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September 2011

 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
(Rev 12:17)

In these days of intense persecution in almost every corner of the Globe we must keep in mind who is really behind it and know that for the time being, the governments of this earth are the property of the dragon and for the most part, do his bidding for satan is still the prince of this world. That is until the 7th trumpet sounds.
And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.
(Rev 11:15)


Euro Elite Seek More Money For Banks

As the EU debt crisis continues, we are discovering with eacah passing day that their banks are in deep trouble. A major systemic crisis looms just over the Horizon and will effect the European and eventually the US banking system. Indeed, the Chinese, according to media reports have ceased much of their trading with SoGen, Credit Agricole and BNP Paribas. The ECB chief has urged banks to strengthen their balance sheets. Meanwhile, French and German banks 'credit insurance' spreads are soaring in price, meaning a major risk is seen and probable 'credit event' is on the horizon. A good interactive graphic can be found here at Reuters. When a major economic power starts to suspend trading with major banks, there is something very big going on behind the scenes. It also appears that China and Japan are telling the Europeans they need to fix their own problems and they appear to be much more severe than anyone in the East or West is letting on, so any 'economic life raft' they throw out is going to be a small one.  Now I do not want to minimize the possibility that some of this trading suspension may be at least partly due to a political angle, to get concessions from the EU in any aid package, but this is a drastic step and would hardly be taken unless there were something really ugly hiding in the balance sheets of these banks.

Yesterday the markets dropped significantly and barring yet another covert bailout of the market indexes (something done regularly by the US government) the markets are likely to fall further. The FED and the Treasury are not in a position to do a prolonged market bailout. The Fed is already stretched to the limit and our Federal balance sheet increasingly looks perilous. The problem here is that the MSM has been dead silent and are not telling Americans that we may be facing another Government shutdown in just a few weeks (perhaps days) as we slowly run out of money. If they mention it, it will only be because of a prearranged agreement with both political parties to spin the trouble into a political one (like paying Disaster aid), rather than a stark fiscal one.

While many in Europe are calling for swift action to recapitalize mid-sized banks, the European Banking Authority is resisting calls for a speed up of the time line. Frankly, I think the the real problem is not mid sized banks but the biggest ones. But let us keep in mind a couple of things about 'assets' and GDP (as found on link in previous graph). That being that 'assets' (i.e., outstanding loans) as they are placed on the books of these banks can quickly be turned into liabilities once a major debtor cannot repay their loans. This is pretty much what is happening now. The sovereign debt of Greece, to probably be followed by other countries has gone from 'asset' to (essentially) a liability. Now I have never believed US or even EU GDP data was anywhere near accurate. I think much of what we call 'product' is an invention of our own minds and adept accountants spreadsheets. Too much of it is like counting people doing jumping jacks, paying someone to do them and counting each one performed as part of 'GDP'. Sure there was work, maybe lots of it, but nothing was produced. I take America's byzantine tax code and the gargantuan 'tax compliance' industry as a perfect example. They produce nothing but government forms and make billions from it. Well I am not the only one who sees it. Much of our economy is really a sham made up from economic shadows and accounting opiates.

It is a strange day when the BRIC nations are lining up to put funding in the IMF to stabilize the Western Banking disaster. But that is probably going to be one factor of any package needed to bail out Europe’s banks who frankly, should be allowed or rather be forced into insolvency. They are criminally incompetent and that is why they need these bailouts. They are threatening the whole western financial system with this economic 'blackmail' in order to maintain a system that is terminally broken and cannot be saved even if all the assets of US and Europe's economies were dumped into their banks. So in my mind, you really have two choices. 1) To continue the covert transfer of all Western assets to incompetent and insolvent banks destroying the West, or take your bitter medicine now, let some of these banks fail, pick up the pieces and rebuild your financial sector. That is what the UK is doing and I think they will survive this crisis.

A New Currency?

