America Under Attack

A global military conflagration has already begun. In actuality, it has been underway for some time. The terror attacks on the World trade center is just the most violent and demonstrable aspect of this undeclared, yet deadly war. This is not a conventional kind of war with tanks, planes and ground troops. Yes, these will be one aspect of the new battlefield, but only one aspect. The new battlefield is our city streets, our buildings our aircraft our infrastructure, our banks and our stock markets. The new enemy does not show his face publicly. He uses many faces and names to get to his target. He will use terrorist networks, foreign governments, insiders in our own government, drug dealers, surrogates in the mainstream media and blackmailed politicians to accomplish its war ends. In the minds of our enemies who wage this war, what cannot be won by raw military power can be won very easily by subterfuge, treason, terror and treachery. Who is the enemy and what are the reasons for the war?



WTC Towers Are Fallen


The attack on September 11, 2001 was truly a pivotal event in the American history. It’s significance will, in retrospect, dwarf the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is indeed wonderful to hear the patriotic talk in America and people beginning to realize just what we have in America especially in contrast to the trashing patriotic Americans took after the Oklahoma City bombing. Yet, Americans are drunken with a ‘Disneyland’ view of the World and are unprepared for the complexity and the ferocity of the new enemy, who has not yet publicly shown his face. Many feel that Osama Bin Laden is the enemy of America. He is, without question. He is also a convenient scapegoat, as once people associate a terrorist act with Bin Laden, the wheels of thought stop and go no further. They do not look at the wider ramifications of his actions, his financing and the networks he uses. Nor does anyone really understand that Bin Laden is a tool sometimes for others as well as the west’s Islamic nemesis. He and his actions, as this thinking goes, are always to perpetuate his radical view of Islam on the world through terror. This sort of  thinking is simplistic, one dimensional and deserves rebuke. Bin Laden can also be a ‘gun for hire’. His network is sought after by the well connected to instill fear and loathing. Whenever someone want something done, Bin Laden can be called on the accomplish the task or he can put people at the disposal of important, well financed groups who need deniability. Bin Laden is a person whose acts will not be questioned outside of the “Radical Islamic’ terrorist model. This makes him extremely deniable. Indeed, his links with western intelligence agencies has received some news coverage, yet far less than the menacing portrait the American people are fed about him regularly deserves. His contacts with the US elite and the CIA are deep and very troubling. From the American CIA to the Rockefeller family, Bin Laden has hob-knobbed with the elite of the American political/financial scene. His wealth opened up many doors that are closed to almost every American. Yet it is this same Bin Laden that has suddenly, according to widely published and disseminated reports, found Allah and began a campaign of terror against the ‘Great Satans’ of US and Israel. His network works in the same shadows that the CIA and the British MI5 (also with ties to Bin Laden) operate in. Yet and still whenever the ‘face of terror’ is to be shown to the world, it is the face of Bin Laden. Not the face of Palestinian suicide bombers that walks onto a crowded restaurant with bombs packed with nails (to maximize deaths) strapped to his body that the world sees, even though in Israel, this is an almost daily occurrence. It is not the American warships which stop much needed medicine from reaching Iraq, so that over a million people have been killed as a direct result of American policy. No. The face of terror is Osama Bin Laden.


With the demise of the Soviet Union it was necessary to develop a new enemy of the US. The new enemy, developed by the Naional Security apparatus was terrorism, drugs and computer hackers. This is where a great deal of money has gone in the post Soviet budgetary process in the US intelligence community. To justify the continued existence of certain government agencies and even increase their funding levels, the bureaucracy created enemies that were sometimes not nearly as menacing as they were portrayed by our appointed political leaders (DCI/DIRNSA/FBI/DIA). In short, an enemy had to be created. This is not to minimize the threats each one of the afore mentioned threats are to America. Rather, it is only to underscore that the budgetary process coupled with the needs of Government contractors, which give heavily to both of the mainstream political parties, are driving the National Security agenda. That agenda was give the Intelligence community money to combat an enemy we could not track, see or stop, and arguably, billions of dollars later, we still cannot track, see or stop.


We gave the US National Security apparatus the money and still, the worst terrorist attack in World history has taken place. Now rest assured, when all the dust settles, even more money will be given to our intelligence community to waste on sweetheart contracts with insiders who build computer systems that can’t even talk to each other, let alone that anyone can operate to its full (advertised) potential. This is the primary problem when dealing with the types of intelligence, tasked, collected, analyzed, and disseminated today. There is a budgetary process that compels political appointees to grant contracts to key donors/corporations (aka, beltway bandits) weather they can deliver the best product for the money or not. Additionally, it has been the unfortunate result of intelligence failures not to punish failed bureaucrats and appointees with chopping up their prized (and necessary) missions to others or splitting them off into separate entities, but to give even more money to an incorrigible government agency that knows there is no budgetary reward for accomplishing the mission on the current budget, in fact if one does the job too well, his or her budget may very well be cut.


