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Drugs are mind altering substances which psychologically detach the user from reality. Their usage is widespread and calls for their legalization have been growing stronger over the years. The problem of drugs is an ancient one. Opium has been used for centuries both recreationally and medicinally and were generally not considered illegal. But the social and economic effects of opium and other substances have caused modern society to deal with the cultivation, distribution and usage of various mind /emotional altering substances within criminal and legal frameworks. The western world in particular has used this tact in order to control the use of these chemicals. However, this has not always been the case, Britain severely restricted the use of heroin in 1878. During the opium wars of the 17th Century. This theoretically would have impacted the British East India Company (BEIC), as they were heavily involved in the opium importing business at the time, as were several banks located in Hong Kong which were charged with taking in the proceeds, legally, for the BEIC. However, The BEIC, continued their activities using the same banks and networks. However, the market changed as Britain was not longer a primary target for their illegal medicinals. Drugs Crime and Governments have long had a twisted sort of symbiosis. The banks, which fund governments and launder the drug money, are the key link in this parasitical relationship. Today, most people realize that drugs are a real problem and many, if not most doubt the sincerity of the so called 'war on drugs' which benefit key military contractors and well heeled international banks. These 'wars' also have the side effect of restricting individual rights and freedoms, while at the same time the results of which can be seen in an substantial increase of drug usage and sales. If one did not know better, one would think that we are actually facilitating the importation of drugs by 'friendly' drug dealers while interdicting and prosecuting 'unfriendly' drug dealers. At least that's what one would thing if one did not know better. Suffice it to say that the methodology that the government has chosen is not working, if indeed it was ever designed to do so.

The scourge of Illegal Drugs is one that has to be clearly understood in terms of its finances and nothing more. It is all well and good to discuss the human factor, that is the destructive nature of these substances and their deleterious effect on the populations at large. Generally speaking, most individuals who become involved in the drug trade do so because of the enormous amount of money they can earn. It is true that communist nations, most notably the former Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China, are at least to some degree, exceptions to this rule. While the need for hard currency in these two countries is a real one, there is also a real desire to use drugs as a long term strategy to destabilize the West. This is a very serious consideration, as the corruptive influence of Drugs on American Society cannot be underestimated. This is especially true of it's legal as well as it's political institutions. Drug money easily finds its way into the campaign chests of our most notable politicians in the form of laundered drug money given by wealthy banks and individuals. Once these illicit proceeds have been 'washed' it can be called a legitimate contribution on behalf of esteemed individuals or Corporations. Thus when investigations do take place that look into these matters, the very rich and very powerful are immune from the seeming long reach of the law. The only reasons for these individuals having so much success is the fact that so much of The American Public either does not care who gets caught or are users of these drugs either recreationally or habitually themselves. This is tragic but completely expected. The American people have not allowed a place for truth and righteousness to exist in their nation. Instead, they have loved and practiced lies and falsehoods. They truly do want to hear or deal with the truth. This is one of the fundamental reasons why, I believe, people seek to experience altered mental states through the use of mind-altering drugs. The ultimate goal of these Americans is the desire to escape truth/reality by seeking out illusion/falsehood.

If one really wanted to get rid of the scourge of illegal drugs we must go after the proceeds of this trade. This has been the rhetoric that many of our leaders have used in the past. However the efforts have not been directed at the big money center financial institutions. Indeed anyone, who attempts to go after these institutions, would find he would have a plethora of new and powerful enemies. The real victims of our political leaders much vaunted anti-drug actions are the poor, those without adequate political connections to get their cases heard fairly. The new forfeiture laws that are now on the books, have done a great deal to enhance the power of federal law enforcement, ostensibly against those very same proceeds. However, in a great many cases these laws are used for one purpose only; to steal wealth from the American people. These laws are set up so that even if you are proven innocent of any crime the U.S. Government can still keep your property! The real effect of the war on Drugs appears to be the systematic destruction of constitutional rights under the weight of anti-crime legislation. This is most unfortunate, as the real culprits in the drug trade, that is those who are making the most money are not seriously looked at by our federal law enforcement agencies. It can be argued that this is because those with the most amount of money to spread around at campaign time know how to get what they want out of their paid-for politicians. Thus, It has been maintained that it was somewhat unfair to say, as many have, that the Government is responsible for bringing in drugs. Accusations leveled at the government in general and are quite unfair. I do not believe that the US Government is directly involved, as a matter of policy, in the drug trade. However it appears that there have been many instances where the Government has taken great pains to protect drug smugglers, money launderers and ordinary bagmen, for what could be considered a necessary purpose in a larger picture. This does not excuse these criminal acts. Nor does it supply us with the answers to how so much money can be laundered though American banks without so much as a peep from the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department. It is a real dilemma to most concerned Americans that big money gets off Scot-free while the inner-city kids wind up in the hell of the Federal Penitentiary system. I see a systematic double standard being waged against our minority populations by selectively enforcing the laws only on those who are poor, minorities, and lack political connections. This has been a great tragedy for ordinary citizens because most don't realize the enormous power now given to the Government until they are caught up into a corrupt, expensive and destructive 'legal' system. May God remember the injustices committed by our politicians and officers of the court…forever.

Drugs have indeed been too convenient of an excuse to raise federal law enforcement budgets and repress potentially subversive (read minority) populations. Running drugs into areas heavily populated with minorities and then using vast federal powers to arrest, convict and incarcerate young minorities, especially males, would fit into a pattern of repression against those whom the state deems potentially subversive. While I am not suggesting that this an intentional policy as much as pointing out that the result and modus operandi conveniently fit the observed circumstances and results.

Once again, it must be noted that there have been times where these institutions have been fined, rather substantially for activities stemming from the laundering of illicit profits. One example is American Express bank which was fined 34 million dollars in a case where it's employees were involved in a money laundering scheme. So the answer is not quite as simple as these crimes are never prosecuted. They often are. The problem is that the abundance of resources and convictions and jail time are not against the well connected, but against the poor politically impotent.

The Cocaine snorted in New York the Pot Smoked in Los Angeles and the Heroin injected in Miami have their roots in the Money centers that launder the drug money. But what has caused the most problems in really fighting the drug traffickers is the interference often encountered by various government agencies when certain high profile cases are involved which touch upon the age old cry of tyrants 'National Security'. How an attempt to destroy a drug network and the concomitant inflow of illegal drugs could be labeled a threat to national security is of course a 'national secret'. Copyright © 2000 Mark S. Watson



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