The March Towards Global Government

In a predatory economy, the rules imagined by the law and economics crowd don’t apply. There’s no market discipline. Predators compete not by following the rules but by breaking them. They take the business-school view of law: Rules are not designed to guide behavior but laid down to define the limits of unpunished conduct. Once one gets close to the line, stepping over it is easy. A predatory economy is criminogenic: It fosters and rewards criminal behavior. - J.K. Galbraith

Has the march towards globalism or global government retreated? Some have stated that the Bush administrations most visible imprint on globalization is its seeming retreat from the trends in globalization so clearly seen in the presidency of Clinton and Bush's father. The question is, is the process of globalization dead? Has it been suspended or is something else happening? The argument that globalization of political and economic institutions is somehow on the skids may not be a particularly popular one but it is one that has gained some traction since America's unilateral invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as its current policy leanings to do the same in Iran without international support. This has led to many to conclude that the Bush administration is not interested in creating or even maintaining existing legal frameworks for globalization. This seems to the be basic thesis of many of some of the finest alternative writers on the web. On the surface this seems correct however, it does not take into account some important facets of the Bush Presidency.

First and foremost it must be remembered that Bush represents a small, narrow but extremely wealthy and influential group of American industrialists and financiers whose guidance and interests are the Presidents primary guide when implementing policy, both domestic and foreign. Secondly, President Bush, cannot be called a 'visionary' nor does he posses the flexibility that is needed when one is balancing the needs of all of the worlds government's and interests when formulating policy. These two factors preclude any real vision for the world and its institutions coming from this administration. Rather, globalization has taken a somewhat different form and moved on in many ways without any real positive direct input from the White House. These factors have caused some to question where America is going in relation to the desire by much of the world's elite to integrate and globalize the planet at an ever quickened pace. This is especially true for those from the political lefts intelligentsia, many EU and American politicians, Asian business leaders as well as the rarely mentioned criminal organizations who also stand to gain much from many of the trends in globalization.

Bush's tone on the surface seems to have a strong 'America first' tone to it. It seeks to maintain American pre-eminence in the world and maintain that power via military as well as economic force. All of the overblown posturing on 'Democracy' aside, Bush's foreign policy has been one that pushes a heretical form of economic liberalization, via military force to regions of the world previously unavailable to the usually rapacious US corporate expansion and exploitation. However there appears to be another more interesting dynamic at work. In the past various groups from the entire political spectrum could be heard in the global debate. From Greenpeace to Exxon, Amnesty International to the PLO. These groups as well as nations were heard in the halls of power whether it be in the UN or other global institutions. While little seeming actually got done, everyone had a say in the global debate and at least the perfunctory 'ear' was cast in their direction as policy was formulated. Today this is not so. As the worlds only superpower the US administration has taken on a dangerous arrogance, ignoring sound advise from across the political spectrum and listening only to a group of hand picked like-minded men who have clearly manufactured intelligence, lied to their bicameral legislature, broken hundreds of laws and have left America's image and diplomatic influence in the world severely, if not irretrievably damaged. Has this all been a 'comedy of errors' on the part of the Bush administration or has there been an overall strategy to it all? This is the ultimate question to those of us who have watched the trends on globalization, long before it was called 'globalization'.

