Why Do Conservatives Dislike Clinton?


Is it simply a question of political differences or is there something deeper that causes many conservatives to dislike the current occupant of the White House. Have conservatives, become 'mean spirited' because of the President's political agenda or is there a fundamental flaw in the America that Clinton is ushering in that causes such consternation in political and religious conservatives? President Clinton seems to be more than just another liberal politician that conservatives love to hate. There are many things that have brought about this animosity

The Beginning.

At the beginning of Clinton's Presidency he promised to have of the most ethical administration in American history. Even the President's most ardent supporters do not pretend to make a case that this has been the Clinton legacy. Winning election in 1992 without a majority, Bill Clinton's victory was hardly a landslide, more people who went to the polls, voted against him than for him. The Reform party had much to do with electing Bill Clinton and defeating the incumbent, George Bush. Bill Clinton's victory also had much to do with a real desire to do away with politics that America has practiced for a long time. The Reform party has been called many names, ranging from misfits to extremists. But the phenomenon that is calling away 20 of the voting public is not an aberration. It is a rejection of the politics as usual, a system that manipulates citizens into voting for one of the two corporate parties. Bill Clinton's youth and charisma won the hearts of many liberals as he was seen by some as embodying the legacy of JFK. Clinton, even many of his harshest critics will concede, has vision. He has a pretty good idea of where he wants to take the country. His agenda is for the 'Great Society' where every one has a 'right' to an education, health care and a pension. All of this of course is to paid for by the tax payers. This great society is the dream of many Democrats and increasingly many Republicans as well. A society where the Government takes responsibility for the lives of the people rather than the people taking responsibility for their own lives. This is at odds with the form of government which lays these responsibilities with the individual and severely limits the power and influence the Federal Government legally has, according to the constitution. These wise constitutional precepts are seen by many proponents of the "Great Society" myth as being obstacles to be overcome rather that boundaries to be observed. Yet this great society is the kind of America Clinton so articulately advocated and works towards with vigor and great political skill. This vision coupled with the entrance of the reform party, landed Clinton in the White House in 1992 and 1996.


Yet, from the beginning the Clinton administration has been steeped in scandal and controversy. Less that a year after Clinton's inauguration, one of his closest advisors, Deputy White house counsel Vice Foster was found dead at Fort Marcy's Park Just outside of Washington DC. His death, initially ruled a suicide is marked by inconsistencies contradiction. Forensic evidence was ignored and obvious leads were not investigated. Yet to this day this murder is classified as a suicide. The cases' initial investigation was little more than a white wash under the first prosecutor, Fiske, who was charged with looking into the Whitewater land deal and was in fact, actually a lawyer for the company that initially sold the Whitewater land to the Clinton's in the first place. Yet Kenneth Starr, whose office gathered much evidence in this matter, decided to go against the wishes of his chief investigator who believed that Fosters death was not a suicide.

Jerry Parks was Clinton's Security Chief and was gunned down by assailants on the evening of July 26, 1993, gangland style. The case is yet 'unsolved". The conviction of a long time Clinton associate and the number three man at the Justice Department, Webster Hubbel did not help matters. This President has also perjured himself under oath and stands, as this is being written, on the verge of being disbarred from practicing law in his home state. While many of Clinton's defenders attempt to make light of these scandals. There is a myriad more, from Travel-gate to Monica Lewinski; from trooper-gate to file-gate. This President has, at the very least some severe ethical problems in his administration. Corruption and scandal seem to be the hallmarks of this Administration according to many in conservative circles.


Some of Clinton's religious detractors find that this Administration is more concerned with strengthening international institutions that in strengthening American security. From Bosnia to Kosovo, Clinton has troops engaged in operations all over the world that have little or nothing to do with US security concerns but everything to do with building and defining the shape of international security organizations and structures. Concurrently, US military readiness is at a 25 year low, recruitment is way down and testimony before the house shows that some of the services are critically under manned. Military officers and enlisted personnel are not being allowed to retire on time because of these severe personnel shortages.

Young people are fleeing military service like never before as Clinton proposes yet new missions for our military, from saving the amazon forest to peacekeeping in the Balkans. The idea of serving to defend your country is an idea that this administration seems to wish to dispel in favor of a higher ideal of global citizenship.

In short many conservatives see this President as an enemy of the Republic and our Constitutional form of Government. His acceptance of illegal campaign contributions from communist nations has poured gasoline on a already raging political fire, these types of scandals have many Americans, not just conservatives, asking if this President is a traitor. The recent revelations of Chinese acquisition of nuclear weapons secrets and the subsequent lethargic prosecution of the culprits has many conservative asking some very pointed questions. This is not an issue that should be clouded by partisan bickering. We all lose if this nation cannot defend itself against an enemy that has already threatened to use nuclear weapons on Los Angeles if the US intervenes in Taiwan. Burying ones head in the proverbial sand will not make this issue go away. Some real answers need to had, before we find ourselves out matched and out gunned on an important battlefield.

Clinton is to many conservatives an embodiment of political corruption on a grand scale. Whatever your views may be. It seems that conservatives have a right to complain.  


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