Do I think we will see a new currency? Eventually. The Euro will be fundamentally restructured or it will go the way of the confederate dollar. Even now many European nations are hoarding dollars. They are doing it very, very quietly but they are doing it. Why? The dollar has always been a refuge in a time of crisis. That was once true of the Swiss franc, but once they decided to hitch their raft to the Titanic and peg the Franc to the dying Euro, it will take a long time if ever, for folks to put their wealth and trust in the Franc again. Indeed the Swiss seemed determined to destroy their famous banking sector and currency with move after move that appeases Brussels and Washington, the two lepers of the financial world, to the long tern detriment of their own (formerly rock solid) financial sector. Today, Germans who put their money into Swiss banks cannot get their money out. The Swiss seem to have some kind of economic 'leprosy envy'; they see everyone else has it and they want it too. But I suspect the that US and EU have been putting much pressure of the Swiss to destroy their own economy for many reasons and their tax haven status is just one of those reasons. The dollar is accepted in the UK, Ireland, Greece, Germany France, Spain... you name it. No other currency can boast that and if the Euro collapses, the dollar may be how day to day transactions are conducted. Simply put, I am telling you that some EU governments are preparing for just such a scenario. So I say, at least in the short term (medium term as well) provided that we do not have another government shutdown and the US continues to make interest payments on its debts, the Dollar may be an interim currency inside some European nations. It may (strong qualifier here as I have not looked into it yet) MAY help explain this.


How long before we see the institution of the Mark of the Beast? I do not know, but  I think these events are a key step along the road to the day we are forced to worship an image and take it or are killed. Something fundamental must transpire to the entire global economy for it be brought into being. Most of us true  Christians (who bear the testimony of Jesus) will lose our lives and we must be prepared for it. Remember how the Nazi's used incinerators to get rid of the bodies at their death camps? Well now you have something new to think about.

Sudan: They Bombed Everything That Moved

Graphic is Creative Commons licensed.


California: Big Pharma Seeks To Vaccinate Kids In Secret

At CIA: Climate Change Is Secret

Secret US Drone Bases Popping Up All Over
President Obama plans on raining death on Africa by remote control for years to come and is building the bases to prove it. Needless to say the makers of these drones has seen their stock hit 52 week highs. Who is number 2 at the DOD? A Raytheon Employee, who is Obama planning on letting get rich by restarting the cold war? Raytheon.

BofA, Wells Fargo, Citi All Have Credit Ratings Downgraded
The reality is setting in that these guys are in some trouble and another  bailout is rather unlikely given our present fiscal situation. Too big to fail may become too big to bail.

Mexican Port is New Front In Drug War

Israeli Alarm Over Elections In Egypt
 A good piece showing the dangers to Israel should the Peace pact with Egypt fail and just what kind of fundamental change to Isrealie Security posture would be required. A look at relations between Israel and Egypt can be found here.

Drug War Update

In Philadelphia, authorities announced the dismantling of a drug trafficking network with ties to the Sinaloa Cartel. In total, five people were arrested, three of them in Pennsylvania and two in Texas. Ten kilos of cocaine, cash and weapons were also confiscated.

In Matamoros, fire fights and blockades were reported in several parts of the city..

Kenya-Somalia: Women Turn To Prostitution To Survive
With close to 470,000 residents, Dadaab (refugee camp - ed.) is bursting at the seams. The local trading centres are busy hubs for small business owners and truck drivers delivering trade goods, food and other humanitarian commodities. "Many of our customers are people who drive these trucks that bring goods here from the other urban centres. We also get clients from the villages around here," Hawa said. "When they arrive, our [pimps], who mostly work as loaders, ask them if they are interested in sex and they bring them here."  - Africa Files

Visa Mastercard May Raise Fees Nearly 300% On Small Debit Transactions

'Benny B And The Banksters' Play Twisting In The Wind
Download the mp3 at the Fed for 99 basis points on all of your loans. Offer not good after economic collapse. (satire)

US Halts Shipments To Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Lindsey Graham Donor Indicted For Illegal Campaing Contributions
Chinese donors accused of defrauding the government of at least 3.6 million are alleged. The Board of directors of GenPhar Can be found here.  All of the money they donated went to GOP causes.

