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And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. (Hab 2:2)

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By Mark S. Watson
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21-25 Mar 2011

And when he saw their faith, he said unto him, Man, thy sins are forgiven thee.
(Luk 5:20)


Today's News

 20 Mar

Headlines For Week Of 13 - 20 March 2011

Japan: Pressure Rises In Reactor, Officials Decry Not Giving Out Radiation Pills

Libya's Christians Concerned About Nation's Future

75 Percent Of Religious Persecution Is Against Christians

Japan Hasn't Released High-Res Pix Of Damaged Plant

Another War, Another Hundred Or So Missile Strikes
America, fighting for duplicity and hypocrisy the world over...

Japan Power Line Connected

UK Ministers Spooked By Scientists Report

Americans Looking For Guidance, Yet Key Data On Radiation Hidden
MSM goes into 'hide the facts' mode. Oh yes, Obama is hiding the facts. And yes... multiple chain reactions are still possible. Please do not panic but I will not lie to any of you, I have had Potassium Iodate at home for many years. I think it wise to be safe than sorry and if you don't have it and can get it readily... I would. Am I alone in this assessment? No, the US Surgeon General advised the same thing. You probably won't need them... unless the worst case comes to pass... and then you will hear so much conflicting information you will be confused beyond all hope. Better to have it handy... just in case. Meanwhile, Obama is heading to Rio for some sunshine... far away from radiation clouds. His welcome has been far less than warm...

Gaza, Israel Exchange Tank And Morter Fire

Obama Supports Another War
Germany Opts Out

First The Quake... Then The Lies...
What we were told at first and what is happening now... and you don't think the public has a right to be highly skeptical of what our government says?!

The Real Obama: In Insider Speaks
Here is an insider who is now telling you a few things I have been alluding to for a long time. Most interesting. Many of the top people in this administration are fed up with him and see him as extremely incompetent, indecisive and self-absorbed and more dangerously... he does not appear to be running the show.

Firebomb Thrown At Pro-LIfe Prayer Vigil
Folks, babykilling is big business and a no small amount of taxpayer money goes to it. Why is there a curse on America's finances? This is one reason. Folks just don't understand what is really happening and why.

Radiation Hits Japanese Food Supply

In Secular Japan, People Turn To Prayer

Nuke Plant Chief Breaks Down & Cries, Says Radiation Levels "Deadly"
I do not want to spread panic and fear, but I also do not want to give in to the lying so common in our Federal government. So I will let you be the judge about how dangerous this whole affair really is. Me? I think it is much worse than we are being told and while I do not think the radiation cloud heading towards California is very dangerous, the levels of radioactive material may however be significantly higher than the MSM is now telling us. I wish I could refer you so some experts not in the pay of Uncle Sam, but I can't right now... at least not one I think I can trust but for the adventurous, here is a link that might help. I want to see several independent (of the government and its funding mechanisms which excludes even educational facilities) radiation readings from California and Japan and I have seen none. When I see pictures in the above like of an exposed nuclear facility, I know that the danger is severe to those who live and work near the plant. The only real issue that I see is if we have a 'steam explosion' that sends significant amounts of radiation in the air. If this happens we *may* see much higher levels of radiation in the US. How much and how far such a cloud could travel, only a nuclear scientist could tell us. But these days you cannot be certain that they are going to give you all the facts without doing their best to hide the unpleasant realities from us all. Uncle Sam's reach is pretty far and goes very deep into the US scientific community. I think the biggest threat is to Japan and not anywhere else because some scientists are saying that if we have the worst case scenario, then a large part of Japan may become inhabitable for a very long time.

How Bad Can It Get?

Nuke Update

Minuscule Levels Of Radiation Hit California

Radiation Cloud Set To Hit US Today
Probably not going to be enough to cause health problems. There is just one problem... the President assures us that there is no problem and given his track record of veracity and truthfulness... I am now, only after his recent statements, somewhat concerned. I say this not in jest, I just don't think the truth if were unpleasant would be told to us by this President whose almost every campaign promise turned out to be a lie and who is most accomplished at the art of betraying the base of his party. Alex Jones has his take here...

Libyan Sitrep 17 Mar 2011
'Under-armed Rebels in Turmoil' is the subtitle. Jamestown was able to get one of their men inside to talk to the rebel leaders and he describes the situation fropm their point of view. Of note, Al Qaeda is out doing is usual thing, releasing video's to the militant faithful. The 31 minute video says that Al Qaeda is the only solution for Libya. There has been some discussion about how much AQ has been involved in this uprising and so far the evidence is scant to non-existent. But any such evidence would probably be hidden away from folks outside the beltway as this administration (Obama-Clinton) seem determined to get us involved in yet another quagmire. Should it be revealed that some of the leaders in the Rebel movement whom we are about to support have ties to AQ or other similar militant organizations, such information would douse cold water on any move to intervene. As most of you probably know, the UN security council has authorized the use of force and now another major impediment to US military action has been removed. Naturally Libya closed its airspace just after the resolution and NATO members are readying their Air Forces. I have told you that there were some serious divisions in the administration over this intervention. There is Gates who, as I told you (who has to deal with the day to day realities of war and its effects on our troops and overall readiness) is against it, at least as far as a ground intervention is concerned. He seems to have learned his lesson. I never liked him much, but he is a very smart man even if he has been in Washington far, far too long. No dear readers, Clinton is driving intervention. Our 'quagmire creation' foreign policy is expensive and in the long term, counterproductive to even US interests, let alone to the victims of our policies. You should watch how this plays out. Watson's quagmire watch looks for the following events in succession: First it will be a no-fly zone. Then we will send the rebels arms but only a few will know how to use them. Then we will have to send in 'Technical advisors'. They start with how to use the arms we gave them but will expand to training them in new fighting techniques. The rebels will get into trouble, some of the weapons we sent them will wind up in Gadaffi's hands and then we will need more 'action' to assist the rebels. Before the 2012 elections (may just after them ... you know... after we are promised in the campaign that no more ground troops will go to Libya) we will send ground troops and we will have both feet firmly planed in the quicksand... sinking fast.

But there is some very good news. Gadaffi has declared a cease fire and now wants to talk to the rebels. My guess is that those 'eastern elements' who bankrolled Gadaffi's bid to retake power just sent him a message 'negotiate or else'. I also think that an image of Saddam Hussein, dangling from the end of a rope came to Gadaffi's mind when the UN resolution passed. This is a most welcome development, though any agreement made with Gadaffi under duress is not likely to last long or be worth much. Still... this is a situation that is quite fluid and worth keeping an eye on.

Yemen Police Shoot Protesters

... And Those Gas Prices?!

A Quick Note:
During times like these I am sure many of my Christian readers wonder why I don't try and put some of these things in more spiritual context. You know put up a scripture verse or two, you know that sort of thing. Well, I will be honest with you all. I am just as overwealmed by what is happening as the next person (that is those who is really watching the signs of the times as our Lord Commanded, and woe to him who refuses to obey our Lord). There are a great many people who are too afraid to read a newspaper or turn on the news for fear of the things going on. I have talked to some of them. The nuclear crisis, the civil war in Libya, the violent repression in Bahrain and Yemen, the eerie calm before the storm in Egypt, the looming troubles in Saudi Arabia, not to mention that the US cannot agree on a budget and a government shutdown could still happen as some lawmakers are getting impatient with these temporary resolutions. Something is going to have to give soon. America's spending spree is just going to have to come to an end or tremendous pain awaits America. I am not talking about 'long term' projections either. That phrase is just the propaganda to calm folks from looking real close at our budget and the shenanigans being used fund our massive Federal government. But as usual most Americans are not paying attention. Hey... NCAA Basketball is on and that is the new distraction from reality for millions of Americans. The financial crisis in the EU.. yet another major problem with only very difficult long term solutions. And guess what?... those other problems that were here just a few months ago, they have not gone away; still trouble on the Korean border, though it has simmered down some for now, we still have major budget dilemma's in a majority of US states, still have a lot of folks without work or if they found it, are making so much less than they did before that they cannot pay the mortgage. The news is bad everywhere. But frankly dear readers, we have not seen anything yet.

But in light of all of the bad things happening out there these days, some may have started to think I have neglected putting things in light of God's word and end time prophecy. As I have stated before many times, being a prophet is a very serious affair and I, thankfully do not consider myself to be one. If I have been given a gift by God it is the gift of clear thinking with a touch of divine light on events that is shed in my mind, heart and eyes by the Holy Spirit. However to the degree that I preach Christ and him crucified and warn my readers of the coming Judgments on America and the world, I must confess, this ministry does fit that bill.

And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. (Rev 19:10)
A Private Warning

Late last year and then again in January of this year followed by yet another the very first part of February the Lord spoke to me very insistently that a major crisis was coming to the world. He would not tell me exactly what it was and I did not press the Lord, but he said that it was coming and at first I would not recognize it as a major crisis. Well, when I saw what happened in Algeria, I still did not connect up God's word with what was happening. Then followed Egypt and Bahrain and the rest. The world is in a major crisis on many fronts. Revolutions and civil wars in the Middle East, a major nuclear catastrophe in Japan which was triggered by one of the largest earthquakes on record... God's word is sure. Why did I not post this? I frankly did not want to. I do not like getting into predicting things unless there is something specific that God wants his people to do beforehand. This is why I did do the 'prediction thing' in the Coming Economic Depression Series, there was a lot God's people could do. Even today a lot of folks are still in denial as to what happened in 2008 and what is is really going to mean to them personally. They still 'got theirs' and don't really care about all that economic stuff... 'I got to get home to watch the game...' Well... mark my words, for a great many of you, your turn to feel some most serious economic pain has just not come around yet... don't worry... it will.

There was nothing any of us could do about these crisis that have hit us now in 2011. So I just remained silent. But now after these events the only thing God has told me to do is to continue to warn the people as to the troubles that are coming and the reason. What is the reason? Man's evil. His greed, his lust, his violence, his cruelty to his brother, his lies, his frauds his adulteries and his perversions. Man likes to absolve himself of his evils but God will hold people accountable for their actions. Man is evil. One honest look at our world at the man-made troubles should tell any thinking person that. The creation of the human race, I am sorry to inform you, is one of God's biggest regrets (Genesis 6:5-8). He is deeply sorry that he even made us. This has not changed. But he does love us and wants us all to turn from our wickedness and do right. I will tell you now that not many want to do that. They want to point the finger at another's evils and cling desperately to their own. God does not care if it is adultery, sodomy, murder, theft, usury, hate, lies, fraud, cruelty or just plain selfishness. God is, on his word of honor, going to hold each and every soul accountable for their deeds. There is only one way to get absolution from ones sins, and that is from the blood of Christ and real biblical faith in his redeeming power and obedience to his word gives us all the hope of salvation. So let us Christians remember that preaching the Gospel to the lost is still our number one priority.

1) For the people of Japan. Pray that in the midst of this horrible tragedy, real Christians who are respectful of Japan's cultural sensitivities are allowed to quietly go to Japan and Preach the Gospel.

2) Pray for Christians in the Middle East who are a minority and are caught in the middle of this major crisis sweeping the regions governments. Pray for their safety and that God gives them wisdom as to how to behave in these perilous times.

3) Pray for those in the west so that they can have their eyes opened up and no longer be blinded by the gods of materialism, sex, greed and Nihilism.

4) Pray for places like the Ivory Coast and Somaila where major conlicts are still being fought but have no oil and the peole have dark skin and thus the spotlight at your major news sites will not shine on them and the UN will pass no 'resolutions'.

Japan's Endgame

Reactor Drama: Finally Some Good News...

Obama Set To Support Internet Privacy... Or Does He?
How many of you have heard of the supercookie? No I am not talking about LSO's or those flash cookies, but a new kind of persistent cookie that totally ignores your browser settings. A new 'feature' included in the newer browsers that for obvious reasons, is not being talked about much by Mozilla or Microsoft. Those of you who want to know more can click here. From what I gether, it basiccally puts a unique ID into your browser and from it your movements can be tracked, no matter if you are on VPN or not. Even the FTC did a whitepaper on this and other prviacy issues. It can be found here. I bring this up because most people equate privacy with just old fashioned cookies and that is the 'primitive' method. Today, there are many other ways folks are tracked and it is not clear that legislation will really address all of the real tracking going on, not just some in order to give folks a false sense of security that congress has 'done something'. Some of it frankly is no longer just tracking but downright hacking (breaking into SSL sessions, stealing usernames/passwords and folks having their bank accounts literally drained... oh, yes... this is going on right now and the Feds are aware and it is being done by corporations who are very close to the President.

My point is a simple one. Some serious tracking is going on and some serious crime is also transpiring as well but you are not being told about that and I doubt even Congress is being adequately informed as to what is really happening and just how pervasive and at times even criminal some of the tracking going on really is.

My hope is that the President and the Congress come up with something that really stops all of this corporate spying dead in its tracks and puts real penalties in place for those firms that break the laws. What also needs to be tackled are those big sites that put all of your personal information on the web for all to see. This is real danger to some folks; like young women who may be stalked, folks who may be a witness to a crime or in some kind of witness protection (you can find out where their families and friends live), or activists who may be targeted by the rich and powerful. No... this is a matter of personal safety for more folks than you may realize. Until the Congress acts, here is an easy to understand 'self defense' manual that at least gets you some basics on privacy. I will tell you another secret that you are not being told, the Patriot Act is one of your biggest problems in the realm of privacy, but the so many of the provisions in it are classified in order to keep it from being discussed out of the blogopshere.

Feds Use Backdoor To Attack Medicinal Pot
They get the banks to spy on customers. I was hoping that commonsense would be come more evident when Obama took office, but this man's priorities are just plain twisted. I know that medicinal use of pot is not some gimmick. Talk to someone who has gone through Chemo and totally lost their appetite, they will tell you what may not be politically correct to say but that Pot works and those appetite enchancing drugs that are prescribed have some very serious side effects. Besides, not everyone can afford them. This just goes to show you that there are too many Feds with not enough real work to do and it's time to start swinging that budget axe.

House To Vote On Quick Exit From Afghan Quagmire

Tokyo: Major Blackout Expected

Nuclear Crisis: DOD Prepares For Worst Case, Radioactive 'Steam Explosion' Probable

A Massive 'Dirty Bomb'?

Hiding Critical Information?
The severity of this crisis appears to be being hidden from us all. How bad is this crisis? Is it possible that a large portion of the Japanese Population will not live another 10 years? I do not know the answer to this question, but the way this crisis has been handled and the lies told thus far tells me that this is much, much worse than we are even now being told.

Radiation 'Extremely High'
Japan's New Radiation Refugee's

Meanwhile... The President Is On Another Planet...

Food Prices In US Soar

Major Corporations Decry Obama's Draconian Copyright Agenda
Like I said in today's long lost, this proposal is dead wrong and just shows you how Obama is just trying to scare up some Hollywood money for 2012. He does not seem to care who it hurts in the process.

Americans Urged To Leave Reactor Zone

When Should We Start Taking Potassium Iodate?

How President Obama Plans On Filling Up US Prisons
...and scare up lots of Campaign Cash from Hollywood and Big Pharma in the process. We already have the highest number of people in jail than any other nation on earth, by far and Obama wants to add to that number. Of the face of it the proposals are harsh, but not 'over the top'. But this whole affair falls right in line with this guy... he even copyrights his Flikr images! For a man who claimed to want openness and freedom when he ran and now wants to copyright pictures of himself shows just how self absorbed, grasping this man really is. Do you get the impression after watching this guy the past two years that he just does not care about his countrymen, unless they can bankroll his campaign chest? Banksters (who get bailed out) Big Pharma and Insurance (who got a nice new revenue stream from Obamacare) and now Hollywood is getting theirs. Now the DHS which was set up to protect America from Terrorists is now the copyright police! Talk about the slippery slope and a serious abuse of its original intention. The DHS taking down 84,000 sites and falsely accusing them of being child pornographers 'Joe's Plumbing' and 'Molly's Haridoos'... they were smeared and slandered by the US government. I mean there are fewer things more horrible than to be called a child molestor/pornographer. Out of control is what this President is, out of touch and out of control and will do just about anything for a campaign donation, including selling you and me down the river.

Not all of the proposals are bad, and of course these are just that, proposals and in fairness, he is doing some good out there in the digital world. But the reality is that Copyright law itself needs to be reworked. Especially to the degree that copyrights stifle the creative process and perpetuate 'guilds' and 'cartels' that are not only uncompetitive but disallow or restrain new artists into the marketplace. Video editing technology, film processes and other ways the industry keeps out the little guy need to be looked at seriously. Also what needs to be looked at are the other ways the industry makes money that are contrary to the original intent of Copyrights, which is to Spur (not stifle) creation. Today, copyrights are more and more being used to perpetuate a massive cartel that keeps out the little guy. Put movies that are over 50 years old back in the public domain or restrict how copyrights for older movies can be enforced. Reducing that revenue stream puts the onus back on creation of new material, not finding ways of making money off the old. Organizations like TCM who do a lot more than just show old movies (they also find old films and prints and then restores them) should be given some special consideration for their hard work. But in Hollywood, frankly there is very little creation going on, just a rehash of the same old formula's and themes. And Nepotism? That is just another name for Hollywood. No, if the President and Congress are going to reform Copyright laws then a complete reworking of the whole system is in order. A system that spurs real creativity, allows for real innovation not just by Cartels but by smaller enterprises and allows the actual creators to their fair share of revenues (not just the Studios, but the artists as well, who often get messed over in crooked but legal contracts that cheat them out of their fair share). Making a new tiered system of enforcement would be great. Level 1) If the artists get less than 10% of the profits, then the Feds will not enforce copyrights, the studio's own legal department is responsible for investigating and bringing charges. Level 2) If the Artists get over 10 percent but less than 30%, then the Feds will enforce for the first 10 years. Level 3) If the artists gets paid over 30% then the Feds will enforce for 50 years. This way the Feds don't have to get involved in contract negotiations or try and regulate them. They just tell the Studio's "well help you to fairly enforce if you are fair with your artists, otherwise you have have a big bankbook, enforce your copyrights on our own dime, not the taxpayers". Guesswhat... that is what the little guy has to do today! Big brother isn't enforcing copyrights for the little fish, he is on his own. Finally, we need a system that allows for enjoyment of entertainment at a reasonable price and without a lot of government interference and surveillence and this thing Obama has created ain't it. We need a copyright system that gets the government out of this kind of draconian (and expensive) enforcement and allows for real creativity to grow from the grassroots and cuts these massive cartels down to size. This is contrary to Obama's demonstrated (as opposed to stated) agenda which is to give even more power to the major corporations who have been robbing us all blind for decades. The President talks a lot about spurring creativity and innovation, but his actions simply do not match his actions. We need common sense, not jack-boot solutions.

A Slow Moving Nightmare
Latest explosions and fire raise risk of affecting public.

Federal Reserve: America's Satanic Robin Hood
Rob from the poor and give to the rich. The entity who makes working Americans pay 20% interest and essentially gives it away to the banks and the rich. Read about how Robin gave Maid 'Marian' Lane a major bailout... in secret, while the President and Congress talk about cutting social safety nets... for the poor.

Libyan Rebels Advance On Benghazi

Hundreds Shot In Bahrain Protest
Well, what do you expect, with the Islamic SS (Saudi Stormtroopers) now in the mix in Bahrain, atrocities were soon to follow. I do not like being so hard on the Saudi's who have been a close ally of America's, but their tactics are inconsistent with the 'freedom and democracy' our nation preaches. Get a good glimpse of this America because if your leaders cannot get a real handle on our deficits in very short order, this (protests, repression, foreign troops) is coming to America. Who knows who is really committing these acts... shooting unarmed protestors. In the 'black world' of covert operations, you get some Saudi's to wear a Bahraini police or military uniform and the people would never know the difference when they are laying in the streets... bleeding to death from 'shots by Bahraini forces'.

