American and even more anti-Israeli than today, making any non-military solution to any long term peace process between Jew and Arab imppossible. So yes, I think Israel will be less secure, but part of the blame lies in the policies coming out of Tel Aviv.

3 A.M.

Tyranny By Technology: Tech Kill Switches
Why should you keep your old computer? Read between the lines. Which processors are 'Sandy Bridge'? All newer Intel i3, i5 and i7 laptops and desktops. They can shut you down even if you are not even connected to the internet! Think about someone hacking Intel, as has been done to thousands of other companies. Imagine we have pro-democracy protests here in the US and the power this gives Big Brother against activists. Me? I will stick with AMD, or just keep my old klunkers. Think about a foreign government getting hold of the kill switch codes and shutting down whole government departments for God knows how long. If you are in the market for a new computer, a used one might do you just as well and save you a bundle of cash without the techno-fascist bloat.

China Braces For Rolling Blackouts

Nato Helicopter Attacks Pakistan Army Post

House Gets Ready For Vote On New World Wide War

News Photographers Arrested In Bahrain

Germany Cuts Flow Of Intel To US

Turkey's Booming Defense Industry

TEPCO Confirms Meltdown, Evacuations Expand And US Stops Monitoring Marine Radiation
Get the impression we are being lied to? Be assured, the waters are being monitored but they are not going to tell you what they find, so they come up with this unbelievable story. Things keep getting worse and the only place you can find good info is from Foreign news sources. This look to me like more 'US embedded journalism', the kind that never shows you any pictures of the destruction we cause in Afghanistan or Iraq and always calls every one we kill a 'militant' or 'terrorist', even if they are still at the breast feeding age, or just took their first step without the help of their parents. Rather than tell you what is happening, cut away to the Royal Wedding, the arrest of a famous sports star or to a new pill/procedure that will turn the drabby housewife into a playmate sex-kitten.

US Trying To Counter China With Carrier Drones

New $1 Billion Saudi-China Oil Deal

Pakistan Hails China Ties

Growth Chemicals Cause Watermelons To Explode

California Faces Another Cash Crisis

"I think it’s outrageous. The Bush people have been let off. The telecom companies got immunity. The only people Obama has prosecuted are the whistle-blowers."

Has The China Syndrome Just Happened?

Syria: Internet Vs. DonkeyNet
Learn from those overseas. When (not if) the US shuts down the internet, new and creative ways will have to be exploited to communicate to make sure loved ones are OK, the Florida bungalo has not been torched, and Brittney, who is away at college and participated in protests, is not being raped and tortured at Gitmo.

One Out Of Every Four US Children Are On Food Stamps

High Concentrations Of Plutonium Found 50km Away From Nuke Plant
There are not many more deadly substance on earth than Plutonuim. With a half life of about 24,100 years we can see that this disaster is far, far worse that the US or Japan are letting on. Why the deceit? I think (my guesstimate) it is because the Japanese Government does not want to evacuate Tokyo, which may be necessary to avoid large swaths of the population there from succumbing to radiation induced cancer.

IMF Boss Arrested On Rape Charge

Sharp Increase In Vaccine Resistant H1N1

Salafism: The Unknown Quantity

Egypt-Israel-United States: Problems on the Horizon?

What International Law Says about the Killing of Bin Laden
Assasinations without trial; is that right? Americans say yes, but be careful what you wish for, the next terrorist shot dead without trail or hearing may be a union protestor or peace activist.

Heavy Rain Expected In Flood Area

Pakistan May Halt Nato Shipments
Drones may come under fire a well.

Partial Meltdown Hits Fukushima
More can be found here. It is amazing to me that hardly any US source is outlining just how bad things have deteriorated. For the most part, US news pieces are insinuating that everything is under control and improving.

Ecoshock On Fukushima
An interesting Podcast on this ongoing and increasing disaster.

CPI not seasonally adjusted 5-2011
Source: BLS

Debts Exceed Total Size of Economies In Some PIIGS Nations

There Will Be Big Money In Libyan Reconstruction Contracts
Disaster capitalism in action. Creating and then turning a buck on someone else's misery. Some great audio files on how disaster capitalism works can be found here.

Yemen: Tribesman Mobilize For Civil War

Neo-Nazi's In America
Translation from Der Spiegel.

Senate Panel Approves Record DOD Spending
Where is all the money coming from? They are going to borrow it and what they can't borrow, they will steal from Medicare, Food stamps and Social Security. Look, I am just telling you what everyone on the Hill knows and no one who voted on these obscene outlays are ever going to explain to you. Clearly Bin Laden is going to continue his anti-American exploits... against the US taxpayer and balance sheet from beyond the grave. Even in death, we are likely to let him win.

80 Killed In Pakistan Military Bombings

Unprecedented Secrecy: Obama Seeks To Censor Unclassified Info
Obama appears to want to turn America from an open and free society to a closed and secret one. For shame, Mr. President, for shame! What is it that this and the past administration hates so much about a free and fair trial where ALL the evidence is put forward, and not just the bits and pieced that Uncle Sam wants to release? What is it? I will tell you. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. For truth is the enemy of the new form of government our leaders are setting up in our once great nation.

Shocker! Comcast Helps Pirate Bay

Mississippi River Breaks Levee, Floods Crops
Damage, up to $200m

Manitoba Expects Worst Flooding In 300 Years

Jim Rogers: Dollar Is 'Long Term Disaster'

Comcast Begins Site Blocking?
Probably not, but clearly something is going on. Is Gov-Corp finding a way around the law? Perhaps. This is one to watch

The Corporate Government Revolving Door

330,000 GWOT Vets Struggle With Mental Illness

Q & A Email

Hello Mark,

Having been a regular reader for years now, you have given me a new and different perspective on a great many things. Thank you.
At the risk of getting onto your blocked e-mail list, I disagree with one thing you promote - the idea that it is the government's responsibility to take care of those in need. This idea is in great contrast to the Biblical principle that taking care of those in need is OUR (Christians') responsibility (remember: love your neighbor ...). The government has effectively stolen that responsibility from Christians. Since the government has done this, the government is now (and has been for a long time) god. The sin here is the breaking of the first commandment, since the government has replaced God as the ultimate provider of everything. The end result - apathetic "Christians" worshipping the idol of dependency on the government (shame on us), and a world full of people looking to government as the ultimate provider.

You are right insofar as it goes. In theory I cannot disagree with you. In a more perfect world the government should not have to help people and I do not like having to spend billions on Food stamps, welfare, Unemployment benefits, etc. We should have 100% employment in a nation so rich in resources.

The problem is that now, when trillion have been looted out of our treasury and tens of millions have lost jobs, suddenly social safety nets are being taken away. It sounds to me like you are going through a great many intellectual gyarations to avoid helping the less fortunate and ordinary, hard working folks who have been hit by an economic 'two-by-four'. For I did not hear you mention how all that stolen money could have created jobs and new industries for those who are looking for work. Is your argument that it is OK to steal trillions but not OK to help the poor? FYI there is a strong relationship between all the looted money and the millions of lost jobs. If that is your argument, I would counsel you to go back and find out what God says about theft. Second, God does not forbid governments from helping the less fortunate. This is good in and of itself. But your are right in this respect... help should be a hand up, not a hand out, in that I could not agree more.

Sure, I would love to new see the Church do more for the poor and less fortunate and some do. Most are too busy with ordaining sodomite ministers and being 'driven' by impostors into new 'purposes'.

I do not think Gov't should be the ultimate provider, but rather a temporary provider of last resort. Remember Joseph... he fed the people via a government program when famine came. Are you going to criticize how God provides to those in need? God does use government to do good.

But I would like to get government out of most of the things it does, but abusing the gospel and Christ's message in finding ways of not helping those truly less fortunate is hardly going to do anyone any good. I see this idea being pushed by far too many Christians of the religious right. They are being manipulated by some very evil men to provide a political impetus to cut social spending so that more money can go over to Defense (this is not a guess). They are using all kinds of 'free market' arguments to shift more money to crony capitalists (the no bid contract, no competition corporations/cartels) , rather than those truly free markets they talk about. One of the reasons we have avoided the kinds of unrest that racks nations like Greece now is because the less fortunate eat (food stamps) those who are looking for work (there are millions still actually looking) get benefits. Snatching the rug from under them now will only make
* Housing prices tumble much faster as more homes become vacant (no unemployment check no mortgage payment). We already have million of homes in a shadow inventory of abandoned/unoccupied homes
* Send a great many more entire families onto the street.
* See crime rise, while Police forces face cuts
* Federal money used to assist the unemployed will no longer hit state treasuries (in the form of taxes paid from sales and property taxes) sending our states in even more fiscal duress.
* Be the match that starts the fires of civil unrest here.
No, it is too easy to come up with all kinds of arguments not to help those less fortunate. But perhaps the LORD needs to put some folks (hopefully, he won't have to do this with you) in a real position of want so that they can really understand (in an up close and person way, rather than in an 'intellectual' way) what it is like to lose a job, not be able to find another steady job, be unable to make your mortgage, screw up your credit, can't rent because your credit score is too low after having had to charge up groceries, gas and utilities for months on end and be humiliated into forcing to get food stamps and then find that even that safety net has been taken away. I guarantee you, this is going to happen in tens, perhaps a hundred million of more household unless we begin to sell large portions of American infrastructure (including our banks) to nations like China and Saudi Arabia. I can tell you that these things, unbeknownst to most Americans, are right now ... 'on the table' and being discussed, secretly.

My views are very libertarian and yes, we do run the risk of too often running to the government to solve our problems. I don't like it and never have. But Free markets are not the solution to every ill and the lack of mercy I see out there against those who have taken the brunt of this economic crisis is most troubling to me. I sense it in your email. This crisis is hitting some regions very, very hard, in others it has hardly touched (like my area). There are some hurting folks out there and instead of finding real solutions to this problem, we are engaged in 3 wars spending billions of dollars a day... killing the poorest people on earth and some want to take away the assistance struggling Americans have? To do what? Start another war, write another crooked contract for a beltway bandit, or develop some new high tech killing machine? Write more regulations to strangle the family farmer? I think this needs to be said. The Libertarian movement (smaller government) has been hijacked by crony capitalists. They are the ones funding these think tanks and other PAC's to cut social programs. Their goal is not, I assure you, free markets that bring in real competition and encourages small and medium sized business to make a go of it. It is 'Free Markets' that shifts what money the Government has to shady contracts and creating regulations to give yet more power and market share to to Corporations like Monsanto, Lockheed, Boeing, Merck, Exxon... etc.

I think what you have not internalized (listen here, this is important) is that America is bankrupt and that Job you have now... there is a good chance within 5 years... you won't have it. I do not know what you do and do not want to know, but many folks who are 'living large' now; from Cops to teachers, Business executives to real estate agents, Bankers to grounds keepers... the economic crisis has not even finished the 3rd chapter... in a 12 chapter book. The worst is yet to come and that probably means YOUR job. Why? One reason is a government that is too big, the other is the real reason no one is ever going to give airplay to in the corporate Media. Are you ready? Here it is. FREE TRADE. It is why our major defense contractors are building plants in China and not Seattle; India rather than Houston. Where do you think companies like Dell and HP and Apple build their computers? Good jobs are going overseas and will continue to do so, taking away all of that revenue in taxes that we have in the past used to pay for things like schools, cops, road repair etc. The result? States in fiscal crisis like never before and folks who cannot find work for years on end.

So, I say to you, go ahead, advocate getting government out of helping people. Keep all that cash heading over to the war department in contracts that are little more than poorly disguised theft, to the banksters in bailouts or a tax break to help your employer to build a plant in Shanghai and ship your job away. When you cry out to the Lord in YOUR distress... what do you think he will say to folks who supported the theft of their own money and then says "go and kill the poor instead in far off places... and don't shift what's left in our coffers to assist those who have taken the brunt of this crisis, its time to target those 'welfare mothers' and 'blacks' in the ghetto, whom no one will hire." or whatever stereotype the religious right comes up with to stir up hate. What do you think God is going to say to folks like that when it is their turn to wait 36 months on unemployment?

Brother, those prayers are going to bounce off the ceiling.

I say, perhaps the Lord needs to bring your intellectual/political argument to your bankbook and household because if indeed you are the Lord's and are trusting him, he will give you a real love for the less fortunate and not a judgmental spirit against them and find practical ways of helping them, not poorly constructed arguments against it. I also want to say this. Go and look at how our Leaders and corporations treated the less fortunate. Blacks and Hispanics got what are called in some ethnic circles as 'nigger loans'. High APR ARMS designed to blow up in the homeowners faces a few years down the road. These types of loans were specifically targeted towards ethnic communities. It is making life very, very hard for everyone. Look at Ohio. For many regular (White) borrowers, they had a whole different set of loans to offer to them. Some banks (not all or even most) were using race as a litmus test for who got what kind of loan, though they will hotly deny this. Why? Because it is quite illegal, but done all the time. I know when I got a loan some years ago, I made a point of never showing my face to the loan officer. I got a great rate based soley on my credit, which is AAA. I know how the system works, been Black for over half a century and am smart enough to 'play the game' so I come out ahead. I may be Black, but prefer the 'White loan', if you catch my drift.