The alleged illegal activity began after the couple contributed the legal maximums to the Graham during his 2008 re-election campaign. The couple had promised to raise $25,000 for the senator, a goal for which Dong relied on the German stockholder to meet.

Federal law, however, prohibits donations from foreign citizens and prohibits people from donating in the name of another.

Overall, Dong and Wang have donated $69,000 to the federal candidates and committees since the 2004 election cycle, research by the Center for Responsive Politics indicates, including three contributions from their daughter Deanna.

All of this money has benefited the Republican Party, conservative groups and Republican candidates, including Graham, who was the No. 1 beneficiary of the couple.

Graham has not been accused of any wrongdoing. The Washington Post reported that prosecutors have said he had no knowledge of the alleged activities of Dong and that a Graham spokesman has said any questionable donations will be handed over to the U.S. Treasury.

All the while, Dong's company was seeking federal money.

By September 2007, GenPhar had been awarded a $1.1 million grant from the National Institute of Health for clinical work on a vaccine for the Marburg virus. Six days later, Dong allegedly wrote in an email to the German national that "this is your money at work."

The manner in which Dong and GenPhar secured this and other federal grants points to the persuasive power of political spending. The lobbying firm Dong hired to secure such grants was American Defense International, Inc., whose chairman, Vann Hipp, Jr., is a former chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

According to the Center's research, Hipp, along with his wife, Jane Grote, has contributed nearly $500,000 federal candidates and committees since they wrote their first checks during the 1994 election cycle.

Of that sum, 84 percent has aided Republican candidates and cause,  including $11,500 to Graham and nearly $70,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

From 2004 to 2010, Hipp and ADI helped GenPhar secure $19.6 million in grants from the NIH and the military, some of which were earmarked by Graham himself.

Dong is accused with using $3.6 million of that total on non-grant related purposes such as travel, construction of a new GenPhar facility and compensation for ADI's $280,000 worth of lobbying expenses.  - OpenSecrets

China's Forced Abortion Policy Turns 31, Congress To Hold Hearings Today

EU Voices Deep Regret Over Troy Davis' Execution
What do you think?

According to the defense, seven of nine eyewitnesses signed affidavits changing or recanting all or part of their testimony; 34 witnesses testified for the prosecution at the trial. The limited ability to appeal his conviction, due in part to the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, brought his plight to international attention.Prosecutors argued that it was too late to present the recantations as evidence. Davis maintained his innocence. Various appeals in state and federal courts followed his conviction. Davis and his lawyers argued that the racial composition of the jury (seven of the twelve were black, as is Davis) and poor advocacy from his lawyers had affected his right to a fair trial.[citation needed] Witnesses stated they had felt pressure by police to implicate Davis. Witnesses also implicated another witness, Sylvester "Redd" Coles, in the crime. Wikipedia

Amnesty International, Innocence Project and other advocacy groups have stories on this.

China: New Floods Displace Millions


Antichrist America: Orange County Outlaws Home Churches
Part of a rising trend and while officials usually apologize for the 'misunderstanding' there appears to be a concerted move around the nation to keep on making these intentional 'mistakes' in the hopes they can make one 'error' stick and shop for a Judge who will uphold such a ban. Around the world real Christianity is under fire. Sure you can go to your local Apostate Church but by and large they are not preaching the Gospel, but a 'feel good' facsimile designed to send you to hell; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. The devil is fine with those kinds of Churches... he runs most of them! 
Here is how a real Church stands up for Christ!
If your faith were not so important, the worlds governments from Beijing to Riyadh; Kabul, to Karachi; Istanbul to, Khartoum would not be spending so much time and effort to stamp out the message of the Gospel. It is a message the devil and his servants hate with a perfect and violent hatred and will not stop even at mass murder to stamp that message out.

