Propaganda is the use of information for the purpose of bringing about a desired result. There are amany methods used by the propagandist in his attempt to bring about any societal, political or economic result. These methods often require various social phenomenon to be developed. On of the ways modern propaganda is able to work has been the development of a 'mass' culture, with a mass media. A mass culture is fairly easy to manipulate, as people who are drawn to crowds and mass participation phenomenon are usually the same kinds of people who crave acceptance, and attempt to find such acceptance in the 'crowd'. Once a mass culture is developed, the use of fads and vilification of those who are not part of the mass becomes commonplace and develops almost into sport. Masses are easy to manipulate because those who participate in them do it, not because what they are following is right or because it is wise, but because it provides a psychological cushion or shield for the participant, by being part of a larger group. The mass society makes modern propaganda possible. Indeed the need for certain standard of living is also necessary, at least enough to allow someone to have ready access to propaganda outlets (radio, T.V., Newspapers). Urban concentration is an important and necessary factor in creating a mass society and the effective employment of propaganda for mass control. The propaganda must address itself to the individual, (the 'self' generation) but act on a mass scale. Thus, the target of propaganda must believe that the propagandist is speaking for the individual and has his or her best interest at heart. Here, the identification with a favorite famous personality who is used (usually without their knowledge) as a propagandist is quite useful. However, this is only possible with firm control over the means of communication as a foundation of the modern propaganda model. In China, chairman Mao used propaganda targeting the nations youth to help move his reforms forward. The same can be said on Hitler and his Hitler Youth. In each instance a mass society built around some organizing principle had been developed and was ruthlessly exploited, to the benefit of the elite.

Public Opinion And The Mass Psyche

Public opinion is also a powerful tool used by the propagandist and it also requires a mass culture in order for it to have have the desired effect. Once again, this can only exist in a mass society where a mass media exist. Opinion, especially popular opinion, as gathered, stated and reported in the mainstream and readily accessible media sources is an important element of propaganda, especially to the degree that it can influence rather than actually reflect an a individual's opinion. The individual in this case being a victim of mass media's propaganda, is usually only mimicking some revered or respected opinion maker, for whom the individual identifies. The effectiveness of the propaganda can be measured in public opinion polls, when the polls themselves are not manipulated. Thus, public opinion can also be used a propaganda tool. This is why often, commentators are quick to point out that the wording of any questionnaire used in a public opinion poll is of such importance. Let it be noted here that perception is 95% of the game. Reality is not as important as perception in the propaganda war. Placing perceptions in the minds of people on issues requires a skillful hand and in the U.S., a medium to high degree of coordination. Bear in mind however, that all of the U.S. Media is not controlled. However, almost all of the U.S. mass media is. This is a careful distinction, as a free and independent press still exists in America and with the advent of alternative technologies, more reliable sources of information are still readily available to individuals who wish to seek it out. It is indeed unfortunate that the American people have let themselves become so impotent at such a critical juncture in our history. They have become victims of very insidious form of integration (trained to non-resistance) propaganda. I believe that this coupled with the almost euphoric sense of prosperity in America at the time of this writing is extremely dangerous. Dangerous because affluence usually breeds complacency and indifference. I believe this is why we have had so many different scandals in the country and there is almost no outcry. The people have been given what can be called a propaganda 'sedative' one that keeps the masses in a state of psychological slumber.

Propaganda is most dangerous, however, when it attempts to impute values to facts. First of all it must be clearly understood that propaganda, and disinformation are primarily accomplished in America through deliberate well-coordinated omissions in news reporting.  However, when the propagandist (media commentator or pundit) it attempts to impute values to a set of  facts or reported phenomenon, that is, calling this or that action or set of circumstances good or bad, is another way propaganda is used in America. This is where modern talk show hosts play the role of propagandist on any issue of the day. Carefully screened callers with well conditioned reflexes to the issue at hand are put on the air. This is as true of the liberal as well as the conservative talk show hosts. Callers who wish to give answers or input that does not strictly coincide with the 'party' line will not be heard. This is because certain viewpoints are considered 'bad' and 'dangerous' thus, a precondition for being heard is viewing the situation with an acceptable (propagandized/brainwashed) 'moral' compass. Portraying issues in the light of good and evil is a powerful tool in the hands of the propagandist and allows him to target his propaganda at will.