EU Set To Unload PIIGS Bonds

Pvt. Manning Gets Unexpected Defender
The President ought to be ashamed of himself for allowing this kind of treatment of Manning. It is un-American. If the presumption of innocence, courts and trials are to continue in America then this President needs to put a stop to what is going on and let the legal system deal with Private Manning, not some bonehead in the DOD. Is Gates, Obama.. anyone minding the store?

Inflation Rears Its Ugly Head
As an ordinary consumer, I have seen prices rise considerably over the past couple of months. Bread, Organic Grape Juice, Coffee Creamer and of course gasoline... and not by some measly point-zero something percent either!

Christians Flee Fighting In Burma

House Passes Another Stopgap Funding Bill

Malaysia To Release 35k Impounded Bibles

Bahrain Orders State Of Emergency
Foreign troops deployed...

Is A Banking Catastrophe Next?

Radiation Levels Reportedly Falling

Freaked Out Germans Buy Geiger Counters, Shut Down Reactors

US Backs Global Currency

Nuclear Disaster Looks Likely

Radiation Risk: How Far Will It Spread

State of the Unions
(pdf will be up later)

For the past few weeks I have watched the drama in Wisconsin unfold with interest and sorrow. I have listened to Labors supporters (mostly from the left) make a valiant effort to try and save the working man's last refuge of economic safety in our globalized world. I watched them lose. I knew they would, perhaps not this time around, but next time for sure. There was no way they could win in the long run. They slept too long. The same drama will play out in Ohio, Iowa, California, New York and elsewhere eventually. There may be some safe havens for public unions, but not many and unless something serious, really serious is done about America's growing imbalances and structural problems, even those will eventually go by the wayside. The working man just doesn't know it yet because for the most part, they still do not know the rules of the game.

When folks like me were warning that one day GM would go bankrupt because she could not compete in the new globalized world, folks thought I was nuts. She went bankrupt and now her biggest plant is in China, where labor is cheaper and labor unions are illegal. Her new stockholders are foreign. America just sold off a major part of her industrial infrastructure, but don't tell the media that, they want everyone to think selling off America to these interests was a big success. Make no mistake, US corporations are in love with China. Why? No unions and a State that will use violent repression to make sure none are ever formed. Organizers get rounded up and are never seen again. Don't laugh... because before long, I think some kinds of unions will be illegal in America as well. It will take our elite a while to psychologically condition the masses for it, but I think it is coming and for the most part people will not only accept it, but will be deceived into voting for it.

Consider this: Back in the early 1990's I and a few others saw that these free trade agreements were really more about organized labor than anything else. US capital (Mammon) wanted to free themselves from the expensive albatross of collective bargaining and its effects on their balance sheets. They concocted a plan that would force cheap labor onto US markets, break down what they called 'trade barriers' to set unstoppable economic forces in motion to destroy Unions and America's affluent lifestyle. There were only a handful of folks back then who saw this for what it was. But labor (and other non-union working Americans) saw that Bill Clinton was a Democrat and consequently, they thought he would never be party to something so evil as to willfully destroy the working man's bread and butter. Well, it was 'Comrade Bill' who got NAFTA gave most favored nation status to China (after tons of illegal campaign money from Communist China) and the pushed the WTO with a great deal of help from the GOP in the likes of men like Newt Gingrich, who was speaker of the house at the time. Bill and Newt were doing the bidding of Wall Street and the mega corporations who really run America. They control both parties and use our leaders as virtual 'sock puppets' for their policies. These entities pay the money (campaign contributions) and when they want something done, it gets done. Globalized trade was the capstone of their work. Once that passed, the rest was sure to follow, just like a tsunami follows an 8.9 earthquake just off shore. In an economic sense, folks are getting swept away. Millions of Americans are still out of work, and those that have found it are making considerably less than they did before. But the simple math of this is lost on folks. It does not matter if it is the labor organizer who works hard and rallies the troops or the progressive blogger. They all want to blame those 'evil Republicans' in Wisconsin. Well, am not going to argue as these guys do seem to be a cold-hearted lot and seem to have a real hatred for working people. They are also showing a real contempt for voters that will almost certainly cost many of them their seats when they are eligible for recall elections over the next several months. The union busters have won this round but I think the cost will be very great and the fallout will set their efforts back a while after they get tossed out of office next year in special recall elections.

The point here is that the trend is in place. Money to pay workers has to come from somewhere and that is why so many on the left are missing the whole story. State governments are reeling from the effects of this economic collapse and despite what you are hearing, there is no real end in site until those pesky structural problems get solved. This is not (absolutely no way) possible as long as the two party system is in power. How is it I am so confident? Because those structural problems are making a lot of folks billions of dollars. Our healthcare system is just one prime example of a politically protected structural problem that no one is going to solve. So expect much, much higher health costs to be thrown onto each of you personally. So high that one day they will be 50% of after tax income for an average working Joe. This is coming, even if our President and Big Pharma's PR machine (liberally deployed in your TV-news talk shows and newspaper Oped pieces, and paid for by Big Pharma but you will never be informed of that inconvenient fact) tell you otherwise. Our politicians are being paid to keep the system structurally unsound. It is why we are still spending inordinate and unnecessary amounts of money on a war making machine, riddled with fraud. Powerful interests are fighting hard to keep that spending rising while social services are cut and ordinary Americans are being thrown out of work And don't be fooled by the new unemployment numbers, the statistical games being played are real. When you see a real and significant uptick in State (not federal, where accounting chicanery reigns supreme) income tax revenue, you can believe that more real people (as opposed to statistical phantoms) are working. Until then, headline grabbing employment upticks are highly suspect and are timed with the upcoming election cycle rather than employment realities. The real untold tragedy is that whatever jobs are created will not be like those high paying, good benefit union jobs the GOP and Democrats have worked tirelessly, for so long and so hard... to destroy.

Finally, I find it hard to weep for the American worker. When folks warned them this day was coming they still put their votes in the GOP and Democrats back pockets. Even in the Bush years, Labor voted for Gore who, on the issue of internationalism and globalization, was Bill Clinton on meth and steroids. They just did not have a clue as to the stakes and refused to listen to those who warned them. They would not pay serious attention to guys like the much hated Ralph Nader. He was telling us all the real deal back in the 1990's and before. When he ran for President (not an easy feat for a man his age) he got less than 1% of the vote. So the people made a clear statement to the political class, 'ship my my job overseas... quickly, I can't wait to be without a job and a pension!'

And that is what the political class did.

Now folks are crying about the fact that they may lose their rights to collective bargaining, their healthcare may go up, or they might even lose their jobs. I will not lie to you dear readers. I am not going to cry for them and I am not going to lift up my voice to try and help them. They have chosen their bed and now must lie in it. Believe me, I am anything but cold-hearted. I do care but there is nothing I can do to stop people who are determined to destroy themselves. But you know what makes me angry, really really angry about the American working man? I will tell you. Yesterday while I was making lunch, I had the TV on and watched part of a documentary on the Sundance Channel. It was called 'Shock Doctrine' based on the book by Naomi Klein. You want to watch something that will make your blood boil? Watch that and see how evil our nation has become as we killed raped and pillaged our way in Iraq. In it you will find some inconvenient facts that the major corporations (who run, sit on boards on or advertise in) our media kept from America. We destroyed the water, power and sanitation of a major nation to 'demoralize' a people who never attacked us nor had any intention of doing so and then sent in US corporations to 'rebuild' what the military reduced to rubble. Many corporations just took the money, put into foreign bank accounts and built nothing, except perhaps a harem of women in a luxury suite in Bahrain. It was madness. But this is what we are spending money on even today with our 'contracting' which according the DOD's own recent report, fraud runs into the hundreds of billions of dollars. It is crazy, perverse and evil. But time and time again Americans put the same leaders in the same parties right back in power without any regard to the millions of victims of US foreign and military policy. They were and are content to see others bombed out of existence but cry a river of tears when someone wants to take away their union rights. I cannot and will not lift up so much as a prayer for such people. Let the American people show some real concern for the millions of refugees that lost everything as result of our evil war and the folks who have been rounded up and tortured without any due process. Until then, a prayer for such men and women would be more akin to an abomination. Their hands are stained with too much innocent blood by both action and apathy. I have already personally been given stern direction from the Lord about not praying for vast swaths of my countrymen. Folks... God is just that angry and determined to deal with not just America's leaders, but with the American people and the American Church. But he won't do it until the people are first warned.

What we are seeing is the system of Mammon (let the reader understand this) in all of its hideous glory. Profits uber alles, the rich conquering over the poor and the destruction whole countries and societies in the pursuit of money. Meanwhile, the US working man is limping along haphazardly, wounded... mostly from a self-inflicted economic and political 'gunshot wound'. He will go back in the ballot box in 2012 and finish himself off. The Church? They have are driven by a new 'purpose' in largely gospel-less and Christ-less Churches. Too many are simply houses of Mammon, sodomy, adultery and other great sins. Satan and Mammon are the same entity. But the deceived Church still has not figured it out... probably never will. Mammon steals, kills and destroys to achieve its ends coupled with liberal doses of lying and cheating. It is all about the money. A man and woman of God who sat down and watched that film or just really looked out the world without listening to the Voice of Mammon (the MSM) could easily see satan hard at work in our political leadership to do his bidding. It is as clear as the morning sun, to those whose eyes are open and can see the times.

To him who has ears to hear, let him hear. This system is coming from hell and was prophesied about many times in the scriptures.

Why can't the corporate (501(c)3 Churches see this? As it was with the Pharasees, so it is with the modern Church...

He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them. (Joh 12:40)

In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. (2Co 4:4)

The prophets of old and the apostles who warned of these times were not doing it for their health. The warnings were meant to be heeded, not explained away.

Again I say, blessed are the eyes that see.

Libya-Niger: Refugees Pour In


 14 Mar

14 March Headlines

Saudi Troops Arrive In Bahrain As Protests Escalate

Moroccan Police Crackdown on Protests

Study: Living With Both Natural Parents Make Happier Kids

Ivory Coast: Civil War Looms

New Intenet2 Is Here But Not Available For the Masses

New NIV Bible Arrives Amid Contraversy
FYI, The NIV is published (and copyrighted) by Zondervan, which is owned by Ruppert Murdoch. He also runs Fox news and publishes the Satanic Bible. He also publishes Rick Warrens 'purpose driven' books. The King James version is not copyrighted and while not perfect, is not saddled with today's obsession with PC and pleasing a lost world rather than trying to save it. When you read the news article, notice how many times the words 'retailers', 'marketing', 'sell', 'consumers' and 'purchase' appear.
And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. (2Pe 2:3)

Google, CIA Invest In Future Predicting Company

The Foundations Of Evil

Gadaffi Plays East Off Against West

New Explosion At Fukushima Plant

Meltdown Alert....

Japan: Chernobyl Feard

Japan: Worst Crisis Since WWII

How The President Plans On Destroying The Internet
The DHS, originally set up to protect America from terrorism is now going after 'copyright infringers'. But these folks have not even broken any laws! They just seize their websites without any due process. What is Obama doing about that? Who do you think the DHS works for? Very recently the DHS took down 84,000 Sites and put a notice on up on them that they were dealing in Child Porn. There was one major problem. The sites were not dealing in Child Porn or anything else. The DHS just made a 'mistake'. Child Predators? If the DHS wants to get serious about that, then they can start with Child Protective Services, which they won't do as there are some very powerful folks involvled in some pretty disgusting things that no one wants to deal with. State Rep's, Judges, Law Firms and even Federal authorities are deeply involved in child trafficking and molestation. You can start with the DHS, who has its own problem with Child predators in its own midst. Google up 'TSA child porn and arrest' and you will get the encyclopedia (please be careful doing this, these search terms could flag you in a database and cause you to be 'watched'. The government used to put in links on search engines for search terms such as these in the hopes that people would click on them and if you did, you would get arrested... and no... I am neither guessing or making this up). These actions are not about Child Porn and less about copyrights. That is the excuse. They are attempting to set a dangerous precedent to stifle free speech without any recourse to the courts using the 'child predator' to scare up support for these illegal moves.. Nazi Germany... here we come. Read your history... it is repeating itself right before your slumbering eyes. The right to due process is an American trait, the removal of it a Nazi trait. You think Hitler got a warrant to shut down that anti-Nazi newspaper? Nope. He just sent in his thugs and they smashed up the printer (done digitally today) and arrested the editor. America has been at war on legitimate (rather than the corporate lapdog) journalists since 911. And yes, I place 100% of the blame for this on the President, who is trying to run roughshod over the Constitution in order to scare up some campaign money from Hollywood/Professional Sports... and that is really what this particular incident is really all about. But once the precedent is set, any site the government does not like can be targeted. They will start with 'child porn' and 'copyrights', then move to 'hate speech' and 'obscenity' and then to 'posting information contrary to government policy' or even 'defamation of Islam' and move on to doing it without any pretext whatsoever. The result? The CNN-ization of the world wide web. Believe me, major business groups have put together white papers and are instituting plans that are seriously bankrollled to destroy the internet as we know it. They look to win. They want to control it, all of it for themselves and their profit. But know this, I personally am a firm believer in *reasonable* copyright enforcement. I really am. I know that enormous money is invested in entertainment by movie studious and sports. But their profits are not more important than the rights of ordinary people. Pulling down sites without any notice or recourse is Hitlerian, not American. Running roughshod over the first amendment the lack of reasonableness in these kinds of prosecutions is not going to do anyone any good, not even the entertainment industry. Sooner or later, like the music industry, people will strike back. Boycotts and 'don't buy this' days... they can do a lot of damage. Ask the RIAA. And you know what... you have to ask yourself why the The DHS is doing this and not the US Justice Department.

This is not much ado-about-nothing. You like the sites you visit? You want them to stay on the web? Then consider what I say, the big corporations are working very, very hard to destroy the internet as we know it and the key to the internet is hyperlinking. They want to make this a crime or at least scare folks from ever using them. I mean, look at Google. Look at all the copyrighted stuff that is up there and not all of it is done with the copyright holders permission. Has anyone taken down One of Google's directors is an Obama advisor, so it isn't going to happen! Sure Google has a way with dealing with complaints about copyright enforcment, but they don't get taken off the web by the DHS, only the little guy does. The guy who cannot afford the millions in legal fees and lacks the political clout being a presidential advisor brings. Brothers and sisters, I point this out because it is only a matter of time before all American courts will be superfluous. More and more they are doing what they can to see to it that ordinary folks do not have access to courts when the Government knows their actions are illegal and unconsititutional. For that you can put half the blame on Bush and the other on Obama. If you think I am being too hard on the President, then you should read this... all of it and find out what this guy is doing behind your back. He's got a digital dagger raised and is about to stab you in it.

Most Americans won't do much about these things. They would rather be protected from the truth rather than do something in light of it. So get ready for a new economic truth is about to hit America soon enough and no amount of lying and blogger arrests are going to be able to protect you from it. Hell hath no fury like a balance sheet scorned....

It is times like these I can only tell my readers that the time is short. The beast system is moving in at full speed and very great evil is coming to America and our world. It will get so bad that one day, men will seek death and will not find it (Rev 9:6). Men will have heart attacks (Luk 21:26) because of the troubles coming upon the earth. Pray for this site and those precious few like it who are telling you the truth unashamedly and are not secretly run by the FBI or the DHS to gather info on their visitors and mesage board posters as so many 'patriot' and 'patriot christian' sites are. Pray for God's true workmen out here who are warning you (under God's direction, rather than government subversion) while the light is shining for one day the night will fall when no man can work (John 9:4).
Prepare your hearts bretheren...

Two Nuke Reactors In Partial Meltdown
...four others heating up

Water, Power Food Scarce In Much Of Japan

10,0000+ Dead?
Official estimates are extremely low. At least 10k are missing and others are estimating a much higher toll. Without sounding overly cynical, one must always be most cautious of official statements and numbers at times like this. They will always want to out the best face forward to quell panic. I am not criticizing the Japanese government, just giving you a heads up as to take official numbers and statements with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, a volcano in Southern Japan erupted.

Gates: No Fly Zone May Not Be 'Wise'
Gates has warned the nation we are fighting two wars and that America has essentially already declared war and step by step we would be drawn into another major ground war. Intervening in an ongoing civil war is a major mistake, in my estimation. This is what we did in Vietnam and while paid for TV pundits always dismiss comparisons to Vietnam, the results of our last two wars should give any sane person reason for serious pause. The problem is that sanity just does not seem to be a trait of this (or the last) administrations decision making processes. The temptation to 'do something' is great, very great. But we must count the cost and the realistic results of our actions and remember that we are dangerously close to being overexetnded militarily as it is. Clearly Clinton is pushing for intervention and Gates is saying no. She has managed to get the Arab league to back a no-fly Zone, but failed with the African Union. What is not generally known about the Arab League Vote is that they also rejected the use of outside military force. How's that for contradictions?! But now a major obstacale is removed for Nato intervention, that being regional support. Meanwhile Gadaffi's forces continue to advance. Once gain, I have written about this in two places on this site (see XML to the left on this page) and said intervention is the act of a person who probably just doesn't care if our military collapses and breaks under the weight of too much and unrealistic tasking from a politician who is more concerned with his image as the 'savior of the world' than the military/economic and geopolitical realities his self-absorbed policies incur. Gates... I have heard he is fed up with this President as are others on Obama's NS staff. He is going to retire soon and knows this country is not in good hands with this President at the helm, though he may be forced to say it is just be before he retires. He refuses to listen to sound advice take into account unpleasant realities (like who are these rebels and what are they going to do when they get power or how much is this operation going to cost or don't we have enough very serious problems at home to deal with without getting involved in a messy civil war) and probably feels that if Bush could get away with these kinds of things, he should be able to as well.
Defict? What deficit?... Send in the Marines!!!


 13 Mar

Headlines 5-11 AllGov

Japan Nuke Reactor: Wall Destroyed By Explosion, Meltdown Likely

Japan Nuke Reactor Radiation 1k Times Normal
Emergencies Triggered At Five Reactors

...Daylight Reveals Huge Devastation

Damage Spares Major Economic Zones

Strong Correlation Between Russian Eruption And Japan Quake

Major Quake (8.9) Hits Japan
Tsunami Warnings Hit Coast From Alaska To Chile, Japan sees 33ft Tsuanami nation battered. BBC's slide show here.

Church, Heal Thyself!