'A Putinization of the Catholic Church'

On Thursday, Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Germany for a long-awaited visit. Prominent Swiss theologian Hans Küng explains to SPIEGEL why the papal visit will do little to help the crisis in the Church and compares Benedict to Vladimir Putin in the way he has centralized power.

Mexico: Christians Forced To Leave Village Amid Crucifixion Threats

New Government Shutdown Looms...
I think the cause stated in the article is mostly smoke and mirrors for public consumption, the real debt state of affairs  is as I talked about three weeks ago (scroll down to 'US Hits Debt Ceiling' on link) and covered briefly over at zero hedge.

Occupy Wall Street Photo's

Angel Food Ministries Goes Out Of Business
Outfit provided discounted food to the needy. Why the shutdown? Looks like the FBI had an investigation into their finances.

What Does Obama Have Against Babies?

Typhoon Hitting Fukushima, Radiation Spiking

Fishoil And Military Suicides

Today's focus is on technology.
Hackers Break SSL Encryption
A major flaw has been discovered that will allow hackers to decrypt (without the users knowledge) SSL encryption that is used by millions of sites, including email, banking, credit cards, paypal, and VPN's.

I am not surprised, only that it has taken independent researchers so long to figure out that SSL as it is currently deployed has some built in (I want you to drill those two words in your mind as you read on) vulnerabilities that can be exploited by entities who have the power to.
1)Ensure that more secure SSL versions (TLS V1.2 and V1.2) are not enabled by default by browsers whose owners are incorporated in the US.
2)Ensure that few major sites in the US uses the more secure systems because no US browser supports the better encryption systems, leaving you open to this highly suspicious hack.

It is sad that only Opera has the better systems enabled by default on their browsers, Oh, by the way Opera is not incorporated in the US, It is developed by Opera ASA, a Norwegian company and as such, are not subject to the Patriot Act. Want to know why so many sites will not work well with Opera? Perhaps we can better understand why.

Now before you think I am making a lot of hay about nothing consider that a hacker who can use the mentioned hack can;

1)Get your user name and password to your  bank accounts, Credit cards (and get your credit card numbers, expiration dates, etc)
2) get your Paypal account numbers, passwords read your emails,
3)Hack corporate VPN's, read highly sensitive corporate data, obtain trade secrets illegally and read internal and confidential business memorandum and reduce US competitiveness if the hacker is from outside America.

Now I am going to tell you straight out what I strongly suspect. I think these vulnerabilities have been put there as a result of the Patriot Act or other criminal and unconstitutional laws that our leaders don't even have the courage to tell us about, as they bulldoze our rights and privacy under the treads of a vast and increasingly criminal National Security State.  We have seen numerous vulnerabilities in SSL with tepid and lackluster clean up of the underlying problems that persist in its implementation across millions of websites.

Here is the real problem though; SSL, SSH, PGP and PPTP are the only encryption protocols that one can legally use in the US. Use one that is not approved by the NSA and I can guarantee you that once they find you, you will get a knock on the door and probably be hauled off to a 'national security' prison. So I am here to tell you in no uncertain terms that the NSA is your biggest enemy here. They see any encryption system as a major threat to the security of planet earth, the solar system and large portions of the known universe. Clearly the President has decided that it is more important for them to read your email than to secure the US financial system from state and non-state actors with powerful friends from wrecking havoc on the US financial system when peoples money disappears out of their accounts, credit cards are run up to the max and peoples lives are ruined. This will be followed by banks being thrown into chaos when criminal gangs get in bed with nation states and gather data on millions of individuals for years on end, then in one fell swoop, hit the system with a major concerted and coordinated attack, with valid user credentials across the US financial system. Folks would not even know there was a problem in their accounts for days, maybe weeks later.