Models For The Future

The first theory held my most is that there is no rhyme or reason to the Bush policy, other than naked profit, seizing critical resources and a set view that radical Islam is the greatest threat to both America and the western world in general. This view holds that policy makers are bent on ensuring that radical Islam does not control the modern world's most important natural resource, that being oil. It goes on the say that a global war was envisioned from the beginning by this administration to secure those resources from radical regimes the world over and that those who refused the embrace of western corporations and investment would be targeted for regime change. A regime change is simply a coup d'etat engineered from an external source, specifically the United States. These actions are against long established principles of international behavior. Meddling in the internal affairs of another nation in the past was always a taboo and frankly such meddling rarely yields the results one hopes for. Iran is a perfect example. The US engineered the rise of and then lost control of Iran when the Shah's government was toppled. The Shah's reign was sanctioned by US and British interests because his predecessor Mossedeq attempted to see that more of the oil revenue ended up in Iran and not with the American and British oil companies. Sadly, the ultimate result of all of these dark polices is the radical Islamic regime that the US is now trying to dislodge from Tehran. However, the policymakers in Washington refuse to learn these valuable lessons from history. That being one may temporarily change the regime and use violent repression to stifle dissent, but in the long run, 'success' turns the populace so bitterly against American interests that it would have been better not to have interfered in the first place. Even today America's policies in Latin America are now under attack (by leaders like Chavez and Morales) because of our past involvement in coups, death squads and the support of brutal military dictators. These policies are short sighted and while huge profits may be reaped for a short period of time by a very few, the long term damage to the nation and its ability to peacefully influence policy becomes hampered. Today, those who now hold the reigns of power in the US see Islam as a serious threat to the lifeblood of the west and are willing and able to use any and all means, legal and illegal, moral and immoral to ensure its continued preeminence on the global stage. In short many in the US are hoping globalization end result will be US centric. Ensuring that US corporations are in control of the globe and limiting democratic input into decision making. Decisions will be made in Washington, not Brussels, not Geneva and certainly not the UN. Corporate board rooms will be the primary place where global decisions will be made and transmitted to the White House to be obediently followed, by whatever puppet resides there.

You are deceived: for what I mean to do

See here in bloody lines I have set down;

And what is written shall be executed. - Shakespeare

Advancing globalization is clearly in the minds of many of Bush's policy makers but their view is not so much a US centric view as a business or more relevantly US corporate centric view. In other words, corporations, those engines of commerce should have a far more important role to play in policy on the global stage. This corporate centric view is not new but it is interesting to see it at work. Exxon, Shell, BP, Bank Of America, MBNA are all setting policy in America. From America's rapacious new foreign policy which has secured the world's third largest oil reserves for US interests to its domestic tendency to reduce the legal rights of ordinary Americans in favor of multi-billion dollar business interests, as seen in the new bankruptcy laws. The trend is clearly established; Corporations first, the people second. This view holds that the only real 'glue' that can hold the world together is commerce and debt. These tools are ways to get Western 'hooks' into emerging economies in order to bring them into the fold, so to speak. These western business interests see any move away from this corporate centric view as being rogue, dangerous and threatening. Rogue states are clearly seen in policy pronouncements; they are Arab nations that do not have long standing contracts with US and British oil interests, such as Iran. They are Latin American and African and select Asian nations who have resisted western overtures for further 'investment' (read exploitation) and debt in the past, such as Venezuela and Ecuador . They are often, though not always, repressive though the reasons for this are varied. Nevertheless, let us be clear. Repression is not a reason that causes these business interests to halt investment. For this, China is a perfect example. Political repression is still very much part of the new China. It is quite clear to intelligent observers that US business interests are not interested in the political environment of a nation except for one important factor; what are the possibilities for state confiscation of either the industries they have built or capital they have 'earned'? Beyond these factors, business leaders are usually fairly unconcerned with political matters. However the growing specter of an armed and violent underclass is becoming more and more a problem for western corporations. Non-state actors have forced oil companies in Nigeria to evacuate their oil platforms and cease operations for extended periods of time. This is a growing danger to US corporate interests in the third and developing world. This threat is not necessarily the Osama's of the world but rather, it is a growing underclass of people who have been forgotten about during the world's mad dash towards globalization. They are seen by many in power as 'extraneous' human material as far as this emerging global model is concerned. However as the world increasingly needs the raw materials for their respective economies and industries, they will have to come to terms with these people and movements. Many ethnic groups are becoming increasingly aware of their predicament. This is true in Africa in particular, where the engines of global finance have long ignored. While investment and trade have flowed to Asia, Africa has not only been forgotten about, many believe with some reason that this is deliberate and an attempt will be made to significantly reduce the population here. In fact, many believe that many of the diseases that are appearing in Africa that are decimating1 the continent are in fact a long standing covert biological warfare programs as outlined by national security adviser Henry Kissenger many years ago in a National Security Memorandum.