Iraq's Persecuted Minorities

Obama Negotiates Another Secret International Agreement

Tough Choices - WW
A brief look at the middle east situation and America's choices and role in the turmoil

Nato, Germany And The No-fly Zone

The Saudi's, Days Of Rage, Goldman And Spare Output Capacity

France Recognizes Libyan Rebels

Ethiopian Military Sent To Protect Christians

Paralyzed Bank Of England Fears Financial Armageddon

Egypt's Christians Under Assault

The Evils Of Crony Capitalism
A very fine article. Corruption? Crony Capitalism? These are all leading us into an economic and moral collapse and if you think the effect of America's corrupt economic system is not related to the turmiol in the middle east, you need to turn off the boob tube and find out some of the reasons why these people are angry and why you will one day be in the streets as well. When things just get too expensive and you cannot even afford to watch the idiot box because the cable bill was the first thing to go when your medical insurance skyrocketed 178% and is set to go up antoher 200% and your salary just got cut because your union just lost all of its rights and your taxes are set to go up 30%... then (and only then) you will figure it out. Meanwhile the 'pig trough' called DOD spending will shell out more no-bid contracts for weapons the nation can neither afford or needs. Thus, the 'pig trough' budget will continue to rise and all of the corporations who pay the legal bribes called campaign contributions will line up to dip their snouts in it. The ordinary taxpayer, who still does not fully understand the rules of the game or its consequences to their food and shelter, are already seeing the axe taken to social services. Our system is the most corrupt but we have ways of mullifying the populace and deceiving them with slogans and nonsense that they believe and vote for time and time again. Well, when it comes time to pay your bills another new reality will hit you hard and fast and who are you going to turn to for relief? The GOP? The Democrats? The Tea Party? Satan is rearing his head in all of these parties and Christians need to keep a close walk with God in these times because evil is going to grow to unheard of proportions and the US government will be behind 90% of it. Today brothers and sisters, America's corporations are increasingly little more than merely organized crime rackets who are behind more and more of the serious criminal activity going on in our nation and world... all with full legal immunity provided by the US Justice Department. Human trafficking, slavery, drug money laundering, criminal hacking, bank account theft... yes major US corporations do engage in these things regularly and with that afore mentioned immunity. This system cannot continue. This system will not continue and will leave hundreds of millions of once affluent Americans cold, hungry and poor when the cold winds of our moral and fiscal profligacy blow on this now defiled, once great nation.

Jamestown's Special Report From Inside Libya

AINA: Nine Christians Killed In Fresh Egyptian Attacks

Mubarak's Egypt: Security Services Bombed Churches, Resorts
...and this is what America was supporting all these decades?

The Return Of IG Farben
Slave labor used to support a massive armaments industry? Who else did that? IG Farben! Here is an interesting little article you may want to check out.

Obama Joins Bush In Hall Of Infamy
I do not want to be too hard on the President, this is a tough call for a few dozen inmates, but this decision is not in keeping with America's traditions of law and fairness and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow will be horribly abused when the next President comes into office. It also shows this man for what he is, a man who cannot keep his word and whose pledges simply cannot be trusted. While I think the President is also not pleased with this result either, he simply lacks the 'inner steel' to tell those on the right, 'too bad, change is here and I was elected to see to it that change happens'. He did not do that but rather, buckled under when the GOP and conservative Democrats frowned and stamped their feet. It is too bad because we can no longer claim any high ground when telling others to deal with dissent gently. What will the result be?
I should have an article up next week that lays it all out for you.

Guantanamo North: US Citizens In Concentration Camps
US Citizens stripped of all consitutional protections and put into a Concentration camp. Today, they are using it for Muslims, tomorrow (insert you socially marginalized group here) will be next. I told my readers years ago there was more to these camps that Gitmo. I also told you that they will one day expand beyond your wildest imaginations. How do I know? I know who is driving this, why and just how much power they have, no matter who sits in the White House. They have strong influence bordering on complete control of both parties and have a plan for you and for me. Terrorism? That is just the excuse. Thankfully, there is some good news. But let some of those from the far right get back power again and those protestors outside Wisconsin may wind up in one of these facilities. Go ahead, laugh now and say it won't happen. If I told you 15 years ago that we would have such camps you would have scoffed. I told my readers years ago that there were more camps inside the US that just Gitmo, and folks laughed and mocked. Some folks... you just can't tell them and the only thing that will convince them is when it happens to them. When they are rounded up, completely innocent of any crime and then they find out just what 'no access to due process' really means.
- Thanks MR for the link!

Saudi Arabia Bans Protests Ahead Of 'Day Of Rage' Demonstrations
Clearly Saudi Arabia has got some deep internal troubles. But it has dawned in this writer that even the hint of unrest in the Kingdom will send the price of oil skyrocketing and the Saudi's would be the biggest beneficiaries, should the unrest look 'real' enough. I don't mean to suggest that such announcements could be premeditated to make money, just that... well... follow the money. Saudi Arabia is probably the most (no exaggeration) repressive nation on earth and can get away with it because of its oil reserves. Protestors would be rounded up, tortured and disposed of long before (or even if) we ever heard of it in the west. A major crisis like we are seeing in the rest of the Middle East is not likely at this juncture. A more realistic scenario for the collapse of the House of Saud was outlined on this blog last week. None of this is meant to say that there are not real troubles in the Kingdom, just that before we jump to conclusions, we should look at the age old question, 'who gets rich'? Meanwhile Obama is trying to get the Saudi's to arm the rebels in Libya, not unlike the Contra scandal of yesteryear. This looks like yet another bad idea whose time has come and will eventually backfire in our faces.

Libya: British SAS Units Captured

Apple The New Evil Empire?

Egypt: 4000 Muslims Attack Christian Homes, Torch Church

Ethiopia: Muslims Kill Christian, Burn More Churches

Iran Orchestrates Crackdown On Christians

US Jobs Situation Continues To Deteriorate
Despite Governments 'Creative Statistics' that pretend otherwise


 4 Mar

Headlines 2-4 Mar

Ivory Coast: Is War The Only Option?
"To secure its hold on power, the regime has accompanied brazen manipulation of state institutions with a strategy of terror designed to brutally stifle any challenge from the coalition supporting Ouattara. According to the UN, the human toll already exceeds 300 dead, in addition to dozens of rapes and an unknown number of abductions and disappearances by security forces."

I do not want to take away from the tragedy going on here just to spin events in order to shine a light on America. I really do not want to take attention away from he horrible tragedy transpiring now. But I would urge every thinking person to seriously consider the enormous powers to spy and repress our nation is now erecting with our tax money as I write. I would ask you to consider what would happen if one day, we got a political entity who was able to garner the money to get elected from (now mostly legal) foreign donors and decided to use that power against the American people. The way is now being cleared for this. Keep in mind that in the Ivory Coast, it is the government that is terrorizing, raping and pillaging. This happening here is not nearly as far fetched as you may think or as far off into the future either. If they can steal $2 trillion in 'bailout money' and not even tell you where most of it went, what else can they get away with? Things are moving very rapidly and do not think that these so called 'anti-terror' measures they are now creating, building and implementing will not one day be used against the American people, who will one day be viewed as a 'security threat' when they wake up and find out just what 'America is broke' really means to them in an up close and very personal way.

Messianic Jews Beseiged In Southern Israel
You want to talk about anti-Christian hatred? You do not have to go to Islamic or Secular/Occult States to find it. Please pray for Israel, who is on a collision course with the world and more importantly, with God.

Libyan Sitrep From Der Spiegel
Good reporting and this link is to the Google translation of the page. As always, Der Spiegel has some great pictures.

Egyptian Christians Request Prayer

Jobs Uptick: What Kind Of Jobs And Are The Real Or Statistical Phantoms?
I think it possible the new job numbers are a 'political' number to give the impression that the Fed's money pumping/printing is working and that cutting government spending (and jobs) would be the 'wrong thing to do'. Meanwhile, the cheerleaders cheer these new numbers as though they have some basis in the reality of millions of still unemployed workers.

The End Of The 30 Year Mortgage?
Sure looks that way when the GSE's go away, and go away they shall. What will this mean? It will be harder to get a loan, it will be more expensive and I strongly suspect, will drive down property prices quite significantly, around the nation and creating many, many more 'underwater' mortgages in a labor market that is producing temporary and part time jobs for those who have been long term unemployed.

Special Report from Inside Libya: Assessing Libyan Rebel Forces

Earth Changes Updates
A new GMO pathogen that causes spontaneous abortions, the effects of the drought in Somalia and the possibiliy of a volcanic eruption near Christchurch NZ are talked about...

Last Of The Wehrmacht: 'There Will Be Another Hitler'

Is Yemen's Ruler About To Step Down?

Gadaffi, Arab League Talk Peace
Other highlights of conflict discussed in link

Ivory Coast: Fighting Spreads To South
Power/water cut off in North, BBC off air and the smell of death permeates the air as bodies decompose.

Pakistan: Suspected Islamist Kills Christian Cabinet Member

Clinton Questioned On Plight Of Christians In Middle East

Court Sides With Church In Free Speech Case
The Church, noted for various stunts that were called hate speech by many (and with good reason) keeps its right to say what it thinks. In other Court news, Corporations cannot claim rights to individual privacy.

Total Surveillance: Doc's Reveal DHS Plan For Naked Scanners On Streets
Read it and weep. Americans in their ignorance and fear for their 'safety' seem inclined to give up any and all liberties. The result? Check out the middle east these days and see what happens when freedoms are gutted and the right to gather peacefully is denied. Americans, it seems, are patiently and eagerly awaiting an American made swastika in the hopes it will make them safe and free.

Who Built That Worm Into Your Computer?
"Security researchers that have spoken with me confirm that US defense contractors purchase exploitable security flaws on behalf of their government clients. One researcher told me that bonuses are built into the contracts – that is, the longer the flaw remains useful and unpatched by the operating system or application provider, the higher the payment.

It would be foolish to assume that the US government is the only one doing this – foreign governments are probably buying any exploits they can get their hands on, as well as spending significant resources to discover these through in-house R&D.

Consider the following example - the recent Stuxnet worm that was used to penetrate Iran’s nuclear facilities used a number of zero day exploits in Microsoft Windows." - Slight Paranoia

Congo Gold Smuggling... Ties To Texas Oilmen And Obama's White House
One Kenyan Senior Offical Investigating this affiar was murdered over the weekend. On in the cast of characters listed in the article is Kace Lawal. He was appointed by President Obama as member of the advisory Committe For Trade and Policy Negotiations. Don't believe me? It is right on the White House Website! Quick! Take a screenshot of it before they take the page down. Gold, Oil Weapons... what's going on here? It looks to these old eyes like somebody wants to start a war, gather untracable funds to pay soldiers with (gold) and make some money in the process.. but I could be wrong. They may just want to bring in some Barbie dolls and candy... you know.. 'for the children'.
America? Anyone with two eyes can see that she is the primary problem in a great many places in the world. Our history in places like the Congo is the rule, not the exception. If there is blood spilling into the ground and the victims are dark skinned, you can be relatively certain that America bloody hands are somewhere in the mix.
And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.
(Rev 18:24)

Brothers and sisters in Christ I cannot stress this enough, do not put your stamp of approval on these kinds of men and deeds in the ballot box, lest the Lord tell on on the great day, 'but you approved of these evil deeds, and blessed them and supported them', and then he recalls your actions in the ballot box to your dismay and fear. All of your deeds will be held up for scrutiny, including your votes. Take heed and keep your hands clean from these and other very great sins!

How Obama's HAMP Program Hoodwinks Homeowners
Read this one, those of you who think Obama is some kind of 'nice guy'. Many, many people lost their homes because of Obama and this evil program. They trusted Obama and the banks and wound up literally on the street. I cannot say for certain that this was the Presidents actual intention, but his inaction in the aftermath of this sorry affair seems support this unpleasant conclusion. It fits his pattern since coming into power; win trust... then betray.

Oil: The Effects Of A Middle East Collapse

House Adopts Bill To Avert Shutdown

Gates Plays Down Use Of Force In Libya
Mullen: No Fly Zone 'extraordinarly complex operation to set up'

US Stays Mum As Iraqi Security Kill, Detain And Abuse Protestors

Yemen: The Looming Threat Of Civil War

The Increasing Monetary Disorder
As usual, Doug Noland has a brilliant piece (towards bottom of link) that sums up the dangers to the Global economy with clarity and brevity.

Maybe The Fed Will Change When The Streets Of Washington Burn Like Cairo's

US Warships Positioned Off Libya
The Guardian has an interesting article that thinks western intervention into Libya would be a mistake. I do too and have stated as much. But clearly, something is being seriously considered. What, I do not know but something for sure is being actively contemplated. Anything more than an evacuation would, in my estimation be a mistake at this early stage of the revolt.

EU: Banking Secrecy Deal Hampers Deal With US

Eyewitnesses: 30 Tanks Head To Bahrain From Saudi Arabia

Flouride Documentary: Why Is Toxic Waste In Our Water Supply?

An Army Of Fake Persons, US Intelligence and Propaganda
America is spending millions to 'influence' Americans using all of the methods of hell: Lies, lies and yet more lies.

More Earth Changes News...
Is 'fracking' behind that quake in Arkansas?

US Policy 'Expert' Praises Saudi Arabia
This is an iteresting article despite is unwillingness to deal with the harsh realities of Saudi Arabia. It is well written, realistic but comes from a 'sterile' academic/policy perspective that appears to want this brutal dictatorship (and that, make no mistake, is what Saudi Arabia is) to maintain power for US access to its oil reserves. He extols Saudi religious 'conservatism' and forgets that Christians cannot even have a bible in Saudi Arabia and if brought into the nation, it is confiscated. But this piece is typical of the thinking that has brought the entire middle east to the boiling point. Keep the rich, despotic leaders in power at the expense of the larger needs of the people to be truly free of both political and religious repression. Saudi Arabia is one of the worlds top violators of religious freedom, according to the US State Department.

"The Commission has concluded, as did the State Department, that there is no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia. The ramifications of this are felt both inside Saudi Arabia and around the globe. The Saudi government forcefully and almost completely limits the public practice or expression of religion to a narrow religious ideology commonly known in the West as “Wahhabism.” 1 Consequently, non-Wah- habi Sunnis, Shiites, and other Muslims, as well as the more than two million Christian, Hindu, and other non-Muslim foreign workers, have been subject to severe violations of their human rights, including religious freedom. These violations have included harassment, detention, arrest, de- portation, imprisonment, and torture. For several years, the Commission has recom- mended that successive U.S. Administra- tions designate Saudi Arabia a “country of particular concern” for its “egregious, sys- tematic and ongoing violations of religious freedom.”

Saudi Arabia is listed as a 'Country of Particular Concern' (CPC) by the State Department based on its religious intolerance. Yet here are the actions taken against all of the States listed as CPC's

Note how we treat the Saudi's as compared to other non oil exporting nations.

My point here is a simple one. Supporting despotism always seems like a good idea at the time but when its end result comes, it could do exceptionally grave damage to US economic and political security. Let alone the fact that supporting greater freedom and less violent repression (like torture) is just the right thing to do. Too bad US policy experts cannot figure that out while they sip their Scotch in their mansions, get rich off of lucrative Saudi investments and enjoy access to the centers of power.

Finally, America is going to have to come to terms with the fact that Wahabbi-ism (that particularly Saudi sect of Islam) is the basis for much of the terrorism in the world today, including Al Qaeda. Much of it is funded by members of the Saudi Royal family! Saudi Arabia is the biggest US problem in the region that has not yet blown up in our faces and while the Saudi government is taking clear and measurable steps to forestall an uprising, one will surely come if a more liberal approach to governance is not instituted. This author does not think it will happen via a popular uprising, but via treachery from within the Royal family and Security services. One day we will wake up and find a new government in power and a good portion of the Royal family has 'vanished' or 'fled the country' but in reality will be laying in a ditch somewhere on the outskirts of one of the many hundred million dollar mansions inside the Kingdom. There will be fighting, but not much and the world will be a very different place when America gets a new and updated 'price list' for the Kingdom's oil.

As long as America supports the persecutors of God's people, we will see our protection and blessings dry up like damp rag in the desert... at noon... on the hottest day of the year. God is good, but cannot and will not bless those who persecute his saints and we have been propping up leaders that do this for far too long.

Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. (Luk 17:1-2)

And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. (Rev 18:21)

And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name's sake. (Luk 21:11-12)

America's problems are spiritual in nature and where she has erred greatly she is beginning to suffer for it. From her money system to her foreign policy she is just now starting to feel the consequences of years of profligacy and rebellion against God.
Does she possess the humility to repent?


 1 Mar

Headlines 28 Feb 2011

Thriving Christianity

Protestors Locked Out Of Wis. Capital

Encryption, Warrants And The FBI
Excellent Article on what the feds want to be able to do and how this administration (probably the President) apparently put the kaibosh on it. Good news. However, it is too soon to rejoice because the real threat to encryption is not coming from the Feds (so much) but from large corporations with very deep pockets and who have quiet 'partnership' agreements that give them access to critical nodes at ISP's for the express purpose of breaking encryption and VPN's. Such activity is almost certainly against the law and could be easily considered hacking. But clearly the Feds believe they have a right to read, listen to and have access to all of your communications. What is not clear is if they believe that the courts should step in and protect ordinary people from Federal 'fishing expeditions', the lawful theft of private business/personal data that could have financial value or even (don't laugh) using the data they collect to use as bait to dangle to companies in order to get them to open up their servers for other types of illegal/covert collection. I know everyone thinks this is about terrorism, I can tall you only about half of it is. The rest is about the removal of long held constitutional protections by a government that wants to set itself up as god. Terrorism is just the excuse. Right now people are giving up their rights without a fight. When they want them back... well, take a look around the middle east, and to a lesser degree the events in Wisconsin and read the future of America. Our leaders are building a digital surveillance net and prison for us all and only a few mark it for what it really is. I mean, if they can shut down bank accounts for folks who have not even been charged with a crime, any thinking person can see where this is all leading. Ever tried to pay your rent/mortgage without access to your money? This is all leading exactly where the Bible said it would lead. You will only have access to your money once you have proven your political and spiritual loyalty to satan and his new order...

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (Rev 13:16-18)

Digital Fascism?
Why Are anonymous Hackers Being Arrested And These Lawyers And Corporations not even being quesioned? And FYI, launching Cyberattacks and conspiring to do so is a crime. The call it 'cyberterrorism'. If the federal government really wanted to know who was committing acts of cyberterrorism against Wikileaks, they could find out. Clearly they do not want to find out or do not want the public to know what they discovered. This is a fundemental issue of the rule of law. Are some allowed to break the law with impunity? Is the deciding factor the size of ones wallet or personal friendship with the AG or President? What other cybercrimes are being planned by those with deep pockets? Is anyone going to do anything about it at the Justice Dept.? Granted, these documents cannot be authenticated and could be a sophisticated hoax, but you still have to deal with the sustained attacks Wikileaks suffered. Who did it? The list is pretty short but not necessarily all suspects are from the US. All the US LE efforts are expended to go after 'Anonymous' and none for those who attacked Wikileaks. Political views notwithstanding, laws are meant to protect us all; you, me, BofA and Wikileaks.

Should The US Intervene In Libya? - WW
Given the prospect of a prolonged civil war in Libya and perhaps the stirring of greater unrest in Chad and possibly Sudan do I think we should intervene? Well, if I were advising the President I would tell him that military intervention should be firmly off the table unless the situation deteriorates considerably in the coming weeks and months. I do not think America is prepared for yet another military intervention in the Islamic world as the other two major interventions (not including our activities in East Africa) have demonstrated that the US could not reasonably be expected to bring order to Libya. Who or what would we put in place of Gadaffi? Who could we really depend on to bring and keep order? Another chapter of Western Neo-colonialism would not be welcome in Libya, not matter how 'humanitarian' it is advertised and I do not think the west has much to offer Libya in terms of a new political order.... continues

Earth Changes News
...earthquake in the midwest, spiraling food prices, a new solar flare and more...

German POW Warns US Church Of Nazi Persecution

Nazi-ism Remains In US Medicine
Here is a sanitized version of the kinds of evils going on right here in the US. You think that doctor is trying to cure you? In some cases, he has been secretly sanctioned make you sicker, and record your suffering in his little Hitler book. Reich Medicine? We have it right here in America... and Obama is going to make you pay for it. Note the victims are always dark skinned or socially vulnerable peoples. The good news is that he is tring to institute some rules on Bioethics. But as usual, he puts the cart before the Horse.

China's Police State Out To Block Demonstrators

Laos: Christians Denied Food, Water

Egyptian Protests: Victorious? - ICG
This was a popular revolt. But its denouement was a military coup, and the duality that marked Hosni Mubarak’s undoing persists to this day. The tug of war between a hierarchical, stability-obsessed institution keen to protect its interests and the spontaneous and largely unorganised popular movement will play out on a number of fronts...

