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Force X

A primer


        In the days before the planet Pluto was discovered, astronomers were at a loss to explain certain orbital anomalies that affected the outer planets of Neptune and Uranus. Scientists could not explain the anomalies except to say that they believed that another planet was present that they could not see which was influencing those orbits. They called the unknown planet, at the time, 'Planet X'. Later, after it was discovered, it was given another name, Pluto. In today political world, people are often at a loss to describe the events that transpire around them and the way certain interests always seem to have a lock on power no matter who is in charge. Such thinking is common, though rarely really examined, It is usually expressed in ways such as, 'Oh they always decide that way' or '...of course! You know they always get what they want!' Who the They are, is never clearly identified other than perhaps to say that they are rich and have political power. While it goes without saying that 'they' have self-interest foremost on their minds, can any other goals and or agendas be ascertained from the actions of the They? For the purpose of this paper well call them 'Force X'. This paper will deal with some of these issues by looking at some of the historical anomalies and attempt to make some sense of it. This paper will not in any way attempt to sway the minds of those whose minds are made up already and refuse to be confused by the facts of history, remote and current. If you will accept nothing but mainstream media and corporate spin on events, then go back into the living room and watch the WWF, perhaps that is something infinitely more tailored to your refined interests.


        How in the world can you explain one single private, exclusive organization having policy sway in the nation over 70 years, where almost every Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Treasury, Federal Reserve Chairmen, National Security Advisors and Presidents of the United States have been chosen regardless of which party is in power? How do you explain this same organization having the heads, or senior editors of every (not most) major broadcast news organization in the Nation and most (Not all) newspapers? That's right... just one organization! It is an organization that only one in five Americans have even heard about. It is an organization that accepts members only after they have been invited to join. Even the powerhouses of industry are there, ATT , GM, Ford, Standard Oil, etc., as well as the heads of the nations major labor unions. It includes powerful members of Academia in the form of the heads of our prestigious Ivy League schools. What is this organization?

We'll get to that later, I will tell you that this organization exists, it files a tax return with the Government and it can be written to get information from. It is the most powerful organization in the nation, bar-none.


        Money and crime.


        How much money do you have in your wallet? Go...ahead look. I have $43 and some change. How much money is that? Actually, you don't have any money at all in your wallet. You have a debt. Yes… that's right, you are working for a 'promise to pay'. When you get paid you are getting a note from the Federal Reserve, (not a government agency) to pay you money that thought you already earned. Confused yet? A Federal Reserve note is a promise to pay you one Federal Reserve Note (FRN). It is a debt instrument that is created out of nothing and circulated as currency in the economy.  A debt instrument? Yes, correct, it is nothing more than a promise to pay. FRN's come into existence via bookkeeping entries at the FED (through a convoluted process at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, the only Regional Federal Reserve Bank that has any real clout). The Federal Reserve System is a private corporation and has individual owners. Yes, private owners, very rich and very privileged people own stock in the Federal Reserve Bank. Are you surprised? You should not be. These very rich people are capable of preserving their interests, forcefully and quietly. They have a strangle hold on the nations currency and thus on the economy. Here is a list of the owners of the Federal Reserve System.




CitiBank -  20.51

Chase Manhattan -  16.79

Chemical Bank - 15.56

Morgan Guaranty Trust -  8.87

Bankers Trust - 4.86

Republic National Bank  - 4.6

Bank of New York - 4.46

Marine Midland Bank N.A. - 4.15

National Westminister Bank  - 2.94

Mid-Atlantic National Bank - 2.76

United Jersey Bank - .58

Key Bank, USA - .08

All Other New York Banks - 13.83


Total Outstanding Shares  19,742,655**




 The real power of the nation is its economic strength and the cornerstone of that strength is the American dollar.  These interests determine who will run for President in our nation, and thus, no matter who wins, their candidate is in power. While much of the information on the scope of power of Force X exists, it is written in such a ways as to exonerate establishment conservatives, the fact of the matter is, any so-called conservative movement in this nation is controlled by Force X. It goes without saying that the so-called liberal movement is also controlled by the same.  Yet they (conservatives and liberals) are constantly fighting on core issues, you may ask. That's right, they fight often and in full view of the television cameras, which are owned and operated by Force X. Don't, believe me? All of the major networks are owned and controlled by members of the afore mentioned exclusive club that no one wants to discuss. That includes so-called conservative sand liberals. If that is not clear enough let me put it this way; NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, including the newspapers or just about any magazines that YOU read, are all controlled by members of Force X. However, please understand this important distinction, they are not controlled by the Government, they are controlled by the very wealthy members of Force X who decide who will be in government.  So our media is really only an agent for change or stability in American society according to the will of those individuals who hold sway over these organizations. The owners of the media organizations have not and more importantly, will not make any attempt to shed light on the fact that they are and always have been agents of Force X. Thus, your ideas, opinions, prejudices, desires, are often only the product of manipulation, as the vast majority of Americans are incapable of making independent decisions, they decide issues based almost exclusively on the so-called opinion makers(a excellent term) and talking heads they see and believe on TV. In short, the opinions and just as importantly, economic habits of the American people are molded and then manipulated so that they are trained to react in certain ways with the correct stimuli.  In essence, the major networks are really only one network, a Corporate Aristocracy News Network(CANN) with several carbon copy versions. This is also true of the wire services AP, UPI and Reuters, each has strong ties of its leadership back to Force X.  Money and Media power are two key pedestals the power of Force X relies upon.