The Twin Tower Disaster was an accident waiting to happen, given this very important bureaucratic dynamic. The simple fact is, success is not rewarded, failure is. And the rewards can be very lucrative. At the time of this writing, it is becoming increasingly clear that not only was the US warned about this incident, it was warned from numerous sources, whose credentials were impeccable. The information was dutifully ignored, not by low-level analysts but by high-level political appointees who have budgets to protect. It should not be immediately surmised that this was a deliberate omissional error. It could very well have been a ‘ho-hum, not another one of these’ reports of which scores if not hundreds are received by various intelligence organizations. The point being here is that for all of the cries that “we should have known so lets spend more money to fix the problem”, the real question is who should be made to individually pay for a criminally negligent act that cost the US enormous and perhaps irreparable harm. This is a question that aims at the heart of the procurement process of the US Government. Such an eventuality would spin the entire bureaucratic and political structure of the US government on its head and cause everyone to take heed to mistakes that presently are not only overlooked by at times appear to be rewarded, if not encouraged. Hence the mind-set and administrative culture that permeates the National Security apparatus needs to be violently shaken up and restructured to provide for a more fluid and responsive Intelligence community.



The New War


This war that was declared by George Bush is a war that will use many unconventional tactics it will employ new weapons that at first may not seem like weapons. However America is just as vulnerable to this new type of warfare as the nations that will attack us and unlike other nations that have been hardened by terrorism, America’s infrastructure is vulnerable, and means will have to taken to secure critical points in America’s vital infrastructure. It appears that some of these steps have already been implemented. Yet are Americans ready for this new type of war? A war against an enemy that dwells among us in our streets, on our airplanes and even holds high positions in our own Government? No. Most Americans, having been fed a steady diet of Hollywood Films and la-la land news Broadcasts and do not even understand the nature of the battlefield. Americans, psychologically and emotionally, remain in an almost pre-pubescent state when it comes to understanding the world in which we live. Indeed, many inside the National Security Apparatus of the US Government are still uninformed as to the depth to which this enemy of America has his tentacles inside the nation. While The US Government will go to great pains to tell people that there was no prior knowledge and that it is irresponsible to say that Officials in this and past administrations are part of an organization to undermine American economic, political and military power not to mention its sovereignty. But it is true and the evidence for it fills volumes of books and would convict a thousand Timothy McVeighs, if it were ever allowed to go to court. This organization (more like a network) is now using all of its power to bring the nation down. When the President discovered that highly classified presidential Security procedures and code words were known to the terrorists, thinking people should ask the following questions:


1) How did they get that information?

2) What else do they know?


The Enemy Within?


Treason has been all over our newspaper over the past few years. Hansen, Wen Ho Lee, to name two of the most recent. Yet in these cases, warnings about their behavior went unheeded by Clinton Administration officials. This may very well have been a bureaucratic snafu, and it may not be. Hansen could very well have had protectors imbedded in the upper levels of the US Government. Remember, the Justice department ‘bungled’ (we are told) the Wen Ho lee case and he went free. Whenever the subject is China, the wheels of Justice turn the other direction, i.e., ‘let the guilty go free’. Silence on the part of the media regarding this treachery, which is not only not punished but often, openly rewarded, as with China. Rewards come in the form of continued trade, support for WTO entry, new US investment in China and the likes. When the Chinese hijack a military plane, hold its crew hostage and then have the audacity to demand a ransom for our crew, a re-thinking of Sino-US relations should have been undertaken. Instead, it was business as usual. This is the kind of enemy America is dealing with. It is deeply embedded in our National Security apparatus in the form of treasonous policy makers, whose primary motivation is not American security but Corporate profits of their campaign donors, which often are companies that are merely fronts for the PLA (Chinese Military). I am not accusing China of complicity in the horrendous act of terror on Sep 11 2001. I am saying that any Chinese links should be thoroughly be investigated, especially in light of the recent pact signed between China and Afghanistan on the day of the attack. These are pertinent questions that need to be answered before we use the usual suspects of Iraq and Afghanistan as the targets of our wrath. For if we cannot even identify whom our enemies and friends are, how can we expect to win this war?  This is the fundamental problem with the entire chain of events. It is as though we were being manipulated into something for reasons that are yet unclear.