Right Wing, Union Bashing Mouthpieces Belong To AFL-CIO Unions!
...collecting all of those union benefits they would deny to others.

Is China Preparing For A T-bond Selloff?

Dampened Tinderbox: Revolts Brewing In South Asia?
As repressive regimes of long standing crumble across the Arab world, raising the spectre of anarchy, there is rising concern among leaderships in South Asia that the ‘jasmine revolution’ may waft across parts of this long troubled region as well.

Libyan Protest Photo's


 28 Feb

Headlines 24-27 Feb
Report: Mullen Eyes Targeting Pakistani Diplmoats

Egyptian Forces Fire On Christian Monastaries, 19 Injured
The good news is that Muslim and Christian leaders issued a joint statement against sectarian violence.

Black Coalition To Debate Abortion In America
It is good to see that there are many Black folks who 'get it'. Black America is the (not 'a') target of the abortion industry and has been since the inception of Planned Parenthood.

Iraq Day Of Rage Followed By Detentions, Beatings
Clearly, Democracy is not a reality in 'liberated' Iraq.

Japan Seeks Ways To Circumvent China's Rare Earth's Monopoly

A Recovery Based On Low Paying Jobs
This is sad, but what this site has warned about this trend for several years now. Any recovery is not going to benefit working Americans, who will see incomes plummet, safety nets removed, healthcare costs and taxes rise. Millions will be squeezed into a new group of working poor Americans, forced to buy health plans they cannot afford, as they watch their savings/retirements eaten away by our leaders in Washington, who never saw a piece of military hardware or a war they did not like.

Egypt: Military Apologizes For Harsh Measures

Attack Shuts Down Iraq's Largest Refinery

Thousands Slain In Libyan Crackdown
Libya In Full Revolt

It Can Happen To Anyone.... Anyone
It was last November, just a month after her greatest triumph — winning the Miss Colorado USA pageant — when the knock came on the door of the townhouse 23-year-old Blair Griffith shared with her ailing mother...

GOP Passes Union Busting Bill, Now Sent To Senate
The good news is that the next election (if it not rigged) is just 19 months away. Read your history... all the things the Nazi's did are being done right here in America by a hundred different groups who are under the control of dark entitites. The 'useful idiots' do not see the whole plan themselves. They, like most politicians just 'get paid to do a job', by those who control their campaign purse strings. I honestly ask all of you to take some time and read your history because it is repeating itself. Whether it is the destruction of the so-called 'racially inferior' (using Abortion and soon Euthenasia) the destruction of the unions, the internal undermining of the Church with false pastors, bretheren and media-made Christian leaders, or Global wars and the looting we have engaged in. If you really take off the blinders and start to do your own research what you see is Nazi Germany all over again, without the Swastika and the brown shrits and without (up to now, anyway) the antisemtism. All pervasive spying, the destruction of Civil liberties, it is all in our headlines but no one really takes the time to line it all up to see where this all came from. Popular programs that deal with the Nazi's rarely look at these other aspects of Nazi-ism and focus on the more fantastical and bloody deeds of the Nazi's, not the nuts and bolts workings of the Nazi-state (there have been some excellent exceptions one is "The Nazi's, A Warning From History, a six part series done on the History channel). I know many folks do not believe what I am telling you. Well, the only thing I can tell you is that this thing is happening right before your eyes, but the warning signs of its approach are not what you would think they are by watching most TV documentaries and pop entertainment on the subject. You really need to do some reading and understand that Fascism (the form of government the Nazi's had) is the Marriage of the State and Corporations. The Nazi's had it down to a science. The US is doing the same things by contracting out much of its defense needs to corporations; its spying as well and the rise of the 'Public Private Partnerships' in everything from medicine to infrastructure to prisons, we can see how these things are much further along than most folks know (or want to know). I can tell you some of that data these companies are gathering for the government in their spying programs is also going into private hands to use as they see fit, without regard to any law.
Very few mark it.
So while many of my readers will mock me and think I am off, all you have to do is read how the Nazi's got and then maintained power and what they did with it when they got it. Then watch what is happening in America and a even a 10 year old can see the template. It is child's play. My fellow Americans, it is the History you don't know that will wind up killing you.
Where did all of those thousands of Nazi's go who were high up in the Party, murdered Jews and got away, without so much as an indictment?
I will give you a hint. A nation located between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, south of Canada and North of Mexico. You know.. the one with the concentration camps.

"First they came for the Muslims, but I did not speak out because I was not a Muslim..."

Failed States
In the Middle East? Nope, right here in the USA!

If The Saudi's Revolt, We're In Trouble

Americans Murdered Off Somalia Were Christian Missionaries
All of the stories I read and not one said that they were Christians or Missionaries

Congo: Alleged Gold Smuggling Plane Has Ties To Obama Administration

Will African Mercenaries Save the Libyan Regime?

The Return Of Hilterism
The Annals Of Eugenics. One look at Planned Parenthood, its origins, goals and methods should give any thinking person serious, serious pause.
"Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Blacks were lynched in the U.S. That number is surpassed in less than 3 days by abortion.".

BBC's Coverage Of The Libyan Situation Is Probaby The Best...
...and most accurate, free of spin and intentional 'errors' in reporting. All US reporting is highly suspect and Al Jazeera's coverage isn't bad at all. The situation in Libya is far worse than most news agencies are portraying and a Civil war is now not a 'fear' but is actively underway. Reliable reporting is hard to come by. One Italian journalist who was broadcasting was quickly beheaded. This could be a long drawn out affair. Asia Times has an interesting piece on the prospects of a Civil War and who could (and could not) fill the power vaccum in Libya.

China Rebuilds Global Economy: Bric By Bric

Paypal: Always Ready To Please Our 'National Security' Entities
Manning may very well be guilty of a crime, but so far there has been no trial and it has been a long time since he was arrested. I make no excuse for what he is supposed to have done, if guilty he should be punished. Presumption of innocence? Our National Security state (and their controlled entities) have been working long and hard to remove that legal precedent and make just an accusation of wrong doing the same as a guilty verdict. Who really hates what America stands for? Look no further than those who push and support these Hitlerian ideas and work towards the removal of our Constitutional protections, including the right to legal defense (and the ability to pay for it). Look to those Senators And Congressmen who have voted for the renewal of the Patriot Act. There are many, many sections of that act that are classified. Secret law, secret courts, losing the presumption of innocence... what hell hole are those ideas coming from? And like I told my readers before, you can stay clueless if you want to dear Christians, but I give you solemn warning in the name of the LORD to WATCH where you are going (Spiritually an Temporally) and to understand these dark times, as you were commanded by our Lord. Just because you are not persecuted now, have a full fridge and can put gas in your car does not mean it is going to stay that way. Every secular and spiritual sign is flashing red and the Church slumbers on in the arms of the Beast.

Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out. But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh. (Mat 25:7-13)


$110 Oil
OK folks, you have probably read all of the scaremongering talling us of $200 oil. Now let us quickly look at the facts. Libyan Oil Production while still significant, is 'small potatoes' in terms of total global oil output. Egypts was miniscuale. According to news reports, Saudi Arabia could easily replace All of Libya's production for the global markets.

Source: EIA

Italy, Germany China, France And Spain are some of Libya's larger customers, with Italy being quite dependent. The EIA also has its 2010 projections for oil production based on five scenarios (starting page 257) that shows how insignificant oil production in Libya is. It certainly does not bode for the price gains we have seen. Is there market manipulation? Expert traders could better answer that question. Is anyone going to do anything about it?
Ever seen a pig fly?

Military Uses Psyops On US Senators
Military officials who reisted illegal program were 'targeted'. When one reads stories like this one cannot help but wonder if Blackmail and other criminal acts are being used against our elected Rep's to keep them voting for huge spending increases for our war machine while they cut social services. The spying going on in the DOD is rampant and not all of it is legal or sanctioned. It is no strech to surmize that this kind of activity is not going on.
Welcome to Egypt... where the military 'runs things'.

Monsanto Shifts All Liability For GMO's To Farmers

Regional Balance Shifts Towards Iran

Russia's Role In BRIC Examined

US News Consortium Reports Pakistan Ready To Break With CIA

Assange To Be Extradicted


 24 Feb

Headlines 20-23 Feb
Libya Gas Supply To Italy Stopped

Jordan Cuts Off Electric Supply To Lebanon
Situation to worsen with destruction of gas lines from Egypt

Secret Military Programs On Social Media
Well, I have done all I could to warn folks of the dangers our there on the Internet and that those who put too much trust in the world and its systems are going to be in for a major shock in the days ahead. Christians in particular, lacking in discernment, the rudimentary desire to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves as well as just plain old common sense are simply not going to believe what is going to happen to them and that many of their troubles will start on the Internet. Did you see how these dictators around the world are rounding up 'dissenters? The Internet. Christians in America will one day be persecuted just as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, but no one wants to use their heads and use care and caution. I have warned folks about this and written about it, but I think it highly unlikely anyone but a few will understand what this all means because their trust is in the Government, not in God. Don't give the devil anymore ammunition against you than he already has! Protect your contacts, your friends, pastors, spiritual counsellors because Big brother is reading all of your stuff and putting it into a database. This is not paranoia; where did Egypt get the software and hardware to track and pick up democracy activists? The US! Wake up dear Church and stop sleeping in the arms of the world! Let no one tell you that you were not warned! The key to your protection from God in the future is this; did you heed the warnings or rather, did you trust the devil not to misuse the information you so foolishly shared on the net?

Christians And Social Media
This is one area that Christians need to be especially careful. Why? When someone has access to the back-end of these services one can find who and where thousands of Christians live, work, who their friends are, where they go to Church, etc. It is (from the satanic perspective) an intelligence gold mine and I want to make this plain, the companies who run these sites are not always who they appear to be and have no love for Christ, the Gospel or Christians. Why would you give so much data to folks who will one day most likely turn on you? Most Christians are still in denial. They see everyone else doing it, so they figure it must be OK. They put their sensitive data on Twitter, Facebook and a whole host of sites and then wonder why the government is trying to get hold of all that data. Well the things they are doing to alleged hackers and leakers, ... I can assure you they will do to us Christians. Once again, they are practicing on the activists. Christianity is the real target of the devil.

Iran: Bahrain Our 14th Province
"a place run by an oppressive and corrupt little regime, long coddled by Washington because the US Navy's Fifth Fleet is headquartered there" - Former CIA analyst

The End Of The Line For Unions?
Today Unions are demonized across the board and even their supposed Champions, the Democrats are running from them. Anyone who has read US history of the late 19th and early 20th Century will realize that the only reason any of us working folks (including non-union folks) have the kinds of stanard of living we enjoy is largly because of the work and sacrifices of unions. But as I said before, these free trade agreements that force the US to import good from low wage nations had the unions (and the American standatd of living) in their corsshairs. Now the Chickens are coming home to roost. It does not matter if you beleive me or not, you can debate it night and day at the local homeless shelter... if there is still room. Did the unions get greedy and inflexible? Yes it can so be argued, but what we are seeing will have long lasting ramifications for years to come as America slowly jettisons those things that made her great, to mimic the mistakes of nations of the third world. These Republicans are not interested in the working man, but the big corporations and while blue collar while people may be fooled by the rhetoric of the GOP, the reality will only bring those once fooled a bucket full of tears.

Gov't Shutdown? Looks Likely...
President has plan in place...

Yemen Protests Continue...
Protests marked by degree of ambivalance...

Bahrain's King Releases Political Prisoners

Is Libya Headed For A Prolonged Civil War?

FBI: Muslim Brotherhood Deeply Rooted In US

Ghadaddi: Will He Destroy Oil Infrastructure?
Truth be told, our so-called friends the Saudi's have a similar plan worked out years ago to do the exact same things if they should be pushed from power.

Report: Ghadaffi Flees Capital
...Remains in country

Italian Markets Crash On Libya Turmoil
Western 'News' Agencies blame 'glitch' for closure...
...Major Italian Oil and Gas Concerns Leases At Risk

Killer Quake Hits New Zealand

Opec Of Outrage - FPIF
It's a lean time in America. Congress is debating cuts in education and housing. The states are trying to close budget shortfalls. But someone is off in the corner, gorging on pie. That someone is the Pentagon, which aims to add $8 billion to its 2011 budget and a 3 percent increase in baseline spending for 2012. The military wants $553 billion and that doesn't even count what we spend for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or our nuclear budget. More than half of discretionary spending – the money Congress controls – goes to the military.

Yes, Bretheren, Hell Is A Place
...and real people go there every single day.

Iranian Warships Pass Through Suez
First Time Since 1979's Islamic Revolution


 22 Feb

As usual, a PDF of this will be up later

So far this year has been most, most interesting and we are not even out of the second month!. We have seen some extremely volatile political events in the past few weeks that could very well change the Political landscape for decades to come. Few of these events bode well for America and while the US may be very interested in Political change in places like Iran and Libya, such 'change' is not particularly welcome in some US circles in places like Bahrain or even Yemen (where the US has strategic military interests). The US is very much in a quandary as many of these nations that are now experiencing serious, regime threatening protests have long been US clients and in most cases have been quite repressive and undemocratic. Now the US must make some real choices as to what is really important, real democratic change or keeping their clients in power using the instruments of repression. Egypt is a good example here. While the protestors have been able to remove Mubarak (at least in name) the military which has really run the country as gained in power. So far the change witnesses there is purely cosmetic and the protests have had the real effect of strengthening the very elements that have kept Egypt economically and politically backwards for decades. This is not the kind of change that will bring in the kinds of political stability needed in Egypt. What is needed is a representative democracy and just as importantly (in the case of Egypt) solid economic policies that bring in real sustainable growth that can provide real living wage economic opportunities to Egypt’s Youth bulge. Egypt has long been a ticking tome bomb. The time was right for it to go off.

What do the people want? Well, beyond more real tangible democratization and economic opportunities, it is probably wiser to talk about what they do not want. What they don't want is a continuance of the status-quo where repression, the lack of economic opportunity and (in Egypt's case) continued subservience to US dictates are the norm. While it may be an overstatement to say these protestors are anti-American, it is not to say that they want less US influence in their nation. America's influence in Egypt is still very much an issue.

Yet other protests seem to have other reasons for the dissatisfaction we are seeing. Bahrain is on such example. Bahrain's king has instituted some modest reforms over the years, much to the consternation of more conservative elements in his Cabinet, even allowing for a quasi Constitution and elected representatives. These reforms, while real still does not give a great deal of power to ordinary Baharianian’s. But it has been argued that without them, the protests we have seen may have been more severe than heretofore witnessed. Several factors need to be kept firmly in mind though, when talking about what is happening in Bahrain. First is that while Bahrain was once an oil exporter, she is can no longer depend on oil as a primary source of revenue. As her reserves began to dwindle, she began to make different moves to sustain her economy, today those changes are most noted in the banking and finance portion of the economy. Today, Bahrain is still desperately trying to drill more wells to enhance her oil revenues and has been so far successful.

Yet the situation in Bahrain is notable for one very important reason, that being a large Shi'ite majority that is not adequately represented in the government. In the past (since elections to the assembly have occurred) there has been significant tension between the government and the Shia's and when they finally officially participated in elections in 2006, they raised the voter participation significantly but not without first charging the government with gerrymandering districts to favor Sunni's. Today the Shi'ite's have the largest bloc of representatives in the Council of Representatives (the lower house that actually has little power). The upper house knows as the Shura, was then appointed by the king and made up of 20 Shi'ites, 19 Sunni's and one Christian. There reforms were not enough and the Shi'ites demanded more representation and an end to the economic discrimination. More accusations flew about the gerrymandering and in the run up to the 2010 elections, a crackdown ensured against the Shi'ites, and the government arrested many under the Governments broad 'terrorism' laws. The Shi'ites picked up one seat but still do not have a majority.

The concern in both Bahrain and of course the US is that Shi'ite groups were and are operating under the influence of Iran and that Iranian 'influence' groups may have had a hand in the massive protests that took place. While there may be some truth to this it is probably also true that the specter of Iranian influence is meant to blunt the edge of US criticism for the harsh measures that were taken against the protestors. The amount of Iranian influence here is not known to this author, but Iran would certainly like to see a government in place that would eject US military presence from the Gulf Island. It should be noted that the Iranian leader has welcomed the unrest throughout the Arab world and views it as global Islamic movement that will bring in a new Middle East. Bahrain has for years concentrated its security policy on the Iran threat and believes that Iran is behind much of the past unrest in the Kingdom. One such group that had strong ties to Iran was the Islamic Front For the Liberation Of Bahrain and one of its key descendents (after the 1981 coup attempt) the Islamic Action Society. There are others, who appear to have some clear links to Iran.

Bahrain is key to the US naval power and strategy in the region and unrest here jeopardizes an important military foothold for the US in the region. In this respect, the turmoil in Bahrain is at least as significant as that in Egypt from the US perspective and its fate will have enormous ramifications for US policy. To his credit the King has attempted to mollify the opposition with some reforms over the years. But a decade later, the Shia majority is still (they believe) not adequately represented in the government.

In Yemen as well we see the hand of Iran, if not so much now then certainly during the uprising that took place in late 2009. The fighting that took place in then was, most analysts believe, a sad chapter in a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The extreme poverty, lack of basic services (like water) have fed into the extremism found in Yemen. Once again, the Shi'ite here are prominent, though not a majority and are suspected of being 'agents' of Iran and useful in undermining the strong Saudi Influence there. The Yemeni government recognizing a growing threat, launched operation 'Scorched Earth' and (according to recent reports) had strong US military support for the raids, which killed many civilians and children.

Each nation appears to be active in Yemen and each nation appears to be using it in a proxy war. While little hard information has come out into the blogosphere, this analyst suspects that Iran may have had a hand in recent unrest today in Yemen in part of a larger strategy of bringing in this nation (and others) into her sphere of influence.

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As I watch what is happening around in the Arab world, I cannot help but be surprised by some of the protests taking place in the US for largely many of the reasons they are taking place in the Middle East; mainly jobs, economic opportunity and here in the America, the fate of millions of public sector jobs and Pensions as America comes to terms with what is (and will prove to be) the second great depression exacerbated by irresponsible bailouts and debt monetization that destroyed tomorrow so that we could continue to live an economic lie today. I think these kinds of protests will grow and do so significantly as States and local governments come to terms with economic realities. While I do not think these things will lead to genuine 'revolutions', they will begin to radically change the political landscape in America. As long as people had jobs, full belly's and gas in the car, they could sit complacently and watch others fall into poverty. But as this happens more and more to educated Americans, a new political awakening is going to be inevitable. People even now are more and more finding out just how messed up our economic state is, even if it is not making headlines on cable TV or the corporate newspapers. Let several thousands state workers lose their jobs and find out that many of the social safety nets that were once in place have been dutifully removed by the Obama administration and new political movements will begin not only to start, but to take root and grow. Take a look at the tea party, while it is true that some of their members were funded by billionaire's they have by and large stuck with their pledges and are giving heartburn to a lot of stalwarts in both houses who for too long took their seats for granted.

Americans are a rather slow lot politically speaking and too long have paid little attention to the rampant criminality (I do not use that term lightly) going on in Washington. For the most part they just did not care, but now the economic house is beginning to show signs of its inevitable collapse a slow and unwelcome awakening is transpiring across America, one by one, little by little, slow but sure.

