Amnesty for All


        God has something to say. He has been saying it for a long time. He wants people everywhere to know that he cares about them.

He cares about men, women, children and families. He cares about street sweepers, cab drivers, lawyers and civil servants. He cares about all people. This love that God has is not some abstract conceptual kind of love. It is real and it demonstrates itself to all men.  God grace is meant to lead men to repentance, a turning from evil deeds, thoughts and words. In return for a genuine change of heart from these things, God offers complete and total amnesty from the punishment of sin. That punishment is eternal death. Eternal death is not eternal non-existence, but a conscious everlasting place away from God’s presence, in short, a place where evil completely has its way. It is a place of unspeakable torment. God wishes to spare all men a place in this residence. Jesus came to earth to show men the way of truth and life. He freely gave himself over to the death of the cross to pay for the sins that we have committed. Since his resurrection, he and through his servants has been declaring to men everywhere that they should forsake their sins and put their faith in Jesus Christ.  Christ offers his amnesty to everyone, regardless of race gender or national origin. God wants all to walk humbly with his Christ, and obtain God’s salvation and amnesty offer. God deeply desires that Christians who have believed in Christ live their lives in manner that reflects those beliefs. A life filled with doing what is right, moral and above reproach.  This does not mean doing what many churches advocate, adhering to a ‘do’s and don’t’ list and making a show of being religious. This form of hypocrisy will never earn anyone a place with God.  God demands something simpler, yet deeper. A genuine, honest trust in Christ for guidance, direction and assistance in all aspects of one’s life. This in short, is Gods requirement. From finances to romance, from rearing children to today’s ‘things to do’ list. Christ knows that the world we live in is full of danger and evil. He knows the best path for our lives. This path that God chooses is the best path for our lives. He alone knows what the world will look like in 20 years, and how best to use us for his Glory and our good, for the long haul.  God’s desire is that you hear him trust him and obey him. He wants his love returned and the way he expects us to demonstrate that love is to obey his commandments, “If you love me keep my commandments”(John 14:15).  This is the crux of the matter. God wants his everlasting love returned. This love is demonstrated by man by doing what Christ asks us to do.  


To those individuals who have been sickened by some person who claimed to be a Christian and was a hypocrite, Christ asks you to remember that Jesus himself was attacked violently by the religious leaders of his day. The so-called high and holy ones were the ones who murdered him and then tried to murder his followers. Religious people have been the enemy of God for a long, long time. Religion in America is turning into a business. It is more concerned with revenues and salaries than the Christ that they market. Don’t let the religious people of our time turn you away from God. If you really want to know him, then take one step towards him.

He will take two towards you.


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