What happens when someone, say who is elected realizes that these interests do not have the American Peoples interest at heart? A leader with courage and is not being blackmailed or owes his fortune to Force X?


John F. Kennedy


You want to go way back to that?!You ask.


Yes. I do.


On June 4, 1963 Kennedy signed an executive order that had the very real potential of removing the ability of the Federal Reserve from issuing the nations money. Executive order 11110, signed by President Kennedy, gave the US Treasury the authority to print interest free United States Notes. This had the potential of removing the Federal Reserve out of the money creation business. Force X was afraid as one of the key pillars of its power was now being threatened by an upstart young President who did not owe his fortune the Force X. JFK, it seemed was embarking on several endeavors that were repugnant to Fore X., not least of which was this executive order.


        Kennedy was being virulently attacked by the business press of the day as represented by the Wall Street journal and Fortune Magazine, these attacks also included Newsweek and other media owned by the Luce Press. These attacks grew as the Kennedy administration settled into office. Kennedy was a pro-business president, but he was not necessarily pro big business. Indeed, it was Kennedy that seriously undermined the Business Advisory Council, an insider group that was being used by big business to obtain special favors and contracts from the Federal Government. Kennedy felt that it was not right to give this elite group of men special access to administration officials when such access was not available to other business people. The business press began to portray Kennedy as a threat to free enterprise and free markets, criticized his foreign policy and began to attempt to undermine his presidency. Additionally, Kennedy was for the prudent use of debt to finance some of his programs and unlike the Democrats of today, was fora general tax cut for most Americans. Debate in the administration caused battle lines to be drawn with the activists of Heller, Cayson, and Roosevelt, and Ball pitted against the conservatives who were the old line money-men of Dillon (of Dillon Read), Roosa, and the FED.  These Battle lines were vividly portrayed by the Wall Street Journal. The differences were largely based on international monetary issues, including and especially balance of payment problems and interest rates. A clue here is that the Bank for International Settlements (the central bankers bank) wanted Kennedy to raise interest rates.


The press of the day that were controlled by Force X; i.e., J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller interests had at one time or another provided significant assistance to Time and Luce's media empire. Indeed 6 of Times magazines Board members were also members of Force X. Morgan-Rockefeller at the time were the real powerhouses of Force X.


If you will look at the owners of the Fed in the chart above you will see who had the most to lose from Kennedy's executive order, because as we all know five months after it was signed, Kennedy was dead. Force X had a new President that entrusted the murder investigation to…you guessed it…the warren commission populated with members of Force X.




The man who originally lost to JFK in 1960, went on the become President in 1968, after Force X's disastrous campaign in Vietnam. Nixon who spent many of the intervening years between 1960 AND 1968, working as a lawyer, and had is room and board paid for by Rockefeller until his election as President. He was the right man for the Job, as far as Force X was concerned. He quickly went about the job of escalating the war after promises to honorably end it. Nixon opened up relations with China, which was the first step in opening up a huge labor market for Force X. Nixon decoupled the Dollar from Gold in 1971 which allowed the Fed to print its currency without the restraint of backing up their paper with the precious metal. This was necessary, as the Feds money printing actions had far exceeded any Gold backing long ago. The simple fact was, many European nations, most notably the French, were seriously considering only accepting payment from the US in gold. Nixon and Force X essentially defaulted on their international monetary agreement. Yes, that is the right word DEFAULT.  The US had agreed to back the US Currency with gold at a rate of $35 an ounce. They could never hope to meet this obligation and decoupling the dollar from gold left Europe with vaults full of worthless paper that could only be redeemed by going back to the US Treasury and not getting gold but some more worthless pieces of paper. The Europeans had to acquiesce, however, they had a plan to remove themselves from the whims of Washington.


Nixon served his masters well, but it appears that others wanted to enter the White House and were not concerned how it was done. As soon as Nixon was inaugurated the second time in 1972, Agnew was investigated for corruption and removed from office. Gerald Ford replaced him, though many beleived that Rockefeller wanted the Job.