This does not mean I see a 'revolution' in the classic sense in America, at least not in the near term, rather what I see is serious political activity designed to bring in many of the changes I and others have talked about at length. I see the Tea Party as just one example. I also see Nader and Ron Paul's new alliance as sign of things to come. I think opposition to 'corporatism' (Fascism) in America will eventually become lightning rod for millions of Americans to bring in real change that benefits both people and businesses. Why? Because the truth be told, Corporatism as we have seen it in America is not good for business and it is not good for America. Corporatism here is merely opening up the government and the Treasury to those who can pay the campaign bills. It more often than not, is welfare, disguised as business. It is going to take some time for the majority to finally figure this out, but the longer Washington waits to change its ways, the more certain such a realization will come upon even the dullest American as they watch home and job get taken away to give to a government that takes the money and gives it to the corporations in the form of tax breaks and sweetheart contracts. As long as folks had a roof and a full belly it was not in their interest to understand this. The roof and the full belly are soon to be relics of the past as corporations rush to make their claim on what is left of America. I will say this and say it for the record, there will be fundamental change in America or a classic revolution is inevitable. Why?

The Trouble With America

What is happening now throughout the Arab world should be a wake up call. The political elite in Washington are largely responsible for the uprisings in Egypt and to a lesser degree in much of the Arab world. It has been our policies that have allowed corrupt men like Mubarak to steal (literally steal) billions of our aid money and squirrel it away in Swiss banks. Did the US know? Of course we knew, not a wire transfer in the world transpires without the US government knowing about it. We knew, did and said nothing and ensured that year after year, more money was stolen from the peoples of America and Egypt. American policy is behind many of the troubles today.

For America if she is to survive as even a great power (she will not as a superpower) she must learn from her mistakes and not behave like the chronically mentally disabled, to whom the ability to learn is physiologically not possible. She must jettison the double talk of the past and make some tough decisions. Decisions that may not be in her short term interest but are certainly in the long term. Those decisions will mean a break with the patterns of the past. First, she must not just talk about bringing in democracy, but be solidly behind trends that bring this about. No democracy is perfect, but having a Parliament or assembly that truly represents the people is hardly an idea that is anti-American or should send America into a tailspin geopolitically. The tragedy with America is that she lets her short term geopolitical goals get permanently in the way of her long term strategic interests. The projection of American power and the subjugation of the masses took precedent over long term stability, human rights and justice, with which no nation can long endure. This is the problem with America and it is a trait that is deeply imbedded in her culture and is reflected in her international policy. Instant gratification üuber alles is the American morality. There is no restraint once she knows she can get what she wants now and she refuses to acknowledge and factor in what the long term effects are, 'we'll cross that bridge when we come to it...' is the Achilles heel of America's foreign policy in a nutshell. I watch how China makes moves most carefully and taking the long view of 10, 20 even 30 years into the future before she spends money and talent attempting to implement their policies.

I think the same thing will manifest across America as this economic crisis rivals that of Egypt and Iran. As the years pass, America will make the same mistakes that reprobate regimes have made in the past and try and use brute force and violence to keep the system in its current broken condition. It will use the power of the state to ensure that America stays broken and a few unproductive corporations and monied interests continue to rob the national treasury and repress those who try and stop it. I watch the growing moves by the DHS with some consternation as I know what is behind this and why.

“By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes.”

Like that scene from Macbeth, the witch saw the evil in Macbeth and spoke this rhyme to him as he entered the room. Macbeth had just betrayed the old King and murdered him and his own best friend. So I see 21st Century America. She has murdered countless thousands, made millions into refugees, and still is too arrogant to admit her wrong and make real repentance and restitution to her victims. Instead we can look at places like Pakistan and see that America is as repentant as Eichmann and as contrite as Lucifer. And while I hear too often those who claim to be Christians talk about protecting Israel and by extension, supporting more violence against the poorest of people, such a policy is both immoral, short-sighted, not Christ-like and is the very root of the reason for the revolts we see now. This is one of the not so many times scriptural admonitions make excellent geopolitical sense,

“do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Do you want another country dictating to you, arming your persecutors and robbing your treasury throwing you into poverty? Then perhaps our nation would do well to stop doing these things to others, because if there is hatred for America in the Arab world, it is American policy that for the most part, put it there. Christians need some real discernment a trait sorely lacking in America's Christians.

As with nations so with men. The Old Testament is full of the examples of nations who mistreated others, especially God's people and shows us that while God may take his time about it (from our perspective), his justice is sure and devastating. America can walk all day long with her proud look, hands full of innocent blood and policies that set brother against brother, but God calls these things 'abominations' and will deal with such who commit these crimes most severely.

These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.
(Pro 6:16-19)

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
(Rev 17:4-6)

The American way, or at least what that way has become, is truly an abomination to the Lord, and it is my hope and desire that some genuine humility, reconsideration or our ways and repentance soon follows in our once great nation.

How do all of these events relate to Bible prophecy? I am sure many people want me to talk about how Egypt, Bahrain or Libya figure into Bible prophecy or how soon the Gog and Magog war is (FYI: it is over 1000 years away) or other such questions with regards to the prophetic import of today’s events. But I think the events we see today are more about America, as she slowly watches her empire crumble, than it is about these individual nations. I think it is also about Iran and how she is chipping away, bit by bit and US power in the region. They have learned that two can play the 'destabilization game'.

Now certainly anyone who has read my writings knows exactly how I view Islam in the end time system and yes, I think these events liken very close to what I have written. We will see a far more Islamic world (and middle east particularly) as the months and years pass. It is the system of the false prophet, a prophetic entity, in my estimation, even more menacing that the beast with seven heads and ten crowns. It is why I have spent so much time talking about it. Now that it is happening, no one really wants to listen, they want to talk about 'Gog and Magog'. Gog And Magog are great ways to scare up some traffic or make some money, but with a thorough study of the subject from the scriptures, one can find that popular notions simply do not line up with what the scriptures actually teach. I am not going to give into the scaremongering that we see far too much of in the prophecy community just to be 'in'. I would rather be right than popular, and serve the Lord, than my wallet or traffic counter.

May God keep all who love our Lord

In Christ,



 21 Feb

21 Feb Headlines
Pinnacle Of Athiesm: Hitler Or Stalin, Who Killed More?
Let the athiests rant and rave about the 'crimes' of relgion. In just one century atheistic government managed not only to match but break the records for man's inhumanity to man.

Libya: Protestors Set Fire To Gov't Buildings turning back...
...Second city falls to protestors
...EU Issues Warning on violence

China, Gold, The US And Europe
CB Willie is one of the very few financial bloggers/analysts who truly has a clue and understands the big picture everyone else misses or just makes wild guesses about. Mr. Willie knows his stuff and if you want to get a clue, his is one of the few newsletters I can recommend. This link is to an audio file (click the 3 Feb link) and give it a listen!

US Protests: Fiscal Realities, Health Care and Taxation

Zimbabwe: Priest Wars Leave Churchmen Dead

Robert Reich Talks About GOP Plan To Pit Working Americans Against Each Other

UK: Shoppers Rocked By Exlosion

Canada: Ontario Pipeline Explodes

Libya Is Burning: BP Prepares Evacuation


 21 Feb

Headlines 16-18 Feb

Anti-Government Protests Hit Djibouti

Protests Sweep Iraq

Bolivia: Thousands Protest Food Prices
...may tap reserves to stockpile food...

China Drafts Measure To Control Food Prices

Christians At Risk As Revolutions Spread

Massive Solar Flare Brings Down Communications And GPS Devices

Next Stop: Saudi Arabia
This is an interesting piece that describes how Mercenaries were hired to kill protestors in Bahrain while they slept and our (US) response to these atrocities. It also talks about how the situation Bahrain effects Saudi Arabian stability. Meanwhile, the Saudi's and the US foreign policy establishment are still living in denial, but are in possession of perfect 20/20 hindsight on the subject of Egypt. Thomas Lippman (CFR), writing a piece speedily put forward by the Saudi Government, see's no major unrest in the kingdom and points out that the Rulers have taken steps to control popular anger. Here are some of the 'reforms' taking place in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: New Video Confirms Torture in Prison
Indonesians outraged by maids’ torture in Saudi Arabia
Religious police accused of torture by Saudi Society for Human Rights
Saudi Torture Of Women Rampant, Says Amnesty
Saudi Arabia: Torture: Culture of brutality
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Violence against Women, Migrant worker Abuse, Torture, Unfair Trials, Censorship & Executions

These men from the CFR spend too much time hob-knobbing with the rich business men, rulers and torturers to have any real reason to talk publicly about these and other atrocities, if they did, they might not be welcome at the next Royal 'sex party' as some recent leaks have revealed are common in Saudi Arabia and its Royal family. Clearly the masses know and are not happy. The King and the US lackeys who tell him what he wants to hear? Out of touch and rapidly running out of time.

Trends In Christianity
Interesting trends and show that Christianity in America (or many of its obtuse variations) is far from dead.

Apple Admits Child Labor, Labor Suicides And Poisonings In China
As bad as these things are, at least Apple does not try and hide it under a rug

FBI Seeks To Expand Surveillance State

Digital Collar Placed On Kids In California
Not quite as bad as it sounds as the parents are actively involved in the whole process.

Tension Mounts On Lebanese-Israel Border

Inflations Effect On Seniors

19 Killed In Libyan Crackdown

Bahrain Locked Down After Protestors Killed

Egypt's Next Crisis: The Economy

They Thought They Were Free...

Major Cyber-Attack Launched On Canada

Egypt: The Difference Between Enthusiasm And Reality
"What we see is that while Mubarak is gone, the military regime in which he served has dramatically increased its power. This isn't incompatible with democratic reform."

Obama Administration Wants Military Money To Continue To Flow To Egypt
More aid? What do they need more tear gas canisters, and Armoured Personel Carriers and Deep Packet Inspection software to, round up, repress and torture the people? Is that what Mullen and Obama are asking for?
AMY GOODMAN: Can you lay out for us—when we say tens of billions of dollars has been given to the regime, one of the highest recipients of foreign aid in the world, behind Israel, actually that money doesn’t necessarily go to Egypt, right? It goes to U.S. military contractors.
WILLIAM HARTUNG: It’s a form of corporate welfare for companies like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, because it goes to Egypt, then it comes back for F-16 aircraft, for M1 tanks, for aircraft engines, for all kinds of missiles, for guns, for tear gas canisters, as was discussed, a company called Combined Systems International, which actually has its name on the side of the canisters that have been found on the streets there. So these companies—for example, Lockheed Martin has been the leader in deals worth $3.8 billion over that period of the last 10 years; General Dynamics, $2.5 billion for tanks; Boeing, $1.7 billion for missiles, for helicopters; Raytheon for all manner of missiles for the armed forces. So, basically, this is a key element in propping up the regime, but a lot of the money, as you said and Juan Cole mentioned on this program, is basically recycled. Taxpayers could just as easily be giving it directly to Lockheed Martin or General Dynamics.
- Democracy Now!

Pakistan: Threats Of Revolt Over Possible Pardon Of US Official

Obama's Bugetary Disaster: Interest On Debt Quadruples
The President ought to be ashamed of himself putting forth such a Budget. While he went before the nation and talked about 'living within our means', he proposes a Budget that doesn't even come close. How can he not even seriously consider serious cuts to our Corporate-Defense gravy train, the misnomered 'Defense Spending'? The President frankly is not in control here and because of the deals he cut to get into the White House, he can never bring in the Change he promised. He is merely a puppet, dancing on NeoCon strings.

Egypt, Obama And Black America
While I do not always agree with this site, I always find its articles extremely thought provoking and relevant. While most of my readers who are not Black may not understand why I post articles like this, I would only say this to you. Remember that the Peaceful Revolution in America that brought us the Civil Rights act was because of political activism primarily (but not exclusively) in the Black community. The lessons of those days are important in these times because a new (hopefully peaceful) revolution will soon be upon us when our economic system finally collapses and people become desperate for real change that puts food in their mouths and roofs over their heads. These things will happen weather you want to believe that now or not. One can remain in the cocoon of denial and believe that the Government has some 'magic genie' that will take away all of our debts and structural problems, but such a genie only exists in the minds of children, scared of a future they do not want to contemplate or make the necessary changes to prevent. All of America should take close note of what is happening in Black America because what our elite wants to do to the nation as a whole, they first do to the Black man. In this article you can see that they have stolen the mind and soul of Black America. The rest of America is next.

Microsoft Declares War On Opensource

US Special Agents Murdered In Mexico

Food, Energy Inflation Rises

Powell Demands Answers Of Fake Iraq Intel
Well, this is just one glaring example as to why the Intelligence community is broken. It is broken beyond repair. I have talked at length about it and will not belabor the point here other than to say this. The Intelligence community is increasingly just another Corporate Welfare system complete with a great many big named contractors who are incompetent and corrupt. America is not secure and the more money we throw at this system, the less secure we are. This fake intel was created to serve a political purpose, the creation of a giant war contracting machine that would loot hundreds of billions from the US Treasury.

Chad's NorthWest: The Next High Risk Area?

Solace for South Sudan: Will Christians Find Relief?

27 years In Jail For A Crime He Never Committed... And Still In Jail

Wheat Prices Drop On China Assurances


 5 Aug

Headline Here - AllGov
Comment here


 14 Feb

Activism, Dissent And Internet Privacy - WW

A 14 page piece on Internet privacy and what it means to anyone who loves their freedom. Read and heed!


 16 Aug Feb

Headlines For 14-15 Feb

Inflation? It's On Its Way...

Rand Paul Is No Powderpuff: Pleads With GOP To Oppose Patriot Act
I object to these warrantless searches being performed on United States citizens. I object to the 200,000 NSL searches that have been performed without a judge’s warrant.
I object to over 2 million searches of bank records, called Suspicious Activity Reports, performed on U.S. citizens without a judge’s warrant.
As February 28th approaches, with three provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act set to expire, it is time to re-consider this question: Do the many provisions of this bill, which were enacted in such haste after 9/11, have an actual basis in our Constitution, and are they even necessary to achieve valid law-enforcement goals?...
...It is not acceptable to willfully ignore the most basic provisions of our Constitution—in this case—the Fourth and First Amendments—in the name of “security.”

Is Dell About To Buy AMD?

Chinese Inflation Still Roars

Grapes Of Wrath 2011

China, US And The GM Factor

Berlisconi Goes On Trial For Sex With Minor

Iraq Shelves Arms Deal To Buy Food
US arms makers will not be happy as that money was slated to buy US weapons.

Will Revolutions Remove Central Banks?
Quite an interesting read and gives some insight as to who to have real change in places like Egypt.

Dedicated Christians Move To Where The Need Is

NIE Failed To See Taliban Growth
This is a prime example of why the intelligence community is broken. These NIE's are merely political estimates and not an intelligence estimates. It is because of this kind of intelligence reporting that we are losing in Afghanistan and we have colored revolutions brewing throughout the middle east. More and more, key figures in our intelligence establishment work hard to keep key information and data from decision makers rather than inform them. As I told you before, Egypt is a perfect example. Many memo's went forward on this problem during the Bush years and they were all deep-sixed. The same thing is the case with Saudi Arabia. The political interests in Washington want and wanted to keep the status quo and often used criminal means to keep any change in US policy from transpiring. That is why the community cannot accurately predict what is happening and never will until there is an administrative 'blood bath' in the intelligence community. Sure there are a handful of analysts who know can probably tell you the exact month and year of the next revolution, but they know that such a prediction could prove to be fatal... to themselves. Frankly the President and other decision makers need to have some key people they can trust to get out of their comfy offices go down to Bowling AFB, Langley, Fort Meade or a one of those other places where the real analysts live and talk directly to the analysts or operators... far away from the bosses and politico's and get the real lay of the land in many of these places. The alternative is having our leaders find out about these revolutions on CNN and relying on their analysis for decision making.

Iran, Bahrain Yemen See Protests
Since this is going to be an important issue going forward, here is a paper done by the SSI that some of you may find of interest; "The Conflicts in Yemen and U.S. National Security"

Bahrain Has Day Of Rage

Egypt Protests Continue, New Demands
Junta looks to crackdown, but has stranglehold on economy.

Seniors Near Poverty At Risk In Deficit Cuts

Interest On US Debt Rise To Record
Forget the talk about a 'slow moving train wreck. This is a high speed rail headed straight for a brick wall. How are we paying those interest payments? We are borrowing the money! We spend too much and while the Treasury Presentation appears to show some good spin on our fiscal position, more irresponsible borrowings (see increasing demand for Treasuries) only make the problem worse and this presentation merely shows how and why the US can and should continue to borrow and borrow and borrow... A note of caution as well, this administration has not been very honest and this presentation while clearly an official document, may not be totally accurate nor tell the whole story but may be just a political tool to justify yet more borrowings and spendings the nation cannot afford.

Patriot Act:
Can They Take All Of Your Money Without A Court Order Or Warrant?

Yemen Protest Photo's

iPhones, iPads: Your Passwords Revealed
Easy to steal passwords if your device is stolen.

High Powered Arms In Mexico Source: The Pentagon
“...the drug trafficking organizations are now in possession of high-powered munitions in vast quantities that can’t be explained by the gun-show loophole.”

Mubarak's Child Abusers, Pedophiles
...and this is what the US has supported all these years? Many of these same crimes and much worse are being committed by other US client regimes in the middle east. There is all kinds of data and reports on it but they are not allowed to see the light of day. Once again, they are being deep-sixed by our leaders. Here is a site that one of my 'connected' friends pointed out to me and said, 'read it, 90% of what you read out there is absolutley true.'

Obama Cuts Heat Subsidies To Poor
How else is he going to pay for those budgetary INCREASES to the DOD?

DOD Warns Of Crisis If Budget Busting Budget Not Approved

The DOD's Fake 'Cuts'
'Cuts' make DOD budget higher than last years. Meanwhile, the President has proposed cutting food stamps, Medicaid and already cut Social Security Benefits to millions. Why does he get away with it? Who is going to tell the people? CNN (owned by Time Warner)? MSMBC (with very strong links to America's Spy agencies)? Who is going to tell them? Folks don't know because many of these major corporate behemoths are running interference for the President because some of that DOD money will wind up in their coffers or coffers of another company on which one of the board sits. Raising taxes on the poorest Americans? Yes, that is Obama's policy, but the MSM isn't telling you. These defense increases (called cuts by Obama) are paid for on the backs of the poor man.

Tea Party Declares War On Military Spending
Thank the Tea Party for some sanity. The GOP and Dems will drive the US into a fiscal ditch and fly themselves and their families to the South of France when the nation is broke and the people revolt at what the two party system is doing to America's finances. Listen I am fully in favor of protecting our nation and our interests. I am not in favor of the Corporate welfare that DOD spending has become. Look... you have a quarter of a trillion dollars in FRAUD between 2007 and 2009 and still this President does not want to cut spending here! This is pure fiscal lunacy and a sign of entrenched corruption. Let me make this clear, there is no clearer threat to national security than our out of control spending on arms and war. I know many of you think I am off, well... when your bank fails and the FDIC cannot pay the insurance on your deposit it because it is broke, what are YOU going to do? Lose your job too and find out just how messed up this is. Did I not warn you of this crisis back in 2004, long before it happened? I was a 'nut' back then. Well, let these 'economists' lie once again to you if you want but I am telling you that if this spending is not brought under control very, very quickly I can assure you, this and much worse will happen to tens of millions of US households. Why do you think this President is pulling away the social safety nets? He knows what is coming and what it will cost America when (not if) tens of millions more fall into poverty. He knows that will also increase the deficit significantly, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, heat aid to the poor... there is a reason he is cutting these programs that many poor and black people rely on; millions of soon-to-be-poor white folks will need them soon as well. He is doing a pre-emtptive strike against those of us will will soon be poor and he isn't about to pay for them too. He would rather spend the billions on some secret weapon system, wars and graft than on you.
I think this needs to be said as well. The President our Congressmen and our Senators are not stupid. They know what I have been telling you. A fiscal disaster is coming and that is why you are seeing things like the Patriot Act being passed with no debate, new authority to steal whatever money you have in your banks with no way to appeal. It is why the DOD is planning for a financial collapse in America. They are going to erect a tryanny so foul and corrupt that they know just how angry the people will be and they need the tools to repress the people when the proverbial waste material hits the aerial rotation device. Ninety-Five percent of Americans have never known real poverty and I am here to tell you that unless real economic changes happen, that is what a couple of hundreds of millions of us will experience, first hand, everyday with no relief in sight. When the Swastika rises in America, people will still be in denial. The wiil be fed large repetitive doses of propaganda and they will blind themselves to the fact that people are being rounded up, disappeared, taken to camps, never to be seen or heard from again; that they have no rights, no food and war is the only thing our leaders talk about as they raid your bank accounts to fight more wars, more expensive wars with the same disasterous results. Financially time is quickly running out and our leaders seem determined to bankrupt, rather than save America and all the instruments of tyranny have been put in place. Are there other ways to deal with America's bankrupt status? Yes, one is to sell off US assets to our creditors or give them land, bridges roads, bodies of water, power grids so they can run them for private (foreign) profit. But a very large chunk of America's key national security state will also have to be sold as well as they are too closely liked with our infrastructure and corporate/powerful personages. This future is possible as well. Just one day you wake up and your water bill is in German or Chinese and oh, by the way, they prefer you pay in Euro's or Yuan and a special arrangement can be made to exchage your dollars at the local Chinese Communist bank on 5th and Main.
Get ready.