Yet this whole small government argument now wants to steal Medicare from the old (folks who have paid taxes on it for it all of their lives) and now when they need it, they want to take it away? Sounds to me like another form of theft and lying. Is that what you are advocating? Sure the system needs to be reworked (seriously and fundamentally reworked). But you do that by reducing the cost of the MOST EXPENSIVE MEDICAL SYSTEM IN THE WORLD, not by killing the old by theft, deceit and neglect. You do that by reducing costs. But that means profits for some powerful folks so it isn't going to get done. Ending the billions we spend on Corporate welfare is something that also needs to be done. In a free market, there is no corporate welfare. I did not hear you mention this in your email, but I think you would probably agree.

As far as Christians are concerned you are right, God will take care of our needs and to the degree we Christians can influence our government to be charitable, merciful and just, we should encourage it, not find reasons to nix it. Our world is cruel enough, assisting the poor and those in trouble is well within our means.

Social security... don't get me started. it was fine until the money in the trust fund was stolen. I do mean stolen by the last 4 Presidents.... to fight wars and build weapons... all going to those massive defense contractors. The Theft was most sophisticated, but it was theft.

Q: In contrast, when the Israelites went into Canaan after 40 years in the wilderness, they were to totally depend on God for provision (just as they learned in the desert). There, with no human government, God indeed provided. The whole thing broke down when they started asking for a government.

Your argument is one that is good for Christians but does not address a nation like America or any nation in the world today. America is not Israel. Israel was a special case where God was going to show his ways to the world. Ancient Israel was a theocracy, we are a democracy. This is America and while we are founded on Christian principles, we are not a Christian nation, you have the Presidents word for it. Does that fact mean that the government should not help the poor? God cares for the poor everywhere and go back and read Jonah, he even cared for the sinful Ninevites.... even the cattle in that city!! God cares and if we as a nation show mercy to the poor, God will show us mercy. For he who gives to the poor lends to the Lord.

In summary, I do not buy your scriptural argument in total. Yes, God does and will provide for us Christians, but only (ONLY) food and clothing should be expected. That is all we are really promised and must be content with (1 Tim 6:8). But I can not agree more, that the Government does too much. We all would be much better off with a much smaller government AND less influential corporations. Because the codeword today of the dark side of the 'smaller government' crowd in reality means larger role for corporations/cartels, without pesky government (and democratic) interference. Corporations will charge you for your toll roads, charge you whatever they want for utilities (remember Enron), force poison food on you, ignore safety regulations (or do away with them all together) from your workplace to your local nuclear power plant. They will control all of these things with no competition or control. That is what they mean by 'free market solutions'.

This is the model for the future. So I say... be careful what you wish for... You just might get it.

Q: The same fundamental thought arises from the "torture" argument. Many of my "Christian" acquaintances like the idea of torturing our enemies for information. However, since we are commanded to love our enemies, how does torture fit into that? It doesn't. If we lived our lives with complete reference to God and Him alone, then we need not treat our enemies without love because the foremost principle is to obey God. Love your enemies, love your neighbor: these two commands are like two peas in a pod. To obey them is to put ones complete trust in the God of this universe, who will do right!

Kind regards, (name witheld)

Again I could not agree with you more. Take heed I say to such as these, one day the shoe may be on the other foot because right now Christians are being tortured and worked to death in labor camps in many places like China. I think this whole state of affairs is coming to America sooner rather than later. Remember what I said earlier about what is 'on the table'. These types of 'Christians' aren't. They are the devils poster child for what he wants the world to think of Christians; violent, ignorant, hateful, bigoted and greedy. These are the ones our Lord warned us about that they would betray is in the hour of persecution.

No where does it say we should torture our enemies, except perhaps in the satanic bible.

God bless you,

In Christ,



Syria: Tanks Shell City Of Homs

India: A Saffron Corridor Of Anti-Christian Hatred

Pakistan Lays Down Gauntlet To US, Will Attack US Troops
Pakistan 'outs' another CIA spymaster

China's Rising Wages Propel US Inflation

Cost Of Imported Goods Rises More Than Forecast

Fukushima Link #1

Fukushima Link #2

Mississippi Floods Threaten Crops, Refineries

State Dept: Makes Film About Anti-Muslim Bigotry And Ignores Christian Slaughter
There should be no surprise where this is coming from... at all. Our Secretary of State has no love for Christians and the Saudi's who have us over a literal barrel... of oil. Do not kid yourself, the Saudi's are very, very busy installing a web of Politically protected Islam right here in the US. It will not be long before what we see in Egypt, happening here in America because Barak Obama has yet to say one word in defense of Christians who are truly being slaughtered around the world, rather he praises Islam. Why is there a curse on this man's administration and why is he going to the the 'goat' when we can no longer pay our bills? He got in bed with the devil and now however reluctantly... he must do his bidding. Even if he gets re-elected he will just be even more of a sock puppet than he is now. Meanwhile, Christians from Pakistan to Iraq, Egypt to India are burned out of their homes, shot dead, blown up, raped, mutilated with not one single word of rebuke from the President. Perhaps, deep down in his heart, he is in agreement with the enemies of the Gospel and wants to do away with Christians. I do not know, he hasn't said, but his silence is as loud as the cackling laughter of a coven of witches. Stories like this are everyday news, "Muslims Attackers Kill 17 Christians". You have to wonder what kind of spiritual entity that controls this nation gets all up in arms about a civil war in Libya and sends in warships and will not even speak a word about issues like this?

I know many of my readers, especially Black ones want me to give Obama a 'pass' simply because he is Black and just focus on issues that are of no real importance to anyone who has to live in the real world. I am never going to do that. Our first Black President is going to be a disaster when all is said and done; politically, spiritually and economically. That fact, I am sorry to say, was the part of the deal he made with the devil that was in the fine print Obama didn't bother to read. I jest not, Obama cut some truly evil deals to get into the White House. I know many of my Black readers get all mad at me because I bring out major issues that the MSM and corporate owned 'Black media' will not cover, like his plan to cut food stamps, or his raising of taxes on the poorest Americans and then handing a nearly trillion dollar tax break to the rich and his 180 degree antipathy to everything Martin Luther King stood for. King called us to Conscience, not endless war. I am no Uncle Tom and am not going to shuffle down 'Tom Street' with the masses of ill informed African Americans who refuse to arm themselves in this information war. Those who choose instead to bobble their empty heads in adoration of man who is not even in control of his own administration are in for a most rude awakening. Because when this information war is over, the winner has a full fridge, the loser is on the street, begging at busy intersections during rush hour. In the 21st century, what you don't know will make you hungry, homeless or worse.

Boehner Takes Hard Line On Debt Limit
Everything is on the table but those tax cuts for the rich and the Military Aggression department. It is rather disgusting to me to watch what the GOP and the Tea Party are doing to America now. It is kind of like a bank robbery done in full view of the bank account holders. Keep this in mind; The GOP and Tea Party are not interested in lowering the deficit. Their outrage is pure smoke and mirrors. They are using scare tactics to cut social programs while tax breaks for the rich, corporate welfare and the DOD bottomless pit of Fraud, Waste and Abuse get quiet increases from now until doomsday. Claiming to be on a moral crusade while cutting medical care for the old? This is more akin to luciferian looting than any moral crusade. Something truly evil has taken over the GOP.

If the GOP is serious about our deficit problem (they aren't) they would could start by getting rid of those tax breaks for the rich which which is all being paid for on borrowed money (and do not let any spinmeister tell you otherwise, any tax cut must be made up for with increased borrowings) that the GOP is now ranting and raving about us having too much of. It is only when it deals with Medicare, Food stamps and other social programs do they get worked up into a politically convenient lather. When it comes to DOD Fraud, there is dead silence. Lets not even get into the flurry of no-bid contracts, based soley on the Amount of money one donates to poliicians. This practice is still with us today, when questioned about it, Obama was 'too busy' to answer questions on it. This is in direct contradiction to his pledge to 'change the way we do business' and who called no bid and cost plus contracting 'unacceptable'. But as with all things Obama, don't watch his lips, watch what he signs. So who do you think is paying the campaign bills to these Congressmen that allows all this money to flow illegally to DOD contractors? Where do you really think all of the government 'savings' will go when they raid Medicare and Social Security? I will tell you because it is a no brainer, it is going to go to the DOD's contracting fraud operations, dutifully advertised as 'much needed defense spending' and supported by Beerhall Burt whose total understanding of our troubled world can be condensed into an NFL playoff game. The DOD budget is the biggest scam out there and no one from either party is going to touch it. You have contracts out there to 'study the processes of process study'; I kid you not, to the tune of millions of dollars! This is just one of the contracts hidden away in the DOD budget by which well known and connected beltway bandits scam the taxpayers... and this is one of the hundreds not on the DOD's fraud list!

I know many of my readers think I am just too bold. Well, I know that God is not pleased with what is happening in Washington and somebody has to say something. Since so much of what calls itself Christianity is not talking about the things that the Prophets of old warned about (Go and read books like Amos, Obadiah and Nahum. These books will tell you just how God views issues like how we treat the poor, national arrogance, and greed.) So if all you are hearing out there at your Christian websites are the same old 'Jesus loves me' versus over and over again, you perhaps need to broaden your horizons, because if you are not outraged by what is happening in our world and nation, you had better make sure you are really saved, and are not waddling down self-deceit street. I do not like having to say it, but many of these christians are like so many secular Americans, under a curse. A curse that will not allow them to see the obvious facts staring them in the face. It is a curse of deceit/delusion that is preparing them to be unprepared for what God has in store for our nation and our world. It is a divinely appointed delusion (2Thess 2:11-12). So I am out here doing what few others are going to do. Since not many others have the courage or spiritual insight to tell it like it is, I will do it, come what may. Brethern, I cannot stress this enough times, Hell is a place, and real people go there, every single day.

Ivory Coast: Mass Grave Found Under Soccer Field

Obama Calls For Immigration Reform
This is a major issue the Drug Cartels are also pushing with their *massive* illegal campaign donations. May I point out the fact that the coffers (of both parties) are now 'open' for the 2012 Presidential election?

13 Die In Mexican Border Shootout

Cartels Tunnel Thru 250ft. Of Solid Rock Under US Border

Flood Waters Flow Into Memphis

Hundreds Of Church Burnings

Florida To Cut Unemployment Benefits

Crop Damage From Weather Raises Grain Prices

Jihad In Germany

NATO Left African Migrants To Die
The US and Nato can do better than this. Sure it is not an easy thing to do when a war is going on but picking them up was hardly impossible. Is this the real face of out 'humanitarian war' in Libya? Let the Africans die but don't let China get the oil? The article is carefully re-worded and clearly a French Aircraft carrier was involved. This is the same France that would not allw a train of African Migrants into its nation not long ago and only after a heated row with Italy, finally decided to allow them in. If this is France's view on Africans, one wonders why she is really involved in 'humanitarian operations' in Libya or anywhere else dark Skinned people live. I don't want to just pick on France, no one seemed to want to help these people and now know one wants to own up to what they did. One wonders what that 'N' in NATO stands for and if another 4 letter word from the 1930's that started with an 'N' is a more appropriate moniker for what NATO is really doing in our world today because wherever they go, only dark skinned people are in its gunsights.

Bankster Watch: Poor Must Waive All Legal Rights

Farmers Know: Own Food Not Fit For Consumption

Apples Jobs Described As 'Dictator'

Islamic Mobs Set Fire To Egyptian Churches
12 dead. As mentioned here, the Salafists appear to be responsible. I have already mentioned their growing influence in nations where there is unrest. This is a movement that those who know our Lord and obey his commandments to watch should keep their eyes on most carefully. Because their aim is an Islamic Caliphate around the Middle East. Who is funding, organizing and pulling their strings? I do not know, but a rather interesting article can be found here and you can draw your own conclusions. Arabian Business has some pictures of the unrest in Egypt here.

