Globalists Summits: Building The Global Gulag


The Latest and greatest of all the Globalist summits has just taken place and now we see the the casualty list, 80 wounded and one dead. After a string of violent protests against the self appointed 'saviors of humanity', the latest incidents in Scandinavia and in Italy should give the G8 and the 'Alliance', also known and the Bilderbergers, pause to consider what they are doing. The protesters, both the violent and the vast majority of non-violent, know exactly what they are protesting against, while many may have difficulty in articulating it, it can be summarized as the lack of truly democratic input in these summits, the 'armed fortress' mentality of the summit members and contempt that these self and corporate anointed leaders have for the masses (you and me) and the protesters themselves. This will only drive a much larger wedge between these would be 'Caesars' and the people they purport to represent. What is most interesting is the Corporate media, that most of the world watches, attempts to paint the protesters with a broad brush calling them 'anarchists' and 'misfits'. Rarely do you hear from the protesters themselves nor are we even allowed to see the placards and protest slogans on TV.

They are carefully edited out.

Two times in history has such a concerted effort at editing news stories with such care been documented;1) Nazi Germany and 2)Soviet Russia [with China very close behind]. The real reasons that so many hundreds of thousands of people are protesting these gatherings are myriad. From Environmentalists to Labor Groups, from concerned citizens to of course, the occasional 'Anarchists' that the Corporate media refers to. These are all present at these protests. Most simply want a say in how the emerging 'world order' is to look, because right now it is looking much more like a tyranny than any kind of democracy. While Democracy is the word that these global leaders use to describe what they are trying to accomplish, a cursory look at the nations that these men trade with, support and defend should give the sane pause to consider. The most glaring of these is China. This Nation is an emerging Global Power. If not so much in a military sense then certainly in an economic one. China has the West and the US in particular by the proverbial genitals. Mass executions, forced abortions, Religious groups imprisoned, Harvested organs from executed prisoners (perfectly timed to coincide with the needs of the donor) and many more crimes against God and humanity are an everyday occurrence in China. Yet the G8 and the Bilderbergers have made haste to praise China and to reward it with everything from huge investments, friendship, military technology, special access to key leaders and of course kid glove treatment in the mainstream press.

These summits before were only of passing interest to the world at large and were not being seen for what they were; An attempt to foister on the world a global government while the people weren't looking. Treaties, agreements, coordinating policies in the past, while interesting, never were really explained to the people at large. This was done intentionally as our mainstream media moguls (not the reporters but the owners and managing editors) usually attended these functions. The goal has always been a world government (now an outdated term, the new catch phrase is 'Global Governance') The Rich and powerful are using their wealth to buy political power to move the direction of the western nations to integrate their economies, currencies, policies and militaries to form a system of Global Governance. They expected protests against their actions. Perhaps a few small groups of what they would call 'misfits' exchanging e-mails on the internet. A few young people with 'save the earth' placards showing up at a few summits but not hundreds of thousands of people protesting. If it were all peaceful, the mainstream media may have attempted to portray the protesters as 'supporters' of the aims of the summits. Unfortunately, the only way to get the attention of the would-be Caesars is through the concerted use of violence. This method, so many of the protester are beginning to see, is also the only way to get the attention of the mainstream press. They cannot ignore (as much as the senior editors and media moguls might want to) death and destruction in protest to the coming (and it will come) Global government.

The G8 and the Bilderbergers will now come up with a new strategy against the forces who protest in favor of human rights and God given rights. They will try new tactics as the armed fortress ploy was unsuccessful. Probably one of the first things they will do is use a concerted media/propaganda ploy against those who are for human rights. They will continue to call any and all who want a better world 'anarchists'. They will use some of the best known media pundits to sway public opinion against the 'monsters' who want a human life to have value. They will call the protesters 'terrorists' and 'misfits'. They will use conspiracy theories to show that they are funded by 'secret' organizations and try to discredit them in the eyes of the general population in order to justify the use of increasingly deadly force. If anyone can still remember the Branch Davidians and how the media constantly referred to them not as a religious group but as a 'Cult'. In America, it is not the Governments job to determine, as a matter of law, what is a religion and what is not. That is specifically forbidden in the US Constitution. Yet, in order to demonize these people in the eyes of the world and the US Population, the word 'Cult' or 'Apocalyptic' was always used to define them. Never once were the people allowed to hear what the Davidians had to say about themselves, they were effectively silenced. The Media was no longer unbiased in this matter for it had had chosen sides, it had chosen to be the mouthpeice of the Government. The enemies of the Davidians, That is, those who surrounded them with guns, tanks, helicopters were doing all the defining in the mainstream press. The Mainstream press went along for the ride, like a well paid prostitute.

Some of the broad themes covered and these globalist confabs are:


The Globalists have successfully used the environmental issue to further the march towards global government. By giving real power to un-elected bureaucrats at the UN and in key NGO's, The Kyoto accords were specifically designed ostensibly to reduce the emissions that cause a scientifically questionable premise of Global Warming. It would have furthered the general trend in the US towards de-industrialization. Removing Jobs of blue collar workers into the 3rd and developing world. All to the benefit of the Corporations which are consistently represented at the Biderbergers 'Retreats'

Drug Trade

This has been covered on a lot of sites on the internet. Many of the Worlds Largest Banks are deeply involved in the laundering of Drug Money. When They are caught, no one goes to jail and usually only a small fine is paid. These are the same banks that are consistently invited to the Bilderbergers 'retreats'.

Global Health

The third world must beg to be allowed to produce life saving drugs for its populations. In South Africa, only after years of tireless efforts to get AIDS drugs produced there, were they finally 'allowed' by pharmaceutical corporations to produce the drugs necessary to sustain lives. The underlying Ideal of many of the Globalists, as they have clearly stated over and over again, is to depopulate the much of the planet of its 'useless eaters' (Non-Whites, residing in Asia and Most importantly Africa). Gaining as much control as possible in the health arena is essential for the furtherance of these plans. Look for more initiatives to 'give' aid to these regions and also to the poor in the western world. This is designed to control these individuals through the giving and the threat of withdrawing critical health care based on ones behavior and on ones economic contribution to the new order.

Gun Control

The UN is committed to ending any potential armed opposition to its rule. It is on a great campaign now to disarm the worlds citizens. Its main purpose, was outlined by the State Department in the 1960's. This has always been the plan. It has not changed. Many (though not all) in the UN are working for a Global Government with Tyrannical Powers. No Freedom, No right to self defense No right to oppose the UN in any way shape of form. This is a key piece of the UN/G8/Bilderbergers Agenda.

These are not times to sit and watch the world go by. Much is happening in the world, more political, economic, environmental news than ever before. The problem is, that if you trust the mainstream media to tell you about them, before too long, you will be praising your future executioners and be lobbying for the deaths of those who are trying to save you. Do not trust the mainstream media, watch and listen to it for local news, traffic reports and weather. However, for National and international news it is the absolute worst place to get information and analysis.


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