Arrest Warrant Issued For Musharraf

Speculation: Elite Planning More Colored Revolutions Around Globe

Honeybees: Alternative Explaination To Colony Collapse Disorder
Nazi offshoot's insecticide may be cause according to leaked documents. UK Parliament takes action.

US Economy: Mythology And Nonsense

21 Signs Of The Coming US Economic Collapse

Germans To Buy New York Stock Exchange
GM gets sold to a plethora of foreign investors, Goldman Sachs refuses to sell Shares of new Facebook offering to Americans (after they reveive billions in bailouts) and the US (supposedly) Chamber of Commerce takes foreign money to lavish on US politicians. So while Americans go on their party binges watching pro-sports our leaders are doing business, to sell us all out.

US Chamber Of Commerce Reportedly Maps Strategy To Discredit Progressives
In my next article on Internet activism and privacy, we will talk a little about this and how the some in the Obama administration and others in the corporate world are working day and night to make America look like Egypt. I will also talk about why this issue especially effects Christians around the world.

Next Food Crisis Is Scary Indeed...

Massive 40 year Deterioration Of The US Economy


 13 Feb

Headlines 9-11 February

Mubarak Goes...

Fear Egypt Is Out Of Control: US Warships In Suez

Debka Reports Serious US-Saudi Rift

UK's Afghan Withdrawal Could Begin This Year

Real Reasons For Egypt's Crisis: Food, Oil And Population
Indeed Secratary Clinton was right, the Middle East is facing a perfect storm and the backdrop has more to do with economics that Islam. Radical Islamists would not be able to grandstand and gain adherents if there were not some serious dissatisfaction. Two dollars a day? Who can live on that? Is it any wonder people are protesting in the streets? The problem is that the trends that are causing problems here are also in place in much of the Middle East and the usual repression and empty promises for 'reform' are not going to resonate without some new faces and new policies. The Saudi King can be angry all he wants, but he lives in a palace surrounded by guards and buys Maserati's for his kids as birthday presents. He is out of touch with the man on the street and his regime is not standing on the of firmest foundations. I certainly do not want to see radical Islamic regimes in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and a whole host of nations, but the US has been much, much too slow in 'encouraging' these regimes to reform and it is only now, under the threat of losing many important client states, that we have finally gotten off of our geopolitical backsides and put more than just rhetoric behind our policy. Is is too late? I do not know, I hope not but there is going to have to be some real, solid and fundamental changes in how the US deals with these nations and training the leaders in the arts of torture, repression and propaganda is a sure fire way of seeing Egypt and other states in this important region turn into Iran.

Indonesia: Muslim Mob Burns Two Churches

Mubarak Refuses To Step Down

Wheat Hoarding Likely Says UN

Rumors Of Saudi Kings Death 'Untrue'
Here is s short background paper done by the I2S2 on the Saudi Succession that may be useful to some of you.

Egypt: US Military Intervention?

Mubarak May Step Down
If he does, who will follow, this new VP? I just don't think the people of Egypt are going to stand for that... swapping the proverbial 'devil' for his chief torturer. This can only work of other voices are included in decision making and a real effort is made with successful results to have a free and fair election in the Fall. This new VP like most power figures in Egypt is military. I have heard talk of 'fears' of a military coup but from my humble perspective this is what Egypt has had for decades. Mubarak was an Air Force officer. I have frankly not had much time to do a lot of background research in what is happening in Egypt but will do so when things settle down. I will pass on a couple of links I have not yet read but may be of some interest to those of you who want to know what *may* be happening behind the scenes. The Egyptian Military and the Fate of the Regime' and 'Three Decades With Egypt’s Military Keep U.S. in Loop'

Record Deficts Puts Military Spending In Crosshairs

Obama Consults Saudi King: Change Now, Or You Could Be Next.
Ha'aretz reports that the Saudi King Told Obama he would
fund Mubarak if Egypt Aid halted. Clearly there is some behind the scenes tension between the US and the Saudi King, who seems to be very resistant to change. Clearly the Saudi's 's see that this very situation could happen to them and that Obama may not back the rulers. This is a touchy situation that deserves more comment that time allows today, but Saudi Arabia is a time bomb with an out-of-touch, repressive and corrupt elite. The main difference is that poverty there is not nearly as big a problem as in Egypt, the bad news is that some members of the ruling elite appear to be funding militants around the world, including some perhaps, in their own backyard.

What Is Rick Warren Up To Now?
Islam, Meditation and pop-Science. While I will not pass judgment on him I can only exhort you to...
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
(Mat 7:15)

Gas Explosion Hits Penn. Town, Deaths, Missing Persons, Displacements
Dear readers, I wish I could tell you more today than I will now, but on my honor I cannot for many sound reasons. However if this explosion is what I think it is and what has been discussed many times here, then the US and China are headed for big, big trouble. Much has happened since I last posted stories on these bombings, firings, and attacks and things look like they might begin to escalate before long. For a little background, readers who have not read the last PESR (see orange XML button to left) should read the China section inside. It will give you all the background I can pass on at this time.


 10 Feb

Headlines 7-9 February

Pole Shift

Patriot Act Fails
New here is a shocker. Of course it will pass next time around but I confess, I am surprised. Obama? He supports no reforms and no debate, after supporting those very things when he ran. Did you know that US citizens (plain ol' white guys) who have never had any ties to Islam or terrorism have been detained in Gitmo? That is the patriot act. It truly is a law that was framed from and inspired by Nazi Germany. These are those little 'factoids' our MSM has keep out of their newspapers and broadcasts. The government can break into your house take what they want and do not even need a judge or a warrant? That is the patriot act. That the government is forcing corporate America to spy on you and then as an incentive to not complain too hard with their campaign money, the take the data and use it for their own 'marketing', 'advertising' and 'other purposes'? That is Patriot Act. Have you wondered where all that data is coming from in those search engines that tell you all about people like Spokeo or Pipl? I will tell you. The Patriot Act! Do you want to know why Congress has not moved to protect your privacy? The Patriot Act! Keeping you from legal representation without the prosecution listening in on all of your conversation with your lawyer? That is the Patriot Act. FBI agents use National Security letters to spy on their wives and girlfriends and neighbors? That is the Partiot Act. Calling peaceful protestors 'terrorists' so Constitutional protections can be circumvented? That is the Patriot act. Once again... this bill had no reforms and no debate. Say what you will but you have to hand it to the Tea Party. When they run on a platform, they don't turn Judas on you when they get in office like some men I know. Now if the President were not under the control of some of the folks who really hate America, he would send the Patriot Act back to the House (when it passes) and tell them to make some reforms or they will get a veto. That is why millions of Americans voted for him... in the mistaken belief that he had some backbone. Instead he turns into Bush... with an afro.

I will be the first to admit that our law enforcement needs tools to deal with new threats. I will also be the first to say that those tools must conform with Constitutional protections and taking Americans who have not been convicted of a crime to a concentration camp is not constitutional, even and especially if the Supreme Court says it is. Those guys sold out long ago and any Attorney General worth his salt could get a couple of those guys put in jail for a very long time if he were doing his job.... without needing to use the Patriot Act. I have a deep concern for what I see coming to America as our nation slips into economic chaos because there is no way we can avoid it without some very painful decisions that no one is going to make in DC. I really do worry for my country and this act is going to be a serious problem down the road when those who support it (and never read it or even know what is in it) find out the hard way what it means to them in an up close and very personal way. If you think this economic crisis is over and that people are not going to go hungry and millions are not going to slip into real poverty, check out the next story or read my last PESR. Is the Patriot act necessary for the War on Terror? No. Is the Patriot Act necessary for the War on Freedom? Yes. Wired has a great story and a really good picture here. I think the picture really sums the whole debate up pretty well.

Governors Across Political Spectrum Make Big Budget Cuts
Our leaders in Washington can talk all day about a 'recovery' but until we see some real tax money heading into state coffers from all of these new 'production', and 'sentiment' surveys coupled with fake jobs numbers, their recovery talk is just that... talk. I am from the Jerry McGuire School of economics, 'show me the money'. When you read big spending cuts in the state budgets, read big job cuts too. Lots of state employees are going to lose their jobs and join millions more looking for a part time job at WalMart, loading up Chinese goods onto the shelves. I wanted to spend some time talking about ways to really spur a job market in the US but that takes time and I hate writing about ways to solve problems when no one with any real power listens. But the very first thing that we must acknowledge is that there is no such thing as a sustainable 'service economy'. The only thing it brings us is massive trade deficits while real things must get imported. Too many 'industries' in America are little more than 'make work' jobs that have no intrinsic economic value. They are placebo jobs that may provide income for folks, but do not produce anything. The US economy is full of such jobs and it is why we will never be able to compete in the Global economy. We need jobs that produce real things that real people need and want. But in the mad dash to free (and unfair) trade, we have destroyed our manufacturing base (and I hate to tell you but this has been by design, in order to undermine labor unions) and sent them to China and India. Our leaders have given us a lethal dose of economic 'radiation' and gave us the opiate of a phony stock market boom to dull the pain while ordinary folks cashed out refinanced their homes into an orgy of mindless consumption. Now our hair is falling out, the skin is starting to scale, the teeth are loose in our mouth and we have recurring dizzy spells... all tell tale signs of a lethal dose of radiation poisoning.

Now that we are entering tax time I can think of no better example than a tax preparer. That is a make work job if I ever heard of one. Most advanced nations don't need them. Just America with its veritable encyclopedia of ever changing tax law. Here is s multi-billion dollar industry with people 'working' millions of man hours... and what do they produce? Reams of paper.. Nothing of any value is made. If America is to have a vibrant economy she must begin to produce and that is not going to happen until the Free Trade mantra is replaced with Fair Trade. If that does not happen soon, I fear the patient will enter into a coma from which he will never awaken.

DHS Takes Down Websites that linked to Copyrighted Material
Let me ask you a common sense question: What does copyright infringement of a football game have to do with securing America from threats? Nothing! Once again, you can thank the Patriot Act and an out of control agency that needs some very serious congressional restraints placed on it. Clearly the DHS does not have enough to do and is looking for a mission that is way outside of its purview. Fearing the budget axe and hoping to get the NLF owners to do battle for the DHS in the Halls of Congress, this is a way to get their 'friendship' for the coming budget battles.

Will Egypt Be The Next Tunisia Or Egypt?

Mubarak Rejects German Exile

40% Of Egyptians Live On $2 A Day

China, Worlds Largest Wheat Producer Facing Drought

Patriot Act To Be Extended: No Debate, No Reforms
Americans slumber while this is going to get passed. The Patriot act is not patriotic, it is in essence a Nazi law designed to gut Constitutional protections all Americans once shared. The abuses are myriad and are available on countless sites on the web but still... no reforms. You want America to look like Egypt? The same kinds of laws that are sending people into the streets are enshrined in the Patriot act, ready to spring on you like some poisonous lizard in the corner when the time is right. You don't care? Wait until you belly is empty the last of the good jobs are shipped to China and India and protesting these trends is deemed 'terrorism'... you'll care. Believe me when I tell you... you'll care.

North American Union: About That Border Deal...

 8 Feb

Pole Shifts - WW
(a pdf of this will be up later)

I saw an interesting article on the web last week and before I posted here, I thought I would prepare a short paper on this subject.

There is a polar shift coming. Already, there are signs that the earths magnetic pole is both moving and weakening from the 'north' that has steered ships for centuries. Even modern aircraft have been effected. Many of the earth changes we have seen may very well be attributed to the earths shifting magnetism. From massive tornado's arctic like winters even to the massive flooding we have seen in places like Pakistan and Australia, these may have at lease some of their cause with the Earths changing polar properties. The rate of the polar progression toward Russia and away from the present 'North pole', according to the above linked article, has sped up. There can be no doubt that the past several years has seem some very unusual storms, flooding and such. Even Saudi Arabia, the Desert Kingdom, is not exempt.

I certainly do not want to ascribe all, or even most of the strange weather we have seen the past several years all to a present day magnetic polar shift. I lack the scientific background to make such a call. Yet sadly, my respect for modern scientific research is so low that I tend to give as much credence to those 'backyard' researchers and independent scientists as I do to the politically correct 'consensus building' of modern Scientific thought usually purchased with large grants and donations from large corporations and wealthy individuals to support a political or economic agenda.

However, clearly there are some big changes going on in our world and while modern science, largely bought and paid for by Corporation America preach their 'gospel' of global warming, anyone with an internet connection and two functioning brain cells can see just how much of a fraud their 'science' is.

But there are changes happening in our world and no one with the same afore mentioned anatomical traits would deny this, it is written all over the headlines in our newspapers.

But the Holy Scriptures have warned all mankind of cataclysms far, far worse than those we have already seen. The bible not only predicts a pole shift, but that its effects will be far more than just a shifting of the Magentic poles, rather that the earth herself will wobble with far greater intensity than we see normally causing great devastation. Let us take a good look at what the Scriptures teach.

Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him. The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the LORD hath spoken this word. The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish. The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.
(Isa 24:1-6)
In this verse we see that the earth is turned upside down and this causes enormous loss of life. We also see the cause of it; not Global Warming, not Global cooling and certainly not UFO's. No, the God of all things shall put a curse on the entire earth and empty it out. As I have warned my readers before, mankind will face the very real possibility of extinction in the days ahead as the sins of mankind await repayment. Why? Man has broken God's covenant and in response a curse falls upon the earth. If we notice here that God is extremely angry with all of mankind's evils and will just about wipe out all of the men on earth, rich and poor, borrower and lender, High man and low. We also see the real cause for the coming geological cataclysms, it is mankinds sin and evil. The reference to 'Everlasting Covenant' appears to refer to the shedding of innocent blood.
So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it. (Num 35:33)

Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils, And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood. (Psa 106:37-38)
Changing the ordinance probably means passing evil laws that are opposed to right and good. This is something that the man if sin probably does that puts the final satanic capstone on their new order.
And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end. (Dan 7:24-26)
It is because mankind consistently chooses the evil over the good, torture over mercy, a murder of the innocent instead of a fair hearing, lies instead of the unvarnished truth that these calamities befall mankind. It isn't the 'science', rather it is the morality that is the problem and this is why and where modern Science will always fail. Why? They proceed from a fundamental false assumption in almost all of their science... that there is no God. They have thus made themselves out to be fools.
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good. God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God. Every one of them is gone back: they are altogether become filthy; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. (Psa 53:1-3)
Modern Science that refuses to acknowledge A God higher than its own pitiful and purchaseable scientific conclusions. They are like a man groping in a cluttered room for his keys with his eyes taped firmly closed. He says he wants to know, but refuses to open his eyes. These are men who have already made a determination about what they will find and seek to manufacture evidence to support their suppositions.

Yes, it is sin that is going to cause our earth to undergo even more devastating earth changes as the days pass, not greenhouse gases. God is real and he is not going to be mocked; sin and evil are going to be dealt with in an extremely harsh way for this generation, both before and after their natural deaths.

Brothers and sisters, God's plan has always been to save man, from both his sin and the wrath that follows it. But those who refuse to forsake evil, will receive evil in the fullest measure.

Many non-Christians in their longing to continue their evil ways will always make some excuse 'how can a God of love do that to people'. It is really very simple. It is because he is a God of love and a God of Justice. If someone broke in your house raped your wife, slaughtered your kids, burned down your house and then crippled you, do you think that they should pay for what they had done or get away with blessings and joy and eternal bliss? It is the same principle, God must be just and cannot let evil go unpunished and I can assure you, he won't. It is only through the sacrifice of Christ on his cross that we can obtain salvation. Through the precious redemptive blood of Jesus, we have the forgiveness of our sins. Any man who humbly seeks God out will find him, if you seek him with all your hearts. There is no other way to have ones sins washed away than the precious blood of Christ. In this, God showed just how much he loved man, that he gave his only son.

I speak now of these basic Christian doctrines for a very good reason. This is the Gospel and this is the basis for our Christian faith. God loved man so much that he gave his son for us so that we might be saved. But woe to him who spurns the Son of God!
Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him. (Psa 2:11-12)
The culmination of all of these troubles outlined by the prophets of old is not that God is cruel or unjust, but that man loved his sin and evil so much that he did not care what price he has to pay to stay attached to it.
And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. (Rev 9:20-21)
So God must resort to global cataclysms in order to cleanse the earth of its evils and get rid of the major cause of the worlds trouble. Sinful, evil Man.
I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir. Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger. (Isa 13:12-13)

The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth. And they shall be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit, and shall be shut up in the prison, and after many days shall they be visited. Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed, when the LORD of hosts shall reign in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before his ancients gloriously. (Isa 24:19-23)

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. (Luk 21:25-28)
Brothers, these verses tell us that there is much more that a 'mere' magnetic polar reversal going on. The verses all seem to indicate that the earth will no longer rotate on its current axis and that this is going to bring in the most destructive global cataclysms man has ever and will ever see. We see that the earth will reel to and fro, we see that the sun and the moon will also be seriously effected, we see that the very laws (powers) of the heavens will be effected. These are days of great tribulation and as our Lord warned us,
For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. (Mat 24:21-22)
Now here is an interesting aside. The words 'those days be shortened' has usually been taken to mean that somehow the duration of the Triblulation will be shortened to save what is left of mankind. I will not argue with that intpertetation, but rather give you an alternative explanation. First let us take a look at a passage in the book of Revelation and read it carefully.
And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise. (Rev 8:12)
This verse seems to indicate that the earth's rotation will speed up causing the days and nights to be only one third of their present length. While many will have trouble with this interpretation, it seems that whatever is happening in those days, it is far beyond anything any of us has ever experienced and just like the scriptures say, men's hearts will truly fail them with fear.

Brothers in Christ. I write these things to exhort all of you to not be fearful of the things we see happening in our world today. These are the birthpangs of God's coming kingdom and just like a woman in travail, those pangs get closer and closer together ending in great agony and pain but with the ultimate Joy of Christ's return to save his Church and all of those who love him. to those of you who love your evil too much to even consider God, I will only warn you most solemnly in the name of the lord that God has a place for all who love evil and hate the good. it is called the outer darkness. If you hate the light of truth, be assured God will not force it down your throat. He will set you in a place where you will never see light again.
Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Mat 22:13)

And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Mat 25:30)
For those of you wanting a vision about this, you can find one here.

