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Books on Prophecy, History and Politics


 The Omega Conspiracy: Satan's Last Assault on God's Kingdom.  This excellent work gives not only a biblical view on the Last Days but a very interesting historical One, that puts a very different spin on the last days than is usually heard.

Omega Conspiracy : Satan's Last Assault...


 This is a work on the the coming World Ruler, his kingdom and the power behind his throne.

The World's Last Dictator


 New Age Bible Versions. An interesting look at the Trends and people behind the new Translations of the Bible. A must read for those who are concerned with the troubling trends in modern Christianity.

New Age Bible Versions : An Exhaustive...


Books on History and Politics

The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben.(Borkin)  This book is a fine one and describes at length links  Hitler Forged with this huge chemical combine, and the Americans who silently benefited.

The Crime and Punishment of I. G. Farben

Wall Street and th Rise of Hitler. (Sutton) A difficult to find but excellent book on the American's who financed Hitler, Including  Photocopies of documents proving who paid the Nazi's and why.

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler


Secrets of the Temple. (Greider). A great book that deals with the Federal Reserve, lots of  Insiders comments and a clear look at the Fed's actions in the past.


Creature From Jeckyll Island. (Griffin). If you want to know why some people hate the Federal Reserve so much, this books explains the actions of the Fed in a light not to be seen or heard in the Mainstream. It is a frightening look at what many feel to be an unconstitutional and corrupt organization that has failed at its stated purpose but succeeded brilliantly accomplishing other objectives.

Image  The Creature from Jekyll Island : A...


Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes (Ellul). Is work that was initially 'banned' in the US. It is a monumental work that explains the mechanisms of modern propaganda and its uses. This book is a real eye opener and if you read it, you will never look at the news or read a newspaper the same way again.

Image Propaganda : The Formation of Men's...

 Set The Trumpet To Thy Mouth

David Wilkerson's Book on the sudden destruction of America.



When faced with a harsh, sudden crisis, financial situation or lost of a loved one, it is very easy to panic, fret and doubt who is really in control of your life as a Christian. This book is truly a message from God to those who find themselves in despair during life's tribulations. It also exposes the destiny of nations, the United States among others, during an impending global economic depression God's Plan to Protect His People in the...

Tragedy And Hope By Carrol Quigley

A very compelling authoritative, detailed and thoroughly researched book by this important professor to whom Bill Clinton praised during his acceptance speech as the democratic nominee for President. This book will explain many of the strange historical anomalies that few dare to discuss.

Death In The - Air, Globalism, Terrorism And Toxic Warfare

Dr. Len Horowitz's book on unconventional warfare and its effect on the people of the earth. Dr. Horowitz has contended for years that the main agenda of the globalists, the New World Order crowd, is to reduce the population of the planet by as much as 50%, and make money off of it at the same time. Those who would laugh at such an assumption are painfully unaware of some very troubling facts that exist the public domain but are ignored in the mainstream, corporate controlled media.

Ignore at your own risk!

The Great Crash - By J.K. Galbraith

A Look at the great depression, and the crash behind it by one of America's most important economists.

Conquer The Crash

Conquer the Crash first presents the economic facts that show why a massive deflation is inevitable. The second part is practical — virtually each of the 21 chapter titles explains "How To," "What To" and "Should You." Many analysts indicate that this massive deflation is already underway

White Out: The CIA Drugs and the Press Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair take the revelations of the links between the Central Intelligence Agency, the Nicaraguan Contras, and the Los Angeles crack market that journalist Gary Webb exposed in 1996--revelations that are the basis of Webb's book Dark Alliance--and use them as a springboard for a tale of the U.S. government's involvement with the illegal drug trade that extends much further back than Webb's research demonstrated.

White Out: The CIA Drugs and the Press

White Out: The CIA Drugs and the Press

Project L.U.C.I.D. The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System

The slow but very deliberate move towards a chashless society and a human control system outlines from a biblical perspective.

Project L.U.C.I.D. The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System

Lucifer Dethroned - A True Story

The True story of a man and his Occult Powers overcome by the Word of God and the Love of Christ. Exposes much about the powers of darkness, how they operate and the hierarchy of the kingdom of evil. Frightening and impossible to put down!

Alien Encounters – The Secret Behind The UFO Phenomenon

A Look at the UFO Phenomenon from a biblical perspective and why there is so much fuss and speculation. A book well researched and intelligently written.

Alien Encounters – The Secret Behind The UFO Phenomenon

Circle Of Intrigue

Texe Marrs writes an excellent book on the occult conspiracy to control the world and transform it to a 'New Atlantis' under the Anti-Christ.

Unholy Alliance
Peter Levenda writes an very important and revealing work showing how deep the roots on occultism was in Hitler's Germany. It also shows how much trouble the west has gone through to hide this fact.

Secret Establishment
Anthony Sutton writes the most detailed look at the Skull and Bones Secret Society. Before one ignorantly calls George Bush a 'Born again' Christian, one had better know who this organization is and what they represent!

Battling Wall Street

Having read all of the major 'conspiracy' books on he JFK Assassination, I find this one, the most important. This is mostly because it is not a 'conspiracy' book! This book simply documents his policies from first hand materials; newspapers, Government bills, executive orders and public statements by JFK, his administration officials. It also, using the same material, shows who his most ardent opponents in business were and where there were major fault lines in his polices. It very clearly shows why he was so hated by the establishment. It does NOT accuse or even insinuate who killed JFK and steers clear of ground covered by others.

Resurrecting The Third Reich

Richard Terrell Writes a compelling book on trend in American Society that parallel those Of Nazi Germany as Hitler was rising to power. It paints of frightening picture of Church complicity in the crimes of the Third Reich.

America's Secret Establishment

A very interesting look at the organization that both bush Presidents belong (present tense) to. It is not a harmless College club as many would have you believe. Its members supported Hitler and are involved in a dark and secretive occult organization.

ImageDefrauding America : Encyclopedia of...Defrauding America

Manufacturing Consent - By Noam Chomsky

An excellent work that looks at modern propaganda in the US. It shows how the US media is used by the powerful to manufacture consent for its activities rather than seeking it from its voters.

War On Freedom

As far as the facts on record are concerned, the best explanation of them, in the opinion of this author, is one that points directly to U.S. state responsibility for the events of September 11th 2001. A detailed review of the facts points not only to Kabul, but to Riyadh, Islamabad and most principally, Washington. Furthermore, in the opinion of this author, the documentation presented in this study strongly suggests, though not necessarily conclusively, that significant elements of U.S. government, military and intelligence agencies had exclusive advance warning of the September 11th attacks, and were in various ways complicit in those attacks. This is certainly not a desirable inference, but it is one that best explains the available data.

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