Ahmadinejad Allies Charged With 'Sorcery'
Once again, another key issue to look at, Iran. Internal turmoil at the political level has been high since the last elections. What is significant is that in this latest row the Revolutionary Guard is not siding with Ahmadinejad. Sorcery? Well you can read a little more here, but in a nation so obessed with religion and the supernatural, a Presidential 'exorcist' is not all that strange. The man appears to have a very interesting background, but I am not certain these two individuals are one and the same. Nevertheless, the whole idea of Ahmadinejad being some kind of right hand man of the 12th Imam is a very powerful one in Islam. Charges of Sorcery so close to Ahamdinejad therefore have an important political-spiritual-prophetic undertone. It should be noted that Ahmadinejad is saying that the 12th Imam is managing the worlds Islamic revolutions

“The final move has begun. We are in the middle of a world revolution managed by this dear (12th Imam). A great awakening is unfolding. One can witness the hand of Imam in managing it." - Ahmadinejad

Mississippi Floods Trigger Multiple Disasters
Is God trying his best to send us all a message? America has been hit with a great many record setting disasters the past few years, Katrina, The Gulf Oil disaster, Economic crisis, a bankrupt Federal government... How long before this bloody, murderous people awaken and cease from its myriad of crimes and sins against God and his creation? Is the only way to stop American wickedness is for God to destroy her? God surely does not want to do this, but we are forcing his hand. This evil cannot continue. The murders, abortion (profitable, industrial scale murders), war profiteering, adultery, Sodomy, torture, lies, deceits, witchcraft, hate, frauds the demonspeak of America's war machine and the trail of innocent blood that tracks back to the Pentagon and our use of our own weapons of terror against the poorest of the poor people on earth and even our own citizens with no trial or hearing.... This will not continue. God is sending us all a message, but to America and Americans in particular. Blessed is the man who takes heed to what God is saying; repents and obeys. The Lord spoke clearly to me the other day as I was listening to some Patriotic dribble coming out of one of America's premier think tanks as they decried Obama's Defense 'cuts' (which are no cuts, but disguised increases) in war-making spending. The think tank is funded significantly, by the way, by the Defense (War) industry. I listened to the arrogance of the well tailored but violent rhetoric these $1000 suit wearing men used and the Lord spoke to me and said, 'You have just heard the voice of Lucifer'. Indeed, this is how violence is spread throughout the earth (see Ezekiel 28:16, Isiah 14:17) . God is none too pleased at what we have become and the way our leaders and media hide our crimes behind the distractions of sex, gadgets, mind-numbing and/or violent entertainment or the left-right political claptrap you see on the DOD controlled, Corporate media. So get ready, more disasters are in store if America does not turn from her crimes. I have no hope that America as a whole will ever free herself from the likes of the devils servants in their $1000 suits, BMW's, million dollar mansions and blood stained private accounts in the Cayman Islands. But I think many individuals will repent when they figure out (as many already have) that God is not playing a game with them or our once great nation. These ones whom God has opened their eyes can see that she is on her way down and great troubles lie ahead for her as the Lord deals with what America has become. She must repent, if she does not?

But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out. (Num 32:23)


Headline 2-6 May

Highway Of Death: Bin Laden & Gaddafi
A very insightful piece that will not sit well with the pervasive and violent psychosis that has swept America's political class and is now infecting the body politic. It is the war addiction. Our 'joy' at our new high tech killing machines and the 'rejoicing' at death that is now part and parcel of the American political scene. This is the pattern of America; she and far too many of her Churches have forsaken God's counsel and held carefully to the precepts of Hell. Instead of listening to God's counsel, our leaders, citizens and church members run from it whenever it is offered. Any man or woman who speaks out for God gets sidelined., outside and especially inside America's religious institutions that call themselves 'churches'

Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the LORD. But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death. (Pro 8:34-36)
America's new love affair with death is merely evidence of her real opinion of God.

Russia Cuts Central Asian Gas Supply

Secret Surveillance Warrants Grow
" 2010, the FBI made 24,287 “national security letter” requests for information pertaining to 14,212 different U.S. persons, a substantial increase from the 2009 level of 14,788 NSL requests concerning 6,114 U.S. persons. (In 2008, the number of NSL requests was 24,744, pertaining to 7,225 persons.)"

Peak Oil? Where Are We Now
As usual these men and women do a brilliant job at ODAC. I first because fully acquainted with the whole idea of peak oil many years ago by Dr. Colin Campbell and while I do not talk about it much anymore, it is still a big issue that is a major threat to the future. Today there are many credible people who dispute this thesis on the basis newer science that brought us the kinds of drilling that was going on at the Deep Horizon well. These theories question exactly how oil is produced inside the Earth. Neverthless, production figures and refining capacity do not lie (much) and the reality is that Oil is set to become much scarcer for many of us and much more difficult and expensive to extract, refine and transport.

While cruising round in my car yesterday, I got a chance to listen to Prince Charles talk about sustainability. Whatever your thoughts on the Prince (most Christians have a very negative view of him), he has been talking intelligently about how the world needs to change the way it does many things lest we have a serious famine and trouble throughout the world. I realize even posting a link talking about these things will cause many of my readers to wonder why I am doing it, but do click over and listen, because whatever your views on the Prince, much of what he is saying are real problems that need real solutions real soon. They are not going to go away with slogans and shooting the messenger. You may not agree with many of his solutions (I don't) but the problems are real and are not going away. And on that note...

Scooter and Motorcycle Sales Soar

In Bahrain, Treating Sick Is An Act Of Treason
Once again, our buddies do all kinds of evil with no rebuke from Secratary Clinton, who runs our foreign policy in light of our absentee President. Journalists are also being targeted. As much our we tout freedom of information, when it really boils down to it, we don't support these things in our client states. Rather, we support the billy club, electro-shock, torture, tear gas and machine gun fire. While the US and the EU are giving Syria hell over its violent reaction to protests, silence engulf what is going on in Bahrain.

Sen. Shelby, GOP Seeks To Kill Consumer Protection, Shield Banksters

AQ Confirms, OBL Dead
I know there are a million and one theories out there, but those of you who have come by here and found my information credible can know this, they got him on Sunday. He's dead. Why the White House spinning a thousand ways from sunday on 'blacked-out videos', 'Sea burials', etc., is not a sign of conspiracy, but of disarray. Scary? Well, if you want just a small (I do mean small) smiget of what to be really scared about, click over here and read. I cannot confirm that Obama was overruled, I can confirm that most of the rest of what this source says is true, too true to ignore the 'overruled' portion of this story. The problem with this President is is lack of engagement. He is just not really with it. His staff runs so much of his administration and decisions taken are often not his. The stories I have posted about our Nuclear Shutdowns, Subs penetrating US waters and firing off nuclear capable missiles, Attacking our oil infrastructure hundreds of times and the Gulf disaster... I am not making this up or guessing. This President is just not doing his job securing the nation and refuses to act or make any kind of important decision. That dear readers is far more scary in reality than a thousand pictures of Osama. Please understand, this is not a cheap shot at the President, it is not coming from any animosity I have towards him, these are the simple truths that need to be told. What also needs to be told is that some very powerful folks have 'explained' things to him in an extremely personal way. When your wife and kids are threatened by insiders (as his have) in ways that could cause many of us to see our life flash before our eyes, you understand better what Obama is up against. These things (and other incidents not reported) tend to be game changers. Being President is a tough job. It is easy to criticize, but none of us out here really have all the facts, if we did, many of us would not sleep nights. Now, let me ask you this, with this kind of stuff happening right here in the US, how important really to the 'national security' are a few koran reading fanatics in the hills of Afghanistan?

The Good news is that our War in Afghanistan may be nearing its end. Unnamed sources within the administration say we may be moving towards a negotiated settlement with the Taliban to end the war. The drivers are clearly multifold, one is our lack of success, the other is our fiscal situation. It is perilous and if you have not heard it put that way in the MSM. There is a reason for it. Thankfully, I have some great sources, know how to do basic math, read spreadsheets and know where to find official figures on our debt. I also listen to C-SPAN radio alot. Yesterday, one congressional GOP'er was on talking about our deficit situation. While I did not agree with any of his malthusian solutions (which amounted to killing the old and sick), he did map out how dire our situation was and told us that key folks on Wall Street are telling him we have between 2-5 years, closer to 2 to clean up our mess or the jig us up.

So while some of you may think all of this deficit talk is scaremonering, I can tell you it isn't. America's largest and most important investors are signaling that it is now or never. Afghanistan is a luxury we can no longer afford and if we can extricate ourselves now, so much the better.

$25 Dollar PC On A USB Stick? Don't Laugh...

Angry US Lawmakers Demand Answers From Pakistan
While much of this shouting is political theater some of it isn't. The old hands knew what was up when they apporved all this cash for Paksitan. How much aid? Click here and find out the 'official' figures. How much went covertly is anyone's guess.

Mississippi Floods Prompt Evacuations Near Memphis


Older News


Obama's New Plan To Tax You By The Mile

Drug War Update
April was the deadliest month so far in Mexico's prohibition-related violence, with authorities reporting 1,402 killings.

Rising Mississippi: Levee To Be Blasted... Again
Memphis under threat. Three levee blasts and waters may still overrun cities

Debt Deal In The Making?
From what I read, this is going to be a do-nothing bill that gives all kinds of 'wiggle' room' to keep on spending money we ain't got. Deficit to GDP as a measure for future spending rises/caps? Our GDP figures are manipulated enough and such a deal (as mentioned here) would only add to the political pressure and physical danger to those economists who calculate our GDP. When powerful contractors see that their portion of the pig trough is about to be reduced because of GDP numbers, where do you think they are going to apply political and other pressure? This looks to me like a sophisticated tap dance around the main issues that will be coreographied to look like they are doing something concrete, when in reality it is the same old 'borrow and spend' mentality of the two party hydra. Meanwhile, we spend a kings ransom on interest payments on debt we have already accumulated.

Refugee Crisis In Niger: Black Libyans Risk All To Flee

Fed Undermines Trust In Dollar

Mexico, Thailand & Russia Add Large Amounts Of Gold To Reserves

Syria: Quickly Going Beyond the Point of No Return

Uzbekisan, America And Forced Child Labor

Russia Starts Libyan Propaganda Campaign

What Bloggers Missed: Obama Launches New War With Pakistan
The time to deal with Pakistan was at the beginning of this war, not now when our nation is teetering on literal financial insolvency. Obama's 'lunatic fringe' foreing policy is the the same Bush-isms re-packaged with an afro. So now we want to take on Pakistan and the Taliban? I ask again, what planet did this guy beam in from? A unilateral attack on a sovereign nation? In any man's book that is an act of war. The problem as I see it, is not if we view Pakistan as the enemy but when to expect many, many more in Pakistan's security services (and Army) to view the US as the enemy, and act accordingly.
You think we got troubles in Southeast Asia now? I am not saying that we should not have gone in to pick up (rather than murder) Bin Laden, but that if this is the new policy, to unilaterally attack Pakistan, our troubles in that region have only just begun. The problem is also that Obama is listening to the same 'experts' who put is in this mess and whose advice is ensured to put us in it deeper and deeper, ensuring a steady cash flow into their lucrative defense investments.

Osama's 12 Year Old Saw Father Murdered

What Osama's Death Means For Christians In Pakistan

Freedom Of Religion Problems In Africa

Kenya Worst Hit By Rising Food Prices

Where Is The SCO Heading?

Sudan's Coming Political Instability

Prayer Focus: May 2011

'Military Justice' Coming For US Civilians
Got to get those evil terrorists, how dare they preach peace! What better place to prosecute Antiwar activist than by the nerve center of the Military Industrial Complex. Soon we will have AA justice; Accuse and Assasinate, making courts superfluous. Who needs those legal technicalities like you know... guilt or innocence.

Korea Raids Google Offices
Probably realizing The Foreign 'Spy' Potential, of this data and the ability of foreign governments to find out where key economic and political leaders are using technology, who they are talking to, what they are saying, something clearly had to be done. Notice Russia also had its issues with Google recently. In other nations, these nations protect their citizens. Check out whatFrance is doing. In America we protect the spies and mess over the people. While the FTC is currently 'probing' Google, I would not expect too much from it. Once the boys from Langley or Ft. Meade show up any action they would ordinarily have taken will be dutifully quashed. Take my word for it, if you are not 'inside' or filthy rich, you are now 'an enemy target of survellance'. Using corporations to spy on Americans is how the the government gets around US law.



*Important* - WW
May I ask all of my Christian readers to pray for Christians in China? Can I count on you to do this as soon as possible? I ask this because the persecution in China is quite severe and is quite likely to pick up in pace in short order. Not only are Chinese Christians at risk but Missionaries are also at risk who work there. In the past, much of the persecution going on could be attributed to local and regional leaders who wanted to make a name for themselves or saw some vested personal or economic reason for persecuting this or that particular group of Christians. Sometimes it boiled down to wanting land that a Church or group of Christians owned. What is happening in China now is utterly different and will almost certainly only pick up pace. It appears to be far more coordinated and much more brutal than what we have seen in the past. No one is exempt (Chinese or foreign missionary) and the use of the most extreme methods of anti-Christ repression will probably be used. Today, the Chinese government is paranoid; very, very paranoid about Christianity. Far more so than usual and they are (as any Sinotologist will tell you) quite paranoid in normal times when it comes to domestic security.