May God bless, protect and otherwise sheild those who love him in the days to come.

Mark S. Watson


 7 Feb

Headlines For 6-7 Feb
Planned Parenthood Vid's Shock Va. Governor
Sex trafficking of minors, cover-ups... right here in America and the DOJ has yet to act.

Pakistan: 5 Nato Tankers Torched

Al Jazeera: US Officials Media Of Choice

Nigerian Violence Claims Lives of Christians

A Nation Run Exclusively For Corporate Interests

The Origins Of 911: The FBI's 'Kamikazi Spies'

Natural Gas Supplies To Israel Cut Off

Report: Multi-National Banana Company Steals Land Displaces Colombian Blacks

US Farmers Watch Harsh Winter Crush Farms
It didn't take long for this to hit the headlines after I wrote about it did it? For many years I have talked long about earth changes and the potential for serious trouble including in the realm of food. I had a long running Earth Changes blog that I have since removed as it was rather dated that talked at length about these things. Now, every 'Johnny Come Lately' is talking about what I was saying back in 2003 and before. Well at least the word is getting out that we are in big trouble on the food front.


Is Yellowstone About To Erupt?

Certain Student Loans Under Federal Fire
I could write a book about this. Having worked for a few years as a Federal Contractor and the US Department Of Education specifically dealing in these programs, what I saw made me go home in tears sometimes. If you really want to read something interesting on this, check this article out, it is quite good.

Echoes Of Soviet Collapse In The Middle East
A most interesting perspective on the ongoing revolts in the Middle East.

McCain Warns On Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt
As much as I like Mr. McCain, I see him as an old crusty politician who for too long supported America's reliance on the instruments of torture and repression to maintain an empire that is now tottering from the rot of its own corruption. I have no love for Islam as a religion or as a political movement, nor with some of the unsavory ties the Muslim Brotherhood have, but the US has stood in the way of Democracy rather than supported it for far too long. Even if the US is able to keep a puppet in office a few more months, what will follow (if we suceeed in this) will only be more rabidly anti-American. Sometimes it is better to retreat presently to win (democratically) in the long term. When Islamists are unable to deliver on their promises, more reasonable government may become possible. McCain's tunnel vision ensures another Iran... if not now, then a year from now when elections are contested because our client was able to steal them again and as a result we have more protests and more bloodshed. Frankly, I think the President is being badly advised and they are leading him into a major policy failure that those who advised him on it, will back away from when it fails and point the finger at the President. Prophetically, I see this as a move towards a greater Islamic Middle East which will persecute the saints and eventually bring in the system of the False Prophet. I have written at length on these issues and slowly we are seeing them come to pass. I think these things will play out in this manner no matter what the US decides to do from Tunisia to Saudi Arabia. The leaders of these nations are shackled to a corpse and many have not yet realized it. I shudder to think of what will happen to Christians when these forces take over. But as much as I hate to say it, America for too long supported the violent repression and economic skullduggery that is now bringing people into the streets and who now look to Islam to free them from their pasts.

"I Was Paid 5000 Pounds To Wreck Havoc In The Cairo Protests"

Va. Cops Uncover Fake Document Mill For Illegals

A Note On Wikileaks:
Some of you have wondered why I posted only a very few stories about Wikileaks. I will tell you why. In no way does this site or its author enjoy seeing America's secrets posed for all the world to see. While there are many who get some perverse joy is seeing the nation embarrassed, I certainly do not share in that joy. People can and have died as a result of Wikileaks. I want to make this abundantly clear, while on rare occasions I have posted links to news stories about issues that may refer to Wikileaks, I cannot and do not condone this release of material. A great deal of damage has been and will continue to be done by more leaks. Wikileaks (Juilan Assange) needs to stop, rethink what he is doing and keep in mind that people die when he leaks and however 'noble' he may think he is being, there is indeed blood on his hands. Nations need secrets and yes, even leaks from time to time. However these cables are not 'leaks', this is an indiscriminate data dump that seems designed specifically to do as much damage to America as possible and I can in no way support this. As harsh and as critical as I am of my country at times, I never want to do it harm and do what little I can to help my brethren in Christ see the times, understand our world, and hope that some of my writings have caused some of our leaders to pause and reconsider some of their policies. In all of these things, I have been somewhat successful. This is NOT a leak site, but one that is for God's people who want to 'watch' as our Lord Commanded. So for those of you who want leaks, you can surf away... the web is full of sites that have this material.
This site has to stay focused on what is important and Wikileaks is an unfortunate footnote in our very troubled world.
But I think this also needs to be said. America has turned its back on God, kicked him out of its schools, made prayer in public places 'illegal' and more and more takes great pains in mocking Christians in its cultural war. In addition, the US has spied on Americans with such reckless abandon and has allowed corporations to pry into the most intimate secrets of its citizens that I cannot help but see the divine justice of having some of the governments own secrets leaked for all to see. As they say, 'what goes around, comes around' and usually, at the worst possible time. The rights and privacy of the citizens have been violated in ways that will only reveal itself as the years pass. Not even your usernames and passwords to your banking sites and retailers are sacred anymore companies now have ability to break SSL encryption, VPN's and it is happening right now as I write. Identity theft has and will continue to rise as these methods become more widespread. God knows your sins America. Repent of your murders, thefts, tortures, lies, witchcrafts and your atheistic 'secularism' and God may relent from the things he is preparing for our sinful, rebellious nation. Anyone with two eyes can see the handwriting on the wall regarding America; from our economy, our budget, our wars (we are losing), Egypt, Tunisia... Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin are written in our headlines. Repent not America and God will repay you... double. I know no one in power wants to hear this, but it must needs be said. If America does not repent, fully and completely from her myriad of sins, God will surely pour out his fury on this once very great nation.
Read and understand Revelation chapters 17&18 and the fall of Babylon


 4 Feb

Wheat - WW
Wheat and food are to be major issues in the years ahead.


 5 Feb

Headline 2-4 Feb

Japan: Mt Kyushu Erupts, Gov't Prepares Eruption Plan

Low Income Housing Needs Worsens

Backing Banks Over People: Obama Breaks Another Key Pledge

Obama Seeks Ways To Cut Poor Folks Medicaid
The real tragedy here is that the President is too (I hate to use this word but I can think of no other) cowardly to take on the Defense establishemt and hit them with real cuts in overall spending. So he goes after the weakest (politically speaking) segemnt of the population; po' folks, mostly black and brown. This is the real result of Obamacare. Costs that skyrocket, money that isn't there and the poor who get screwed.

Dinosaur Media Blasts Wikileaks, Trumpets Own 'Privileged' Status
These outlets, IMHO are little more that government mouthpieces and long ago ceased being journalists. This is why they are 'privilged'. They are not press, but rather propaganda organs. Many of these MSM news organizaions are probably covertly 'state sponsored' media and are no more independent than Pravada was at the height of the Soviet Union.

"The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets." - (Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities)

Are US bloggers being sued over Wikileaks? Yes. There are ongoing cases right now that the propaganda outlets are not telling you about. The Communists in Beijing can read the cables, the Islamic terrorist in Pakistan can read the cables but what happens to some who post how Americans can read them? This is what happens in the 'land of the free' a nation who now wants to put a torturer in power in Egypt while US made weapons slaughter Egyptians. Don't blame Bush... He didn't do it. Nothing you read in the US press should be believed at face value and I do mean nothing. They simply are not honest and too many work secretly for the government and will tell you just about any lie if it supports government policy. One look at some of the economic data they place in their headlines should tell you all you need to know. Your best bet for news is Blogs, Non-profits who deal in specific issues and Foreign news services in the English language or if you don't mind taking the time, in native languages (using a web translator). As a far as media is concerned, if it's big and American, it ain't dealing in truth. Now let me put it to you in a no-nonsense spiritual way: If it lies, it is of the devil. To you, genuine, blood-bought spirit-filled Christians out there, don't depend on the devil to tell you what is happening in the world today because he will only deceive you and I give you solemn warning, he is very, very good at it.

I say these things not to be controversial but because no people can remain free when the decisions they make are based on blatant and repetitive falsehoods told them by entities they trust. Our media organizations by and large are destroying, not protecting our democracy because too often they hide, obfuscate, deride or otherwise dis' the truth and settle on some agreed upon lie to tell the people about key issues facing our nation and our world.

I want to say this as well. In no way does this site or its author enjoy seeing America's secrets posed for all the world to see. While there many some who get some perverse joy is seeing the nation embarrassed, I certainly do not share in that joy. People can and have died as a result of Wikileaks. I want to make this abundantly clear, while on rare occasions I may post links to news stories about issues that may refer to Wikileaks, I cannot and do not condone this release of material. A great deal of damage has been and will continue to be done by more leaks. My point here is that today, the old media is using its privilege access to claim rights that ordinary people (and bloggers) do not have, and that clearly is wrong. It is un-equal protection and something any American should recoil at. Wikileaks (Juilan Assange) needs to stop, rethink what he is doing and keep in mind that people die when he leaks and however 'noble' he may think he is being, there is indeed blood on his hands.

Blowing Smoke In Your Eyes: US Unemployment Rate 'Declines'
After you read the above MSM 'good-fact' you can look at the folling chart and see the 'real-fact'. Here is how many people are actually 'employed' in the US economy.

Source: BLS

The reality is reflected in the meager addition to the labor force (cited in today's MSM articles on the Employment data). Political pressures, it appears, is making employment situation less clear as the BLS has new 'population controls' that have changed how many people they count in the overall pool. The MSM as usual goes with the propaganda model rather than the harsh realities.

Mubarak's Henchman Will Fiercely Defend System

Mubarak's Rent-A-Thugs Attack Reporters

Palestinians Not Allowed To Show Solidarity With Egyptians

Israeli Military Backs Mubarak's Army

Israel Fears Cuts In Egypt Gas Imports

US Reportedly Wants To Replace Mubarak With 'Torture Man'

Somalia: Islamic Militants Confiscate Christian Farms

Obama's Prayer: A Closer Walk With God
Watson's Web readers, don't give up praying for him. Veery few of us know the pressures and decisions he has to make that never hit our headlines.

Egypt: Christians In Danger As Security Breaks Down


 3 Feb

Wheat - WW

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. - Rev 6:6

There can be no security without food. Hungry people will revolt no matter how fair and honest a government is. Empty bellies will overthrow a government faster than a band of well armed Al Qaeda terrorists. This is the quiet threat our world faces. It is a threat that for the most part, will bring no major headlines and will not be cited as a major cause of political upheaval. But it is there nonetheless, the silent destabalizer of governments whose populations for the most part, live on the economic edge. The above verse is instructive because a 'penny' is roughly a days wage for an ordinary person. Indeed, many bible translations today use the term 'days wage' instead of penny.

Food prices are becoming a major issue today. Even at the global Davos confab, leaders warned that rising food prices could lead to unrest or economic war. Like most crisis, there is more than one reason for it. However the cause for this one I think can be broken down into these major categories.
1) Increasing global population, increasing demand
2) Destructive global weather/climate patterns and irregular warfare, reducing supply
3) Speculators driving up prices for profit.
4) Inflationary monetary policies put in place by Western Central banks in response to the Economic Crisis of 2007-2008.
These are the major reasons why today we are seeing some of the rapid price increases and none of these factors shows any sign of decreasing. Instead, all seem to be set for significant increases in the years ahead.

Let us take a look at Russian Wheat exports. Russia had some devastating fires hit it last year caused largely by Chechen Rebels who used dry conditions to lob flammables into fields causing horrific damage. Low tech terrorism was the cause coupled with environmental factors. You can click over to this site and see just how these fires effected Russian Wheat Exports.

Source: Indexmundi

Then there is Pakistan, which saw some devastating floods and many districts are still very much effected by flooding. This may as well effected Wheat exports though the news is not all bad, at least as far as wheat is concerned.

Source: IndexMundi

In Australia, we have very recently seen massive flooding that will deeply effect food availability in Oceania. Indeed, because of the disaster, Wheat exports have been halted due to transportation problems according to news reporting. Australia, by the way, is now a major exporter of wheat to another Arab nation with internal difficulties, Saudi Arabia.

Is America immune to these kids of disasters? I think not.

Source: FEMA
Those nations that are most vulnerable to food price shocks are likely to have increased frequency of domestic unrest as well as social and political upheaval. In the Arab world, these situations will be exploited by radical Islamists and terrorist organizations. These are nations, as we have seen in the Arab world, that have some evere economic challenges. They are located in parts of Asia and Africa and of course the Middle East. Such places are likely to see many political challenges ahead as food prices soar and do so to such a degree that at times, obtaining it is beyond the means of many of its population.
Between March 2007 and March 2008, global food prices increased an average of 43 percent, according to the International Monetary Fund. During that time period, wheat, soybean, corn, and rice prices increased by 146 percent, 71 percent, 41 percent, and 29 percent, respectively, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Rising food prices contributed to a significant increase in food insecurity worldwide, particularly among poorer populations. Approximately 1 billion people—or one sixth of the world’s population—subsist on less than $1 per day. Of this population, 162 million survive on less than $0.50 per day. At the household level, increasing food prices have the greatest effect on poor and food-insecure populations, who spend 50 to 60 percent or more of their income on food, according to the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Overall, increased food prices particularly affect developing countries, and the poorest people within those countries, where populations spend a larger proportional share of income on basic food commodities. - USAID
It no longer takes any kind of lurid imagination to see just how destabalizing this can be, one look at Egypt and one can understand. Countries where there are a large number of poor and disaffected people will be much more likely to see serious disturbances in the months and years ahead.

Kenya is an example of mostly climate based food shortage. A major drought has reduced water availability and deeply affected food production and livestock feeding capabilities. The UN OCHA has a pdf snapshot of the crisis that can be found here. The situation in the Horn of Africa also remains critical where the price of food has been a most serious issue.
A food security crisis impacting on the lives and health of millions of people was confirmed in the Horn of Africa region in 2008. This crisis was different in that people’s ability to cope was in great part due to external factors they had no control over, particularly fluctuations in the costs of oil and food commodities on the global markets. These factors combined with chronic food insecurity already faced by millions in this region created an exceptional crisis. . ReleifWeb (31Jan2011)
In short the situation in many places is dire and shows little signs of getting any better. But knowing there is a crisis is a far cry from doing anything to prevent its spread. While donor fatigue has certainly set in for many of the food crisis in the developing and third world, the possibility of a food crisis hitting the developed world, like the USA is not one that western leaders want to contemplate. This is especially true because many are dealing with some of the most pressing and difficult budgetary issues faced since the great depression. America's challenge will be as substantial in many ways as that of many nations in the developing world as people begin to be forced to manage expectations to a significantly lower level than they have been accustomed to. I say this because, weather any of my readers want to hear this or not, food prices are going to rise significantly in the US as well, as combination of the same four factors named above will effect America.

The tragedy of America is that her leaders are most likely to exacerbate the situation with 'beerhall' political-economic theory rather than sound policies that are both sustainable and prevent the kinds of social and political disruptions that can bring all kinds of unwanted and irreversable results. I speak here for many of my libertarian friends. Having strong libertarian leanings myself, I do agree that our government needs to be smaller, do less, spend less and give more power to the individuals, state and local governments. But many just want to pull the rug out from under people. I think of retirees in particular, who have paid a hefty sum of money into their retirement plans for decades and now some 'know-it-all' blogger who thinks he has all the answers wants to impoverish folks in favor of their pet political theory. These are the same guys who I link to often here at Watson's Web who ranted and raved at the theft of trillions by Wall Street who now want to steal Granny's retirement to balance state budgets. This kind of economic hypocrisy is all to common in the debate.

On the issue of food stamps... do you want America to look like Egypt in 5 years? Go ahead, cut them, but what are you going to do when it is your job that gets shipped to India and your 401k will only buy you a bag of groceries with less than .50 cents change? Don't say it can't happen because it is going to happen in millions of more homes as this economic crisis moves on from bad to worse. It is easy to opine about these things with a full belly, a warm house and a kid in a private school. But harsh realities have already hit millions of Americans who have lost jobs, homes, families and are on the verge of genuine homelessness.

So can a food uprising happen in America? I would cautiously say yes. But a number of factors would have to transpire first. First our dollar would have to become an unwelcome commodity in many places. I think this is inevitable given the kinds of economic polices in place now across the nation. Second, as the present food crisis slowly encompasses the Globe, America will probably still be a large net exporter of food. As food becomes more valuable on the markets this will help our trade deficits. But this is only good as long as we have enough to export and given the number of disasters we have been experiencing, this is not a foregone conclusion. Indeed, a careful balance will have to be kept as to what we export, what he store and what we sell here at home. But keep this in mind, people who are not working and are not getting any kind of aid will not eat. Again, think Egypt. America has been able to forestall large mass uprisings because for the most part, everyone eats and the vast majority have homes to live in. This is changing.

National Alliance To End Homelessness, State of Homlessness In America 2011

In short, America's economic situation is worsening and a food price shock is something that can throw hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions over the economic edge. The food price shock is already hitting much of the world where people are the most vulnerable.

The Desperation Of The Unwanted.

And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why sit we here until we die? If we say, We will enter into the city, then the famine is in the city, and we shall die there: and if we sit still here, we die also. Now therefore come, and let us fall unto the host of the Syrians: if they save us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we shall but die. (2Ki 7:3-4)

The holy scriptures has some truly interesting passages and this is one of my mothers favorites. Here are four men who have leprosy examining the dire situation they find themselves in and decide to go into the camp of the enemy knowing it could mean certain death. But they were so desperate from hunger, that it simply did not matter. I think this situation sums up how people can become so desperate that change, any kind of change of their situation is better than sitting around, doing nothing and starving to death. Now I have never been that hungry, and God forbid I ever should be. But there are many people in the world who are at or near this point of desperation. So dire is their situation that they say, “what have we got to lose, our hunger pangs?”

I think the major tragedy for many Americans who blindly support so many of America's policies around the world is that they just don't care enough about their fellow man to stop and consider, seriously consider, what we have been doing to people around the world. The Egyptian people are a perfect, but hardly the only example. Far too many Americans lazily read the first few sentences of a newspaper article about how bad thing are in many of these places, yawn and turn to the sports page ignoring our (and their) own malevolent role in the plight of hundreds of millions of people.

This kind of willful ignorance that winks at repression will come back and haunt the American people. God hates and will surely recompense injustice, cruelty and the trampling of the poor.

Thou shalt not wrest the judgment of thy poor in his cause. Keep thee far from a false matter; and the innocent and righteous slay thou not: for I will not justify the wicked. (Exo 23:6-7)

Forasmuch therefore as your treading is upon the poor, and ye take from him burdens of wheat: ye have built houses of hewn stone, but ye shall not dwell in them; ye have planted pleasant vineyards, but ye shall not drink wine of them. For I know your manifold transgressions and your mighty sins: they afflict the just, they take a bribe, and they turn aside the poor in the gate from their right. (Amo 5:11-12)

The danger for America is not only the way she deals with the poor, but also in her arrogance. Hopefully President Obama can break this trend in America. As hard and as critial as I have been on the President, I think he does want to do many of these things, but those around him work tirelessly to keep them from happening.

As I live, saith the Lord GOD, Sodom thy sister hath not done, she nor her daughters, as thou hast done, thou and thy daughters. Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good. (Eze 16:48-50)

What American needs now is some soul searching. She needs to seriously consider the needs of her poor citizens and the way she has treated the poor and downtrodden for decades around the world. If she does not, God will surely turn and become the enemy of America and put an end to her.