Perhaps I digress, as I often do, but these issues are very much interrelated. Supply, demand, consumption and labor are the new laws of this global model. People are to be managed, not cared for; they are to be used, not loved. You see, there is an oversupply of people and a supply shortage of raw materials. This imbalance is being discussed in board rooms around the world, even if it is not in your daily newspaper. 'Commerce über alles' is the mantra of this global model. But disadvantaged people are using the only weapons they know how to win their fight for their piece of the pie, and in many cases the simple fight for survival and to right some of the truly horrible wrongs done to them.

And say I am Revenge, sent from below

To join with him and right his heinous wrongs.

Knock at his study, where, they say, he keeps,

To ruminate strange plots of dire revenge;

Tell him Revenge is come to join with him,

And work confusion on his enemies. - Shakespeare

This is an extremely important dynamic in our 21st Century world, in my estimation, it will not bring a great new order to our planet rather, this model will bring chaos and death to large portions of the human population. Not just in the third and developing world but in the west as well as living standards begin to decline significantly and the ravages of disease, rising poverty and climate change take its toll there as well.

Crisis Management.

Having said all of this, the greatest friend to those planners who are attempting to steer the trends in globalization is crisis management. When the impetus from business and governments is for a solution to a real or perceived crisis, this is when the wheels of globalization get the most of its proverbial grease. Today, I firmly believe that our leaders are making serious plans for just such a crisis, so that when it comes, the solutions will have already been vetted and agreed upon long before the crisis strikes.

Where is this crisis going to come from? Baring the global scare campaign2 that has been waged on global warming and its failure to ignite serious action on the part of the worlds governments and inhabitants, and baring the fact that the use of nuclear weapons may be used in the near future. There are other crisis that could impact us all as well. The next major crisis maybe planned and it may not be. Another major natural disaster killing hundreds of thousands in a major western nation would definitely constitute such a crisis, especially if it takes out major industrial or economic infrastructure. These are things that are not under the control of the elite and thus this planning will not be clear nor thorough. But an economic crisis is another matter entirely and one that can be planned for and even precipitated by just a few major bankers should they choose to. No, I am not saying that I have any knowledge that any such plans to precipitate such a crisis are being formulated. I can say with certainty that plans are being made by some for a financial crisis that is viewed many as being inevitable. While many revile such views as being too 'conspiratorial' it behooves us to ask some very basic questions. If the worlds central bankers and financial leaders are consistently saying publicly that a crisis is a matter of if not when, don't you think that someone somewhere is going to make some plans? Especially in light of the fact that the worlds political leaders seem unable or unwilling to make the necessary, if painful adjustments? If you do not think plans are being made go and read this short article and be sure to click the last four links at the end of it.

These economic interests have their own agendas. These personal agendas are rarely in the public interest, as Jeff Faux so adeptly pointed out in his work (audio). Jeff's book is about a global class struggle and it is most important to understand that this is probably one of the most important and underreported dynamics of globalization. Boil down falling wages, immigration, mass layoffs in the auto industry, rising medical costs, reduction in benefits, environmental degradation and it all comes down to, as Mr. Faux so clearly put it, to The Party of Davos. Davos is just another world for the World Economic Forum, a place where the mega rich and influential gather to globalize our planet for their profit. Is Bush trying to undermine them? No. His policies when viewed from a strict profit standpoint are complimentary to them. In fact when one looks at other more alarming trends a much clearer picture of the Bush administration emerges.