Keep this in mind, while we do see many stories of persecution in China on the net, these are not the only ones, many go unreported in the west and Chinese Christians soon may begin to cry out to their friends in the west for help because all indications are that China is not going to let up until (I choose my words carefully here) all Christian influence has been eradicated. Do you remember the German Krisallnacht? Well this could be Christ-allnacht - get all the Christ worshippers in China. This sorry chapter will be written in the Chinese language.

I think one thing needs to be stressed here. Christian missionaries from the west have done a lot of good. They have done as our Lord has commanded and preached the Gospel, God be praised. Yet at times it appears that they just have not done so with a lot of 'street sense'. Not knowing the lay of the land as they should have, they have allowed themselves to be viewed as the spearhead of a foreign invasion by Chinese authorities and this is going to cause thousands, perhaps millions of Chinese Christians very, very significant problems in the months ahead. Our Lord told us to be as wise as serpents and I am not sure that Missionaries to China were operating under that particular admonition. I am not criticizing their hard work and dedication, only saying that their activities probably could have been less conspicuous and made to appear more 'home grown' than they did.

Sadly the result, if Christians do not pray for our Chinese brethren could be literally a blood bath of Christians in China as the government cracks down with extreme measures on what it views as 'foreign influence'. Thus, I ask ALL of my readers who know Christ to pray for the Church in China that they may come out of this very much stronger than before. I also ask that you pray for the Chinese Government leaders that they will change their minds and begin to work with its Christian citizens to make China a more peaceful and prosperous place rather than one that is preoccupied with righting real and imaginary historical wrongs and building an military and economic empire on the uncertain sands of today's global instability and the lust for the resources under the ground in some one else's backyard.

Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not. - (Rom 12:14)

Nigeria: 14,000 Christians Flee, Hundreds Slain - Catholic Culture

Osama's Death: Is It Real or is It 'Memorex'? - AINA
Without going into any details, I can safely say that this time they really got him and yes, he was still alive as of Sunday. While the spinmeiters are out there spinning out of control, I got a chance to confirm that they got him and just how long this operation had been planned. Also, you are going to hear a lot of hot air and lies about how Pakistan was intimately involved. Well, lets take one statement by a DOD official

"As my Department of Defense colleague said, it was a unilateral operation."

I can say this, if officials cannot in public, Pakistan is clearly being viewed more and more as the enemy these days inside Washington (hot denials notwithstanding) and it appears that any material cooperation the Pak's gave us was probably was not intentional. OBL's death while lauded by Beerhall Burt, may cause us more problems in the medium term throughout the world. Some of it may be more significant than we expect.

As anyone here knows, I have no truck with terrorists or those who commit acts of mindless violence. Yet, I cannot applaud Bin Laden's death. Perhaps the world is a better place without him, and perhaps not. If 10 years of war should have taught America anything is that violence is not the solution to our geopolitical problems. Assassinating those we accuse (no trial, no hearing just an accusation) while the people have been told over and over and over again that he was the 'mastermind' is hardly the way of a just society to deal with its problems. Our reliance and lies and violence is one that also from a purely practical perspective has been an abysmal and most expensive failure. Yes, I have heard many talking heads repeat hundreds of times that OBL is the 'enemy' and he committed the attacks of 911, but there is not much real hard evidence linking him to the attack on 911, though yes I do think he was very much involved.

Yet the real hard evidence is there, but it links Pakistan's ISI to those attacks. Anyone who has done research on 911 and been honest about that research (and not done it just to confirm the presupposition of their already made up mind) comes away with the clear unmistakable impression that it is Pakistan and its ISI that should have been under real scrutiny as to being the a prime motivator of 911 along with other Islamic and non-Islamic entities who benefitted significantly from the aftermath. But since we needed Pakistan's support to invade Afghanistan, those links were never publicly explored and kept out of official unclassified reports on 911 and subsequent terror reports, so as not to embarrass our new 'allies'. From the get-go we were in bed with the terrorists (ISI) and 10 years on, we are still getting our rear ends kicked in Afghanistan. The good news is that now, many years later, some of the intelliengce officials in the trenches are saying what should have been said from the beginning: that ISI should be treated as a terrorist organization. Now think on this for just a moment as I will not comment on it.
Bin Laden was, however, living safely in the heart of an Army cantonment, in "an extraordinarily unique compound", a three story building constructed around 2005 on a one acre plot, surrounded by 12 to 18 foot security walls, topped with barbed wire. There was no telephone or internet connectivity and all external contact was managed through a tiny group of trusted couriers - the vulnerability that was finally breached by US intelligence. - South Asia Intelligence Review
No dear readers, OBL was mostly a symbol and the 'scary monster' used to frighten the child like minds of far too many Americans... what with the Islamic beard and head-dress... he was the perfect caricature to splash on TV when support for the war was waning. American understand 'scary picture'; ISI is too complicated for them to comprehend. The reality? OBL was a sick old man dying from kidney failure. The truth, dear readers is in the boring details, not in MSM sound bites. Sadly, most Americans are just not interested in truth and find slogans and soundbites far more appealing as they swig their brew at the local bar, leering at the cute waitress and swerving down the road late at night heading home after yet another night of hard drinking.

In closing, I want to say this. Conspiracies? 911 was a conspiracy. Men conspired to fly a plane into skyscrapers, its plans were not generally known. Our governments own raid to kill Osama could have been considered a 'conspiracy' as no one other than a privileged few knew about our plans to kill him. Again, all done it secrecy. I say this only to remind those whose brains have not been stolen and replaced with a styrofoam look-a-like, that just because you did not read about something in the MSM does not mean that it did not happen. There are hundreds of covert operations going on right now that you and I are not privy to. There are thousands going on right now being undertaken by China, Russia, Israel, Al Qaeda, Iran, organized crime... you name it. It is evidence of brainwashing that refuses to accept that many things happen without the knowledge of the general public and many of those things are criminal in nature, hence the word 'conspiracy'. Manipulation of currencies or oil prices, murders, bodies found in city dumps, powerful men who work the system to funnel money into their basement freezers. Get real and don't let the word 'conspiracy theory' frighten you because the ignorant/brainwashed never believe anything until they see it on CNN. Don't be a Beerhall Burt. Let them stay stupid if that is what they want. You, if you want to survive what is coming, open up your mind and be wise as serpents because in these times, what you don't know will harm most of you and probably will kill many of you.

UK Unions Declare War! - IFA Online
I think that if you really want to understand why pensions are under attack the best way to do that is to remember how much money the UK government spent to bail out the banks and remember that the money had to come from somewhere. Where do YOU think it is coming from? Hint... click on the news article above.
Coming to a social security check near you!

Asia Seeks To Diversify Reserves As Dollar Tanks - Bloomberg
Brothers keep your eyes on the economic side of things. Tremendous things are happening in the background. For example; did you know that the Fed Chair was essentially forced to start these new press conferences? Did you know that some very powerful faces on Wall Street are very angry with Ben and the Fed as they discover just how much money is being channeled to Friends of Ben (FOB) and not to themselves? Oh yes, they are seriously angry and are doing something about it. The Fed is under attack as never before but not from Congress, the President or Main Street. It is coming from Wall Street, whose insatiable greed sees a cash cow that many of them are not benefitting from directly. Those compulsory revelations that the Fed had to make may not be making headlines but they are extremely significant.

How so? YOU are going to have to dig and dig deep but you can start by going around to all 12 regional Fed boards, find out who sits on them, find out what banks they own and other businesses the directors sit on the board of and what other entities they and their family owns. I think I already gave you one big hint with MSMBC's/GE's owner who is also a Fed Director and who also got over a $100 Billion from Ben. FYI the Department of Education's budget is about $70 Billion, so next time you hear our leaders talk about taking Medicare from Granny, remember MSNBC, Jeff Immelt and Ben Bernanke. Then look at who got money from Ben. That is a great place to start. I do not know if the Fed will be able to weather this storm, it is an incredibly corrupt organization that thrived on secrecy and now that we are so deep in debt, changes are bound to occur.

California's Nightmare: Spending Cuts Or Tax Extension - CNN

Treasury Extends Debt Deadline To August - Bloomberg
You can find more here.


Osama Bin Laden Dead - Guardian
Is it true? Probably, If he wasn't dead long ago, I note that the body was reportedly (but not confirmed) buried at sea. Is it important at this stage in our wars? No, OBL was completely irrelevant and his 'death' is more a signal of deteriorating relations between Pakistan and the US than anything elese. We had him cold years ago and were prevented from picking him up because of 'diplomatic interference'. OBL has been irrelevant for at least the past 6 years as AQ has morphed and rebranded itself by others, who picked up the Islamic 'ball' and ran with it. Now AQ is far more diffuse and more difficult to counter because it is more an ideology than an organization. You can find more on the gruesome details here. The fact is, Obama was kept alive to use as a Bogey man to scare up support for this ill conceived war. He was the 'scary monster' (SM) the right pulled out when support for the war by Beerhall Burt was waning. He took a swig of his corporate brew, thumped his chest in his patriotic drunkeness and supported 'killing those ragheads'. OBL was losing that SM value. The US may have wanted to poke a stick in Pakistan's eye (notice this was a US only raid) and did what they wanted to do without any help, especially from Pakistan. OBL was irrelevant and if the US wanted to make things more difficult for themselves in Pakistan, they have. Moreover, I think this sudden discovery of intestinal fortitude by Obama has a lot to do with November, 2012. But look for things like this to increase with other more spectacular trouble for the US. Meanwhile, Beerhall Burt will wake up from his hangover to find a pink slip and a foreclosure notice in his mailbox.

Australia: Many Towns Still Must Boil Water After January Floods -

Illinois Mayor Orders Evacuation On Flood Threat - eTaiwan

Missouri: River Ready To Breach Levee - NYT

Feds To Blow Up Levee, Illinois Angry At Decision - Chi. Tribune

Marines Conduct DADT Repeal Training - Marine Times
An interesting read on some of the more mundane policy changes that will have to be made. From a 'secular perspective' I think there will be moderate disruptions of morale and discipline, but nothing severe but still for a lot of folks it is not going to be easy. Marines in particular must fight as a team in small units and small unit cohesion is very important for them. Fights and even murder as a result of 'lovers quarrels'? Don't laugh it is a factor that an all male-hetero sexual force did not have. Need I stress that American are not known for their 'self control' and 'non-violent' methods of settling differences? But the newer generation of young people are more open to gays. From a spiritual perspective I will only say this. God frowns very much on homosexuality and when a nation takes it upon itself to defy God, he turns around and defy's them in ways that the people of Sodom discovered they did not live long enough to profit from. I am not just picking on Gay's, I am talking about rampant adultery, theft, murder, torture, hate, fraud and every conceiveable sin under the sun which are too often given political cover by our government, citizenry and even the Church!. Judgment will start with American Churches and pastors. So when you see Churches and Christian organizations get hit with trouble and judgements with more severity than those who make no godly profession, know that.

If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified. But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men's matters. Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf. For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? (1Pe 4:14-17)

Holiness is not an option.

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: (Heb 12:14)

Strategic Defaults: It Could Get Ugly - Property World

Never In America: Chinese Corporate Poisonings Lead To Long Prison Sentences -
In China, they put the poisoning crooks in jail, in America we let them run the FDA!

Your Location 'Extremely Valuable' To Google - IBT
They can tell where you are, if you are sleeping at your girlfriends house, if you are in a car and how fast you are going. Those two "O"'s 's in Google are morphing into two 'all seeing eyes'. Not long ago I got a hint from an insider friend of mine and he said, 'I am giving all friends and family as well as associates advice, that advice is to dump Google and its services'. He did not go into any detail I can repeat on the net. I see Google as increasingly a money making corporate espionage organization. I put it down to coincidence then, but now... It is no secret that they are in bed with a government espionage organization, so you can draw your own conclusions. Is the NSA or coprorate insiders reading all of your e-mail, news alerts, location data, drawing a tree of all of your contacts, friends family along with things you said to them? I do not know, but I most strongly suspect much if not all of this is being done. I recently told some of my family members to dump it and don't delay. You can do what you want and I am not going to advise YOU. Rather, I am passing on what others have advised me. You make your own choice, but if in a messy divorce case, all of your location data, text messages and email get splattered about in court, don't say you were not warned. If you find you cannot get a job it may be because of an email you sent to a friend 7 years ago the job recruiter did not like. The best and ONLY way to avoid having this data collected on you is to not have it stored anywhere in the cloud to begin with. Some of you may ask, do I have a google account? Yes, but for the most part it is dormant. I have a whole slew of Geopolitical and Economic newsletters going there and they get forwarded to another email and that is about all. The only reason I have kept it is because (keep this in mind, it is important) is that occasionally I have my 'senior moments' and cannot remember old passwords and Gmail was for a long time (B4 the NSA-ization of Google) my password recovery address.