Why? All because of the digital peeping toms over at the NSA who think it is their God given right intercept, store, read, and decrypt every single message and secure internet session on the web. Having nothing but disdain for the Courts, Judges, Warrants, the Constitutional rights (which are becoming bad words in these days of the rising Reich) and any legal procedure, they have opened pandora's box. The simple fact is and I am going to lay this out to your straight. The powers that be inside this National Security state have ceased viewing foreign nations as a threat and have rather turned their sites on the American people as the new and most important National Security Threat. The tools that they once used against the USSR and should be using against China are rather, being used against ordinary Americans and that is why you can expect little of real substance to be done about these kinds of vulnerabilities that can and probably will effect ordinary Americans,weather they issue a patch for this particular vulnerability one or not . We (the people) are viewed as the enemy and are to be stripped of our jobs, privacy, homes, wealth and freedom while our leaders turn over the reigns of the state to those who can pay the most in legal and illegal bribes.

Now you are going to hear all kinds of spin out there telling you not to worry, a 'patch' will be issued to 'fix' the problem, how 'complex the hack is', how 'impossible it would be to effect you' and 'don't worry', Uncle Sam will protect you. Well, if foreign governments with enormous resources at their disposal can break into the Secretary Of Defenses' Computers, Hack, Defense contractors, and do other things I probably should not talk about, don't you think they already know about this hack that a small group of researchers found?  Now, let me ask you this. Do you think it wise to put your username and passwords to all of your sites up on your facebook accounts in the clear? That is what Breaking SSL encryption means, your stuff can be read by folks you don't know. Do you think it wise to trust browser makers, Banks and 'secure' mail providers who do not seem to want to take the time to ensure that only the most secure and virtually unhackable implementation of SSL is used on their servers, but drag their feet, and yawn about those vulnerabilities until somebody breaks the story on the Internet?

Why am I making so much to do about it?  Because no one in the Government is going to do anything until and only after a major cyber-disaster hits stealing billions of dollars from unsuspecting Americans. Our 'Security' personnel are sitting fat, dumb and happy, too busy reading their wives and girlfriends emails, using existing legal frameworks to be bothered with petty little issues like the security of the US and its citizens. Mr. and Mrs. America are clueless as to what is going on because no one has explained to them that these problems are a direct result of US Cyber policy.They can't protest because they don't know the 'lay of the land' as Congress has kept most of it secret from the people.

So I reiterate, the Internet is not that safe and if (a big word here) the powers that be really want to encourage e-commerce, and more widespread usage of email (since the regular PO is about to go belly up), making sure we are secure in our digital transactions is essential.

The President talks a lot about moving our economy into the 21 century. I can think of no more urgent matter than ensuring that internet communications are secure from illegal eavesdropping, corporate spying (which is rampant) and criminal activity; something that the digital luddites, peeping toms and pedophiles at the NSA (part of the DOD) seem to think is an 'acceptable risk' as long as they can illegally wiretap Americans. Mr. President, allow for new and more varied encryption methods across the web. Want to create jobs? Open up a whole new realm in cybersecurity by removing or relaxing the legal taboo of creating new 21st century encryption systems in America. The only thing holding this up is your signature, Mr. President. Let people create new systems and cut out all of the National Secuirty malarky that is mostly being abused by real digital stalkers and peeping toms over at the NSA and Justice.

Freaks are running the show and no one pays any real attention  because I can tell you, the worse of the Patriot act abuses were not released to the General public.

Spirit Of Antichrist: Christians Not Allowed At 911 Ceremony
Hindu's, Immam's, Buddhists are all invited. Christians are not. Tell me what spirit is  behind this event? They call it an interfaith prayer but it is all faiths EXCEPT Christians.  So what was once a Christan Church won't invite Christians to this ceremony. And folks call Christians 'intolerant'. I wonder if satanists are allowed? Well Obama is going to speak and appears to be at ease that no Christians are allowed. I may be no fan of Rick Perry but  I will be happy when I see that Presidential Helicopter leave with Obama on board at 12:01PM, January 20th, 2013 taking him back to Chicago. He has stood for everything that God hates and it is no surprise Evangelicals are not coming to this ceremony as Obama probably demanded it in return for his agreement to speak. It appears that this President may secretly be a bigot. Would he go to a multicultural event when no blacks were allowed? Know this, satan hates the gospel and that is almost certainly why no Evangelicals are allowed here to this ceremony. Evanelicals evangelize, real ones PREACH the gospel, an activity satan and his minions cannot stand.