As living standards decline and social unrest becomes more pervasive the need to control people will become more pronounced. Blurring the lines between intelligence bureaucrats and law enforcement seems to be the the trend, especially in America. The NSA and CIA will have arrest powers if the 2007 Intelligence Authorization bill becomes law3. The Department of Homeland Security wants a Global ID system in place because of 'terrorism'. The entire debate today is about a nebulous ill-defined threat of 'terrorism. A threat hyped beyond any measure of reality, except in regions of the world where these very Western powers have interfered in their greed. Look at the march to a global identification system. The DHS is also pushing this. Databases set up by our spy agencies are going up for the purposes of vetting out terrorist threats. Terrorism is a convenient excuse that the party of Davos is using, via the Bush administration to lay the groundwork for global repression. This is viewed as necessary as people around the world are truly beginning to wake up as see that is happing to them. Thus a global police state is an absolute necessity. This is why people like Chavez in Venezuela is viewed as such a threat to this neo-facist world view. He is not playing the game that the Davos party want him to play. His concern is for his people and lifting them out of the poverty that the members of the party of Davos has put them in for decades. The party of Davos recognizes that poverty is the result of their work and have no moral qualms about impoverishing millions in their quest for wealth. The most reprobate of them are godless and unrepentant and to sum it up, they would decimate billions of human beings to death, starvation and disease just to make some money. Unbridled commerce and satanism are the exact same things (see Ezekiel 28, and Revelation chapter 17&18). It is all to be enforced by a growing and increasingly dangerous police state.

O, why should wrath be mute, and fury dumb?

I am no baby, I, that with base prayers

I should repent the evils I have done:

Ten thousand worse than ever yet I did

Would I perform, if I might have my will;

If one good deed in all my life I did,

I do repent it from my very soul. - Shakespeare

The proliferation of Intelligence centers around America here is a list that the excellent Federation of American Scientists made available.

This beast is real and while all of the above can and are mostly used for legitimate law enforcement, the problems is when the laws that are to be enforced are wrong or as Bush has clearly demonstrated, not followed or willfully broken. Witness America's concentration camp system that does not allow prisoners access to lawyers or a court, but are brutally tortured and punished for having their name appear on a list that is subject to no objective outside review. Increasingly one can see how these agencies will be used as the enforcement arm of a dictatorship that is emerging, courtesy of a global network of like minded politicians and wealthy individuals who view the masses of humanity as a threat, rather than seeing their own rapacious policies and narrow economic interests as the real threat to all of us.

An informal panel of senior Pentagon officials has been holding a series of unannounced private meetings during the past several weeks about how to proceed with a possible merger between the Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA), a post-9/11 Pentagon creation that has been accused of domestic spying, and the Defense Security Service (DSS), a well-established older agency responsible for inspecting the security arrangements of defense contractors. DSS also maintains millions of confidential files containing the results of background investigations on defense contractors’ employees.

Now the Pentagon is trying to merge Intel agencies. Once again the selling point is always 9-11, the justification for any and all unconstitutional, police-state actions. This administration feels that if it says 'terrorism' long enough and often enough they can erect a Nazi-like dictatorship and the people won't mind. The DOD is already encroaching on much of the work that the CIA does but with none of the congressional oversight. Congressional oversight may not sound like much, but it keeps the actions of these agencies somewhat in line. It makes it much more difficult for them to break the law and when they do, people really to get hung out to dry or even sent to prison. Without such oversight, no one can review or know what they are up to. No one. But the story in Newsweek goes on to describe the corruption that is behind this merger that led to the the prison term Congressman Cunningham is now serving. Cunningham served on both the House Intelligence Committee and the Armed Services Committee's. Sadly, this is how the world really works, merging these agencies is about consolidating power in the hands of a very small clique of contractors, but it also shows that there is more going on than meets the headlines in the Bush administration. The consolidation of the instruments of repression seem to be very high on the Bush agenda and those who back him. The files in the DCSS are very sensitive and could be used to silence whistleblowers and or destroy careers of people who are in a position to legitimately stymie some of the more hideous aspects of Bush's policies.