Propaganda can also be called the art of making the lie a precise instrument or tool for molding public opinion. For example, saying that one is interested stopping ethnic cleansing when in reality it is a cover story for different strategic aims. A shrewd propagandist is then able to erect a huge myth with accompanying symbols to evoke an almost religious fervor in support of his cause. I believe that this is what happened at the Oklahoma City bombing. A huge almost religious ceremony was conducted against 'the perpetrators of hate', a veiled reference to conservatives, Constitutionalist's and Christians. This is only possible by constructing a myth. The myth that those interests were responsible for bombing the building. The myth that all of these individuals are terrorists and blow up buildings, the myth that unconstitutional legislation will stop it. It should become immediately suspicious to all that every time a bomb goes off or a shooting happens, the Government wants more power for itself for surveillance, for control, for arrests and detentions, and for the expropriation of property, such as money through forfeiture laws and the like. The myth is however, firmly planted in the minds of the people and the psychological reflexes have been developed to 'salivate at the sound of the bell' like a trained animal. Thus the government, whose own role in the bombing is very suspicious is 'good' and the Conservatives, whom no evidence was found against are 'purveyors of hatred'.

The propagandist usually operates in a different sphere than ordinary people and does not deign to have any type of social relationship with his audience. He is for all intents and purposes a cog in the greater machine that is designed to control, manipulate and in America, to provoke people to a general sense of action or by surreptitiously implying that inaction and political lethargy is the best course. This has worked very well and those to whom the propagandist does socialize with, the elite, understand his use. It is impossible to separate thought from action and thus a non-thinking person or one that has been filled with foolishness and has been misinformed as to the true state of affairs (the 'don't worry be happy' generation) will not take any action because true independent thought is foreign to him. He relies and in extreme cases, is totally dependent on, the propagandist for his ideology, world view and most importantly course of action, or an excellent reason for inaction.

It is important to note here that the kinds of propaganda that has permeated the American mainstream is not just effective against the less educated and social outcasts. In fact, some have made the important observation that the highly educated are just as susceptible to modern propaganda as the less educated. The reason is that, generally speaking , they receive much more of it that the average American. They also have a stake in it, especially in the form of corporate propaganda and are often unwitting tools of the propagandist. They speak with the voice that pays them and will not buck the system that puts food on their table. The the net of the official lie ensnares both the educated and uneducated alike.

Methods And Tools Of Propaganda

There are many methods of modern propaganda these can be briefly summarized as follows:

Omission: This the willful omission of key facts from the hearer of the propagandists message. The omitted data would almost certainly cause the hearer to come to a different conclusion than the propaganda message intends. A skillful propagandist will often include this 'omitted' information, but it will be done in such a way as to play down its significance or question its validity.

Filter: These filters are produced by propaganda and are then exploited by it. A filter is a viewpoint or, more importantly, an assumption that is accepted as true. The following are examples of filters; Communism is bad, America is good, US elections are free and fair, the American press is unbiased, etc. These are filters that are used by the propagandist. They are mass assumptions that cause the hearer to stand on the ideological foundation that the propagandist desires. These mental filters allow the propagandist to bring in 'experts' that reinforce the filter and exclude others whose views are then categorized as 'extreme'. They can be used to assign blame or stigmas. For example an ongoing US media filter is; Gun control is needed because of the extreme right wing. This lie is repeated so often that most Americans do not know that there have been no terrorist incidents in America linked to the so-called 'far right wing'. Yet this is a filter that is firmly implanted in the minds of most Americans. Gun's was placed in the constitution because the founders saw this as the ultimate check on tyranny. Ask the farmers in Colombia who had the government capriciously and arbitrarily sieze their land and left them homeless. They are called terrorists by the US. Gun Control and tyranny are twin brothers, you cannot have one without the other, Hitler and Stalin agree on one thing, gun control works... in favor of tyrants.

Staging: These are acts and provocations that are staged and managed for a specific propaganda effect. These acts are most often used be to blame an innocent group for the act and then demonize them in the public perception (public opinion). This is done with the assistance or complicity of organizations which have a powerful sway over media organizations whether through direct ownership (stockholders/board of directors) or legal control (i/e., a Government's broadcast license granting ability) or through specific journalists and or editors with links to the perpetrating organization.