The last thing this nation needs is to begin cutting safety nets that have kept America internally at peace for many decades, especially in a time of economic crisis. These programs may not sit will with beerhall libertarians, but they keep massive protests from happening, American cities turning into third world slums and crime from rising to never before seen proportions, because I am here to tell you in no uncertain terms - The quickest way to to civil unrest are millions of hungry stomachs.


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Headline 1-2 Feb
DOD Issues Report: $285 Billion In Fraud
Money went to contractors disbarred or suspeneded. While those on the loopy right talk about cutting food stamps, this kind of thing continues and dwarfs what we spend on this essential program. Why? because in many cases the DOD fraudsters are paying the Representative's campaign bills. Read the report here. Read Sen. Sanders analysis here.

Fierce Clashes Rock Cairo

China's Response To Egypt Revolution: Censorship

Egypt Comes Back Online

Chinese Search Engine Profits From Google Departure

DHS Promises Massive Response To Border Violence Spillover

Even Islamists Have To Eat!

The German-Chinese World

Colossal Storm Roars Across US

Cuomo: NY State "Functionally Bankrupt"

Planned Parenthood Apparently Caught In Sex Trafficking Tape

Mubarak's Days Are Numbered
Israel Angry Over America's 'Betrayal' Of Mubarak

Egypt's Lotus Revolution: Scenario's For The Future

Egyptians Use Tor To Organize Protests
Obama Follows Mubarak With Internet 'Kill Switch'

US Col.: "Why I Flattened Three Afghan Villages"


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News For Monday And Tues

Mubarak To Go... In Sept.

Nearly 11% of US Homes Empty

China's MagLev Train Breaks New Record

Minister Visits Davos, Writes About It
Yes, he is very liberal but his views are always interesting. No, I do not beleive in his form of religio-poliics, so do not draw any conclusions. Nevertheless what he often says is thought provoking and most interesting, even if one does not agree.

States Win Suit: Obamacare Unconstitutional
If Obama had gone with a single payer system that is voluntary and had the moxy to reign in health care costs, which is set to take a very sizeable chunk out of folks pay, he would not be having so many problems now and the Democrats would still control the House. I do not sympathize with the motives of the GOP in wanting to do away with Obamacare, I do not sympathize with the President who seemed to want just about anything passed to claim a 'victory'. Obamacare does have some good provisions, but the bad in it is not pretty, in fact it is downright ugly. A whole new army of IRS agents to chase God knows who, real-time access to your bank account to make sure you pay your doctor bill before your rent, forcing those who cannot afford insurance to buy it, and death panels, oh yes... its in there, but not in the way Mrs. Palin made it an issue. Here is a good article that talks about the issue without the political hyperbole we have been hearing. I think one very grave misconception people have is that this is going to insure everyone. It isn't. State governments must decide to pick up the tab and expand coverage. Here is a look at an article about Tennessee. Take a real good look around the nation at state budgets, they are in bad shape and getting worse. Obamacare is a little more a weighted leg-iron on a drowning man. So even if you are lucky enough to get insured the first or second year after Obamacare's effecitive date, unless some budgetary miracle happens the states will simply not be able to afford it, especially as costs rise significantly. So who is going to pay for these new enrollees? Where is the money going to come from? This is a major issue that effects everyone and I am not writing this from some partisan perspective. Both parties have failed us all miserably, though the people won't understand that until they see the price of Healthcare in 2015; employed our unemployed, rich or poor, democrat or republican. There is no free ride, poor Americans who think Obamacare is good will recoil when they see their insurance rates skyrocket, as they already have for many. Are you glad you can keep your kid on your insurance until they are 26? The President wants you to focus on that small piece of good news and forget about all of the baggage Obamacare has that you (yes Y-O-U) are going to have to pay for. So go ahead, rejoice for your 25 year old kid... you are still going to pay for his health care, with real hard earned, after tax CA$H. Most of the folks I know have already seen some pretty steep increases just since last year, there will more and much steeper if Obamacare (in its present form) is not stopped dead in its tracks and reworked into something the nation, ordinary people and the poor can reasonably afford, today and 10 years from now. And for you older Americans? You have every reason to fear the real 'death panels'.

Older news you find of interest....

China Seeks Harvard Real Estate Portfolio

Chinese Bank To Make Commercial Loans In US

Bank Of China Emerges As Major Player US Commercial Real Estate

China Buying US Properties
"There’s a lot of foreign money coming in through intermediaries, so it’s not showing up in these numbers"

...Back to Today's News...


Hundreds Of Thousands Protest Mubarak

Egypt Protests

Mubarak's Number 2 Linked To US Torture Program
The US, in its terminal shortsightedness still clings to Mubarak and his despotic powers and regime. Thus virtually ensuring that whatever comes after Mubarak will eventually turn Anti-American. How can America best facilitate and encourage the rise of Radical Islamic regimes in the Middle East? Let Obama, Clinton and Biden keep on backing dictators, despots and tyrants and such an eventuality is guaranteed. Mr. President, admit our policy has been a failure, change course, embrace 'change' however difficult it may be. Stop looking for 'the easy way out', this is has been your pattern from Obamacare to defense spending. Egypt wants change. You would do better to do your best to work with rather than against the people, however odious some of its leaders may be to you. You will still have some powerful political and economic levers to use if a new government comes to power. Take a chance, roll the dice and support a smooth transition that focuses on the needs of ordinary people rather than the swollen bank accounts of a few corrupt men which were stolen from the people. It is time to stop paying lip service to Democracy. Either you support it or you don't and no reasonable person believes Mubarak has maintained power legitimately.

Egypt: Last Internet Company Goes Dark

Uprising in Egypt and Financial Volatility

Foreigners Flee Egypt

US Steps Up Support For Mubarak

Southern Sudan Votes For Succesion, 99% In favor

Governments Stockpiling Food


 31 Jan

Egypt - WW
(pdf will be up later)

The political drama now transpiring in Egypt is both tragic and captivating. The mass revolt we are now seeing is the result of a decades long process of political repression coupled with 'disappearances' of people, torture, political corruption all with done with the full financial and political support of the US. Our support for the Mubarak is not some lurid, anti-American footnote in this situation, but a very important dynamic in determining what kind of Egypt will emerge from this crisis. The entire situation that is transpiring in the middle east could change its political and economic landscape permanently and move it further away for the US or even into a group of political entities who are openly hostile to America. None of this is exaggeration or hyperbole. This is a very serious crisis that is for the most part, of America's own making.

Predicting the crisis

First off let let me tell you something that has not hit the mainstream media, and may never will. The President is livid, incensed and enraged at the intelligence community (IC) over their inability to predict this unfolding crisis. So much so that the DNI attempted to get access to him and was firmly rebuffed. The President, it seems has little tolerance for the kinds of incompetence that has made up the IC. Since it was reorganized under Bush, it is broken. I cannot stress just how really screwed up it is today. Solid and truly prescient predictive analysis that does not bode well for the political factions that infest Washington does not get forwarded is derided or otherwise hidden from decision makers, if indeed the decision makers even want to hear it and usually... they don't. I am informed that a whole cache of memo's, warnings and other documents that foretold of this crisis and were politically 'deep-sixed' will soon arrive on the Presidents desk to show him just how broken this new system is and how Bush Administration officials who ran our intelligence agencies were hiding real threats from our leaders by refusing to put forward hard to swallow predictive analysis and rather, parroted the extremely lucrative 'war on terror' mantra and slogans. They forwarded only information that supported pre-arranged conclusions in order to please a plethora of beltway bandits who made hundreds of billions of dollars from this geopolitical scam.

Yes, I use the word scam because that is what it was and is. It is a scam that is now, in the Arab world, backfiring in our faces. Islamic terrorism was never a serious geopolitical threat, it was certainly an annoyance and at times could be most troublesome, but not the overarching threat that has cost America over 2 trillion dollars, with disastrous results. Now the collateral damage is happening in places like Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and other places who are tired of the corrupt regimes America has supported as they beat back the people with American made weapons, contractors and advisors. Some of these nations were places that the US used in their extraordinary rendition program because they allowed and were expert in the arts of torture. The program has been a diplomatic hot potato for some time. These things are not lost on the populations of these nations and they are tired of seeing their nations used by the Americans who have little respect for the people, their culture and only use the people and these nations as expendable pawns in their cynical geopolitical machinations. Meanwhile, ordinary people become so desperate and maltreated that they see suicide as the only option. The situation for ordinary Egyptians is dire and getting worse.

Graphics used with permission of MazamaScience

How bad? Well today a nation that once was the Rome's breadbasket now is the worlds largest importer of Wheat. The situation is bad because Mubarak announced that he would cut food subsidies now after these protests he has changed his tune 180 degrees. In short, the crisis in the Arab world is one that has been talked about both by Arab writers, western writers and even in US intelligence reports (later deep-sixed) and no one did anything, other than issue some weak, duplicitous statements on our support for 'human rights', while the CIA flights landed at a torture facility. We let the people starve while we sell these corrupt governments all the arms they need to repress the people. Not to digress too much here, but even within our own Security agencies our polices have been derided by those charged with carrying out these odious policies. I cannot tell you just how many seasoned intelligence professionals just walked out the door during the Bush administration. If we lack the ability to deal with many of these issues today, it is largely because of some of the nonsensical policies put in place during those dark years. In short, more and more insiders see America the very enemy of everything we preach.

But let us get back to Egypt. What kind of government are we likely to see when the dust settles, what kind of policies will she implement towards her own people, towards the US and towards her neighbors? These are the questions that should be asked inside key departments of the US. While I am sure they are being asked, are the real (and political hot-potato) answers being discussed or are they once a gain being buried deep and hidden from view. Israel is one very important example. Israel is extremely concerned about the events transpiring in Egypt, especially if elements of the Muslim Brotherhood get significant power in a new regime. Let us remember that the Peace treaty between Israel and Egypt is a very important dynamic in the Middle East and its abrogation by a more militant Islamic government would almost certainly spark some kind of conflict in the region. Let us also not forget that the Al Qaeda is credited of having its origin from the Muslim Brotherhood. The present state of affairs only further complicates US efforts at a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. We need to keep in mind that the residents of Gaza, who are often given the misnomer 'Palestinians' by those to lazy to look or are looking for some propaganda tool to denigrate Islrael, are in reality Egyptians, caught in the middle of the aforementioned peace agreement.

Having a hostile Egypt on Israel's southern border is hardly an eventuality Tel-Aviv contemplates with any degree of relish, but one that may happen when all is said and done. My guess is that the US and Israel are probably working hard to contain any damage that a new regime will bring to these fragile political questions. Both will advise Mubarak on how he can stay in power, secretly arming him and sending 'consultants' to advise him in new methods of repression and political deception. This may be one reason why Mubarak chose his intelligence chief as his new number two. Such a man would have ties to the US and probably helped facilitate many of America's anti-human rights policies that has brought Egypt to the point of chaos in the first place. Such solutions are short term and will not deal with the long term issues we have ignored for far too long. More quiet repression is exactly what we should not support, covertly or overtly. The problem is as I see it after reading think tanks opine on this situation is that the US intelligentsia are still not dealing with the realities of life in the Middle East. They still do not 'get it'. They refuse to truly understand (some perfunctory and 'politically correct' acknowledgment can be found in some policy papers) that the there is a breaking point for the poor and the oppressed and a large swath of the Arab world has reached it. Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, and Yemen have seen a serious breaking point. The cries of the people are not exactly the same in every nation but they are similar. Much of it has to do with poverty, the lack of economic opportunities, violent repression (often US sponsored) and deep rooted, endemic political corruption. Once again, the setting of oneself on fire is a sign of desperation, not hope. When people have nothing to lose but their misery; tanks, tear gas and gunfire do not dissuade them.

When a free man dies, he loses the pleasure of life. A slave loses his pain. Death is the only freedom a slave knows. That's why he's not afraid of it. That's why we'll win.
- From the Movie Spartacus

I think this simple truth is lost on our thinkers in America. Never having felt the pangs of hunger or watched their children go without food and then having a policeman beat their head in for begging, these harsh realities are not within the experience of our leaders, many of whom are millionaires many times over. These things are not part of the experience of those who write at our major think tanks, who are funded quite liberally by America's richest and most powerful corporations. They are more inclined to see this crisis as something that must be dealt with with the same political weapons that brought is this situation in the first place, more repression, more corrupt leadership, more backroom dealing and, to put it simply, more ignoring the needs, wishes and aspirations of the people. For years, the US has been able to prop up these despotic and authoritarian regimes with little real opposition. This has changed, perhaps permanently. The primary problem with our leadership in both intelligence and scholastic circles is best put this way, they are far too concerned with political correctness, refuse to be effectively critical of US policy, refuse to acknowledge major policy errors and even if they are recognized, are more inclined to repeat them than correct them (there are some tepid exceptions to this) . Recent statements by Vice President Biden, who thinks Mubarak should stay is a perfect example of this geopolitical learning disability.

The risk and result of this kind of thinking can been learned from the Iranian Revolution of 1979. In this we find a chain of events it is almost forbidden to liken events today to. There we had a corrupt Shah, propped up by America who used torture and other methods of repression to pacify the people. The regime eventually fell and gave us a hard like Islamic regime. In Egypt, where the only alternative political movement is the Muslim Brotherhood and many of the complaints of the people are the same, it is not too difficult to draw parallels, though once again, US think tanks will be paid not to draw those obvious conclusions and do their best to blame Islamics, the people or just about anyone but their own shortsighted, repressive and anti-democratic policies.

What will happen to Egypt’s Christians?

This is not an easy question to answer at this stage of the game, but their situation is likely to change and for the worse if a more radical Islamic government comes to power. One person, Former Ambassador John Bolton, sees danger ahead for Egypt’s Coptic community. His fear is that the chances of the radicalization of Egypt are quite high. He goes on to warn, probably correctly that a regime with the Muslim Brotherhood at the core will not lead to any kind of democracy but only a regime that that is more radical than its predecessor. This possible (probable) future should correctly worry Egypt's Coptic community, which makes up a recognizable portion of Egypt’s population, as high as 20% by some estimates. Indeed, one must seriously question just how civilized a nation is where acts of wanton terrorism can be waged against peace loving Christians by elements believed to be, at least in part, agents of the state. It is hard to understand such a mentality for Egypt’s Copts who are anything but violent, but are quite politically aware. One writer seems to captivate some of the thinking of Copts in Egypt when he described the fact that the Coptic Church is very leary of Islamic immigration to the west. They have had little power in Egypt and have seen their freedoms slip away for the past 60 years. This is one reason why Copts are very frightened for America. This insightful author points out that in America, Muslims receive Justice and a fair hearing in US courts and that such a thing is no longer true for Christians in Egypt. The reason seems clear, the rise of Islamism and the intolerance such a political religious system inevitably brings. One look at places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, large swaths of Indonesia, Pakistan (name your Islamic nation here) and one can see that tolerance and Islamic governments are mutually exclusive terms, despite what our President tells us. Thus I see danger for Egypts Copts no matter who gets into power. If it is a more western leaning leader, they will want to placate Islamic elements and will persecute the Copts; if it is an Islamic one, they will persecute the Copts. In any event, I do not think this revolution will bode well for Egypt’s Christians.

Who Is Next?

This is the thousand dollar question. When one senior State Department official saw what was happening in Egypt (and the bloodbath which is far more extensive than the MSM is telling us) they thew up their hands and said “The Saudi's are next!”. What is so sad is that this is almost certainly true. Many of the grievances that the Saudi's have with their despotic regime is the same as that of Mubarak. President Obama can make phone calls to the Saudi king and wish him well as he comes to America and get the very best health care that is denied to most Americans, to a man who is a brutal dictator who calls himself a 'King' and then turn around and chide China about their human rights record. His is an exercise in political duplicity. I want to make this perfectly clear to all of my American readers; when you start paying $20 a gallon for gas because there is a Radical Islamic government in Riyadh, who will no longer sell Oil to the US and we find those massive Arms purchase made by the Saudi's (and sold to him by Bush and Obama) used counter to rather than in support of US policy, you will realize just how important these issues are. Let us face facts, the Saudi King is a tyrant and thinks Egyptian citizens are 'infiltrators'! He is, like Mubarak, very much part of the problem.
''I told my investigators... 'What crime do you have against me?'... Their answer was nothing else but beating me... They tied my hands behind my back, then they shackled my legs, then tied my hands to my feet. After, they pulled me flat on the ground and then they started beating me. This was their answer.'' A political prisoner held in Saudi Arabia in 1996 spoke these words. He and many other former prisoners have revealed a culture of police brutality, torture and ill-treatment in many police stations, prisons and detention centres across the country. Beatings with sticks, electric shocks, cigarette burns and nail-pulling are some of the torture methods often described.

Saudi Arabia's criminal justice system facilitates torture. Lack of judicial supervision of arrest and detention, denial of prompt access to relatives and a doctor, and no access to lawyers all leave prisoners extremely vulnerable to abuse. Torture is used to extract confessions and to enforce discipline. Sometimes it is inflicted apparently without reason.
- Amnesty International
These are the kinds of people America upholds, people completely out of touch with what is happening with ordinary people. Men who will one day, be swept from power and be forced to flee and perhaps even, as Ben Ali of Tunisia, become wanted men. I am here to tell you, the Saudi's may not be 'next' but their day is fast approaching. Already they have had some serious problems. Internally the very same issues that face the much of the Islamic world is faced by the Saudi's. Do our leaders want to hear this? Are they dealing in reality or in the same tired old policies and duplicity that is the principle cause of these revolutions? I can tell you that little will really change in Washington. The rotten thinking processes are too far progressed to change patterns now. So in five to ten years I look for an arch of Islamic militancy to emerge where we once had good relations with brutal, corrupt and authoritarian governments and sided with regimes who crushed the aspirations of the people. They will look to radical Islam to solve their problems and America will find its few friends in the region will be so weakened that too close of relations with us will be impossible if the leaders want to remain in power.

What is Next?

The situation on the ground is too fluid to make accurate predictions as to what will happen next. But based on what I have seen, the ball is clearly in the military's court. The police have fallen away from Mubarak. They are the ones now who will decide who will take the reigns of power. My guess is that the Army will consult with the US the UK (which as long had important ties to Egypt) certain EU states and to everyone’s shock, Israel as well will probably be consulted on just who will take Mubarak's place. The MSM seems to be pushing Mohammed El Baradei as the likely successor. A Scientist by profession who has had international name recognition for his work with the UN, he seems to be one of the more moderate voices of whom the Muslim Brotherhood said they will back. He has been a frequent critic of US policy. But the fly in the ointment is probably going to be the US, who simply does not seem to want Mubarak to leave and has become far too accustomed to (despite politically timed utterances to the contrary) Mubarak corrupt and despotic rule to end it. Breaking up is hard to do.

The army will probably back whoever can bring peace to Egypt and reduce political tensions and keep the flow of arms coming from the Americans. Even the army has to be concerned that orders to fire into protestors in masse could cause serious morale problems and even isolated pockets of 'conscientious rebellion' (I'm sorry sir, those orders... could you repeat them.... you're breaking up... please repeat those orders... our radio equipment is malfunctioning...). My guess is that soon Mubarak will leave Egypt and find some evil empire to take him in and with him, a large portion of the Egyptian treasury with him. A lot of that money is already gone, taken when his wife left Egypt early last week.

In summary, Egypt will change. The people may be satisfied with a few bread crumbs from Mubarak’s table, but probably not for long. An arch of Chaos is developing in the middle east from Tunisia all the way to Iraq. Global economic pressures coupled with long term political repression are the mix and the result is an explosion of rage that is likely to change the middle east forever. I think the real question is for us in the west is how much is America like Egypt? This is not an academic question as millions of America have slipped into poverty since the economic crisis began. It is good that some are really asking the question.



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