In short, I do not to give Google so much as my home IP and that requires some set up at your Router (Google and its myriad of ad services like doubleclick and YouTube). Keep in mind that most of the sites you visit have Google code right in the page like search box's, ads, etc. In short, Big Brother and Google are secretly in bed fornicating with satanic abandon and you would be wise to protect yourself from the demonic offspring that results. Another shining example of those 'Public-Private Partnerships' I have been talking about. I am not going to blame Google totally as I am not sure they are operating totally shall we say, 'under their own power' anymore. I have long used Google and its services are hard to live without. The long term risks of anyone having or selling all of the information they can gather far outweigns the benefits in my book. Remember, the Internet NEVER forgets. I have managed to break free and the only service I really miss is Google Earth. But I have done it and I can still do my work and enjoy the internet.

The Economic Calculus of Japan’s Tragedy - Prudent Bear

1 Million Turn Out For JPII Beatification - Zenit

Jarret, Daley And Obama - News Flavor
Like most purported 'insider' revelations, read with care.

Renouncing Empire - Rockewell
She never will until she is dead broke or burned to a cinder, but the read is interesting nonetheless.


Headline 25-29 May

USAF Sees 'Remarkable Increase' In H1N1 In Recruits

Where Are The Jobs? In Low Wage Sectors

Yemen: Hundreds Of Thousands Take To Streets In Defiance

Nero in Beijing – The Communist Party Declares War on Christians

Persecution In The UK: The Rise Of Aggressive Secualrism

Rebels Have Growing Dissatisfaction With NATO's Bombing Campaign

A New Generation Of Body Scanners

Fascism Rising: Roma's Defenseless Against Vigilantes
They have lots of friends in High places, Like Nicholas Sarkozy. What is happening here, I want to stress is not a coincidence.

Democrats Join TP Against Rise In Debt Ceiling

America's Widening Gap Between Rich And Poor

Strategic Shift Underway In Afghanistan
From a military to a political solution. It is sad to see that only now after thousands of lives, hundreds of billions of dollars spent and 10 years later, our leaders finally figure out what I and others out there were saying almost from the beginning. You cannot win in Afghanistan, no one ever has. Now we have to dig ourselves out of the diplomatic hole we are in because of our lucrative (for defense contractors) and couter-productive unilateralism.

Recovery? American's Aren't Buying Official 'Cooked Book' Recovery Talk
You are not going to fool folks who are now upside down on their houses, one spouse having to take a job at Walmart with a 60% paycut from their previous job while the banks reposses the Lexus that the economy is recovering, no matter how many phony (I want to stress that word) PHONY government stats tell us how 'good' things are. Where are the jobs going? They are going to the same place our national secrets are going, China. GM, one of America's bigges Defense Contractors is now partially owned by China. Guess where they are building their plants?

So while Sarah Palin and Joe Biden get all hot under the collar over Wikileaks, many, a great many of our far more precious national security secrets are in the hands of China because of the very defense contractors who fund the campaigns of these types of politicians. Meanwhile, those who could do something about it silent about it as a well fed kitten.... while they take the money from the same contractors. Your jobs are deliberately being sent overseas by powers Americans do not understand. The Great American Democratic experiment must die so that a far more repressive form of government comes into being.

2011 Hyperinflation Report

Time Of Abundant Resources And Falling Prices Are Over

GDP Growth Tepid
The more significant revelation over this is the fact that after all of this stimulus being pumped into the economy we are etching out 'life support' levels of growth.

Burkina Faso Protests

Mapping Qaddafi's Tribal Loyalties

Highest Levels Yet Recorded At Fukushima

China: Persecuted Evangelize Police Officers

A Strategic Narrative:
By Two Sitting Joint Chiefs Of Staff

A 'Radical' Plan For Cutting The Defense Budget

Panetta Open To DOD Cuts

Gold Hits New Record High, Dollar Continues Slide

Southern Tornado's: The Finger Of God
In German, but if you click on the English link at the top you will find an English story on this. Finger of God? Yes, and this wicked nation had better consider its evil ways or worse things, much worse will surely come. FYI, Spiegel always has some good pictures.

Pastor David Wilkerson Dies In Car Crash

Chinese Railways Short On Cash, Long On Debt

What 'Recovery' Were You Referring To? Unemployment Claims Rise

Ruling Ba'ath Party Fractures Under Crackdown

Marks Of Islam In Austraila: Muslims Riddle Hindu Temple With Bullets

Day of Destruction As Tornado Leaves Swaths Of Damage, Deaths

Tornado: Major Damage In Tuscaloosa

FBI Warns Of Massive Chinese Fraud Scams

Why You're Getting Ripped Off

One To Watch: Google Hit By Anti-Trust Suit In EU

Central Banks Ain't Giving Up Their Gold

Japan Debt Outlook Lowered To Negative

Pakistan's Mercenaries Head To Bahrain

Bahrain Seeks Death Penalty For Protesters

New H1N1 Cases: Cause For Concern?

CNN Gives US Half The Truth On Cell Phone Tracking
So typical of the MSM. Two major big pocket advertisers are given soft glove treatment by the MSM. Did you know that police also use this 'innacurate' and 'innocuous' cell phone tracking data in their forensics? A fact dutifully left out of these news articles. Now today, thee Obama adminstration wants to be able to track you without any warrant whatever. This article give you this mealy mouse answer that they 'sort of' track you. No, they track you and even this CNN piece tells you so and then tries to explain itaway and tells you just how 'friendly' this tracking is. This article to me, sounds like a paid PR piece, paid for by the makers of tracking cell phone makers, disguised as a news article.

Panetta heads To DOD, Patreaus, To CIA

The BRIC's Are Back

OLD News And Tidbits From The Past That May Be Relevant Today
Ex-BCCI Official's Booked For Faking Son's Birth Certificate
Birth Certificates Forged To Obtain GCC Nationality
7 NY DMV Employees Busted In Fake Birth Certificate Ring
Penn DOT Worker Charged With Selling Fake ID's
Fake ID Facts
HHS's Paper Of Birth Certificate Fraud
30 Charged In Fake ID/Birth Certificate Scheme
Fake Birth Certificates: Judge To Probe Charges
Couple Charged With Faking Birth Certificates

I am not going to wade into the whole birther thing and have stayed away from it. But for once and only and very briefly I will say a couple of things. First, The President is right on one thing. It is time to move on especially in dealing with our deficits because we do not have much time. There is an urgency about our debts and if you older Americans want to keep your Medicare and Social Security, you better wake yourselves up... but quick... because both parties are on their way to taking it. Despite what they are telling you, if the Democrats are not willing to make major cuts in Defense (they aren't) Medicare and Social Security WILL (not might) be on the chopping block, so you had better stop kidding yourselves now, if you want to avoid a diet of catfood. Don't expect Obama to veto a bill to take away your Medicare, he has no power he has to do what he is told. The time to deal with this birther thing was in the spring and summer of 2008, not now. What do I think? I am sure many of you will write and ask me so I will tell you flat out with no equivication. Ready? Here it is. I DO NOT KNOW where Obama was born. I was not there. I am going to tell you something else, NEITHER WERE YOU, so before you run around with all of this 'certainty' that is motivated not by facts but by your own political desires, stop and take a 'reality check' pull your head our of your political backside and come up for some air, lest more significant brain damage results. You are on the Titanic, the bow is slowly being submerged in the arctic cold water and you are questioning where the Captain got his uniform made. I am frankly quite sick of hearing about this crap at this late date. Moreover, you should be aware that Obama himself cannot be 100% certain where he was born. I know that I only know where I was born by my Birth Certificate and what my Parents told me. Yet it must be stated here that when you are dealing with the kinds of serious money, power and yes, crime that one has to deal with to become President, all bets are off. You will find police stations being raided and relevant records being stolen in the run up to a Presidential run. People who knew bad things about a potential candidate being told to shut up or having single car accidents or suddenly committing 'suicide'. These things have happened since Clinton and before. The path to the White house is strewn corpses and it is not possible to get that Job without some dead bodies popping up. I am sorry to inform you that forging a Birth Certificate is child's play for these players and is easily done if one has the cash, and no candidate in history had the mountains of cash Obama did. FYI, breaking into county recorders offices, hospital records offices and taking or planting documents is a tried and true method of every intelligence agency in the world. I am sorry to tell you, but this is the harsh reality hidden from most people. So we can debate the Constitutionality of Obama's Presidency or get busy dealing with a system that is on its last legs economically. I think the time we have left to fix our economy can be measured in months, not years and this is not the time for distraction. The people, rightly or wrongly voted him into office with an overwhealming majority. Let's leave it at that.

Let us pray for our President, not attack him. Today, hear me dear readers, as of today, very large sums of illegal foreign cash has already been laundered into the campaign finance chests of Potenital candidates for the 2012 elections, this is according to Federal investigators. Are you worried about foreign influence in America? Well now you have something new to worry about, not some birth certificate. The story behind this money (and the hell this Federal unit that is investigating this is going through) is so lurid I hesitate to put it up (and won't right now), but I will say this; TERRORIST entities, identified as terrorists by our own government are pulling out all the stops and are bound and determined to own the next President. So far are they are the third highest contributor to this illegal slush fund... and they just might succeed.

***No Further Comment On These Issues***
(so please don't ask)

Bernanke To Continue Printing Money Past June

Floods, Tornado's Continue To Plague Midwest

Rising Food Prices Threaten To Push Millions Into Poverty

Filling the Void: The Southern Mobility Movement in South Yemen

How Qadaffi's Battle Will Impact Africa

US Prepares Sanctions On Syria

I'm Trapped In America Because I Can't Remember!
Another intelligence gathering tool that will be dutifully advertised as enhancing 'security'.

Burma: Christians Excluded From Earthquake Aid

Misleading The World On Radiation
You can watch Dr. Caldicott here on several videows at GRTV but serviced on YouTube (Google).

Gates Decry's DOD Budget 'Cuts' That Are Really Increases
I hate to use this expression, but it's 'Come To Jesus' time on the Defense budget. We cannot continue to print money to fund our deficits and we cannot take away Granny's retirement in order to pay for it. We just have to stop spending all of this money. Should we cry tears because we cannot fight multiple wars? The last three have been disastrous cost us trillions and what have we (that is, the people not the oil Companies/Defense contractors) gotten for it, besides bills? Look folks the defense budget as it is currently advertised is really only about half of what we really spend on the DOD, it does not count our wars and other spending dutifully placed outside of the Defense budget. I really hate to sound like a one note wonder, but our ability to fight multiple wars is going to come to an end or one day soon, one of the wars the DOD will have to fight is the people of America when they can no longer afford things like food, gas, heat because our dollars are all going to bombmakers. Consider what sparked Egypt to riots. We have engaged in two military invasions that are textbook war crimes according to our own legal definitions. They have cost us as of 2009 over 900 billion dollars but even here we cannot be sure because the CBO's audit of our budget showed "widespread material internal control weaknesses, significant uncertainties, and other limitations". How bad are those weaknesses? How many of you remember that the DOD 'lost' 2.3 trillion dollars? What happened the very next day after this admission? Perhaps you remember what happened on Septermber 11, 2001, most folks do. Did you know that many of the relevant records that the DOD had on this missing money were kept in the World Trade Center Complex? They were. You can weave your own theory, these are just the facts.

I am not going to go into how much money is being looted by the Fed.

Now for once, I am going to stick up for Obama, who is being now accused of spending way too much time on Vacation. The crimes of our Federal Government are beyond comprehension, they really are. You have no idea what awaits you and me when this match-stick/Elmers-glue tower comes crashing down on all of us when the financial tornado hits. I think part of the Presidents problem is that he is utterly powerless and totally surrounded by some of the worlds most vicious gangsters on earth who sit in his cabinet and elsewhere in key position in the Federal Government who are determined to steal all they can steal before America collapses. Nail down the White House toilet Mr. President, if you don't want to have to go a across the street to take a leak. That's right, they will get the money and the 'black guy' will get the blame.

The US government model is a rickety tower. Its current construction cannot work and it will not work. They may be able to buy a little time but that is all. Forces from within and without of America are going to end our spending spree, bank on it. So now is the time to 'Come to Jesus', and focus on making America better, not deadlier.

Sure there is concern for China and their new found confidence and military spending. But you know, our leaders should have thought of that before we sold them our most sensitive secrets on everything from Satellite tech to nuclear weapons. You can read a toned down unclassified version of what happened here and take that 'possible' crap out of the title, there is a heavily classified report on this that will never see the light of day. It continues to this very day. And Secratary Gates is going to cry us a river over the Rise of China?! His own buddies in the Contacting world are selling us down the river! The song America will be singing soon is not 'brother can you spare a dime', but "I can't read my bank statement, its all in Chinese" and "why don't they take dollars anymore" and "why doesn't anyone at my local back speak anything but Chinese" and "what do you mean your taking my house and giving it to a Chinese family"

... so sorry.. we no take dollars... only yuan.... please to get out of house now.