The US Government found 40 billion dollars to fight this war at a time when treasury revenues were down decidedly and the existence of Social security as we know it was being debated, if not on the house floor then by those tasked with coming up with solutions to the entire problem. The question should be asked, where is the money coming from? 


In the face of an ugly economic downturn with over a million layoffs since the beginning of the year and the US Markets showing weakness across the board. Indeed, Corprorate layoffs are the largest in US history outstripping even the great depression. Additionally, a Federal Judge is hearing a case of what could turn out to be the scandal of the century. This being the deliberate manipulation of Gold prices by the US Government, these Gold assets appear to no longer be the property of the US Government and if the allegation are true America has been swindled out of its Gold by insiders in the US Government! Add to that a reported 12 tons of Gold buried under the World Trade Center that no one is discussing on the mainstream media. These are key events transpiring in the world that are hidden from the American people, who have allowed themselves to be lulled to sleep by Corporate America’s mainstream media. The best thing any American can do is turn off the disinformation box (also known as the TV). Where did America’s Gold go? Who traded it away? Who was manipulating it? The only people who have such power are the US Treasury Department, The Federal Reserve, and the Big New York Banks. They are the ones who have been named in the lawsuit that very few have even heard of.


Cry Havoc! And Let Slip the Dogs Of War…


Now our troops are heading to Pakistan, with a large Muslim population many of which support Osama Bin Laden and hate the US.  They are there to attack another Muslim nation. America’s potential Afghan ally in this war was killed just days before the WTO terrorist attack. He died in a missile attack during a skirmish in Afghanistan. Indeed, now the threat of a US attack is complicated by the fact that the Afghan opposition to the Taliban has now united with the Taliban to fight the US. How long will the population in Pakistan stand for American troops bombing and attacking Afghanistan? How long will the Pakistani Government stay in power if this is allowed? What other places are our troops heading. Could any of these places themselves pose a grave risk to US troops?  Remember the Russians fought a war there for years and finally left wounded and defeated.



Search For Suspects


I ask the readers to think for a moment. How convenient is it to find a car with Muslim literature, pilot guide and other paraphernalia right after the World Trade Center attack in a car near the airport? Now, no one is claiming the terrorists were highly intellectual, nevertheless that kind of rank stupidity is not consistent with the precision that the entire operation entailed. It almost seems like a convenient scapegoat was being set up to take the fall for others who were actually responsible. I am not saying the Bin Laden networks was not involved. I am saying that it is very likely that they were only one piece of a larger picture that the American people will not be allowed to see. And was setting up false leads to ‘prove’ conclusively that it was Bin Laden and him alone responsible and to let the trail go cold on lead to other interests who have an interest in damaging America.


This attack on America is too convenient. It certainly appears that it was known an attack would take place. All of the elite talking heads came on the television said the same things almost in unison, ‘terrorism is a global problem that transcends national boundaries’ and ‘Americans might have to give up some liberties’. Almost all of these talking heads come from the Council On Foreign Relations, an organization dedicated to the removal of American sovereignty and a place from which almost every President, Secretary Of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Treasury, Federal Reserve Chairman and CIA director comes. This attack detracts the focus away from the serious economic downturn, including a major US Bank that recently had sustained a $30 billion derivatives loss.  It allows the Nation to print money to fund a war effort and put troops in areas of the world that are rich in oil deposits at a time when the Dollar was under serious threat. That threat being another currency taking over as the reserve currency of the world, namely the Euro. With little or no Gold to back its currency and a new currency on the horizon, the Dollar’s preeminence was and is threatened if its continues to fund its operations via fiat (printed with no backing at all) currency. This would especially affect oil sales because the international financial system as it is currently constructed only allows oil to be purchased in dollars.


Consider these facts:








The US was in dire economic straits before the terrorist attack. And whoever hit us… hit us where it hurt. Short selling by certain interests, just before the terrorist attack, is highly suspicious and may give some clues as to who knew and perhaps even who was behind this attack, provided the information is ever made public.




I ask Americans to look before they leap. War may very well be the answer to ending the scourge of Global terrorism, I believe it could be. Provided it is waged with ferocity, with excellent strategic foresight and that adequate defensive measures are taken on the US home front. I also believe that many of our policies have added fuel to an already raging fire of anti-Americanism that is sweeping the Globe. I also believe that we as a nation have a nest of high level traitors that sit, and have done so for some time, in key administration posts since the days of JFK and before. Our current President is far too afraid of this network, as it is positioned in the upper levels of the US Government, to move against it.


Which is why this war will fail.