Now we know who is handing out invitations.

A curse is will surely fall in this nation for forsaking and reviling its Christian heritage and electing a man like that. For he has never once spoken up for the Christians who have been butchered across Africa and the middle east, even when asked to do so. But while he is still President our job, however odious it may seem to us in the natural realm, is still to pray for him. He is a lost soul and almost certainly does not even know it as he postures politically using his painfully inept political instincts to salvage a disastrous Presidency.

 I think the Lord is really trying to get a message home to this sinful nation.

Hopefully, he won't have to 'turn up the volume' to get our attention.


US Hits Debt Ceiling
Well, yes and no. Table IIIc below shows you just where we are at.

Source: US Treasury

As you can see, this debt situation is anything but over. We have already passed the 'debt limit'  and only have a few  billion to spend before the total debt subject to the debt limit is hit. Remember I told you last week about 'Benny B' at Jackson Hole? Well above are the numbers from the Treasury and unless my math is wrong, we are just shy of $42 Billion of hitting the debt ceiling.
For years I have been mocked and laughed at for telling it like it is. A collapse is coming I have said it time and time again while howls of laughter and mockery were heard out there. Well, even Goldman Sachs agrees. They wrote a secret report (that the public was not supposed to see) that they think one is coming.   I can tell you now that one is coming. They may pull a rabbit out of their hats (QEIII and somehow get Congress to lift the limit again), but that does not seem likely. So consider this. Are you getting mail regularly? That may change before long. Are you waiting on disaster aid, you may be waiting for longer than you expect and get less than you need. The fiscal problems are severe and growing with each passing day. America is bankrupt and soon you will not be able to hide away in your comfy little worlds and ignore the fiscal mess the American voter has made of their own country. That is right, I do not blame Obama, the Tea Party, the GOP, lobbyists, China, Illegal Immigrants nearly as much as I blame Mr. and Mrs. America who buried their heads in the sand and refused to face and vote reality. Too many get their political wisdom and information from the bottom of a beer can and the comedy channel.

But the last laugh is going to be on them.

There are many things I cannot discuss about this crisis (I promised not to) but this is very much more serious than anyone is letting on so stay tuned. This is a real crisis, not a fake one. These are real numbers, not fake ones, a debt default would be a serious problem, probably a catastrophe for American finance (as it is currently structured). Yes, much of the debt debate we had last month was 'over the top', blatant fearmongering (from Obama and the Tea Party) and not was commensurate with the real crisis then currently at hand, but the crisis at hand is very real and growing. The first major step in solving it is not to steal money from those who paid into their retirement accounts and medical care as some in the Tea Party want to do. That is the way to a political earthquake and if it is not satisfied at the ballot box then it will be in the streets. No the real solution is to decide that we cannot go to war against the whole world; from Pakistan, to Afghanistan; from Iraq to Libya; Yemen to the Philippines; Somalia to Ethiopia  America has become the new Nazi Germany killing, raping, pillaging across whole continents and deceiving their own population as to the scale, scope and magnitude of its crimes. 