Budget Negotiations In A Word

Inflation Jumps For Many Family Basics
When Bernanke stops printing money, inflation will stabilize (but prices probably won't go down) and the Fed can't stop printing money until Barak Obama, John Boenner, Harry Reid get off their spending spree and that I am nere to tell you, isn't going to happen. So expect eveyrthing to keep on rising in price. $6, $7, $10 a gallon for gas? Don't laugh. It can happen.

Black Americans Disillusioned With Obama

Capitalists Of Chaos
...Speculating on food while the world starves. One Reason I Don't Invest In The Markets

Syrian Tanks Attack Deraa

China To Dump Two-Thirds Of USD Holdings
Yup... about $2 Trillion dollars worth.

Total Surveillance Noose Tightens
Where does the Presidnet stand? Publicly with the people, privately and secretly with the jackboots that are trampling on every right the constitution guarantees. This guy is as deceitful as lucifer and almost as craven. His wife cannot even stand him anymore and wants very much to leave him and can't... if she wants to stay alive. I am not trying to be unkind, just real. I am trying to tell you things that are not generally known (or printed anyway) in the MSM. This guy is deeply dishonest and indecisive and each appears to be a deeply in grained character trait. I hate to be so critical of our leaders, I really do and I have tried not to say too much recently because I know that his job is a very, very tough one and he has to deal with some of the lowest and most wicked forms of life ever to walk the earth on two legs, day in and day out. Believe me, that job is no picnic by any stretch of the imagination and I have to get before the Lord before I post some of this stuff because I know some of it sounds like animosity or political hot air, but it isn't. Some of it just has to be told. Yet I must say that the toughness of his job is no excuse for what he is doing and not doing to this nation and what it will mean to each of you with they lower the boom on us all.

Unwelcome Surprises In Libya

Syria: 300 Protesters Dead

Mass Graves In Mexico Revel New Levels of Savagery

500 Killed In Nigerian Revolt

Taliban Dig Hundreds Out of Afghan Prison

Why You Should Password Protect Your Router
Secure it or go to jail for crap you didn't even do. But here is the same incident with a most interesting spin to it. Now there is a Patriot Act reason they want you to keep your wireless router secured so that only you can use it (even your local IP's' on your home LAN are as stationary as possible and discoverable outside your own home network [Windows 7/Vista w-java] to assist in 'monitoring' and 'surveillance' along with other much more specific identifying information]. This is so that they can monitor all of your data easily using your IP/router/ISP and believe me, your government is spending billions monitoring, analyzing and storing billions of gigs of information on every American with an internet connection. Now you understand why they do want to scare the pants off of you to secure your router and so... enter the jackboots, machine guns in hand, black ski masks and all of their scary SS uniforms all because some guy didn't want to deal with the hassle of password protecting his router... meanwhile the banksters steal trillions out of the treasury and the Justice Department snors..

Rumor: Japanese Capital May Move
Clearly there must be something to it as the next day the Japanese moves to control the information flow on the net. The only thing I can tell you is that the radiation coming off of Fukishima is many, many times higher than that of Chernobyl at the height of that crisis and the radius of evacuation/contamination at Chernobyl would encompass Tokyo. The only good news is that the wind is blowing most of the radiation out to sea. What am I saying? Nothing that a 10 year old couldn't tell you. If they do not get that radiation down, remaining in Tokyo is not something I would do. Keep this in mind, foreign governments warned and removed all of their personnel out of Tokyo right after the disaster. They knew the real deal but the Japanese people do not. I understand Japan's need to keep people calm and using misinformation is one way to do that. But the cost may be hundreds of thousands of lives when we see increased cases of radiation sickness/cancer as far south as Tokyo, while the government keeps telling people everything is safe. If large swaths of the Japanese population become extinct, you will be able to trace it right back to the Japanese governments incompetence and its refusal to listen to experts from all over the world in dealing with this crisis from the very beginning.

CIA's Auschwitz Aerial Photo's
More here, some in color. Auschwitz, Birkenau, IG Farben (that satanic public-private partnership of yesteryear) all here as photographed in 1944. All can be found on the Cryptome site. I want to remind all of my readers that Germany's camps only turned into death camps after many years. They started out just imprisoning enemies of the state and only much later did they turn on the gas and stoke up the ovens. Today, in 21st Century we have the exact same thing happening to the old, children, the mentally ill who are being detained in our concentration camps while the wicked American people cheer this on...
...just like the German people did in bygone days. This President? He is just a front man for those Nazi's who got away and are ressurecting the Reich, right here, right now, right before your eyes. While I can applaud the President's earlier efforts to deal with our own little 'Treblinka in the Carribean' he just whimped out when the going got too politically tough. This has been his pattern. Meanwhile, the tortured cries our our prisoners from Bargam to Guantanamo to the nameless prison ships sailing the 7 seas are reaching the God of heaven.

Christians-Government Apostacy

Gold Keeps Soaring
As long as QEII is in force and Chairman Bernanke prints up money to find our out of control government spending, Gold, Silver, Oil and other commodity prices will be heading upwards. Investors are flying to safety and do not want their savings destroyed by the rampant inflation our debt monetization is bringing.

Tea Party: Neo-Con Deceptive Front Organizaitons
Anyone really could have seen this a mile away. These guys are being used to push the same agenda, Newt, Clinton, Bush, Lott, Pelosi have all pushed relentlessly; bigger, more expensive, more intrusive government and public-private partnerships that leave the profits with the corporations and the bills with the taxpayers. Last weeks rancid soup with a new label on the can.

I once again want to thank all of those who come by this site to get informed and edified. If there is anything I know that God wants from his people right now is faith, not incessant worry and doubt. Frequently this site received mails from people all over the world and there are many people who are just plain scared. It does not matter if it is Radiation, the New World Order, earthquakes, economic fears, there are a lot of people who are quite frightened by the events transpiring on earth. Here is what God has to say about this as now is one of those occasions when he wants me to let you know how to overcome your fears and dread in these most troubled times. Usually I know folks want me to give a large prophetic/eschatological piece on the times we are in. But often what folks need even more is just a simple biblical' signpost' on what they should do in these times.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength: For he bringeth down them that dwell on high; the lofty city, he layeth it low; he layeth it low, even to the ground; he bringeth it even to the dust. The foot shall tread it down, even the feet of the poor, and the steps of the needy. The way of the just is uprightness: thou, most upright, dost weigh the path of the just. Yea, in the way of thy judgments, O LORD, have we waited for thee; the desire of our soul is to thy name, and to the remembrance of thee. (Isa 26:3-8)

There is no truer word for those of us who live in these times. Put your trust in God, keep you mind and thoughts on him and he will keep you, in his own way. You must stop relying on the way the world does things to be necessarily be the way that you should do them. You must stop playing the 'keep up with the Jones' game that so many Americans play. Rather, be content with what you have and accept the lot in life that God has given you. As far as so many of the troubles hitting our world, I can only tell you that you must learn to trust God in all things. I would not run from radiation if you live in the West Coast, because those on the East Coast are also seeing rising levels of radiation in their drinking water as well as unsafe levels in rainwater. You could run from the radiation, only to get blown away by tornadoes. So frankly running is not the answer unless God gives you directions to do so. But know this, none of these disasters have caught the Lord by surprise, he knows all, long before it happens, so if he was really concerned with you moving, he would have got a message to you before the event, rather than after. So here is what God wants all of those who know him, trust him and walk with him to do in three simple easy to remember words.

Do not panic.

When the 'freak out factor' is high, stay calm and get before the Lord. He knows the end from the beginning and cares for you. Panic and fear are not faith. God wants us to have faith in him in these times and to not let the two arch enemies of faith overcome us. What are those enemies? Panic and fear. I know for many this is sometimes easier said than done, but these are God's wishes, that you trust in him and not fear man. The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe. (Pro 29:25)

So when the fires of persecution come, as the certainly will, keep these things in mind, there is not much man can do to you really, at least not in the long run. Yet, what happens to each of us in the long run (eternity) is completely up to us. We must never let fear overwhelm us. Even from non-spiritual practical perspective, making any decision based on fear or in a state of emotional upheaval or panic is an extremely unwise thing to do. You usually wind up making the wrong decision.

Let us not be fearful of our provisions for...

For the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof. (1Co 10:26; Psa 24:1)

Finally I want to talk about a major issue facing Christians in the west, particuarly America. It is the issue of defilement. Spiritual defilement is a most serious issue and one who becomes defiled must find cleansing in Christ or they will be unfit for salvation. If we go back and look at what happened to Miram, who was a prophetess before the Lord, we can see that defilement can take more forms than just sex sin.

And the LORD spake suddenly unto Moses, and unto Aaron, and unto Miriam, Come out ye three unto the tabernacle of the congregation. And they three came out. And the LORD came down in the pillar of the cloud, and stood in the door of the tabernacle, and called Aaron and Miriam: and they both came forth. And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream. My servant Moses is not so, who is faithful in all mine house. With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the LORD shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses? And the anger of the LORD was kindled against them; and he departed. And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and, behold, Miriam became leprous, white as snow: and Aaron looked upon Miriam, and, behold, she was leprous. And Aaron said unto Moses, Alas, my lord, I beseech thee, lay not the sin upon us, wherein we have done foolishly, and wherein we have sinned. Let her not be as one dead, of whom the flesh is half consumed when he cometh out of his mother's womb. And Moses cried unto the LORD, saying, Heal her now, O God, I beseech thee. And the LORD said unto Moses, If her father had but spit in her face, should she not be ashamed seven days? let her be shut out from the camp seven days, and after that let her be received in again. And Miriam was shut out from the camp seven days: and the people journeyed not till Miriam was brought in again. (Num 12:4-15)

Miriam was a racist, to put it bluntly. Moses married a black woman and Miram was pissed off about it. That, in a nutshell is what happened and it was only after the intercession of Moses that she did not die a leper. Even then, her racisim, hate and rebellion held up the whole group of Israelites for seven days.

But in America today new ways of defilement are here. The spirit of murder and the spirit of Sodom is prevalent and growing in its cultural dominance. This (spiritually speaking) is the land of Sodom and too many Christians are still reveling in the land and ways of Sodom. I know, I see it. I watch married folks flirt around, head out to the local bars on Saturday night to get into trouble with the godless man or woman. I see how common adultery is in the Church today and I want to say this now: If that is what you are doing, you are defiled and are not going to get into the kingdom of heaven without some deep, soul searching repentance. Now you can call me a 'crochety old man' or a 'puritan' or any name you wish, but I am here to tell you what the scriptures teach and how you can get into the Kingdom, not be popular in your circle of friends. In the Old testament, the penalty for adultery was death. It is an exceptionally grave spiritual matter with the Lord and while there is forgiveness with him, that only comes with sincere repentance. This idea that you can just keep on committing adultery and say, 'God will forgive me', is presumptuous sin and that is an even more dangerous matter. Brothers and sisters, Christians are to live a holy life, one that is markedly different that the world. But today, Christians are spending all of there time in trying to be like the world and the result is that you cannot tell the difference from the two. Why? I will tell you. Because in far too many cases, there is no difference other than the fact that the one who calls himself a Christian is just more deluded than the one who does not.

So brothers, I only tell you that if you are married, be faithful to your spouse, same to you women. I don't care (nor does the Lord) if he or she is not the ideal spouse, or that he works long hours or that she has gotten fat or he is losing his hair. You are stuck with your spouse for life, saving for the cause of fornication/adultery or the unbeleiving spouse departs (when you both were married before either one of you were saved). You have no business marrying an unbeleiver. So I am telling you all that if you want to see life eternal you must forsake the ways of Sodom, the lust, the homosexuality, the adultery the fornication... all of these things. God knows more about sex and male-female relationships than you do. It is God who created sex, not Hollywood! Like any piece of equipment you buy, it is always better to follow the instructions that is what man's sexuality is like.

Today, not only are people not following God's divine instructions, but they are defying them openly and brazenly. Sadly, far too many Christians in their lust to be like the world follow their pernicious ways. So I say to all my true brethren in Christ, if you want to see life eternal, do not under any circumstances adopt the ways of Sodomerica, if you do you will be cast out where there shall be wailing and gnasing of teeth. It is time to make a choice, in our out, life or death for I see a separation coming where some Christians will be told by God to withdraw from others 'in name only' christians because they are going to complete their falling away and betray others when things get rough. God will give his true servants a little 'nudge' and 'hint' as to those whom we should begin to remove ourselves from and defilement and presumptuous sins will be one of the key determinants.