Rocky, it seemed felt he was stabbed in the back by his old tenant back in New York. After Gerald Ford was named VP, Nixon found himself increasingly under fire from Force X's Press, most notably the Washington Post. When Nixon finally resigned, Ford became President and he nominated as his VP none other than Rockefeller! Ford had a troubled presidency and survived two assassination attempts that, if successful, would have catapulted, Rockefeller to the Presidency without ever having stood for election. Force X? impossible to tell with the information available, but a successful attempt on Fords life would have had benefited Force X immensely.




The Peanut farmer (read - rich landowner) becomes President. He was discovered by Zibignew Brezinski and member of Force X and later Carters National Security Advisor. Brezinski worked very hard in a new organization that Force X had founded. This New Organization courted Jimmy Carter and indoctrinated him into Force X's new Goals with this new organization. Which can be summarized as follows:



* Reduce the economic expectations of the poor and middle class

* Increase the power of the Presidency

* Increase business/corporate government cooperation in economic planning

* Increase control of government of the press (Broadcast-Print)

* Control of labor movement by business and/or Force X*

*  A new American currency to be used for the western hemisphere brought about by decreased living standards in the US.



Many prominent people have spoken out about the actions of Force X and it was during the time frame of 1975 to 1980 that many organizations lashed out at what was termed Treason and the American Legion requested that Congress Launch an investigation. It didn't happen. And I have news for you It ain't gonna happen.  


Jimmy Carter filled his cabinet with members of Force X's new organization (as well as the old ones).  Force X embarked on a policy that wrecked havoc on the US economy. Interest Rates were 21% (prime!!) inflation was rampant and the middle class was being strangled by the policies of Force X. However odious these goals may have been to the average man on the street, they were consistent with the policy goals outlined by Force X. What was eloquently outlined in the Force X's literature was an elitism shrouded in a farce of democratic legitimacy. Consider that it was under Carter, under the advise of Force X, severed ties with the democratically elected government of Taiwan, in order to placate the elitist dictatorship of China.  This has been the cry of Force X for a long time, to remove democratic impediments to elitist rule. The Carter administration worked tirelessly to implement Force X's program. What we saw under Carter was a policy, especially on the US economic front, of benign (?) deliberate neglect. One of these methods was to relocate production away from the US. The result was to force down the wages of labor and cutting government services at the same time. Additionally, Project Independence was launched during this time and with it a view to shifting the US energy production to the Western part of the US. This of course was all subsequent to the oil embargo of 1973. This was ostensibly a plan to make the US as independent as possible from third world oil supplies, but wound up having the effect of further consolidating most of the energy in the US; including coal and nuclear power (uranium deposits as well) under the firm hand of Force X and its subsidiaries. Under Carter, who campaigned on the fact that insiders had too much influence, the insiders flourished during his administration. Additionally, Carter helped out fascist governments throughout the world, for example, the Shah was ousted primarily because he wanted his nation to share a larger percentage of the oil revenues produced by his nation, rather than having the vast majority wind up in the coffers of Force X.  While Carters policy for the US and democratically elected governments and ordinary people around the world was a disaster, it was music the ears of Force X. This included the downfall of Somoza and the rise to power of the Marxist Sandanistas. After his removal, the Sandanistas received millions in aid from Carter. While the Somozas were very corrupt, the Sandanistas were no better and provided a foothold for Soviet (Communist) influence in the region. The Communists were (and are) very much against democratically elected governments. It always pays lip service to democratic institutions but there are two things Force X and communists hates the most. 1) Extreme Financial loss 2) Genuine democracy.  It appears that Carters Human Rights Policy, while perhaps well meaning, were subordinated to the will of Force X who were more than willing to use the banner of Human Rights as a shield to hide their more nefarious policies.



Conservative Revolution?