In reality if you really want to know the truth, the politically incorrect but staring you in the face truth about these wars it is this; this is a really a new kind of global race war. A war against all non-Aryans who will not submit to Aryan (western) rule, either from Brussels or Washington. These wars cost a fortune and the powers that be inside Washington (GOP, Democrats, Tea Party, Congressional Black Caucus and Obama) would rather steal Granny's pension than stop their psychopathic wars. This is about order, their order that is to be thrust on these people by the force of arms. That in a nutshell is what we are seeing across the Globe. Since our war on terror, really since our first Invasion of Iraq in 1991 when China and Russia saw the kinds of weapons we had and knew they could not hope to stand up against us, the Chinese went to work. The only way they figured to beat the US was to subvert its political leadership as well as the weapons the US had and they have done so with great skill and effect. Our mistake? Arrogance, we thought (and still do) we have a right to rule and control the world and its resources for ourselves and when someone comes along even and especially inside their own countries to stand up for what is theirs, we come along and call them 'terrorists'. We have done so even with legitimate leaders like Chavez. Where else is someone like that to go to protect his own people from those crazy and violence prone Americans? This is why he (and more and more nations) have fallen into line in a new and powerful economic and increasingly military alliance with Russia and China. We forced them to. Our oil companies, banks and other industrialists have done what they have always done, threaten, try to subvert and even engineered (or at least encouraged) a coup against him.  You can read another version not written or edited covertly by the US government here.

I will tell you something else, no one trusts us. Look at Ghadaffi, we partnered with him for many things including outsourcing our torture program to him. Then we turned on him, got in bed with Al Qaeda and pounded him out of is country. Now who in their right mind will ever trust us? Ghadaffi did but many observers have noted he may not be in his right mind. Now look at him. Where will folks turn to help in the future? Probably China, but certainly anywhere but America.

Our own policies are killing us, we are so mentally challenged that we refuse to assess the long term effects of our short-sighted polices and lust for profits. We compel leaders like Chavez and elsewhere who are not hopelessly corrupt, to look elsewhere for friends and allies. Their natural ally should be America, but our leaders make such an alliance impossible with our greed and violence. Look at Pakistan, we keep on lobbing those drones in to their Tribal areas against the express wishes of even the central government, launched  I might add, from within Pakistan. They too are looking to China as a new ally. We are forcing them to. Not all leaders are totally morally bankrupt and can be bought off with a bribe from Brussels or Washington. A few really care about their people, and as much as it may pain some of my insider readers to hear it, on many levels Chavez with his many mistakes and even his own (limited in comparison to US standards) corruption, does care about the people of Venezuela.  He is not going to deliver them over to Exxon, Shell, DuPont, Bank of America, Blackwater and General Dynamics and steal the land from the peasants so a huge slave labor factory can be built, all for US profit. Men, the rich men of the earth I should say,  are buying up land as well to 'invest' in food. Men like Lord Rothchild. The poor of the earth stand little chance against these well heeled and connected money men. Soon these poor folks will be dutifully called 'terrorists', for the 'crime' of protesting having their land stolen and wanting to feed their children. They will get a Northrop Drone lobbed into their shanytowns to cure them of their political and literal hunger.

Why will do you die O Lady of the Kingdoms? Because your hands are stained in rivers of innocent blood, your churches are filled with lies and thefts, your leaders with usury and dishonest gain, your people with all manner of sin and wickedness. You have forgotten the Lord who brought you up to be the envy of the earth. Turn now and repent, it may be that the Lord with withhold some of the horrors he has prepared for you. If not...

But these two things shall come to thee in a moment in one day, the loss of children, and widowhood: they shall come upon thee in their perfection for the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great abundance of thine enchantments. For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me. Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know. Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.
(Isa 47:9-12)

You were once a beautiful beacon of light to much of the world looking for freedom, hope and opportunity. Now you are a bitter, violent, crazy old hag shouting obscenities and waving a double barrel shotgun to anyone who won't do what you say. She has become an ever darkening shadow of evil, bloodshed and theft across the planet and whose sins are about to find you out.

I don't say this because I hate this country, but because if we don't change soon, we won't be here much longer. It is better to take loving rebuke from a friend than false love from an enemy or from someone who just wants to keep their jobs, pensions or get their hands into America's pockets.

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