I hate to sound so harsh today, but someone out there needs to hear this before they pass the point of no return. Finally, I do not want to say that a person who sincerely comes to God and repents, will not be saved and forgiven. God is very merciful and it is to show mercy that Christ died. But let us all know that repentance means just that and if you are sleeping around, married or unmarried, you are defiled and need to get before the Lord ASAP, lest you come to a dreaded point in a sinful life where...

For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries. He that despised Moses' law died without mercy under two or three witnesses: Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace? (Heb 10:26-29)


Headline 18-22 April
Obama OK's Use Of Armed Drones
Lockheed set to make some more cash off of war. Drones are made by Northrup and the Hellfire missiles they will use are made by Lockheed. FYI, since the Airforce reduced its orders of Drones, Northrop raised the price 25%. Cost of those hellfire missiles, $68k a pop. So kick back and watch your tax dollars literally go up in smoke and when all of that money is spent... nothing on the ground in Libya will have substantially changed... even if we eventually get Qadaffi.

Christian Radio Airs Message of Peace Amid New Violence in West Africa

Syria's Bloodiest Day Of Protests

That Silly Superstition Called Atheism

Effects of Radiation from Fukushima Daiichi on the U.S. Marine Environment
From The Congressional Research Service

FAQ On Radiation And Oceans From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Radiation Daily Plume Trajectories

Under Obama, Black Wealth Has Virtually Disappeared
Black wealth has virtually disappeared. Data gathered prior to 2007, when the full scope of the subprime mortgage catastrophe was just becoming known, showed median Black family wealth at about $5,000, one-twentieth of the median white family’s $100,000 holdings. Since then, the bottom has fallen out from under whole communities, with Blacks hit by far the hardest. By the second quarter of 2010, Black home ownership had declined from its 2007 level of 48 percent to 46.2 percent, a 3.7 percent drop, and still falling – a guarantee that median Black household wealth is well below the $5,000 registered in 2007. (Median wealth for single Black women at the top of their earning capacity, ages 36 to 49, was precisely $5 – five dollars! – in 2010.)

Unemployment Declines, Income Shrinks

Huge Bomb Found Near Indonesian Church.

Texas Burning Border To Border

Anti-Religious Paul Simon Changes His Tune

Uzbekistan, China Sign $5 Billion Deal

F-35 Operating Costs May Reach $1 Trillion
If you want to know why the GOP, Obama and Sec. Gates want to cut Granny's Medicare, here is one big reason.

Drone War Will Continue In Pakistan

Money Supply And The Price Of Oil: Is There A Relationship?

Christian Refugees Returning To Iraq Need Aid

China Eyes Energy, Bank Deals With Malaysia, Indonesia

Psst... An App That Stops iPhone From Tracking You

Crooked Cops Stories
Cops stealing drug money, jail guards smuggling dope, deputies helping traffickers... and narcs gone wild in Peoria. Just another week in the drug war. Let's get to it.

The Obama-Gates Maneuver On Military Spending
Deceit, wrapped in a lie surrounded by budgetary fictions.

Nigeria: 60 Churches, Thousands Of Homes Burned In Election Violence
The violence is largely the result of a Christian getting elected.. "Open Doors USA President/CEO Dr. Carl Moeller states: "Last year there were more martyrs in Nigeria-- approximately 2,000 Christians killed in the northern part--than in any other country in the world".

Kaspersky's Son Goes Missing
FYI: He makes computer security software.

Pre-Patriot Act Windows XP Being 'Murdered' By Microsoft
May I emphasize the 'Pre-Patriot' act nature of XP and its forceable retirement? If so, let me emphasize the Pre-Patriot act nature of XP and its forceable retirement.

While Justice Department Opposes Digital Privacy for Americans, Pentagon Stonewalls Corporate Spy Probe
Interesting read to show you why your government, while making noices about privacy and constitutional protections are the sworn enemy of both. Slide over to the EFF and read their report, it also is worth a read.

Source: EFF

Where does the FBI's hatred for American courts come from? Why do they think they are above any law, and can do whatever they want? Why are the courts allowing themselves to be turned into head-bobbers and yes men and increasingly irrelevant?

Cisco Accused Of Orchestrating Engineer's Arrest
This is a rather interesting read.

Big Changes At Israeli Spy Agency
Changes in Mossad means changes in the way Israel deals covertly with her neighbors. Changes here are not well advertised but will have long lasting impact on the region.

Rebellion In The Amazon

Silence Shrouds New Egyptian Repression Security Agency

Why Geithner Should Resign As Treasury Secratary

Pneumonia Cases “Surge” In Japan’s Tohoku Region
The article talks about water related 'Pneumonia' and is written to give the impression that radiation has nothing to do with it. Well, check this out, or just do a search on 'Radiation' and 'Pneumonia'. You can find more here.

$6 Dollars A Gallon? ... Could Be.

Data Rape and Traffic Stops

Russia, Neo-Nazi's And Hitlers Birthday

Rumor: China To Revalue Yuan 10%

Hundreds Of Christians Forced To Flee Islamic Terror

Two Collapse Scenarios

IMF Not Convinced US Has Deficit Plan

The Fed Is Not There To Solve Your Problem

Negro Removal Operation Underway In Wisconsin?
Gov. Walker denies anything of the sort is underway.

Fatwa: "It Is Permissible To Spill Christian Blood"

Apple Logs Everywhere You Go
Cell phones are spying devices first and communications devices second. Keep that in mind next time you pony up $400 for your next one. Generally speaking the more expensive the phone, the more sophisticated the surveillance technology. This is how they make you pay for the spying they do on you. I can hear the salesperson hollering in the Gazebo, "NSA phone, get your NSA phone here. Step right up get your Mossad phone here, you no like, we have a special CIA phone here for you, I give you special price..." The problem is they never tell you what or who develops and expoits all that data they gather on you.
Just like an intelligence organization.

Kazakhstan's Enormous Uranium Resources

Iran, Italy, Rockets And Sanctions

Net Neutrality Died And Nobody Noticed

Bahrain Arrests Shi'ite Doctors
Meanwhile the US is mum on the abuses going on. Why? I will give you what could be a big hint...

Heavy Fighting Continues In Ivory Coast

Egypt Islamists Defiant Over Christian Governor
Salafists up to their tricks again..

Get Ready

Is a very real credit write down coming for the US? I will tell you in one word... well, two. Definitely yes. Yesterday, I posted a story about S&P cutting the US credit outlook. Well, there is a lot more to the story. Sometime last week, there was a major pow-wow of about half a dozen of America's biggest and most powerful investors. These are guys who essentially pump hundreds of billions into the US economy and are truly the heart and soul of Wall Street and they made a collective decision that is going to change America forever. That decision was to send an unmistakable message to Washington. What we read in the papers on Monday was just the first step in a long chain of events which will mean the US will get its credit rating cut. The US will, unless some serious changes are made to the US budget deficit, begin to go into real fiscal convulsions by the summer of 2012. This is the plan that has been set in motion. It is not being done maliciously, but knowing that if something is not done now, we are all headed for the poor house and that is no figure of speech. Yes, this looks very much like it is going to happen. To put it bluntly, these financial Titans said that they want to "send those suckers in Washington a message" ('f' expletive changed). Apparently, they are fed up and "the game", as one person in the meet put it, "is up". So get ready, these sources are impeccable so unless there is a major game changer on its way, this is going to happen.

But wait... that's not all (sounds like some cheesy commercial huh?). Well it isn't. Apparently these men are looking seriously into all of the laws and other legal frameworks of the Federal Reserve (from its inception onwards) with a clear eye to abolishing it. These men are bankrolled, very, very powerful and determined and increasingly pissed off at what is happening to America. So I look for some serious moves to get rid of the Fed to materialize before too long. The Fed is thoroughly corrupt; these directors of Regional Fed boards are making millions through funneling Fed money to their own private banks and businesses or in some cases, outright theft. There is no oversight, no accountability and now, no more (real) money. The Fed I hate to tell you, has been robbing America blind because no one had the legal authority to stop what they were doing. I am not just talking about the fractional reserve 'conspiracy' stuff you read about at a million-and-one sites. No, those who have taken a little time to look at some of those recent Fed revelations (compelled by court order) can see just how much money is being funneled to the rich and powerful without the knowledge of the American people or even the Congress. This was a wholesale looting operation and one that nation can no longer afford. I do want to caution you, that the Obama Administration was caught off guard and probably does not even know the enormous forces allying itself against his policies. From what I can gather, this is not personal, this is pure economics. So if you see Tim Geithner out there cheerleading for more debt and tell us things are improving you can know that what he says has no basis in reality; fiscal, political or otherwise. He says whatever his controllers tell him. This is the worse Treasury Secretary we have had in a long time and from what I am hearing from my insider friends, has apparently gone to enormous lengths to keep federal investigators from finding out where a lot of 'hot' money is going to and coming from in overseas financial transactions. I cannot stress this enough, this nation is in deep trouble with a men like Geithner and Bernanke running the Treasury and Fed. Folks, don't be surprised to see many of these guys in jail with this system comes apart, because when chaos comes, there is no telling who or what will come into power.

Look at Mubarak.

What has brought these powerful men around to their senses? I do not know, but one thing is certain, America as we know it (this includes your house, car, job, clothes on your back) are in the crosshairs and it is not likely that most of you will keep your present lifestyle. There is no way America can generate the money she needs to pay her debts. There is no real engine to the economy; it has been slowly destroyed by Free Trade while the illusion of wealth was perpetuated by the adept financial shenanigans of Alan Greenspan. Our industrial base has been gutted, our automotive industry is increasingly shifting its production overseas and in fact, is owned more and more by foreign investors. Our cities and states are teetering on insolvency and more and more Americans are forced to work in low paying retail stores, selling Chinese goods. There is no way the dollar can remain an exchangeable currency when she can no longer pay her debts (our currency is based on the debt we issue to back it up). What these men propose to do is to make the 'inflationist', 'deflationist' argument moot by introducing a new possibility. Let's call it the 'collapsionist' argument. Fix the debt or it will all collapse just a couple of months before the Presidential election. What would I do If I were a Congressman or advising the President?

I would do a 10% across the board cut for all budget outlays for starters. I mean cut, not a 10% decrease in proposed future spending. This is doable but the President has to put his 'security spending' on the table as well. He has to stop playing to the camera's and Rush Limbaugh's audience get real about what we need and what we don't in the realm of Defense, Security and Intelligence. There is a lot that can be cut and it would not harm America's defense one whit. But he is going to have to deal forcefully with the entrenched political elements who are robbing the Defense Department blind because of their political pull. He is just going to have to decide to go to the nation tell them in no uncertain terms why these moves are imperative and just take the heat from the right and let the nation know that we can cut 10% now or 100% when the nation goes into receivership and we cannot even buy jet fuel with our worthless dollars. Our big problem is the President who has been comprimised and lacks the character to deal forcefully with difficult problems, choosing rather to paper them over and claim victory when defeat is apparent.

On the subject of entitlement budget cuts, I say that Medicare can be dealt with by doing what I have always advocated, increased use of generics and reducing payments to Hospitals for certain types of patients. If Hospitals decide not to take Medicare recipients, then the States should be encouraged to take up the issue and help them to create new heath collectives that are not subject to Washington's byzantine regulations. I would also find an administrative (rather than legal) way to penalize the old school (non-medicare taking) hospitals for not taking in those patients. Call it 'special' class A inspections that cost the Medical facility a bundle to comply with and or force a special malpractice insurance tax on them, make it easier and cheaper for them to just to take Medicare patients than to deny them. 'Class B' institutions who must take Medicare would not be subject to these inspections or taxes. I think one of the biggest threats to health care is the overregulation of the market. We just need to create a new cadre of smaller institutions that cater to the old and the poor with less regulation. Now some will say "Mark, isn't your solution just adding regulations?" Yes. I admit it is, but keep this in mind; many of the regulations that are now in force were put there with the lobbying power of the Medical establishment. These new regulations are there to allow for a new less regulated and less expensive marketplace to come into existence, one that directly competes with the overregulated and over expensive behemoth we now have. Some would say we would run the risk of a two tiered medical system. To which I would reply, Yes. But we already have a two tiered medical system. One for those who can afford insurance and another for those who can't.

I say, let doctors form their own smaller cooperatives and give them a significantly reduced rate for malpractice insurance, special tax breaks and loans for start up. Perhaps malpractice insurance can be administered for certain medical facilities by state, local or Federal governments. If we do all that can be done to reduce costs for the new health collectives that cater to older and less well off Americans, we can save a bundle of cash. Now the big boys in the industry will scream bloody murder as they do not want any real competition. But the only way to get them to reduce costs is to give them some real competition. Do these things or something similar and your Medicare costs will subside.