Defining/Labeling: This is an important aspect of modern propaganda. The ability to define and re-define terms, groups, affiliations and victims to the whims of the propagandist is one of the most powerful tools of modern propaganda. An example would be to call Arabs who bomb buildings 'terrorists', and westerners who do the exact same things 'freedom fighters' or to call Middle-Eastern States that develop Bio-weapons 'rouge nations' and Western Nations that have done the same thing for far longer, 'peace keepers'. Additionally, using propaganda mediums to define in a war or or conflict situation, which people are considered 'worthy' victims and which are considered 'unworthy victims'. This is done often by insinuating that that unworthy victims somehow deserved their fate. This would be true of retreating Iraqi troops in the Gulf war. These troops were slaughtered by US Forces. This was a clear and indisputable war crime. Yet these victims of mass murder were considered 'unworthy victims' in US propaganda outlets. Another unworthy victim would be the small children burned alive by the US government in their attack on the Branch Davidians. Somehow, US propagandists would have its audience believe that they 'deserved' to be burned alive and the the US government was justified in this wanton act of mass murder. Thus labeling is a very effective propaganda tool and 99 out of 100 People would never recognize its use.

Modern Propaganda And The Christian

It is indeed frightening to look at modern society when one understands the mechanisms of propaganda. It is only a very small minority who are able to understand the issues, how they are manipulated and generally how successful the propaganda is. One can see the overall over arching purpose to the propaganda model in society and often predict what will happen next. One of the most important factors is constant motion. That is, a vast array of fast moving events which are difficult for the average person to analyze and react to, this provides a avenue to the propagandist to come in and 'explain' various events to the benefit of the messenger. The overall confusion and sheer volume of information that ordinary people are inundated with are the 'smoke and mirrors' of the propagandists 'magic' show.

It is wise for Christians to remember that God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. That God understands the times we live in and that the devil thrives on confusion. It invariably works to his advantage when confusion reigns. He is able to do his work when there is no one looking or if they are looking in the wrong direction. Lucifer is a master deceiver. There is no one better. Jesus said every word the devil speaks is a lie and that he is the father of it. It is really the only weapon he has against the saints, yet he had been extremely successful at neutralizing the Church and hijacking millions into his service, usually without their knowledge. In short, the only way we can go forward in the New World Order is by coercion or consent. If necessary, consent can be obtained through deception. I submit to you that this is what is happening. There will be no large gathering of people announcing world government. There will be no pitches for world government on TV, in short, as Gil Scott Heron said in a famous song of his, 'the revolution will not be televised'. The plan however that will lead people to accept a world government under the proper circumstances is already being laid. The Devil, it has been said, has two divisions in his army and only two, the evil and the ignorant.

The elite of our planet have every intention of bringing about their plans in our lifetime. These men and women very much want to destroy the work of the nation-state and erect a tower of Babel (one-world system of government) and force men to worship at its alter. They are aware of the deceptive nature of their work and have no problem with using the means of deceit as a tool in their quest for power. In studying this endeavor towards World Government, it became apparent to me that these individuals are afraid of one thing; genuine exposure of the ultimate aims of the plan. The fact that many people have attempted to warn Americans of the forces taking us to World government is a concern to the planners. However, it is not something that has yet alarmed them. That is because those who have attempted to articulate this plan have been easily, using the propaganda methods explained here, described as 'lunatics', 'kooks' and 'paranoids'. This should not be surprising. One need only look at the success of this tactic to see that we all have allowed ourselves to believe this lie. If necessary, our media elite will place someone in an interview situation who is incapable of articulating himself, or using someone with a criminal record or by identifying him with a known hate group, this is the most effective way of destroying the messenger, and thus the message. This is very effective. However, should a group of people gain access to a media format that can be used to educate people, and if articulate, educated and informed people are used, then the establishment would go into a panic. This is something that our elite have attempted to avoid at all costs. And will continue to attempt to do. We need to have all, I mean all concerned Christians to wake up from their prosperity induced slumber, come out of the apostate churches and destroy the mythical 'Jesus' of the American Church. This glorified sissy is NOT the risen Christ, and the sooner that American churchgoers realize that, the better off they will be. It will play itself into a spiritual tragedy as sure as the risen Christ will judge his people, if these ministers do not begin preaching the real, genuine risen Christ.



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