According to one knowledgeable official, who asked for anonymity because of the extreme sensitivity of the subject, since its creation CIFA has on at least a handful of occasions requested access to the secret files stored in the mine without adequate explanation. As a result, the source said, DSS rejected the requests. A merger between CIFA and DSS would weaken those internal controls, the source said

One well placed observer recently said to me, 'This new agency has Gestapo written all over it. Mark, this is a license to kill, if you don't think that this new monstrosity won't go out and start knocking people off, you are mistaken. It will start overseas but it won't end there.' This particular observer is most defiantly in a position to know. I know that I personally will be keeping my eye on this new agency. This administration's disdain for the law has been noted by many scholars. This is nothing to scoff at. People sadly have been so lobotomized by the mainstream press that when they hear these things they automatically put their brain on idle and go and find some mind-numbing diversion to engage in. Generally speaking they are in denial about the destruction of their republic. Massive deficits, wars of aggression that are being lost, millions of invaders marching in the streets, I could go on and on, but I should not have to. People do not want to see these things as they are. Their minds have been stolen from them.

The rise of this new police state can be more clearly seen in Great Britain in the new National ID card proposed. Citizens will have to submit to an Iris scan as well as a fingerprint ID as well and can be fined up to ₤2500 pounds for not submitting to the police state. Of course, once they are arrested the first thing the Bobbies are going to do is... guess what... take some fingerprints. These are not the actions of a government interested in preserving a free society, but one interested in erecting a tyranny.

Around the globe governments are erected a net of surveillance and identification.

The head of the Homeland Security Department's visitor tracking program on Tuesday called for the creation of a "global ID management system" to make travel easier while enhancing security. Government Exec.

This is most interesting but look closely at his justification. It is to make 'travel easier'. In other words, Unysis is willing to bet that people will accept this trade off, not necessarily as a liberty for security but rather security for convenience.

While privacy remains a major concern for people around the world, a majority of consumers would share personal data if they knew the information was securely protected and if sharing it would make their lives easier, according to Unisys' Global Study on the Public's Perceptions about Identity Management. - Computer World

A new tact will probably be taken by many industries to make global identification an issue of convenience and thus ensnare people in their net. I know people who work in these industries and firms. Some even claim to be Christian. They go to Church and tithe into the local government corporation given the misnomer 'Church'. Sadly there are many, many Christians who are building a perfect beast for the devil and they actually think they are doing God's service! What will they do when they see all of the millions of souls lost because of their disobedience? I say this for the few that I have personally known through the years who work in these companies and know what they are doing is wrong but will not stop for mammon's (satan) sake. What are these kinds of Christians going to do when the system of mammon at whose altar they have served and labored so religiously and diligently falls apart? They will come to others who know the times and seasons and try to get ready.

But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

(Mat 25:9-13)

The assault on the human population is now on in the battle for the planet. Whichever model eventually takes over the planet it seems clear that each models proponents have realized the need for a global identification system as well as the instruments of oppression. Therefore, these things are going forward on a global scale.

Many of you will now have the uncontrollable desire to pinch yourself, but rest assured Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore. Secret wiretaps rise in 2005, (if the yahoo link is dead try this one) this is not to mention the scandal that erupted when the President says that he can do whatever he wants with wiretaps and does not need to follow the law. Business magazines are writing propaganda pieces for big brother, as this article demonstrates. These are all very dangerous developments, even if taken individually. Taken collectively they clearly show that our elite are up to something... something very, very big. I know many of my readers, especially those in the government and in the establishment do not like it when I talk like this. But I call it as I see it, a global police state will be attempted, but chaos and death may very well be the inevitable result, until times and seasons are fulfilled and a man arrives on the scene to deceive, with lying signs and wonders, the people of the earth.

...and hell follows with him.

In Christ,

Mark Watson







1There is an excellent film on this that I saw on the Sundance Channel. It can be found here if you are curious. It is one of the best and well researched pieces I have seen on the subject and I have seen many different films and heard many an audio file on this. I confess I do not know for certain where or how AIDS came about, but this film will really get you thinking along lines that seem the most likely.

2I am not saying global warming isn't a serious issue. It is. The problem in my estimation is determining the real factors for it rather than rushing ahead with solutions to too conveniently move industries to parts of the world where labor is cheap and environmental laws are weak or non-existent.

3This is most controversial however, one insider relayed to me that this was proposed because of an incident that happened just outside of a special facility in the greater Washington DC area, where an armed uniformed federal employee at his post witnessed a carjacking. The victim was murdered and all the Federal employee could do was watch and call 911.