Social Security is just going to have to undergo means testing for new retirees (we should not touch those already retired). If a person is 65 and making $100k a year, then he should get very little if any Social Security. If, he loses his income then of course he can reapply and get it. If you do this, there is no need to raise the retirement age, but even so, such a rise should be on the table but still based on a person's income. Social Security just needs to be there for people who need it, not for those who don't. There is no reason why a person who is pulling in six figures should draw a full check. Once again, you can save a lot of money and for those who make a lot of money they still have the 'insurance' that if they lose their income, they are still eligible.

I take issue with the way the GOP is going about its entitlement fight because they appear to be doing it in the most acrimonious, ill informed and divisive way possible; the way that will do the most damage to ordinary Americans. Their plans so far are just plain evil. It is as though some evil force that actively wants to destroy the American way of life has taken over the party and wants to sell off the remains to a group of foreign investors. Should I talk about tax breaks for the richest Americans and how it is being paid for with more borrowings, making our deficit much, much worse? These GOP plans could not be worse if they were constructed by the Architects of Treason, Chinese Intelligence or a during a satanic ceremony, with the American worker as the human sacrifice.

Our mess can be solved. It is going to be difficult but not impossible if the President and the leaders of the House are honest about the real problems. Neither are and that is why you will one day wake up and find your bank closed and your world is forever changed for the worse.

I think (my speculation) that these Titans of finance just decided that in order to save something of this once great nation, now is the time to force the debt issue, no more games, no more broken promises, it gets fixed now while we still appear to have an economy or it gets fixes later when the banks close, the government can't fund itself and there is chaos in the streets. This will be the decision of Congress and the President. But it will be forced to be taken up now while there is still a slim chance at fixing what is left of the real the economy, rather than later when there isn't. The last pitiful exercise in 'debt politics' obviously left these men with an odious taste in their mouths claiming billions in savings when spending in reality went up. It was Washington's Labyrinth of lies taken to yet new levels of mendacity and fiscal irresponsibly. Now they have something to say about it. They will speak with their wallets and not their mouths.

More Christians Arrested Under Pakistan's 'Blashpemy Law'

A Middle East Without Christians
This is the saddest Easter in the long epic of Arab Christianity: The cross is near extinction in the lands of it origin. The much-vaunted diversity of the Middle East is going to be reduced to the flat monotony of a single religion, Islam, and to a handful of languages.

Why As Each Day Passes I Hate Apple More And More

Oil Wars: EU Prepared To Send Ground Troops To Libya
For those of you who may have missed it, Jamestown Foundation did a good piece on Monday that may help you understand how this war has transformed itself into yet another 'Oil War'.

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Stocks Sink On US Credit Outlook, EU Debt Crisis

US: Iran May Be Assisting Syrian Repression

Mid East Uprisings: US Policy And Saudi Money

Irish Banks Downgraded To Junk

Gadaffi's Forces Pound Rebels


Trouble On Earth - WW
(pdf will be up later)

Big Trouble on Planet Earth

While deadly radiation falls steadily into the ocean from the Japanese nuclear power plant, A think coating of Oil still coats the sea bed in the Gulf of Mexico and our leaders in Washington cut budgets for environmental protection. Those of us who have not gone asleep can see just how damaging sinful man's presence on earth really is. It is devastating. Now we have a strange swarm of earthquakes in Nevada.

What is happening to the earth? Man is happening to the earth. God is going to destroy those who are destroying the earth, you have his promise on it. How much longer will the planet be able to sustain life when all of these new GMO's, FrankenFoods, SatanSeeds finish polluting our world? I do not think much longer. The time is coming when if God does not directly intervene, no animal life will be alive.

Then there is the war being waged around the world. I am not talking about the war on terror. I am talking about the war of the rich against the poor. One look around the middle east and you see just what I mean by war. The only reason why the people are protesting in the Middle east and not in the US is two fold. The US lifestyle while going backwards has not hit anywhere near bottom. Many still 'have theirs' and do not care about those who are losing everything. 2) The Arab peoples are not like their American counterparts, they read and are politically astute. It only takes one friend, family member or spouse to come home with bruises, missing fingers and their head bandaged from 'state security' forces to wake a person up to the enormous stakes in doing nothing. From Algeria to Yemen, Arabs are under no illusions. Americans are not at that level of political awakening, but more molestation searches at the local airport, a few more American's 'disappearing' into the maze of concentration camps and the light will slowly come on. Couple that with the millions who are still being thrown out of work and you have the makings of serious unrest here in the US. And don't let the government fool you; the incomes, permanence and benefits of these newly created jobs are pitiful and barely covers your gasoline costs to and from work if you live any distance away from your Job.

Then there is this new battle over Medicare. Another battleline of the rich against the poor or rather, the old and the poor.

They want to create a new Obamacare for Seniors... you know the Obamacare that the GOP kicked ad screamed bloody murder over when Obama proposed it. That's right, it is such a failure that they want to thrust it on America's seniors, who have been paying into it all of their lives. Lets just call the GOP's plan the 'catfood' retirement plan for America.

Consider this: Obamacare forces you to buy private insurance.
Consider: Many Seniors' only income is Social Security.
Consider: What private insurance rates will be for someone over 65.
For a person who is 63 years old, a policy at Carefirst with a $2700 deductable will be $406 dollars a month, at Kaiser a plan with a $2500 deductible will cost you $389/mo. If your Social security check is only $600 a month, catfood is going to be what you eat in order to keep the lights and heat on. How can someone making $600 a month come up with a $2500 deductible? Why are they doing it now? Because of the budget. We are in deep trouble and do not let these paid for pundits who tell you otherwise. They just want to continue the borrowing spree and the way to do that is to tell you that there is no real problem or tell you that it is way out in the distant, never to arrive future. Yes, Medicare must be dealt with. But the best way is through controlling costs. I hear the GOP talk about market based solutions. I am all in favor of them. But there is one free market solution that sends these crony capitalists into a tizzy. What is that word? Competition

Do you know that if you bring in more generic drugs into the US that drug prices will drop and so will overall medical/insurance costs? Sure, I know that the Pharmaceutical companies depend on revenue from the drugs they develop. I also know that a lot of money gets poured into research. I also know that they make a lot of money and can stand some real competition from overseas. This is the real issue not put forward to the American people. The GOP is putting the profits of the drug industry above the health and well being of Americans. You will never hear it phrased like that but that is what is happening. The people in general are of less importance than profits. It is in essence the jettisoning of the idea that government is there for the General Welfare of its people. Today, government is increasingly there for the Private welfare of the corporations. This is a monumental shift in the historic purpose of government.

As a avid studier of history, I like to look at major wars and turning points and what essentially was lost and what was won after major wars. It is a fallacy that wars change nothing. They change a great deal but rarely the issues that were fought over or in ways belligerents can contemplate. After WWI the major change was not what happened in the Balkans, but the end of Monarchy in Europe. The Hapsburgs, Hohenzollern and Romonov's were all no more when the war was over. The first world war saw the institution of Democratic systems all throughout Europe. In Russia Communism, which theoretically was a 'people' movement' came into being. The second world war saw two major changes, first was the rise of a new global power, America and a nascent attempt at global government. From the UN to the IMF, BIS and other international institutions, a new world had been created.

But this new war we are seeing waged is a very different one all together, because when all is said and done it is about growing and aging populations, dwindling resources, the clamor by the masses for 'more' while wealth continues to amalgamate in fewer and fewer hands. It is about the control of large and growing populations with repression, information warfare and carefully constructed language or even the subtle use of 'psycholinguistics'. The war on terror was just the opening volley. It was essentially a war that was conducted on two fronts. First was the military attack on an unacceptable form of political dissent, namely and specifically Islamic radicalism. Second and most importantly was the use of the war as a fog to hide the naked grab of natural resources and political repression by and within nations engaged in the war. This is what the new war, which is mostly being fought covertly and 'in the shadows', is really all about. Nations blowing up oil infrastructure of their geopolitical competitors, the deliberate destruction of the environment in order to deny oil drilling, the covert 'rendering' of thousands of Muslims on US war ships. The killing of innocent people who live close to energy facilities, testing biological weapons on geopolitically marginalized nations. This is the new battlefield and are some of the facets of the new war. Protests in Egypt, Syria etc, these are the masses clamoring for more. In Egypt where 40% of the people are truly poor they have had enough and took to the streets. This is our world. The west, I am sad to say, is living on borrowed time. The US in particular will soon no longer be able to get a sizable chunk of the worlds resources (which she does now) with printed up pieces of paper and if you want to know why your gas prices are going up... that is one major reason why.

But his is not only a US phenomenon. There are many reasons for it and economists will debate it until doomsday but the reality is this. Bailouts and printed money have caused trillions of new dollars to get out into the system (much of it never really got into the general economy but a lot of it did, legitimately and illegitimately). The EU and US are the primary culprits and since the US dollar is the reserve currency of the world, our actions have been the most damaging and inflationary... and we are not finished yet, not until the Fed turns off the money Spigot that is funding our government and low interest rates. Why are most Americans unaware of this? Terminology is one reason why. Propaganda is a better word, but it is so overused I will use the word 'Terminology'. It is about how the governments actions are masked by the witchcraft of language. You have heard the words “Quantitative Easing"? 99% of Americans never heard of it before 2009 and still don't have a clue as to what it is. Now if the Fed used the word that really describes what it is doing, people would be correctly alarmed. What is the Fed doing? It is called 'monetization' or better yet, a sophisticated form of printing money that has no value. What happens when you print up enough money that has no value? I will tell you. All of your money will have no value. The less value your money has, the most real things cost. Have you noticed real things costing more? Now you know why.

Brothers, those of you who come by this site regularly know I could go on forever! But I won't. The real problem is that there are few men and women in high office who take God with any degree of Seriousness. They run for cover when God is mentioned, except at a carefully scripted campaign stop, then they will play up to their religious constituents in order to obtain their votes. But in the halls of power, there is open disdain for God and his people. Every man and women is out for their career, their pleasures, their illicit gains but are neither looking out for the nation nor doing the things that God demands of any nation that has received the blessings our nation has from the hand of God. Why are there no sane voices in power, calling for justice, fairness peace and caring for the helpless? Because by and large our leaders have forgotten God and have created a moral compass to their own liking. A compass where the pointer always gravitates to the 'me first' position. It is the failure of America democracy. This is a failure that has been carefully designed. One where democracy is being replaced with oligarch and money is replacing votes. It is already happening. Barrels full of (what was once) illegal foreign money is being laundered right now into campaign chests for Presidential wannabe's. The Supreme Court's decision facilitated it. So when you find the Next President is more loyal to China that to you, you will know why. When US banks and military hardware gets sold to China, and foreign nations seek to buy up US infrastructure, destroy worker safety regulations, undermine union rights and build a new sweat shops, you can trace it all back to SCOTUS and your decades long slumber.

I know many of you think I am just guessing on this but I assure you I am not. When the government was just about to shut down last week, Eric Holder was desperately trying to get Congress to allow for the funding of key Law enforcement personnel. Did you know that Federal investigators are carefully looking into all of this semi-legal and illegal cash flowing into the politicians you hear about and see constantly in the news media? Chinese Intelligence front organizations, Mexican drug cartels, Islamic terrorists... they are all pouring serious money into the 2012 Elections and Holder was freaking out that there could have been a crime 'hey day' while no Federal employees were watching. He had his lawyers working very hard to find a statue, any statute that would allow them to compel Employees to work without pay and could not find one. So think long and hard on what I am telling you here. I am not talking out of my backside. After the 2012 election cycle, things are going to change significantly in America.

Voting and elections are now more about money, 'pull', who can blackmail the county election officials and/or program the vote machines. Go back to the 2000 election, Bush didn't win, most Americans know that now. Look at Harry Reid, he didn't win, anyone who looked at the stories can see the hanky-panky that was going on and it wasn't even slick, but rather in your face and done with a daring 'what are you gonna do about it?' kind of attitude. The whole system is falling apart because that is what the powers that be want to have happen to it. Democracy must be replaced with a new form of government and that is what we have been slowly witnessing. Voting has become the opiate of the masses. It gives people a sense that they have a say when increasingly they do not. The votes are tabulated weeks in advance of the elections by computers that are often not even audited for accuracy or fraud.

So watch the move towards privatizing everything in government and shifting the real power in America to private cartels. I do not want to say these are free-market solutions because these are cartels and cartels do not compete, they cooperate. From your roads (which will be pay) to your water, schools (watch move towards Charter Schools) even our national defense (notice the rise in mercenaries/contractors). This is the new form of government that this new war will bring in. So keep your eyes open dear Church and don't get hoodwined by these leaders of ours who say one thing and vote another. Very few have you, God, Christ, righteousness or even the nations interest at heart. This is a new system that is coming and it is real, satanic, deceptive and deadly.

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