What made Reagan a great President? It is hard to tell. Force X tried very hard to keep him out of the White House.  First they attempted to get George Bush nominated as the Republican candidate. Bush carefully resigned form Force X's two most prominent organization of which he was not only a member but was also a director of one. Force X's designs were becoming widely known in conservative circles and Bush realized that as long as he had those affiliations, he could not win over the 'main street' conservatives. The establishment even made a stab at blocking Reagan by supporting Ford.  Reagan's election train was gaining ground and the establishment decided to do business with Reagan. Reagan acquiesced by choosing Bush as his running mate and filling his cabinet with members of Force X once elected.  Reagan was elected as a conservative, and spoke against the insiders who came from the eastern liberal establishment (prime movers of Force X). Like Carter before him, he pulled members of Force X for the top posts in his cabinet. Force X members such as Al Haig, Schultz, Donald T Regan, Casey (CIA Director) and Baldridge (Commerce) all came from Force X and of course his running mate was a long time Force X member, and of course, former CIA Director, George Bush. Reagan fell into the age-old trap of Force X, appoint only insiders to your cabinet to ensure that no meaningful change comes from the new administration. Reagan passed the singe largest tax increase in US History and conservatives were bitterly disappointed and rightfully so. Reagan's budgetary deficits alone surpassed entire annual budgets of Lyndon Johnson who had a war to pay for! Reagan bailed out banks that loaned money to socialist governments, that broke a campaign pledge but fell right in line with Force X's policies.  Under Reagan, trade with communist China skyrocketed and he never attempted to restore relations with Taiwan, something he attacked Jimmy Carter for in the election. Reagan granted hundreds of millions of dollars of credits to the Marxist government of Angola through the export import bank. Reagan's polices were carefully crafted in the Media to appear anti-communist. In reality he supported Marxist regimes throughout the world that fell in line with Force X's economic exploitation plans. Republicans initially took their anger out at the polls handing the Republicans a scathing loss in the 1982 congressional elections. Reagan eventually moved closer to his conservative roots, in time to regain a lot of lost ground in the polls.  Reagan's acquiescence to force X's massive tax increase and huge deficits may have sprung from an attempt on his life. Many facts about this attempt have been obscured.  This is the usual modus operandi of Force X. Confusion. With the official line always (without exception) being a 'lone-nut' did it and that politically motivated assassination conspiracies only happen in other countries, it seems that America is considered too 'sacred' and it is impossible for anything naughty like that to happen within our borders. The people of America, Force X has correctly surmised, are certainly stupid enough to believe it, and the 'lone nut' line has worked over and over and over again.  Why Change?


Reagan still fought Communism and attempted to placate his conservative roots with some polices that appealed to them. Yet the influence of Force X in his policies are myriad and unmistakable. His policies while widely touted in the Republican Party as being genuine conservatism, was only thinly veiled establishment machinations, cloaked as usual as the will of the people.



Clinton and Today


Clinton and his immediate predecessor George Bush have worked tirelessly to undermine American sovereignty and enhance the power and prestige of global institutions. These two men have used two different political constituencies to attain power, but each has very strong ties to and are key members of Force X. NAFTA was a major victory for Force X, major industries and corporations have had a field day with it, reducing tariffs, benefits and wages across the board, Force X has been quite pleased. Creating thousands of jobs in the US that pay below $10/Hour in the retail and the so-called services sector is exactly the kind of progress force X likes to see, that is keeping people basically poor and ignorant of the overall design. Clinton, while pontificating about human rights has handed the most brutal government on the planet excellent trading relations with the US. The blood flows in China from dissenters, religious people and anyone else the Chinese dictatorship does not like. Clinton, who speaks constantly human rights and has shown himself to be the friend of the most evil and bloodthirsty men to take human form He along with Force X has set the march towards genuine human rights around the Globe back to the level of the dark ages for large portions of the worlds population, especially where Force X's economic interests are involved.


Force X, smiles with glee, the markets are open, trade continues, and the inexpensive goods shipped to the US can only help to drive wages in the US down even further. This is certainly a man Force X is quite pleased with. Clinton has also launched the most extensive Federal Surveillance program in the nations history against its us citizens and his administration has been guilty of the largest Federal slaughter of US Citizens on US soil since the Civil War (WACO).  The seeds of an American dictatorship with the farcical legitimacy of phony democracy are becoming a frightening reality in America. You can thank Force X and their faithful employee, Bill Clinton, and his predecessors.


Force X is an informal group of industrialists, bankers and wealthy people who work usually (though it appears not always) quite legally and within the system. Its most public face is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is the implementation body for Force X's policies. Its members include most US Presidents (including Bush and Clinton) media magnates, rich people who control vast amounts of wealth; in short anybody with real power in American Society. Indeed, there is not a more powerful body of people in the US anywhere. If the CFR wants it, they generally get it. The Trilateral Commission is a more specialized body that is more concerned with economic integration of the three (read tri) regions of Europe, Asia and North America. Their Crowning achievements have been NAFTA (economic integration of North America); the EU (Integrating Europe) and ASEAN (a far less successful attempt to integrate Asia).  I will not go into a great deal of detail on the CFR. There is a plethora of information on them and I will not reinvent the wheel. Suffice it to say that the less informed (I am being polite) who have attempted to first say that they don't exist, and then say powerful men don't use their power, do not realize that even they (The CFR and Trilateral Commission) must file a tax return with Uncle Sam, so yes… they exist.. Additionally, they must make their membership roster public. This holds true for both organizations. As far as the powerful not using their power, I will not even grace such a question with a response.


Attempting to explain many of the events in the US without a basic understanding of Force X is like trying to explain the gravitational anomalies of Neptune and Uranus by refusing to believe the possibility of another planet in the solar system. A fool would have explained those anomalies as chance.


Time and research have proven otherwise.


*These Goals were outlined in a Trilateral Commission Triangle Paper #8 in 1975 and Brezinskis Between Two ages.

**Source, Federal Reserve Bank of NY .









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